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[ January 20, 2018 ]

FISA Scandal “Bigger Than Watergate” Corruption At “Highest Levels” #ReleasetheMemo

[ January 20, 2018 ]

L’Oréal Paris chooses anti-Semitic Amena Khan for its new campaign

[ January 20, 2018 ]

“You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb,” St. Kate’s Muslim...

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Cop Says FGM Too “Nuanced” to Prosecute

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Elite German anti-terror unit to grow by third and move to Berlin

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Kenya: Muslim cleric arrested on jihad terror charges, his students riot, kill three people, destroy...

[ January 20, 2018 ]

Mohammed most popular name for newborn boys in the Netherlands for second year in a...

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Hugh Fitzgerald: Professor Ziedan on Saladin

[ January 19, 2018 ]

U.S. State Department Withholds Additional $45 Million From UNRWA

[ January 19, 2018 ]

Bangladesh: Man arrested for posting images criticizing Qur’an on Facebook

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Dissent: AFDI v King County


Today The Supreme Court of the United States denied our cert petition in this case. However, Justice Thomas, joined by Justice Alito, filed an excellent dissent, see below. The dissent is just that, a dissent. It is not the outcome we wanted, but it is certainly worth reading.  It boils this fight down to its essential oils.

afdi fbi terror ad

Thomas and Alito, the only two real Constitutionalists on the court. This is why Scalia’s replacement is so critical.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 11.47.41 AM

SCOTUS Thomas Dissent: AFDI vs. MTA

Thomas Dissent copy

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  • wilypagan

    Watch a brave British woman, Frayda Jansen, take the fight to hate preacher Anjem Choudry. The cowardly worm scurried away like a cockroach:
    I was grocery shopping yesterday and saw a woman in a niqab (all black, just slits for eyes). Really creepy. We need to take our country back and demand that immigrants assimilate or leave.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I saw a head-bagged beotch at the supermarket w/a cute kid, when one of the filthy unbelievers in islam talked to the kid and got him to smile the head bag muttered something in her guttural tongue and the kid stopped smiling and turned away.

      The muslum’s don’t give a FFF for the demands of the kafir al najjis — and neither do the corrupt a$$holes who constitute the US federal government.

      • wilypagan

        They certainly are arrogant for slave women, aren’t they? I have never seen one who looked happy and I always feel like they might be hiding a knife under the ugly black polyester outfits.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          They are wearing the latest scantys from “Victoria’s secret”. Muslim women are merely life support systems for vaginas, they serve no other purpose.

  • Christopher Hudson

    Nice to know we have at least one Justice still on the side of good. Makes this election even more important!

  • pdxnag

    Oh, but they published the contested ad itself in the official reporter of the case, for all eternity (or at least until the Islamic Imperialists destroy it in every law library).

    The very fact that most terrorists today are Arab-looking Muslims is itself a rationale for refusal to name and shame any terrorists. That’s mighty convenient. If a bunch of white guys do something awful can they make the same argument?

    The denial of cert might be okay today given that the others might have wanted expand the allowance of treatment of this fact set as a “limited” public forum anywhere and everywhere across the entire country.

  • Robby the Great

    I had some woman the other day tell me that Clarence Thomas doesn’t write opinions and instead Scalia wrote his opinions for him. Funny how Scalia is passed on (If there is an afterlife may he have reached wherever he strove to find) and Thomas’ work still sounds like Thomas.

    • Rick Caird

      She got that information from the wise and wonderful Harry Reid, fount of all knowledge both here and in the hereafter. /sarc.

  • DemocracyRules

    Call to Action: Nation-wide Liberty Rally this weekend near you. Click the link for times and locations.

    Ok, all you folks who claim that you are helpless in the face of an out of control top-down federal government, here is your chance. The giant stirs awake, it moves and grumbles, and begins to stand up. Join the bottom-up movement. OathKeepers is one of many conservative groups who are organizing locally to promote classical conservative values. Attend a rally near you, and get involved locally.

    • DemocracyRules

      “Oath Keepers is calling on ALL members and Patriots to attend this weekends National Stand With Me Rallies to Support the Finicum Family and Demand the release of our of people. We ask that if possible State Leadership try and speak at these rallies. Please emphasize the reason these fellow American’s went to Bundy Ranch was to prevent a reoccurrence of Waco and Ruby Ridge. They went to help safe guard the lives of the elderly, women and children. We stand in Solidarity with the Finicum family and also demand an independent investigation of the killing of LaVoy Finicum and release of all video, audio and all pertinent information.

      Please be civil at these and future protests. Please if you carry, carry concealed if you are able or consult local laws. We must continue to hold the moral high ground in all that we do.”

  • Michael Copeland

    “Insult or abuse of particular religions” is specifically cited as protected in UK law:

    Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 (see internet)
    29J Protection of freedom of expression
    “Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way
    which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions
    of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions….”

    Under Cameron the law is not being upheld.
    It seems the USA is going the same way.

    • Mr Paul Middleton

      Thanks for that. I wonder if that actually works, within the totality of the Act?

  • iprazhm

    We have a Supreme Court majority of progressive tyrants. They have great disdain for our republic and our Constitution. WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY. We must stop these rogues. they are giving our freedom away to homosexuals, muslims, illegals, and any other vulgar special interest group that scratches their evil spiked backs.

  • BoWhetstone

    in America, the little people are doomed. it’s over-game over-time to relocate before Australia stops letting American in

  • joe1429

    Congrats to Donald Trump on Mississppi and Michigan Wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marlene

    “Government” property is people property!

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