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George Soros Lauds Efforts to Let Illegals Vote


In a Monday morning tweet, billionaire activist George Soros sent out some public praise for his own Open Society’s work to make U.S. elections – in his mind – fairer, but which is really, in the views of constitutional, rule-of-law type Americans, aimed at giving illegal immigrants the ability to vote this November.

Soros is already on record supporting Hillary Clinton.

In July, Politico reported this:

“Soros has donated or committed more than $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes, according to Federal Election Commission records and interviews with his associates and Democratic fundraising operatives. And some of his associated say they expect Soros, who amassed a fortune estimated at $24.9 billion through risky currency trades, to give even more as Election Day nears.”

Moreover, his personal political adviser, Michael Vachon, had this to say in the same story:

“[T]his year, the political stakes are exceptionally high. They were high even before Trump became the nominee because of the hostility on the other side toward many of the issues George cares most about and has worked to support for many years, including immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance.”

And now this, from Soros’ own Twitter account, @georgesoros, just Monday morning.

He first posted a photograph and beginning of a story entitled “Why the U.S. Elections Just Got a Little Fairer,” that read: “A series of court rulings ensures hundreds of thousands of eligible voters will be able to exercise their rights at the polls this November.”

And he praised the “advocates’ work,” mirroring what the story said about their ensuring “eligible U.S. voters” can actually cast ballots this November.

Only problem is: Click on the story, which was written in August for Soros’ own Open Society Foundations, and you’ll see the “eligible voters” he’s talking about are mostly those who are anything but eligible.

The story, written by Erica Teasley Linnick, reads in part:

“Three years ago this summer, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted a key portion of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The court’s ruling in Shelby County v. Holder left voters in 15 states without protections previously afforded them under the landmark civil rights legislation. State legislators whose election policies had previously been deemed discriminatory by the Justice Department were emboldened to enact voter ID and other suppressive measures that negatively impact voters of color, using false arguments about the prevalence of fraud to fuel their efforts.

“In response to these challenges, the Open Society Foundations created the Shelby Response Fund, bringing together litigators, researchers, state and local advocates, communications strategists, and organizers. The fund’s members worked on a number of fronts to try to restore voting rights protections stripped away by the high court ruling.

“Lately, one aspect of their efforts in particular has been bearing fruit. In recent weeks, our voting rights grantees have celebrated court victories ensuring that hundreds of thousands of eligible voters will be able to exercise their rights at the polls this November.

“On August 11, a federal district court in North Carolina held that the state legislature had unconstitutionally used race in redrawing district boundaries in 2011, unnecessarily increasing the percentage of black voters in districts where they had been successfully electing their candidates of choice for years. This case, filed by the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, was five years in the making—an example of how long justice can take, as well as the importance of the courts as a corrective.

“Last month, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled that North Carolina’s 2013 voter ID legislation was enacted with discriminatory intent in violation of both the Voting Rights Act and the U.S. Constitution. This voter ID measure was infamously referred to as the “monster bill” because of its far-reaching impact on voting rights—it also eliminated early voting, same-day registration, preregistration for 16- and 17-year-olds, and out-of-precinct voting.

“Also in July, a federal court decided to provide a safety net for Wisconsin voters who, under a 2011 law, are required to present voter ID at the polls. With this ruling, the court gives voters who have a difficult time getting qualifying ID the option to vote by affidavit and receive a regular ballot instead of a provisional one. The court found that the state’s interests could not justify disenfranchising voters who cannot obtain ID with reasonable effort.In Texas, after three years of litigation, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that the state’s 2013 voter ID law does indeed violate Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act by denying black and Latino voters an equal opportunity to cast a ballot.

“And in North Dakota, a federal court ruled that North Dakota’s voter ID law placed a disproportionate burden on Native American voters who didn’t have driver’s licenses or a tribal ID that included an address. “[N]o eligible voter, regardless of their station in life, should be denied the opportunity to vote,” the court held.

The story ends with one final note of caution for citizens – legal ones – concerned about the possibility for shenanigans at the polls this fall.

“This work is by no means done,” it read. “These recent victories will help bolster the advocates’ efforts in the coming months and years, and ensure that so many voters disenfranchised by suppressive laws have an opportunity to participate fully in the elections this November.”

  • Mark Steiner

    Remains to be seen just how many voting booths and election officials George will purchase(buy off) ensure the election goes his way.
    The love of money is ….

    • saftalily

      Electronic Voting – no paper trail. Soon there will be voting from your computer in your house. Total Game Over.

  • keycat

    how does it make ANY sense that non-citizens have the
    RIGHT to vote in FEDERAL elections? i don’t like allowing
    them to vote in state elections, either, but that should remain
    up to the individual states, at this point – BUT NOT IN MY STATE.

    • Craig

      Because, the socialist democrats are attempting to create a vote-proof voter base that can not be countered by Republicans or anyone else. At which time, all the laws will go out the window and a socialist regime will take over.

      • Dorrie

        Nice comment, Craig, yet you are fully against real Conservatives, especially those of us who stand firm against corruption. We are the once you choose to attack. *SMH*

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Rather than “risky” currency trades, he specializes in sure things, where he profits no matter what.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      …and promotes the destruction of freedom..

  • Silence is Golden Mr. Soros

    What makes this evil SOB tick and how is he still alive?

    Evil people prosper I don’t know why but they do.

    Time for you to go away Mr. Soros. Shame on you for not helping your fellow Jews during the holocaust. You are a traitor and a coward in the first degree.

    You are truly a sick evil coward Mr. Soros.

    • Mark Steiner

      He is also lost as hell. Time to get right, George. You have not much time left.

      • Ron Cole

        It is beyond redemption as hard as that is to accomplish.

        • Mark Steiner

          That’s a choice he’s made, or will make, Ron. He is a free moral agent. He has grieved many with encumberances beyond measure. That is why Jesus provided the story in Luke 16:19-31. There are other similar Scriptures, but don’t want to make some out there too bored with truthful details.

          • Ron Cole

            That story brings joy to my life Mark.

    • BigGaySteve

      The devil protects his own

  • Jackie

    I will do a little dance when Satan Soros finally meets his maker. I will also do a little dance when the people prove that elections are not for sale – we the people.

  • Louise M.

    What would it take to put Mr Soros in jail ?

  • Covadonga

    Does Soros remind anyone else here of the Emperor in Star Wars?

  • Judi

    This evil POS is doing his hardest to ensure that Trump doesn’t win the election. If this happens, I think a Civil War will break out and give Ovomit an excuse to declare martial law.

    • saftalily

      Or a bunch of internal attacks,

  • Mark Steiner

    George Soros to illegal voters: Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote Demoncrat.

    • durabo

      It has already happened, in 2008 and 2012.

    • Ron Cole

      “Program my voting machines”. soros

  • Steve

    The only thrill this loser is still capable of is spending money to see people waste their lives in creating destruction. He is the walking dead in reality. If he were really fair then give up all his ill-gotten fortune. He is like these imbecile football chumps protesting the national anthem.

  • Drew the Infidel

    A fool and his money are soon parted. Soros should be backing a candidate in better health than Hillary, who reportedly has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

    • BigGaySteve

      He probably doesn’t have as much dirt on anyone else to be a puppet master

  • Janet

    Why should illegals get to vote! That’s totally ludicrous! I can’t stand Sorros or any of his messed up policies! Makes me sick that because he’s got a whole lot of money he has so much influence on the US government! The sooner he kicks the bucket the better off the world will be although he’ll probably leave most of his money to liberals causes! Oh funny how his name comes up as I’m watching shows about Germany’s concentration camps! What he did to Jews when he was young was dispicable!

    • saftalily


  • jwmiller

    Soros sold out his own in WW2 & recently proclaimed it was the best job he ever had. That alone exposes his pathology. To those who think his Agenda will die with him-He has children who will follow his lead. There are other #NWO Agendists well entrenched in Global Govnts & multiple benign sounding organizations working at local levels. You know, like Community Organizers. All bought & paid for. This has been in the works for decades & will not be close to easy erasing. Perhaps, the most unsettling part is their brazen vocal intent now daily news. Exposes a confidence not before seen.

  • preston

    Soros is a coward of the elites. He hides behind his billions and use puppets like Obama, Clinton to do his filth. What a despicable creature he is. A demon. To difficult to run for office himself and face the embarrassment of defeat, so he lines his minions up in a row to take the beheading. Rot in hell communist dictator Soros “the destroyer”.

  • durabo

    Comrade Soros and Mullah Hussein: joined at the hip in their effort to turn the USA into the USSA.

  • notme123

    And I believe, his company also owns the voting machines.

  • brian crawford

    why isn’t this clown in jail ?

  • minny-me

    Why is this mutant allowed to remain in the USA?! Throw his ugly azz out NOW!

  • jsteves

    Hillary, Shillery, Shrillery, Killery (Do you think the 3 “illerys” fit) Clinton has a huge “money following” group like Soros and many others of his calibre, to fill her coffers with lots of “strings attached” dollars.

    Trump could finance his campaign….and that that would come out if his pocket and would have no strings attached but with the help of the “little fellow”..The down to earth person who expects nothing in return except clean run government his coffers could overfow with honest hard earned money…Just make a donation to feel that his campaign is “our” campaign for a better government with safety from Islamic transgression built in.

  • David Merkle

    The only ones being disenfranchised now in NC are the registered, eligible voters! As usual our elected representatives will possibly be paying attention to only those that pay.

  • bpf53

    Why isn’t this scum 6 feet under or at least in prison

  • RayG1

    Soros can lead all he wants to but the Constitution says that “citizens” may vote! Nobody else. Illegal aliens are not citizens – end of story!

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