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Top Doc Axed After Reporting Muslim Surgeon’s Hijab was ‘Spotted with Blood’ Before an Operation, Muslima Surgeon Planned to Operate in her Hijab Despite it Being Against Safety Regulations


Top doc axed in bust-up after reporting Muslim surgeon’s hijab was “spotted with blood” before an NHS operation.

Islamic supremacism before health, welfare or hygiene. That is the message the Royal Hallamshire is sending with this suspension. A prominent surgeon was suspended by the hospital after confronting a fellow surgeon who planned to operate in her hijab, despite it being against safety regulations. She was planning on wearing it during an operation — breaching strict rules. So of course, a Muslim complaint was then raised against Dr Rogozov, and he was suspended.

A hospital probe eventually concluded that he was right to ask woman to change, but no matter.


Dr Rogozov said he confronted the woman before the surgery when he realised she planned to wear the Islamic hijab, which was against safety regulations. But the unnamed surgeon refused, walking out of the operation and forcing staff at Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital (pictured) to find a replacement

Top doc axed in bust-up after reporting Muslim surgeon’s hijab was ‘spotted with blood’ before an NHS operation, The Sun, March 8, 2016 thanks to Bosch Fawstin:

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower axed after revealing scarf bust-up in online interview

AN NHS consultant has been suspended for revealing how a Muslim surgeon refused to remove her hijab for an operation — even though it broke hospital health rules.

Dr Vladislav Rogozov said in a blog that he confronted her as they scrubbed up when he realised she planned to keep the Islamic scarf on during surgery.

Whistleblower … Dr Vladislav Rogozov has been suspended by hospital

He claimed the hijab was spotted with blood from previous operations. But she refused to remove it and walked out, forcing the hospital to find a stand-in

The unnamed surgeon later accused anaesthetist Dr Rogozov, 46, of racial discrimination.

She left Sheffield’s Royal Hallamshire Hospital after a hospital investigation backed Dr Rogozov for enforcing its strict dress code.

It says religious headscarfs are “excluded in areas such as theatre, where they could present a health and cross-infection hazard.”

The incident was not made public at the time.

But Czech-born Dr Rogozov has now been suspended for revealing the hijab bust-up in an interview with an online blog.

In it, he claims other medics had been concerned about the breach of health rules but feared speaking out.

He said: “No one dared to highlight this issue because they feared being accused of racism.”

Dr Rogozov also claimed Muslim staff took unscheduled prayer breaks during surgery and alleged a male doctor had recited from the Koran during an operation.

A source said: “Dr Rogozov won’t tolerate anything that puts patients at risk.

“It has nothing to do with the medics being Muslims. It’s his fear they let their beliefs come before the patients.”

It is understood Dr Rogozov was suspended last month pending an inquiry after his blog remarks were repeated in a Slovakian newspaper and a Czech website.

royal hallamshire

The hijab incident was in 2013. His claims of Koran recital and prayer breaks are more recent.

The allegations by Dr Rogozov, who has lived and worked in Britain for a decade, are also being investigated by the NHS.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ spokesman Dr David Throssell said: “Patient safety is our top priority. As soon as we were made aware of the publication of allegations we began an investigation.”

  • Dawn in Eastern Washington

    It’s very difficult to share your articles to Twitter due to the extremely long titles. Can your IT team address this?

  • esther4

    As a nurse I am sickened by this PC bullshi$.

    • DowntotheBone

      As a doc, I am too.

      • Hcklbery

        [PUN INTENDED]
        HA HA

  • preferred user

    If this is true this is a legitamate medical issue and the beurocrats that sided with the Muslim surgeons race card should be axed IMO .

    This makes a good argument not to let Muslims immigrate out of the middle east where they are free in many areas to live in the 7th century !

  • pinnie

    this is disgusting on so many levels!

  • Looking Inside

    As an R.N., I a sickened by the lack of concern by this hospital. Why do they think Surgeons “scrub up” and wear totally sterile garb? To protect the patient from Nosocomial (hospital caused) infections. This woman’s head covering obviously did NOT comply. Dr. Rogozov, many in the medical field stand by you!! We all need to STOP this PC crap. It was started so that certain groups could guilt trip the masses to feel guilty and get their way. PC is just a tool!!

    • bettylee

      Yes agree.. As a RN shocked ..years of scrubbing between each actions..this is dangerous..

    • commonsense4sure

      Many times they don’t even want to wash their hands…. they should ALL be fired who don’t comply with health standards… no matter who you are or your religion! You FOLLOW the health rules or get the f out of hospital and patient care!!!!!!!!

      • Save Europe

        I notice the majority eat with their hands, and then get all freaked out about whether hand washes have alcohol in them.

    • commonsense4sure

      Several years back in the US I went for a stress test… the asst who was checking the heart with his device kept poking me in my left ribcage SO hard that it was extremely painful. When I complained to ‘Ahmed’ he just insisted that I was just very sensitive (which I am NOT). Felt like he was trying to jab his finger or thumb right through my chest wall! When I complained to the hospital administration they didn’t want to touch it as if it were a hot potato. Bunch of PC wusses! Never has any American medical staff caused pain deliberately like this jerk did. When I inquired just ‘how hard’ a tech is supposed to poke you … I was told they aren’t supposed to hurt at all… on the contrary it’s supposed to be very gentle pressure. I almost got off that table and BUSTED his chops….. I wish now I had!

  • RDRR

    This doesn’t surprise me. The British are cowards. After living among them for several years, I was quite happy to put them and their backwards assed country behind me.

    • Budvarakbar

      ” backwards assed ” — did you get that “bass-ackwards”?

      • BrunoPBuhr

        He was looking in the mirror at it while writing! “Sherlock Holmes”

  • billrowland

    Brits would rather a patient get an infection and die rather than have a muslim obey rules.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The british are funny that way, they will die for the most stupid principle, when they could prosper using an easy smart one.

      • timetorun

        stiff upper lip and all that. why did the US bother to waste all our wonderful GI soldiers in WWII to save you when you wont even bother to save yourselves. Have some dignity.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There is a profound absence of dignity, self worth, pride, humility and decency along with moral relevance in western europe. Socialism will do that to people.

        • Save Europe

          You didn’t save us. We were never invaded. You cannot even acknowledge due to sheer arrogance but mostly disrespect for others that the USA, Russia, UK, free poles, Canadians, free Dutch and Australians freed Europe. Along with hit let’s stupidity of attempting to invade a massive country like Russia, in the dead of winter. You insult SO many of my relatives who fought and DIED on d- day. Shame on you, especially when I ADMIRE you country. Save your hatred for a country like France who surrendered to Germany twice, and did not stand by your country after 9/11 when WE did! Shameful comments. Absolutely shameful! How DARE you insult the memory of my dead relatives.

  • Black Eagle

    The Brits have decided, vote Labor and Communism, and Islamic Sharia, no matter how many heads they chop, or women they rape, or other atrocities and indignities. Anything but UKIP. Muslims are fine, upstanding, etc. etc. No problems. Just agree with them on everything and things will go swimmingly. Just bow down a bit lower each year, until you are down on the floor. Even a bird won’t sh*t in their own nest, but the Brits will do so with a full crapper dump every day, right on the heads of their own children, to show just how low they will bow to their betters, the Muslims. Seems centuries of bowing to Royals have put a permanent kink in their spines. Why not save time, Brits, and just hand over your teenage girls and boys to the nearest mosque where these same vile creatures will prepare them for the New British Empire of Islam, united with the Caliphate! If Churchill was alive today, he’d puke forever to see what the “socialized” generations of have become.

    Very glad to be an upstart and rude American, praying we get Trump in power.

    • Save Europe

      Please always say – ‘British politicians’ NOT the Brits. The people did NOT sign on for this. Always distinguish between the two.

      • drummie

        Problem is someone had to vote the stupidity into office

        • Save Europe

          Actually the Labour Party haven’t been in power for quite a while….

      • OldGrayMare

        You gave up your guns willingly, didn’t you? And I have seen thousands of posts over the years calling Americans bloodthirsty, gun obsessed, stupid, violent, rednecked, etc. And if you take blacks and illegal alien invaders out of the equation, there isn’t as much violence going on as the media spews.

        • Save Europe

          Ummmm the thousands of posts come from non Americans which are not solely Brits. I am NOT going to get into some debate with you over the right to bear arms. I am a respectful person to the USA and should stay out of your politics, as I am NOT American. I do however think you stay out of ‘ours’ in terms of gun laws. It’s called ‘ when in Rome, do as the Romans do…’ Show more respect to a country who has been an ally to yours for so many years.

  • Rick Smith

    The Quisling elites inhabit every level of UK’s sectors. They will do anything to cover for their new masters.

  • judethom

    PC bullshit must go.

  • Cuda

    The hell with the PC bullsh#t the health concerns are far greater and as a surgical tech in the Army this would never have been stood for, the OR is not the place for religious policies or allowances , if you can’t conform to the codes get a differant job

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      Excellent point, viruses don’t care about pc. The OR is the one place you would expect scientific rationalism to reign supreme. Is there nowhere this islam curse doesn’t go?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Nope, because stupid enablers and progressive multicultural imbeciles escort it to all places.

      • Budvarakbar

        It is like that weird dark vapor they used in the olde bible movies (The Ten Commandments comes to mind) they used for the death of the new born – flowing through the streets of town and under the doors – followed by the shrieks from within!

  • aliswell

    “Patient safety is our top priority. As soon as we were made aware of the publication of allegations we began an investigation.”

    Sounds like as soon as you were made aware of the publication of allegations you fired the whistle-blower.

    • Budvarakbar

      ““Patient safety is our top priority. ”
      With Muslim medical personnel? – don’t make me laugh!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Well, actually that is the sign over the euthanasia ward, which in hospitals staffed by muslims, is the whole building.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          Sooooo funny!

        • joker

          Good one! The only place you are safe with muzzrats is the euthanasia ward. They will promise us 72 virgins, but only when you are a muzzrat.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Also, you have to be a dead one to collect. Must be ok, never heard anyone complain after they left?

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Spotted? It’symbolically DRENCHED in blood.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    If the surgeon’s cuffs had been spotted with potentially infectious material would we even be discussing this? But because it’s a silly religious hat…A SYMBOL….here we are.
    If the pope wandered in to the OR would he be given an exemption from adhering to OR cleanliness codes?

  • jack crabb

    I stopped believing everything I read on the Internet long ago. I don’t believe this is the whole story. No way, not even in the UK would this man be suspended for this. Something is missing.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Yes, your ability to grasp the obvious, the world is not all American, things are done differently in other places.

    • Budvarakbar

      Try asking Pam for the rest of the story that you think is out there!

    • IncrediblyUncredibleYou

      what if you were to read TWO stories on the interwebs? (it’s possible there are more sources if one wanted to look)

  • unbatedmedusa

    I hope he sues the s**t out of the NHS for racism for suspending the wrong doctor then getting rid of him for telling people as to why he was suspended!!!!!!!
    We need more doctors like him and non like her

    • Budvarakbar

      Remember the brit NHS ‘doctors’ that were involved with the mayhem at the Glasgow, Scotland airport a few years back — real eff’n smart — bring in ‘medical’ people from “The Religion of Peace” to work in your medical system!

    • joker

      If I am on the table and see a surgeon with a hijab I walk off. In case that is still possible.

  • Rocinante44

    the potential victim in all this (the patient) should sue the hospital and this muslim so-called doctor for malpractice. that’s a slam dunk win, at least in american, and would put an immediate end to this nonsense. dr. rogozov should also sue the hospital, and should sue to muslim so-called doctor for defamation and harming his career

    • Mahou Shoujo

      In england it is a lot harder to sue than in the U.S. The system is set up to favour the defendant in lawsuits. In this case, the judge would very likely cite cultural differences, possibly acknowledging there was a minimal health concern, but insufficient to warrant a legal remedy.

    • Budvarakbar

      ” that’s a slam dunk win, at least in American” — only where there is malpractice insurance! — look into how easy (not) it is to sue the US feds — do not overlook Obamacare and the demo-COMMUNIST party and eff’n RINO enablers that stuffed it in our ups and downs at the same time!
      Also keep in mind that a lot of this H1-B visa crap re the hi-techs is smoke screen for the importation of medical people from the turd world! Over the last few years there have been a few pity-pity articles in the Seattle times re the educated wives of IT imports from Asia – (pick-a-country) who are having trouble getting jobs in their fields due to some little paper glitch — you know dam well that the dam fed gov’t will see they get -AND KEEP – a job – even if at tax payer expense and the expense of a laid-off or fired American worker!

  • spacearcadian

    stupid doctor. doesn´t he know that the new established order forbids criticism of islam and muslims? your politicians, the UN, the elites have already decided that mohammad will be the new ruler of the west. submit or face the consecuences. Praise Allah! Cheers!!!

    • Budvarakbar

      And no more sausages or ham or smoked pork chops in Germany

    • OneLife

      Can anyone explain to me why this is happening? I’m not being sarcastic, I’d just like to understand why the western world leaders obviously want this, even under heavy protests of it’s people. Is there actually a rational answer behind it? Is it tied to the NWO? I’m seriously thinking of moving to Alaska, it’s the one place in the US that camel jockeys wouldn’t care to live. An added plus is the fact that bears have excellent olfactory ability, and can smell stink for miles and miles…just kidding, I’m not a cruel person, and would rather the bears enjoy a nice rotted caribou carcass instead…I wouldn’t want them to become diseased, after all.

      • Looking Inside

        This is why the party of treason must be stopped.

        Clinton has long been agitating for Islamic restrictions on free
        speech. Perhaps she hopes to silence all of the whisperings about her
        and long-time love, Huma Abedin. During her times as Secretary of State,
        Clinton met behind closed doors with the notorious Islamic world body,
        OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) in order to work towards
        American worldwide sharia adherence.

        Here is the poison fruit of the party of jihad’s leadership.
        – See more at:…/the-democrat-sharia-bill…/… “House Democrats Move to Criminalize Criticism of Islam,” By Robert Spencer, FPM:
        Lumping together violence with “hateful rhetoric” is a call to destroy the freedom of speech.

        December 17, 2015 ought henceforth to be a date which will live in
        infamy, as that was the day that some of the leading Democrats in the
        House of Representatives came out in favor of the destruction of the
        First Amendment. Sponsored by among others, Muslim Congressmen Keith
        Ellison and Andre Carson, as well as Eleanor Holmes Norton, Loretta
        Sanchez, Charles Rangel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Joe Kennedy, Al
        Green, Judy Chu, Debbie Dingell, Niki Tsongas, John Conyers, José
        Serrano, Hank Johnson, and many others, House Resolution 569 condemns
        “violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United
        States.” The Resolution has been referred to the House Committee on the

        That’s right: “violence, bigotry and
        hateful rhetoric.” The implications of those five words will fly by most
        people who read them, and the mainstream media, of course, will do
        nothing to elucidate them. But what H. Res. 569 does is conflate
        violence — attacks on innocent civilians, which have no justification
        under any circumstances – with “bigotry” and “hateful rhetoric,” which
        are identified on the basis of subjective judgments. The inclusion of
        condemnations of “bigotry” and “hateful rhetoric” in this Resolution,
        while appearing to be high-minded, take on an ominous character when one
        recalls the fact that for years, Ellison, Carson, and his allies
        (including groups such as the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic
        Relations, CAIR) have been smearing any and all honest examination of
        how Islamic jihadists use the texts and teachings of Islam to incite
        hatred and violence as “bigotry” and “hateful rhetoric.” This Resolution
        is using the specter of violence against Muslims to try to quash
        legitimate research into the motives and goals of those who have vowed
        to destroy us, which will have the effect of allowing the jihad to
        advance unimpeded and unopposed.

        That’s not what
        this H. Res. 569 would do, you say? It’s just about condemning “hate
        speech,” not free speech? That kind of sloppy reasoning may pass for
        thought on most campuses today, but there is really no excuse for it.
        Take, for example, the wife of Paris jihad murderer Samy Amimour –
        please. It was recently revealed that she happily boasted about his role
        in the murder of 130 Paris infidels: “I encouraged my husband to leave
        in order to terrorize the people of France who have so much blood on
        their hands […] I’m so proud of my husband and to boast about his
        virtue, ah la la, I am so happy.” Proud wifey added: “As long as you
        continue to offend Islam and Muslims, you will be potential targets, and
        not just cops and Jews but everyone.”

        Now Samy
        Amimour’s wife sounds as if she would be very happy with H. Res. 569,
        and its sponsors would no doubt gladly avow that we should stop
        offending Islam and Muslims – that is, cut out the “bigotry” and
        “hateful rhetoric.” If we are going to be “potential targets” even if
        we’re not “cops” or “Jews,” as long as we “continue to offend Islam and
        Muslims,” then the obvious solution, according to the Western
        intelligentsia, is to stop doing anything that might offend Islam and
        Muslims – oh, and stop being cops and Jews. Barack “The future must not
        belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” says it. Hillary
        “We’re going to have that filmmaker arrested” Clinton says it. The U.S.
        Conference of Catholic Bishops, certain that anyone who speaks honestly
        about Islam and jihad is a continuing danger to the Church, says it.

        And it should be easy. What offends Islam and Muslims? It ought to
        be a simple matter to cross those things off our list, right? Making a
        few sacrifices for the sake of our future of glorious diversity should
        be a no-brainer for every millennial, and everyone of every age who is
        concerned about “hate,” right? So let’s see. Drawing Muhammad – that’s
        right out. And of course, Christmas celebrations, officially banned this
        year in three Muslim countries and frowned upon (at best) in many
        others, will have to go as well. Alcohol and pork? Not in public, at
        least. Conversion from Islam to Christianity? No more of that. Building
        churches? Come on, you’ve got to be more multicultural!

        Everyone agrees. The leaders of free societies are eagerly lining up
        to relinquish those freedoms. The glorious diversity of our
        multicultural future demands it. And that future will be grand indeed, a
        gorgeous mosaic, as everyone assures us, once those horrible
        “Islamophobes” are forcibly silenced. Everyone will applaud that. Most
        won’t even remember, once the jihad agenda becomes clear and undeniable
        to everyone in the U.S. on a daily basis and no one is able to say a
        single thing about it, that there used to be some people around who
        tried to warn them

  • chris wolf

    This is exactly how they conquer us — by demanding their rights to be so gross and disgusting that we just move away.

    • Myla

      yes, they piss everywhere and use vulgar words to the women. no decorum whatsoever.

  • Judi

    Considering they don’t even use toilet tissue, how can a muzzrat even be allowed within a mile of an operating theatre in a civilised western country such as the UK. Unfortunately, the NHS has a shortage of nursing staff owing to the huge influx of immigrants, and as long as they see a certified medical certificate, regardless of what sh*thole country they are from, they will employ them.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      But a non muslim is not welcome, censured for merely following approved and validated heat and safety standards. No wonder disease is rampant in muslim countries, it is all part of the great islamic stupid.

      • Budvarakbar

        Coming soon to a country near you!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Muslims hate everyone, including themselves, do not expect to see any cultural or social benefits from the locust swarm of muslims that eat everything in sight, if they can’t eat it, they rape it, in any event they destroy everything when they are done with it. Murder is an islamic problem solving convention.

    • Budvarakbar

      Coming soon to a country under your very feet!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The fools that muslims laughingly call dhimmis, are so stunned that they actually believe this multiculturalism garbage, even when it is clearly criminal, hazardous, against all common sense and blatantly done to bait non muslims, into positions where muslims can play the bigotry card. It is well past time to stand up to islam, then beat it down. Remember that life is trivial to islam, the lives of infidels, even less important. If Dr Rogozov, decided to come to Canada, it is very likely any of the many understaffed hospitals here would rejoice at this arrival.

    • Looking Inside

      We’ll take him in the USA, we’re short on real doctors. I’d even sponsor him.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        We called dibs first, Yankees and their 100 cent dollar. Harrumph.

        • Looking Inside

          Guess he has a choice, which he certainly doesn’t have there. :-)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            North America is a reasonably safe haven for refugees of islamic colonization, with the misery, poverty and violence that accompany it.

  • Michael Copeland

    Not just the patient’s health is at risk. If a patient were to become infected from the hijab and sue the hospital (a favoured course of action) the surgeon in charge would be held responsible. His career would be finished.

  • Save Europe

    As an English man and Brit, this is a MASSIVE outrage for a plethora of reasons. 1) the central Eastern Europeans HAVE culturally enriched the UK with a work ethic which is INCREDIBLE. I will forever be happy to have them here. 2) Muslims are SO – now – arrogantly untouchable, that they moan about an individual, if they are flatulent AND the bum gas happens to have a hint of pork in it. That is now how P.C the UK now is. However let me point this out! There is a scenario where a positively discriminated ‘for’ ( not ‘against’) group get smug. Eventually, and the vast majority of the UK are now so fed up with Muslims, we are literally pulling out hair out.

    • jfmoris110

      The nice thing about easily offended people is that it is so easy and fun to keep them enraged. Someone could make air fresheners smelling like pork flatulence and I bet they’d be big sellers, eh?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Muslims are offended by everything, including themselves, when tipping muslim cab drivers, fold a slice of bacon into a small bill, that they will find offensive, but how are you to know how it got there?

        • Erickshian

          Tipping cab drivers in the UK is not a requirement but if one feels strongly about Muslims, then perhaps releasing one’s bowels would send a strong message.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            They never would notice, as it would only supplement existing ambience, leaving a ham sandwich might be offensive enough.

          • Ron Cole

            In the olden South cotton pickers often carried lard sandwiches.

            two pieces of corn bread
            one one inch thick slice of lard
            a hand full of salt.

            Plan B: Special occasions
            a soggy biscuit and
            one large Hot pork sausage patty
            a hand full of salt

            Health food.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            The possibilities are endless, after all, one must do what one can to introduce colonists to the ways of our people.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      When you are done pulling your hair out, what next?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Then he gets to work on the short hairs…;^)

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Not a lot of options at that point.

          • Save Europe

            Ummmm well I have been going Brazilian for the last 5 years, so nowt to pull out ‘down there’.

        • Save Europe

          Actually I have a full head of hair. Alopecia riddled I am not.

      • Save Europe

        I’m ex military and a very bad arse (as opposed to ‘ass’ as our North American cousins, say). I’m not so stupid as to attack migrants, but I’m quite happy should they attempt to assault myself, or others in front of me. That’s why – despite being an aetheist – that I’m more than happy to strut round Europe like John travolta in Saturday night fever with a Russian Orthodox crucifix, both adorned and resplendent between my shirt openings, which is always unbuttoned, down to my navel. It actually does upset Muslims – and I say that part with NO flippancy.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Great, one must exercise one’s freedoms regularly. Muslims have the freedom to be offended, which they exercise frequently. Whenever I leave my blouse unbuttoned, I get laughed at.

    • Mannie

      It doesn’t appear to be as bad as The Continent but it is getting time for the Citizenry to step up and form vigilance committees, stage pogroms, and take the law into their own hands. To do otherwise, is to leave the law in the hands of the barbarian invaders. The primary, and arguably the only duty of government is to protect its Citizens. We give up some of our freedom in exchange for that protection. A government that cannot or will not perform its basic function forfeits its validity and its right to exist. Where the government has no validity, it is the Citizens’ right and duty to replace it with a government that will protect it. Gangs, vigilance committees, lynch mobs, and similar activities are crude forms of government put in place to protect the Citizens.

      Until the people do this, or overthrow the government that is neglecting them, it’s their circus. Their monkeys.

      When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease, here. We have enough of their kind already.

    • OldGrayMare

      You need to be pulling “their” hair out. Start smuggling guns and killing those cretins. And your politicians.

  • Budvarakbar

    Socialized medicine folks — coming soon to a country near you — first Muslims will start to refuse to be seen by non-muslim doctors and nurses and the muslim docs and nurses will eventually – after becoming a majority (will happen a lot sooner and faster than you think) begin to refuse to see the infidel and the infidel that has it’s head out of it’s a$$ will refuse to be treated by Muslim docs or nurses — gonna be a real fun ride kiddos —

    • Looking Inside

      And soooooo many people refuse to believe this. We can’t fight with only one side (right) fighting and the (left) keep following PC. PC sux.

  • barrydonnelly

    Britain! A country once Saturated with Christianity! Ya “Imagine” all the people John Lennon: Living under Sharia. Was this the kind of Peace and Freedom you had in mind!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Well, he did want a world completely different from the one of his time. Perhaps he should have been a bit more specific, the law of unintended consequences is a very nasty bitch.

    • jfmoris110

      I’ve been thinking of becoming christian. Not because I feel religious, but because it might be useful to offend the right people – leftists and moslems.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They do, most certainly, find that offensive.

    • timetorun

      I believe this is partly God’s judgement on Europe and the UK. i am afraid this muslim issue with the UK is far deeper then just insanity, PC or communism, and has significant roots in their hatred of the jews and Israel and God is visitiing this scourge upon them do to turning away from His laws and his Christ.

      • Save Europe

        Ummmm I think that Britain showed absolutely NO hatred towards Jewish people during ww2 and for so many decades, prior. You’re thinking of mainland Europe. If the UK was SO anti-semetic then why would hundred of French Jewish men and women, now be fleeing to North London area – ie – Tottenham ?!?!?! You clearly have NO idea of the truth.

  • Fred

    I hope this doctor sues everyone involved and wins a fortune. As for the hijab, save it for when you run out of toilet paper

  • Nash Montana

    “Racial Discrimination” because… muslim is a race. Got it.

  • How can anyone be accused of racism toward Muslims? Muslim is not a race!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Perhaps you might consider discussing with muslims,as to why they practice racism, particularly when enslaving africans.

  • Jane

    This is the way they use our democracy against us. In Saudi Arabia, Western nurses are not even allowed to wear a cross on a chain. Dr . Qanta A. Ahmed explains in her book, “In The Land of Invisible Women – A Doctor’s Journey in the Saudi Kingdom”, regarding female doctors wearing the hijab, “From time to time, I would direct them to listen to the patient or examine for a particular sign. I watched as they stuck the rubber ear pieces of their stethoscopes into veiled ears, pushing the ear buds over their fabric masks of blackness which extended, here, even deep into the recesses of the female ear canal. I knew it would be impossible for them to hear a soft diastolic murmur against the deafening (and now acoustically magnified) crunch of itchy polyester”.
    How many patients could have serious misdiagnosis from this? Or even loss of life.
    And people have to be afraid to report this? It is as a Muslim cleric said, “We will use your Democracy to invade you, and we will then use our religion to dominate you.” But only if we let them.

  • timetorun

    ideology over health standards. This is anticivilizational. This is delusional. Fire these foolish and treasonous administrators.

  • ShannaT

    Our establishment is more threatened by satire than by jihadists’ says Mimsy, ISIS in Sylvania artist

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It is acceptable to show contempt of Christianity through art, but isis is sacred to the arts community. It brings great joy to the masses when another phoney two faced collection of social misfits called artists go broke and have to find real jobs.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    From the caliphate broad chasing clowns, goings on in Canada. As usual, the cover up is from the top.

    A personal support worker who was fired from Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital has been charged with sexually assaulting an elderly female patient.

    A personal support worker who was fired from Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital has been charged with sexually assaulting an elderly female patient. (CBC)

    A Toronto-area hospital didn’t alert police after allegations were made that a staff member sexually assaulted at least five elderly patients, CBC News has learned. Instead, the Richmond Hill, Ont., hospital fired the man, a personal support worker, and he went on to find a similar job at another health-care facility.

    York Regional Police charged the man with one count of sexual assault at the end of January after members of the alleged victim’s family filed a report. The alleged assault is believed to have taken place between August and October of 2015.

    Toronto Shojaadin Mohammad-Zadeh

    Shojaadin Mohammad-Zadeh, 51, was charged with one count of sexual assault at the end of January in connection with an incident at a Richmond Hill, Ont., hospital. (York Regional Police)

    The daughter of one of the complainants said Mackenzie Richmond Hill Hospital told her family about an alleged assault and encouraged them to contact police. She said she was astounded that hospital staff didn’t notify police themselves.

    “I asked them, ‘Did you notify police, did you file a report?’ They said, ‘No. We are not mandated to,'” said the woman, who CBC News is identifying only as T.C. to protect her mother’s identity.

    “It’s beyond comprehension. How could you be aware of something that occurred and not notify the authorities?”

    The hospital fired Shojaadin Mohammad Zadeh, 51, in October after carrying out an internal investigation. The man, who also goes by Soja Zadeh, worked at the hospital for 17 months performing tasks like bringing meals to elderly patients and helping bathe them.

    Police documents obtained by CBC News also state the hospital waited one month after firing the personal support worker before contacting the family.

    The hospital, in a statement to CBC News that contradicts police, said it began notifying families of patients about the sexual assault allegations when Zadeh was fired.

    York Regional Police filed two documents called Information to Obtain Search Warrants, known as ITOs, compelling the hospital to provide patient and staff records. ITOs are not evidence, but an outline of what police believe occurred. They are based on police interviews with staff and the hospital’s internal investigation.

    In an ITO written by York Regional Police Const. Stephanie Couture, she says another personal support worker told her she witnessed Zadeh groping patients on several occasions over months, including fondling an elderly woman’s groin while washing her in a hospital shower.

    Elderly patients voiced concern

    The ITOs contain what police say are allegations made by five different women.

    In one instance, Couture says she was told another female patient complained to a Mackenzie Health employee that Zadeh had sexually touched her while changing her diaper.

    Police said an employee told investigators that the patient screamed, “I don’t want him to come near me anymore, he’s an animal.”

    Police also allege in the ITOs that Zadeh withheld food from the elderly patients.

    Although the ITO names five patients, police have only laid a charge in relation to one patient, T.C.’s mother.

    Police also said they were informed by hospital management that two of the complainants have since died

    The ITOs say staff didn’t report any of the incidents to hospital management or the patients’ families.

    The hospital launched an investigation after receiving a complaint against the personal support worker. Mackenzie Health eventually told Zadeh he was terminated for behaviour that was “sexual and inappropriate in nature,” according to Const. Couture.

    Police said more elderly women have come forward with similar complaints about Zadeh, including two who were patients at a different facility.

    ‘How could this happen?’

    T.C. told CBC News her family is still struggling in the wake of the incident.

    “You stand there and you look at your mum and wonder how could this happen?” she said.

    “We’re still reeling from it. We want justice. This can’t happen to other people.”

    Melina Cormier, a spokeswoman for the hospital, said in a statement to CBC News, “Mackenzie Health takes this matter very seriously. The safety and care of our patients is our top priority.”

    According to the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, only long-term care facilities like old-age homes are mandated to report incidents of sexual assault or other forms of patient abuse to police.

    Hospitals like Mackenzie Health are permitted to set their own policies regarding reporting suspected crimes against patients.

    “Due to patient privacy legislation, the hospital cannot reveal personal details of a patient’s health record or experience to the police, but it can encourage and support the patient and/or substitute decision maker in reporting the concerns directly to police,” the hospital told CBC News.

    Some information contained in court documents and obtained by CBC News reveals investigators believe a hospital manager minimized the nature of the incidents.

    In one of the ITOs, Const. Couture wrote she believed a manager “refused to acknowledge [the assaults] were sexual in nature because she is fearful of civil liability.”

    Investigators also claim that a hospital director attempted to persuade an officer “to not contact [victims’ families] as it would jeopardize the reputation of the hospital.”

    Sexual assault reporting

    Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins said the situation at Mackenzie Health is being reviewed and that “we are looking at the issue of sex abuse by health-care professionals.”

    “I will take the advice of those who are looking at this on my behalf,” he said.

    As it stands, hospitals are only required to report gunshot wounds to police, or notify them in cases involving imminent danger.

    Hoskins wouldn’t comment on whether hospitals should also be mandated to report sexual assault crimes.

    If you have any information on this story or any other that you want investigated contact John Lancaster.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      “As it stands, hospitals are only required to report gunshot wounds to police, or notify them in cases involving imminent danger.” It wold appear that in Canada, to get an incident reported, it will be necessary to shoot the attacker. Ok, that is doable.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      My G-d this is sickening.

  • raziel71

    So the all knowing profession that despises and deny Christianity is afraid of using the same approach to muslims. And that filthy doctor practices is what contributes to hospitals and doctors being among the 3 leading causes of death. And of course, they had to punish the doctor who made it right, not the filthy rag that probably contributed to the death of many by secondary infections.

  • suqsid4

    The United Kingdom is rotting from within. The unwelcome penetration of Islam is merely a symptom.

    • Save Europe

      Yeah I agree but there is a hint of hatred by so many North Americans for British people who did NOT sanction this. Additionally – you think we are in the worst predicament in Europe? No chance. 1) Sweden 2) France 3) Germany 4) Belgium 5) Holland 6) England but not Wales/Scotland/Northern Ireland.

      • suqsid4

        Trust there’s no hatred towards the UK. If anything, we’re disappointed in the UK’s lack of self-preservation. We’re all family by only a few generations.

  • Benton Marder

    Some years ago, I had some surgery done on my eye. The surgeon was an observant Sikh, dressed in traditional garb from turban to toe, However, Dr D changed everything from turban to toe between surgeries. I cannot know why this particular lady refused to change her hijab between surgeries, which she should have willingly done—specially when the bloodspots were brought to her attention. Perhaps there is a difference between Dr D’s meticulous conformity and the lady’s arrogant refusal?

    • OneLife

      I believe the answer lies in your statement that it was “some years ago”…they weren’t as openly “superior” and non conforming back then. Just think how they will be when they begin to out number us in any situation!

      • Benton Marder

        There is a world of difference between Sikhs and Muslims. Over to Gatestone Institute the other day, there was a story about sanitary conditions at Swedish public baths what with the Muslim Influx. Turns out that Muslims aren’t all that cleanly—-so much so that one of the baths had to install its own water treatment plant to deal with the matter. Yup, the Swedes don’t know it yet but they’re due for plagues of cholera, typhoid, typhus, and other suchlike waterborne and other communicable diseases that have long been eradicated in the West. It ain’t just the rapes, groping, pawing, and the like—it’s sheer nastiness right out of Hobbes.

        • OneLife

          They’ll get “us” one way or another…they are The Plague in SO many ways. Interesting story, thanks.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Sikhs are defenders of the people they live with. Muslims are the oppressors of humanity.

  • joe1429

    Now they want to endanger hospital patients, hygiene, to be pc correct??

    • OneLife

      I’m sure a male moozie could insist on having only a male heathcare provider…and a femoozie could insist on having only a female care provider…I wonder what will happen when I insist on having a non moozie healthcare provider? …Just kidding, I already know I’ll be told to go someplace else!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Medical jihad is a new reality in the USA. Who in their right mind would trust a f’ing muslum doctor?

    • OneLife

      That’s for sure! But don’t give bam bam any ideas…Real American’s would stop going to the doctor if they were all moozies, and no more healthcare costs!

  • Jeanne Ballard

    Boycott the hospital

  • Mannie

    This is a 2013 incident. Quiet news day?

    This is a demonstration of Liberal ideology uber alles.

  • Metatrona

    The hospital probably figured that you don’t censure a Muslim with access to sharp knives and a so-called religion that doesn’t punish for murder!

  • Gene

    Surgeon: Okay, we’ve cracked the chest and opened the heart. Time to pray to Allah. I’ll just get down on the floor here. I’m sure its clean enough. Just to make sure I’ll wash with camel urine afterwards, if the patient is still alive. Damn infidel! My hijab is caught on his filthy infidel rib. I’ll just rip it free. Oh, a piece tore off. Nurse could you see if you can get that out of the patient’s heart while I’m on the floor? Thank you. … Allah o’Akbar!

    • yvehc_telorvehc

      “uh, doctor… why are you sawing the patients head off?!”

      “oh, am i?! how embarrassing… it’s just a habit. here… throw this head in the waste basket and wheel in the next infidel… er, patient.”

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The headectomy treatment is a very important medical procedure in muslum states. It cures all ills permanently!

  • ninetyninepct

    The incredibly professional doctor is very welcome to immigrate to Canada. He would have a better chance if he and his family had Syrian passports as the new Great Leader, Trudeau, prefers, no, refuses to accept Christians.

  • jgray1

    if we don’t get control over this crap it won’t be safe to go into any hospital anywhere because you’ll come out much worse than when you went it. these people don’t wash their hands or use alcohol to sanitize because they claim religious reasons not to. it’s intolerable. they are intolerable.

  • Jenkem Jones

    If she was a really devout she would know that only whores work outside of the home and speak with men that are not part of their immediate family.

  • Jenkem Jones

    They don’t believe in germs.

  • yvehc_telorvehc

    prayer breaks during surgery?

    the real problem with islamic surgeons is that one day will be their jihad day and they kill infidels by the score- during surgery- and the body count will be sky high until anyone get’s up the nerve to say something…

    nurse: “uh, dr. jihad… the last 47 of your patients died during surgery.”

    dr. jihad: “yes, you infidel racist… i’m trying a new surgical beheading technique.”

  • jane schlachter

    I stand with you Dr. Rogozov. If the surgeon does not care about the steriliiy of the operating Room then she should not be allowed to operate. She not you sjould be suspended.

  • Jack

    Most institutions just hate it when an employee comes forward to tell the truth! It causes complications shredding rehearsing story lines creating paper trails such as the Oval Office and the State Department. I have ONE NEW WISH 2016 FORWARD Don’t get sick in the UK

  • LissaKay

    Oh for pete’s sake … Dr. Rogozov was not suspended for making the complaint about the hijab. READ what it actually says. Cross-reference with the source material. Report accurately.


    “Dr Rogozov has now been suspended for revealing the hijab bust-up in an interview with an online blog.”

    “It is understood Dr Rogozov was suspended last month pending an inquiry after his blog remarks were repeated in a Slovakian newspaper and a Czech website.”

    “Dr Rogozov, a consultant anaesthetist, was suspended last month for revealing details of the incident, which happened in 2013, as well as other surgeons’ more recent behaviour in an interview with an Internet blog.”

    Further, even though hospital administration was made aware of the infraction via this blog, they investigated and found his concerns were merited. He was suspended for the totally unprofessional manner in which he made internal hospital concerns public knowledge.

    Good grief people …

  • if street clothes are allowed in open surgeries , this is medical malpractise!

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