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Islamic Law: Dutch woman on holiday is ARRESTED after she is RAPED in Qatar #FreeLaura #BanSharia


In Muslim countries, rape victims are at fault. Islamic law. Any Western woman who vacations in a Muslim country risks sharia enforcement.

What is galling is that Texas public schools are accepting funding from Qatar to push Islam, sharia and Arabic.

A Free Laura campaign is gaining traction on social media.

An online campaign has been launched to free a Dutch woman in Qatar who was arrested for having sex outside of marriage after reporting that she had been raped.

Speaking to Doha News, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the woman was arrested and is expected to face charges of fornication as well as an alcohol-related offense.

She’s been identified in Dutch media as Laura.

The defendant is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Ahead of the hearing, hundreds of people on Twitter are calling for her release under the hashtag #FreeLaura.

laura rape victim

Note BBC’s use of the word “claim.” Sharia media.

“Dutch woman arrested in Qatar after making rape claim,” BBC, June 10, 2016:

A Dutch woman is being detained in Qatar on suspicion of adultery after she told police she had been raped.

The 22-year-old, who was on holiday, was drugged in a Doha hotel and woke up in an unfamiliar flat, where she realised she had been raped, her lawyer says.

She was arrested in March on suspicion of having sex outside of marriage. She is due to appear in court on Monday.

The alleged rapist is also being held, but says the sex had been consensual.

A Dutch foreign ministry spokeswoman said the woman, who she named as Laura, had been arrested but not yet been charged.

“We have provided assistance to her since the first day of detention. For the sake of the defendant’s case we will not make further comments at this point,” the Dutch embassy said in a statement.
‘Great horror’

The woman had gone dancing at a hotel in Doha where alcohol was allowed, “but when she returned to the table after the first sip of her drink… she felt very unwell” and realised she had been drugged, her lawyer Brian Lokollo told Dutch broadcaster NOS-Radio1.

Her next memory was waking up in an unfamiliar apartment where she “realised to her great horror that she had been raped,” Mr Lokollo added.

The woman may also be charged with an alcohol-related offence, news website Doha News reported.

It is an offence to drink alcohol or be drunk in public in Qatar, although alcohol is allowed at certain hotels and expatriates can obtain a permit for purchasing alcohol.

In 2013, a Norwegian woman in neighbouring United Arab Emirates was given a 16-month prison sentence for perjury, extramarital sex and drinking alcohol after she told police she had been raped.

She was later pardoned and allowed to return to Norway.

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  • Y’know, I can;t feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to vacation in a Mooslim country.

    Okay, start attacking me… but anyone who does, until the disease called Islam is cured, is a fool.

    Remember, I didn’t write she DESERVES it, just I don;t pity her stupidity.

    • berserker

      These people are the victims of the “all cultures are equal” dogma.

      • Robbydot1

        They were born with brains and as clearly all cultures aren’t equal it doesn’t take too much to figure that out.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Actually, I agree w/berserker now. Just think the kind of indoctrination this young Dutch woman has been subject to in the Netherlands and look at the unbelievable persecution Geert Wilders, a PM, has faced for politely telling the ugly truth about i-slam. The lie that islam is a religion of peace is practically the law of the land.

    • skipsart

      Most of us agree with you completely

    • Ajay

      why would anyone attack you for speaking the truth dude?

  • Fred

    I hope Laura makes a full recovery and gets out of that hell hole.

    That being said, I can think of numerous other places to vacation.

    The South Bronx would have been a better choice.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Toronto, Ontario, Canada would have been better.

      • paul

        There are muslims there as well. Rape-u-gees

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Just like disease, they’re everywhere.

    • Mark Steiner

      I find North Dakota an agreeable place, believe it or not. My avatar is on a drill site in western ND two years ago. No one arrested me for not being sharia-compliant on that rig!

    • CC1980

      East Los Angeles or south-side Chicago would be better choices than Qatar!

      • Fred

        So would Detroit, MI, Baltimore, MD
        or Camden, NJ

  • Lawman45

    We just erased Qatar, Dubai, UAE, and so forth from our travel “bucket list”. For the middle east, we have to be satisfied with cosmopolitan Israel.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That is the sensible thing to do, muslims can tour other muslim gutters.

      • Save Europe

        Strangely, the only decent country in the Mid East is Oman. Not one case of terrorism there, ever. Drinking allowed, and gay men are tolerated for so many decades. Not that I particularly have a passion for LBGT rights, but I guess, that the fact they don’t threaten or kill gay men shows they are tolerant. Why? Possibly because they’re neither Sunni or Shia mental – they’re ibadi. Two years ago a Saudi salafii cleric entered the country, in an attempt to radicalise an extremely small Sunni community in the north. Within 45 mins the Omani intelligence services had payed a visit to his hotel room, beat him up, told him – no radical Islamists allowed here, and chucked him on a plane, outbound.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          If only there were more like them. Very well done.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          It’s such a great place it enforces islamic blasphemy, heresy and apostasy laws:

          Oman has a legal instrument that could be used to punish both
          blasphemy and apostasy. Article 209 of Oman’s Penal Code punishes with
          a term of imprisonment of between ten days and three years, or a fine
          between five to five hundred Omani Riyals (approximately US$13 to
          $1,300) an individual who commits the following acts: (1) publicly
          blasphemes God or the prophet Mohamed, (2) commits an affront to
          religions and faiths by spoken or written word, or (3) breaches the
          peace of a lawful religious gathering.[56]

          Under Law 32 of 1997 on Personal Status, rules of Islamic Sharia’a
          on matters concerning inheritance and the validity of the marriage of a
          non-Muslim spouse apply.[57]

        • Vivarto

          Very interesting.
          I have never heard about Ibadis
          You are saying that they are civilized Muslims? Sounds like oxymoron, but I’ll try to research.

    • Mark Steiner

      If there is a reasonable chance you may “kick the bucket” visiting Islamistan, remove this place from the bucket list and avoid … Israel would be better, anyway.

    • joe1429

      As a catholic, just bought my first israeli savings bond, to support the jewish state

  • Mahmet

    The suppression of info related to the truth of sharia and the misogyny of Islam causes these poor fools to believe they can report rape and not be the one arrested! People go there on vacation because the truth is suppressed and they are ignorant of the reality!

    • Dravaa

      yes, good point – this is what happens when the truth is suppressed by the msm.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The truth isn’t only suppressed by the msm, it’s law enforcement, it’s our judiciary, it’s our legislators, it’s our “educational” system.

  • spacearcadian

    She didn’t remain at arm’s lenght distance of muslims. Merkel and the cologne’s mayor Henriette Rekel (a woman herself) suscribe also this, so she is guilty, sorry. You westerners should learn to behave morally

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Yes she was dancing and drinking alcohol so obviously she deserved it didn’t she?

      • ljm4

        in the eyes of a sharia compliant world yes. They want to make the entire world sharia compliant. Oh boy, won’t that be fun.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I won’t get to enjoy it for long, I know the penalty for daring to criticise i-slam or its holey prophet.

    • Dravaa

      She DID remain at arm’s length distance, so even that argument is absurd.
      THEY are the ones who drugged her and raped her so THEY are the ones who should learn to behave morally.
      Even their own “laws” make no sense, and have no morality.
      That’s the problem.
      They pretend they are so moral, “the best of people” and they tell themselves that 5 times a day, but they are really less than amoral – they are immoral. They murder, maim, rape, steal, plunder, destroy others’ property, and since they think they’re doing it all for Allah it’s moral. It’s not. They think covering themselves in yards of fabric, memorizing a book of gibberish, and farting into their neighbors’ faces on their prayer mats 5 times a day is what morality is all about. They are woefully inadequate.

  • jacquesssabena

    You don’t need to go to the Middle East to be sexually assaulted by Muslims: just invite them into your own country. Breaking news from Britain (June 11) – four Syrian “refugees” have repaid that country’s generosity in giving them sanctuary from their self-created hellhole by sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl in a park in Newcastle. Unsurprisingly, they are pleading “not guilty”. Savages. We are led to believe that somehow Syrians are a special case, but they are no different from other Arab Muslims. During the outrageous and unacceptable overreaction to the cartoons in the Danish newspaper, no country in the Muslim world was more violent than… Syria. Protesters incandescent with rage attacked and set fire to the Danish and Swedish Embassy. I wonder if any of them are now among those seeking Europe’s protection??

    • Dravaa

      All of them.

    • Logic PrObe

      Syria’s population seems to have double in the last 12 months!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, but that would only be their muslum population.

        • Logic PrObe

          Everybody wants to be Syrian!
          It’s the in thing.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    What kind of f’ing retard goes on holiday in a muslim state?

    • Logic PrObe

      Unbelievable, isn’t it?

    • william carr

      Down voted for your crass and offensive comment. It is an indication of the types of people who read here that you got 21 votes!

      • movingwaters

        He has 29 and counting. You are minus one.

        I am completely capable of loving the people trapped in that hellish religion, and having a great desire that they know Christ. But if a young woman gets lured by the wealth and glitter of Qatar and imbibes alcohol, someone holding Quranic beliefs is probably going to spike her drink, rape her, and call it spoils of war. It’s in their “holy” book. That said, many people on this site will be signing petitions and making phone calls to secure her release. That’s just the kind of people Pamela Geller’s blog attracts. Try to just accept the fact that not everybody is willing to be a Progressive leftard who worships the idolatry of Political Correctness, and keeps their head stuck well up their behind.

      • Robbydot1

        31 now, including one from me.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Why don’t you FO to Qatar then sunshine? Or any muslum state? Try wearing a kippa or crucifix prominently while you’re there.

    • bargogx1

      She’s not a retard, she’s a victim of brainwashing.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        You’re probably right too. It’s not like she ever read/saw/heard the ugly truth about i-slam (spit) in the Netherlands (Geert Wilders not withstanding).

    • NYgal

      More than you think.

    • paul

      a pelosi type

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is absolutely no reason for anyone for any reason to cross the border into an islamic country. They are at best subhuman ignorant creatures who’s focus is on violence and their genitals. Do not go to any islamic country, under any circumstance. They are good places to deport muslims to, that is about it.

  • billrowland

    Nuke the place into a giant glass parking lot

  • ljm4

    Anybody who does business with them is assisting the continuation of abuse. Anybody who wants to visit Arab countries deserve what they get for their stupidity. It’s not like what happens isn’t expected from the average perverted moslem.

  • jacquesssabena

    Unfortunately for the civilised world, by a freak of nature most of the planet’s oil reserves ended up under deserts populated by some of the world’s most backward people blindly following an absurd “religion” unchanged from the seventh century. Mentally they have changed little, although obscenely rich. Were it not for oil, they would still be riding around on camels and the civilised world wouldn’t give them the time of day.

    • Richard

      I’m not so sure most of the planet’s oil isn’t in Alaska. It has for a very long time been a bi-partisan strategy of our government to use up the rest of the world’s oil while sitting on our own. A second part of that strategy is to lie to the citizens of this country about exactly how much oil we really have.

      A fascinating book is “The Energy Non-Crisis”, by Lindsey Williams.
      The book was a little hard to find, but I found a used copy. I think there may be a You-Tube Video of Reverend Williams speaking to the book also.

      This book speaks for itself…so listen to the startling facts it reveals…
      “After only one week on the North Slope of Alaska, Senator Chance had said to me, ‘Almost everything said to me [about the energy crisis] by those briefers from Washington D.C. was a lie.’ ”

      “[After proving the find at Gull Island an ARCO executive] went on to say, ‘Chaplain, America has just become energy independent!”…The energy crisis had just come to a screeching halt – this ought to hit the front page of every newspaper in America….but before an announcement was made the government forced them to cap it and seal the records which document the find…WHY?!”

      “At that point I decided it was time for somebody to tell this story…of a scandal greater than Watergate!”

  • Dravaa

    Muslim-majority countries are lunatic asylums. How many examples do people need before they stop treating Muslim-majority countries as normal countries to “visit”? They enter at their own risk.

  • Save Europe

    This is sadly not the first time. There was an incident where an Australian woman, if I recall, was drugged by two of her colleagues in an Emirates hotel, in which they all worked – was raped, and imprisoned. This was several years ago. Firstly, and I hope the Dutch and Geert Wilders will kick up all merry hell. For me Dubai et cetera in that part of the Mid East are so faux – pretending to modern and western, but as Islamic puritanical as hell, just like Saudi Arabia.

  • Mark Steiner

    Taking my Bible into Saudi Arabia is not welcome. Otherwise I might be working there in the oil industry … then again, I would be contributing to the well being of Middle East perverted leaders that have wallowed in petrodollars to our detriment – and shut down the fine efforts of shale oil drillers here. America should be energy independent but we need leadership to remove the shackles of Islamic petroleum and treasonous American internationalists – presidents included – a curse on this nation since at least 1973. I dare to hope …

  • Tatonka

    Dumb bitch went down in a rattle snake pit and wonders why she got bit….stupid c”nt!!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      She was young, dumb and brainwashed, hopefully she’s learnt something about i-slam from this experience, but I doubt it.

  • JasonRMJ

    and this is why Islamic Countries are intolerant….

  • Only in a F****D up MUSLIME country can a victim be charged for having sex outside of marriage!! If these POS MUSLIME INVADERS try that here, they need to be dealt with post haste and extreme prejudice!!

  • Vivarto

    This 22 year old woman probably went to a high school, then college where her teachers were lying to her about Islam. It is not really her fault.
    Additionally media and politicians also lie.
    How could she know?
    I do feel sorry for her. And I feel desperate about our education, media and lying cowardly politicians.

  • George Macdonald

    Will be like this in the west soon ,women jailed for being raped ,circumsized ,have to wear blanket .she really knows what that will be like . You get what you deserve .

  • rlwieneke

    Yet another reason to KILL all Muslims.

  • william carr

    Whilst having the utmost sympathy for her plight and the ‘assault’. Is she completely out of the loop regarding what goes on in this Muslim states? What single women would go on holiday in countries where single women without a male protector is regarded as fair game?

    • Robert Batchelor

      Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. And, on top of that, to be so naive to report her rape to the authorities there rather than waiting till she got back home.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It just goes to show how brainwashed she was. Like the Australian idiot she figured the i-slamic justice system is just the same as it is back home except more exotic with flying carpets and handsome, suave sheikhs.

      • gataheart

        Probably knocked her silly. They have no “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” spiritual guidance we. And their ‘laws?’ ..encourage and abet.

        It’s a shame on ‘Christianity’ that the same happens here. Our King, Jesus, will soon remove all “wicked” ones. PSALMS 37:9,10

  • Peter Joffe

    No – – the tragedy is that an innocent woman has been changed forever by barbaric, men who cannot get sex other than by rape or terrorism. Islam is sick and sex mad. Rape is terrorism. To all people especially women, do not go to barbaric Muslim countries. Ban travel to Muslim countries as it is not worth the risk.

  • Drew the Infidel

    What else is new?

  • Marcus Tectus

    A parallel to the case of Australian Alicia Gali in UAE 2008. Alicia walked into a Sharia court like a lamb to the slaughter, expecting Western justice. Unable to produce 4 male witnesses (!) to her rape, she was charged with fornication and sentenced to a year in prison (serving 8 months). The Australian embassy appeared powerless to help.
    Expect an equivalent sentence for the hapless Laura.

    Western governments should use their travel advisories to alert women travelling to Islamic countries. Every Islamic regime needs a warning attached:
    “If raped or sexually molested, do NOT report it to police NOR any government authority. Under Islamic law, the Sharia, you will likely be imprisoned, even if not at fault. Exit the country as quickly as possible with minimum fuss.”

  • ssgpackingheatglock

    Stay the heck out muslim countries.

  • Badger

    Why do people go to these awful places for a holiday? Why do they risk their freedom and even their lives in these barbaric states?

    I doesn’t lessen the horror of what is happening to this poor woman, but surely, women particularly, should stay well clear of islamic countries?

  • Ron rockit

    Another naive European. I hope she gets out of the lovely arab country.

  • Anne_weiss

    Saudi and Isarelis get the maximum support from US government and both are criminal regime . Saudi foster hateful Takfiri ideology that incites people to kill . Israel is an apartheid racist state engaged in illegal occupation for years.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      FO lying muslum scumbag. Israel is the only decent, freed state in the entirety of the muslum cesspool called the rest of the Mid-East and N. Africa.
      Long live Israel. Long live Armenia. Death to islam.

  • Robbydot1

    WTF was the silly cow doing in Qatar?

  • Guest

    I don’t mean to imply that this poor woman deserved to be raped. Nobody does, man child or woman, but why does any non muslim visit these Muslim countries…with as much news about sharia laws in those countries women, or anyone, for that matter,should know better. Everyone should quit going to Muslim countries and any non Muslims there should just leave….Don’t spend any money there and no governments should send any foreign aid.stop buying their oil..Never let them in to any non muslim country and just watch them dry up. Am I being too harsh, racist, islamophobic? Or just being sensible ? Some thoughts please.

  • joe1429

    The muzrats got the whole system rigged against ANY woman. I pray for her. There needs to be a national campaign, by the west, if they had the balls, for women not to vacation there at all. Hit them in the tourist dollars

  • paul

    why was she there alone? A muslim with a date rape drug, and its her fault.
    She should have had better parents but a liberal education causes stupidity

  • Martelson

    Big mistake to go on holiday to any Islamic nation.

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