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[ November 23, 2017 ]

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[ November 23, 2017 ]

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[ November 23, 2017 ]

Michigan: Muslim Doctor Accused Of Mutilating Female Genitalia Freed From Michigan Jail

[ November 23, 2017 ]

Palestinians Sever Ties With U.S. Over ‘Unacceptable Measures’

[ November 23, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Pope Francis, Bangladesh, and “Inter-Religious Harmony” (Part Two)

[ November 22, 2017 ]

So thankful on Thanksgiving

[ November 22, 2017 ]

Major New School donor threatens to cut off funding following antisemitism panel featuring antisemite Linda...

[ November 22, 2017 ]

New School under fire for putting antisemite Linda Sarsour on anti-Semitism panel

[ November 22, 2017 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: “Inter-Religious Harmony in Bangladesh” or, Is Pope Francis Crazy? (Part One)

Refugee Kids Get More Than American Kids


America in free fall.

“Refugee Kids Get More Than American Kids,” By Daniel Greenfield, FPM, April 27, 2016

Who do those American kids think they are anyway? We all know that the first priority of our nation is not our children, but other people’s children.

Children born to refugees receive more government benefits like food stamps, cash assistance, and Supplemental Security Income than native-born children, according to a report from the Migration Policy Institute.
refugee migrants usa

“Children of refugees generally have better access to health coverage and public benefits than children of other immigrants,” the report stated. “Refugees qualify for cash welfare, food stamps, and Medicaid or other public health insurance immediately upon arrival, and are often linked to these benefits by resettlement agencies.”

“Because of favorable eligibility rules, children of refugees participate in public benefit programs at higher rates than do other children of immigrants, even though children of refugees have a lower poverty rate,” the report stated.

“Children of refugees fare better than children of other immigrants on almost all indicators—perhaps because refugee parents benefit from U.S.-government resettlement services while nonrefugee parents include unauthorized immigrants who face multiple barriers to socioeconomic integration and receipt of public benefits and services,” the report stated. “Refugees’ children also fare as well or almost as well as children with U.S.- born parents on several indicators.”


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  • Bieron

    This, all by itself, should be thought of as an unforgivable impeachable offence by the entirety of the Obama administration. The American people should demand their resignations forthwith as should begin their criminal prosecution.

    • Dave Lawson

      And the Liberal loons opposing trump for speaking out this truth .

      Liberal loons destroy society and nations by their short sighted idiocies

    • Playcard2U

      “Bieron,” And the lamestream media wonders why Trump, who loves America with all his heart gets so much support from “we the people” who get the shaft.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    America, you voted for the democrats, how do you like them so far?

    • Blitz2b

      There are a lot more people who wish for the destruction of the American way than there are to protect it…. Hillary Clinton will become the next President, wait and see… I thought Obama with his disastrous policies and Islam pandering would be a one term President.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Elections have consequences, all politicians are liars, it is necessary to pick the least worst of a bad bunch. How hussain got elected… is an embarrassment to America.

  • Solipsis

    Obama has made Americans second class citizens to Muslim refugees.

    The wolf is guarding the henhouse.

  • joe1429

    No surprise here. This is why they come… for all the free welfare and benefits. If a law was passed against benefits, unless native born..they all would be going out

    • Playcard2U

      That is why you see, in countries who are not giving out freebees, they are dodging them for countris giving out handouts. Frankly, those from Europe and Asia seem to be more assertive than the crap coming at us in droves from lower South America.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Here is a classic conundrum: How does a new arrival in this country qualify for payments from a government program into which I have paid since adolescence?

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      Just wait until the Government tells you your retirement pension has been spent on them and now you need to work til you’re 85

      While they stay home all day and breed.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. The Social Security “lock box”, where everyone had a separate protected account, was spent years ago by the commiecrats who never met a dollar they would not spend.

      • firefox

        Ive heard rumor that any immigrant along with the parents and grand parents they bring in are entitled to the same pension benefits that citizens have paid into for the past 45 years of their life, except that the migrant’s only qualification is that they simply have to live here for 5 years contributing or not to receive the exact same amount. In Canada this came from the liberal practice of bringing in hoardes of migrants into specific areas to guarantee liberal votes.
        VOTE TRUMP

        • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

          How can that even be considered? Grandad and Grandma are never going to pay INTO the system, chances are pretty decent the original migrant/refugee will never work in a lot of cases so we might as well just send five lifetime pensions offshore to Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan… Billions of dollars…and if the original has a brother he’ll want to come over on the reunification scheme with HIS four wives AND THEIR CHILDREN and then the wives want to bring their brothers, cousins, fathers, mothers, and then all of THOSE people want to claim pensions it will never end and the welfare system will collapse.

          I THINK THIS IS THE KEY…..Stop giving away Free Money to a people who don’t respect the way we live and contribute nothing. It’s the worst kind of insanity.

          • Playcard2U

            The lamebrained, stil ears wet behind college

          • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

            Agreed. Reality won’t be denied forever, this is just a pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme it’s not sustainable. I can’t fix the problem of a migrants homelessness by giving him my house so how can I fix his poverty by giving him my money? ( Well I could but then I’D be broke and homeless.)

          • firefox

            I agree fully, …but.
            But it has been and is Liberal policy proven in practice: why struggle with convincing the populace with reasonable policy that benefits the people when you can buy votes of special interest (multi-culti) groups with the people’s money and then, when in power, set policy that benefits you and your corrupt friends most.
            This seems the sad truth of liberals everywhere.

  • william carr

    Is that not the American way? One is supposed to pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps
    and everybody has the opportunity to be a success. Otherwise you are a loser or a dummy, doomed to working in fast food joints. ‘Refugees’ on the other hand are really disadvantaged and must be given copious help

  • Betty4440

    DID YOU WATCH FOX LAST NIGHT? some one was talking to people of Chicago or some town and ever one they talked to was voting a democrat and their town was is shambles stores boarded up nothing going on in this town every thing looked shut down. run by democrats. and these stupid people still voting for the devil democrat. like so many blacks vote the democrat party.they are the very ones that have put the black people where they are today. there are some very smart black people out there but they don’t vote for the democrat party. they are not controlled by the democrats. they think for them selves and work for what they want in life. they don’t want hand outs and don’t want to be controlled they like being free. and some white are the very same way they will vote democrat or bust hell wide open.they like being a slave. NOT ME. FREEDOM. GOD,COUNTRY,FAMILY. NO TO THE DEMOCRAT PARTY.

  • joker

    We need indeed more muzzrat women because the porn industry needs cheaper actresses.

  • ermom

    I urge you to follow, besides Pamela’s site, and Spencer’s ‘’, also Have you read the Muslim Brotherhood’s own literature, ‘The Project’ from the Holy Land Foundation jihad funding trial? English starts on page 15, and you can easily download it from ‘the Clarion Project’. It’s absolute sedition, treason, yet Obama (plus earlier administrations) have brought the MB high into our gov’t. TRAITORS.

  • Stephen Honig

    I say replace sharia law with matzah, gefilte fish and the 613 laws

  • Wayne Ville

    1000 rabbis have endorsed bringing more of this filth into our country. Look here to see if your rabbi is one of them.

  • Stephen Honig

    I say replace sharia law with matzah, gefilte fish and the 613 laws.

  • Ektor

    And all the liberals want to do is bring in millions more to be supported by American tax dollars all for the sake of getting a Demon-crat vote. Pitiful.

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