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Terrified Swedish Town Cancels Earth Hour Over Muslim Migrant Sex Attack Fears


And yet still the Swedes are bringing in massive numbers of Muslim migrants. Sweden, and Europe as a whole, seems bent on suicide.

Sweden refugees welcome

“The terrified town which has even cancelled Earth Hour over migrant sex attack fears,” by Rob Virtue, Express, March 18, 2016:

A TOWN hit by a spate of sex attacks blamed on newly-arriving migrants has cancelled a festival that will take place under the cover of darkness over safety fears for women.

Girls as young as 10 have been victims of the attackers, who are still on the loose, and police are warning females not to go outside alone at night.

The 14 separate incidents have all been reported in the town of Ostersund, which has a population of 44,300.

While police have refused to release descriptions of the attackers, victims have described the men as of foreign origin.

The council, following discussions with police, have now said Earth Hour, a worldwide environmental event involving lights being turned off for 60 minutes, will be cancelled.

Social Democrat spokesman for the council, Ann-Sofie Andersson, said: “Earth Hour is a good and important event, but this year we chose to have the street lights on in view of what has happened. We want everyone to feel safe.”

Chief Constable Stephen Jerand added: “The police think it’s a very wise move and that the municipality made a good decision.

“Keeping the lights on creates security and is in line with our common efforts to increase security under current conditions.“…

Attacks have included the shocking attempted rape of two 10-year-old girls at a bus stop.

Another assault saw three young men wrestle a woman to the ground before trying to rip her clothes off.

However, the victim managed to fight back and escape.

In a separate attack a man in his 20s punched a woman in the face before running off.

Suspicion has been cast on a large migrant camp on the edge of town.

However, so far police have been unable to find the perpetrators.

In a recent press conference police chief Jerald said the attacks were unusual because none of the culprits appeared to be drunk.

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  • Sighted In And Ready.

    The EU brought this all on themselves. Lets hope, the European men start to get raped also, by these sub-human Mongrels.

    • J Butterfield

      Why do you think that I should get raped you idiot.

      • Save Europe

        Ignore the pl*nker, mate. There are some people out there who just loathe us, and fail to show any respect for the vast majority who did NOT give EU leaders permission to do this to our Continent. This type of person is incapable of having any empathy with you or I.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    sweden celebrates “chicken hour” 24 time a day each and every day. sweden is a self failed state, a textbook example of what politically correct socialism can do to a nation who’s leaders are devoid of even vestigial intelligence.

    • JudyJPolley

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      • Mahou Shoujo

        As I am an inmate in a crazy house, only having access to a calculator and a t.v remote control, will your software run on either of them?

  • joker

    The Swedes will not turn off the lights because with concern of women safety (how come?) but in fact they have turned off the lights a long time ago. Bye bye Sweden, it was nice knowing you when you were sane.

    • joe1429

      On another note, hundreds of rapeugee babies will be born this yr to swedish women, which is what the muzrats want

  • dangerousfreedom

    In a normal world a dangerous migrant camp like this is destroyed and the people are returned or whatever. They are not allowed to remain near a town of innocent citizens.

    As far as I am concerned, any country that allows this breaks faith with its people. The very first pledge a ruler of any kind makes is to “defend the country, defend the people”. If you allow your people to live like this you have broken your pledge.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      It has become obvious all over Western Europe that the “elites” who staff the governments no longer consider the welfare of their own people paramount.

      The have, in fact, betrayed their solemn trust; they have betrayed not only their countries, but their cultural heritage as well.

      In this regard, Angela Merkel is first among equals.

      Just recently, Italian Premier Matteo Renzi had classical statues, including an ancient sculpture of Venus, covered in boxes lest Rouhani of Iran be offended during a state visit.

      In Iran, meanwhile, they are planning a statue to depict the humiliation they visited on American sailors..

      It is probably too late for Sweden, but in Germany, France, and Italy, civil war is brewing – and it will be brutal.

      And here at home, we may yet see again an American president who has some respect for this country.


    swedes love to be cucked

  • christian vidal


  • karl59

    Giving in to Moslems does not stop them!

    • Blanche

      Your statement is spot on. Brussels attacked early this morning. Do you feel safe? I don’t.

  • Ohio man 007

    Sweden needs to WAKE up! send these migrants back to their own country. Enforce your laws – if a migrant violates them, deport them immediately. Short investigation – but deport within hours. if they protest, deport them. Make learning Swedish MANDATORY. Make them take religious tolerance classes – like learning about Christianity. Keep your country. Don’t send them to prison – deport them on a military flight that day.

  • Joe Manhattaner

    Sweden needs more multikulti .

    “Its strange how some people ignore the logic just because they believe what they like to believe and ignore the truth.”
    ― Auliq Ice

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “In a recent press conference police chief Jerald said the attacks were unusual because none of the culprits appeared to be drunk”.
    “Chief Constable Stephen Jerand added: “The police think it’s a very wise move and that the municipality made a good decision”.
    Listen to this swedish rooster cop crow, “Bawark let muslims fukfucfuk”
    Why do swedish authorities come up with a wise idea, like enforcing the laws, assuming sweden has any other than shari’a.

    • joker

      That is a very wise man this police chief. Yes very wise. When somebody is drunk you are not very good with the snood. Sweden has very wise men but still could not find the killer of Olaf Palme. More than twenty years ago. And Pippi Longstocking was just a television programme. Abba was real and made the damage in Sweden.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        swedes are turnips, in every sense of the word.

  • Save Europe
  • Blanche

    Silly Police chief, of course the attackers didn’t appear to be drunk, supposedly the hypocrite Muslims don’t drink alcohol, so they are have their full faculties when they attack women, The selling out of Europe. The perpetrators are Muslims that have been given a fatwa to commit degradation upon European women & children regardless of age. The so called Western leaders had better pull their collective heads out of the sand or the entire continent will be on fire. There is only so much that the true European population can take. Americans are getting fed up with the situation here & it’s not as bad as Europe. The American media never utters a word about the troubles in Germany or Sweden, other countries, because if they did there would be heII to pay.

    • George E. Smith

      They seem to think they are in heaven and want access to their 72 virgins.
      Send them to hell!

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    The Swedes are the biggest morons in Eurabia.

  • Drew the Infidel

    You can’t lie with skunks and not come up stinking.

  • Blanche

    Just as I was reading this post last eve Brussels was attacked not once but twice. Coordinated attacks. I no longer feel safe, & that Jackass in the WH has made it even worse by not accepting the fact that the so-called many Muslim refugees are coming here to attack from within. It’s bad enough that the CIA, FBI, military & others have had their hands tied so that the PC rhetoric can be spewed. That is capitulation to the Islamist. The average American doesn’t have a clue that there are at least 30 Muslim training camps that are isolated in in at least 3 states, Oregon, The American public needs to wake up & understand we truly are not safe. Closed every d@mn border, build the wall I don’t care.

    “Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”

    — Sheik Muburak Gilani explaining how to kill American infidels

    • joker

      But what about killing sheik poofter mubarak gilani? The great muzzrat poofter.

  • Daiseymae

    They might as well as put: Terrorists are welcome!

  • Henrik Øelund

    Sweden is doomed. It is too late – a whole nation suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. A whole nation of sheep just waiting to be slaughtered.
    Watching this parallel universe unfold from my own country Denmark, is….I can’t even find the words!
    I have high hopes that Denmark soon will start to fight back and turn the tide – right now Bruxelles is bombed – in a day or two we will learn that the terrorists were well integrated, plus a few that came by boat from Greece.
    Civil war will be inevitable I think – it will be Germany first, Finland is ready and maybe Norway too. When UK leaves EU, then the riots will begin in France.

  • joe1429

    Hate to admit it, but is a smart move to cancel it

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