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[ October 20, 2017 ]

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VIDEO: Devout Muslim Disrupts #BrusselsAttack Memorial, Screams Jew-Hatred Slogans, Incites to Violence


Evil to the bone. Muslims so seethe with hatred that they cannot let a moment of grief for the victims of jihad pass without incident or agitation. No humanity, no respect. Bloodshed evokes more bloodlust.

The bodies are not yet buried. This incident took place at a memorial for the victims of the unspeakable jihad attacks in Brussels. Trying to incite the crowd against the Jews, a devout Muslim runs into the center of the memorial, stamping on the flowers for the dead and screams “Palestine,” the rallying cry for jihadis and Jew-haters everyone.

He was booed and removed, but for those Muslims and Jew-haters in the crowd — this is just the beginning (and they know it, support it).

The Blaze: During an otherwise somber gathering at a large Brussels square paying tribute to those slain in last week’s terrorist attacks, one man positioned himself at the center of the crowd and repeatedly shouted, “Palestine!”

He was booed emphatically by the crowd standing around the makeshift memorial Saturday filled with flowers, candles and memorial notes in Brussels’ Place de la Bourse.

DW reporter Dana Regev who captured the moment on video observed that the agitator was led away, sparking a round of applause from those paying tribute to the victims of Tuesday’s terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and subway station.

#Palestine! Yells a man in the improvised memorial in #Brussels before taken by police.

— Dana Regev (@Dana_Regev) March 26, 2016

Though his full sentence was not captured in the video, Regev reported that the man was demanding, “Justice for Palestine!”

“Many people booed, shouting for him to ‘focus on Brussels today,’ saying that ‘Belgium is strong.’ Others cheered and applauded his statements,” she added.

The man’s outburst followed a separate incident last week in the same city square in which a woman dressed in a Muslim hijab headscarf ripped an Israeli flag, one of many national flags placed at the makeshift memorial, likely by tourists from around the world paying their respects for those killed.

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  • TAI

    The bad news is the problem is only going to get worse in Europe! They are letting in tens of thousands of mostly of unskilled and limited educated muslims into europe right now. Europe must wake up!

    The ultimate happy ending is going to be these countries, one after the other, electing right wing nationalists governments to deal with the stone age, violent vermin!

    It’s only a matter of time before Obama opens our doors to them. Obama would never want to betray his beloved Muslim brothers. Just look at how he sat on his hands while ISIS took over the middle east and Iran built up their nuclear program. He has destroyed our foreign policy. He has ruined our country.

    Stateside, Obama has crippled our economy. Everybody I know is either out of work or under-employed. And our expenses keep rising. My health insurance is now up to $400/month. Before the government touched it, it was $250/month! My auto insurance, which the government has yet to ruin, is thankfully only $24/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, Obama! Don’t try to socialize ANYTHING ELSE!

    The US will realize that these Muslim migrants have outworn their welcome do the same next November. Trump is going to win in a landslide because the American people want the illegal alien vermin out of our country!

    • Tatonka

      If the European people are not wide awake by now they never will wake up.

      • Core Macro

        I think more and more people are realising what is happening, but individually we are up against the Police, the MSM and liberal traitor conspirators, it’s working perfectly, we are to scared to say anything against Islam for fear of reprisal.
        It will take massive nationwide demonstrations and I suppose violence before the government’s U-turn on immigration policy, but maybe they will finally turn the Police and Military wholesale against those who are against the Islamification of European countries.
        Is this all a plan I ask to myself, to force large scale immigration on European populations to cause Right Wing groups to gain strength throughout Europe and then Hard Right government to win at the ballot box.

        • Tatonka

          It is not only the muslims but also the UN and agenda 21 (2030)and the socialist governments in power in all the west, All these destructive forces work in symbioses to eliminate the white man and the free west or whatever is left of it.

  • MPAcosta

    Dear God, please stop the insanity…

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    They shut of Cut his Throat right then and There !

    • Solipsis

      Yes the teddy bears want blood!

  • thomashenryjr

    Booed Him, that’s effective, it is about time we get past the Boos and Vocal Condemnation and get down to business , Eradicating this plague by any means necessary, so beating the Hell out of him would have been a good start

    • joker

      Right, it is also time that we get past the leftists made memorial candles and flowers and starting making more coffins stating “made for muzzrats”. It will be a huge profitable industry.

      • joe1429

        Yea or a “pray for brussels ” sign

    • Solipsis

      They were very weak pacifist boos as far as boos go.

  • fulham2014

    Hummm, people is starting to realize what these Muslims are all about, it did not looks like the public really enjoy this apparition there.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • Bill

    Europe had better get its new Charlghmene or Charles Martel and quickly. Vote Trump!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    palestine is and will remain the gutter of islam for as long as it is infested with maggots.


      Sinister FarraKLANs Nation of Islamofascist is a GARBAGE religion of Satan.

  • Justice for palestine would be a strategically dropped nuke!

    • JSebastian

      But how, given the tiny size of Israel? You couldn’t take out the miscreants without hurting innocent non-muslims.

      • Ever been to the US Nuclear Museum in Albuquerque? They’ve got Korean conflict era nukes that can be shot from the back of a jeep!!

        • Solipsis

          Gaza can be annihilated in ten minutes with conventional weapons. Paleness is Israel, it was a mistake not to annihilate those nomad Arabs a long time ago.

          • AGREED!(Guess I just Like smashing cockroaches with a sledgehammer!)

      • Judi

        A good start would be Mecca.

    • The Reporter

      A Cruize missile on the Kabba would be an appetizer.

  • Alex

    We get it Muslims, it’s the Jews fault for everything bad.
    If the Jews are extinct one day, then it’s the Christians fault for everything, then the Hindus, then the Atheists, and so on.
    I better start using that excuse with my boss at work, or with my wife at home, or with my friends in general; should do wonders, but I have I feeling it’s not going to work.

    • Solipsis

      The Jews ate my homework.

  • Ayna

    Yeah well, it’s the white European islam-collaborating folks, lead by an evenly islam-friendly EU, that is letting this all happen, with a majority of lethargic, cowardly voters backing them up, not protesting even after this latest sign of appaling incompetence from their governments.

  • DVult

    I am beginning to think that the ethos of the biker gang or football hooligan has some admirable features.

    • Solipsis

      Me too. I remember thinking that watching a zombie movie. I was cheering for the bikers.Because at least they were human.

      This is no different.
      And in all practicality, when the Muslim gangs come to your apartment to rob you as they do in Sweden, if you are not affiliated with a violent self-protective group they will dispatch you.

      Get affiliated with some tough group now , Islam is a pack , loners will get picked off.

      • Core Macro

        It’s terrible really to think this, but if my flat in London was broken into and I was robbed and beheaded, would it even make the news beyond my local paper, how soon would it just be forgotten as some ‘lone wolf’ robbery, an ISIS copy cat.
        Maybe it will take hundreds of killings by Muslims before anything even starts to ignite in the hearts of the UK non Muslim population.

        • Solipsis

          I’m afraid it’s already happening in Sweden, Muslim gangs are terrorizing senior apartments, robbing beating at will. The police refuse to come – it doesn’t make the papers, no need to talk about lone wolves besides they are gangs not loners..
          Better Join an MC QUICK!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    palestine will never be respected or even really acknowledged until it becomes a participant in the world, not a beggar in every gutter of the planet.

    • wilypagan

      Yes. The filistini people have been sorely used by their “leaders”. If Hamas and Fatah would have made peace with Israel and started educating filistini children to be productive citizens instead of murderers they would have a thriving, prosperous society by now. Instead, they are a permanent welfare (and terrorist) class.

      Time for the filistini people to wise up and and realize Israel isn’t going anywhere.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The only people that are going any where are the palestinians, they are going extinct. No loss, a general overall improvement to humanity when they are gone.

        • wilypagan

          I have met some Palestinians {from Canada actually} who are very nice. They are Christians. I am sure they would love to see a secular governnment the Levant, but one controlled by modern Arabs, not the seventh century followers of the pedopihile.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are right, I should be more specific, it is the palestinians that support hamas and other muslim terrorists that are the bottom of the gutter.

  • Solipsis

    The Government didn’t arrest him, no one punched him. If anyone there had justifiably said “Down with Islam” they would have been beaten to death on the spot.
    The people of Belgium are NOT innocent, the Government which they voted for is NOT innocent.
    These fools got their Karma, they did it to themselves, I have no sympathy for them I would love to see the entire continent of Jew haters, appeasers and Muslims turned int a radioactive waste. As for the one or two innocent people left in Europe , i ask if you are so innocent why are you still living in that evil pit of horror?
    Fix it or get out.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What if there are still ten good people in Europe/Eurabia? What if there are more than ten?

      • Solipsis

        Islam has their martyrs, we have ours. We can erect a statue to them after Islam has been totally annihilated as a force in the world.
        You have some trace of leftist anti-war thinking in your system probably from growing up in a civilization drenched with the stuff. , I suggest you purge yourself. War is no place for sympathy.
        Suppose we are in charge of the armed forces in wartime.
        We shoot all deserters , maybe some are innocent but doesn’t matter , for maintaining our troops as ferocious we can’t take a chance.
        Maybe some troops are charged with war crimes – we exonerate them , if we didn’t our troops would not fight for us – we need to unleash maximum heck on the enemy not somewhat heck or somewhat pacifism , we unleash the dogs of war.
        Besides there are only 9 (nine). I counted. Not enough to worry about.

        • Trump is the only one with enough balls to carry this out. I don’t care how much people hate him. He will destroy Islam throughout the planet. Because “Islam Hates Us….there’s a terrible hatred there.” Trumps the ONLY one who’s said it and the ONLY one willing to put everything on the line to destroy Islam.

          • Solipsis

            1000 percent in agreement.

  • C-Ann-C

    See how these people are? They are so filled with hate on anyone who is not like them, they don’t care what they do or who they hurt. It’s in their “caliphate”, their Sharia Law; they have to follow it word for word or else they are not Muslims, and if they don’t follow it, they can be stoned by their own people. This is not a religion, but a CULT, and if we don’t recognize that, it will be the demise of our country and no more will we exist in their world. This President says that “this is not who we are” by not accepting them, yet this is WHO THEY ARE in not accepting US! What are WE? SHEEPLES? Do we not CARE for our country founded on the principles of who FOUND OUR COUNTRY in the first place? Who GAVE us the freedoms we now enjoy? They use that against us, yet they don’t accept it for their cult! They USE our liberties of justice against us to get what THEY want, yet they don’t accept our Constitutional rights because it’s not their “mantra”, their caliphate, their Sharia Law! When are we ever going to WAKE UP the sheeple and get them to realize this is NOT what our intentions of a free and principled country we were supposed to be?! Where are the people against this? They must be living in their sweet little protective bubbles as long as they don’t know what’s going on, it’s ok! Until it bites them in their proverbial rear ends, they will never realize what’s real and what’s a fantasy they live in!

    • Solipsis

      I see, our leaders see and don’t care or even help them.

  • Solipsis

    The video is still on youtube – for now. The sharia compliant youtube will probably take it down soon. see it while you can

    • The very first video ever uploaded to YouTube was by a Muslim. He probably helped invent it just document acts of heinousness for the demon allah.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    I’m surprised Obama wasn’t there demonstrating his tango skills. This man stamped on the flowers and tributes. Obama danced on the body parts.

    • Solipsis

      That the Muslim felt safe and protected to do that says everything about Belgium
      So as for Belgium and Islam – a curse on both their houses.

  • The Reporter

    The Pope says to beat them with LOVE would you love to give them a bullet between the eyes?

  • Drew the Infidel

    Pardon my insensitive nature but I fail to see the importance of hanging a teddy bear on a fence with a tearful note attached when compared to the effectiveness of a well armed citizenry in discouraging a terror attack in the first place.

    • Solipsis

      The teddy bear message is “I’m an idiot pacifist – come and murder me.”

  • Roha Waha

    Many of the European people and governments have long criticized Israel for separating Pali Arabs from their community’s and exiling the violent family’s. Europe is just now getting a taste of what Israel has endured for 60 years, just wait until the daily murders of innocent unarmed civilians begins. I believe many Muslim Arabs are patiently stock piling weapons and ammo and all hell will break loose in the near future. Europe is committing suicide by multi-culture political correctness.

  • THIS IS NOT ISIS. These are Muslims. The most vile, repulsive, disgusting, grotesque, hideous beasts on the planet. There will never be peace until all of Satan’s spawn have been eradicated.

  • joe1429

    Why didnt someone kick his ass?? The balls after his people do a terror attack, to stick his ugly muzrat face out

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