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Muslims in Turkey demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia Church


Yet another example (in an interminable line) of stunning Islamic supremacism. Turkey is a Muslim country with thousands of mosques. Not. good. enough. They have to take over one of the most exquisite and iconic churches in the Christian world.

If there were any humanity in the Muslim world leadership, they would return the church to the Christian world.

“Muslims in Turkey demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia,” En, 30.05.2016

On Saturday thousands of Muslim worshippers descended on Istanbul’s world famous Hagia Sophia, the towering former Byzantine church that is now a museum, to demand the right to pray there, Turkish media reported.

An imam led a prayer in front of the vast building that was once a Greek Orthodox basilica, then a mosque and now a museum before crowds called for it to be restored as a Muslim place of worship.

“Let the chains break, open Hagia Sophia,” chanted the crowds who gathered on the plaza in front of the museum, according to Turkey’s Dogan news agency.

“In the name of thousands of our brothers we demand to be allowed to pray inside the Hagia Sophia mosque,” said Salih Turhan, the president of the Anatolia Youth Association which organised the demonstration coinciding with celebrations for the anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Constantinople.


Built in the sixth century, Hagia Sophia, which means Holy Wisdom in Greek, was converted to a mosque in 1453 when the Ottomans conquered what was then called Constantinople.

After the Ottoman Empire crumbled and modern secular Turkey was founded on its ruins, the mosque was transformed into a museum in 1935.

The edifice, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, features an immense dome supported by huge pillars, its walls sheathed with marble and decorated with mosaics.

After the city fell to the armies of Sultan Mehmet II The Conqueror, four minarets were added to the structure and the interior was decorated with Islamic art.

Since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s conservative ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power in 2002, advocates of Turkish secularism have feared that the Hagia Sophia could be transformed back into a mosque. (AFP)

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  • boocat


  • rambler

    Demand, demand, demand! Invade, conquer and convert.

  • EJO
    • Save Europe

      Note that TODAY Erdogan has URGED Muslims around the world, to not use contraception, so as to increase their. numbers – direct quote – ‘ we will multiply our descendants.’ Yep, today.

      • uptheante99

        They already bread like rats. we need to ban polygamy and child brides, not to mention FGM…sharia, halal…

        • NonIslamophobicCanadianAtheist

          Do it right and just ban the Cult of Inslime – completely and also every thing even remotely associated to the pedophile slimers cult.
          Make an appropriately harsh sentence for anyone attempting to resurrect the Cult of Slime . for which crime Public executions would be appropriate.
          Then post them along with the toasting videos of gunships roasting Slimers.

      • notislam

        The response needs to be DEPORT BACK TO THE DESERT and do not bring ISLAM to the west again –on threat of DEATH. Then make sure they understand that it needs to stick -Death to Islam.

  • Lenn

    The worshippers of the devil hate the Jews and the Christians, so they want to pray to their devil inside a church, to make it unclean and unholy. Ban islam!

  • Milwaukee

    Umm. Since that is the site of a “victory”, it isn’t just a “mosque” it is a “victory mosque”. For all his evilness, Mohammed was clever. By defiling Hindu temples, Jewish synagogues, and Christian churches, his followers further the humiliation associated with their defeat and subjection. This is no accident. Seems I have read that Jerusalem gets 3 (three) mentions in the Koran. But hey, Jerusalem is important to Jews and Christians, so it must be important to Mohammedans.

    Do we realize that it was secular, socialist Jews who, upon the reconquest of Jerusalem in 1967 decided to allow Mohammedans to keep the privilege of praying at the Old Temple, while denying Jews and Christians that right?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’ve read that there isn’t a single reference to Yerushalem in the holey quran.

  • This request demonstrates such ignorance by Muslims about Christian churches. The Hagia Sophia is a Greek Orthodox Basilica, that was dedicated to Jesus centuries ago. Once done, it can never be “undone,” because currently, Turkey occupies Greek and Armenian land.

    • notislam

      They don;t read much or none at all and have to have a filthy imam tell then what is going on War is taught in mosques and hate for infidels -Christians and Jews. There is no criticism of Filthy Islam and NO FREEDOM.

      • Robert Griffith

        It was a Christian church long before it was “converted” to a mosque. It was “converted” to a mosque by the conquering Muslim Turks because it was a Christian Church. That was the whole point of the “conversion”.

    • Marly Duran

      Your comment demonstrates your ignorance about the subject. This church was converted into a MOSQUE in 1453!!

      • Patriotic Dave

        Your comment displays a fundamental ignorance of all truth and inability to comprehend this subject! Go back to those Vegas slot machines and keep drinking your brain cells away since you have already shown a fundamentally nonexistent supply!
        How much is CAIR and their lackeys paying you to troll anti-Muslim sites throwing up nonsensical BS? The Turks had to wait for the blood to dry of all the Orthodox Christians slaughtered there including the Priests, etc while they gave their Christian believers Last Rites before the Muslim INVADERS murdered them!

  • joker

    Why not we declare openly and plainly war with pislam? Just do it and get over with it.

    • Save Europe

      I agree.

    • uptheante99

      PISLAM!! lolol

    • hal8196

      Onward Christian soldiers….

  • SRN99

    Let these filthy believer lift their asses to their pedophile God who never answer their prayers anyway

  • anotherjoeblogs

    Bomb the fookers

  • Save Europe

    Erdogan !!! Just like that infamous German comedian, I am going to paraphrase him, and re-state, that, yes, you do fornicate with animals…..but oh no!!! I’m here in Britain, posting on a non British website!!!!

    • uptheante99


      • firefox

        I’m thinking Erdogan may have some fond memories of the madrass, just like Obama – “Bacha-Bazi Buddies”…

        • RetiredNavyphotog

          Lots of “man love” in that photo.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims preying in a Christian church will go directly to hell. As will those desecrating any religious site.

    • NonIslamophobicCanadianAtheist

      But they take the church along with them because their stench destroys

      every thing it contacts . So don’t allow them near a church for any reason except possibly a funeral.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Churches can always be cleaned. Hellfire is very good for evil souls, it validates what they did in life.

  • uptheante99

    NO, go to your own mosques! This is a Christian church.

  • Don Juan

    Erdogan is a goat raper. Filthy savages.

  • itchy

    Just through some pig blood over the floor. Make it unholy for snakes

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Considering muslums blew up two synagogues in 2003 killing 26 people and most, if not all of the muslum perps have already been released from prison I’m not surprised at all by this and I won’t be surprised if the dictatorial theocracy of Turkey accedes to their demands.

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is a prime example of the unabated grievance industry that is the jihad motivation for under and mayhem. Bin Laden himself was incessantly whining about the fall of the Ottoman empire following WWI. Get over it!

  • Robert Batchelor

    And of they don’t get their way, they’ll just destroy it! Yeah, we know their MO.

  • Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Empire on 29 May 1453. Note that date: May 29.

  • Ellie Deez

    Thank you, Pam for finding a picture of the Hagia Spohia that does NOT show any of the four towers of doom, but DOES show the peak ornament clearly – it is a beautiful Cross!!

    After seeing this, I did a quick search and was scarcely surprised to find ALL pictures show the minarets, and all are taken “from the side”, so that the peak ornament (when even visible) looks like a plain stick.

    Apparently, Pam found the only Hagia Sophia picture taken by a Christian…. ; )

  • volksnut

    I say FINE – WHEN Christians/Jews/Hindus/Buddhists and all the rest of the religions the Islamic psychopaths are attempting to exterminate are allowed to pray in mosques –

  • SRN99

    Can infidels have permission to piss inside Mohammad’s tomb?

  • firefox

    Muslims: sacrilegious, shameless, a constant irreverence to anything right or decent.
    Mohammed started by plagerized the Torah and Bible and then bastardized it, er Islamicized it!
    He took what wasn’t his, then made up the justification for it later – often by convenient revelation.
    His legacy continues.

  • NonIslamophobicCanadianAtheist

    why is it that every thing you read pertaining to slimes has either the words -Behead,Slimers Insulted,honor murder or Slimes Demand in them.

  • iprazhm

    This reminds me of the heinous act of Islamists in the US who were given sacrilegious permission to host a Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral, a landmark Christian church in the U.S. capital, Thank God it was briefly interrupted on by a lone anti-Islamic protester, but to our shame, it should have been protested by millions of US Christians.
    Story can be found here;

  • notislam

    They call that ISLAMIC art — It is propaganda to cover the art . It of course detracts and obscured to beauty of Byzantine Art . Filthy Islam has no place on this earth.

  • Dick Stanton

    Why would Ayn Rand advocates care one way another about Sophia? Other than its historical and architectural ambiance?

  • Marly Duran

    Did any of you read the article? I don’t think you did. It was converted into a mosque in 1453! It was a mosque until it was converted to a museum in 1935, and it’s inside is decorated with Islamic art. Why shouldn’t they pray there? They pray to the same imaginary god as Christians do anyway. Why don’t they all do it together?

    • Patriotic Dave

      Hey, Marley go smoke a joint and quit speaking your nonsense! The Burmese Buddhists of Myanmar understand Islam best and have shown the world how to deal with it! The Muslims can’t share countries with nonMuslims in any manner so why should nonMuslims share their countries with them?

  • joe1429

    Its like the cross irritates them. Truly demonic

  • A conquering they will go.

  • Richard

    One day we will retake Constantinople.

  • AugustineThomas

    If the British and the French to a lesser extent weren’t heretics becoming apostates, we could easily have taken it back, moved a million Greeks and Armenians in and gave the city and the church their proper names back.

    • Patriotic Dave

      In all fairness, the Anglicans missed the boat to rejoin Orthodox Christianity by less than the French who utterly failed to support their Galican Rite and are largely atheist in sentiment today! The British in the 1920’s instead pushed the Greeks to create a rift among the Orthodox over the Christian Calendar! The Julian Calendar actually worked better for Orthodox spiritual purposes as it had more Feast Days, etc! The fall of Constantinople was a result of the Pope of Rome not encouraging the Venitian Navy to help the Greeks and actually sacrificing them so the Roman Papacy could finally achieve supremacy in the East which failed to happen thanks to Russia!

  • NonIslamophobicCanadianAtheist

    Isn’t it about time to tell these slime’s exactly what they can do with their Demands?

  • Patriotic Dave

    Non-Muslim countries should recognize the genocide of the Byzantium Greeks as the Germans have ever so reluctantly the Armenians and then Turkey can cut off diplomatic relations with them which would solve the Turkish Islamic problem for good! How can Turkey join the EU when it doesn’t recognize non-Muslim European countries?
    I, for one think the same logical thinking applies to this situation! The Greek Republic should simply ask that the Turks be allowed to pray for the victims of the genocide in that church that their ancestors committed! Watch the Muslims not want to pray for that!
    By the way, Pamela, I can’t help but notice that your article states a misnomer that the Turkish government is “conservative”. Conservatism doesn’t exist in Islam just Sharia and the sooner non-Muslims admit this truth, the better off we all will be as that is the reality!

  • Cristos Pantokrator

    Let Constantinople rise again, and re-consecrate the sophia.

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