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US Muslim “Anti-Discrimination” Group Demands FBI CANCEL Informant Program


When have you ever seen a Muslim group come out for any counter-terrorism program? This one is toothless and silly as it is, but even that is too much: the ADC seems to want all resistance to jihad terror ended.

Why is it Muslim groups work furiously to dismantle the very programs that keep us safe from jihad terror?

ADC Alwaleed bin Talal

“US Muslim Anti-Discrimination Group ‘Demands’ FBI Cancel Informant Program,” by Ron Brynaert, Daily Caller, March 26, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

In an email sent to supporters, a prominent US anti-discrimination Muslim group announced that it’s “requesting a meeting with FBI Director James Comey” and is “demanding” that it cancel an informant program reportedly set to “be formally introduced next week.”

“The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee demands that the FBI cancel the launch of its controversial ‘Shared Responsibility Committee’ program,” the email states. “Since learning about the program last fall, ADC has frequently expressed serious concerns about the initiative, which is part of the government’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program.”

Last November, the Washington Post reported, “The FBI has designed an unusual game-style Web site about extremism meant to be used by teachers and students to help the agency spot and prevent radicalization of youth, say Muslim and Arab advocacy groups who were briefed by the FBI on the program and fear it will foment discrimination against Muslims.”

The “Don’t Be A Puppet” website — aimed at schools to help “keep youth from falling prey to online recruiting by terrorists” — was put on hold after the ADC and other “members of the Muslim and Arab advocacy groups invited to preview the effort complained that despite being described as combatting ‘violent extremism,’ it frames the topic heavily through the lens of Islam and will lead to profiling of Muslim youth.”

The “Shared Responsibility Committees” (SRCs) were also referred to at an FBI meeting last November, “which the Muslim and Arab participants said are proposed groups of community leaders and FBI representatives who could discuss cases of specific youths.”

In the email, which was sent Friday, the ADC claims “it raises numerous civil rights and civil liberties concerns and has been planned in secrecy. Foremost, the SRC is problematic as it continues to target Arabs and Muslims, and turns our religious leaders, mental health professionals, teachers and dedicated community members into informants for the FBI.”

It continues: “The FBI and other government agencies have failed to be transparent and forthcoming with details about the program, which the FBI packages as a form of community engagement. The SRCs expand the FBI’s surveillance powers, under the guise of an ‘interventionist’ program. Similar programs were implemented in Europe, and they failed miserably. In implementing the program, the FBI has ignored history and the concerns raised by community members. Instead the FBI has relied on fringe groups from within the community. These groups are recipients of government grants used to implement such programs and do not work in the best interest of the community.”

Former CIA officer Clare M. Lopez — who is now the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy, and a foreign policy adviser for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz — recently complained that the FBI was the “real puppet” being led by a “Muslim Brotherhood puppeteer.”…

  • Eywayh

    Vote trump, and muslimes will be on the run, vote anybody else, and pamela will stay busy for a long time with zero effect on reality

    • joe1429

      Amen to that… brother!!

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Muslims refuse to take any responsibility for their religions role in terrorism! If the truth about the violence endemic in Islam from the very first day it was invented was acknowledged then they could no longer claim it was the religion of peace. Destroying this subterfuge would make it obvious that the cult is about supremacy not peace. Newsflash to Obama’s Vichy FBI if you submit now you will perp walk later!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Muslims consider themselves above the law, which is why they demand that the laws be adjusted to their liking, while shat’a is to be beaten into the whole population. Muslim demands are just that,m they are never ending and increasingly oppressive.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    There’s a reason it targets ARABS and MUSLIMS!
    It isn’t CAUCASIANS or BUDDHISTS doing the KILLING!

  • joe1429

    Of course. Maybe the italians should demand the Fbi disband its rico unit, monitoring the mafia??? It discriminates against italians

  • Drew the Infidel

    WTF? The FBI realizes the overwhelming influence of peer pressure and is simply using it as a law enforcement tool. When the ragheads cry foul it is only confirmation the feds are on the right track.

    • aaron morand

      why do WTP care if anything that WTP do offends a “guest” muslim…WTP
      keep forgetting THIS IS OUR NATION and it in NO WAY belongs to the
      muslim regardless what Obama may say about all of their supposed
      contributions to mankind……they, the Neanderthal muslim, have NO rights
      here and anytime the “guest” stands up at a public meeting and demands
      anything..stand up and tell them to shut up and sit down as they have no
      voice in our government as a “guest”….if YOU as a citizen allow the
      muslim a voice, someone out there will listen to it…..try to speak up at
      a muslim meeting in their Nation and see what happens to YOU!

  • sakovkt

    The FBI informant program might be silly but it opposing isn’t.
    Muzzies oppose the small stuff so anything effective never gets on the table.
    Their Valentine’s Day protests are similar.
    Keep the debate at small stuff and never mind the suicide vests piled up in the middle of the room

  • marble

    From creeping sharia to leaping sharia; from whining to commanding. It only works when the victim lets it work.

  • Janet

    These Muslim groups kill me! It’s always about them and not for the good of the country! So sick of them always complaining about their rights! I think it’s funny considering where most of them come from! If you don’t like it you can always go back to the hell hole you or your ancestors came from! We’ll pay your way!!! See ya!!!

  • volksnut

    These are soetoros ” moderates ” the same ones that protect homicidal psychopathic muslims in Europe, to which Belgium is finding out now, that ” the terror cell is to large to wipe out “. Has barry EVER defined what he has meant by ” moderate muslim ” ? NO – the ONLY difference between the moderates and the murdering islamic psychopaths is their method of operation.They ALL ASPIRE to the same thing – WORLD DOMINATION – Time to wake up, muslims are being used to hasten a new world order.

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