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WATCH VIDEO: Pamela Geller Speaks at “WAKE UP” Event Trump LGBT Event at #RNCinCLE


Here’s the video of my remarks at the Trump LGBT “Wake Up” event, or what Rolling Stone dubbed: “Inside RNC’s Hottest Ticket: The Big Gay Islamophobia Party,” bringing together “famous bigots.”

The enemedia has viciously attacked the event. Go here.

Village Voice (this one is really over the top):

Even after I’d passed through the press check-in, where the list ran six or seven pages; even after I’d passed through a security check and gotten in the elevator at the Wolstein Center in downtown Cleveland, there was still a part of me that was still sure that the Wake Up! party — billed as “the most fab party at the RNC” — was a hoax. The party invitation seemed absurd. The speaker list included legendary Muslim-basher Pamela Geller, Dutch politician and preeminent European hate-monger Geert Wilders, and gay-fascist provocateur fame-ball Milo Yiannopoulos.

Haters gonna hate. So much ugly, vicious press-

Inside Milo’s “gays for Trump,” virulently anti-Islam party at the RNC Salon18 hours ago

The event was a smash, sold out, with a wait list of over 200 people. We had over 500 people in the room at Cleveland State University.


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.05.24 AM

“Inside RNC’s Hottest Ticket: The Big Gay Islamophobia Party”

Packed event brings together famous bigots with the youngest, gayest members of Trump’s fan club

“A jihadi walks into a gay bar, and the bartender says, ‘What’ll you have?’ The jihadi says, ‘Shots for everyone!'” …is not the joke you expect to hear at a gay rights fundraiser one month after a very high-profile massacre at a gay club. And Pam Geller — organizer of last year’s infamous “Draw Mohammed” contest in Garland, Texas — isn’t the person you expect to be telling it. But it plays here Tuesday night, on the fourth floor of Cleveland State University’s Wolstein Center, at Wake Up!, the gay Islamophobia party.
It’s fitting that this is the hottest party of Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention. According to organizers GOProud and LGBTrump, the event sold out within 24 hours, and the waiting list was “several hundred” people deep. The line to get in is long, security’s tight, and there’s a thick gaggle of dudes hovering to one side of the entrance, hoping to get in.

“The left wants us to believe that this election is going to be about bathrooms or who is going to bake our wedding cake,” says Chris Barron, co-founder of LGBTrump. “LGBT people and our allies know that this is a question of life or death. We saw what happened in Orlando. We have a radical Islamic ideology out there that is dedicated to exterminating LGBT people all across the globe.

“I’ve been in the gay conservative movement for most of my adult life,” he says. “Let me tell you that Donald Trump is changing the Republican Party, and Donald Trump in changing the conservative movement, and he is making it more open and more accepting to LGBT people all across this country.”

Barron commends Trump’s hiring of gay staffers, and derides Hillary Clinton’s past support of the Defense of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In doing so, he gets at the theme of the evening: Once upon a time, Democrats had the gays’ backs, but now they’re too worried about being “politically correct” to keep America safe.

“The Democrats pay lip service, OK? And give out transgender bathrooms,” Geller says. “That is not gay rights in the 21st century. Gay rights in the 21st century is [about] the persecution, oppression, execution of gays living in Muslim countries under the sharia. That is gay rights.”

Wake-Up! is both a convention of trolls, and a troll of the convention wrapping up its second night just up the street. On the walls are rich inkjet portraits of malnourished-looking white teenage boys in “Make America Great Again” hats: the “Twinks for Trump.” Besides Geller — speaking in public for the first time since two would-be terrorists were shot to death outside her event in Garland — the headliners are world-famous bigot Geert Wilders and columnist Milo Yiannopoulos, a flashy British gay man probably best known as one of the chief instigators of GamerGate. Earlier in the day he’d been banned for life from Twitter for repeated harassment and abuse; most recently he’d sicced his 338,000 followers on Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

Wilders, the right-wing Dutch politician who may well end up the next prime minister of the Netherlands — Euro-Trump, basically — was on message: “First, we should acknowledge that Islam is the problem. No political correctness anymore,” he says. “No bullshit about ‘radical Islam.’

“Anywhere in the West, if you allow Islam to be planted on your soil, don’t be afraid that you will harvest sharia law, because Islam and sharia law [are] exactly the same,” he says.

But Yiannopoulos is the real reason most of the crowd (of which perhaps 40 percent are journalists) is here. In line, one such Milo fan, a kid wearing one of the ubiquitous Trump hats, is reminding a young blond woman that they’d met at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference — doesn’t she remember discussing a mutual acquaintance who told some girl online to go kill herself? “It was the way he told her to kill herself” that was so hilarious, he says.

Inside, Internet commenters in tank tops and more of those damn hats crowd the stage, whooping and hollering when Milo strides up. The crowd is mostly male, almost exclusively white, and very young. Older donor types are largely confined to the fifth floor, where VIPs are mingling at a more typical-seeming Republican cocktail party. Down here, there’s pulsing dance music, the lights are low. People are drinking beer and admiring the Trump comic books they’ve just purchased.

Yiannopoulos finally strides onstage, tan, platinum-haired, in a bulletproof vest that he tears away to reveal a tank top emblazoned with a rainbow Uzi and the words “We shoot back.” The audience goes wild. “I just got banned from Twitterrrrrr!” he trills. And all for “getting in a fight with a black Ghostbuster,” he says. “The fucking tertiary star of a fucking terrible feminist flop.”

He’s reveling in the timing of his suspension, coming just before he attends the most media-saturated political event of the year. He calls out media outlets he knows are the in room — Vox, Fusion, BuzzFeed, Gawker — bragging about his ability to manipulate them. He says he’ll use those powers to harass and bully Twitter at the RNC, much as he harassed Jones on Twitter, before pivoting back to his larger point: the left’s stranglehold on the media.

“You have done nothing for gays. While you were busy hectoring and bullying and nannying us about transgender pronouns, you completely forgot that politicians in this country were welcoming in a religion that wants us dead,” Yiannopoulos says.

“This is the hottest party of the Republican National Convention. It is the party everybody wanted to get in. It is the party everyone wanted to be at. And why? Because this is the group that is going to take the power back,” he says. “This is the group that is going to turn ’round to the left and say, You don’t own us anymore. Sorry honey.”

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Wolfgang Stahl


  • gfmucci

    The ultimate “anti-political correctness” party.

    • Joy Daniels Brower

      OMG. That was such an awesome line in his acceptance speech!! (Yes, I watched it all on TV at the time!) Goldwater was the gold standard – and he was the one who picked up after Robert Taft to help launch the modern Conservative movement (which, of course, picked up REAL steam with Reagan).

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Reality is, democrats are allied with islam to force submission of America, the fool democrats do not realize that islam will then force them to submit. The gay and other minorities would do well to realize that democrats aspire to be your masters.

    • Gringo_Cracker

      Leftists and Islamists agree, “The enemy of my enemy [Western civilization] is my friend.” Only the Islamists are thinking, “. . . for now.”

      • Mahou Shoujo

        democrats, socialists and fools think they can use islam to advance their insane view of government and society. They will find that wen islam is done with them, as they are in western europe, they will be killed rather than kept. Tabari 9:69 “Killing Unbelievers is a small matter to us” The words of Muhammad, prophet of Islam.

    • BigGaySteve

      Leftists and moslems give the same 3 choices.
      1. Die
      2. convert
      3 pay high taxes/jizya

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It is time to stop fooling around with islam, it is trying to kill us. Best kill them back, first.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The “rolling stone” have rolled a few too many, they are now the poster children of how too much of a good thing makes some people stupid.

  • G P

    Wonderful Pam as always.

    I hope the LGBT will not close their ears to you – their lives depend on hearing and acting on your message.

    • BigGaySteve

      The Soros paid cheerleaders are saying are saying more Christians are terr orists than moslems

      • Mahou Shoujo

        When the lies get that blatant, the liars have lost.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The Ghostbuster flick is reportedly playing to mostly empty theaters a trend I hope to see for all Hollywood drek.
    I’m not surprised the usual character assassination was employed by the left legged “reporter” against Mrs. Geller and Geert Wilders. Funny how he didn’t mention the fact Geert Wilders and his entire family must have 24-hour armed security in the Netherlands because muslums want to kill him.

    • BigGaySteve

      Lesbians are going crazy that it is doing bad.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I don’t know if Mrs. Geller mentioned this in one of her pieces, but I think the Democracks have already thrown the LGBT community under the bus. They don’t need the LGBT community anymore as they’re firmly fixated on importing muslums as their new Democracktic voting base.

    • Mark Steiner

      Has anyone posting here revealed – or at least estimated – the percentage of the LGBT community supports the efforts of Ms. Geller, versus those who stubbornly ascribe to left-wing progressive democrats and their allies, the ACLU, and on and on … could be an important revelation.

      • BigGaySteve

        Pink Pistols went from 1500 to over 7000 the week after Pulse but the majority of gays and almost all lesbians go by the talking points Soros paid gatekeepers/cheerleaders put out.

        • Mark Steiner

          Thanks for the reply – do you think it wold be accurate to say that Pink Pistols are only a small minority , say 5%, whereas the Soros gatekeepers are the rest? No survey here – just a matter of interest.

          • BigGaySteve

            The problem is Soros cheerleaders/gatekeepers have that as their paid day job. Another problem is there are “bug chasers” who get HIV on purpose so they can collect social security disability and lay about or be activist all day at taxpayers expense. The Victim narrative has been pushed hard, and the only people opposing the narrative are doing it on their free time while their taxes support the other side.

          • BigGaySteve

            There is but there are not that many of us. There are a few leftist gays since PULSE that are saying moslems are as bad as Christians, which is an improvement.
            When I sent people the video of Obama telling black clergy he would oppose gay marriage the week before the 2012 election, they mostly said “stupid xtians”

    • Mike Knox

      I feel that the term “LGBTQ Community” is in itself Politically Correct.
      What “community” are you talking about? Each PERSON has their own
      opinions and if that PERSON wants to vote for Trump that’s fine but the
      “Community” is overwhelmingly Liberal -Leftist and support the Democrats
      & thus support Islam.

      • BigGaySteve

        When I had a travel job I couldn’t help but notice there was always some old lesbian whose job it was to maintain the narrative in the GLBT communit everywhere I went.. Its actually a job they get paid for. If you want to piss off lesbians put the G first and if they complain tell them that’s how gays you know spell it.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    How tall is Geert Wilders? 7′ something?

    • ColonelNeville

      Apparently eight miles and rising. Read Geert’s great and insightful yet terrifying empirical book ‘Marked For Death’,

  • Dave Mc

    Finely organized, energetic and clear talk. Well done!

  • barb

    So good to see Pamela speaking at the RNC!
    Right on, Pamela: “You gotta love Trump!”

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Wow! Der Sturmer lives.

  • Yay Bubbles

    gross I hate twinks. how about gym rats for trump?

    • BigGaySteve

      Check out gaypatriot

      • Yay Bubbles

        thanks I’ll check it, just as soon as I shake this stalker chick.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Note the phrasing in this heavily prejudicial article where the author points out that the distinguishing characteristic of the cartoon contest is that two would-be terrorists were shot by the cops, not that they were bent on mass murder.

    • BigGaySteve

      They didndu nutting.

  • PamForPresident-after Don

    Proud of your work Pam, you (and Geert, et al) are doing stunning work.
    I’ve lost friends and relationships because they thought I was politically incorrect.
    It good to see the tide is turning and the ‘left’ is loosing it’s grip.
    Sorry I’ve lost so much waiting for the world to wake up. Maybe one day my former friends will seek me out and apologize, but I doubt it.
    Go Pam, you really inspire me – and I will not forget that you were the target of a massacre attempt – it’s just brilliant what you do.
    (It’s the only reason I tolerate the stupid ads and pop ups on your website, any other site that tried to hit me with so much spam I would avoid like the proverbial).

  • wildjew

    The Republican party platform (no thanks to George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney) is now pro-Israel many thanks South Carolina delegate Rep. Alan Clemmons who presented it to the platform writing committee.

    (Clemmons: “The false notion that Jewish state is an occupier, is an anti-Semitic attack on Israel’s legitimacy. It is impossible for the Jew to be an occupier in his own ancestral homeland, a region that has been known as Judea since time immemorial. The platform we present today places our support behind Israel’s sovereign right to decide Israel’s future with God’s help….”)

    If Donald Trump embraces our 2016 national party platform on Israel — no Muslim-enemy state in Israel’s heartland, no 2 state solution, Jerusalem as Israel undivided capital (he will move the U.S. ambassador to Jerusalem), Israel does NOT occupy Muslim land as Bush and Obama have said she does — then Trump will warrant the support of pro-Israel Republicans.

    • Mark Steiner

      Israel has never occupied Muslim land. Islam and other world powers as far back as Egypt, Philistia and Assyria have occupied land God promised the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is a huge territory, not the little sliver of land in dispute on the eastern Mediterranean shore and generally west of the Jordan River:Genesis 15:18.

      Even in the days of kings David and Solomon was much of this territory occupied by the descendants of Israel.

  • Nice speech and straight to the real points, about the religion, of “peace”.

  • 4True

    Ms Geller is way off assuming radical Islam hates homsoexuality. They are woman haters in EVERY way. They have a long tradition from Mohammed of tranvestism, and homsexual behaviour, particularly with little boys. It is endemic.

    • BigGaySteve

      Moslems can rape boys with no body hair preferably infidels under bacha bazi. But if you say you love another adult man they will behead you.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        With all the things that need to be looked at, why does anyone care what anyone else does for recreational sex?

  • joe1429

    Beauty and Brains. Pam got both!!

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