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[ October 17, 2017 ]

Closing arguments set in Pamela Geller beheading plot trial

[ October 17, 2017 ]

If everything is generic non-Islamic “terrorism,” how do we talk about violent Islamic jihad?

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Videos and Photos: NY Muslims and Leftists protest Trump’s National Security Travel Ban (not Islamic...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Great Britain: MI5 Security Chief warns of ‘intense’ terror threat, Islamic ‘terror attacks are hatched...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Steve Bannon: Pamela Geller “one of the top world experts in radical Islam and Shariah...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

The Duplicity of Moderate Muslims

[ October 17, 2017 ]

“Moderate” Algerian Journalist: ‘Our Dispute With The Jews Is A Religious One’

[ October 17, 2017 ]

GRAPHIC Video: Muslim teen who deliberately mowed down sidewalk pedestrians GUILTY — vehicular jihad in...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

More victimhood propaganda: Muslim claims his wife won’t leave home alone because of “Trump’s anti-Muslim...

[ October 17, 2017 ]

Jihad in Togo: Several dead after imam who called for violence and murder arrested, victims...

Pamela Geller on ‘The Tomi Show’ Discussing Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton, Pay for Play Corruption Racket


Check out my segment last night with Tomi Lahren on The Blaze network.

Huma Abedin enabled Clinton Foundation donors to have special access to Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Including the crown prince of Bahrain. No wonder Obama’s policy while Clinton was Secretary of State was so pro-Islamic — Clinton was being paid by Muslims for access and was being advised by a Muslim Brotherhood operative – Huma. She worked there 12 years — the Clinton camp is saying her name was just there on the masthead but she didn’t work there. That’s silly — she wasn’t so famous that her name lent any weight to the publication — clearly she worked there.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • J Hall

    lies, lies, lies……..and Hilary will never be called on it!

    • Mark Steiner

      Apparently not for now. But God moves is a manner different from man, I trust he will show his deliberation in Hillary’s case any day now.

  • RCQ_92130

    FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FINALLY someone uses the word “treason” !!!!!!!!!!

    Huma Abedin got a TOP SECRET security clearance … HOW, EXACTLY ????

  • Bronish

    Every American needs to go watch Hillary’s America…..the truth has been buried alive way too long about the Party of Treason. Go see it! For those who also enjoy reading and thinking, Do Your Homework! Help unearth the truth so we can all see clearly.

    • Mark Steiner

      Very good advice – particularly the DO YOUR HOMEWORK one.

  • UNclegrizz

    What would be the point of allowing or bringing radical Islam to America or he West? I have been following Mrs Geller on facebook for sometime and really enjoy reading her articles. But I just can not get my head wrapped around the simple question of WHY? It doesn’t make any sense, not for our people, society, politics or nation. What does Hillary have to gain (other than the obvious Money). Is Hillary secretly Muslim? Is she somehow controlled by some Radical Muslim group. Does she think that if she gets into the Presidency that she won’t be impeached for things like this. HEr husband was impeached on a lot less than shes done. Again I just can’t figure out why she would want this.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      First, read the qur’an, and understand, try to understand that the islamic mindset is completely opposite to the Christian or atheist one. Then. understand megalomania as exhibited by hillary. Add arrogant control freak, then settle out the whole sordid mess. She is barking mad.

      • UNclegrizz

        I agree with you that she is crazy. And I can read all that but there are still 3 different powers in the United States that are used to get things done. Even if she wanted to or has agreed to change our way of life here in America if she gets appointed as President, Doesnt she understand that it would be very difficult for her to do so. She would have to get the Bill of rights ammended which takes almost an act of God to do. Then if you think that she will only be in office for a minimum of 4 years (if she doesn’t get impeached first) what does she have to gain from it. It just doesn’t make sense.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Look at the way the democrats ignore the constitution and favour islam, it has already been done, with very little serious opposition.

        • Mark Steiner

          Hillary reminds me of a Biblical account where king Ahab and Jezebel killed a man with a vineyard so Ahab could have it. Ahab didn’t do the job personally – Jezebel finished the vineyard owner off herself.

          One thing you must understand – there is no limit to the downward depravity of man. The sin nature of man manifests itself in many ways, some hidden, some public: Roman 3:10. Hillary has gone public. She believes she is above the law. But God has a final say in these matters. He has helpers that would fall on their swords to protect her – including Huma, the fool. Stay tuned.

      • joe1429

        Americas Merkel

        • Mahou Shoujo

          hillary would be every bit merkel’s equal, but with a bigger country to destroy.

          • joe1429


    • joe1429

      They will all vote dem. They all have ten kids each, with a few wives. Think about all the future dem voters. If trump does not win and reform the ted kennedy 1960s immig laws, the repub party will be irrelevant in 10 yrs, as far as the presidency is concerned. They are coming at us from all sides, betwwen the 30 mil latins here illigally, and all the trash we let in, we will soon be toast

  • hal8196

    It is disturbing that the Republican leaders are totally silent. Why are Ryan, McConnell, Graham, McCain not dropping the hammer on this corruption? Is our Republic in free fall? Something has to give, we cannot continue like this.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Stop and think about all the obscene criminality of the Hillary camp which carries no consequence for them and compare that to what would happen to you for so much as being remiss in paying a traffic ticket.


    Accountability there is none where Clinton is concerned. Clinton gets away with murder.

    The white house is run by Muslims but we are not a Muslim country. This is not Saudi Arabia it is the USA and lets keep it that way.

    I give Pamela Geller credit once again for being the only one with enough courage to talk about Huma’s and Clinton’s acts of treason.

    Clinton belongs in prison. She is so corrupt it boggles the mind and yet still not held accountable.


      The Obama administration is the most corrupt to ever occupy the white house.

      Pamela Geller does her homework how come no one else does? Not the media that’s for sure.

      Facts are a hard thing to ignore. The facts are not on Hillary and Huma’s side.

      Clinton needs to resign.


    Bahrain is one of the countries where Africans are enslaved according to father of racism Muhammad. There are African slaves in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania (20or25%, 50%? of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Niger, Somalia & elsewhere.

  • joe1429

    Love tomi. She is the ONLY one i watch from beck, because the rest are in the tank for hillary. Real nuts. Great interview pam

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