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Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in Swedish asylum centres


But remember, islamophobia is the problem, folks.

Obama says, “Islam is peace.” Obama says, “respect it!”
John Kerry says, Muslims are lured to jihad by the “regular meals and companionship,” not religion.

We are under siege by our so-called leaders. They are not — they are destroyers.

sweden muslim migrants

“Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in Swedish asylum centres,” Christan Today April 28, 2016:

In 2015, Sweden welcomed more than 160,000 asylum seekers, the majority of whom were from Syria and other war zones.

Christians and other religious minorities are being persecuted in Swedish asylum centres, and provisions must be made for their safety, campaigners say.

According to the Swedish Evangelical Alliance, one Christian refugee in Kalmar, south-eastern Sweden, was threatened with “slaughter”, and having his throat cut by a man who claimed to have fought with jihadist groups in Syria. A Pakistani Christian couple moved into a church when the husband’s name was sprayed on a wall near their room calling for his death. A separate group of asylum seekers in Kalmar were forced to leave their accommodation when their harassment escalated.

“No one wants a society where people are divided up on the basis of religious beliefs, sexuality, ethnicity, or nationality, but this is an urgent situation that must be resolved,” said Jacob Rudolfsson, deputy secretary-general of the Swedish Evangelical Alliance.

“Basic protection should be provided by the state, but when the state fails to protect Christian asylum seekers, Christian organizations must take action.”

In a letter dated March 14, Patriarch Ignatuis Aphrem II, Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, urged Swedish authorities to intervene.

He said he was “dismayed” by reports of Christians being harassed while in asylum accommodation. “This situation does not reflect the culture of the peaceful and loving Swedish people,” he wrote.
Sweden has struggled to cope with the influx of refugees, and last year ended its open border policy.

“Christians do not live in refugee camps in the Middle East, because, there too, they are persecuted by Muslim extremists. Because of that, most of the time, they are not entitled to aid from the UN. We, the Churches and community-based organizations, are doing our best to help them.

“To witness that they are once more being persecuted at Swedish asylum accommodations make[s] us very sad. We expect the Swedish Government and the concerned authorities to immediately make sure that these people are safe.

“A distinct asylum accommodation for Christians and other asylum seekers is essential. We appeal to you to set off such a place and give the word asylum back its true meaning of protection and safety.”

In his response, director general of the Swedish Migration Board, Anders Danielsson, highlighted Sweden’s long tradition of helping those fleeing war and persecution.

In 2015, the country welcomed more than 160,000 asylum seekers, the majority of whom were from Syria and other war zones. As of March 2016, there were around 180,000 people enrolled in the Swedish reception system, nearly 100,000 of whom were staying in accommodation provided by the Swedish Migration Agency.

Danielsson admitted that the unprecedented number of refugees coming to Sweden means standards of accommodation had been lowered.

“When so many, sometimes traumatized, asylum seekers are housed close together for a long time, there is an increased risk of tensions and conflicts between individuals,” he said. “We are very much aware that asylum seekers sometimes bring with them conflicts that exist in their home country, such as conflicts involving Christian minorities or other vulnerable groups, and we look very seriously at the need to ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in their living environment.”

However, calls for separate housing for Christians and other vulnerable groups “would go against principles and values that are central to Swedish society and our democracy,” he said. “It would be considered a great failure having to resort to segregation as a measure.”

Despite this, the Migration Board is in the process of carrying out an action plan to improve conditions for asylum seekers, Danielsson added, and individuals and families experiencing specific harassment may be moved to alternative accommodation.

“We are currently examining the possibilities of offering a limited range of special housing for individuals that feel unsafe where they are staying due to the behaviour of others. These facilities would be open for anyone in need of a safer place regardless of nationality of religious beliefs,” he said. “The safeguarding of the right to asylum for those facing persecution for religious or other reasons is at the heart of what we do at the Swedish Migration Agency. We will continue to make every effort to provide safe reception conditions and ensure protection for those in need of sanctuary.”

Morgan Johnson, the Swedish Minister of Justice, also wrote to Patriarch Aphrem to assure him that “bullying or harassment based on someone’s faith, gender, sexuality or race, is not tolerated in any way” in reception facilities.

“The Migration Agency is working to increase the amount of available housing and I hope this will ease the tensions,” he added.

Nuri Kino, founder of A Demand for Action (ADFA), a campaign group working for the rights of religious minorities in the Middle East, said not enough has yet been done.

In a recent article for Sweden’s daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, he branded the situation at a number of shelters “alarming”, and said many refugees had been forced to flee. “It’s mostly Christians, Atheists, Druze and moderate Muslims that are being discriminated [against] by Islamic radicals,” he wrote.

“We have to speak openly about what is happening in our country… before it’s too late. I am not in favour of further polarization but there are lives at stake if we do not speak up. Innocent people are victims here, Christians, Muslims and others.”

Kino is therefore leading charges to open accommodation for Christian asylum seekers who do not feel safe in existing facilities. Speaking to Christian Today, Kino said he felt compelled to campaign on the matter after being contacted by two women who were being threatened. They said they were told to convert to Islam and cover their heads by other asylum seekers, and they and their children were called “kuffar” – infidels. Eventually, a Muslim family moved into their room, forcing them to sleep in a common area without any privacy.

Kino began writing in Svenska Dagbladet in December, and was immediately inundated with hundreds of texts, emails and messages on social media. “I got more than 400 messages, all from people who were working in shelters, asylum seekers themselves, people from the authorities, the police, the migration agency, even from parliamentarians, saying: we’re aware of this, and we need to get a grip on the situation.”

Since then, the issue has been debated in parliament and government a number of times, though no concrete plans have been put in place. “It’s still uncertain,” Kino said. “Still people are being harassed and beaten up, it’s a mess… It’s very sad. Sweden cannot protect them as it looks like today. Many are Christians, and also moderate Muslims are treated the same way.”

There is some good news on the ground, though. Kino said while the Migration Agency has not yet taken action from the top, people who work in the shelters are trying to deal swiftly with the problem. Some have employed people from the Middle East who understand the situation better, and some individuals are even paying private rent for families who have been mistreated.

“I believe it’s not that the government or Migration Agency don’t want to take action, it’s just that it would be too much of a failure for the Swedish multicultural identity. It’s too much to bear,” he said.

“But until we get to grips with the situation, we need to make everyone feel safe. End of discussion. It’s been debated too much, too many times, and it’s enough now. We need to take action.”

“It is obvious that we are not able to protect them at the existing accommodations,” Kino said. “We cannot live on with the romantic idea of a harmonious mosaic of religions and ethnicity in our accommodations for asylum seekers, that time is past.”

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  • berserker

    But it is the Swedes who wanted to experience the third world. According to the former PM Reinfeldt, Sweden belongs to the immigrants. The former finance minister Berg said that he wanted Sweden to look like Africa. Leader of the SDP Sahlin said that Sweden has no culture; it is the immigrants that do.
    – What we are seeing in Sweden is simply daily life in the third world. Nothing to complain about. The Swedes wanted the experience, now they have it. Enjoy.

    • Per Madsen

      Yes, I posted about my experience with Denmark which now does look like the 3rd world.

    • Mamat Mamat

      Everytime I read about Sweden, I want to puke. No other people in this universe is as stupid and suicidal like this one.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden is leading the world in showing how socialism and welfare can not only destroy a society, but aggravate existing tensions between cults. tribes. religions, political and social systems and colour. Well done sweden, you are the text book example of stupid.

    • Save Europe

      Spot on. Socialism and the welfare state simply do not work. An element of the population sit on their posteriors, with their self-entitlement, and productivity is curtailed, within a specific country like Sweden.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Eventually the socialist circle of sloth and indolence tightens and screws itself into the ground. An economy can only absorb many nonproductive draws on it, before it inflates, goes into debit then bankruptcy. sweden is well on the way, it cannot handle the debit load it has, the world economy is in recession. muslim colonists do not understand anything except their sense of entitlement and contempt for non muslims, when they can no longer be bought off, they will rape, pillage and murder more than normal.

        • Save Europe

          Absolutely agreed. I have often tried to understand the mindset of Muslims ( a pointless exercise, I know, essentially). They have the opportunity to live in a democratic, capitalist environment, yet choose to ‘hate’, show no respect to their hosts, and merely wish to turn the host nation into a massive excrement hole, completely similar to where they originate from. Then, no doubt, they would move on yet again, to turn the ‘next’ nation into a hell hole. I simply do NOT get it. They are all clearly insane and are, ultimately, more than happy to live in Purgatory.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            muslims are inbred which leads to severe mental incapacities, add a violent culture of ignorant violence in every form of child discipline, and you have a totally retarded culture.

          • ninetyninepct

            Most are illiterate and are unable to read the Koran. Their undeveloped minds blindly follow what they are told by the imams. For whatever reason, many Muslims want to take the entire world back to the 14th century.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is the result of inbreeding, very low levels of eduction, a sunhuman culture that has no concept of anything but violence. Then there is the usual greedy manipulative segment of every society that finds suckers, in islam, there are plenty, plus, the advantage of physical violence to coerce them into compliance.

          • Juanita

            My thougt is not that they really object to the government and culture of the places from which they originate. They just want to be at the top of the totem pole. Therefore, they invade other areas hoping to re-establish what they left with themselves at the top. When, as you note, they turn the host nation into a massive excrement hole, they look for the next victim country always hopint to reach their goal.

        • Juanita

          Exactly. People who have been given what they are not entitled to, come to believe that they have a “right” to it. When the well runs dry,they believe their “rights” have been violated and they stike out with a vengance.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Western europe will find out that islam cannot be bought, only bribed, when there is no bribe money to be given, violence is the only problem solving tool islam has, it will use it, even to destroy itself, taking anyone around it with it.

          • ninetyninepct

            Virtually every civilized country affected by Muslim terror, has
            responded by trying to make life better for Muslims. But no matter how
            much they warm the snake, it still bites. The snake will always bite.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are a few countries, like Korea and Japan, where muslims are not tolerated at all, the few that are there, behave themselves, or they are in deep trouble immediately. Western europe tries to bribe tribes that holds non muslims in contempt, seeing them as possessions of islam to use and abuse like everything islam touches. The way to handle islam, is with an iron fist and combat boot, nothing else.

        • Mindy Robinson

          Muslims have 1400 years of history doing what they are doing now, it’s amazing, same game plan over and over. It always ends the same way, the host nations finally concede that the muslims are at war with them, then , the host nation picks up arms and drives the evil of islam out, unless they wait too long and allow the muslims to breed for an extended period of time, then all is lost.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Todays pseudo-intelligentsia are too stupid to learn the lessons of history, so, they get to re-invent the wheel, making all the mistakes that have been made before, sometimes it is very easy to doubt the definition of intelligence, as used today..

    • ninetyninepct

      I give Sweden less than 10 yrs before they are Sharia. We will see many Swedes as “refugees” to North America but they can forget Canada because the current PM, J. Trudeau, has clearly said he will only accept Muslim immigrants, no Christians.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        sweden is a hole wreck of a country, culture and part of humanity. The liberals sill be out of power in Canada next election, just in time to bring the refugees from the western european religious wars here.

  • lolly

    The time of everyone living peacefully regardless of their religion has passed since you started letting in Muslim migrants in 1970s.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    They invited the snakes into their homes and they wonder why they’re getting bit.

    Liberals only use 10% of their brains

    The Eagle and the Snake – America’s war with Islam

    Follow the money of the global warming scam

    American mercenaries – the corruption of America’s military

  • Per Madsen

    I lived in Denmark, in a beautiful town (not Copenhagen). It was green and clean. I was shocked now to see graffiti everywhere, peeling paint, dirt instead of lawns and flowers. It is very poor looking and run down. It used to be sparkling and pristine and very wealthy looking. It now looks like the 3rd world. I’m truly shocked. Denmark has gone downhill in the past 30 years.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Gee, I wonder why? Could it have anything to do w/importing third world muslum scum? Did I just commit a hate crime in Denmark?

    • ninetyninepct

      Africans and Muslims simply want to make it look like home.

  • Janet

    Gee I can hardly wait til they get here! Thanks a lot Odumba!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Over the course of the past few days, even a cursory glance at the photos of these rapefugees brings up the question, “Where are the women and children?” The overwhelming bulk of them is young fit service age males who do not have the wherewithal to stand and fight for their country and are either running to something or from something.

    • Juanita

      These guys do not know the meaning of loyalty and patriotism. It is all me, me, and me. The foolish host countries reinforce this attitude. Why work and fight for your country when you can take over another one and make the government there take care of you.

  • denise smith

    They been brainwashed dangerous liberals politicians left and right but mostly left and their liberal media to hate western culture who constantly guilt peddle. Except for Swedish democrats patriots. The Czechs are socialist but their president Milos Zeyman is anti Muslim immigration. David Cameron conservative wants Turkey in EU. So I blame the curse liberalism.

  • denise smith

    It is going to get much worse unless people get out of evil EU David Cameron conservative is putting Britain’s national security at risk by paying nearly £2billion to help Turkey, Serbia and Albania join the European Union. Czech president is socialist but not liberal or PC and anti Muslim immigration and pro Isreal. This is due to Smug greedy traitors left and right who have no respect for their own country.

  • william carr

    Good that they did not wait until somebody is murdered to do something.
    You can bet your bottom dollar that the radicals hace absolutely no intention of ‘integrating’ into Swedish society. Obama is favouring Muslims over Christians into US

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Great..Now it becomes clear why our ancestor started the crusades and went all the way to Jerusalem by foot to get rid of islamozombies.. They were fed up. Today these brave people would kick the delusional PC elite first and deliver the final blow to the deathsect..

  • Logic PrObe

    Meanwhile in Australia…………..Christian Churches are offering ‘safe haven’ to fake ‘muslim asylum seekers’ facing deportation.

    • Rob Porter

      Obviously Australia, too, has gone mental. As to those ‘Christian’ do-gooder ignorant imbeciles, I truly marvel.

  • The Greatest Freedom

    Swedes practice Suicidal Altruism..I’m living here temporarily and It’s much worse than media portraits it..In the parks you can see jihadis openly preach for islam (in Arabic), they feel secure as they own the land..The Swedish vice PM’s party is infiltrated by jihadis who refuse to shake hand with women..The Swedish police force is in panic with mass quitting because for fear of this summer’s guaranteed riots.. The civil war start within 12 months since next election are in 2018.

  • Ross Blankert

    The solution is to send the Muslims who are not Christians back to their culture of murder and sharia and keep the Christians. Christians are not a murderous cult. Islamic believers are. Simple

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Muslums are “innocent people”? What a freakin’ tard. It’s no wonder the Swedes folded like a cheap suit as soon as the Nawzis invaded.

  • joe1429

    I understand why “stockholm syndrome” comes from sweden, who is one of the few libtard countries, actually wants to take in thousands more refugees, in a deal made with the un.. to finish off the other half of their women.

  • Mindy Robinson

    The resolution is simple and just, boot islam out of the nation , islam is the problem.

    Muslim refugees don’t want to move to an island. They are in Europe to conquer and spread Islam. Have the Christian refugees who are being harassed and threatened, moved to this tropical island.

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