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[ October 21, 2017 ]

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Muslim Couple ARRESTED in Nice Jihad Attack, Six Now in Custody


“Albanian” — code for Muslim. File it under, “Asian,” “immigrant,” “refugee,” “migrant,” “Immigrant youth,” “Moroccan,” “Tunisian,” etc. — it’s all media sharia-speak for Muslim.

Lone wolf, my eye. There are no lone wolves in the global jihad. Every jihadi is a soldier in the global jihad army.

“2 arrested in connection with Nice attack,” CNN, July 17, 2016:

Nice, France (CNN)French authorities arrested an Albanian couple Sunday in connection with the Nice terror attacks that killed 84 people last week, the Paris prosecutor’s office spokeswoman told CNN.
Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, 31, drove a 20-ton truck through hundreds gathered to watch the Bastille Day fireworks Thursday night on the Mediterranean city’s waterfront.


Agnes Thibault Lecuivre, a spokeswoman for the anti-terrorism prosecutor, did not provide details on the couple’s connection to the terror attack.
French authorities said six people are in custody in connection with the attacks. Bouhlel’s estranged wife was arrested at her apartment Friday and released Sunday morning without charge, her attorney, Jean-Yves Garino, told CNN. Garino said the woman, the mother of Bouhlel’s three children, had not been in contact with the attacker since they were in the middle of divorce proceedings.
Bouhlel was shot to death by police after he barreled down the crowded Promenade des Anglais for almost a mile, crushing and hitting people who had gathered to watch fireworks. More than 200 people were injured.
Authorities identified him by fingerprints after his identification card was found in the truck.

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  • J Ian

    We seriously have to start shutting down mosques. Egypt closed 80 mosques, to save their country, why can’t the United States, and every EU country start closing mosques?? This is a world war.

    • Cuda

      First Egypt is not a democracy so they can clamp down where needed with out PC feelings and personal space getting violated, second our potus is part of the problem supporting isis and third the EU is actually worse than here in the US and ready to fall

    • Phred Thesled

      The White House munkey, Islama, is a mooslum. It is bringing these savages here by the tens of thousands. If Trump doesn’t win the next election, this country will continue to deteriorate until it becomes another Somalia

    • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

      in the 1990’s we gave ‘political asylum’ to Egyptians who were TOO MUSLIM FOR EGYPT. Just think about that for a moment.

    • joe1429

      Because we have a liberal muslum president

      • Jacob Peters

        Do you think your hero Trump will have the stones to do different?

        • joe1429

          Nobody could do WORSE than your friend in the white mosque

        • Rachel

          without a doubt. Trump’s not an Islamo-Marxist like Barry. And Trump’s not on the Muslim Brotherhood’s payroll like Killary.

    • shirley versace

      why can’t we ban them…just as Saudi bans the building of churches. It is the Saudi’s that are financing most of this.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It’s a toss-up as to whether or not the Islamic Repugnant of Iran or Soddy Barbaria is the biggest sponsor/financier of worldwide islamic terrorism.

        • Rachel

          If it’s a contest, they’re both winning. The West is losing.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            LOL, good point.

    • berserker

      Japan has complete surveillance of its few mosques. The muslims in Japan predictably brought a discrimination case before the Supreme Court. The Court dismissed it without a second thought.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The muslums in JP also received $750,000 in compensation.

  • Hugh Lunn

    A lone wolf killer truck driver, 2 lone wolf Albanians acting out as a “couple”, and four other lone wolves, all with mental problems. Apparently all are Scientologists. Not to leave out the possessed truck that just happened to go on a rampage.

    • Rachel

      LOL…that’s certainly what MSM would have us believe. Never conflate a Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar while committing mass murder with terrorism. They’re just “depressed” victims of society, dontchaknow.

  • SRN99

    Here are some more acronyms for Muslims

  • Steve Brown


  • Duck

    Never trust a muslim….in business or socially. They are all susceptible to “sudden jihad syndrome”.

    • Michael Copeland

      “spontaneous volatile extremist”, if you please.
      The subject has to be kept abstract or you are a racist.
      See “Jihadic Violence and Police Newspeak” at Liberty GB:

      • Duck

        Thanks for the link…your point is well made. islam however is not a race so the claim of racism is bogus. I’m sure you will agree that islam is an ideology such as nazism or communism, but masquerading as a religion.

        islam is a cancer in western societies and I support the closing of mosques and the closing of borders to all muslims. The question is how to eliminate or cure the cancer now among us.

        • Jacob Peters

          Islam is not a race. But when you profile people on the basis of brown skin, it is racism. And it does not work as most brown people we encounter in the West are Hindus and Sikhs and a lot of Muslims are White.

          • Drew the Infidel

            I wonder, if you say something in the forest but nobody hears it, do the trees still laugh?

          • Rachel

            We profile terrorists…and magically they all have brown skin, funny names and worship Allah. So save your PC b*llsh*t for the braindead.

          • kit7

            You’re absolutely right in that most brown-skinned who people keep falsely targeting as Muslims are Hindus and Sikhs with a South Asian background. Most Turks, Persians, etc. easily pass as Europeans, or in some cases like those of the Albanians are European Muslims themselves.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A f’ing old muzzie headbagged witch tried to run me over in Costco w/one of those powered carts they have there. If I hadn’t seen her barreling towards me she would’ve hit me. She was looking at me the whole time. I yelled f’ing bitch and then some other headbag ran over, I gave them both the finger and walked away.

  • maldoror

    You realize that you posted a pic of the wrong Mohamed Bouhlel. There are several in Nice.

  • Drew the Infidel

    By their very actions those who join the pack are no longer “lone wolves”, assuming they ever were in the first place.

  • Ektor

    Would anyone blame the French if they just did away with these murderers as soon as they were caught?

  • Jacob Peters

    Albanians are White Muslims. All our profiling of brown people usually just mistakenly target Sikhs and Hindus who are sworn enemies of Islam.
    White Muslims are the greatest danger to the West as they are able to blend in and target us unnoticed.
    Profile EVERY White Muslim in the West, whether convert or Albanian, Bosnian, Turk or Lebanese. FBI needs a file on every one of them.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Why only White Muslums? Plenty of islamic terrorism has been carried out by Arabpig muslums (incl. 9-11).

    • Rachel

      It’s not the race, it’s the radical RELIGION that all terrorist share in common. Not too many Jehovah’s Witnesses beheading people or burning children alive. If White Muslims are commiting terrorist acts, then shoot them in the effing head too. It’s the ideology that is toxic.

  • Christopher1025

    Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, appeared in Nice today and was booed and heckled by the crowd on the Promenade des Anglais.

  • Rachel

    May the fires of hell be his eternal curse and pain.

  • g_x86

    they must denied,close or demolish all mosque in this way ,will escape to this terrorits and ,,the religion of peace”-islam

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The muslum family that slays together, stays together.

  • DardaniaLion

    I’m confused why this Albanian couple was arrested. Did they know who they talked to? I’m an Albanian and I really love France and western values. From what I am reading online, they did not know what Mohamed was about to do.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    families of Terrorist must be deported and all assets seized

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