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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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AUDIO: Eyewitness confirms Muslim migrants raped, urinated in mouth of special needs five-year-old Idaho girl


When I first posted this story a couple of days back (one of the first to do so), the left reacted viscerally and viciously saying it was not so.

On 2 June, 2016 a five-year old girl with special needs was playing outside her home at the Fawnbrook Apartments in Twin Falls, Idaho when she was taken by knife point to the shared laundry facilities on the premises by three boys from two refugee families, ages 13, 9, and 8 years old who sexually assaulted and urinated on her.

According to the victim’s mother, a trusted neighbor discovered her daughter with the three boys. Her clothes had been stripped off by the boys who were also naked and the 13 year old had a phone which allegedly held video of the incident. The mother and father of the victim promptly arrived on the scene after being alerted by the neighbor.

The video on the phone displayed the sexual assault of the five year old girl according to the father who viewed it, and reportedly shows the older boy coaching the younger ones during the assault and attempted rape of the little girl as well as urinating in her mouth and over her body as they pinned her against a wall.

Now that it has been confirmed, crickets are chirping in barbarian newsrooms nationwide. Apparently raping and urinating in the mouth of a special needs 5-year-old is not nearly as egregious as identifying the perps — Muslim migrants.

The mother of the victim has also reported receiving threats from two young Muslim men, who told her they will come after her if she pursues this matter with the police.

Enemedia are focusing on erroneous minutiae to divert attention from the horrifying reality. They weren’t Syrian and there was possibly no rape. But there are eyewitnesses that there was sexual assault and that Muslim migrants were the perpetrators. These loudly trumpeted claims of error never denied the fundamental aspects of the story. Clearly there is a coverup going on, intended to keep Americans ignorant and complacent about the dangers of the migrant influx.

The story got not play from the media until they thought they had a nit to pick. Then they descended like locusts. Tells you all you need to know about their malevolent agenda.

No, Syrian refugees didn’t rape a child in Idaho: Rightwing urban …
Salon7 hours ago

No, Syrian refugees didn’t rape a child in Idaho:
Here’s the thing. No one cares of these Muslim migrants are from Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan — no more Muslim immigration from jihad nations.


This photo was taken by a Twin Falls activist outside the city’s juvenile detention center showing family of boys who allegedly stripped and assaulted a 5-year-old girl while an older boy filmed them. Two of the suspected Muslim boys were from Sudan, the other from Iraq.

“AUDIO: Eyewitness confirms allegations that migrants raped five-year-old Idaho girl,” Rebel Media June 21, 2016:

A five-year-old girl raped by Muslim migrant boys in America and the mainstream media’s first instinct is to dismiss the story and label local residents racist bigots and “Islamophobes”? The “don’t ask, don’t tell” doctrine on the refugee file is becoming painfully routine— but, playing politics over the alleged rape of a five year would seem unethical and indefensible. And yet, this week, that is exactly what happened.

News out of an apartment complex in Twin Falls, Idaho:

A five-year-old girl sexually assaulted in a laundry room by two refugee boys as a third boy looked on, filming the attack.

An eighty-nine-year-old neighbour saw suspicious activity and approached the area to become eye witness to what can only be described as a fearful scene.

Immediately, local papers rushed to discredit the story as false claims being spread to incite anti-refugee sentiment.

And their narrative was bolstered the County Prosecutor who said there had been no Syrians, no knife, and no gang-rape.

Well, just because the mainstream media was unwilling to follow up, doesn’t mean we here at The Rebel were about to ignore or downplay the broader allegations at the heart of this story.

After one news outlet published the name of the alert eighty-nine year old who became eye witness to the alleged incident, I gave that woman, Jolene Payne, a call.

WATCH my exclusive report about the incident and my conversation with Jolene Payne.

According to Ms. Payne’s account, there were three naked migrant boys in the laundry room with the naked five year old girl, who was covered in urine, and a fourth migrant boy stood outside filming the attack, which was what drew her to the scene.

Ms. Payne does not know where the boys are from specifically but confirmed they were from migrant families.

To be sure, according the the U-S State Department’s Refugee Processing Centre, Twin Falls Idaho has received over three hundred migrants from Iraq and over one hundred and sixty Sudanese migrants, while Idaho has received just shy of sixty Syrian migrants since war broke out there in 2011.

Ms Payne, a former nurse, told me she had seen a lot in her long life but nothing like this. Ms. Payne also told me there was no knife involved, but that people might be confused because of another event in Twin Falls not long ago, which involved another migrant boy who pulled a knife on another little American girl.

Ms Payne, referred to as “Grandma Jo” by the neighbourhood children, answered all my questions with consistency and a confident recollection of the facts. Her story did not sway.

There was only one question I had left:

Was there any evidence the five year old girl had been raped? Here’s what she told me:

Payne: Her dad and mother told me. And I told them, “Okay.” Yeah, that’s what they said at the hospital.

Goldy: So, the father and the mother told you that the little five-year-old girl had been raped?

Payne: Yeah, ‘cos they took her to the hospital in the ambulance and she was checked.

According to Ms Payne’s account, doctors told this little girl’s parents their five-year-old daughter had been raped.

As stated in Islam’s Holy Book, the Quran, a woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a man’s and a woman needs four witnesses to prove a rape occurred. Often times, in Muslim countries, rape victims are found to be at fault.

But here in North America, we aren’t ruled by Sharia law.

And, despite bleats from the Left, there is no rape culture in the West. In America, rapists are charged, tried, and convicted based on evidence and the rule of law.

In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, political correctness concealed the shooter’s Islamist motives and left the gay community in the dark. I pray, in the wake of the Idaho attack, political correctness does not obscure real rape culture to leave this little girl re-victimized, but brings her migrant attackers to justice so that they might never re-offend.

(NOTE: This isn’t the first time I’ve had to follow up on dismissed allegations of child abuse where the perpetrators were Muslim migrant children — I did so in Halifax earlier this year.)

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  • joe smith 323

    either the left will have a million excuses for this or they’ll pretend it didnt happen

    • Tavor Brown

      The ny times said it did not happen.

      • JSebastian

        The NY times is a commie rag.

      • ruthy k


        • joe1429

          Pravda is more accurate than the ny slimes

      • bob434

        I’d like to see the NYT tell that to the face of the father and mother of the little girl who was brutally raped!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          To sell another newspaper, they would do it on national t.v, then take away her candy.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        With the greatest of pleasure I look forward to the nyt’s bankruptcy.

    • MattBracken

      The cure.

      • David C. Telliho

        I wus thinkin, a nice quiet,discreet 22 CBee. Ur cure would do nicely .

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Yes, at the distances involved, they will do very nicely.

          • David C. Telliho

            Now,this evening,I see on Drudge, these tender young animals have been released.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Why pay to feed them? Welfare should be enough. It is not as if anyone is going to do anything about it anyway, other than sweep it under the prayer rug like every other muslim atrocity. They will probably be invited to the white mosque to talk about multiculturalism.

          • David C. Telliho

            You`re probably right.One positive aspect,is that now they can experience justice. If there are any fathers around who also are men.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, depending on how long commercials are in ball games, and what justice can be dispensed with a t.v remote control, maybe.

          • David C. Telliho

            If we could judge by the comments here, there should be a lottery. That`s a big “if we could”. It seems like many I know,have lots of lip service, then the latest sports scores. So far,where I live,we haven`t had a problem. But with news censored as it is, we probably have a false sense of security. Myself, I ‘carry’ 24/7 & I see no reason to change my habit.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If any one did anything, I would be utterly amazed. If more people followed your example of “carrying” the chances of having to use a gun would be minimal.

          • David C. Telliho

            I`ll be heading to my shop to listen to the shortwave radio. Visit later. Thank you just for being you. I agree, an armed society is a polite society.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There is nothing that brings reality home to a criminal, more, than looking at the business end of a gun, then seeing the eyes of someone who is prepared to use it.

          • David C. Telliho

            I only drew mine once,last yr. Our neighbor`s wife came to our house beating on the door,in a panic. I saw her at the door,while opening it,I drew the gun thinking someone was after her. It was nothing of the sort.Her husband was changing oil in his P.U. & it fell on him. He`s OK now,but had 6 broken ribs&crushed arm. I got my floor jack&ran to their place&got truck off him. She nor my wife never saw the gun in my hand,I kept it out of sight. Pryor to that,I`ve never had to draw a weapon&always been able to talk someone into co-operating. I`ll be 70 this fall. I`ve carried since I was 18. I ramble. I bid you good evening & already looking forward to our next visit. David

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is how it should be, having a gun, but not needing it, rather than needing a gun and not having it. Thanks.

      • joe smith 323

        are you the real Matt Bracken?

        you were on fire the other day on Alex Jones. it was a great show.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If you freeze the “raw material” it chips very nicely.

  • Pam Neufeld

    welcome to the new islamic state of America, the great caliphate Barrack Hussien obama.

  • ConservativeMe

    Do you think “moderate” muslims believe “moderate” INFIDELS exist?…


    ONLY ONE group is at war with the entire infidel world and it’s name is islam and there is NO such things as “lone wolves” or “copycats” in a “religion” whom’s STRICT ideology looks exactly like slavery & terrorism itself, some groups may not get along with each other and most have respect and tolerance but no one is trying to kill anyone EXCEPT for islamic muslims who kill infidels in their own countries.

    Isis, Al qaeda, boko haram, etc. , are the creations of muslims and merely ANOTHER form of islam on steroids but muslims don’t like getting the EXACT intolerance they’ve given us infidels for CENTURIES on a daily basis and “moderates” keeps infidels quiet by decrying speaking about islamic terrorism instead of decrying islamic terrorism itself UNJUSTLY denying citizens of their GOD & CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to FREE SPEECH in our own free nation…

    All cultures are NOT equal and to say that you respect a culture like islam who bases their entire ideology & laws on rape, molestation , pedophilia and torture is to say that you respect the atrocities that it perpetrates. They can call themselves, al qaeda, boko haram, isis, obama, devout, moderates, etc., the COMMON DENOMINATORS are ALWAYS islam, the quran & sharia which violates our Constitution and should not be practiced on American soil. islam’s culture is not equal to all others and is INCAPABLE of coexisting with CIVILIZED societies. There’s groups that disagree but is still tolerant and peaceful EXCEPT FOR islam and is THE ONLY one killing infidels in their OWN COUNTRIES, PERIOD. islam should be BANNED from our infidel nation of AMERICA because their sharia & ideology CANNOT COEXIST with our CONSTITUTION,…

  • JSebastian

    Expel all foreign nationals. They can leave or die, their choice.

    • dad1927

      start with obola. He came as a foreign exchange student

  • Catti

    “But here in North America, we aren’t ruled by Sharia law”

    Hate to break it to you Pam… but everything the Islamedia and Islamofascist politicians do these days is governed by Sharia law. The very fact that rapes by Islamic males are covered up here proves it. Under Sharia law, rape victims are held at fault while the assailants have the right granted by Allah to do whatever they like, to whomever they like. They’re even permitted to rape newborn infants, in which case it’s the infant’s fault for “tempting them”. Under Sharia law, Islam rules supreme and the rest of us are either slaves or dead meat. That’s the case here in North America already.

    This incident in Idaho, as with the bullying and assault in Halifax NS, are just the tip of the iceberg. North America is well on its way to becoming a giant Rotherham UK – thanks to the same causes – political correctness and dhimmi compliance with Sharia Law. For every incident that makes the news, there are hundreds being successfully covered up by Sharia compliant police, politicians and the Islamedia.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sadly I’m inclined to agree w/your last sentence. The US government is corrupt and rotten to the core — from the top on down.

      • Catti

        You are correct – but it applies to every Islam-enabling country, especially Canada but also including Germany, the UK, Belgium etc etc etc.

    • MattBracken

      I wish every general, admiral and member of the senior executive service (SES) had this in their in-box every morning when they signed in. In fact, I wish it was their screensaver.

  • Jobg

    Don’t support them stop buying anything Muslim involved they are filthy savages anyways …how’s that fecal matter with your chobani yogurt

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Note the zero figures for attacks by ANY other religion or ‘Islamophobes’.

  • Susieq2u

    So what is going to happen? Nothing? I know what will happen if anything happens to a member of my family or my friend’s families. I am 76 yrs old, I dont need much and I hear the medical care is very good in prison.

    • RJohnston

      If I was on the jury, you’d walk.

  • NickRepublic

    A muslim is a muslim is a muslim. Were these the mythical “moderate” muslims we here so much about? Is this the way the parents (and main influences) of these boys were described to get them “settled” in Twin Falls?

    • Stephen James Sinclair

      Only moderate muslims exist. When these things happen like Orlando, Isis, etc. The “moderates” response is The perpetrators of said crimes are not Muslim because by definition Islam is the religion of peace.

      • Save Europe

        Agreed. Had an argument with a Muslim the other day. ‘Isis aren’t muslims’, he predictably said. I responded – BUT they ARE, and to people like them, you’re NOT a Muslim, as you’re dressed in western clothes, talking to me, a kuffar.’ He had no come back on that specific point. He then tried to use the other very predictable counter argument – ‘all white people aren’t the KKK or EDL supporters.’ Told him it was a terrible comparison. White people are an ethnic group, Muslims are not. Plus the EDL have loads of non white Seikh and Hindu supporters, which he did not realise. Plus of course comparing Isis with the EDL and KKK is insanity in its self. I notice Muslims grasp so hard and badly at straws.

        • sharona

          Is it Europe’s fate you think to suffer major wars from time to time?It’s like they deliberately bring in a corruption to create a thin out the human herd situation and always when there is a big economic downfall.And that poking in Russia’s business won’t do us good either.They’re betting on 2 apocalyptical horses it seems..Migrant flood on one side and agression towards Russia on the other in hopes they will trigger an escalation.Wars are created and we are nothing but numbers.Why on earth would they else create a polarised society by bringing in a culture that stands so far away from ours?I believe though that if Europe would have cherished it’s christian roots and culture more the majority of the people would not have been so blindsided as they are now.The eastern europeans are far more aware then western europeans and their nations are still christian.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        “Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people’s desires.”

        What is a Muslim cleric? The dictionary defines it as a “ulema,” meaning, “Muslim scholars trained in Islam and Islamic law.”

        So now, directly from the mouth of a Muslim scholar trained in Islam and Islamic law, Choudry has confirmed that Islam is NOT a religion of peace. He has confirmed that believers in Islam are required to do what the Quran demands they do…..protect Muhammad at any cost. This includes the beheading and murder of all those who refuse to convert. It means they feel justified in the murder of innocents, even children, who refuse to convert to Islam. How can this be ignored by our leadership? How could it be stated any more clearly? It stands in total conflict to the dialog President Obama and other world leaders continue to push ton their citizens. A continued, misguided belief that puts every individual of the world in dire danger.

        • Roger Baldridge

          The Islamic definition of “peace”
          Is when all infidels have been killed or subdued and the whole world is for allah…….

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Considering that muslims frequently accuse each other of being apostates, there can only be one person earth a muslim. That is the illogical conclusion of jihad, which is absurd to begin with.

    • freebird


      One group is killing – the other is silent.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Well, men of Idaho, do you have balls, or potatoes? Muslims threaten the mother if she pursues the matter, what will you do as the lame stream media police appear to have no interest? Make “tater tots” for the victim? Or, “just wait till there is a commercial in the game, then we’ll see”. Those to whom little has been given, little is expected. That describes contemporary men.

    • Mick60

      Not here in the South.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Watching and waiting.

  • Tabludama

    The operative word in “The Corrupt Liberal Media” is “Corrupt”.

    Liberalism has killed journalism.

  • RJohnston

    Why are these families still alive?

  • joe kulak

    Kill them and piss on their corpses.

    • stevetdc

      Sprinkle pork grease on their vile carcasses.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      The Marines tried that in Afghanistan and they were court-martialed.
      This country is going down the toilet fast.

      • Reuban De Groot

        This is why Obummer is so desparate to get our guns before he leaves. He wants America not to be able to defend herself.
        I will give up my guns lead end first!

  • Common Sense

    Scumbag Obummas America. I hope He suffers at their Hand.

  • 1NJNurse1

    Sick and those covering it up are sick too.

  • freewoman

    that poor little girl! and they have to continue to live as neighbors! I also have a young daughter with special needs, this makes me sick. These boys are asking to get killed with some american vigilante justice.

    • stevetdc

      D sooner D better

    • Mahou Shoujo

      From the lack of response and indifference, this story is merely another atrocity in the daily saga of muslim domination over now it appears to be Americans. A lot of talk, but no action, the lame stream media are orchestrating the response, which is nonexistent, it will soon be forgotten, with the evidence being unacceptable to the government prosecutor who is too stupid to do their job. Sort of a “Loretta Lynch” lite.

      • Robert Batchelor

        The lame stream media may forget about it but I can assure you that will not be the case in Twin Falls, Idaho. It’s a very conservative community. This problem will be addressed.

        • B17G

          I hope the good people of Twin Falls take care of business int he proper manner. Americans are in the process of mobilizing against this islamic invasion. It is going to get hot here in America. There will be blood.

          • freewoman

            I saw a video of texas militias preparing. They were being interviewed by some CAIR or light muslima, who kept calling them hate groups and how hate groups were spreading. We need more militias to protect our daughters, schools, hospitals, etc.

          • B17G

            More are forming everyday.

        • Mick60

          One would hope. I still am of the opinion the police should not have been called out.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So on your planet, rape and assault are not crimes? How are things on uranus?

          • dad1927

            just the militia

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Will believe it when I see it.

    • movingwaters

      I hope that the boys who threatened them if they prosecute will be met with a big gun and very graphic description of what will be done to them if they come any where close to the victim or her family. No doubt this whole story will just hasten the Obama Regime’s determination to get American’s guns. Let’s face it. Quite a few leftards believe 5 year old children benefit from having sex anyway.

      • David C. Telliho

        Just castrate them w/dull knife. Problem solved. Send em home w/their ‘nads’ in a baggy hangin round their necks.

        • freewoman

          i’d stuff their balls down their throat

          • David C. Telliho

            Our fearless native Americans had an interesting little trick. When they wanted to cover up their removal of(to them)an undesirable, they would “field dress” the victim,fill the body cavity w/rocks,sew it closed, & sink it. It was said that they stayed down for a long time. Can`t remember where I ran across that tidbit. Another I found in the book “Unintended Consequences”, the hero dismembered his victims,&fed them to hogs. The heads went into dumpsters behind grocery stores. Buried in the garbage,spoiled food,etc. . For novelty reading only.

        • londo

          Dull knife? Isn’t this what shotguns are for?

          • David C. Telliho

            Well I can`t afford anesthetic, but perhaps your solution involving major surgery w/shotgun would be fun too.

  • Trevor Fortune

    Pamela, your blog is subtitled “covering the news the media won’t.” I think you have to change that to “covering the news while the MSM just covers up.” If Clinton somehow rigs the election outcome you can kiss America goodbye. Might be time to seek Japanese citizenship I think.

  • stevetdc

    The illegal muslim immigrants that sneak into Israel do much the same thing, only there many citizens are armed and they are far fewer incidents. They are subhumans that have been infected by the deadly islamovirus which causes violent outbursts and suicidal & genocidal behavior. No known cure other than high velocity ammo- one in the pie hole (or pita hole in this case).

  • Clark Kent

    Coming to a neighborhood near you. Actually hopefully not. Actually, deport them.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re probably right, i-slam is a cancer that metastasizes and spreads.

    • Mick60

      No. ‘Disappear them’.

  • joe1429

    If i was on the scene, with those boys, they would be resting comfortably….. in the Hospital

    • Dorrie

      If I had been at the scene, they’d be resting 6 feet under. I’m a woman and more of a man than you!

      • skipsart

        Bull dyke huh? I doubt it so don’t attack Joe. He wants the same justice that you seek. These muslims should be your target, not Joe.

      • joe1429

        And you would be in jail. By the way, i dont need the nasty comments

        • Frank Castle

          Not if you do it right.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        From the response to this latest “incident” apparently, as soon as there is a commercial during the “game” there will be some grunts of disproval from what describes itself as “men”. Giggle, sure they are,

      • Mahou Shoujo

        To quote a phrase ” You are more of a man then they are, and more of a woman than they will ever have”.

    • gataheart

      you’re too kind.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Poor girl, she’s going to be warped for life because of this.

  • Frank Castle

    I wish a hypothetical patriot could contact this family via payphone, get the appropriate information to confirm where the perps live and wish this person could put them all, children to adults, 6 feet under. Yes, this would be appropriate justice and would send a message to the rest, don’t #uck with Americans!!!!

    • B17G

      A stitch in time saves nine – sending the right message to these muzz in Idaho could maybe make a lot of other muzz think twice.

  • Robert Batchelor

    I think we could use some old fashioned western justice here. It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Rob Porter

    Something very sick has descended on North American and the West. The media covers for and lies about the criminal acts if Muslims and those who reveal the truth about the criminal acts are discredited and vilified. It’s as the Western media, now devoid of morals and moral code, has been lobotomized. You can include most politicians in that category.

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Oh right, they were from Sudan and Iraq, so no problem.


    • RetiredNavyphotog

      No doubt “orphans.”

      • dad1927

        their dad high 5’ed them after they did it

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The way the lame stream media pissses on its foot, then tries to say it meant to do that, continues to validate the deserved contempt and ridicule that defines it today.

  • Funkasaurasrex

    Time to sharpen my field axe. It will be a good addition as it can sever hands, arms and legs with ease. Shooting? Too good for these scholars. Bleeding out, Halal style, will be pleasing to watch.

  • B17G

    Start fighting Islam in the US now – dont wait America – Europe was passive and has been lost. In the US this Islamic subversion by our government will be countered. It will not be like Europe here in America. This will continue to happen, the authorities will lie and cover it up every time, Islam will receive special protection from the government. There is no Fking around America, it’s time NOW.

    • ljm4

      The media has been denying the hijrah for at least 10 years. EVERY congress member knows what’s up. They just are being _PC to a fault. So many people understand that the bamster imposed new more strict RoE just to confound our military. There’s not one thing gone wrong Barry didn’t have his finger stuck in it.

      • B17G


  • cheeseburger

    Obama will pretend it never happened.

    • ljm4

      He approves of said behavior or he WOULD stop the refugee flow; he hasn’t and THAT proves his real desire to dissolve America into a 3rd world heIIhole like his favorite arab nations have been for 1,500 years.

      • Dan Knight

        Bingo … He knows full well the chance of this happening is 100% – and every time it does, he and his media clowns will blame us. The drones only hear blah, blah, blah, racist, Islamophobia, bigots, America … and that’s it.

        These cases stoke his followers, and incite hatred for Americans. Frustrating and crazy, but true. Their ‘gang’ commits crimes – so they hate us.

    • dad1927

      NO! It will be we need more gun control

  • Where is the outrage over this savage assault by the liberal left???? Where is the media coverage??? Their deafening silence protects the Islamist perpetrators who are terrorizing free societies worldwide with their sharia compliant barbarity.

  • Bo Honk

    If Obama had three sons…

  • Save Europe
  • Richard

    I find it ironic that when the savages want in they’re all Syrian – the flavor of the day; but when they commit crimes all of a sudden it’s islamophobic to identify them as Syrian. I guess Sharia says Muslims can have their cake and eat it too.

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US shut down all mosques for ever. Don’t forget
    when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing in
    the streets worldwide !

  • gataheart

    Luke 12:49-56
    49 “I came to start a fire” ..
    50 “I have a baptism” ..
    51 “I came to give ..division” ..
    52 “there will be ..five ..divided” ..
    53 “divided ..
    father against son
    son against father
    mother against daughter
    daughter against mother
    mother-in-law against daughter-in-law
    daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”
    54 “A storm is coming.”
    56 “Hypocrites! why do you not know how to examine this particular time?”

    God’s WAR to cleanse HIS EARTH ..HIS UNIVERSE! ..of His arch-enemy comes God-Speed. Choosing ‘sides’ is happening NOW!

  • Mick60

    The cops should not have been called. Better those savages just ‘disappeared’. Our towns probably should have a ‘quick reaction force’ that can act swiftly, efficiently, and discreetly. Law enforcement has their hands tied by corrupt courts.

  • BoWhetstone
    even 5 year olds need to carry personal protection in Obama’s transformed america

    • Dan Knight

      The fine print is funny too. … Had the 5 year old resisted with a hair pin, the headline would have been ‘Islamophobe stabs boys.’

      The Leftists would then demand hairpin registration.

      • BoWhetstone

        LOL actually it is allready written into an executive order that no towelhead be poked with hair pin dipped in bacon grease

  • Luigi Valentino

    There’s a special place in fvcking HELL for the police and city council of Twin Falls. Martial Law will be implemented very soon if atrocities like this continue. The people will also stand their ground. Legally these boys could have been shot in the head by a citizen packing.
    You are permitted to use deadly force, with no duty to retreat, if you are attempting to stop someone from murdering you or another person in Idaho. The boys had the little girl at knife point.
    I would have sent them to meet Allah and the 72 virgins.

    • Aaron

      Well, then the dad is in prison and the mother and daughter are left alone to deal with it all daily by themselves. As hard as it is, the dad (if he’s a decent guy) made the better choice–to suck it up and not leave his family.

  • BTampa

    I don’t understand why those three “boys” survived an encounter with that girl’s parents. Personally, I would have killed them all and let a jury decide whether I was wrong.

    • Steamroller

      Yeah, the Dad needs to do something about this if the cops won’t. I don’t think I could have waited this long. We all need to call the city “leaders”!

      • BTampa

        Should have done it right there on the spot. Much easier case for the defense attorney that way.

  • Steamroller

    I have tweeted my dissatisfaction to Salon writers and others. Won’t help I know but once this pot boils over we know who was stoking the fires of hate! TRUMP 2016 !

  • Arizona Gunowner

    Sadly, Milosivec (spelling?) had it right in Yugoslavia.
    You cannot live when there are barbarians living amongst you.
    Rabid dogs have to be put down.

  • Gunner221

    This is just sick. Another reason to stop Muslims from entering this country. They don’t want to change to our way of life. They want us to change to theirs. And Obama supports them. Can’t get rid of him soon enough.

  • Gabriel A. King

    KILL THE INVADERS…. or they WILL rape and murder you. Those are your choices.

  • Dan Knight

    Why does the enemedia lie about the case? Demokkkrats are Pro-Rape. Done.
    Tired of explaining this to haters, racists, and bigots on the Left who refuse to change their minds. Five decades of watching this unfold, and … all we’ve learned is that sometimes a Leftist leaves the Dark Side and comes over to our side.

    The goal of Demokkkrats is to keep us talking and divided – until they win.

  • WarEagle82

    If I were one of these parents, I’d buy a gun and make sure the little monsters KNEW I was pressing charges. And if they showed up on my property, or anywhere near me, I’d defend myself with all necessary force. That would save the state the expense of a prosecution.

    Get armed, get trained and get ready as they are already among us.


  • dad1927

    Hire Israelis for security

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I think Israel needs their people a lot more than the USA.

  • dad1927

    militias preparing

  • Max

    Gee… I’m sure glad the Powers that Be have decided Not to offer entry to persecuted christians from muslim lands. Importing masses of 3d world islamic fruitcakes is Really the way to go! I sure hope the family of that poor little 5 year old girl can obtain enough local and national support, and a good lawyer, to force the authorities to investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. Deportation of all the gimmeegrants would also suit me, but we all know That won’t happen. :(

  • chewinmule

    Well, as Whoopie opined in “defense” of Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. “It’s a culture thang!”

  • 762x51FMJ

    Islam is a learned behavior.
    Hate and fear is its mantra,

    As Madrassas teach hate,
    Mosques instill fear.

  • muslimmustgo

    Every one of these sub human cretins along with their sub human packs “families” should be imprisoned until deported! The sub human can never be changed,its in their DNA!

  • Merchantseamen

    People will have to take “Justice” into their own hands. 25 years ago I all ways said if some creep violated or molested my baby daughter they would not find a lot of him left. He would be alive, but he would never see or walk again. Parts would be missing. I did not care what color or were he was from. I don’t understand the uber left media why they try to cover this stuff up. If the other side gains power don’t they know their time on this earth is very short?

  • Andy

    Do not allow the mainstream Islamofascist media to go about it’s pro-terrorist agenda without response.

  • Andy

    If I were there and could verify that it was 100% true, then the terrorist families would simply disappear.

  • Jo Alex SG

    Thank you so much for denouncing what the mainstream media tries to whitewash, downplay and even hide from us! Sharing all over!

  • Candy Dandy

    My child ever touched by these Muslims, I shoot and chat later ! No bullet is waisted by taking out the enemy ! Your government will not protect you, your kids, your life ! It’s time you protect your selves! Never buy from them, never !

  • David in Israel

    How did these “boys” survive after the Dad discovered them? How many men would be able to stop themselves tearing them limb from limb? HIS PRECIOUS 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!

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