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Horrifying mob of 5,000 attacks Christians for BUILDING CHURCH shouting ‘Egypt is Islamic’


Interfaith dialogue in Egypt. But Church leaders in the U.S. are too busy holding Ramadan dinners and issuing statements about how Islam is peace to take much notice of how Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted.

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“Horrifying mob of 5,000 attacks Christians for BUILDING CHURCH shouting ‘Egypt is Islamic,’” by Katie Mansfield, Express, July 2, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

A MOB of 5,000 attacked a group of Christians as they attempted to build a church, the latest in a string of violent attacks in Egypt.

Vigilantes torched and looted homes in Baidaa village after hearing rumours worship was taking place.

And the horror continued when six CHRISTIANS were arrested for the brutal attack.

Naim Aziz Moussa, who was one of the Christians taken into custody, had offered the top two floors of his home to Christian villagers to use for worship.

Visits by a Coptic priest to the house near Amria, a small town south of Alexandria, fuelled speculation.

A baying mob gathered and threw stones, destroyed a car and shouted “We don’t want a church, we will knock down the church building, Egypt is an Islamic country.”

Mr Moussa said: “More than 5,000 people, including young and old, men and women, mobbed my home. They were shouting: ‘One way or another, we’ll bring the church down to the ground’.

“‘No church will stand here in the village. It’s either us or you, infidels!’

“The building was ransacked, including our home. My brother’s nearby new flat was also destroyed.”

Many of the 80 Christians who live in the village of Baidaa, an area is heavily influenced by Muslim Salafists, were injured in the chaos, including women and children.

Local priest Father Karas narrowly escaped the violent crowd who smashed his car as police were called to the scene.

Mr Moussa said: “They were crying out: ‘Islamic! Islamic! We don’t want churches in Amreyya!’”

“As the police arrived at the scene, angry Muslims were shouting, while their women were showing signs of jubilation that the police were there. “They were shouting out in support of the police, while at the same time stressing their rejection of the church on Islamic grounds.

“The police chief could see me bleeding from my wounds. I complained to him about what happened to me. He said I deserved this, and more.

“The police did nothing to protect the Christians. Right in their presence, more Christian properties were attacked. Father Karas’s car was smashed yet again.”

Ten homes were looted and two were torched as the mob destroyed all the fittings and fixtures used in the house for worship….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is the American Christian churches response to the subhuman violence of islam.

    All of the major Christian churches in America have come out in favor of importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the US from the Middle East, even though such a move will speed up the extinction of both European-Americans and Christianity itself.

    The Lutheran church in America has become the latest Christian denomination to make a formal appeal to Congress to allow even more Muslim “refugees from Syria” into the US, according to a report on the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service website.

    The Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS), which is made up of a partnership between the three largest Lutheran Churches in America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod LC-MS, and the Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (LELCA), brought together over 30 Lutheran bishops, pastors, service partners, and leaders for the annual Lutheran Immigration Leadership Summit (LILS) On October 26–27.

    Lutherans-advocate-for Syrian-refugees

    According to the Lutheran news site report, the next day, LILS participants gathered for a Lutheran prayer breakfast on Capitol Hill where Lutheran representative David Cicilline (D-RI), “a staunch advocate for increasing aid to and resettlement of Syrian refugees, motivated our participants with his call for action.”

    After that, the LILS participants attended a meeting with White House officials, including representatives from the National Security Council, Domestic Policy Council, and the Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

    According to the Lutheran news site, the LILS participants then “delivered petitions from thousands of Lutherans asking for the resettlement of more Syrian refugees.”

    The Lutherans are merely the latest in the long line of all major Christian denominations to line up to plead the case for the 97 percent Sunni Muslim “refugee resettlement program” already in place.

    1. The Catholic Church, with 68.5 million members, is now the single largest denomination in America.


    That church is proud to boast that the United States Catholic Bishops’ Migration and Refugee Services department “resettles approximately 30 percent of the refugees that arrive in the US each year.”

    It also encourages all Catholics to contact their “local Catholic Charities agency to find out if it has a resettlement program and, if so, how you can assist them in their effort to resettle refugees and help them build new lives of hope here in the United States.”

    2. The next largest denomination in the US is the Southern Baptist Convention, which has 16.1 million members.


    On its website, under an article titled “10 ways you can help with the Syrian refugee crisis” that church tells its members that “Global migration has brought many Syrians to the United States. Your church has an incredible opportunity to share God’s love with them as they make new lives here.”

    It then urges its members to become involved in an online “community project” called, which is centered around “integrating” as many “immigrants” and “refugees” as possible into the US.

    3. The third largest denomination is the United Methodist Church, which has 7.8 million members.


    In an article on its website (“US faith leaders: Take in more Syrian refugees,” Sept. 28, 2015), it announced that “Now, it is time for the US to act,” and that its church leaders had gathered “Sept. 28 near the US Capitol to press Congress and the Obama Administration to resettle 100,000 Syrian refugees by the end of next year.”

    READ 30,000 Afghan “Refugees” in the US

    4. The fourth largest denomination is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or “Mormons,” which boasts some 6 million members.


    On that church’s website devoted to charities, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints told its readers that “LDS Charities takes a special interest in the estimated 70,000 refugees living in Utah by supporting local refugee resettlement agencies with a variety of assistance including: Deseret Industries store vouchers, furniture, bedding, food, English acquisition, job coaching, on-the-job training, and employer placement.”

    Furthermore, the Mormon church said, “LDS Charities advocates support for local community efforts that assist relocated refugees, and it especially encourages the volunteerism of its members in these causes.”

    5. The fifth largest denomination in America is the Church of God in Christ, a 5.5 million-strong black Pentecostal church.


    The Church of God in Christ told its supporters that its “Disaster Relief Committee had been working with organizations and individuals in multiple locations . . . As refugees continue to make their way into Europe and other safer zones, we are currently working with our Global Strategy regional coordinators in Europe and the Middle East to connect with partners working with these groups.”

    6. The sixth largest denomination in America is another black church, the National Baptist Convention, USA, which has 5 million members. They, like many of the smaller black Christian churches, all support the Church World Service which has called for more Middle Eastern “refugees” in the US (see below).

    7. The seventh largest denomination is the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with 4.5 million members. As outlined above, this church is actively lobbying Congress to bring in even more Muslim “refugees”—and has even submitted its own testimony to the Senate in this regard.


    According to a “Statement for the Record of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America submitted to Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Human Rights Hearing on ‘The Syrian Refugee Crisis’” (January 7, 2014, available on the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s website here), the US has a “moral obligation to individual refugees and to the international community to begin immediately accepting Syrian refugees into the US refugee resettlement program.”

    8. The eighth largest denomination is the National Baptist Convention of America, a 3.5 million-strong black church. It supports the Church World Service which has called for more Middle Eastern “refugees” in the US (see below).

    9. The ninth largest denomination in America is the Assemblies of God USA (AG), a 2.9 million-strong Pentecostal Christian denomination.

    This church is actively involved in providing on-the-ground aid to the nonwhite invaders in Greece, as outlined on its blog, where AG pastors Pat and Brenda Mahar thanked church members for their money and support in their work amongst the Muslims this way: “Thank you for your contribution toward the needs of the Syrian, Eritrean, and Afghan refugees! We have used BGMC funds to help feed and clothe many refugees who are boarding ferries on the Island of Lesbos, Greece, coming to Athens. -Pat and Brenda Mahar, pastors, ICF of Athens”

    The tenth largest denomination is the Presbyterian Church (USA), which has 2.7 million members.

    READ US Midterm Elections: “No Change” in Political Direction, says Ron Paul


    According to that church’s own news service (“Christian denominations and ecumenical groups urge more support for Syrian refugees,” September 30, 2015), “The Presbyterian Church (USA) is one of a dozen Christian denominations and ecumenical groups that have sent a letter to the White House, urging the president to do more to help Syrian refugees.

    “The US should open its doors to receive many more refugees. Even with more adequate funding for humanitarian assistance, some Syrians feel they will never be able to return home safely and wish to resettle in a third country. Many in our faith communities have a long and rich history of welcoming refugees. We encourage the US to accept more Syrian refugees and to expedite the processing of these applications.”

    In addition to the Presbyterian Church (USA), that letter was signed by some smaller denominations, including the Church of the Brethren; the Global Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ; the Mennonite Central Committee US; and the United Church of Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries.

    The Church World Service (CWS) is an umbrella organization which speaks on behalf of 37 Christian denominations in the US, including many smaller denominations not listed above.

    These CWS member churches include the African Methodist Episcopal Church; the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; the Alliance of Baptists; the American Baptist Churches USA; the Armenian Church of America (including Diocese of California); the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; the Church of the Brethren; the Community of Christ; the Coptic Orthodox Church in North America; the Ecumenical Catholic Communion; the Episcopal Church; the Friends United Meeting; the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America; the Hungarian Reformed Church in America; the International Council of Community Churches; the Korean Presbyterian Church in America; the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church; the Mar Thoma Church; the Moravian Church in America; the Orthodox Church in America; the Patriarchal Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A.; the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; the Polish National Catholic Church of America; the Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc.; the Reformed Church in America; the Serbian Orthodox Church in the U.S.A. and Canada; the Swedenborgian Church; the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch; the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in America; and the United Church of Christ. Some of the larger denominations are also members of the Church World Service, such as the United Methodist Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and the Presbyterian Church (USA).


    According to a Reuters report (“Religious groups push US to take in 100,000 Syrian refugees,” September 9, 2015), the Church World Service called on the government to take in 100,000 Syrians over the next year.

    READ Germany: Invaders above Law

    According to US Census Data, the United States admits roughly 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally each year, representing the fastest growing block of immigration into the United States. Pew Research has estimated that immigration will cause the population of US Muslims to more than double over the next two decades—from 2.6 million in 2010 to 6.2 million in 2030.

    Every year the United Stated admits 70,000 “asylum seekers and refugees.” Arabic is the most common language spoken by “refugees“, and 91.4 percent of refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps.

    The Christian churches which support the continued influx of Muslims from the Middle East are therefore active participants in the genocide of European-Americans, and, ironically, also of the eradication of Christianity in the United States.

    • wilypagan

      Great summary. And they wonder why civilized Americans are no longer drawn to their institutions. Christianity, the religion of slaves.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Christianity has overplayed its hand, with organized religion trying to replace “Santa Klaus” . Honesty and the truth about religion are no longer fashionable, it is all about harvesting donations, not souls.

        • Rob Porter

          There is not much wrong with Christianity – or rather its teachings – the problem is gutless fools who pay lip service to being Christian and then hijack and pervert the church. If supposed Christians were truly Christian they’d be honest to a fault, stand for decency and outspokenly oppose the lying and savagery of Islam and the pathetic pagans in Western societies, not least Barack Obama, boy-man Justin Trudeau, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, etc.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is the problem with both Christianity and democracy, they have been hijacked and diverted from their defined goals, to being tools of manipulative social engineers. It is to humanities’s disgrace that it has allowed this to happen.

      • Rob Porter

        Why do you feel the need to spoil your comment with that silly comment about “Christianity, the religion of slaves”. If it was, maybe it was in recognition of the Christian, William Wilberforce, who for 20 years fought to bring about the end to slavery in the British Empire – and then fought to bring about their emancipation. Christianity contributed hugely to democracy, the end to child labour in Britain, creating home for orphans, religious freedom, tolerance, humanism, gender equality, monogamy, all of which have their roots in Judeo-Christian principles. So quit the sneering, it stems from ignorance and prejudice.

        • wilypagan

          Really? Well, in the modern world the Lutherans, the Catholics, the Baptists and many other Christian denominations are resettling the enemy in our midst. An enemy that enslaves women and kill non-Muslims. That’s not the stuff William Wilberforce was made of. Sniff.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Mormons want more muslums in the USA? Gee, I wonder why? The holeist prophet of Mormons, Joseph Smith, admired not Yeshua, the Jewish carpenter from Nazareth, but muhamMAD the Jew hating psychopath, mass murderer and child molester.

      • Janet

        Really? That’s interesting! In my opinion Joseph Smith was a crack pot! I’ve read some about him!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          In the heat of the Missouri “Mormon War” of 1838, Joseph
          Smith made the following claim,

          “I will be to this generation a second Mohammed, whose motto in treating for peace was ‘the Alcoran [Koran] or the Sword.’ So shall it eventually be with us — ‘Joseph Smith or the Sword!’ ”


          Mormons don’t believe in drinking alcohol, just like muslums — despite the fact Yeshua made water into wine. Mormons slaughtered a whole wagon train of settlers on their way out West in Utah — except for the children.

          • Rob Porter

            Fascinating stuff! Well, let the Mormons embrace Islam, it will be to their peril and they’ll discover that Joseph Smith spouted some awful drivel after all.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Martin Luther was a Jew hating psychopath, I’m just surprised he didn’t convert to pi$$lam.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        No one is perfect, he was a product of the times.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I wouldn’t expect perfection from anyone, but from a self-proclaimed man-of-G-d I’d expect more honesty and less bigotry — especially from a man who called himself a Christian.
          I imagine Luther had a lot of explaining to do at his judgement and his sanctimonious piety wouldn’t be a viable defense.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            No doubt about it.

          • Rob Porter

            The pity about your comments is that they are so extreme and lacking in balance, that it’s hard to take you seriously. And as a matter of interest, Jews have had among them some real scumbags, not least the many who played leading roles in the savage Bolshevik revolution that took the lives of millions. So much for those men of G-d.

        • Rob Porter

          I agree. To call him a “psychopath” is nonsense, but it’s a fact he was anti-Semitic at a time when the RC considered Jews the killers of Christ. A stupid position in my view, caused by evil Jewish leadership at that time, so idiotic to blame the entire Jewish people. However, Luther was a brave man who had the courage of convictions and challenged a church that was in a state of corruption by the hand of it lousy RC church leadership. Gee, sounds as if we are back to the same thing all over again!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It sure looks like you are right, the more things change, the more they stay the same. islam has replaced all other evils, for now, it is doing a very good job of it. Christianity needs leaders with conviction and faith, not meek dhimmis who submit to islam without knowing what islam really is. It is a disgrace to the education system that the ability to think, questioning and figuring out answers are no longer valued or encouraged.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yeah a “brave” antisemitic pig who called for burning down synagogues. Nawzis and muslums would see no problems w/the vile vomit Luther spewed. He was a ranting, raving, delusional antisemite:



          • Rob Porter

            Anti-Semitic I believe he was and I know nothing about him calling for the burning down of synagogues, but the articles are interesting. However, when I consider the state of the Catholic church, abusing followers through deception and keeping them in ignorance of Biblical teachings, not least selling indulgences, it was corrupt and Luther was right the challenge it and insist that the Bible be taught not distorted to suite a largely corrupt clergy.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Luther called for the razing of his synagogues in his book (The Jews & their Lies):

            First to set fire to their synagogues or schools and
            to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will
            ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor
            of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians,
            and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing,
            and blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians.

            Does one right make up for other wrongs?

            I hope Martin Luther is muhammad’s favorite butt boy in hell.

          • Rob Porter

            So you actually regard Luther worse than Mohammad. I can then assume that you don’t know much about Mohammad who regarded Jews and Christians the most reviled of people and for whom he reserved and taught special hatred. Hence the particularly appalling treatment in Iraq especially of Christians.

    • Janet

      Wow great post Mahou!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thanks, it is the work of others, all I did was post it, things like this should be know, as it is not only the government that is destroying America, there are other forces involved.

        • Bill Kay

          Every American should read this , education is needed through out this mass collection of fools that are in fact unwittingly advocating their own demise .

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If there was a modicum of knowledge about islam in the world, islam would be hunted down and shot like the rabid animal that it is.

    • Rob Porter

      Evident is that most ‘Christian’ churches in America – like those in Canada – in pitiful ignorance of Islam, it’s ignorant supremacist character, its uncivilized and barbaric savagery, and its goal of a world-wide caliphate – welcome these people whose general goal is to murder these ‘bright sparks’ who welcome them and take over their country. The naivety and stupidity is astonishing!

      However, Mahou, have you in recent years attended a church in Canada where the terrible plight and suffering of Christians in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Egypt, etc. is discussed from the pulpit? If you have, please let me know where it is.

      Meanwhile, like the United Church of Canada, the American Episcopalian and Presbyterian Churches should no longer be regarded as truly Christian churches. They equate more to social clubs, and in my opinion the Canadian Anglicans, probably to a lesser extent than the United Church of Canada, long ago chose to believe what they choose to believe. I know well, long ago having written a fairly scathing letter reflecting this reality to the then Anglican Archbishop of Canada, Ted Scott. He didn’t respond and in fact couldn’t because there is no way he could have produced a credible argument.

      Many of these churches have abandoned the founding tenets of Christianity and here we see the consequences. While considering themselves incredibly wise, their thinking has become utterly foolish – and dangerous! And when things go wrong count on them being nowhere to help clean up the mess.

      Can you imagine some of these clergy going to the Washington DC to press Congress and the Obama Administration to encourage bringing in thousands more Muslims? We now know that most cannot be properly vetted. When the next jihadist mass murder takes place, will they admit their mistake in contributing to the carnage and apologize?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The meek have infested the decision making of all major churches. Regrettably the smart were not considered meek enough, so, the meek, and naive are beating their swords int plow shears so they can plow for those who sharpened their swords. It is not Christian to abdicate responsibility for stewardship of the flock. Sacrificing whole nations and cultures to islam is not the mark of a Christian, it is that a fool.

        • Rob Porter

          I’ve seen it all. Those weak-kneed people consider it ‘Christian’ to be weak, mielie-mouthed, never raise their voice above a hush, never take a strong stand on anything, and so ‘humble’ they can barely stand on their own two feet. The Crusaders of the First Crusade who over-ran Antioch, while starving and exhausted defeated Kerbogha’s Muslim army two to three times their numbers, and then over-ran Jerusalem in 1099 might have done a number of things distasteful by our contemporary judgment and had among them some rogues, but man that Crusade had some brave and strong men who were unwavering in their Christian faith. They stood for something – and now all around us in churches we have mush.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are few Christians, there are lots of the insipid who are mentioned in Revelation 3:16 So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. This is a deserved fate for those who will not commit and stand by their commitment.

          • Rob Porter

            It has become so pitiful I seldom bother to attend church any longer. Just do my own thing. I once attended one in Toronto, big church, very large congregation, pastor a good speaker, but he wouldn’t “rock the boat” on controversial matters – as I suggested to him he needed to do after he had lamented his big church having so little influence in Toronto. Just no ‘guts’ and the church board probably doesn’t want him to cause any controversy. So tough matters are ‘approached’ and then before becoming harshly truthful steered away from. To do otherwise might negatively affect church attendance, thus negatively affect church coffers and, dear me, they cannot have that, so everything becomes one big, fat compromise. Instead they have that warm message that God loves them, the implication becoming that you can do what you like, break all God’s laws, but never mind He loves them. You’ve probably seen and heard this trash yourself.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Christianity has abdicated its role as the conscience of society, is is meek beyond insipid, twisting the words of Christianity’s founder around to turn it int a subservient cult of angst filled guilt ridden drones. The truth is not portrayed from the pulpit any more, merely mealy mouthed platitudes that have no application to life as it is happening here, now. So far I have been heavily censored or banned from Catholic forums as a mere statement of facts, which is not acceptable to the self anointed profits of Christianity today.

      • Jaem

        You are exactly right on this. I drove past a United Church last week and it’s billboard said, “We wish are Muslim neighbors a happy Ramadan!” I almost barfed. The United Church is a sell out and following every politically correct trend going on. What a sad state of affairs.

        • Rob Porter

          Many years ago I was invited to hear a Bob Rumble speak at some gathering. He was a former Toronto Argonauts player of many years back and a great guy. Just refreshing to listen to and no holds barred. He attended a United Church and told the gathering the only reason he stayed was to fight against its decline into a social club with no Christianity – and no brains. I believe he lost that fight, a lone voice in a wilderness of stupidity, political correctness, multiculturalism, no firm beliefs, no real values and insane garbage from people who don’t believe in anything much any more. Lost farts in a haunted outhouse!

  • ljm4

    Send this article to your Pastors who refuses to talk about islam. Especially if they participate in the refugee business. And it is a business. Even chruch NGOs are making money being ‘merciful’ with Soros’ money.

    • wilypagan

      Are you sure it isn’t taxpayer money?

  • Wolfgang Stahl

    You see? That’s why I will move from Germany to Poland. In Poland 98% of the people are christians, something like this will not happen there…The Polish President Andrzej Duda with his wife Agata Kornhauser-Duda and the polish goverment at a church in Poland…Just wonderfull! Long live our savior Jesus christ :)

    • Rob Porter

      The good news, too, about Poland is that like Hungary, Silesia and Czech Republic it is determined not to allow Muslim hoards invade their country. The Poles fought off the Ottoman Muslims, led by King Jan Sobieskin in 1683 smashed the Ottoman army outside Vienna, and Hungary suffered about 150 years Ottoman rule. Why the Austrians who suffered cruelly while fighting off the Muslims are now so soft on Islam, amazes me. Apparently Austrian memories are short.

  • wilypagan

    General al-Sisi needs to make an example of these police officers, as well as the attackers. If he wants future commerce with the civilized world, he should take steps to protect the civil rights of all of his citizens.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You think Sisi is moderate eh? What do you think of his muslum zabiba in this pic:

      Coptic Christians are systematically being persecuted under the Sisi regime thru islamic blasphemy laws (as reported right here on

      • Christy Golden

        Whats that…the scab on his forehead from sticking his rear in the air 5x a day?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yes, if you’re a muslum man all the muslimahs admire you make sure you get a nice big rug burn on your forehead. It’s the rockstar look in the islamic world.

      • wilypagan

        Is that for real? I thought he was supposed to be better than Morsi.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I wonder if the Coptic Christians who actually live in the islamic cesspool state of Egyptistan think so?
          Thank G-d Egypt’s Jews left this hellhole state decades ago, not only for their own sakes, but so they aren’t contributing anything to the muslum cesspool state that is Egyptistan.

          • wilypagan

            Mubarak should return.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Mrs. Geller had a story right here on about a Coptic Christian in Egyptistan who came out in support of Israel on his blog. He was thrown in prison under Mubarak’s reign and shortly thereafter came the Arab Spring.
            The desperation of people to find a “moderate” muslum ruler is nothing but a delusion born of the myth of “moderate” islam.

          • wilypagan

            So what is the solution for people who live in islamic countries who want freedom? Does the West need to re-colonize them and impose civilized rule of law?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Destroy them all.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Place the blame where it belongs. Former steadfast and longtime US ally Hosni Mubarak had outlawed the mere existence of the Muslime Brotherhood and this sort of thing did not happen, until Obhammud stabbed him in the back and the country went to hell.

    • Rob Porter

      That’s exactly it, Obama and Hillary Clinton played a huge role in the ‘Arab Spring’ rubbish. Arab “Spring” flattered the ugliness that occurred. It was a vicious ‘Winter’ but not to disgusting Western leaders and the lying Western media that believed and reported what it chose to believe. More than 80 churches and cathedrals, almost overnight, torched and destroyed, Copts and other Christians murdered, Coptic girls and women abducted, raped, then forced to marry the Muslim scum who had raped them and forced to convert to Islam. Did we ever hear one condemnation from Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Of course not, and then when the el-Sisi coup occurred and Mohammad Morsi was overthrown and imprisoned, oh yes, then Obama was upset and cut off Egypt from military supplies. When Nigeria requested military supplies, not least attack helicopters, to fight that country’s Islamic terror group, Boko Haram, that has murdered thousands and abducted hundreds of school girls – and others – Obama refused, citing some human rights violations. As if anything could equate to the savagery human rights violations of Boko Haram! It was just an excuse to avoid helping Nigeria fight Islamic savages – and we are not supposed to believe that he is a Muslim! Nigeria’s then President then hired South African mercenaries who arrived with South African-built attack helicopters and other equipment. In 3 1/2 months they achieved what the Nigerian army had been unable to achieve in 6 years. Boko Haram was licked and fled, but then the mercenaries went home, Nigeria got a new president and Boko Haram returned to continue the murdering and mahem.

  • movingwaters

    Whereas it is true that the national heads of most, if not all, of the denominations are increasingly moving into all kinds of apostasy, it is usually not true at the local level. A lot of churches no longer maintain ties at the national level. I have my differences with institutional religion where the traditions of a denomination or a church try to supersede the Bible, especially living in an area where many people diss the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as even “of the devil.” Nevertheless, there are many true Christians who love God and do seek to be salt and light in an increasingly dark world. I hate to consider what America would be like with the true Christians gone.

    Most Americans, Christians included, are not yet aware that Mid-East Christians are being specifically excluded from sanctuary in the US. Most Americans are so un-plugged from what is happening in this world that they don’t know that the Obama administration, the CIA, and Western Intelligence agencies incited the Arab Spring and created the refugee crisis. Long time Pamela Geller subscribers simply know much more than most people, and need to share what they know where they can.

    • Rob Porter

      Well, as Canada more and more rejects God and Judeo-Christian teachings it heads down the drain and with this one can see a dying democracy. For example, imposition of a disgusting and harmful to children LGBTQ-inspired sex education curriculum with parents’ objections ignored (i.e. those who still care!), permission denied for their children to be absent – and medical science’s findings ignored. So now there is indoctrination of children – totalitarian dictatorship-style, to suite the wishes of a sickly minority, but most Canadian parent don’t care, don’t think, and don’t consider consequences. The curriculum promotes lies about the promoted and protected styles and few parents care that their children are being lied to and deceived. More and more I see Canada an Orwellian, ‘1984’-like society with ignorant fools running the show.

      • movingwaters

        It breaks my heart that children are being sacrificed because most of their parents, and certain their leadership, are not in the Bible. They don’t see how God hates deception and emotional manipulation, especially of children. The judgment on those who are turning children against God’s best for their lives is going to be huge.

      • movingwaters

        Believe it or not, all the info about how dangerous the LGBT lifestyle is used to be on a main LGBT website, but I think it has probably been removed. I remember that their own statistics showed astronomically higher rates of partner abuse, suicide, mental breakdown, child abuse, and murder of a partner. They said that the homosexual lifestyle reduced lifespan by 20 years. I wish I could remember the name of the LGBT site that displayed this. It was a major organization. I was directed there to see the statistics. Anyway, you know this world system has Satan as its father. And Satan hates all of God’s creation, but especially man .Chemtrails, the global warming hoaxsters, GMO foods, promotion of unhealthy lifestyles, grossly dangerous vaccines for the tiniest babies; all around us we have the evidence that the promoters of the NWO are Luciferians and they hate people. But I am thankful that God is causing evil to be revealed more than ever, and people have the opportunity to choose kingdoms.

  • Derek Sharron

    The churches get lots of money for this. I mean mountains of money. Then, in the future, they leave the mess to the public. From Morocco to Indonesia. It is the same. If these people were so wonderful, why can’t they make one good country?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    But it’s just a TMOE? Isn’t it?

  • iprazhm

    Where’s the outcry from American Christian Churches?

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