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John Kerry on Terrorism’s Appeal: ‘Regular Meals, Companionship’ – Not Necessarily Religion


The more wrong the Obama administration is on the issue of Islam and jihad, the further off the wall their explanations for the what is self-evident and obvious. This is Obama’s foreign policy: the complete denial of reality.

The whole of jihadist war is Islam. Their reason for living and dying is in the cause of Allah. But the Obama administration will create out of whole cloth fictions and myths in order to protect and defend Islam. It is extraordinary treason.

John Kerry claims that regular meals and companionship lure Muslims to jihad. Why not go to a soup kitchen and get that very thing without all the beheadings, religious fervor,  and jihad wars?  What idiocy! Further he goes on to say, “Efforts to smear them collectively for the actions of a few are despicable – and no more logical than it would have been in the 1990s to hold all Christians accountable for the atrocities committed against Muslim populations in Bosnia and Kosovo.” What about the Muslim atrocities against the Christians? That was why the Christians were fighting. They were not killing in the name of Christ. There were fighting back against the jihadis. America was on the wrong side in that war. That was an ill conceived misadventure.

Does John Kerry expect us to believe that he knows more about Islam than the caliph, a PhD in Islamic theology? Does John Kerry expect us to believe that he knows more about Islam than devout Muslims who eat, sleep and breathe jihadic doctrine, hadith and Quran?

The more epicly wrong the Obama administration is on the issue of Islam and jihad, the further off the wall their explanations for the what is self-evident and obvious. This is Obama’s foreign policy: the complete denial of reality.

“Kerry on Terrorism’s Appeal: ‘Regular Meals, Companionship’ – Not Necessarily Religion”
By Patrick Goodenough | CNS news, April 27, 2016:

isis dabiq
A photo from ISIS’ propaganda magazine. (Photo: Dabiq)

( – Religion does not necessarily play a role in radicalization of Muslims, Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday night, citing political repression and denial of rights as relevant factors, along with the lure of “regular meals [and] companionship.”

In a speech at the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University in Houston, Kerry acknowledged that “you don’t have to be poor or repressed or receive special training” to become a recruit of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh).

“You don’t even have to be religious,” he added, citing as an example a reported case of two young British men who went to join ISIS in Syria in 2014, but took with them the books Islam for Dummies and The Koran for Dummies.

“Daesh recruiting videos include a religious narrative but also point to an idyllic picture of Daesh families having picnics and going to amusement parks,” he continued.

Kerry said while “we still don’t have a fully satisfactory answer” as to why some people fall under terrorism’s spell, “we’ve got some pretty good clues.”

“For example: Multiple studies show a correlation between political repression and the rise of violent extremist organizations,” he said. “People are more likely to become radicalized when they have directly experienced corruption or violence at hands of the state.”

“Denial of fundamental freedoms, including religious freedom, deprives people of voice and dignity,” Kerry said. “And it tends to force legitimate religious and political activities underground, and it fills many with an anger that makes them far more susceptible to terrorist recruiters.”

Recounting having heard that terror groups are actively recruiting children with a long-term strategy in mind, Kerry said, “the lure of extremism can be hard to resist my friends if you are a child with nothing in your stomach and somebody offers you regular meals, companionship, and an upside-down world view in which you have a place on center-stage.”

Noting the youth bulge in many developing countries including the Middle East and North Africa, Kerry called for the creation of “hundreds of millions of new jobs each year.”

The arguments about factors driving terror recruitment are not new ones for Kerry.

In 2014, he said that ISIS terror was not linked to Islam, and instead cited poverty, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and climate change.

That same year, Kerry spoke – in the context of countering terrorism – about the need to provide “better alternatives for a whole bunch of young people who today live in places where they feel oppressed, where they don’t have a lot of opportunity, there’s not enough education, they don’t have jobs.”

President Obama has also spoken of the need to address “the underlying grievances and conflicts that feed extremism – from North Africa to South Asia,” including poverty, repression and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Some studies have challenged the notion of links between terrorism and poverty

Hours before Kerry spoke in Houston, a once-radicalized Muslim told an event in Brussels that radicalization was the result of an ideology and theology that must be uprooted – not poverty or Muslims’ foreign policy grievances.

‘Part of the social fabric’

Kerry also used the speech – whose theme was the relationship between religion and U.S. foreign policy – to speak out against Donald Trump’s rhetoric regarding Muslims – although without naming the Republican presidential frontrunner.

“There are troubling indications here in the United States, where some have urged a ban on Muslim visitors and where false stories about large numbers of Muslim-Americans supposedly celebrating the 9/11 attacks have been willfully disseminated by people who don’t bother to check their facts,” he said.

Kerry said Muslims have lived in the U.S. since its founding, had fought in all of its wars, and made their homes across the nation.

“They are part of the social fabric that defines and binds our country together.”

“Efforts to smear them collectively for the actions of a few are despicable – and no more logical than it would have been in the 1990s to hold all Christians accountable for the atrocities committed against Muslim populations in Bosnia and Kosovo.”

Trump called last December for Muslims to be temporarily banned from entering the U.S., following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif. by a couple inspired by ISIS.

His claims a month earlier to have seen thousands of people in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 terror attack have been refuted here and here.

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    Maybe we ought to feed em a Michelle School Lunch.

    • wilypagan

      OMG. What is that?

      • Rocinante44

        it’s the american economy

      • hogsnort

        A snail about to eat its pellets.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Would you feed that to a muslim? Much as I dislike them, definitely have more respect for them than whoever serves that to anyone else. That, is a disgusting disgrace. It is barely acceptable fodder for a democrat.

      • dave oliver

        I would not feed a Muslim at all….. Think about how they will treat us when there are enough of them.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          True, but they are still, after a fashion, people, what to do with those who hate as intensely as muslims, is difficult for a human being to deal with.

    • Arthur


  • wilypagan

    We need an administration which cares about creating jobs for Americans, not for our enemies. Go Trump!

    • BoWhetstone

      not a chance kid- Obama has plans to cancel the election and stay on power
      he likes his 200 million dollar vacation plan and is going to keep it

  • lolly

    Kerry is delusional.

    • Rocinante44

      no, he’s a democrat

  • David Loeffler

    Apparently, Mr. Kerry has taken, “How stupid can you get?” as a challenge.

    • Robt C

      How stupid can he get?!

  • joker

    I feel when I see his picture that he himself is sick and tired about all of this. The answer is: quit. If that is not the case I am more suitable for his job. And that says a lot.

  • Umma Clinic runs Loon Watch

    Loon Watch is run by the Umma Clinic.

    We have Muslim educators, academics and doctors in the US of immigrant familiies who promote hate against the West, and who are dedicated to promoting Islamism by diverting the blame from Islamist

    texts to blowback from ‘colonialism’ and ‘Zionism’. This is often done under the guise of civil rights and fighting ‘islamophobia’ for Muslims and supporting Muslim colonialism.

    Take Loon Watch whose 2 anonymous moderators ‘Garibaldi’ and ‘Ilisha’ claim to fight hate and ‘islamophobia’. This is done by promoting anti Zionist, anti West and

    anti-semitic hate and promoting worldwide conspiracies of muslim victimisation. Their veteran writer and commenter DrM of is a notorious anti west, anti hindu

    anti-semite (real name Dr Rushdi cader) Dr Rushdi Cader supports a

    caliphate and Islamist laws, Loon Watch has denied the Armenian genocide

    and Loon Watch support Muslim colonialism whilst hypocritcally citing

    western colonialism as the cause of Islamist terrorism. The lies of

    these Islamists are breathtaking. Yazidies have been in the region

    longer than Muslims and are being wiped out. They are not western

    colonialists. Christians and Jews were in the Middle East before Islamic

    colonialsm. Ilisha doesn’t want Muslim countries to be like the West

    yet chooses to live there herself.

    Notice how Islamists prefer to live in the countries they claim are the root of

    evil. THis proves their ulitimate goal is subversion and envy otherwise

    they would move to the countries they claim are victims of the west.

    DrM is careful to hide his hatred of the West preferring to spew his bile

    anonymously as DrM at his own blog

    and since 2007 DrM has been a heavy contributor to Loon Watch and has ceased

    updating his own blog.


    now posts regularly at Loon Watch. DrM does not reveal his real life

    identity at Loon Watch or at his blog where he claims to write about

    medical issues and ‘muslim’ issues. When his identity was made public Dr

    Rushdi made his 1DrM Disqus history private

    Dr Rushdie Cader AKA Dr Maxtor AKA DrM is the founder of the Umma Clinic in California.

    which receives public funds He is a UCLA graduate Rumi Cader who is a professor at UCLA is on the board of the Umma Clinic whose Wikipedia page is here

    DrMaxtor real name is Dr Rushdi Cader

    Evidence of Dr Maxtor excusing Jihadism and promoting anti-semitism, anti-western, anti-hinduism

    all the while blaming Zionism for all the ills in Islamic societies can be seen at his own nazi like blog and his commenting history on Loonwatch.

    In one comment he says he wouldn’t treat Zionists. It is worth investigating how many Americans have died whilst being treated by him

    Dr Rushdi Cader is a member of the Mosque of Nasreen, San Luis Obispo

    The hypocritical Dr runs an anti-semitic blog yet isn’t above taking freebies from Pro Israel Jews. This hypocritical islamist uses Facebook to promote his

    clinic. Mark Zuckerberg is a Jew with operations in Israel. Facebook – UMMACommunity Clinic

    Dr Rushdi Cader hosts his anonymous hate blog on Google’s blogger, whose founder is Jewish. Google has operations in Israel.

    The police who employed him have no idea of his underground Islamist activities.

    Dr Rushdi Cader in Israel as

    part of a medical team.Israeli authorities have no idea of his online

    anti semitism

    Dr Rushdi

    Cader and his wife Nisha Cader featured in Saudi media

    Twitter account where he is careful not to show his true colours like he does

    at Loon Watch

    DrM has been cited approvingly at many anti-semitic sites including Stormfront:

    DrM is a

    Muslim activist well known amongst American Muslims (urls to Ikhras and Muslim

    Matters follow) Muslim Matters speaks glowingly of his anti-semitic

    ‘Judeofascism’ posts

    “Check out Judeofascist Awareness Week at my blog.

    … I agree

    – DrM’s Judeofascist posts are awesome – very enlightening and right on



    August 2,

    2010 at 10:27 PM. Asalamu Aliakum! Well said. Glad to … who tried to hijack

    and misrepresent Islam for their Judeofascist masters.

  • Jackie

    NWO tool Kerry calls the plan of systematic rape “companinship”. How loathsome.

  • Rocinante44

    can you imagine what our enemies think of the US with this dufus representing us? i’ll tell you…..they know they have nothing to fear, just like the vietcong who probably laughed at this fool when he was pretending to be a warrior on his plastic boat in vietnam

  • BoWhetstone

    anyone that stands with Obama the traitor is also deserving of the punishment a traitor deserves.

  • Judi

    What’s the shmuck talking about?

  • wilypagan

    If what they need are meals and companionship, let’s send the ketchup gigolo to keep them company.

  • Lurch (kerry) is Delusional

    What has Kerry been smoking?

    Maybe Kerry can invite the radicalized Muslims to stay in his house with Theresa and they can provide companionship, meals with Heinz ketchup and they can all sit by the campfire singing koom ba ya mahammad.

    According to Kerry all the German nazis needed was companionship and warm meals and that would have stopped them from murdering and torturing millions of people.

    • joe1429

      hahaha we would all be speakin german now, if this loon were secy of state during WW2

      • dave oliver

        and there wouldn’t be any Muslims……. Anywhere

  • joe kulak

    Maybe Lurch can arrange for James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got a Friend” to the ‘migrants’.

    • Chet

      As Mr. Secy sways back and forth gracefully…

  • Janet

    Kerry is a total moron and he sounds ridiculous! I’m so sick of him and Obama and the religion of peace BS! Dumb and dumber!!!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Duh! What was your first clue, Sherlock?

  • sakovkt

    Progs are precious.
    Isn’t it the greedy capitalist/industrialists who exploit the masses with their under paying jobs and environmental pollution that causes all our problems?
    But, the answer to the Jihad is more capitalist/industrial jobs?
    Won’t more jobs create more pollution?
    I thought all those lousy jobs were a major source of our problems.
    But now, we’re going to make all the Jihadis just as miserable as we are, which is a step,,,,uh,,up,,,no, down,,,
    Oh, no!
    It’s up!
    The Jihadis will go into the Black Lives Matter Movement and just be jerks instead of murderers.
    I guess that’s an “improvement”.
    With the Jihadis on board, the $15 an hour minimum wage will be a piece of cake!
    What a Plan!
    One thing the Jihadis and Progs have in common : neither one can accept criticism because neither one can really defend their ideas except on blind faith.
    Maybe what we need is an environmentally sustainable Jihad?
    The more they fail, the more they recite their catechism.

  • the_dhimminator

    Seriously? Is the guy having flashbacks from 70s bad acid?!?!?

    That would explain all the Doctors, Lawyers, Ivy league grads “going jihad”. More misunderstanders of Islam.

  • hal8196

    Just when I think Kerry cannot get any dumber….he proves me wrong…Many jihadists are well educated and not hungry…they just want to destroy Western civilization. They refuse to coexist with any other cultures.

    • joe1429

      Dont forget the “jobs for jihadis” program

  • Ross Blankert

    At what point will liberals decide that these morons are not leaders and that what they say is idiocy. John Kerry is the same moron who went to the North Vietnamese to sell us out. He got an other than honorable discharge and got it upgraded later when he ran for office. He married for money and truly is what they call men like that. I call him traitor.

  • Patricia

    Total DISCONNECT FROM REALITY! It should be evident that our government is pathological at this point and we are on our own!

  • foramerica

    You can’t fix stupid. Kerry is an embarrassment to humanity.

  • iconoclast73

    other than looking like a dumber Herman Munster, what has he done for America? Hasn’t he noticed lots of terrorists are successful people? For that matter, why hasn’t a century of dirt poor hindus brought us anything like this? Fellow people with your eyes open, we need to press on and still try to get people to take an honest look at the nazis of this age. Europe is committing suicide – we must keep trying to educate people to prevent the religion of the borg from colonizing us too

  • Chet

    As the secretary said “we’re not blind and I don’t think we’re stupid”. So says you, Sir…

  • Juanita

    That man is a flaming fool! It is difficult to believe that he once ran for president. Like Biden, everytime he opens his mouth, the nation cringes.

  • joe1429

    Is he going to bring James Taylor to sing in raqqa next??

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