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[ January 21, 2018 ]

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CNN ERASES, omits “ALLAHU AKBAR” screams from Munich jihad stabbing rampage news report


Earlier this morning, I reported on the bloody rampage at a railway station in Munich by a Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar.” This is undeniably an Islamic attack. Well, not for CNN.

They have scrubbed all reference to the jihad murderers motive and mission. Despite the lack of evidence, CNN speculates that the murderer might have mental problems. A man is stabbed to death, three others seriously injured and CNN goes into “protect Islam” mode. This is a “news organization” that recklessly plays with the narrative and censors the truth. Is it any wonder that half of the American public are clueless about Islam and the other half supports Donald Trump’s no Muslim immigration policy?
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Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.13.33 AM

“Police have arrested a 27-year-old German man in connection with the attack, a police spokesman said, adding that a political motive could not be ruled out.”

Really? Of course no mention of a name or ethnicity, but how about the attacker’s alleged quotes at the scene of the crime? Even in the court of law an “excited utterance” is an exception to the hearsay rule. Why not in journalism?

“1 dead, 3 injured in knife attack in German train station,” By Stephanie Halasz and Tim Hume, CNN, May 10, 2016 (thanks to William):
Knife wielding man attacks train passengers in Germany

(CNN)One man was killed and three people injured in a knife attack at a train station in southern Germany Tuesday morning, the Bavarian Criminal Office said.
Police have arrested a 27-year-old German man in connection with the attack, a police spokesman said, adding that a political motive could not be ruled out.
The attack happened shortly before 5 a.m. local time (11 p.m. ET Monday) in Grafing, 23 miles (37 kilometers) east of Munich, officials said.

The dead man, a 50-year-old, was inside a train bound for Munich when he was stabbed, police said. He later died at a hospital.
Three other men were injured, one of them seriously. Officials gave the injured men’s ages as 58, 55 and 43.
Police arrested the suspect near the station shortly after the attacks, said a police spokesman. A knife with a 10-centimeter (4-inch) blade was recovered, he said.

The suspect was believed to have a history of mental health problems, according to Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann.
Police are currently questioning commuters who witnessed the incident.
The scene of the attack was cordoned off as police carried out their investigation, but the station has since reopened.
Footage from the scene showed bloodied footprints leading out of a train carriage at the station, and small puddles of blood on the platform.
The Bavarian Criminal Office is leading the investigation.

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  • Mark Gullick

    Why does Costa Rica have no Muslim problem? Because their president gets it.

  • luvourtroops

    No fan of CNN, but they got their news from Liberal Germany who down plays it by saying “he was under psychiatric care, and into drugs”.

  • Lou

    Even if the attacker had drug/mental problems, it still doesn’t mean he wasn’t a jihadist or a supporter of them, at the very least.

    People who make their life’s purpose murdering other human beings probably don’t have the best track record for sanity, and many probably do use drugs. Does that make them any less of jihadists? No.

    They are still inspired by terror groups, and so should be considered terrorists.

    The media needs to report all the facts, not just the ones they want. Even if the facts make the government or whoever look bad, the whole point of news isn’t to further a cause, it’s to report the facts, how things really happened, end of story!

    • luvourtroops

      And we don’t have a name yet of this terrorist. He could very well be a muslim born in Germany, and has muslim parents, and working for ISIS

  • Of course… No known motive…

  • Do they leave out the spiritual references when buddhist radicals kill muslims, or when christian radicals kill atheists?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Buddhists are killing muslims in self-defense. The muslum f’ers are trying to take over Burma and Thailand.
      What “Christian radicals” R killing atheists? The only atheists I know who are being killed are being killed by muslums in Bangladesh.

    • steves_59

      Please post a link, ANY link, to support your contention that Christian “radicals” are killing atheists.
      Just one.

      • How about the murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009. Imagine that! A physician had been the victim of an attempted assassination by an Islamic jihadist in 1993, and received numerous death threats from al-Qaeda after that, before being murdered by an al-Qaeda member. Neocons, Fox News and the Christian Right would have had a field day. A physician was the victim of a terrorist killing that day, but neither the terrorist nor the people who inflamed the terrorist were Muslims. Dr. George Tiller, who was shot and killed by anti-abortion terrorist Scott Roeder on May 31, 2009, was a victim of CHRISTIAN RIGHT TERRORISM not al-Qaeda.

        Tiller had a long history of being targeted for violence by Christian Right terrorists. In 1986, his clinic was firebombed. Then, in 1993, Tiller was shot five times by female Christian Right terrorist Shelly Shannon (now serving time in a federal prison) but survived that attack. Given that Tiller had been the victim of an attempted murder and received countless death threats after that, Fox News would have done well to avoid fanning the flames of unrest. Instead, Bill O’Reilly repeatedly referred to him as “Tiller the baby killer.” When Roeder murdered Tiller, O’Reilly condemned the attack but did so in a way that was lukewarm at best.

        Keith Olbermann called O’Reilly out and denounced him as a “facilitator for domestic terrorism” and a “blindly irresponsible man.” And Crazy for Godauthor Frank Schaffer, who was formerly a figure on the Christian Right but has since become critical of that movement, asserted that the Christian Right’s extreme anti-abortion rhetoric “helped create the climate that made this murder likely to happen.” Neocon Ann Coulter, meanwhile, viewed Tiller’s murder as a source of comic relief, telling O’Reilly, “I don’t really like to think of it as a murder. It was terminating Tiller in the 203rd trimester.” The Republican/neocon double standard when it comes to terrorism is obvious. At Fox News and AM neocon talk radio, Islamic terrorism is a source of nonstop fear-mongering, while Christian Right terrorism gets a pass.

        • steves_59

          Holy sh1t. You post ONE incident, and only ONE, from 2009, and “Christian Right terrorism gets a pass.”
          Delusional. Learn how to do Statistics.

    • People, you really cannot detect sarcasm???

  • We christians stopped this madness amongst ourselves a long time ago…

  • Solipsis

    CNN: All the news that you can never read.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    CNN replaced “Allahu Akbar” with Woody Woodpecker..

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The Crescent News Network is no such thing — it’s an islamic propaganda outlet.

    • joe1429

      How ironic…nowadays can get more correct news from tass… the russian news outlet

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Caliphate nincompoop noobs will not say “muslim” with a mouth full of it.

  • The real and only Toedeladoki
  • David Sinclair

    Islam = mental problems. All believers in Islam have mental problems! They believe they are superior to us infidels and are prepared to kill us to prove it. Their leader told them 1400 years ago that they are “the best of people” and they have been killing us ever since. Our insanity is letting them get away with it.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Now I see why CNN wound up with Alisyn Cameratta after Fox News dumped her ass.

  • Patk27

    For Pamela–Did anyone ask CNN about why there was no mention of the comments made by the suspect? It was available from other outlets.

  • I’m made as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…

    Yesh’ua ha’ Masch’iach….

  • joe1429

    ” The lyin media” Donald Trump

  • Jay Dillon

    Apologists, collaborators, enemy plants and operatives.

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