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Minnesota Mall Jihad Stabber ID’d as Dahir Adan, Muslim Migrant Asked Victims if Tey Were Muslim


He was Dahir Adan, 22, born in Africa and brought here 15 years ago. The head of Minnesota CAIR expressed fears of a “potential for backlash,” and Democrat Gov. Mark Dayton called for “religious and racial tolerance.”

There it is. The reason Trump has been so successful. Why, after every bloody, homicidal jihad attack in the cause of Allah, Muslim groups and their running dogs in the media hand-wring about non-existent “backlash.” Politicians calling for “religious and racial tolerance” are clueless and complicit. Islam is not a race and why aren’t politicians calling for religious tolerance under Islam — the most viciously intolerant religion on the face of the earth.

The media never once looks at what is driving this bloodshed.

Instead of Muslims reflecting on what is wrong with Islam, they attack the target, the victim.

Hussein of CAIR went on to call the attack “an isolated incident, and we still don’t know the full facts.” Daily acts of jihad are not “isolated.”


He likes one book – the Quran.


Family ID’s attacker behind ‘potential act of terrorism’ in St. Cloud,” By Paul Walsh, Beatrice Dupuy and Brandon Stahl, Star Tribune, September 18, 2016:

The attacker who wounded 9 inside the mall was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. The father revealed the suspect’s identity.

ST. CLOUD — The attack in St. Cloud’s main shopping center that left nine people with stab wounds is being treated as an act of terror, federal authorities said Sunday.

In a media briefing after midnight Sunday, Police Chief William Blair Anderson said an off-duty officer from another jurisdiction confronted and fatally shot the suspect Saturday night inside Crossroads Center. He said the man — dressed in a private security uniform — reportedly asked at least one victim whether they were Muslim before assaulting them, and referred to Allah during the attacks.

“We are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism,” said the FBI’s Richard Thornton, speaking at a news conference at Police Department headquarters early Sunday afternoon. Thornton did not link the attack to a specific terror group.

Roughly 12 hours after the stabbings, a news agency said to speak for ISIL went to Twitter to claim credit for the mall violence. “The executor of the stabbing attacks in Minnesota yesterday was a soldier of the Islamic State and carried out the operation in response to the citizens of countries belonging to the crusader coalition,” the posting by the AMAQ news agency read.

It was not immediately clear whether ISIL had planned the attack or was giving a nod to a “lone wolf” — of which there have been many around the world — inspired by the terror group’s global message.

While law enforcement has yet to reveal the name of the suspect, his father identified him as Dahir A. Adan, 22. Interviewed Sunday through a translator, Ahmed Adan said his son was born in Africa and had lived in the United States for 15 years.

Police told Ahmed Adan at about 9 p.m. Saturday that his son had died at the mall. He said that he had “no suspicion” of his son being involved in any terror activity. The father added that police raided the apartment on St. Germain street Sunday morning and seized photos and other materials, but they said nothing to him about the stabbings at the mall.

Police executed search warrants for two apartments, including the apartment where Adan lived with his father. Thornton said investigators are analyzing his electronic records to determine a motive for the attack.

“We don’t know if the suspect was in contact with or inspired by foreign terrorist organizations,” he said.

Inside the building where the younger Adan lived, neighbor said he sometimes seen wearing a security guard uniform. A cousin down the hall in the same apartment described Dahir Adan as a good person who minded his own business.

At the news conference Sunday, Mayor Dave Kleis said there were nine stabbing victims—seven male and two female, ranging in age from a 15-year-old girl to a 53-year-old man. Three remained hospitalized as of 7 a.m. The officer who killed the suspect was identified as Jason Falconer, a former police chief in nearby Albany.

“The officer’s life was clearly in danger,” Kleis said, pointing to interior surveillance video that shows the officer shooting, and the suspect falling and getting back up three times, and at one point lunging toward Falconer.

Alerted to the praise for his actions coming from Gov. Mark Dayton and Sen. Amy Klobuchar for his actions inside the mall, Falconer said Sunday afternoon, “I’ve been trying to stay away from it all, for the time being.”

Falconer, a firearms trainer and permit to carry advocate, owns Tactical Advantage and Tactical Firearms Training in Waite Park, His professional biography says he “specializes in reality-based firearms, law enforcement and personal security training.”

Jaylani Hussein, executive director in Minnesota of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Sunday afternoon that “we are definitely concerned about the potential for backlash in the community, both in the immediate run and the longer term.”

Hussein went on to call the attack “an isolated incident, and we still don’t know the full facts.”

Local and federal officers were spotted late Sunday morning outside an apartment building, where the suspect was believed to have lived.

Minnesota is home to the nation’s largest ongoing terrorism recruitment investigation, with 11 Somali-Minnesotans having been charged since late 2014 in an alleged plot to travel to Syria and join ISIL. Two were charged in absentia after they successfully left the country — among at least five young Minnesotans federal officials say successfully joined the group. Six others pleaded guilty and three were convicted in a high-profile May trial.

The cases, which followed the departures of several dozen men and women to join the terror group Al-Shabab in Somalia years prior, led the U.S. Department of Justice to select Minneapolis as one of three federal pilot cities for a project to counter radical recruitment. Ahmed Said, executive director of the Somali American Relations Council, said they don’t know whether religion motivated Adan, “but we know he is a Somali.”

“Let us not rush and jump into conclusions,” Said said in a statement. “…We strongly stress that everybody calms down and focus on what unites us than what divides us in these difficult times.”

The rampage began when Adan entered through the Sears in the mall’s southeast corner, and shooting of Adan happened inside Macy’s, according to Mayor Dave Kleis. Those stabbed were attacked starting about 8:15 p.m. in corridors, businesses and common areas, authorities said.
Crossroads Center mall, the main shopping center in St. Cloud, Minn., is shut down Sunday, Sept. 9, 2016 after eight people were stabbed the previous evening.
Leila Navidi, Star Tribune
Crossroads Center mall, the main shopping center in St. Cloud, Minn., is shut down Sunday, Sept. 9, 2016 after eight people were stabbed the previous evening.

The mall, located on heavily traveled W. Division Street, will not be open Sunday but will be back in business the next day starting at 10 a.m., said Kevin Berry, spokesman for the Chicago-based company that operates the mall.

“We are devastated by the events that happened at Crossroads Center,” Berry, of General Growth Properties, said in a statement Sunday. “Out of respect to the victims, their families and the ongoing investigation, the shopping center will be closed today.”

Berry’s statement was posted on the mall’s exterior doors explaining to would-be shoppers why the center was closed.

In the meantime, police press on with piecing together the events surrounding the violence and are trying to learn more about the attacker.

The mall attack got national exposure when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton mentioned it, saying she’d been briefed about the incident as well as suspicious explosions Saturday in New York and New Jersey, according to the Associated Press. She called on the nation to support first responders and to pray for victims and told reporters traveling with her that she will have more to say when more is known about the incidents.

In response to the bloodshed in St. Cloud, Gov. Dayton said he was “appalled at the terrible attacks on innocent Minnesotans in St. Cloud last night. If true that they were motivated by religious bigotry, I condemn them even more strongly. … I ask everyone in the St. Cloud area and throughout Minnesota to rise above this atrocity and act to make religious and racial tolerance one of the ways in which Minnesotans again lead our country.”

Dayton said he will travel to St. Cloud on Monday to “offer my support to city officials and its citizens.”

At the Mall of America in Bloomington, one of the world’s largest shopping malls and often mention as a possible terror target, officials there said in a statement that “we have implemented additional police and security measures during this time.”
The layout of stores at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minn. Authorities say the stabbing suspect started at the Sears and made his way to the Macy’s.
Screenshot from Crossroads Center website.
The layout of stores at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minn. Authorities say the stabbing suspect started at the Sears and made his way to the Macy’s.

Much the same is being carried out at Eden Prairie Center, “although there are no known threats” to that suburban mall, a statement read.

Tami Dung who owns a nail salon, Nails Sophisticates, inside the mall, said she saw crowds of people flooding out of the center after her salon closed at 8 p.m. She was busy cleaning up, when she saw police cars lining outside the center. Her first thought was to flee.

Dung jumped in her car and drove home. Her brother-in-law called her to let her know what was going on. “I was so scared to be too close.”

Sabrina Bender arrived with three of her four children to the Crossroads Center Sunday. Bender had been shopping in the mall the day before with her children around 2 p.m. She said she felt safe in her St. Cloud community until Saturday’s events.

“It is beyond scary,” she said. ” My kids were here.”

“We will be diligent and get to the bottom of this,” Anderson said, adding that police had prior contact with the suspect, but only related to traffic stops. “The entire mall is an active crime scene,” he said.

The chief added that St. Cloud “won’t be the same.”

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  • Dennis

    The governor of the state of Minnesota said words which I consider significant for what they do not say. He said that his citizens need to “rise above this atrocity and make religion and racial tolerance one of the ways Minnesotans again lead our country.” While I have no objection to his comment, again it fails to recognize the reality that all of these acts of terror clearly come from a mania that derives from the belief system that is Islam. These comments should be directed not at his law abiding citizens, but, instead, should be directed at those within the belief system that is Islam. Until I see those of the Islamic belief system actively, purposely, affirmatively and openly rejecting what is used by the terrorists to justify their acts of mayhem, I, for one, will not trust those within this belief system, and will continue to support policies that keep those of this belief system out of this country. All we ever hear from our media and “politically correct” politicians and Islamic representatives is garbage about “backlash,” something we haven’t seen here among our civilized people. When will we see, hear and speak the truth about what we are facing? It best come soon.

    • No more Rotten Crotch

      Maybe when we have regime change. Or when Paul Ryan and the pu**ies in Congress grow a set and start throwing traitors like Obutthole and Hitlery in prison for their blatant treason against the USA. If not then, then perhaps when a patriot effects regime change by 2nd Amendment.

      • Craig

        I’m banking on the second option.

      • preston

        The regime change won’t come from within Dennis, that would be like throwing yourself under the bus. Ain’t gonna happen. It will definitely take an outsider like Trump to do it, so hopefully the country will wake up to this reality in time.

    • Free Bacon 4 All

      What I’d like to see is these Mooslams take a charge in correcting their deviant religion and addressing the problem to their youths in order to correct it instead of crying over a backlash that never happened. There is no backlash as if anyone just engaged in a religious conversation with them and they disliked it , it would be considered as hate crime.

    • Robert Bayer

      I have BIG OBJECTIONS to Gov. Mark Dayton’s words!

      • MN Jim

        Gov Dayton won’t even remember what he said today, just that his Depends need to be changed again.

    • Mark Steiner

      Governor Mark Dayton has a long history of incompetency dealing with day-to-day operations in Minnesota, let alone this Islamic threat. A typical lefty DFL creep who also faces the judgment of God.

  • Obutthole loves Rotten Crotch

    Obutthole, Hitlery Rotten Crotch, Kasich, Paul Ryan, Angela Merkel, and all the rest of the dumbasses who allow these middle eastern immigrants to come to western countries are DIRECTLY responsible for EVERY one of these attacks. These immigrants have NO business in western nations. These dumbasses who allow them to come here deserve to be convicted of and executed for TREASON.

    • joker

      Yes I have. In which way the Western treacherous political elite ought to be executed for treason? Shall we ask some advice from ISIS in this manner? Or better let them do it and get rid of ISIS for ever.

  • SRN99

    Isis calls this man a soldier. We call him a coward, just like his filthy fake prophet Mohammad. Piss be upon his name


      SRN99 AKBAR!

      • shilohsboots

        Snicker at @bar!

    • Steve

      Islam follows a bipolar book of mecca and medina – the perfect sociopath book. The perfect counter to muslims stating they are peaceful is you don’t know who they are from one day to the next and so many are enablers. See the link for muslim polls showing their sympathies –

  • Craig

    There a load of somali muslim trash living in West Minneapolis. House fires from the somali retards lighting fires on the floors. Funny how the murders, rapes and robberies go unreported, nationally. Recently, the somali POS’s have demanded shariah law. So, I guess rat democrat Gov. Dayton will bend over for the somalis. Welcome to islam, Minnesota…and cowardly democrats…COWARDLY MORON DEMOCRATS.

    • Erase the libtards

      Military should remove a few cities infested with libtard idiots. The one I live in would be a good one to be on the list. I’m sure we can name the ones with the highest priority – in states that are close in presidential elections. Poof! There goes LA & SF, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philly, Miami, Atlanta. Too bad, but it needs to happen.

  • Mr. Man

    America is becoming like Europe. They are still hiding the identity of this terrorist

  • Ranger Rick

    Hey Governor Dayton, why don’t you talk with ISIS about that “religious tolerance” thing?

  • justagramma

    At this time in the evolution of Islam, non-Muslims can’t trust any Muslim. Over and over they are described as friendly and easy going before they kill. The problem IS Islam. There may be some sentimental, loving, funny, New Nazis, but their beliefs are evil, and so is Islam. Read their “holy books”.

  • Stevensjoe Joe

    i hope they vet the thousands that clinton wants to bring in better than they did this one

    • Janet

      If Clinton gets in she wants to bring in double the amount that Obama did! She’s talking a half a million or more. They won’t be vetted the way they should be that’s for sure! Obama cut the vetting time in half because he just wants to get them in asap! Things are probably going to get worse. I sure hope Trump wins!

  • Jackie Puppet

    Gov Dayton needs to “nut up” and lecture CAIR & other Islamic “leaders” about the difference between tolerance & accepance, & assimilating into American culture versus transplanting their own culture and planting it in American soil. Americans did not ask for the rapefugees to come here; many cities and states were forced to house them.

    CAIR should be worried about a backlash, because it’ll be one they created with their consistent absolute refusal to condemn these attacks every time they occur.

    And the police chief needed more time to figure out to motive? How much more motive does he need to come up with after Adan asked his victims if they were Muslim, and stabbed them if they gave the wrong answer?

    • Why r our leaders still alive?

      Exact same thing happened with the Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon – shooter asked if they were Christian, and if they said yes, he killed them.

      • preston

        Courageous Christians, unlike the coward muslim shoe size IQ, molasses thinkers.

      • Steve

        This guy says gentleman referring to the killer. This is a sign of Americans being so dumb downed to express themselves politically correct that even with ives on the line people search for the “correct language”. The bastard was a terrorist! We need to vote trump!

  • Robert Bayer

    Gov. Mark Dayton’s words are atrocious.. Blaming the victims … Protecting Islam …. WHAT a POS FASCIST MORON!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If the various muslim cults and “legitimate businessmen’s clubs” are concerned about backlash against islam, perhaps they might suggest that muslims obey the law in America, thereby not giving reason for any repercussions. If islam thinks it can force submission on a free nation, it will die a miserable failure, even more so than it already is.

    • They’re not humping only goats

      They WILL force it on us because they are out-breeding us. Eventually they’ll be the majority.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Who says we can’t push back? Or is todays non muslim a push over?

      • Janet

        You’re right. They are having loads of babies just for the purpose of becoming the majority. They’re off to a good start too. They will have 6 to 8 children compared to 1 or 2 by non-Muslims. At the rate they are going they will be the majority soon enough. I just hope I’m dead!

        • no mo’ Hitlery Rotten Crotch

          Same here. BUT, better option would be to get a good civil war going and eliminate them and every traitor politician in this country. I’ve lived most of my life so I have nothing to lose. Time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.

  • Jackie

    Toss Dayton out. Merkel too. Reep what you sow. The hen came home to roost and everyone it. Gee why MN? Oh yeah Dayton and Little Somalia.


    Just remember the recipe for good peaceful muslims, two in the chest, one in the head.
    In thirty four years of service, I have yet to find a time when this recipe has failed to produce excellent results.
    Islam is not a religion of peace! Get over the Minnesota Nice acceptance attitude and take back your state, if need be one body at a time.

    • Hitlery Rotten Crotch stinketh

      Right on the money!
      Bulls eye!

  • usn

    Ship his whole family out weather they were involved or not maybe we’ll be able to find someone in the family might want to stay in US and they would turn in these nut jobs.

  • vercingetorix

    The good part of this story is that the perpetrator is dead and now probably enjoys his 72 well-deserved whores in Allah’s garden of all lusts!

  • preston

    This is what a lack of education will do to a people either here in the states or abroad. These people are delusional and border line retarded (I know not PC). If the people of this country don’t get a handle on these issues expect to be living under sharia law in the near future especially if clinton gets in office. Wake up America

  • Drew the Infidel

    The reason the left and the media (same thing) downplay each of these pisslamic terrorist incidents is that to label them for what they are would be an admission of failure on the part of the Obhammud administration’s counterterrorism policies, and they simply cannot do that. For the sake of brevity, name one thing, just one, that they have gotten right. And do NOT mention the bin Laden raid. He was not even in the Situation Room when that went down, it being too intense for his taffy ass.

  • B_HoMustGo

    Screw CAIR!


      Screw the Socialist DNC!

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Remember the Orlando shooting? Doesn’t that seem long ago? It was a little more than 90 days ago. I for one do NOT intend to ‘get used to it’ as a French leader recommended. Vote Trump….yeah, I know… but once you get him WE WILL HOLD HIS ASS to the fire till he produces an effing WALL.

  • Apothis

    Yes Mr. Governor, we will show the same level of tolerance the the perpetrator did by asking his potential victims if they are Muslim. Go to hell Mr. Governor.

  • shilohsboots

    Has nothing to do with Trump, another narcissist big talker whose history doesn’t bode well for his promises! We had determent camps for the Japanese during the war for a good reason…..we couldn’t tell the good people among them from the enemy! Time to STOP the traitor-in-chief’s import of enemies, and expel anyone not here legally! PERIOD. If their family suffers, it is THEIR fault! They can take their anchor babies with them if they don’t want to be divided! And all countries need to be put on notice that we will no longer accept their pregnant women or give them any medical treatment! We ARE at war!

  • Metatrona

    Yet ANOTHER Muslim mad dog attack! Time to rid ourselves of the mad dog Muslims & their mosques.

  • Steve

    The joke responses from cair and leftists go on, “The head of minnesota cair expressed fears of “potential backlash,” and democrat gov. mark dayton called for “religious and racial tolerance.” Its always after the fact – after islamists in some way terrorize the west – when you hear from the instigators and enablers as if they “care”.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Time to go jihad on Muslims

  • joe1429

    If isis didnt take responsibility, the media would “still be lookin for a motive”, for this savage

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