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WATCH Historic speech by Hungarian PM: “The question upon which the future of Europe stands or falls is this: Shall we be slaves or men set free?”


Victor Orban is a beacon of light shining out from a rapidly darkening continent.

Here is the complete translation of Victor Orban’s speech (via The Rebel):

The destiny of the Hungarians has become intertwined with that of Europe’s nations and has grown to be so much a part of the union that today not a single people — including the Hungarian people — can be free if Europe is not free.

And today Europe is as fragile, weak and sickly as “a flower being eaten away by a hidden worm.” Today, 168 years after the great Wars of Independence of the European peoples, Europe, our common home is not free!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Europe is not free. Because freedom begins with speaking the truth.

Today in Europe it is forbidden to speak the truth.

Even if it is made of silk, a muzzle is a muzzle.

It is forbidden to say that those arriving are not refugees, but that Europe is threatened by migration.

It is forbidden to say that tens of millions are ready to set out in our direction.

It is forbidden to say that immigration brings crime and terror to our countries.

It is forbidden to point out that the masses arriving from other civilizations endanger our way of life, our culture, our customs and our Christian traditions.

It is forbidden to point out that those who arrived earlier have already built up their own new, separate world for themselves, with its own laws and ideals, which is forcing apart the thousand-year-old structure of Europe.

It is forbidden to point out that this is not an accidental and unintentional chain of consequences, but a preplanned and orchestrated operation; a mass of people directed towards us.

It is forbidden to say that in Brussels they are concocting schemes to transport foreigners here as quickly as possible and to settle them here among us.

It is forbidden to point out that the purpose of settling people here is to reshape the religious and cultural landscape of Europe, and to reengineer its ethnic foundations — thereby eliminating the last barrier to internationalism: the nation-states.

It is forbidden to say that Brussels is now stealthily devouring more and more slices of our national sovereignty, and that in Brussels many are now making a plan for a United States of Europe — for which no one has ever given authorisation.

Ladies and Gentlemen,Today’s enemies of freedom are cut from a different cloth than the royal and imperial rulers of old, or those who ran the Soviet system; they use a different set of tools to force us into submission.

Today they do not imprison us, they do not transport us to concentration camps, and they do not send in tanks to occupy countries loyal to freedom.

Today the international media’s artillery bombardments, denunciations, threats and blackmail are enough — or rather, have been enough so far.

The peoples of Europe are slowly awakening, they are regrouping, and will soon regain ground.

Europe’s beams that rest on the suppression of truth are creaking and cracking.

The peoples of Europe may have finally understood that their future is at stake:

Now not only are their prosperity, cosy lives, jobs at stake, but our very security and the peaceful order of our lives are menaced as well.

At last, the peoples of Europe, who have been slumbering in abundance and prosperity, have understood that the principles of life that Europe has been built on are in mortal danger.

Europe is the community of Christian, free, and independent nations; equality of men and women; fair competition and solidarity; pride and humility; justice and mercy.

This time the danger is not attacking us the way wars and natural disasters do, suddenly pulling the rug from under our feet.

Mass migration is a slow stream of water persistently eroding the shores.

It is masquerading as a humanitarian cause, but its true nature is the occupation of territory.

And what is gaining territory for them is losing territory for us.

Flocks of obsessed human rights defenders feel the overwhelming urge to reprimand us and to make allegations against us.

Allegedly we are hostile xenophobes, but the truth is that the history of our nation is also one of inclusion. and the history of intertwining of cultures.

Those who have sought to come here as new family members, as allies, or as displaced persons fearing for their lives have been let in to make a new home for themselves.

But those who have come here with the intention of changing our country, shaping our nation in their own image, those who have come with violence and against our will — have always been met with resistance.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

At first, they talk about only a few hundred, a thousand or two thousand relocated people.

But not a single responsible European leader would dare to swear under oath that this couple of thousand will not eventually increase to tens or hundreds of thousands.

If we want to halt this mass migration, first we must curb Brussels.

The main danger to Europe’s future does not come from those who want to come here, but from Brussels’ fanatical internationalism.

We should not allow Brussels to place itself above the law.

We shall not allow it to force upon us the bitter fruit of its cosmopolitan immigration policy.

We shall not import to Hungary crime, terrorism, homophobia and synagogue-burning anti-Semitism.

There shall be no urban districts beyond the reach of the law, there shall be no mass disorder.

No immigrant riots here, and there shall be no gangs hunting down our women and daughters.

We shall not allow others to tell us whom we can let into our home and country, whom we will live alongside, and with whom we will share our country.

We know how these things go. First we allow them to tell us whom we must take in, then they force us to serve foreigners in our own country.

In the end we find ourselves being told to pack up and leave our own land.

Therefore we reject the forced resettlement scheme, and we shall tolerate neither blackmail, nor threats.

The time has come to ring the warning bell. The time has come for opposition and resistance.

The time has come to gather allies to us. The time has come to raise the flag of proud nations.

The time has come to prevent the destruction of Europe, and to save the future of Europe.

To this end, regardless of party affiliation, we call on every citizen of Hungary to unite, and we call on every European nation to unite.

The leaders and citizens of Europe must no longer live in two separate worlds. We must restore the unity of Europe. We the peoples of Europe cannot be free individually if we are not free together.

If we unite our forces, we shall succeed; if we pull in different directions, we shall fail.

Together we are strength, disunited we are weakness. Either together, or not at all — today this is the law.

Hungarians, In 1848 it was written in the book of fate that nothing could be done against the Habsburg Empire. If we had then resigned ourselves to that outcome, our fate would have been sealed, and the German sea would have swallowed up the Hungarians.

In 1956 it was written in the book of fate that we were to remain an occupied and sovietised country, until patriotism was extinguished in the very last Hungarian.

If then we had resigned ourselves to that outcome, our fate would have been sealed, and the Soviet sea would have swallowed up the Hungarians.

Today it is written in the book of fate that hidden, faceless world powers will eliminate everything that is unique, autonomous, age-old and national.

They will blend cultures, religions and populations, until our many-faceted and proud Europe will finally become bloodless and docile.

And if we resign ourselves to this outcome, our fate will be sealed, and we will be swallowed up in the enormous belly of the United States of Europe.

The task which awaits the Hungarian people, the nations of Central Europe and the other European nations which have not yet lost all common sense is to defeat, rewrite and transform the fate intended for us.

We Hungarians and Poles know how to do this. We have been taught that one can only look danger in the face if one is brave enough.

We must therefore drag the ancient virtue of courage out from under the silt of oblivion.

First of all we must put steel in our spines, and we must answer clearly, with a voice loud enough to be heard far and wide, the foremost, the single most important question determining our fate:

The question upon which the future of Europe stands or falls is this:

“Shall we be slaves or men set free — That is the question, answer me!”

Go for it Hungary, go for it Hungarians!

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    An early hero of the century. The former Warsaw pact nations are taking the torch of freedom from europe and america, as they have used it to ignite the flames of islamic hatred and violent suppression of human freedom.

    • Aye, once again it is the Eastern Europeans who will save the rest of Europe from Islam and themselves…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The pendulum of life swings both ways, the west was defeated by itself, now, the east has room to grow.

        • They will indeed. They’ll carpe diem this whole insanity for all it’s worth – and about time too.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            To the victor, go the spoils, in this case, international prestige and influence is moving to the east, the west has abdicated its role of just and righteous.

          • wilypagan

            Trump will turn that around.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … tylenol, need tylenol… It will be so nice when the election is over and the threat of hillary hussain is gone.

          • wilypagan

            Sorry. It has been too long since America has had a hero. Trump may be a bastard, but he is our bastard. I cannot wait to see what he has to say to little PM Trudeau…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Wouldn’t matter trudeau is a tool to the liberal corporation share holders, he will hear and say what he is told to.

          • Ron Cole

            Evil is always with us.

          • TheRelic

            Yes and one of many evils from yourside,
            Mitch McConnell: Top Priority, Make Obama a One Term President
            How did that work out for the Right Wing Nut Jobs?

          • JudyJPolley

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          • Mahou Shoujo

            As I am naive and gullible, please send more information to “Ms Esmerelda Glupperschniffin, General Delivery, Earth.

          • Ron Cole


          • Mahou Shoujo

            Temporary address wile visiting this galaxy.

          • Ron Cole

            Ah done ara bees a po` lil` Chi`town muslim convert that doos wants to woik
            fo` U.
            Ken ah wears mah burka an` still woik?
            Ya` got medical, dental and burka allowance?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            ?… hillary, is that you and angela… ?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … beige? Does it come in beige, it has got to match my bedroom ceiling.

        • Rob Porter

          This was a fantastic speech and wake-up from a leader, yes a

          ‘leader’ unlike the treasonous Muslim trash in the White House and the dimwit in Ottawa who gives impressions – though poorly – of being a leader and talks of bringing 300,000 Muslims into Canada.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The fools in charge of north America are leaving a big mess that will take a long time to cleanup when they are kicked to the curb.

    • Rob Porter

      His country had about 150 years of brutal Ottoman Muslim rule and then more recently about 40 years plus of communist rule. This put a bit of steel in the spine that the mushy, politically correct, rest of Western civilization does not possess. Just watch the Canadian and U.S. tv channels today and you can see the p.c. cowardice at work after these Islamic attacks in Belgium. Note the delusional drivel about ISIS, but not about Islam the drives ISIS.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The fools of the lame stream media are so obsessed with progressive poser pablum that they cannot grasp simple facts. Like the former imam of the grande mosque in mecca clearly and publicly stating that isis and islam are following the same interpretation of the qur’an

        • Rob Porter

          Yes, l remember the statement from that imam, but with the Western msm there are none so blind as the idiots who will not see.

          Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood publicly stated
          that their aim is to “eliminate and destroy Western civilization from within”,yet the msm and cowardly Western politicians conveniently forget these things and pretend they did not occur. Meanwhile Barack Obama entertains the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House and again the msm and politicians take no notice.

      • helga

        correction: 174 “years of brutal Ottoman Muslim rule…”

        • Rob Porter

          Thanks, I’ll remember that. From studies I remember that when the Ottomans in 1683 arrived to defeat Vienna – and lost, some savage and pointlessly went around murdering civilian men, women and children. They skewered infants on pikes.

  • Rocinante44

    orban for president

    • unbatedmedusa

      Hope he can multitask we want him here in the UK to……pleaseeeee

    • Don Grantham

      If only… Orban might actually make America great again.
      He’d also do wonders for Canada.


    Protect our multiculturalism from Muhammadism!
    Just nationalism is boring.
    Stop the Jihad recruiting to Europe & elsewhere.

    • aebe

      Multiculturalism (Tribalism) foisted on us by the progressives, is what lead to the asocial lack of humanity in the West .

      Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry


        Multiculturalism aint tribalism.
        It’s a natural thing. We need to be profoundly progressive & unite to authentically protect human rights & ecology globally & to protect human rights from Muhammadism. Self-defense isn’t enough.

  • Bill

    Unlike Western Europeans and Americans, Eastern Europeans have not been contaminated by the cancer of political correctness

    • Ichabod Crain

      It’s not that. For countries like Hungary and Poland – a country he mentions in passing – the memory of the Soviet invasion is still fresh in their minds. He mentions 1956, when Hungary was invaded. They were invaded by communists, which weren’t much different than the threat of Muslim hordes they are seeing now.

      • Save Europe

        Spot on, but also The Magyars fought to get rid of the Ottomans from their country, and Hungarians who I know, still talk open this, even now.

  • J. Neville Groff

    They dont want 1526, they want 1683 and this time Orban is Sobieski.

  • spacearcadian

    Europe will be slave of Islam. I used to think there will be a civil war and Europeans would stand against their traitor politicians who are islamic collaborators but I was wrong. Islam will subjugate europeans, europe will be flooded with the followers of the murderer rapist mohammad by their own european politicians, Islam will be impossed from the top, tthe elites and the media, free speech will be banned, and after some decades of intimidation, terror attacks, beatings, rapes, europeans and europe as we knew it, will become extinct. Mohammad and the traitor western elites are celebrating since now

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I hope you’re wrong.

      • Don Grantham

        As do I. An Islamic Europe is abhorrent to me, as Nature abhors a vacuum…

  • Ari

    Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán is right. He tells the truth and defends Europe against barbarism.

  • Ari

    “It is forbidden to point out” – by whom? This alludes to censorship and actually most facts in his speech are covered up by the media.

    “that this is not an accidental and unintentional chain of consequences, but a preplanned and orchestrated operation; a mass of people directed towards us.”

    Who are behind this treacherous operation?


      LOL, take a guess?

      • The origional roger

        Why don’t you tell us if your sure ?

    • It is Allah’s will…

    • Richard

      I think he is generally referring to the unelected EU leadership seated in Brussels.

  • Clive R Joel

    I hope this woman tries to expose the Zionist Jewish bankers who fund the mass immigration against White Christian Europe. Or is it all about the Greater Israel Project PNAC. We are waking up to realise who is behind 9/11.All facilitated by the puppet zionist politicians Bushes Carlyle group Silverstein Zacheim Frank lowry etc etc the list goes on and on NWO Rothschilds rockerfellers etc


      maybe, but unlikely

    • The origional roger

      It is known by us that there are certain Jews from the far left who are pushing for mass immigration into the EU.
      But what do you say about the thousands of Jews such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who are fighting a daily battle against the mass immigration policies of the left.

      • Richard

        I believe that Robert is a Catholic of the Maronite Melkite tradition.

    • The origional roger

      You are a craven simpleton, someone like you could read the entire report on 9/11 and then believe a “You Tube video “.
      And ” Americans didn’t land on the moon ?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Do you have any proof of your delusions muslum? Or do you believe whatever your imam/mullah spews to you he doggie styles you on your prayer rug?

    • Richard

      Here’s a clue: Victor Orban is not a woman. And your extreme anti-Semitism isn’t going to turn him into Caitlyn Orban.

      • Don Grantham


    • aebe

      Good Money Paid
      Clean Troll Hides

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Have you ever tried to clan on of the filthy things? Need an electric planer and high pressure washer.

        • aebe

          The EPA recommended using small yield tactical nuclear weapons , slathered with bacon grease and fed to the troll . Messy , and expensive . :)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            When we were kids, I was a bit reluctant to clean fish by hand, after three kids, I got over it. Anyway, so, as car washes were recently invented, used to take them, fish, not kids, there, put them on the floor mat clamps and spray the scales off. Can do the same with muslims.

          • Ron Cole

            Kindly consider putting the “scales” in a burn bag.
            That contaminated matter may just be how it/that/whut reproduces.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yes, if they end up in a car wash sump full of slime and dirt… well, the results can be seen colonizing europe.

          • Ron Cole
          • Mahou Shoujo

            Not yet, still about 15 feet of ice on river bank some snow in the bush, But you can hear them revving up.

  • RealEngineer2

    The Eastern European countries were enslaved by Ottoman Turks and gained sovereignty just before the American Revolution. Even today, the brutality of occupation of Christians and Jews by Muslims is well known for savagery, and HUNGARY endured THAT for DECADES. It is still very much part of their recent history.

    Islamic “Barbary Pirates” led raiding parties into Slavic countries throughout the 1800’s for Slavic Women, prized for their beauty and tormented into bondage as sex slaves, sold on OPEN MARKETS as late as 1908. (In fact, Barbary pirates raided USA shipping and captured crew as slaves, resulting in the “Barbary Wars”.)

    Furthermore, media is not CENSORED in Hungary, and they see what Muslims are doing in Sweden…RAPES up 1472%; Germany…90% of military age males refuse to work and collect welfare, which they regard as “jizya”, a bounty paid for the “privilege” of having them do absolutely nothing; Denmark…If “refugees” get “bored”, entire villages built for them…FOR FREE…are burned down by arsonists.

    Hungary isn’t “radical” regarding the “refugees”. They simply allow freedom of the press and national will of the majority to determine how they want to deal with it.

    • Ari

      It’s nice to see that at least some Europeans, Hungarians receive truthful information in the media. The Finns are not so lucky. In Finland the media is censored and it disseminates immigration propaganda and usually covers up all the negative sides of muslim immigrants. The media tried to cover up the Cologne incident for days, and there are a number of similar cases, in which the media was not telling the whole truth. Recently the media claimed that “refugees are highly educated”, which was based on “refugees” own claims only (no examination certificates at all, just words), even if some of them are illiterate. Obviously most refugees had lied to Finnish authorities and the media repeated this lie as a truth. The media is really dishonest in my country.

      For censorship in Germany and Facebook see


        and here i was thinking all these muslims were aerospace engineers and medical doctors,LOL

        • Ari

          Yes, some muslims have claim to be engineers or so. But most likely they are not capable to work like real engineers and they are not highly educated or actually educated at all. This is their “taqiyya” (a lie) to achieve something.

          • Richard

            I had a coworker who was from the former Yugoslavia. I’m not sure what part, I worked with several guys who simply said they were from Yugoslavia long after there was no such country. I guess, they were being cautious because you never know what another person’s prejudices are…until you do. Anyway, this fellow told me that he had been a professor in his country, but later I learned that he was working on his Master degree. It’s called puffery.

            I find the same thing among Filipino nurses. They come to the US and are indignant that they have to pass exams to be credentialed. Not continuing education, simply a qualifying exam. But they feel that they should not have to demonstrate their knowledge because they held a nursing position in their third world country.

            I have also met people who claimed they were engineers. I’ve got no patience for that since engineering is what I did for 27 years and I hate posers.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are differing standards for other places. Some western trained professionals, would not meet entrance requirements to get into Canadian universities. Some can actually work, others, not. You pays your money and takes your chance. It would be nice to see some of the allegedly “professional” associations get a realistic criteria to investigate foreign qualifications, assessing them in a non prejudicial manner for local certification. You are right though, there is a certain amount of smoke and mirrors involved when discussing who does or can do what where.

          • Save Europe

            Correct. The first migrant to have been officially prosecuted in Germany, for his role, in the cologne attacks was a Moroccan who claimed to have an aerospace engineering degree. It was later found out, that naturally he did not.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are some passable muslim engineers, I know two. But, most muslims, if educated in muslim schools, are substandard, with no ability to use logic or reason, even the obvious is unattainable for them. Muslim education consists of carefully prepared questions and rote answers. Research, question and truth are not part of the superstition that defines madrassas or any muslim schooling.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Close, space cadets and veterinarian’s clients.


        The government is probably referring to their Muhammadist indoctrination as ‘highly educated’. Highly indoctrinated would be better. The EU-regime has gon’ nuts.

  • Clive R Joel
    • Don Grantham

      Lost me at ‘Zionist’…

      • J Martin

        Long story short: Jews are carrying out their plan to destroy Europeans. These are the space cadets who also follow a cult.

  • Dave Mc

    The clear ring of truth being spoken. Respect for this man and his countrymen.

  • LaurenGlenn

    wow, finally !!!

  • spacearcadian

    Sorry Orban, but the NATO forces, now under the rule of Merkel and Turkey, can break any borders of your eastern european countries, just like they bombed the serbs in the 90´s and relocate thousands of muslim refugees there, you islamophobic Huns!. Little hope is left in Britain with the EU Referendum in june, but the polls show that the Remain voters will defeat the Brexit/Leave votes; so Britain will fall under the rule of Merkel and Hollande. It´s the end of Europe, when the EU allow Turkey to be an EU member, and the 78 millions muslims from Turkey will have free access to raid, loot, rape and kill the whole Europe at will


      merkel is the pig whore of the globalist elitist banksters

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Yeah, it’s the bankers who are behind islam. Duh. How could I not see it?

    • You’re underestimating quite a few hundred million nationalists in Europe. They will soon rise up. They will chase those fcuking Turks, and their fellow Islamic devil dogs, right back into Asia where they belong – reclaiming the old capital of the world right back off them.

      No. Don’t underestimate the patriots and nationalists. Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and so on, they will lead the way in actions – politically at first, then…well, I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

      We’ve yet to play our cards. The leftist and Islamic devil dogs played theirs long ago…

      • Don Grantham

        Then my hopes and prayers are with you. If I had bullets, I’d send them too.

        • The Eastern European countries have their own massive armaments industries. They all produce their own AK versions, after all. In fact, most of the weapons in the hands of the criminal underworld in Europe – including paramilitaries in Northern Ireland – procure their weapons from these places…

          I think a certain bunch of leftists and Islamic dogs have forgotten this simple fact: nationalists in Europe can be armed faster than anyone else when the time comes.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Small unit training and tactics might be helpful. Muslums in the USA have their own terrorist training camps.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So do boy scouts, in a fight, scouts will win.

    • The key will be the new Nationalist Russia. No longer communist, socialist, or even leftist.

      They will be the ones who will stop NATO dead – literally.


    the globalists are the enemy of humanity. don’t be surprised if this guy dies in some mysterious car crash within a month.

    • Mary

      We should all be praying for him.

  • unbatedmedusa

    I absolutely love this man : )

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Curses, I knew I should have called “dibs”. You cute girls get all the good ones. What do we get? Choice, trudeau or hussain, life is not fair.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Was it my imagination or did Orban not once mention muslums or islam his whole speech?

  • Dennis

    While I certainly agree with the contents of this speech, we all must recognize that this PM is facing the same kind of adversity that is now popping up here, in the conduct of other people who will do anything to shut down the right to speak out and say what to those people is not politically correct. Those who now are using every intimidating tactic cannot ever see the obvious that faces them. Do not you wonder why people who come from cultures that are so different from the cultures that for centuries made up the nations of Europe, would come there, while their own cultures refuse to take them in. Shouldn’t you be seriously concerned, especially of a culture that has been opposed to all other cultures over the eons. I only can hope that this voice and the contents of this speech will become the rule and not the exception, and that the high minded misguided liberals will be stopped before it is too late.


    Let’s unite & to become & stay free globally.
    African slaves in Mauritania, new north-Sudan, Saudi Arabia & elsewhere are enslaved by Muslims because Muhammad teached that his unproven deity turned Africans black so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, that out of mythological first person Adam’s left shoulder blacks emerged to perdition while whites of his right to paradise & Abeed means slave & African in Arabic. We need honest media to share this in documentary & news. We need to takeover Muhammadan governments to establish human rights & ecology.
    Join the global Globalfirm-association party & realize it self-initiatedly.
    Let’s not let our multiculturalism be hijacked by Muhammadism!

    • Victor

      We must save ourselves first before we can save anyone else! Stop peeing your panties out of a fear of nationalism! Europe belongs to Europeans! Deal…..


        There are Europeans that have a global identity & think globally & don’t want to have a national identity be forced upon. But we have to protect humanity from Muhammadism & takeover Muhammadist governments to disslove Muhammadism & replace with with ethics: human rights & ecology. Establishing English as regionally at least second official, global language is also good & important.

  • Don Grantham

    This man is a true leader. All Hungarians should be proud to have him at the helm.
    I salute you, sir!
    ORBAN 2016

  • Save Europe

    That is truly one of the greatest speeches ever! The man – along with Wilders and Fico are legends.

  • Lia

    Mr Orban is a hero! Hungary must be so proud of him! And grateful for him. Praying that Europe will gather to his standard of freedom

  • I have lived in Europe the last twenty-six years and President Orban is one of the Best, Common Sense leader in Europe! I also own a house and land in Hungary and spend a lot of time there. The rest of the EU Clowns are losers, willing to bow down to Islam and that Demented Merkel, who should be locked in the Hague awaiting Trial for Treason Against All Of Europe! She used to be a decent leader, until she got the hots for Obama and started visiting that Queer Muslim Queen, and then she turns around and turns Traitor to the people of Germany and Europe! She needs jerked from office and locked in a loony bin! God Bless leaders like Orban, the other European Leaders should learn from him, especially those Idiots in Brussels!

  • aebe

    Don’t know what Hungary’s people have for rights , but I pray they’ll have the strength to cut the flood of terrorists into Europe . Most of the Europeans have lived under their ‘benign’ socialism , having gone straight into that from monarchies , and never having the rights too many Americans take for granted .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights . Carry

  • michaelofsydney

    Such a magnificent speech. God protect him and his followers. They have steel in their spines.

  • Janet

    Finally a real leader who has the guts to speak the truth! Hopefully the people of Europe will wake up before it’s too late if it isn’t already! I really like this guy!!!!

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    whole of the English – speaking West has the crucial task of
    leading the fifth cultural epoch, the period of the developing
    consciousness soul, which will run its course for another 1,500
    years. It will therefore be of immense importance whether now and in
    the future the English – speaking part of humanity will use its time
    of spiritual leadership for helping all mankind to come to a new
    spirituality, or whether it will contribute to the possibility of a
    final fall into materialism. In other words, the central question is:
    Will the West promote a free development of human individuality or,
    alternatively, humanity’s entrapment in a dependent and manipulated
    state? The former possibility is the great task of the West for the
    whole of mankind. The second is a temptation of power which emerges
    from the ‘double’ of the true being of the English – speaking
    world, and which constitutes the biggest hindrance on the way to the
    realization of its true task. The parts of this book which deal with
    the present activity of this ‘double’ can help the western
    peoples to come to a recognition of it. Such recognition is in itself
    already the first step in the final overcoming of this disastrous,
    negative influence. To reiterate, the future of the whole of mankind
    depends on the extent to which this goal is realized. The Spiritual
    Origins of Eastern Europe and the Future Mysteries of The Holy Grail
    by Sergei O. Prokofieff

  • sodacrackers2

    I guess Brussels got its comeuppance today. ?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The more they are tolerant, the more tolerant they will have to be, until like every other collection of dumb bastards, they realize that tolerance of intolerance is really stupid, to the point of being lethal.

  • Terry101

    We have found the Churchill of our time.

  • Dan Knight

    An adult male crying in the wilderness … may he be heard.

  • Ron Cole

    Europe overcame the mongul hordes, plagues, moors, Napolean, and Hitler, and Communism.
    It is sad to see it fall to a horde of low life cowardly vermin.

  • Arcturus

    The sacrifices of World Wars 1 and 2 had already set them free.

  • Perhaps we can elect Orban president of the United States? What, he’s not a natural born citizen? So what, neither are Obama, Cruz, Rubio, Jindal, or Haley.

  • Joe1938

    Great speech. However, only time will tell. Does anyone in Europe have the courage to do what is needed.?

  • joe1429

    This man is a True Patriot!! By the way, brussels was just attacked today!! Wake up and listen EU!!! 250 people injured today!! And isis promising more, which they will deliver!! Wake up!!!!!

  • Sugarsail1

    I hope for Hungary’s sake this man is not all talk and no action. You Europeans were invaded by the scourge long ago and had your head in the sand due to politically correct pacifism and “tolerance”. It’s happening in the US too, our gov trying to disarm us like the European governments did to their impotent citizens long ago, while disallowing us to accurately point out the enemy that attacks us. The enemy is not terrorism, terrorism is a tactic, the enemy is Islam. But that is forbidden to say, isn’t it?

  • concerned

    PM Victor Orban is an inspiration ! a man amongst mice.If he had a fan club, I would sign up. Mr Prime Minister, I wish you lived here.

  • Sylvan Moir

    Thanks Pamela Geller for posting that wonderful speech!

  • Sylvan Moir

    Extraordinary too, that just hearing the truth fully and unfearfully stated, when we are stumbling around in a treacly miasma of lies around our feet, from the media and world of politics,- can so restore health and uprightness to the carriage and help you breathe normally again!

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