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[ October 21, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Videos and Photos: Protest Hiring Anti-Israel CEO David Myers At Center For Jewish History

[ October 21, 2017 ]

British Police heavily criticized for partnering with terror tied Muslim group to promote Islamic propaganda

[ October 21, 2017 ]

The Not-So-Diplomatic Message of French Diplomacy

[ October 21, 2017 ]

High Islamic Terror Alert UK: POISON GAS WARNING

[ October 21, 2017 ]

SCORES Of Cops Ambushed, KILLED by Muslim Brotherhood-tied Group In Egypt @CAIRNational

[ October 21, 2017 ]

British politicians OUTRAGED, accuse Trump of peddling “fake news” after Trump points to“radical Islamic terror”...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Hizballah militants entered Germany among refugees

[ October 21, 2017 ]

South Dakota: Muslim who brandished guns at Christian event gets 7 months prison with served...

[ October 21, 2017 ]

Daily Mail blames “Islamophobic” Pamela Geller for jihad plot to behead her over “offensive” free...



Facebook has removed my group, Stop Islamization of America, in the wake of the jihad slaughter at a gay nightclub in Florida. We had over 55,000 members. Please politely request reinstatement of our group.

The group has been live since 2010. This is an outrage. Sharia enforcement in the wake of jihad slaughter?

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 3.20.25 PM


From: Facebook <>
To: writeatlas <>
Subject: A Message from Facebook
Date: Sun, Jun 12, 2016 3:15 pm


The group “Stop islamization of America” has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page at

The Facebook Team

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 4.10.03 PM

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Schaps

    Yes, this represents another stage in the deterioration of the USA into a tyrannical, fascist state

    • Trico

      “deterioration of the USA into a tyrannical, fascist state” Not just the USA, it’s everywhere in the Western World.

    • spacearcadian

      there is not place for extremism in our modern world

      • A Muslim did this. A Muslim murdered 50 gays.

        • Trico

          “Islam is a religion of peace” is just a fairy tale.
          Reality proves otherwise over and over…again

      • joe smith 323

        you’re right, there is no place for islam in our modern world.

      • kookooracharabioso

        “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice . . . ” the first Barry as in Goldwater.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Then GTFO, asshole. “The Psychology of Suicide” by Allport is a veritable how-to source.

      • Gene Cleaves

        It certainly has a good toe hold. Maybe you should rethink your platitudes. Perhaps you mean – there should be no place allowed for extremism to stand unopposed.

  • IndigoRed

    Apparently, a live person review countered the shutdown as, Stop Islamization of America, is once again active on Facebook.

  • Social Media and government working hand in hand until the goat rapers finish what they are doing. Will the gay community wake up before it’s too late? Obama and the left and the social media are not your friends. They are covering up the fact that ISIS is not the aberration but rather at the heart of a system of beliefs. The believers will throw you off a roof the first chance they get. Trust Sharia Hillary to import about a million unvetted and unscreened fake refugees from Syria. Each and everyone a practitioner of the world’s most intolerant religion. And in case Orlando did not clue you in–they are intolerant of homosexuality as an article of faith.

    • Trico

      fake refugees from Syria. Most of the fake refugees are not actually from Syria.

    • grimoaldo2

      “Will the gay community wake up before it’s too late?”

      It’s just about the same with the gay community as with every other. The gay community has “spokespeople” who preach the media approved line “this is nothing to do with Islam” “don’t react with anger” etc.
      Quite a few individual gay people are not buying that any more.

      • joe smith 323

        i hope they dont buy it.

      • BigGaySteve

        They have Soros paid gatekeepers and cheerleaders. It took a long time before I realized that STR8 White Church Going Christian Men where not the ones commiting all the gay bashings. When the San Fran Gate published the demographics queens reacted the same as when Geller put up her moslems kill gays ads.

    • Muztard cockroach invasion

      “….before it’s too late?”
      Unfortunately, we are probably beyond that point already.

    • knight

      Islam is not a religion but a system of destruction and death

      • joe smith 323

        probly the truth. dont forget its a system of mooslim supremacy as well.

      • newsies2

        It is a religion. I don’t have a problem calling it one. I have seen many posts, where People insist it is not a religion. Islam and it’s Koran which is the Muslim’s holy book, and from which they take their marching orders, sets the beliefs and culture, politics, and law (Sharia) which carries out the punishments for these religious beliefs. As far as I know, Islamic countries don’t have civil law, like we do in Western countries. Their Sharia Law, is based on their theology and doctrine.

      • kookooracharabioso

        U shall know them by their fruit . . . And it’s a mighty strange fruit indeed. But you can’t keep dogs in the house because they beg for love from angels and bark and snarl at demons.

  • Pamela, when will you learn?

    Instead of begging Zuckerberg for ‘forgiveness,’ come back at him HARD! Expose him and FAKEbook for what they are. Mince no words (as you normally don’t). Why ask (beg) “politely?”

    Zuckerberg suspended my site years ago and instead of begging him, I quit and never looked back.

    If your FAKEbook followers are actually followers, they’ll follow you ON YOUR WEBSITE. Mine did and do.

    And my prose is a LOT stronger than yours.

    • Millionmileman

      Zuckerberg, rhymes with…

      • knight

        Judas best describes them

    • Fakebook Suckerberg

      Hit him HARD with a lawsuit for denying her 1st amendment rights of free speech. Get a lawyer to take the case for a cut of the take. Take a hunk out of Suckherbergs bank account.

      • knight

        Let’s hope Trump gets in and sends them to the cleaners and arrests for supporting terrorism, never to be released.

    • joe smith 323

      hes a globalist

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The only way to do anything with facebook is to stop using it. Anything less is considered support and encouragement for its stupid censorship.

    • True2Self

      Just move.

    • Trico

      “for its stupid censorship” Criminal censorship is more like it. Government, Media and the fake Muslim Brotherhood NGOs conspire to keep the Western World in the dark to the Islamic Jihad that is well been underway. Forewarned is Forearmed and they want us to be neither.

      • coax

        Criminal censorship? Exactly what law have they broken? They’re a private platform and can host whatever content they like on their servers.

        Of course, you are also free to use or not use their shitty service as you please.

        • kookooracharabioso

          When they are the only one of their kind they are a utility. (?) Similar to shutting off electricity or water if your business is on Internet.

          • coax

            Funny, last I checked you could still rent or buy servers and use them for whatever you want on the internet without needing facebook.

            Just because people are stupid and conflate facebook with being the internet in its entirety doesn’t make it true.

          • kookooracharabioso

            Still easier to use most common platform. Also easier at user end especially for new people or those short on time. I don’t use it myself but I understand. Plus the fear factor.

          • TheForgottenTimeZone

            It’s okay. Their time, too, shall pass. I predict the generation now in Kindergarten will look at Facebook like we look at record players and wonder why anyone uses it, particularly when there is now “X” (whatever that may be). And for anyone who thinks Facebook is here to stay, I have one word for you: MySpace.

        • Trico

          I DO NOT use their “service”. You have much to learn. The Media is the only Business specifically mentioned in and protected by the Constitution for the united States. In a Free and Open Society the Media is tasked with the duty and responsibility to report the News to the American People free of Censorship, Government Control and Corporate Stranglehold.

          Feel free to watch and trust your Main Stream Media. I consider the Media’s betrayal of their responsibility to the American People to be criminal. I do not begrudge you your consideration of the Media.

          • coax

            Can’t say I really give them any consideration at all, except for considering Zuckerburg to be vile Orwellian promoter of the ziegenficker invasion.

        • Trico

          coax, please give a listen to this short speech that President John F Kennedy gave 10 days before he was assassinated. Listen to what he says about the Media. In this speech JFK was also warning about the Cabal aka the Secret Government and “a Conspiracy”.
          JFK also warned that ‘a pronounced need for Security will be seized upon…” and that is exactly what happened after 9/11. Americans have been systematically giving up their Freedoms and Privacy in the name of “National Security.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is the case, too many people do not want t hear the truth, the lame stream media facilitates them.

        • Pathfinder0100

          RIGHT!! !! Again–Well done!!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Thank you.

      • BigGaySteve

        I had trouble looking up links to Pam Geller’s posts about the 3 gay jews beheaded while living next door to the boston marathon moslems, the black moslem serial killer of gays in 3 states and the Seattle gay club arson attack on New Years Eve. I had to use the startpage search engine to find them.

    • knight

      And Twitter

    • barney59

      Indeed, stopping your use of this voluntary service is the best exercise of your free market rights.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The only thing that business understands is the bottom line, if there are any changes to be made, that is where they start.

      • kookooracharabioso

        Sky net whoops Facebook is creepy. Targeted ads are creepy. Reading my mail is creepy. Yet my oh so smart device hasn’t basic grammar or common sense and I spend way too much time doing battle with it because it thinks that it can anticipate what I am going to search or where I am actually going. Creepy AND irritating.

        • barney59

          Ahhhh… okay?

        • TheForgottenTimeZone

          Reading about how someone’s last bowel movement was awesome is also creepy. Oversharing in general is just icky. But that’s what Facebook is built upon.

    • joe smith 323

      true, only helping the enemy. will be nice when there are alternative sites that believe in Freedom of Speech

      • Mahou Shoujo

        mewe has potential.

        • joe smith 323

          thanks, ill check it out.

    • Mike E

      I don’t think that will work. Too many use it, and too few care about specific issues. Instead, drown it in negative comments about its censorship, both on Facebook, and elsewhere like Twitter.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        So what would you suggest? Do nothing, encourage facebook to continue its censorship?

    • Debra Caldwell

      And again you are on it!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    How progressive. Does this mean #LoveWins?

  • … this is why brave @PatCondell :-) never ever has a page by censor#1 mark zuckerberg.

    • SameJerkDifferentName

      I love that guy. in a manly heterosexual kind of way

      • Trico

        If there are 2 men and one of them decides to “identify as a female” and they hook up is that a Homosexual or Heterosexual encounter?

        • SameJerkDifferentName

          I like women. As far as what consenting adults do with their naughty bits, I really don’t care.

        • michaelofsydney

          These are the type of questions children will get in kindy soon and parents can expect to be dragged off to a FEMA camp if the kids answer is wrong.

    • Trico

      The Inmates running the Political Asylum are criminalizing criticisms of Islam and Muslims. Germany has started arresting people publicly critical of the Islamic invasion being passed off as a Humanitarian Crisis. TPTB will seek to silence Pat Condell and anyone else that dares speak up.

  • RCQ_92130

    Happy to move off facebook to Twitter. Thx, Pamela.

    • Vlad

      Forget about fakebook, join
      MEWE is NOT for sale to any political power unlike sugerloaf

  • Underzog

    I posted on that jerk Zuckerberg’s home page. I also asked him to put Pamela Geller on his advisory board. And why hasn’t FNC interviewed Pamela Geller when they interviewed Mohammed Jeudi Vasser, M.D.? I haven’t seen Pamela Geller on any of the news networks either.

    • Trico

      Islam has been granted a “Protected Status” against any criticism or negative comments. Such criticism or negative commentary is now actually a criminal offense. They don’t want you to know what’s happening until it’s too late to do anything about it when realization comes upon you.

    • joe smith 323

      dont ask, just delete your FB account. if millions more do it, they will get the message

  • La-La Land

    Unbelievable. They are so on the wrong side of the spectrum it is unreal.

  • Underzog

    I hope the news I read below is true. At least I didn’t call Zuckerberg names in my request

  • peppers1

    vote trump

  • zadok2011


  • Millionmileman

    Lookie here this perp’s employer recently pulled out of Israel as part of the Boycott, Divestment and sanctions against Israel. Known as BDS!

  • unsneakycindy










    • Trico

      The earth is the Devil’s aka Satan’s playground.
      Fill in the blanks: another name for Satan is:
      A l l _ _
      That’s why Satan’s disciples behave as they do and leave Mayhem and Destruction everywhere.

    • Trico

      “GAYS ARE BEATEN” Obama better hope ISIS does not learn of his membership in the Chicago “Down Low Club”.


    Pamela, you have been warning the world for years about the Islamist threat. Maybe now that this horrific shooting has happened, they will finally listen.
    All of us who read your postings must subscribe to, receive her mailings, and send them on to all of your contacts.

  • Trico

    Mark Zuckerberg put up a Facebook page calling for the assassination of Donald trump. Upon receiving complaints Facebook responded that (Zuckerberg’s page) “does not violate our Terms of Service)”;
    If Donald Trump converts to Islam you can bet they’ll remove the page then.

    • joe smith 323

      what would happen if someone put up a similar page calling for assassination of current occupant?

      • Trico

        That “someone” would get a visit from the Secret Service while quietly being cheered.

        • joe smith 323

          and page would be delted by FB faaaaaaaassssst

  • The SOIA GROUP has been removed. The SIOA PAGE still exists (for now). :

    Comparatively though, facebook pages are virtually worthless to groups. Interaction on pages is probably about 75-85% less than in a group.

    Here’s the PAGE:
    (Still there.)

    Here’s a link to the GROUP:
    (Content not found.)

  • husseinovomit

    A disgrace, especially from a nominal Jew. Right off the Bernie Sanders worthless Jew list.

    Screw Schmuckerberg

  • American

    Yes, Sharia is correct Facebook! Now don’t we all feel subdued.
    Thumb down!

  • knight

    Still say everyone who supports freedom needs to leave Facebook and Twitter. This also goes for media that block us. We just need a list of all to avoid giving them support.

    Has to be other sites besides Facebook and Twittter

    Find a new site, and get followers on Twitter, Facebook to inform

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    They don’t want Pamela Geller to ‘exploit this tragedy’. I’ve noticed everyone is talking about this ‘tragedy’. When Lou Gehrig got Lou Gehrig’s disease THAT was tragic. THIS is what is known as MASS MURDER. No number of flags at half mast, candlelight vigils, kumbaya hugfests etc. will make the LEAST bit of difference.

  • knight

    For all on Twitter, Facebook, let all know where to find Pam Gellers site here and dump Twitter, Facebook

  • Noctis Wolf

    Facebook admins have gone full-blown Dhimmi.

  • Rebecca Katzav

    Why do we continue to use Facebook when Mark Zuckerberg is clearly a fascist pig? If we all found alternative means of social networking other than fb wouldn’t that make it better for us?

  • knight

    To me it is the wealth that sides with Islam, Nazis etc and it finds it’s way into the UN and EU

    One can search this who funded Nazism and find the companies and big names. Plenty of write ups and videos.
    Even Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of Presidents

    One together we fought Muslins WW1 as Turkey, then again with the Bosnian Muslims who sided with Islam and Nazism

  • Alex BF

    I can see the SIOA’s page in Argentina …

  • DrColostomy

    Maybe when a Muzzie kills Zuck, he will wake up???

    • knight

      Probably a Muslim already, just will not admit it

  • Frank Wesson

    Yes, FACEBOOK is part of the problem as they don’t support the Bill of
    Rights, esp. neither the 1st Amendment for freedom of speech(as does not
    the overly rated Google browser that censors Searches) nor the 2nd
    Amendment for the right of citizens to keep & bear arms. It is
    EXACTLY why terrorist and other anti-American or anti-Democratic sites
    are allowed to flourish, but NOT Freedom-fighters like Pamela Geller or Michael Savage. As well as them being banned from countries like England because they speak the unpopular truth.

  • Ayna

    FB has become really dangerous to freedom in general.

    It walks the left, neo-liberal, socialistic established elites agenda of traitors all the way.
    Zuckerberg already got full access from Merkel to censor European non PC criticism.

    FB Europe is even banning anti-Erdogan criticism (that Turkish dictator they want to draw into the eu) over here.

    You know what to do.

    • joe smith 323

      he needs to go to jail

  • Patricia

    Your own FB page seems to be down, too. I get the same message that “this content isn’t available” when trying to go there as at SIOA

  • lostlegends

    Retaliate. Trump 2016.

  • Mark Rosenthal

    Lou Dobbs just re-tweeted my tweet on this and its getting news now

    • Trico

      “re-tweeted my tweet” sounds like a song title.
      “I found my true love when she (or he) re-tweeted my tweet:.

  • Alex Moon

    The nation is increasingly being managed by FB, Google, Obozo & Hillary Henchmen.

    • Trico

      It’s more than managing. they are actually trying to engineer beliefs and behaviors. The Media is supposed to be unbiased The combining of “News” and “Editorial” but offering up the result as News is clearly evident in the Abti-Trump and Pro-Hillary Media Bias. The Government control of the Media is also evident in the coordinated anti-gun “news” coverage. Obama wants the guns and if he can’t get them then Hillary will (try). The shootings in the Gay nightclub in Florida is being spun by the Media
      into an anti-gun story instead of anti-Islamic Terrorist.

      Google’s new motto: “Do Evil”.
      April 19, 2016 was Primary Day in New York. I Google searched for my Polling location. Google has always claimed to provide the most relevant results after whatever paid for results are shown. Well, the first 2 results not marked as ads were pro-Hillary links. The 3rd result, not marked as a paid result, was a pro-Bernie link.
      The 3rd result was an anti-Trump link.
      Only then did links pertaining to polling locations appear.

      I suppose “most relevant search results” no longer means most relevant to the Searcher.
      The Tabloid Toilet Paper known as The New York Daily News makes no pretense of hiding their anti-Trump bias in almost every Front Page of that Pr0paganda Rag passing itself off as a Newspaper.

      • TheForgottenTimeZone

        Well, the first 2 results not marked as ads were pro-Hillary links. The 3rd result, not marked as a paid result, was a pro-Bernie link.
        The 3rd result was an anti-Trump link.

        That’s because someone manipulated the results so that their links would come up first. There’s an entire industry based on “getting the SEO results you want!” along with many books.

  • American

    Trump asked for a ban also, is Facebook gonna take his page down too?

  • timothy godfrey


  • News Reporter

    Every Democrat voter deserves a bullet in their head for the Muslim terrorist invasion.

  • Palm Beach Bum

    Is Zuckerface a dhimmi, a collaborator, or a Judenrat?


    Pamela Geller – DITCH FAKEBOOK!

    Slimy extension of a grotesque Federal Government “out of control”. Demand your followers to DELETE their Fakebook accounts, and when asked why they are leaving, have them state “Censorship is UNAMERICAN!”

    Fakebook needs US more than we need Fakebook!

    “Please politely request…”. PC-speak from a true cuckservative! Give me a break!

    • Tell her what to do and then insult her. LOL! Classy.

      “Pamela Geller Facebook Group (SIOA) Removed *Reinstated* On Facebook”


        Although considered classless (non-PC), the TRUTH, at time, hurts!

        Guess you’d prefer begging your digital masters (fascists) to be heard. Enjoy!

        • I beg no one for anything. I’m also too smart to act like a fool on a platform to which I care about maintaining access.

          Here’s a quote from my blog post you didn’t bother to read (no surprise): Complying with Facebook’s (or those of any other social site) terms isn’t called “being PC,” it’s called “being SMART”..if you want to utilize their platform, that is.

  • joe smith 323

    a nutjob muslim murders 50+??

    punish Pam instead.

  • IndyCarFan

    Time to throw off Facebook and jump to a new upcoming network that doesnt restrict speech because they think you will offend someone. Join MEWE today!

  • bargogx1

    Looks like it’s back up.

  • fidobite

    Facebook is run by an azzwipe and all of his little skidmark followers. The ignorance of these little techie turds is utterly astounding and I can only hope that all consequences of islamic violence fall upon them and their families, not those that recognize the sinister nature of all that is islamic.

  • Schuyler7

    Pamela darling… sue Facebook Corporate for violation of your Civil Liberties and sue Mark Zuckerberg personally for damages. – I do not mean this rhetorically, I mean literally file a lawsuit against them. – I know several dozen people (groups) this very same thing has occurred to, including myself. – We can all join together and file a ‘Class Action’ Lawsuit. – This will not stop until “WE” fight back. Please feel free to contact me at: Ahavah and Shalom Pamela. – Sincerely your’s, J. Schuyler Montague | editor | sharia unveiled

  • Termites1

    -violation of freedom of speech tell that to facebook you will get it back in 5 minutes threaten a civil rights lawsuit.

  • gearbox123

    At least we know exactly where Mark F*ckerberg stands.

  • uberdave1

    Liberalism 101 Lesson 124:

    Liberal Marxist Progressives are righteously proud of the independent thought we display while we champion collectivist solutions, government dependency and conformity of thought.

  • TNolan

    Maybe it is me, but I was able to access the Facebook group

  • Dantes

    Zuckerborg is as anti American as Obama. If you don’t like his product, don’t sign up to use it.

  • Edward Lewis

    If Facebook censors “hateful” speech, then why does Obama still have a page, given his hateful attitude to races other than blacks and religions other than islam (this assumes, incorrectly, that islam is a religion, and not a cult)?

  • Micke

    Due to this and similar action I have no choice then to officially consider Facebook a terrorist supporter. They obviously protect criminal activity and mass murder.

  • mollysdad

    You need to sue Facebook under the law of California for destruction of your intellectual property by an act tending to the furtherance of terrorism.

  • Joseph

    Face books owner is doing his best to control the content and tone of all users, so much for freedom of speech which Zukerberg doesn’t much believe in..

  • retrogamer2009

    Fakebook is a liberal toilet… Move to Twitter or go to a neutral social media site, Fakebook will never fairly treat truthful, honest common sense groups until Zuck-Cuck and his minions are removed from operating it

    • Dorrie is totally uncensored and COMPLETELY private – and free :)

  • Mike E

    SIOA is back!

  • Dorrie

    Anyone who sees this article should paste it to THEIR Facebook page! I no longer go to Facebook, but I posted it!

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Boycott Farcebook.

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US close all mosques for ever. Don’t forget when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing in the streets worldwide.


    Keep fighting Pamela. Things in America are really dark. Zuckerberg is a lying little worm.

  • brianOO7

    Facebook is part of the Progressive movement and, as such, supports the censorship of non-Progressive ideas. Get used to it, especially under Progressive President Hillary and the ongoing demise of the Republican party.

  • Stryker

    I stopped using Facebook over a year ago. I refuse to do anything that supports Ultra Liberal, Progressive, Muslim loving, Anti-American Zuckerberg.

  • Jason Bair

    As of 0237 6/13/16 Stop Islamization Of America on facebook has not been taken down I still have access.

  • knight

    How many will put common sense first, before sharing with Facebook, Twitter and others and follow us, not many.

    The sooner Trump gets in the better I feel to break up these supporters of Islam.

  • EE

    How can one not see that yuckiman is a traitor and will get his when Trump is POTUS. boycott f b

  • Tyrone ‘Witch Doctor’ Jenkem

    Kiss my white gun loving, muzzie hating, Trump loving ass Mark Zuckadick

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