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The War Zones in Europe


There is a war going on in Europe. Save for brave truth-tellers and a handful of websites, there is no coverage. The sharia-compliant media censors, omits any coverage of the war. When the death toll is unavoidable, mental illness is blamed, coupled with islamophobia and “fear of reprisals.”

Much thanks to Jean Patrick Grumberg for sending this from

The words are harsh but the reality is there: nothing differentiate the violent confrontations from war scenes any more. Young Muslim riots in the Essonne, in the outskirt of Paris lawless zones, have become war zones where police are confronted with mortar fire.

The latest episode dates back to last Monday in La Grande Borne area.

A police patrol was targeted by gunfire projected with tubes that are used to guide their trajectory. Officials were not injured and they could see where the attack came from. Two young Muslim were arrested and, in search of the apartment, the police get their hands on … twenty boxes of explosives!

One youth was sentenced to a “reminder to law” the same kind of penalty you get if you are caught in the bus without a ticket – and French Prime Minister dare to claim that he intends to maintain order? The other muslim, received a mere court summons.

On the night of July 7, police have fallen again into an ambush in Grigny 2.

“Each time, the pattern is the same,” said a Juvisy-sur-Orge officer. “A car is set on fire and you’re greeted with bocce balls, appliances falling from the windows and mortars, yes, mortars.”

That night, three police officers from the Anti-Crime Brigade (BAC) were burned at the forearm by gunfire.

“It’s becoming a pattern, we face it every time there is urban violence,” says a policeman.

A commissioner confirms: “The firing mortars often follows ‘discontent’ and come as a respond to waves of arrest.”

That was the case in July 2015 in Les Ulis, a Paris suburb, after the dismantling of a drug trafficking network.

And no journalist, no politician are doing their job and ask why the authorities tolerate such weapons, why they release the perpetrators, who will massacre the French people who are not allowed to own weapons to protect themselves if a civil war brakes out.

“It will take the death of an officer before the threat is seen seriously”

For more “efficiency” cardboard tubes are replaced by longer PVC pipes stolen on construction sites, a method initiated by Arab Palestinians in Gaza.

“This allows them to have a more accurate shot,” says one official.

“They get mortars on the Internet via foreign websites,” added a ranking officer.

An investigator said:

“I think they take advantage of the narco-traffic, including from Belgium, to buy mortars that are freely available there. On July 13, on the roofs of Grigny 2, we found dozens of empty boxes of explosives.”

Ammunition and explosives used by professional pyrotechnics to blow up buildings or hills, or even for fireworks, have a range of one hundred feet and thus become dangerous weapons. “When the mortar bursts, it can cause burns. Of course, in case of impact, injuries can be very serious, ” added the officer.

“Their goal is to reach officials in their flesh,” says Fouad Belhaj from Police Union Alliance union. “In inner cities, they call us “the stones eaters”. We have no proper weapons to respond to these attacks. Unfortunately it will take a death before they take the threat into account.”

“It happens for the past two years, it happens all the time”

Testimony of Martin*, a former agent of the Specialized Field Brigade.

Martin spent six years in the Specialized Field Brigade (BST), a unit whose impossible mission is to keep the areas safe, and no mission has ever been successful.

He saw the increase trend of attacks with mortar fire against the police: “For the past two years, it’s happens all the time. As soon as a car burns in a neighborhood, you know you will get shot at. I have colleagues who have been severely burned.

Martin continues: “The people in front of us [young Muslims] are very organized and the way they prepare their ambush is sophisticated. There is fear that settled in our ranks. We are the target. These people are angry. They cannot reach the politicians so they attack the police. When you random check in a neighborhood [random checks are legal in France and in urban areas, every driver faces it at least once a month], we know that within fifteen minutes, we will receive a mortar fire. Will the next step be guns fire?”

* His name was changed.

“I fear that a rocket get inside my home”

Nadya, a muslim woman resident of the Square Surcouf complex

Square Surcouf complex in Grigny 2 is regularly the theater of violent confrontations between Muslims and police forces. Nadya lives in one of those tall 18 floor towers. She is at the forefront of the war scenes that look more and more like Syria.

“When it burst up, it’s as if it was a war,” she says.

“During the Euro 2016, it was hell. It erupted after almost every game with the French team.

Our building had to be evacuated because a ‘fireworks’ had set fire to the garbage room.

When they are rioting, everyone stays at home. In the street, there is only the young [Muslim attackers], the firefighters and police. It scares the hell outta me.

When it starts, I cannot leave my windows opened even when it’s hot. I fear that a rocket would hit home.”

Gaia for

Source: le Parisien


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  • Mahou Shoujo

    It will be necessary for the body count to reach a significantly high enough number to attract the attention of the lame stream media, which will rationalize, apologies and accuse victims of provoking assassins. Regrettably that is what it will take, as the subtle truth is no longer marketable, wholesale violence peddles the papers.

    • Zaba

      no guarantee that the msm will ever notice.
      Only if new leaders make pragmatic decisions.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        When advertising revenue drops there will be changes, until then, more of the same irrelevant lies.

        • John

          In France they are subsidized by the government.The taxpayers.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is only so much money, welfare is absorbing more, other costs are going up, eventually something will break.

          • joe1429

            And Trump is losing( Were toast

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It isn’t over till the fat lady is charged.

          • joe1429

            True, but cheapass being outspent ten to one on advertising. It should be the other way around in a losing situation. He needs to cut a half a billion to the campaign for advertising. Very disappointing because he a billionaire

      • rh2

        The MSM is all-in with Islam and its brainwashed killer zombies. They will never turn against them – no matter what!

        • John

          Of course they will turn against them.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            When they realize they can make more money elsewhere, they will, for now, arab money is good.

      • John

        T/hey will notice the day it happens to them and their families.This where you have to start.They are the enablers.

    • berserker

      I doubt anything will change until the welfare state collapses. People are too apathetic, comfortable, and brainwashed.

      • steelraptor from Saturn

        The problem that you are all missing is Liberalism. As long as they remain brainwashed by that mass delusion, and the self-loathing and Islamophilia that is integral to Liberalism, nothing will change. Until Liberalism goes the way of Nazism, and is discredited in the same way (and I can’t see it happening) – yes I am serious, it needs to be seen in the same way as Nazism – nothing will change.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I believe over two hundred people have been slaughtered by muslums in Fwance this year, if that’s not enough what will be?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        When islam murders all unbelievers, then kills itself off, it will be happy, no sooner.

  • RCCA

    Decline in tourism also accounts for the reluctance to report. “Tourists Cut Back on Europe Trips After Bombings”

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No one in their right mind want to go to europe to pay first world prices for third world service, wallow in the filth of the islamic world an see the remains of a civilization that stupided itself to irrelevance.

      • Richard Harris

        Well said!

  • Honkingoose.

    How about a sniper rifle for starters? If they can see who fired the mortar they can shoot and kill who fired the mortar! If the cun’st pay with their lives you’d find only the most hard core keep firing. Shoot those too.

    A ‘reminder to law’ or A CAUTION is a joke and the reason these verminuslims think the police are “women”

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    You better wake up people. This is nothing less than an invasion with the intent of destroying Europe and its way of life while promoting the socialistic NWO using Islam as a process to produce a World Socialistic Caliphate. You want to face a knife at your throat or watch them rape your wife or daughter? Just ignore these warnings and do nothing.

    EVERY country this scourge has come into are now being divided by being forced to accept dual government with Islam and sharia law. Muslims don’t assimilate, but settle separately often taking four or more wives and procreating like rabbits whilst abusing the EU’s welfare systems. When they become strong enough demographically they infiltrate the political system and demand countries adopt their lifestyle and laws. Always their intent has been to divide and conquer.


    Muslims in government are not acceptable or compatible in Constitutional republics or democratic societies. Muslims will not accept Constitutional law, they not only consider themselves to be above it but their Islam condemns the Kufr, their laws and their way of life. You and your laws are considered inferior and therefore you are to be subjugated – either become a slave or be killed.

  • Dallas dog

    The left will come running to the right begging for us to save them, we will at great loss.

    • John

      When they come running to us we will ready for them.No pity no quarter.

    • Jacob Peters

      There is no Right any more, just different types of Lefties. Trumpenzees and Hillaryites are both populists who believe in Big Government. America’s last hope was Ted Cruz. You people chose that liberal Trump instead.

      • Richard Harris

        The most important issue for Americans is SECURING our nation from illegals coming over the border since many of them could be criminals and terrorists.

        Donald Trump from day one has stated he wants a wall at the border to stop illegal immigrants….while Cruz virtually never talked about a wall. How does that make Trump a “Leftie” and Cruz better than Trump?

        Cruz also went to the Mexican border with fool Glenn Beck and started handing out dolls, water, food and other goodies to illegal immigrants crossing the border. And you say Trump is a “Leftie” and Cruz is better than Trump??? You say Cruz was our “last hope”??? I think not.

      • DCW left coast

        Trump is America’s Last Best HOPE !
        Your so-called Repubs have dropped the ball for decades . . . in fact most are closet Dhimmicraps . . .
        If Ted was the nominee today he would be trailing by 20% . . .

  • Patrick

    One would think that Germany (and everyone else for that matter) would have learned from France’s folly. There is no construction project or any other enterprise of a Western country worth the chaos that Muslim migrant workers bring. We the West haven’t seen nothing yet I’m afraid, to many seeds of destruction have been sown. The harvest will be costly indeed!

  • knightsstrength

    Muslim Statistics very interesting

  • Marc

    Main Stream media heads need to be dragged out and hung for their betrayal to their countries!

  • a6z

    Europe is governed by women. Not just Merkel. The electorate is about 50% women. Throw in a significant number of men who act, think, and vote like women.

    A crowd is less rational than its members, more sentimental, more feminine. Now consider what the polity is like when the electorate is as described. It was bad enough eighty years ago; now it is much worse. And that doesn’t even count the Muslim vote, which is on the other side.

    Criminy, that makes me sound all alt-right. I’m not. I think that unsentimental, logical voting on the basis of Western principles and freedoms is open to converts from all traditions. But I can’t help but observe statistically that (1) recent Muslim immigrants and their progeny have not been willing to convert to Western principles and freedoms, nor (2) have women been as willing as before 1969 to convert to relatively unsentimental, logical voting.

    This will not end well.

    • Jacob Peters

      Feminism and Homosexuality destroyed Europe. Very few people see that.

    • Badger

      I wish we still had Thatcher.

      • a6z

        Don’t we all.

  • Drew the Infidel

    And people complain about the “militarizing” of police forces? It is simply a matter of gaining the tactical upper hand. It is a matter of survival. This is nothing new. The Barrow gang of the ’30s in the US used stolen fully automatic Browning Automatic Rifles, winning every armed confrontation.

  • Michael Copeland

    Instructions for muslims against the kuffar:
    “Lay ambushes for them and go after them in every stratagem of war.”
    Koran 9:5
    As Allen West explains, “They’re doing exactly what this book says.”

  • Badger

    The police must shoot to kill in these situations, and keep shooting until the resistance is eliminated. And any survivors must be incarcerated for life.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ 2016

    Amazing how all,.. ALL of the lands of Islam are a blaze and now they track toward the West ?!!!
    How does anyone with commonsense, believe the Islamic violence will stay in Islamic lands ?!

  • Dave Mc

    We’ll be returning to Germany next Summer to visit relatives after 4 years of living in the US. We hear often from them how life has changed due to the invasion even in the small towns.

    Expecting to experience a lot of sadness during our stay.

  • great disconformity

    This entire phenomenon, both in Europe and soon in the USA, can be traced to the government dictating far-left ideology that is taught in schools. Native born white children in both Europe and the USA are being taught that their ancestors were the scum of the earth who lived lives of ease, and that all non-whites are oppressed heroes whose problems are entirely imposed upon them by white people.

    You reap what you sow.
    It is harvest time.

  • joe1429

    Heading to a city near u. Ten thousand Syrians just arrived, courtesy of odousche. Is there a chance that one is a isis sympathizer??

  • aebe

    Mortars . Homemade . If two Americans had been taken with such weaponry , they would probably never see sunlight again . France turns their murderers loose to do it again .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights……. Carry

  • John Boston

    We citizens have to turn against Islam. Islam means “submission”, and it intends to dominate the world. This true regardless of the lies of the politicians and leftist apologists. We the people need to stand against Islam! For our children, and their children, and our daughters’ daughters never to wear that hateful hijab, we must fight!
    I am glad there is open war between Muslims and Infidels in France, because at last the world will see the true face of Islam. Viiva Kafir!

  • Jace Curioso

    Sweden, France and, soon, Britain will be under the control of the Islamic cultists. Germany, that ever faithful demon of European self-destruction, has opened the floodgates and the takeover of Europe is well underway. It is only a matter of time before all of Europe is wiped clean of any Christian religion, as well as cultural and political history. As ISIS has shown over the past years, anything now Muslim will be destroyed, wiped from the face of the earth. This includes non-Muslims as well as geographic boundaries and Western law. I’m afraid the USA won’t be able to save Europe a third time in 100 years….we’re too busy keeping our own ducks in a row and working to eliminate all the supporters of Sharia from assuming political office in the USA. So long Europe, it was nice to know you.

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