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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Democrat’s Office Approved $120k Missing Equipment Write-off Linked To Muslim Spy Ring

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Why are those concerned with slavery anti-Trump but pro-Islam?

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO/Photos: Smiling axe-wielding jihadi stabs 8 people in supermarket in Russia

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Raw Story throws a fit after PayPal reinstates Pamela Geller’s AFDI

[ August 22, 2017 ]

VIDEO and PHOTOS: “Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer” Protest in NYC – Part...

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Hizballah condemns Barcelona attack, saying it “harms the image of jihad”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Virginia Muslim pleads guilty: helped buy rocket-propelled grenade for ISIS

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Trump’s Afghanistan speech: mentioned “terrorists” 16 times but for 1st time left out word “Islamic”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Alliance Between the Left and Islam Cemented by Lenin and Hitler

[ August 22, 2017 ]

BBC Asks Twitter Followers If Criticism of Muslim Child Sex Gangs Is ‘Racist’

VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Ezra Levant, Rebel Media


Check out my interview with the supreme Ezra Levant on Rebel Media discussing our lawsuit against Attorney General Loretta Lynch. AFDI Sues Over Facebook, Twitter Censorship and Discrimination

Pamela Geller: “The federal govt authorizes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to censor ‘anti-Islamic’ speech — It’s sharia”

  • Libertybells

    I was so excited to click this and see two of my favorite people come face to face, but how bitter sweet because that was enraging that was to hear!! Social media is getting so out of control with the crack down on thought crimes. As for Fakebook, I suggest to anyone who is interested, check out some of the muslim groups that are on there and just see the hate and animosity they post about us infidels(and I refer to us as infidels with pride btw). They are given free range to incite hate and even aggression against the rest of us, but if any of us were to post well vetted facts than we are immediately shut down and condemned, and it is not just administration, it is just regular users too who have had their brains washed with that terrible sickness we know as Cultural Marxism. I think Mark Zukerberg is a very dangerous man, FB is the biggest platform for global communication and he has complete control of the narrative. Anything posted on their that dissents from his own twisted views is taken down. Only outlets like The Salon, CBC, MSNBC etc etc will be tolerated. It is pure evil.

  • I have deleted facebook . I will not use it until they change their policy.

  • Libertybells

    Oh..and another observation I want to add is Yahoo News, I have always posted there. I liked the voting system there because it really gave a sense of what the general consensus was. If somebody leaves a comment that is anti islam they could get maybe 50 upvotes and 3 downvotes. I liked the fact that no matter how the media would spin it, you knew how the people truly felt. Well now for the last few months Yahoo has been manipulating the votes, you try to upvote a comment that is not in favor of islam, and the vote does not activate..frustrated I tried upvoting pro islam comments to see what would happen and low and behold, they got that vote. Also there has been proof that Yahoo has been editing and changing peoples comments and as for myself, they wont even let me post there anymore. I know it might not sound like a big deal because its just Yahoo…but trust me it is because Yahoo was one of the few msm sites that did not interfere with freedom of speech, most other msm outlets do not tolerate anything that is more on the right side of the political spectrum. And it is important that we have the right to post in those msm sites because those are the sites that the general population go to get further indoctrinated. Those people only hear the story that they are supposed to and are shielded from the actual facts. I like posting on sites such as this, I count my lucky stars that Atlas Shrugs and similar sites are still allowed to exist..but in sites like this, the users are pretty much on the same page, we are all preaching to the would just be nice to have the opportunity to spread the truth to those still in the matrix. I know for a fact that many people who are not in the know are open to learning the truth, I meet people like that all the time. But those who control the internet control the information.

  • Larry in Arabia

    I am admin on the Facebook page To Hell With Political Correctness. which was banned by Facebook on 6 July. Despite repeated 30 day bans imposed by Facebook it had 88,000 followers with a reach of 4.5 million+ and a weekly engagement of 450,000+, the vast majority of followers in the UK, but with 6,000 in North America.

    THWPC attempted to act as an honest news aggregator focusing on PC culture and the relentless Islamization of Western societies – we have posted numerous articles with links to Pam Geller.

    Let me make this clear – not a single post on THWPC has ever encouraged violence nor any form of lawbreaking. the final ban, resulting in our page being closed down, was due to our posting an article by Ann Coulter! Facebook accused the page of breaking their ‘Community Standards’ – a nice warm term but censorious in reality.

    We thank Pam Geller for all she’s doing. She is a brave lady and making a positive difference. We had believed we were fighting with her, but now Facebook has cut our legs from under us. We feel depressed over what has happened. If anyone has any advice based on past experience we would love to hear it.

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    • Catti

      I am an active member of Pegida Canada. I have marched with them on the streets along with other allied groups such as Jewish Defence League. Despite the fact that there are fewer than 40 in our group, and only a small subset of those actually get their boots on the ground, we are the Canadian media’s scapegoats. Whenever Islam stages another hate crime, we are blamed for it. We’re called every Lieberal name in the book from Nazis to “right wing radicals” to white supremacists (despite the fact that we have black and Muslim members).

      We have a public Facebook page which is taken down several times every month. We’re taken down via complaints from paid leftist agitators from groups which are paid off by Zuckerman. Most attacks are by Antifa, which is also financed by George Soros. They create fake profiles to spy on and troll pages like ours. A frequent tactic is for one of them to make violent posts on our page, then log in as a different user and file a complaint. Another tactic is simple trolling: making provocative and false statements to annoy others, who are then goaded into posting threats or violence – then we’re taken down. If FB isn’t banning our page, they’re “jailing” our members. I was “jailed” for 2 days for jokingly suggesting that “refugees” should consider using their Korans as toilet paper instead of raiding food banks. I guess I offended them because they don’t even USE toilet paper!

      Antifa once infiltrated our private event planning page, then showed up at the event (a quiet and peaceful march) to threaten and harass us. Afterwards they contacted the local media and politicians and told violent fairy stories about us. Some members were investigated by police as a result. Needless to say we refused all media interview requests. As punishment, they published an article claiming we had committed a hate-based assault against a Muslim, 3 hours drive away! It was an assault that was actually committed by another Muslim.

      What we have learned:
      – Every member of our group has a backup Facebook profile to use if our main profile is banned. We notify admins of the groups we belong to about our backup profile.
      – Set up a group page on an alternative social media network. We use MeWe but there are others. We fully expect to be permanently banned from Facebook eventually, so we want another network to fall back on.
      – Don’t use Public pages. They are havens for leftist spies and agitators to cause trouble and discredit your group. Set up Closed pages instead and screen prospective members. The extra traffic on a Public page just isn’t worth the aggravation, shutdowns and destruction of your reputation
      – If posters complain of a troll or agitator on the page, take it seriously and ban the troll immediately. Don’t let them hang around causing trouble. Be vigilant – as soon as they’re banned, these trolls will immediately request entry to your group using another profile. Many use several profiles at a time to spy and harass.
      – never discuss event planning on a public page! You may find Antifa waiting at your next event. Use a Private page instead.
      – Screen all page members closely. Delete any that don’t post or participate in group activities – the inactive ones are spies. Do regular purges to weed out these spies and moles
      – Monitor members who make a lot of extreme, violent or radical suggestions. They are often spies trying to discredit the group

      • jimmy

        my advice to you is to just get off facebook and delete all your profiles and that advice goes to all freedom loving people. they’re censoring you anyway so it’s not like you’re getting a fair shake plus they can actually access your camera and external speakers and listen and watch you if they wanted to and since they’ve shown you attention by suspending your account I wouldn’t be surprised if they haven’t already tuned in to your personal life before. but if I’m not mistaken I think the only way they can access your camera and speakers is if you’re using the official facebook app, but still in all I don’t see any reason to be on facebook that’s run by a leftist.

  • Save Europe

    I’d dearly love to see a convention/panel discussing Islam featuring Pamela, Geert Wilders, Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, Stefan Molyneux, Soren and Ingrid from the Gatestone Institute, Kassem from Breitbart, Black Pigeon Speaks, and Daniel from Frontpage. That would be a hell of a line up featuring informed, knowledgable people.

    • G P

      Personally I’d leave Stefan out as he makes comments that verge on misogyny.

      • Save Europe

        One could always tell Steff – no comments on women today, please dude!!! Just stick to critiquing Islam, (but I know what you mean).

  • joe1429

    I seen pam speak live, during the ground zero mosque demonstrations, yrs ago. She is even a better speaker, in person. Keep up the good work, pam

  • Drew the Infidel

    It is interesting to note that in the early stages of the attempted coup in Turkey one of the early reactions of the government was the reported closing down of Fakebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

  • Mal M

    I’d like to see the day when FB will be punished by court and have to pay huge sum of compensation money for their disgusting behavior.

  • Without freedom of speech there is no freedom! Americans who value their freedom should be extremely alarmed that Facebook Yahoo Twitter and YouTube engage in Obama’s government sponsored CENSORSHIP. From the day he was elected Barack Hussein Obama has acted to limit our freedom of speech through political correctness and sharia compliant scrubbing of any criticism of Islam. He is a dangerous man.

  • Any One

    Its funny how people have voted in a president who hates the constitution and constantly wipes his arse with it, and soon it looks like we will have another @ least 4++ years of the same from that lyar hillary…

  • Steve

    This type of reporting lends creedence to the silent conspiracy theory engaged in by wastebook and others that promote their political agenda over the rights of the people to push political agendas. Its a sad state of affairs but it does lend evidence to the reality of the biased media and ultimately its good for drawing attention to the inappropriate activities. It will save time for those who thought wastebook had value.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s so nice to see interviews w/Mrs. Geller that don’t resemble interrogations. Thanks Mrs. Geller and Mr. Levant!

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