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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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JIHAD in Germany: Muslim ‘refugee’ hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete, attacks others before hero driver runs him over


“Almost one year after Muslim “refugee” hacks PREGNANT women to death with machete, Merkel’s mass Muslim immigration continues in Germany”.   Merkel is bringing in hundreds of thousands more under the “family reunification” rules.

Syrian refugee, 21, hacks PREGNANT woman to death with machete and injures two others before hero BMW driver runs him over in yet another attack in Germany

  • Syrian refugee, aged 21, went on a machete rampage in the city Reutlingen, Germany near to a doner kebab stand
  • He killed one woman and injured a man and another woman in the attack before being detained by the police
  • The motive for the attack is unclear but it has been reported he had a dispute with the woman before he killed her

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline, 25 July 2016:

A Syrian refugee wielding a machete has killed a pregnant woman and injured a man and another woman in Germany before being arrested by police after he was run over by a man driving a BMW.

The attack happened in the south western city of Reutlingen near a doner kebab stand in a bus station at Listplatz Square in what has been described as a ‘crime of passion’.

German media have been reporting that the motive for the attack in the city south of Stuttgart was unclear but the attacker and the 45-year-old Polish victim both worked at the same snack bar.

Police arrest a man who is believed to have gone on a machete rampage killing a woman in the German city of Reutlingen

The man had his hands bound behind his back and was pinned down on the floor after being detained by officers following the attack

Pictures from the scene appear to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face and his weapon lying on the ground

The attack happened in the south western city of Reutlingen near a doner kebab stand in a bus station at Listplatz Square. German media have been reporting that the motive for the attack in the city south of Stuttgart was unclear

Police mark out the area where the attacker dropped the machete which he used to murder a pregnant woman and injure two others

Pictures from the scene appear to show the knifeman lying on the ground with blood on his face after being apprehended.

Armed police officers can be seen pinning him down to the ground before binding his hands behind his back.

Meanwhile, footage filmed by passers-by also showed the bearded attacker in the moments following the rampage running around in the street while people scream ‘oh my god’.

He also banged on the windows of a Citroen car in which a 51-year-old woman suffered cuts to her arms and a 41-year-old man went into shock.

The attacker also injured a 23-year-old man by slashing his face.

It is believed a man passing the incident in a BMW car ran over the man, knocking him to the ground, before he was detained by police.

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  • Crappy bmw’s…don’t they have Reverse??!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That option is only available on french made cars.

      • Of course, the direction the french Prefer!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          French cars are the only vehicles with overdrive on reverse.

      • pepie

        French cars come in white (like the flag) others are ordered

  • Jason Bergkamp

    >24 July 2016

  • Frank

    Expect the driver to be investigated for Islamaphobia and hate crimes.

    • gia

      I thought the same thing!

    • az

      No time, the sharia police is now official, and will behead him with full approval of merkel’s dictatorship.

  • Mitch Dineen

    send the murderer to Canada and Jihad Justin Trudeau can give him 10.5 million dollars too.

    • az

      No, make that 10.6. Merkel is competing with TURDeau to find out who’s the better muslim slave.

  • Billy Ray

    let me guess, the evil right wing driver will get sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder and the muslim will be hired to teach classes on how we should all embrace the islamic culture and be more aware of its diversity

    • JamalSalam

      Don’t you mean ‘the evil WHITE right wing driver’?

    • pepie

      in 7-9 grade school

  • Billy Ray

    41-year-old man went into shock – you mean a beta mangina. worthless german men

  • DancerTiffy

    Yeah. And think most of us know what happens now: The “hero” who ran the guy over will be charged with a hate crime.
    That’s the way it usually goes.

  • Dan Knight

    Story here is just a reminder that the Leftists continue to flood Germany with Muslims – long after they were warned.

    We are just days from the first annual anniversary of this crime. And still the Muslims flow.

  • Stefanie Daniella

    no thanks to evil lethality of muhammadans
    everyone now must be mentally and physically prepared to defend oneself with exact military expediency with “extreme prejudice” to ensure 100% perfect self-defense of the highest order (nothing less than “stop-dead-forever” every muhammadan “twitch”)

    if you think this is “excessive” or “unjustified”
    think again about the fact letting in unvetted suicidal genocidal lethality of muhammadans is treated as merely embracing interesting “cultural colorfulness”

    • Michael Buley

      Agree absolutely: shoot to kill, nothing less. And repeatedly until dead.

      Germany / England / France leaders knew precisely who they were, and are, letting in. So did Obama, Hillary, Bush, etc. They know. This is anything but a surprise.

      Be ready. Carry at all times.

      • mothman777

        Exactly, what the hell are our mentally retarded ‘leaders’ letting those morons into our countries for? The Koran states specifically that it is forbidden for Muslims to make friends with non-Muslims, also, the Koran explicitly states that after this life, all non-Muslims will be burned alive forever, unceasingly, whilst being beaten with iron rods and having boiling water forced down their throats, how about THAT for all ETERNITY.

        Muslim people are tapped, simple as that, mental defectives, and should be kept well away from our shores, and the Koran is committed to world domination by Muslims, Our politicians must be voted out of office by more savvy voters. Forging any ‘society’ with ANY Muslims is a literal impossibility, therefore they should be banned from ever getting permanent citizenship in our countries, and the rest should all be deported, with only temporary visas ever being allowed in future for trade delegates, maybe medical students and so on, tourists and embassy officials. These politicians are not merely trying to outdo each other to appear more PC than all the rest, they are pursuing a deliberate policy of social destruction and dysgenic harm to the genome of our peoples, and a huge proportion of these Muslim people have been intermarrying with their first cousins for many generations, with 5% of children born to such ill-thought out unions born either blind or deaf, and that is just the start of their generic problems, with their often funny-shaped heads and bodies.This is the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan in action, first they got other Gentile white countries to whack the Germans, now they whack us too. Check out the 1991 Noahide Laws
        Bill Dannemeyer
        U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992

        The people behind these laws, the Chabad Lubavitchers, who control Trump and Putin, are whacking the Christians by using Muslims as proxy soldiers right now, they are not even waiting for the Noahide Laws to be put on statute in every country of the world as they aggressively intend as sufficient chaos is necessary to provide an overwhelming blanket of horror stories in the media, behind which they can operate to create even more chaos. If the Noahide Laws in the US were to be effected now, the game would be up, and no other country would have them, so until most of the world is behind this one world Talmudic government based in Jerusalem thing, and the Noahide Laws are securely implanted into the law of every country, they will not effect them, then they will strike with unbelievable fury, much worse than after 1917 with the Bolshevik red ‘revolution’ (miliary takeover by chosenites), when 66 million Christians were savagely, ritually mutilated and tortured to death. The Noahide Laws are the same thing coming again.

        • JamalSalam

          Our mentally retarded leaders are elected by the mentally retarded electorate.

          • NorthEastNews

            Exactly! If the Germans vote in Merkel or somebody like her in the next election, it will prove the German people are brain dead.

          • Floda

            The trouble is there is no choice, it’s between Martin Schultz or Merkel, what choice is that? The AFD gets hounded by the left, they have a meeting is a cafe and the shop gets trashed by masked thugs and the police do nothing! The only thing the Germans could do now is begin murdering their hostile elites, shoot the bastards! Do it just as the Hungarians did back in 1956, that will work.

          • pepie

            Rothschild lead to there end by theses bankers look at greece,Italy, spain,belgium and france(Merkel,marcrom()bankers pets.

        • Michael Buley

          Thanks for this comment, mothman. I’m familiar with Kalergi, had heard of the Noahide law, but have not researched it. Will do that now. I learn vast amounts from the comments that follow the articles. You have a deep knowledge of history, much more than my own. I will keep learning. Thank you, my friend.

          • mothman777

            Thanks.The genetic defects such as blindness and deafness in 5% of all offspring to consanguineous marriages are just the tip of the iceberg.

            The combined genetic defect rate in these unfortunates is a staggering 20% altogether, looking at all their various problems taken together, and the malevolent insertion of these very damaged peoples by our heavily infiltrated @@@@@ first politicians into our societies that is intended to merge with our white genome is nothing more than a biological atomic bomb weapon. It will be the end of the white race, exactly as the chosenites have predicated they will accomplish in just one generation, unless we elect politicians capable of stopping this madness..

          • Michael Buley

            mothman, thanks for the note on inbreeding. I did not realize it is as extensive and severe as it is. Reading on it right now on a couple of sites. Disturbing, the say the least.

            do you have any particular sites you recommend? thanks again.

          • mothman777

            Hi again, I read all over the net, whatever headlines catch my eye, YouTube fascinates me with endless new angles and insights on many subjects, I read Jeff Rense a lot, where I found this article, but I also read Tomato bubble dot com that some may not like, and CODOH.

            I am not a follower of any of the Abrahamic religions by the way, just being open with you there. Personally, I think that any religion that sends all others to hell for all eternity is mindlessly sadistic and is not a spiritual movement at all, but merely a demonic one (the Abrahamic religions are all predicted in the Hindu Bhavishya Purana prophetic scripture, with religions like Islam, Judaism, Christianity etc. being introduced to quicken the pace in this Kali Yuga, to chastise those who are themselves falling spiritually, yet conceited in their arrogance, like some of the Hindus who began to abuse vedic rituals and started to use them to kill creatures and eat meat inappropriately, and abuse the caste system, by imprisoning peoples in one caste all their lives, when the original and true vedic caste system was actually benevolent and protective, ensuring that only genuinely spiritual people attained to senior positions (most political leaders today are in reality only of the mentality of criminal slaughterhouse managers, or inmates of mental asylums), and allowed people complete mobility throughout all the castes even in one lifetime in accordance with their changing abilities and qualities. I aspire to be a sincere follower of Krishna, so I am attempting to become Vaishnava by faith.

            I don’t know where your spiritual aspirations lie, so I don’t mean to offend you if you follow any of the Abrahamic religions (demonic actually means those who follow that which is not actually God), but in the Vaishnava belief system there is no eternal hell, and every soul, even an ant or microbe soul, is an expansion of the Supreme Lord, there are no souls from hell that have to go back there as the Chabad sect believes there are, and after this life, after completing the cycle of material reincarnation, the Vaishnava belief system accepts that all souls, even those of all the Abrahamic sects, reattain to spiritual bliss equal to that of the Lord God Himself when they reenter their natural, beginingless,eternal devotional relationships with God and all other souls on the eternal transcendental spiritual plane, also sharing most of His powers and opulences, but not a single soul is ever cut off from God or the spiritual plane for all eternity. That is where I am coming from basically, and I say this as I did not want to introduce you merely to some seemingly mundane political platform by recommending some site to you, the spiritual stuff is the foundation for me.

            Having said that, I believe in eugenics, with no nastiness to it, to preserve the individual races without the Marxist Coudenhove Kalergi enforced racial interbreeding program, actually supporting other races in all other nations to do just the same in a federation of free, interrelated nations and peoples cooperating to encourage the production of better bodily vehicles and more compassionate spiritual cultures and social systems for the benefit of souls in all races, as the conscious living entity is the eternal soul, not the body, and I believe in non-usurious economies, fair trade, commodities traded for other commodities at genuine equal value, with no exploitation of other nations, races or peoples, with no usury, no fractional reserve banking, etc etc., a lot utopian, but in no way dystopian.

            Thanks again for your reply.

      • pepie

        don’t forget jarrett,kerry, and Biden ,they all new too

  • Rastus

    And Merkel is ahead in the polls. The German people deserve exactly what they are getting. Enjoy your rich multiculturalism.

  • Michael Buley

    The motive is always ‘unclear’ … May I avoid any areas where there are Muslims, and should I be in such an area, I always carry, and will be sure it’s chambered, and my hand is on it.

    German men: what happened to you?

  • Dudley Twimp

    Every crime committed in the West is committed by someone with a team of state provided lawyers prepared to sue into poverty and prison anyone who harms a criminal during commission of a crime.
    It is called living in a progressive society.

  • Defiant

    And Merkel will just open the doors to admit 1,000 more or 1,000,000,000 more or however many want to swamp Germany. No questions asked. It’s insanity. Simply insanity.

    • billdeserthills

      It’s what george soros ordered & few even bother to realize that all the other globalists are just his lil’ friends. He even caused the English and Australians to lose their gun rights, and he’s devalued many countries currency’s, but nobody seems to notice or mind

  • batu

    It is preety clear what is happening. The German government hate the German People. Why else did merkle invite all those that practice a religion of peace to Germany..

  • batu

    The German state support the invaders by feeding them, housing them, free medical care, etc. The invaders hate infidels.

  • batu

    Someone should tell the Pope, another Christian has been murdered by a moslem. As if he cares.

  • Wayne Scott

    Stop the bombing in the middle east and send all the refugees to Israel.

    • Arnold Baron

      And send U back to your embryonic love, the musselmans.

  • Hyde

    For punishment, they are going to make him get a job…

  • Sir Baby De Porky

    .Having fun yet ?!?

    Keep shipping these sleazebags in !!!

  • GunzRloaded

    This will all come to an end when the King of Kings returns…..!!!
    In the meanwhile strap on some Glock’s and protect your right to life,and protect your good neighbors.Evil then will be brought down…!!!! Stand firm,and have situational awareness…!!

    • pepie

      I don’t know whats rite or not but this iron (Nibiru) coming could end life but GOD did put up the fernment of water to pr

  • stormywindmill .

    Why is German manhood standing pathetically by when their country is being successfully invaded . I was enraged when I saw film of the Cologne New years eve rampage by the “Untermensch ” I’m haunted by the sight of the young woman being carried by the savages to an underpass where she was mass raped by those savages . I wish I could have been there with my Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun . DEUTSCHLAND ERHWACH !

    • C Michaels

      The same reason the American male is doing nothing about the 30,000 per year rapes of white women by the untermensch.

      • pepie

        YEA but we can’t do that because we know better they can and will as they don’t. get it

    • pepie

      guns kill, knifes and dicks(well) don’t, well i mean they have rites so leave them alone. we need scum killers rapers and thugs in those countrys. hahah

  • batu

    Just about 100 years, Europe has been lily white with no problems. The moslems hate the Christians but want to live in White Christian nations. They come to dominate.

  • C Michaels

    Shoot these vermin on site. Who’s know which ones are crazed. Don’t take a chance.

  • pepie

    nothing for the woman just lock up the driver for hate crimes??get him a metal and at least 100 dollars

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