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Three Muslim terror suspects can not be extradited from Britain because they might be mistreated in an Italian jail


The UK banned me from the country for opposing jihad terror. The jihad terrorists, on the other hand, they fight to keep.

Awat Wahab Hamasalih, Bakr Hamad, Zana Rahim

“Three Kurdish terror suspects can not be extradited from Britain because they might be mistreated in an Italian jail,” by Jay Akbar, Mailonline, March 4, 2016:

Three Kurdish terror suspects accused of targeting politicians across Europe are set to remain in the UK because they might be mistreated in Italian jail.

Awat Wahab Hamasalih, 34, Bakr Hamad, 39, and Zana Rahim, 32, were arrested as part of a Europe-wide probe into the ‘dangerous and active’ jihadist network, Rawti-Shax, last November.

The terror cell planned to join ISIS in overthrowing the Iraqi Kurdistan government and establish a caliphate, Italian authorities said.

Through their online headquarters on the ‘dark web’, the extremists were said to be plotting terror attacks.

They are also believed to have offered their followers cash rewards for carrying them out, and sent several of them to training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Notorious hate preacher Mullah Krekar, 60, controlled Rawti-Shax from behind bars in Norway.

His son-in-law Rahim, dubbed a ‘senior leader’ who is in charge of the group’s propaganda, visited him in prison after he was arrested in 2012.

Hamad was said to be the computer expert leading ‘radicalisation for the jihad in Kurdistan’ while Hamasalih travelled through Europe recruiting, seeking funds, and spreading ‘jihadi values’.

The trio aimed to kidnap dignitaries, including a British ambassador, to barter for Krekar’s release, Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Senior District Judge Howard Riddle denied the extradition request from Italian prosecutors after hearing that the men could be tortured or killed in an Italian prison.

Their lawyers also claimed an extradition would be in breach of international laws against ‘refoulment’, which prevents the illegal returning of refugees.

They also referred to Article Two [right to life] and Article Three [prohibition of torture] of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed that they are appealing the ruling yesterday.

Julian Knowles QC, for the Italian judicial authorities, previously said: ‘The organisation aimed to establish a caliphate in Iraqi Kurdistan and also to establish cells in Europe to share and disseminate jihadi material and to participate in Jihad in Iraq and Syria together with IS and al-Nusra.

‘The objectives of the organisation were established, as were the existence of a military training camp which was run by a group called the Kurdistan Battalion, which operated between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

‘It is described as a transnational, radical and fundamental group.

‘Their purpose is international terrorism, operating on the internet and active in Europe and the Middle East in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Finland, Italy, Greece, Sweden and Norway and in the Middle East, Iraq, Iran and Syria.

‘The structure of the organisation was designed to operate in secret. It drew up plans to carry out violent actions against Western targets to intimidate the population and to put pressure on public powers and international organisations.’

Outlining Rahim’s role in the group, Mr Knowles said: ‘He was seen as a senior leader in public and in secret, dictating the actions and management of Rawti Shax.

‘He was head of press, which involved the publication and dissemination of the fundamentalist thoughts of Mullah Krekar.

‘As head, he oversaw management that included financial relationships, meeting with many financiers.’

Mr Knowles told the court Rahim was related to Mulla Krekar, having married his daughter, but this wasn’t his only link.

He said: ‘He is not just one of the family, he has an active involvement. He was one of the people to meet Mullah Krekar in prison, where they discussed the group’s security, as well as their financial situations.’

He said they wanted to ‘promote jihadi values in Syria, as well as the rise of that project in Kurdistan.

‘They may have been Italian centred, but the attacks were to take place across Europe, including here in England.’

Hamad is alleged to be the computer expert of the group, using his expertise to engage in ‘proselytising and radicalisation for the jihad in Kurdistan’ on Rawti Shax’s secret website.

He also helped run the financial side of the organisation, actively trying to raise funds.

Rawti Shax aimed to establish a Caliphate in Iraqi-Kurdistan and also to establish cells in Europe to share and disseminate jihadi material, and to participate in jihad in Iraq and Syria together with IS and Al-Nusra.

Hamad also asked young Muslims if they were willing to engage in martyrdom, the court was told.

Hamad, Hamasalih, and Rahim were detained by officers from the North East and West Midlands counter terrorism units on European arrest warrants and were fighting extradition to Italy where they would have faced charges of conspiring to commit an act of international terrorism and subverting democracy.

Nine other suspects have been detained in Norway and Italy and Italian prosecutors have indicated that they are trial-ready.

Hamasalih, of Finchley Road, Birmingham, Hamad, of All Saints Street, Hull, Rahim, of Curzon Street, Derby, would have faced charges of conspiring to commit an act of international terrorism and subverting democracy if they were returned to Italy….

  • If you ever wanted an example of LIBERAL INSANITY, this is it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The british are incredibly stupid. Are they unaware they could save the cost of sending them to italy, by mistreating them in a british jail? No wonder europe is going broke.

  • Stu Miller

    Britain will get what it is asking for…We won’t be there to save them this time…

    • Save Europe

      Sorry dude. You helped massively but didn’t save us. I seem, also to recall Canadians, Australians, Free Poles, and yes…even if it IS universally denied, Hitler losing by attacking Russia in the winter. We Brits LIKE you Americans very much but you did NOT save us. We were never invaded. We have always been reliable friends to your country, consistently, so please do not insult my country. Insult the politicians of NOW and the human rights lawyers – that is perfectly acceptable.

      • Stu Miller

        Love Brits and many of the traditions that have found their way into US Common law…As for WW ll and US intervention…not a minute too soon to come to the aid of our friends and allies. Ask the Russians and they will tell you to this day that THEY defeated Hitler…Fact is that had the United States military not entered the war when they did, Hitler would not have had to divert troops and supplies from the eastern front to defend his gains Western Europe. Germany, despite some horrendous strategic decisions would have likely finished off the Soviets had they not had the development of US troops pouring into Great Britain. Further, the advanced weapon systems Hitler was developing V-2 rockets, etc, would have had more time to create complete devastation in England had the US and Great Britain not have united to invade Feance on D-Day…Great Britain could never have done that alone as Dunkirk so alarmingly reminded us…Yes…without the US not entering WW ll…albeit later than should have happened…Europe as we know it today would have an entirely different face…Sorry, but documented history will bear out what I am accurately illustrating here…

        • Save Europe

          Well listen let us agree to disagree, agreeably. I could also say – look at the UK numbers on D-Day – I mean, generally, mainland Europe would not have removed the Nazis, without us bad boys pooling ALL together – which we should always do! I know you agree. I think on the Russia side, it was hitler’s ego which lead him to try to ‘top’ napoleon Bonaparte by trying to invade Russia on the same day, but just in rabidly different years. As an ex oil trader we could also say petroleum beat hitler – the constant supply from the caspian was vital for the Russians an their numbers – 20 million killed. Anyway, what I will say, love the USA – genuinely hope you will learn the mistakes of Europe. Let us unite against this very worrying scenario playing out – because ‘us’ clued-up ones, need to stick together. All the best.

          • Stu Miller

            Thank you Mate…I have the utmost affection for most everything British from Bangers & Mash, Northern Soul, The British Invasion (music, not military) and Queen (both Elizabeth and the band formerly fronted by Freddie Mercury)…Cheers

  • joker

    The Italians do not torture but however they may be on the receiving end (very likely) by organised crime members in prison belonging to the la camorra, ‘ndrangheta or costa nostra.

    • joker

      On a footnote: my friends here in Naples told me that indeed the police use very harsh means to get a confession.

  • fulham2014

    Snowflake jihadis, if you put them in the italian prisons they might suffer from MICROAGRESSIONS, and they will probably be very TRIGGERED, it is all our fault…

  • ColonelNeville

    Hang them all OR submit to Sharia Islam in slavery, death and dishonor. Britain, like most of the dying West, chooses the latter everytime.

  • Erickshian

    It is not the UK’s right to presume what the Italian authorities will do to these terrorists.
    Just send them and pray that they are not tortured too badly. lol

    • harbidoll

      havnt hear anything bout Italian “mistreatment, have U?

  • Sean, Bristol UK

    “Three Kurdish terror suspects can not be extradited from Britain because they might be mistreated in an Italian jail”

    But they don’t care about the mistreatment of patriots (aka racists, Islamophobes, Nazis, fascists etc) by the intolerant left. I know of one person who is being slandered and marginalised simply for having the ‘wrong’ views on the refugee crisis.

    • harbidoll

      they are so afraid of civil war- when the people wake up- that they slam everyone who even looks at them wrong. Must be Big, desperately needed money changing hands.

      • Save Europe

        You are accurate. This is the truth. We need a Geert Wilders or Trump type politician in the UK to emerge. My opinion? When you see politicians like Marine Le Pen and Wilders emerge, you know that specific country has a major problem. We do have a problem here but not quite as bad….yet…! So a UK equivalent has yet to emerge.

  • Reagan40

    That is why they should be extradited. They need to be mistreated because they are terrorists using our liberties as a licence to kill us.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Bless their f**cking hearts. After their many acts of murder, mayhem, and complicity in such and their jail conditions are of primary concern? Who needs ISIS when they have liberals?

  • Robert Batchelor

    This is why Great Britain is lost. It has become an Islamic State. RIP Great Britain and may this be a warning to what’s left of the West. Stand up before it’s too late!

    • Save Europe

      It hasn’t. It may do. Having lived and worked around the entirety of Europe this is the order in which specific countries have Sharia problems – 1) France 2) Sweden 3) Germany 4) Belgium 5) Holland 6) England – but NOT Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, strangely.

  • Ektor

    Yeah, gotta treat those murdering terrorists with kindness. Heaven forbid if they might have to suffer.

  • notislam

    The LEFT-LIBERAL PC UK government is proving how totally disgusting it is. Daily I read about their transgressions by caving to FILTHY islam -then I remember that the USA has a filthy ,FILTHY – NAZI-ISLAMIST GOVERNMENT –THAT is just aS egregious/ Isn’t it sickening? We had one beheading in OK -just saying.

    • Save Europe

      I applaud you for slagging off the UK politicians and NOT the UK people, which is quite vogue nowadays. We are all getting fed up with the Muslim community.

  • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

    OK they are suspected of desiring to kill only politicians?

    but they could be mistreated in a jail?

    Give them the key’s to the city. (oh waite they already did that ,sorry)

    The entire world is overdosed with stupidity. we are finished as a civilization.

  • newsel

    More ammo for BRITEX

  • Save Europe

    Absolutely ridiculous. Italy is NOT re known for torturing in prisons, like Uzbekistan. It’s these human rights lawyers who do my head in.

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