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Muslims Cut the Throats and Torch the Heads of 1,000 Sheep in One Canadian Town Alone


Rivers of blood, not just ISIS, but everywhere. Not just the Middle East, but Europe, Africa, Canada and the US.

Obama marks the Muslim day of slaughter, Eid al-Adha, with call to accept Muslim refugees

The New York Times thinks this “holiday” all too grand. In yesterday’s Times, Alexandra Levine  enlightens us on the important details of “Eid al-Adha, the feast of sacrifice.” “There is ritual prayer, and then Muslims are visiting one another, slaughtering animals and distributing food to the poor.” Mind you, Levine is not talking about Eid in Bangladesh but in New York City.  “Slaughtering animals,” as if this were just another mainstream, wholesome American activity. Levine didn’t indicate where and by whom this “slaughtering of animals” occurs: inquiring or questioning this practice might indicate “disrespect” of the culture. Is this “slaughtering” occurring in backyards, garages, or basements, right here in this city? Are family members asked to “join in the fun”? Did Ms. Levine bother to ask this obvious question?

Muslims Cut the Throats and Torch the Heads of 1,000 Sheep in One Canadian Town Alone,” Sharia Unveiled, September 16, 2016:
Posted by sharia unveiled on September 13, 2016:

Considering Eid al-Adha is celebrated by all Muslims around the world, it’s numerically possible that over 1 Billion lambs were sacrificed on this day alone…
Attention, les lecteurs français: Si vous préférez lire cet article en français, s’il vous plaît cliquez ici. Je vous remercie.

by, Amelie St-Yves | Journal de Montreal | h/t Alex Parent

Hundreds of sheep were slaughtered in the open air by thousands of Muslims gathered on a farm in the Centre-du-Québec for the most important festival in their religious calendar, Monday.

The spirit was festive for Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sheep, a celebration where a lamb is sacrificed as an offering. After cutting the throat of a thousand sheep in a field in the municipality of L’Avenir, near Drummondville, Muslims prepared meat. burning the head and legs with a torch. while they were still alive. The men fraternized, children were playing ball and the women were having discussions amongst themselves. Michel Cloutier, the sheep livestock owner who lives on Ployard way, has however been very discreet. “This allows them to keep their traditions, I’m just here to sell them their sheep,” he said briefly.
The animals were sold in live weight, for a sum that can easily reach $300 or $400 per animal, according to participants. Inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) and a veterinarian arrived earlier, escorted by the Sûreté du Québec in the early afternoon to check the inventory. It was impossible to know on Monday if the farm was faulted.

WARNING: The following video contains GRAPHIC CONTENT that some viewers may find disturbing:

Video courtesy of: Eid ul Adha Qurbani Videos

Sharp Knives:
Chouiter Abdelkader, who practiced veterinary medicine in Algeria for a decade, killed his sheep in the early afternoon.

“Our goal is to get the maximum amount of blood,” because it makes the best meat, he said, while watching the sheep die slowly.
According to him, however, spasms of the animal are not synonymous with suffering. “We cut the nerves in the neck to help lessen the pain. After thirty seconds they are brain dead. It’s normal that the muscles still move,” he explains. Ahmed, who prefers to keep his surname secret, has meanwhile slaughtered three sheep during the day.

One for his own family and two for other individuals who were unable to kill the beast themselves.  “It takes a very sharp knife, so that we do not torture the beast,” he said.
He admits that the scene is not easy for everyone to do.” But if we look at the suffering as such, we would all be vegetarians,” he says. Muslims then consume almost all of the animal, but the gesture remains primarily religious.


On the day of sacrifice, also known as Eid, is the most important feast of the Muslim calendar. It symbolizes faith in Allah.

Religious belief tells Ibrahim dreamed for three nights prior, that he would sacrifice his son Ishmael.

By the time he went out to fulfill the will of Allah, by sacrificing his own son, the archangel Gabriel had substituted the child with a sheep, that was then sacrificed in his place.

Since then, Muslims slaughter sheep to symbolize their devotion to their God.

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  • Michael Sweet


    • Logic PrObe

      We have food laws for a reason, yet, they don’t seem to apply to anything islamic.

      • Beverly

        Don’t you think this type of slaughtering is already being done in the U.S.? Isn’t this is what makes meat hallah? It has been reported that Tyson in Shelbyville, Tennessee employs Somalians in its chicken factory and has a tape on continuous play which blesses the chicken as it is being slaughtered.

        • Logic PrObe

          It stinks that we are forced to eat halal…………and even pay for the privilege!

    • Dano50

      So where the frick is PETA, and all the rest of these liberal animal/nature/Mother Gaia rights activists?

      Oh yeah, I forgot.


      Which means even if they had the brains to understand their hypocrisy, they wouldn’t have the spine to support said theorized brain

      • Kenek

        same as feminists, they are cool with moslems stoning women, with polygamy, with child bride (muta) pedophilia, and with infidel slavery.. or they would object.

        • Mark Steiner

          Phony as a 3-dollar bill.

        • Emily Ann

          who are you speaking on behalf of? Because, as a feminist, I’ve never heard ANYONE says the bs that you claim. It’s so funny when one group of pple makes up what another group of pple believe. It’s quite funny. If you think Feminists support pedophilia, stoning women, child brides you’re painfully braindead.

          • Kenek

            Have you ever heard a feminist say, vote for Justin Trudeau, or be a Hussein Obama supporter. Every leftist government is enabled by the feminist lobby. This applies over the entirety the western civilization. These are the government bound and set on spreading Islam throughout the west by seeding the countries with fast growing moslem populations.

            The net result will be sharia law, hopefully not to strict, but you never know.

            If feminists were not all for sharia law, then why would they support governments that are importing sharia by the millions. It seemed a logical leap to say that they agreed to the entirety of the koran and hadith. Otherwise they would not be propagating it. If you voted for the left, then you voted for sharia law, and that is overwhelmingly feminists.

            This is not a new description of the help that feminists give to islamic expansion. There are lots of references to it. Without feminist support the islamic settling of the west would not be happening.

          • Emily Ann

            get back to me when you can string together a sentence that makes sense

          • Emily Ann

            It does not surprise me, however, that my comment flew wayyyy over your head. And yeah, yeah, I get it. You hate muslims and are apart of Trumps deplorables. Congrats.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            We get it, FEMily: You love Illegals, cutthroat Muslims (didn’t say all, did I?), and Clinton/Sanders. Congrats.

          • Peter Klutinoty


          • Peter Klutinoty

            And you’re doing “what,” exactly, FEMily Ann, to stop this treatment of the female human on our shores…and THEIR shores??
            Thought so….

          • Emily Ann

            would love to address that if only your question was comprehensible. But it’s not. Try again hun

          • Nabi Rasch

            I’ve NEVER seen so called feminists object to anything much other than the Western male. Notorious for blindly supporting every weird phenomenon from transgenderism to Islam. Through absolute silence, ‘feminists’ are complicit in those extreme misogynistic items you mentioned. A very perverse group in its own right.

          • Emily Ann

            Feminists are complicit in misogyny?!?! Thank you for proving my point!!
            Misogynist men like you refuse to take responsibility for ANYTHING to the extent that they’ll actually blame feminists for misogyny. That is about the dumbest thing I’ve come across on the internet. Wow.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            …and yet, FEMily Angst takes no responsibility in answering anything she doesn’t like and/or lacks the Intel or wit… but bats that tennis ball AGAIN.
            FEMily must work up quite a sweat when thinking…..

            (Let’s watch her responses to me, folks. Gotta be right up there with Saul Alinsky, George Clooney, and Madonna!)

          • Nabi Rasch

            Well, they support Muslims and help throw stones at all the apostate women who try to escape Islam–the ideology that defines misogyny. Personally I never found women who crippled themselves with ‘feminist’ dogma too bright. Liked to attract attention to themselves any dumb way. I mean this helpfully.

          • Emily Ann

            and if you’re an American, you have feminists like me to THANK. Without us you’d be working as my slave right now. Which doesn’t sound like the worst idea either…. just sayin

          • Nabi Rasch

            I conclude you mean ‘love slave’ but, sorry, I’m not that easy.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            “It’s so funny when one group of pple makes up what another group of pple believe.”—-FEMily Angst, circa 2016; Adolph Hitler, circa 1937.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            FEMily Angst, you missed this one from a year ago. It’s still listed, if you wanna take a shot at it (by not answering it!)…..

            a year ago

            “Ban Muslim immigration.”
            33 ^

            (Folks, on either side of the aisle…..This has GOT to be GOOD!!)

      • Mark Steiner

        These groups are selective with who they prosecute. State-licensed game hunters, for example.

        • Emily Ann

          Ummm actually it’s those on the right who love to hunt. Where do you get your information?

          • Mark Steiner

            Let’s begin at the beginning of your response. Are you against responsible hunting, that is, state-regulated harvesting of wild game?

          • Peter Klutinoty

            See, Mark Steiner? Zero response to your question/point/comment.
            Simply to bat the tennis ball back. Keep going, FEMily Angst. You’re quite entertaining!

            Ok, your turn, FEMily….

      • Lorr

        It shocks me that PETA is not after that practice!!! its insane. I guess because they are afraid of them since they have no lawyers…only knives…lol

    • jimbob

      People will regret voting the Liberals in,they will bring in as many Muslims as they can,to them they are votes .No consideration of the fact that they are producing approx 7 kids to the average christian north American family 2.In the next couple of generations at that ratio,guess who will be the minority?

      • Kenek

        Christian rates are more like 1.3, all part of liberal/feminist political correctness. Remember when they were promoting the smaller family over the past 40 years? The white hatred and shame that the liberals are promoting is having its effect. They are replacing the white Christian population with a non-white moslems population. One day sharia law will take care of the liberals (deviants) and the feminists.

      • Emily Ann

        OMG WTF does this have to do with Liberals? I’m a liberal. I don’t believe in this bullshit. I think those that participated should have their throats slit. Don’t speak for other pple when you have no clue what you’re talking about. Freedom of religion ISN’T something Liberals pulled out of their ass. Blame the ones who wrote the damn Constitution

        • Susan

          You do know that muslims in islamic countries are killing 100,000 Christians a year because their book tells them too. To hate an evil ideology is the smart thing to do. If islam is a religion so is nazism and if mohammad was a prophet so was Hitler. You are clueless about the danger of islam especially when it comes to females.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            Naw. FEMily Angst only knows the ANTIFUK way of communicating.

        • Peter Klutinoty

          Ouch! Struck a LibChord, jimbob, with FEMily Angst.

          She’s raised her “If It Feels Good, Do It” rebelib flag once again. (Been about a year?)

          “OMG, WTF?!”….. another precious rebelib response.

          “would love to address that if only your question was comprehensible. But it’s not. Try again hun”…..still another rebelib approach to “answering” ANY question that takes actual brain-matter to comprehend and answer.

          Okay, FEMily Angst, your turn!
          (This is fun! “Pin the tail on the LibDemProg!”)

          • Emily Ann

            Scram pal. Go back to doing the only thing guys are good at–beating off to pornhub.

          • Peter Klutinoty

            Uh, oh, folks. FEMily Angst, here, has lost her Liberal “love they neighbor” attitude, and has adopted the ANTIFUK, FEMinutz platitude of “f*ck off, neighbor.”

            Perhaps an original ‘test-tube baby’ who didn’t have to deal with being a ‘banging-test-icle baby.’
            Tell us all here, FEMily…is it, maybe, “DADDY Issues” where you never knew you had a Daddy?

            This could be a tough one, folks! A “Bull-dyke Lib” who only knows hurt and pain from laying with another woman? Speaking if which: Don’t worry, FEMily, even Hillaree Clit-on is now rejected by George Clooney.

            Btw, enjoyed your Moe Howard impersonation in your recent reply!

            (Okay, followers, stay tuned for FEMily Angst’s next pitiful response, as she hurls another bottle for ANTIFUK……)

        • Peter Klutinoty

          Interesting, jimbob! FEMily Angst, here, condones cutting ppl’s throats without Due Process.” Such a nice, peaceful, loving, “we are the world” LibDemProg……

    • Merchantseamen

      What are YOU going to do?? Nothing….just like the rest of the Cunucks and the Yankees down here. All are scared have their heads shoved up their asses.. When it gets to a corner near you then may be may be something will go down.. Maybe.

  • Tatonka

    That Quebec farmer ought to be thoroughly ashamed of himself. I would refuse to sell an animal to these savages

    • conan_drum

      Money is money

      • Susan

        No money is not money, you need to draw the line when it involves inhumanity and suffering and supporting this satanic cult in any way.

    • Honkingoose.

      Australia stopped shipping our sheep to the middle East because of this cruel barbarism. Yet we still allow the scumb to kill animals by this halal in abattoirs.
      Theres no reason not to stun them. It makes me so sad and angry for these poor creatures. Fukk Muslims and their bs bloodlusting psycopathology.

  • greatunconformity

    You’ll find no one more anti-cult of muhamed than me, but if they eat the sheep, what’s the problem?
    I enjoy harvesting my own organic meat and think it’s a natural right. Maybe New York values look down on that, but most of the world don’t give 2 fucks.

    • Susan

      The problem is the need for muslims to cause the animals to suffer. Muslims kill animals in the most cruel ways and train the young to kill starting with sheep. It destroys the humanity of the young and up next head chopping.

      • greatunconformity

        One of the keys to good tasting meat is to slaughter the animal quickly and bleed it out with as little stress as possible. As much as I believe their cult is based on the rantings of an evil 7th century psychopath, I don’t believe they are purposefully tainting their meals by dragging out the pain of the kill. What’s more likely is that people unfamiliar with the viciousness of animal slaughter are attributing something nefarious to their actions. Another reason to educate the very young on where and how we get our food.

        • Susan

          The young should be taught to treat animals in the most humane way possible and islam does the opposite.

          • I don’t need to pick any more bones about being against Islam, but that could be said about Christians/Catholics with animals too since I wonder how many of their pet abuse cases are logged on SPCA sites across Canada (not that atheists are off the hook for any atrocities). Is it also humane to kill off so many turkeys to appease their version of God as well during their own religious festivals such as Christmas (which ironically happens to be pagan and worships money through gifting)?

          • Susan

            I don’t eat meat. But most Christian countries have laws against animal cruelty. Not with islamic countries where killing the animal is done in the most cruel and painful way as per islamic law. On top of that you teach the young to kill in this brutal way and set them up to become head choppers without conscience or compassion. I hate your evil cult.

          • As figured, you and the gay fellow are equally dense. Allow me to reiterate that I am not affiliated with any type of religion, especially Islam ergo my avatar. What are Christian countries by the way? Or are you saying that corrupt countries here and abroad are ruled by religious doctrines? Hmm. You could be right. Moving forward… how lax are the laws regarding animal cruelty in Canada or the U.S.? Yeah, they are very lax, so your point is moot yet again.

            Apart from skirting away from the issues I presented, are you even aware that one of the old Aboriginal ways was to teach the young how to hunt and fight other tribes for survival? It could be a survival skill passed on for generations since the time of cavefolk. I’m betting so. I would think this also holds true for farming communities which are closer to nature rather than urban influence where farm animals are drained of blood, hacked up behind closed doors, then await being purchased at the markets on pleasant white styrofoam trays or wrapped up in wax paper.

            Along the lines of ‘wrapping things up’… the bottom line is that all affiliates of religion or not are fundamentally flawed people. There is nobody of worth, really. No one is even close to being a model human and mankind is likely to be eradicated by evolution or by a natural (or man-made) disaster sooner or later anyways. So, life is too short to be consumed by hatred. Yes, we all are infested by hate whether its against gays, religious people, black people, white people, snakes, bats, and so on. But, we have to learn to suck it up and just remember that “people are (just) people, so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully?”


          • Susan

            I do not like animal cruelty which is what animal rights groups in the west fight. Further more I hate the nazis cult of islam which is all about death and cruelty. Am I being clear enough for you????

    • Harvey Melton

      I once helped a muslim friend kill and process about 8 ducks one time after he said a prayer he slit their throats until they were bled out no big deal people have to eat.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Just like it’s no big deal when muslums behead the unbeliever in pi$$lam eh Ahmed?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Ban Muslim immigration.

  • Common Sense

    It’s always about the money. Too many people turning a blind eye when there’s a buck to be made. This is why the establishment wants open borders, they don’t think it will directly effect them in a negative way and they all make bank.

  • barrydonnelly

    Tried to call the Humane Society today , still haven’t returned my call , might be a waste of time, but I at least want to find out the laws in Canada . Its a start , this Canuck wants to make a lot of noise about this , I;m sure along with many others !

    • rickyoo

      If the Canadian Humane Society is like the RSPCA in England then you will never receive a reply. These organizations are supposed to protect animals from cruelty, but when the perpetrators are muslim filth, then PC overrides their values and they just ignore this disgusting barbaric practice. I have written to the RSPCA several times about this obscene cruelty and never, ever any response from them.

      • THC14ME

        Same here rickyoo, I’ve contacted the RSPCA on many occations regarding halal slaughter. They won’t touch it with a barge pole.So what use are they I ask?

        • popeye2009

          Keep pushing reminders of our laws or this torture of animals will increase.

      • bannedquran2

        Concur! In fact, muslims reminds me of the rabies virus, it spreads from one brain to another with no other function than to cause madness, suffering and death.

      • Patricia

        Damn it.

      • Sam Jeanie

        I have written to Peeta about Islamic barbaric slaughter but never
        got a reply.

    • Blanche

      Please do raise heII 7 get as much news about the event on the airwaves from Canada to Australia. PC be d@mn, write letters to the editor.

  • Nico Kazan

    That’s what you Canadian assholes deserve for choosing this pathetic version of president called Tradue. Guess whose blood will be next?

    • Canadian Patriot

      Cool your jets Nico. A huge number of us did not vote for Trudeau Jr. When you judge the whole by the actions of a few, that kind of labeling is called collectivism…you know, socialism, communism, and if involves race it’s called racism. I would guess that you’re a better person than your post indicates. Americans are not a**holes for electing Obama. Just saying. We all have to fight like hell to change our politicians, to get rid of these horrible people in power. Labeling doesn’t help. Let’s get on with the battle.

      The battle here right now with respect to the brutal slaughter of sheep is an appallingly hypocritical Humane Society that remains silent in the face of this savagery, and deaf, blind and stupid politicians that say nothing about it.

      • Don Grantham III

        Well said.

      • Nico Kazan

        A few? In order to get elected as president one must get at least the biggest number of votes if not the most votes. And yes most of the Americans are total assholes for letting Muslim socialist occupy the white house as you Canadians will be if you let Trudeau stay in his post again. Than you will feel collectivist regime on your skin.

  • Joel

    But first they had sex with said sheep.

    • Craig

      Behind every screaming goat is a muslim with is pants down.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Q: Why do muslum men wear thobes?
        A: because goats can hear a zipper a mile away!

    • zachlen

      then a cigarette. So, Canada has fanatic muslims. Think we may need another wall.

      • Patricia

        There you GO!

    • Chippy


    • conan_drum

      Doubtful. A Muslim male may have sex with an animal, however once he has finished he must slaughter the animal. He should not eat the meat himself nor should the Muslim sell the meat to anybody in his own village. Selling the meat to those from the next village is fine……..But if a Muslim should commit an act of sodomy (bugger/anal sex) with a cow, a ewe or even a camel. The animals urine and excrement become contaminated even its milk cannot be consumed. The animal should be killed as quickly as possible and the its body burnt. ~ Ayatollah Khomeni – The Little Green Book

      • popeye2009

        Yup that’s what it says in the Quran and the Liberals want this evil in our country!!!

    • Janet

      You can bet on it!

  • MM237

    It was Isaac, not Ishmael the sheep was substituted for. And it’s Christ they need, not the false god of Islam.

    • Idadho

      But, Muslims claim it was Ishmael. They abhor Jews and Christians because they claim they stole Abraham’s sacrifice story. They believe Ishmael should have been the Abrahamic blood line.

    • rickyoo

      All gods are false. It is nothing but a man made con that dumb and superstitious people follow without any evidence except blind faith. When I see divine intervention and not millions of so called religious people killing one another and 15,000 children dying of starvation and disease every year, then I might take notice. More than half a million Muslims killed by other Muslims in Syria alone and they still praise this non existent deity. Stupidity knows no bounds.

      • Susan

        Divine intervention is happening all over the world. People are healing in the name of Jesus and Jesus is revealing himself to muslims all over the world in dreams and visions and they are converting out of islam to Christianity. There will be a major intervention on the Mount of Olives. The sooner the better.

      • Vlad

        In the beginning, there was MAN and HE created god, in his own image and likeness He created him.
        Now you can throw all your religious text books away.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Dead muslums? Who cares?

      • bannedquran2

        Many say the same thing, “There is NO God.” Before I continue, I do NOT discuss religion with anyone since it’s time consuming but I will discuss isam since it’s NOT a religion and there are many reasons why that is so. I also do not discuss ANYTHING with atheists nor agnostics since it is like riding on a plane traveling at 500 mph and trying to circle Eta Carinae which would take (At that speed) some 1,000 years to accomplish. In other words, they are on that plane and NOT I. Let me continue with what you stated. Most, like you will say it’s logically impossible to prove God doesn’t exist. And people like you are right! No one can prove, using logic, that something or someone that’s invisible doesn’t exist. That’s because it would require ABSOLUTE KNOWLEDGE!! Let’s see if you have absolute knowledge neighbor. Let’s say that I make the statement that there are no Knishes in the state of NY. Now, how would I be able to prove that? I would need to go to every restaurant, home, grocery store in the state of NY to look for Knishes. If I find one Knish, then my statement is incorrect about knishes not existing in the state of NY and would be 100% wrong. Now if i go a grocery store that doesn’t have Knishes, but they get Knishes five minutes later after I leave, then I would be wrong again about my statement. So you see, I would have to be omnipresent and omniscient. That is why your statement there being no God is very VERY foolish. Someone that’s omnipresent and omniscient is someone who has 100% knowledge of ALL the knowledge in the universe. It’s said that we, the human being have 2% or 3% of all the knowledge in the world at best. Neighbor, you are neither omniscient or omnipresent. Try and have a nice day! God Bless America, the land of the Big PX and Donald Trump who insults those that deserves it!

        • rickyoo

          What exactly does this god do? Sit somewhere up in the sky looking down on all the humans and animals that religious people claim he created plus billions of stars, galaxies and planets. Please explain how he created all this. Did he clap his hands and use some magic words? How can he sit up there and watch all the suffering and do nothing? The big question is if you believe in a god, then please explain how he was created. The believe in an ever loving god is fine if you reject science and logic. There have been various gods for thousands of years that have been worshipped and apart from the Bible that was authored by at least twelve people over different periods of time there is no proof whatsoever that any deity was responsible for it’s contents, no more so than the Koran. As I said before, it is a man made con that has been responsible for the death of millions and made millions of people that promote these lies millions of dollars. Religion has always been about control and money. The Catholic church being a prime example.

          • I love how gays get all ‘preachy’ and worked up like the religious. You both love to ‘sell’ your beliefs or lack thereof instead of simply shutting the fook up.

          • rickyoo

            If you are unable to think for yourself and continue to live a deluded bubble because you were brainwashed at an early age, then just carry on believing in the unbelievable. I could care less.

  • Shelley Begley

    Filthy savages.

  • Maranatha

    Their thirst for blood is unlimited

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why don’t they sacrifice each other?

    • Chippy

      Now there is a good idea. But are they not doing that now in the middle East?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They are, but not often enough and fast enough, they must be encouraged to increase their productivity.

    • Mark Steiner

      There was quite a war on the Iran/Irag front 1980-1986. The shooting may have stopped, but you know the rest of the story. More intra-Islam war coming.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I’ve read Sunnis R slaughtering Shitites in Pakistain and the Islamic State — not that I care.

        • Mark Steiner

          It would reach a point of attrition eventually, but that muslim birthrate is hard to beat. More soldiers for both sides of the ShiSun conflict.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Never stop your enemies when they are destroying each other.

  • John Kyndesen

    Everyone seems to be getting their shorts in a knot over the means of slaughter. With that I have no problem. Whether it be halal or kosher or whacking a chicken head or sticking a pig, slaughter is slaughter. It is what we do to have meat, and no bleeding them out is no more painful than any other method and if the knife is sharp, as most butchers keep their tools, it is relatively painless. What bothers me is that our government is giving preferential treatment to a group that is anathema to my religion and my culture simply to build a voter base. Muslims do not belong in a nation that values individual rights and freedoms. They have proven this many times over yet our government forces acceptance upon us. The kangaroo courts of the government known as HRCs enforce compliance. Not of the muslims to our laws and mores but of us to some theory of diversity.

    • Tom Tully

      Well written.

    • Susan

      How these animals are killed does matter. It matters a great deal to me, I love animals and abhor unnecessary cruelty. If we do not stop this practice islam wins another battle against the civilized world.

      • John Kyndesen

        Check out the practices in any major abattoir and you will find much to offend you. Most of us love animals but are pragmatic and realize that meat does not come from a packing machine in the back of Sobeys. Highlighting the process used by the followers of islam merely deflects from the real threat that is islam. If you wish to stop this practice by islam then get islam out of your country.

  • Tina

    Disgusting moslems doing what they do best: causing great suffering. Where are all the SJW screaming to the media about this?

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    In St. Louis. In Minneapolis. In Kentucky etc. etc. Of COURSE this throat-cutting practice session is going on all over Occupied America.

    • Craig

      Yes, practice session.

  • Marty

    Barbaric disrespect for these animals PETA & every animal rights org will receive this atrocity committed.

  • Chippy

    Primitive. Kill a few pigs, that should send them back to Arab lands.

  • conan_drum

    I think you have an error there it was Jacob not Abraham

  • Janet

    Everytime I read these stories on here I get a little more disgusted with the religion of Islam! They act so backward! And I don’t think they care one bit if the animal suffers! I mean look what they do to dogs in Iran! They fill a syringe with poison and they die a slow and agonizing death! These are the kind of people we are bringing into the country! How comforting!!!

    • Patricia

      I’ve read a couple articles about that suffering part.

      According to the muslim butchering videos I saw, the animal was tethered off to a pillar/column. Front legs hobbled, back leg veins were sliced to make animal lose all ability to use them.

      Animals is now in HIGH state of stress, bellowing from pain and fear. This a$$hole then takes a long-bladed instrument and starts jabbing the poor beast in his EYES.

      Unable to turn his head from his tormenter, front feet slipping in his own blood, the beast drops to his knees where this DEVIL then has less restricted access to his head.

      It would make the toughest a$$hole that ever lived PUKE.

      Now the punch line to this stratosphere brutality is how he defended it. He said, “the stress hormones that are released during the slaughter is what makes the meat delectably delicious, incomparable to Western prepared meat.”

      • Janet

        I just can’t watch videos that show animals being hurt. I can’t even watch the commercials for the humane society without wanting to cry! Muslims seem to get pleasure out of watching animals suffer! What’s up with that? Maybe their not all like that. I don’t know but I think the law should step in and stop this horrible treatment of animals! There are laws aren’t there?

        • CTC Wilson


          • Patricia

            You, are hereby FLAGGED.

            You, CTC threatened Janet’s child. You are breaking Laws!

          • CTC Wilson

            I would NEVER, EVER, “threaten” your daughter! You apparently have a “comprehension” problem with the English language. My “reflection” was NOT from me, BUT.. from what is inevitable for us ALL if Clinton is elected to the Presidency. You are STUPID. You are a very sadly “misguided” person, so much so that I cannot even feel empathy for you. You are THAT stupid.

          • Janet

            You’re an idiot! What did I write that you didn’t like! I never voted for Obama not that it’s any of your business! I was talking about how Muslims treat animals! Is that over your head? You need to STFU!

        • Patricia

          Janet I flagged this terrorist for threatening your child. He also stated,
          quote, “YOU WILL SUFFER.” Close quote.

          That’s also a threat.

          Our Lord does not gives us a spirit of fear ;)

          • Janet

            Thanks Patricia! We always get these jerks on here that are obnoxious and like to start some crap!

          • Patricia

            I have no idea what they will do, if anything, but I’m older now and refuse to buckle, cave in or slink away.

            We’re Americans and as a Child of the Most High, I’m R E A D Y ! <3

  • bannedquran2

    The borders will be closed (Donald) from countries that want non-muslims dead, especially Americans, But if you want open borders and a country to look like Marseilles, where the language is arabic, vote for crooked Goldwater girl. God Bless America, the land of the Big PX and Donald Trump since he insults those that deserves it!

  • Honkingoose.

    And this halal cruelty is fed to YOU! Because of ecconomy of scale IN COMMERCIAL ABBATOIRS they kill so much like this and the extra just goes into regular meat supply chains, unmarked and sits in the supermarket cabinet. So you might be eating this torture meat unknowingly.

    The more we learn about muslims the more I don’t want a bar of them, a bloodthirsty cut throat group of backward thugs.

    • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

      Makes me happy that we in our family raise our own vegetables, rabbits, steers, cows, turkeys, geese, chickens, sheep, hogs, beefalo, goats, whatever!

      If you have the space, (…and it takes less than you’d think, you can start on 3/4ths of an acre…), it’s more cost effective to raise the basics: rabbits, chickens, a pair of hogs, 1 cow, and 1 bull.

      They provide manure for vegetables. If you live in a rural area, farmers will let you glean their feed-corn fields for supplemental feed, etc.

      Chickens for eggs, cull the chicks when the flock gets too big or the chicken too old, freshen the cow for milk & the bull, eat the bull, eat the hogs, eat the rabbits, etc….

      The cost works out somewhat less than retail on the meat, w/the bonus of knowing where it all came from.

  • bailiwick

    That butchery represents day Arabs came about. They can’t even except the truth that it was Isaac, not Ishmael who was to be sacrificed.
    According to Bible: – I’saac. (laughter). The son whom Sara bore to Abraham, in the hundredth year of his age, at Gerar. (B.C. 1897). In his infancy, he became the object of Ishmael’s jealousy; and in his youth, the victim, in intention, of Abraham’s great sacrificial act of faith. (copied from Smith Bible dictionary)
    Unfortunately Abraham’s & Sara’s earlier lack of faith gave us Hagar with her son Ishmael. And from him people who hate Jews & Christians alike. And most of them embrace the big lie called Islam.

  • Peter Joffe

    All Muslims, yes ALL Muslims are barbarians and belong back in Barbaria where they came from.

  • Ashley

    May the same happen to each of these savages! They belong in a desert, not in civilized cities.

  • MindfulCitizen

    What a lovely bunch.

  • Mme Thenardier Les Deplorables

    They call this culture?? Then demand I respect it?? Not effing likely!! I don’t know if it’s a nature vs nurture thing but these people seem to have had their empathy gene removed (alongside a few others I could name)! Too much inbreeding….

    • Susan

      Too much mohammad.

  • Gordon Miller

    Coming to a town near you.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A prediction you can bet on…

    • Already has in different forms or another. Think of all those poor turkeys done in for Western religious holidays feasts. Think of all those poor animals slaughtered daily for your daily consumption. I am no vegan nor gay atheist, but I just call things out how they are.

  • DrJonnyChepe

    One More Reason to Vote Trump

    ___Build that WALL Vote Trump__|___|__

  • jkarna

    They are in essence, Satanists.

    • Patricia

      Yep. Polar opposite of Our Loving Lord.

  • portnoy

    Anyone know the difference between halal and kosher?

    • old003

      In practice? Maybe none. In application to life? Everything. Halal is sacrifice in twisted content between civilized man and savages(islam) . Kosher is celebration of life and giving by civilized man.

  • Annie Pickett

    Nobody cares about the suffering of sheep. If the same slaughter was done to dogs the country would be outraged. That’s if the Canadian left wing media reported it, which they wouldn’t. The Canadian media are petrified of reporting anything vaguely islam related.

    • Why dogs? I don’t recall any protests over dogs even being abused nor the Bill going through Parliament to change the laws. Hardly anyone cares about the atrocities with Canadian livestock food farms. You people are so funny. But when Muslims and lambs are involved, then all proverbial hell breaks loose. LULZ

  • Annie Pickett

    The muslims always say that if they use a very sharp knife the animal feels no pain. Really? Please demonstrate by giving yourself a little cut on the finger using the same knife and see if there is no pain.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I wonder if they do it with food stamps here.

  • David Square

    Canada has very strict laws concerning the slaughter and grading of meat for human consumption. Why then do we allow Muslims to kill and consume animals slaughtered in unsanitary conditions? This is a matter of public health. Have we become so politically correct when it comes to Muslims and their 7th Century religious rituals that we are willing to sacrifice the well being of all Canadians in favor of a handful of Mohammad’s insane, backward followers? Apparently the answer is yes. As suggested by others, I will contact the appropriate authorities in Canada in the hope I may receive reasonable answers to my questions. Number one on my list will be the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

  • Michelle

    What did you expect from barbarian scum?

  • DCW left coast

    Where are all the animal rights’ loons?
    Like the Feminists . . . they are missing in action.
    Keybec is going to look like France in a decade . . .
    this is the plan of the Little Potato, dopy Justin and his Saudi buddy.

  • enubus

    Just remember they have been inbreeding for 1400 years!

  • Freedom_For_All

    Ban this cult of death !!

  • Interlake_Hornet

    Are you fucking kidding me. Out every last fucking one of them citizen or not.

  • Fred Mohawk

    Everyone in Canada wishes these people would all leave. Nobody wants them here but Trudeau.

  • Peter Hammer

    Anyone who takes the trouble to investigate the Muslim holidays in any kind of depth will be shocked to learn that they are not, at their core, the benign, sweet celebrations that Muslims would have us believe they are.

    A seminal paper containing all the details is an essay titled The Holidays of Islam: A Guide for Non-Muslims that is freely downloadable from the Home Page of the incredibly informative website,, one devoted to Stealth Jihad and the Muslim take-down of America. Here is a direct link to this Guide:

    Very little information is available anywhere, including the Internet, on the Muslim holidays from a non-Muslim point of view. This paper is one of the very few, if not the only, source of such information that I have found.


    Peter Hammer

  • Leasa Ryan-Janssen

    They burned their heads and legs while still alive. The pain is to please Allah. Yes they try to minimize and not talk about this part of the holiday that Justin Trudeau took a full day to celebrate with his muslim bretheren.

    • popeye2009

      Videos of this need to be taken and given to the public to fully understand Islam and their savage barbaric ways. I personally believe this is practice for what is to come to all non-Muslims. Its going to be us or them one day soon.

  • Wayne Basso

    This is not the humane killing of animals or all the slaughter houses would be doing it. They say they cut the nerves in the neck, but it appears the animal is still alive for a period of time. Where is PETA while this is going on?

  • guymacher

    This form of slaughter is illegal under Canadian law. Except, of course, when Muslim barrows do it,

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Oh Canada.

  • Patricia

    They really do believe if you repeat that lie enough, it’ll stick. NOT.

    Per the article (and the Q’ran) “Religious belief tells Ibrahim dreamed for three nights prior, that he would sacrifice his son Ishmael.”

    Nope. No. Nada.
    Abraham was told to sacrifice Isaac. Jews and Christians KNOW that history WELL.

    Then Sarah was struck by laughter at the absurd suggestion she could conceive at her age. She didn’t believe the Angel of the Lord and in her haste to give Abe a son, she copped to the acceptable custom for barren women to use at that time.

    It irks muslims that Ishmael is not given his ‘birthright’ & recognized since he was the first born of Abraham’s loins. The COVENANT of YWH was pre-ordained with Sarah’s line as was promised.

    She handed Hagar over to Abe. Think he was gonna turn that down? Neh. She conceived Ish & jealousy was born. As Hagar’s pregnancy blossomed Sarah become more irate & impossible. Abe told her to do as she wished, so Sarah banished her from the tent Kingdom of Abe.

    As Abe’s first born , God was not going to allow him to perish in the desert. He gave Hagar instructions, provided water miraculously, muslims call that water today Zam-Zam water, it’s holy to them because Ishmael was revived by that water.

    Sorry for the armadilloe trail, happens at my age.:)

  • popeye2009

    Animal cruelty! That torturous killing of sheep does not belong in civilized societies. Sue the farm owner for allowing mass animal cruelty to be done in Canada. This is disgraceul!

  • Blanche

    I really don’t care if someone says I am an Islamophobia, this practice is barbaric. Kids are there & see this mayhem, there needs to be very thorough investigation by the Canadian equivalent FDA. My God the SOB’s steal livestock for their so called feast. (Sweden) They will never adapt to the western world. I am having a good stiff drink & wish them all to hell.

  • hAAngarpilot

    They’re just practicing for when it’s time to get us infidels. Just remember they will almost always bring a knife to a gun fight.

  • meangirl

    PETA was probably celebrating as well. Islam is a the top of the lefts agenda. Muslims come before animal rights, feminism, gay rights etc. They will overlook anything Muslims do and make excuse to defend them.

    Satan supports satanism. The left supports Islam same thing

  • meangirl

    Does PETA still exists? I have never seen them more quiet than in the last few days. Were the swallowed by a giant sinkhole?

  • java

    beyond disgusting … this is NOT humane in any way shape or form … sick sick sick demented POS!!!!

  • Truthhurts

    Where the hell are all the animal activists.

    • Where the hell is your outraged against Asian dog meat festivals? Or do lambs and Arabs count more?

  • HurrDurrImScaredOfMuslims

    Isn’t it funny how everybody is just eating this information up? No cross checking? It’s honestly frustrating.

    And can we have an actual representative of the Muslim community talk about this rather than an obviously biased ‘news reporter’? I mean, if you couldn’t tell she was going out of her way to convince you to see them as savages, it would be pretty sad.

    What happened to giving the facts without cherry picking? What happened to casting aside personal beliefs in order to communicate what is indisputable fact? What happened to honest reporting?

    If you’re so close minded as to formulate an opinion based on this, then its honestly just sad.

  • majric

    They did it to 30 humans last week in Syria. You can see uncut videos that the alphabet networks won’t show at Sickening but something you must watch to get a full understanding of what is happening.

  • Emily Ann

    First let me be clear–I am a LIBERAL FEMINIST and believe the people who participated in this disgusting “festival” are monsters and deserving of the same. But if any of you believe that the animal whose meat you’re eating wasn’t slaughtered in an even more horrific way right here in the US of A, you’re as shamelessly ignorant as your comments suggest. Google ‘factory-farming’. Those animals would love to simply have their throats cut and be dead in 30 seconds like these lambs were. If you’re NOT a vegetarian, you have no right to comment. It’s REAL easy to criticize others while you bury your heads in the sand about the horrific things intrinsic in YOUR OWN culture and lifestyle!

  • Emily Ann

    This article along with all the hate mongering comments is exactly why I believe regligion is the heart of evil. Religion teaches one group of pple their intrinsically better than a different group of pple because they believe a SLIGHTLY different version of a STORY thats bs to begin with. You all do realize nothing was EVER written about Jesus until 100 years AFTER HIS DEATH? Gee..someone of such importance…you’d think they might mention him in their texts before then. 100 years later no one was even ALIVE who knew Jesus so logically NO ONE knows what he said. So when the Bible claims it’s quoting Jesus it’s yet another example of how completely worthless the text is. I’m not only ripping on Christians–it’s all religions. Look at how hateful, biggoted, and sexist you all are! You think God appreciates that? Is that how you were taught to act as good little Christians? Me thinks not

  • Hildee

    this ocultic practice is insane..were these sheep owned by the butchers..and this in Canada’s absolutely sick…trudpope is to blame for this outlandish act..animal cruelty..

  • WJ Moulton

    It show how useless the Humane Society is. They’re too busy bitching about the Calgary Stampede.

  • Nabi Rasch

    Another example demonstrating how Canadians have written themselves off. And the sanctimonius fools will be the last to realize it.

  • Poppey

    If the sight of ISIS cutting the throats of men, women and children is offensive then so is this.

    Both and all are sentient beings.

    This is another stepping stone in the process of forcing a non Islamic society to accept Islamic societal norms in a non Islamic space.

    Legislate against it .

  • Truthhurts

    How many did jihadi Trudeau behead I wonder. Disgusting savages. All of them should just be deported. This looks like a demon sacrifice to satan.

  • Charlene Toner Crouse

    This should not be happening on Canadian soil. This is so cruel and barbaric. No culture in the year 2017 needs to be sacrificing animals for their god. What next will they sacrifice. I’m tired seeing their barbaric practices in Canada!!

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