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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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[ December 17, 2017 ]

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London Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan enforces sharia: There will be no more ‘body shaming’ adverts on the Tube


“Adverts which put Londoners under pressure over body image are to be banned from the Tube and bus network.” Now women have to cover up in Sadiq Khan’s London — on advertisements now, on the streets later. This isn’t about “body-shaming,” this is about sharia.

The real “body-shaming” garment is the burka.

This from the country that gave us the mini, Twiggy and the swinging mod scene.


“Sadiq Khan: There will be no more ‘body shaming’ adverts on the Tube,” by Pippa Crerar, London Evening Standard, June 13, 2016:

Adverts which put Londoners under pressure over body image are to be banned from the Tube and bus network.

Sadiq Khan announced that Transport for London would no longer run ads which could cause body confidence issues, particularly among young people.

The Mayor, a father of two teenage daughters, warned the ads could “demean” women and encourage them to conform to unrealistic or unhealthy body shapes.

TfL’s new advertising policy, which does not include all images of people in their underwear or swimming gear, is only expected to affect a handful of the 12,000 adverts a year which run across the network, including at bus shelters and on-street sites.

It means controversial adverts like Protein World’s “Are you beach body ready?” poster, which provoked a huge backlash when it appeared last year, would no longer be allowed.

The weight-loss ad, which featured a bikini-clad model, sparked a protest in Hyde Park as well as a petition on with more than 70,000 signatures, although it was not banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Mr Khan said: “As the father of two teenage girls, I am extremely concerned about this kind of advertising which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies.

“Nobody should feel pressurised, while they travel on the Tube or bus, into unrealistic expectations surrounding their bodies and I want to send a clear message to the advertising industry about this.”

The Mayor claimed there would be no impact on TfL’s income as a result of the move, with the body still expected to generate more than £1.5 billion from advertising over the next eight years. Last year it made £170 million, up from £152 million in 2014….

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  • imgen

    Shame! London will fall! This is the first step!

    • 2010K

      don’t kid yourself. If this muslim got enough votes to be mayor, then London has already fallen. The UN is behind this.

  • The people of London voted for this islamofascist’s sharia law enforcing mayor knowing full well his political relationship with the cult of islam, the same islam that disguises itself as a religion but in reality is a very structured political system. That political system is designed as as the tyranny of rule by man, that man being a dictator who will gather and consolidate all power to himself and rule over his subjects with an iron fist. Contained within that clenched fist is all the power of their hateful, intolerant, and dictatorial sharia law.

    To the people of London I say you voted for this, so you made your bed now lie in it!

    • Pray Hard

      I surprised they didn’t elect Toejam Chowderhead.

      • Dr. Doomsday

        • 762x51FMJ

          When Pigs Fly

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Um, those doctrines aren’t radical islam they are islam.

    • danE DanE

      Now say that to Americans who voted in the musslime sob (S orrytoero/OB ozo).

      • Anybody who reads my post on these comment boards already knows how I feel about the little emperor playing president over there in that white house. They also know that benito hussein mohammed 0bama is not my president, never was and never will be. And finally, I have said on plenty of occasions I firmly believe the occupant of the oval office in that white house is a strongly committed muslim who agrees with every tenet of the islamofascist political system trying to disguise itself as a religion. I do believe the little emperor playing president over there in that white house privately celebrates every American death at the hands of those vile and putrid islamofascist terrorist, and his public statements are nothing but lies, propaganda and disinformation. In the United States of America today, the little emperor is the king of liars.

  • Donnie Newell

    Welcome to Islamic morality. Child brides are ok though…

    • shirley versace


      • Dr. Doomsday

        Child brides, FGM, beheadings, rape of women, girls, boys, murder…

    • jwayne59

      secretly a lot of the muslim men are homosexuals , perverts, sickos

      • CharlesSolomon

        Total fags.

    • Americawatch

      Let’s not forget, in the Muslim world ‘thighing’ is also okay. If you’re unfamiliar with this term please do a search. You will be sick!!!

  • Deon Rademeyer

    Britain has bowed down to the excrement of life. Liberals should now be detained and exterminated for treason towards a once great nation.

  • Fantastic initiative! There is no right or wrong way to have a body & young girls are particularly vulnerable to body-shaming. Hope other countries follow suit.

    • shirley versace

      young girls are particularly vulnerable to a lot worse, where muslims are involved

    • Rocinante44

      does body shaming include not wearing a hijab? this muslim mayor knows exactly what he is doing

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Thats right, just eat the rhetoric. You don’t even care that its about Sharia, you care its about some personal issue. Wake up and smell the tyranny!

    • Pray Hard

      Do you think the moslems give a sh*t about your feminist narrative or that this has anything to do with it? How stupid are you?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      A better initiative would be to outlaw the rape and sexual enslavement of young girls by muzzies across the UK dimwit.

    • Geez what the hell is wrong with the people commenting on this article?! You’re all so rude and hateful. I hope you find peace in your souls because something is clearly very dark there…

      • imgen

        It’s you who has every kind of viruses in your non-existent mind, you stupid female traitor, you should love those good ones and be a good girl

  • Schaps

    Sadiq Khan( aka) Ayatollah Khan

  • freebird

    There is an easy solution.
    If a (not so beautiful ) woman feels shame for her body give the men´s free beer.
    Because beer is helping ugly people having sex since 1862.

  • wildjew

    Orthodox Jews also have a code of modesty (tzniut) but not nearly as strict as Islam. No mainstream Orthodox Jewish group would seek to impose it on a largely secular society. Some Haredi streams of Judaism do in Jerusalem.

    • Pray Hard

      Stop equivocating.

      • wildjew

        Do you think Orthodox Judaism is equivalent to authoritative Islam?

  • vercingetorix

    “Body shaming”, that really sounds like islamic irrationality! There is nothing shameful about the human body!!

  • ~~~♥♥Baby Doll♥♥~~~

    there is no more Europe…has been taken over by these islamic satanists…

  • Rocinante44

    elections have consequences. so long england, enjoy your morning call to prayer that will be blasted all over the land of william tyndale within 5 years

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US shut down all mosques for ever. Don’t forget
    when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing in
    the streets worldwide.

    • CharlesSolomon

      The treasonous cops have to go…That IS Correct, American cops are in the muslim takeover scheme with the barRAT and hiLIARy. 1.5 million cops will be Eradicated by The American People.

  • meangirl

    London is over! The ONLY way to fix it it’s civil war and push the barbarians out. It won’t happen so… It’s over

    • andrew

      Sick-Dick Kahn, may be the “mayor” of London… Elizabeth is still Queen… Although maybe more of a figurehead than much else, she still commands the respect of most of the people…
      Consider this… what is going to transpire, when the muzzrat mobs, move to evict the Queen from Buckingham, ransack it, and turn it into one of their hell-hole apartment buildings or some such drivel…

      • Nick

        Kahn is a narcissist and no matter what he gets away with in court he is still a closet extremist.

  • vrajavala

    He only has control over the Tube (the publicly owned subway) right? can he also enforce a dress code for women riding the public transportation?
    Milo Yiannopolis spoke yesterday, as a Brit, tat he would have bee arrested for his speech at the Pulse site.

  • Wolfgang Stahl

    Poland against Islam – Manifestatnion in Wroclaw

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Pardon me, but uh, since when does a mayor have sway over the private sector? Oh yes, I bet its because the city owns the bus line, so they clamp down on the advertising. What complete manure. Someone should do an ad of this idiot mayor in a bikini.

  • oneworld65

    His statement about body shaming is bogus. Clearly he is implementing sharia. London deserves what they get for voting for him. Expect more sharia.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      • jwayne59

        must be fun wrapped up like a turd in a hotdog bun. women that are in muslim societys live a real shitty life . mistreated , abused, beat,treated like a pet dog, sometimes murdered. while the men are mostly lazy asses ,rapists,terrorists ect.

      • iamwhitebox


      • gts-r


    • Statebird

      I personally am opposed to the ad and would welcome its ban from someone who genuinely cared about women and how they’re depicted in advertising media. But somehow I don’t think that’s his concern….

      • Americawatch

        The next ads coming will be women in dressed in fully clad burkas. How demeaning is THAT to women.?

    • Americawatch

      And we can expect it here in the U.S. if we don’t get out and vote for Trump!
      Hillary’s plan is to INCREASE refugees we are unable to vet by 550%

  • Pray Hard

    Hopefully, a British patriot will end his reign soon.

  • 762x51FMJ

    Sharia crossing guard

  • spacearcadian

    His name is Khan and he is not a terrorist. Finally some sense of morality is back to the west. People is sick of liberalism, which was out of control and Islam is coming to save britain. Just like the police come to save a drunk woman in the streets

    • imgen

      I wish a billion dogs gets you and bite you to death a trillion times, you evil moslim pigs, all of your people!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The penalty for disobediance will be a public stonig. Shari’s will soon be imposed on many more things. This is democracy, you voted for a muslim mayor and members of parliament, elections have consequences, have fun, burkas will be quite adaptable to britain’s dismal climate,

  • TaDead!

    Obamallhu Barackhbar!

    If Londoners had the balls of their progeny, they’d shoot every Zim Ballah Bim motherfucker trying to enforce any form of Sharia law in the head. Twice.
    Remeber, mates, Pulse was a gun free zone, too. Like your entire city. Best of luck to ya!

  • freewoman

    His teenage daughters are allowed to wear bikinis? I highly doubt it.

  • freewoman

    Not to worry, you can hide any ugly body under those billowing tents.

  • Save Europe

    Quite frankly, the Aussie model in the ads – Renee Somerfield isn’t very ugly, and that’s hardly her fault. Between a bunch of Muslims and third wave feminists (who are bitter because they are aesthetically challenged, and flat chested), they’ve managed to get these sort of ads removed. Are they offensive? Nope!

  • joe kulak

    I wonder if the good mayor’s two daughters underwent FGM. That would be the real shame.

  • timetorun

    perhaps when londoners see all of their cherished freedoms being removed one after the other, they will realize they made a big mistake. how sad that it takes loosing your God-provided freedoms and blessings of life and liberty to wake people up to their stupidity.

    • Oracle9

      London is no longer recognizable as English, and its present expression is a simple manifestation of democracy in action, I’m sorry to say.

    • andrew

      The problem here, is the fact that Britain NEVER HAD the same God-provided freedoms and blessings of life and liberty as written in OUR Constitution., to lose in the first place…
      Picture reflects the first mistake you made,
      when the response in the picture is what you should have said.

  • runnindeer

    This Mayor used what he knew would get the attention and support from women and men that feel that body shaming is not okay, to pass a law to stop promoting adds that show women in poses or swimsuits that make them look provocative. Next he will go on to more methods to ban more things that aren’t Muslim approved. It’s okay to use children or animals for sex but not okay to use a beautiful woman to advertise anything about weight loss or clothing or suntan products. Insanity at it’s hypocritical worse.

  • joe1429

    Welcome to Londonistan

  • Bill Pertwee

    On Monday evening I saw the mayor in Compton Street, Soho, London during the mass gathering of gay folk in memory of the Orlando victims. He had a self-conscious smirk on his face as he walked along with his entourage. Enough said. Then he had a photo-shoot with the US Ambassador – the latter looked genuinely upset; the former was play-acting sadness. And he’ll head the London Pride procession next weekend – but watch his expression – he knows *exactly* what he is doing.

  • Drew the Infidel

    No matter the economic fallout for the US economy, the Brexit cannot happen fast enough. The UK needs our support now to combat the scourge of the EU as much as the Lend-Lease Act to combat the Nazi menace in WWII.


    The citizens (not all) of the UK are to blame for voting this man into office. The objective of the muslim is the islamification of the world and it’s happening before our very eyes in the EU, and all because of the word “sympathetic” towards a group of people which has been at war with freedom and all that is good for more than 1400 years. There is no question in my Military mind that I will once again be blocked. But there are many others like me out there that can see right through islam. Read all about it in their quran and hadith.

  • Steven

    Looking forward to Federal Election (in Australia) in 2 weeks time, I’m gonna vote ALA!!!

  • RetiredNavyphotog

    No doubt he prefers goats.

  • 2010K

    While I agree with his public statement about these ads causing body dysmorphia, I don’t believe this is his true motive. Sharia is at the bottom of this and sharia has no place in an enlightened society.

  • purplej

    Since when does a Mayor have the power to impose a personal moral censorship that interferes with the lawful operations of a private organisation? Particularly when the ad is already ok’d by the government authority tasked with deciding what is acceptable?

  • Bacchus

    Prepare your 6 to 14 year old daughters for marriage. In moslem countries 14 millions thats right million girls are raped.

  • goran wrambeck

    Just dont get it, how the hell could there ever be a muslim mayor in London, this hadiq kahn with his Quran, Sunna and Sharia loving mind.. What the hell are the English people doing… This loving London with all what it has – who will ever come back when having a muslim mayor… Sure that most muslims are good people but what we do not know is what they might think or what they believe in as that is not a criminal act to have minds in your head… We banned Mein Kampf that did have likeness with the quran as this hitler went to see islamic people to help get rid of jews… its all in the Quran so why not ban that book as well…. just check it out by your self and you will understand why that quran book should be banned…

  • shucky

    If a Christian proposed such a thing, leftists would be in an uproar. The fact is, such a measure goes much farther than the vast majority of Christians would support. there is almost no principle that leftists wouldn’t abandon if it got in the way of their paradoxical alliance with Islam. No true liberal would ally with such stone age values.

  • jwayne59

    the brits are nitwits , electing a Islamic muslim mayor , will lead to plenty of terror in time. he supports terrorists ,and sharia law. the mistreatment abuse ,beatings an sometimes murder of women. by a evil satanic religion which is a blight to the world . koran their bible full of hate and racism. devil god allah . they love to kill helpless victims that cant fight back. they know in America most americans have guns and if given a chance will put a bullet in the head of a terrorist. so they want to attck the weak no defense Europeans . they have no weapons easy prey ,cowardly killings. bunch of low life scum.

  • CharlesSolomon

    Uuummm Ladies: This IS What hiLIARy has For YOU Women: The hiLIARy and the barRAT Obama’s muslim brotherHOOD CONFEDERATES SELLING WOMEN SEX SLAVES on the internet for $8000 each. hiLIARy and barRAT’S Transgender drag queens can now become “soldiers” getting FREE Breast enlargement for these NEW “Transgender service men” Along With Followup “harmone medication” so these he/SHEs? will be ready to “defend” you Ladies with “BloJob strategy” for the enemy. isis, with barRAT’S Blessings, GAVE $25million to THE hiLIARY’S campaign to Flood MILLIONS of muSLIME invaders into America. The hiLIARy ILLEGAL ALIEN RIOTERS WAVING FOREIGN FLAGS ON AMERICAN SOIL, Attacking American Citizens And Attacking American1st Amendment FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Acid Tossed Into Women’s Faces with IMPUNITY, Plane Bombings, Feminine Genital Mutilation (ENDLESS Mutilations of Women’s Bodies)- ESPECIALLY Removal of Labia Majora AND Clitorectomy, muSLIMEs LOVE Cutting Female Flesh, ESP with Machetes…HENCE The Cutting Out of Women’s tongues who were “disrespectful” to their muslim “masters”, These Mutilating Atrocities NOT Prevented by hiLIARY’s Liberal cops police state as These Horrors ARE MANDATED By hiLIARY’s “sharia law”, WHICH ALSO PRESCRIBES Acid Burnings AND Beatings of Women As “MARITAL OBEDIENCE PROTOCOL TO KEEP WOMEN IN-LINE” Coupled With MANDATORY “Honor” Rapings and KILLINGS Of “adulterous women” AND!! these muSLIME Degenerate’s Favorite: Child Rapings Especially Little Boys. With hiLIARY’S muSLIME INFESTED Society, Perilous to go shopping Alone Without a Male OverSeer Like in saudi aRAPEia and Murder OF Women In General. THOSE ARE JUST FOR STARTERS Of What hiLIARy Will Most Assuradly Bring You for Your Vote; That IS hiLIARy’s “Thank you sisters!” Show Of Gratitude.Those ARE BUT A FEW by The hiLIARy FLOODING IN “sharia law” Armies of her muSLIME invaders. THE hiLIARy Has Already ANNOUNCED Plans, with her liberal police state cop’s assisstance, on Flooding IN ARMIES of barRAT’s muSLIME invaders, LET ALONE hiLIARy CONTINUUING barRAT’s Orders To Keep Open Southern Borders for NO MAINLAND PROTECTION so diseases and parasites are Spread from infected ILLEGAL ALIENS To INFECT You and Your Family. THIRTY (30) kids are Paralyzed and 10 Dead from the “Mysterious” Contagious Lung Virus, let alone the “super lice” Infestation across America. Do You REALLY Think The LIAR OR The RAT care about Yours and Your Family’s Safety??, This Vicious AND EVIL Monster DOES Care About: “ME, MYSELF and I”. THINK ABOUT IT LADIES, Voting Time Coming Up Soon. IT’S YOUR MOVE

  • CharlesSolomon

    Face The Truth Sister and Brother Americans: American cops ARE muSLIME Islamic jihad SUPPORTERS. The cops have to be eliminated by The American People.

  • obamasux

    Give Islam an inch, and it will conquer your country.

  • RT Mtn

    Have the limeys gone crazy or just lazy? how did Londoners elect a Muslim? Muslims should not be allowed to vote.

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    What about the burka? It isn’t demeaning for women to have to wear it and be escorted when they are allowed to leave the house? What about parents and brothers killing their daughters and sisters due to supposed loss of family honour? What about female genital mutilation? What about rape of kafir women? If he is sincere in his concern for women, which he apparently is no, what is he going to do about these matters?

  • Jeff Brown

    I wouldn’t trust any Muslim as far as I could throw them. I even know many personally. The problem is that when they are in the minority, they come across as the kindest, most accepting people. They become the majority watch out! There are just WAY too many problems with Muslims in Europe. And this has NOTHING to do with being an Islamophobe and everything to do with Islamo-reality. Islam has moved into many middle eastern countries via force, death, torture, mayhem, and taken over. Until there is a major shift in philosophy, and good luck waiting for that, Trump is right. NO MUSLIMS!

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