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Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest


Before his vicious murder, this truly moderate Muslim had wished his friends a “Good Friday and a very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.” But such behavior is in violation of the sharia. And this poor man suffered the penalty for hypocrisy under Islam — death.

Such behavior is unislamic.

Murder of a man of peace: Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest

A 32-year-old man has been arrested after murder of Asad Shah last night
The ‘peace-loving’ victim was popular in his neighbourhood of Glasgow
Hours before his death, he posted message advertising inter-faith meeting
Police confirmed all those currently involved in investigation were Muslim
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joins 400 others on late night vigil

By Sarah Smith for the Daily Mail, March 26, 2016

A newsagent was murdered by a fellow Muslim after he wished his Christian friends a peaceful Easter.

Asad Shah, who was stabbed up to 30 times at his shop, had praised both the life of Jesus and ‘his beloved Christian nation’. Left lying in a pool of blood, the 40-year-old died in hospital.

Police, who were questioning a 32-year-old suspect last night, said the killing was religiously motivated.

Mohammad Faisal, a family friend, said a bearded Muslim wearing a long religious robe entered Mr Shah’s shop and spoke to him in his native language before stabbing him in the head with a kitchen knife.

asad murder2

asad murder1

‘He went straight for the head. He got stomped on the head as well. His brother suffered a slash down his shoulder area because he attacked him with a knife as well.’

Before his death, Mr Shah had wished his friends a ‘Good Friday and a very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation’.

In his final post, he wrote: ‘Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.’

Mr Shah also appeared to use his Facebook page to speak out over the attacks in Brussels.

In a video posted online he said: ‘We are not here to fight with other mankind or cause bloodshed.’

Hundreds of people have gathered for a silent vigil late on Friday night to honour the respected shopkeeper near the site where he died.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joined an estimated crowd of 400 to 500 people for the vigil to show solidarity and remember Mr Shah.

Ms Sturgeon, whose constituency covers the area, tweeted afterwards: ‘Moved to be one of hundreds tonight as Shawlands united in grief for Asad Shah and support for his family.’

Hundreds of people have gathered for a silent vigil late on Friday night to honour the respected shopkeeper near the site where he died

Hundreds of people have gathered for a silent vigil late on Friday night to honour the respected shopkeeper near the site where he died

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joined an estimated crowd of 400 to 500 people for the vigil to show solidarity and remember Mr Shah

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon joined an estimated crowd of 400 to 500 people for the vigil to show solidarity and remember Mr Shah

Those attending were encouraged to bring a daffodil. Many laid flowers and lit candles during the gathering.

One of the vigil organisers, Eildon Dyer, said: ‘It was very respectful. There were a lot of people clearly very upset. There were a lot of tears and lots and lots of flowers.

‘Everybody has said he was the nicest man. He was clearly much-loved. Everybody had nice stories to tell about him and warm stories. It’s just very, very sad.’

Thousands from across the country also paid their respects to Mr Shah to comment on his bravery and dedication to cross-faith living, with many using the hashtag #thisisnotwhoweare.

Deeply religious, Mr Shah worked to foster cross-community relations in Glasgow and had been planning to host an online debate last night with Christian friends about the importance of Easter. Friends said he observed both Christian and Muslim holidays, and never failed to send out Easter and Christmas cards. And he used his social media accounts to promote harmony on religious holidays.

Those attending were encouraged to bring a daffodil while many laid flowers and lit candles during the gathering

In previous online posts, he has spoken out eloquently against violence and hatred and called for ‘unconditional real love for all mankind’.

Last Christmas Day, he posted: ‘Merry Christmas to all my beloved Christian nation and to all beloved mankind with best wishes.’ More than 300 mourners gathered at a vigil last night to pay their respects to Mr Shah.

‘This is disgusting – Mr Shah was the most peace-loving man you could meet,’ said a neighbour.

‘He was proud of his Pakistani heritage but he loved Britain. He loved Scotland too and really wanted to reach out to Christians. This is such a terrible thing to happen.’

A police investigation has been launched into the full details surrounding Mr Shah's death, with officers pursuing a line of enquiry that the attack was racially aggravated

A police investigation has been launched into the full details surrounding Mr Shah’s death, with officers pursuing a line of enquiry that the attack was racially aggravated

Julie MacRae, a friend of the shopkeeper, said: ‘I’m shocked because he was so lovely. He’s been great to my family. Every year he would send out lovely Christmas cards with messages of peace.’

One of many floral tributes left at the scene read: ‘All you wanted was peace. We are one.’

Robert Maitland, who runs a club for former servicemen next door to Mr Shah’s shop, said: ‘He always had a friendly hand for you. Every Christmas he gave us a Christmas card, although he was a Muslim and it wasn’t his religion. That’s what he was like.’

Speaking at the vigil, first minister Nicola Sturgeon said: ‘This community is in shock and devastated. Mr Shah was a popular local businessman. I’ve used his shop and known him in the years past. I just think everyone is struggling to come to terms with it.

Forensics personnel sweep the murder scene as tributes and flowers begin to pile up next to a police cordon

Forensics personnel sweep the murder scene as tributes and flowers begin to pile up next to a police cordon

‘But this vigil has been an important way for the community to come together and show support to his family and more than anything to show that the community is strongly united.’

An ambulance crew gave Mr Shah treatment at the scene on Thursday night. He was taken to Glasgow’s Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where he later died.

It is believed he belonged to the Ahmadi movement, a Muslim sect which promotes non-violence and tolerance of other faiths.

Ahmadis identify themselves as Muslims and a determined missionary network has helped spread their teachings around the world.

Earlier, people arrived at the police cordon surrounding the shop - Shah's Newsagent and Convenience Store, in Shawlands in the south of the city - to lay tributes

Earlier, people arrived at the police cordon surrounding the shop – Shah’s Newsagent and Convenience Store, in Shawlands in the south of the city – to lay tributes

But their sect has won only disdain from mainstream Islamic leaders and it has been heavily persecuted in Pakistan.

As a result the Ahmadi community’s headquarters are now located in Morden, South London. The site, which covers five acres, has space for more than 10,000 worshippers and has been hit by arson.

The spiritual inspiration of the movement was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who was born in the Punjab in British-ruled India in 1835.

Police officers stand guard as the road is cordoned off to allow forensic experts to carry out an investigation

Police officers stand guard as the road is cordoned off to allow forensic experts to carry out an investigation

He declared Muslim religion and society were in decline and claimed to have been chosen by Allah to reform Islam. The claim clashes with the Islamic belief that Mohammed was the last prophet and the Koran is the final word of God.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of Muslim youth organisation, the Ramadhan Foundation, said: ‘Whatever differences we have with the Ahmadi community, the murder of Asad Shah is a despicable crime which everyone should condemn.’

As news of his death began to spread hundreds of people who knew Mr Shah arrived at his shop to pay their respects

As news of his death began to spread hundreds of people who knew Mr Shah arrived at his shop to pay their respects

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  • SRN99

    The only thing filthier than Islam is their pedophile fake prophet Mohammad. May he burn in hell.

    • Dave Lawson

      This viral video shows the true picture with donald Trump reading out the snake Poem

      • Thistle_weed2

        is it like the pic of Cruz during the last debate…epic…

        • Dave Lawson

          No, its not about Lyin Ted and his pro islamic immigration policy or his dumb defence of Islam under First Amendment rights………..Islam is a terror and murder cult and only Trump gets it.

    • Patricia

      ” May he burn in hell.”

      Funny you brought that up. Our family was having a discussion of a End of Days timeline. Then it turned to Judgement Day and wondered if Jesus will call mohamed forward to reveal his folly to the muslim adherantz across the world. How he lied to them all. How he was an imposter, more in league with the dark forces than with the Holy One of Israel.

      To call him out for his crimes against all the souls who recited the shahada. For all his crimes against humanity. The LIES. The murders. The abject cruelty and the bloodlust.

      Or will Jesus just command His angels to usher him to the Hell’s Gate part of the Judgement Throne with no fanfare?

      I hope to be witness to the muslims as they fall before the Lord of All, the One Who Died for mankind, the Living Son of the Living God.

      * * * * * * * HE *** AROSE! * * * * * * *

  • Drakenfly

    Islam is a cult and anyone associated with Islam regardless of how nice they seem needs to be treated as an enemy.

    • Duck

      The analogy……a bag of M&Ms. You know full well 10% of them are poisoned. Would you partake of any of them?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Nah, I’d send them to the White Mosque in the District of Criminals.

    • Artemis

      That’s right. Never believe that moslems harbor any other loyalty than that to their sub-human prophet.

    • Pioche

      And all the banksters are Jewish? All conservatives/fascists should be treated like oxymorons without the ‘oxy’. And yes, it is spoken like a true leftist.

      • Drakenfly

        Known fact leftist are racist bigots that support muslims. Muslims have been murdering non-muslims for over 1500 years…it’s the non-muslims turn…

        • Pioche

          I see you are also historically clueless, as well. Muhammad had not been born 1500 years ago.

          • Drakenfly

            Who cares Muhammad raped sheep and was a pedo…

          • Pioche

            A good liar cares if he, she, or it get’s caught. You’re not a good liar, but definitely a liar.

          • Drakenfly

            Everyone knows for a fact you and Muhammad love goat raping…

          • Pioche

            It’s past your bedtime, little boy.

  • Wake up, West! We can’t have Muslims among us!

    • Wayne Ville

      If you really feel that way then consider that ONLY Trump has said we need to limit migration from muslims until there is good vetting process.

      • Yes, Trump is the only candidate to take that position.

        He’s a flawed candidate in some ways, but Islam does now pose an existential threat.

  • Americadies

    All American cities are majority liberal and minority, they are controlled by democrats, they celebrate diversity, multiculturalism and wish to be sanctuary cities, hence they are radical Islamic terrorists playgrounds. Naturally, these terrorists believe they get the most coverage and media play by attacking there.
    So what is the down side of losing lots of liberals and their parasitic followers while seeing the fruits of liberal ideology?
    ISIS, may I suggest DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Seattle? Better targets and have not had the advantage of being run by Republicans for over fifty years like NYC therefore you will have greater success.
    Have a nice day!

    • Patricia

      I’ve just learned in a deeper sense today, Easter Sunday, what kind of ‘code word’ multicilturalism is. To promoters of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, multi-culti means ‘white genocide of Europeans’.

      Seems this bunch pushes the integration of ME, Asian and African peoples to dilute the nationalities of Europe, thereby eliminating the white race!

      They blatantly present an award every two years to the nominee that has done the most to make this happen. Herman Van Rompuy, Pres. of the European Council received the award in 2006. Our girl, Merkel received it in 2010.

      I saw a video of Angela at some kind of festive gathering, someone close to her handed her a German flag to wave. She disapprovingly shook her head no, handed the flag to some flunkie and resumed her clapping.

      She’s no friend of German people.

      • Americadies

        Merkel is Germany’s Obama, she like Obama believes the indigenous people of your country are imperialist who have benefited from the subjugation and rape of these lower cultures. Obama believes blacks actually built America because of the heinous acts of slavery.
        These silly leaders are misguided and do not see their damage because they feel better about their beliefs.
        Germany and all of Europe suffers from this insanity as America is doing now.

  • Peace Loving Muslim Shopkeeper

    This is what happens to peace loving Muslims in London and in Israel. They get murdered by other devout Muslims.

    What a tragic story. Murdered by a fellow Muslim simply because he wished his Christian friends a good Easter and showed sympathy for the terror victims in Brussels.

    Hopefully the monster that did this will go away for along time.

    • Duck

      No, he should be executed forthwith.

      • Rob Porter

        Absolutely! What a pity that upon the arrest of this vile Muslim filth a police officer didn’t take the liberty to put a bullet through his guts and then another through the brain. There is no capital punishment in the U.K. and this murderer will live and waste taxpayer money.

        • Steve

          One bullet through the gut and letting him die slowly would be good with some creative additions to the ending – scalding pot of water to the feet, ice pick through the eyes, broken fingers with pliars, and head inserted into an oven with frying bacon, etc.

          • Rob Porter

            You sound about as vicious as I feel when considering the savagery of these bastards. A decent man gets brutally murdered so why should his murderer not die painfully while thinking of 72 hags waiting for him in hell.

          • Steve

            Its tough for those of us who really care about our western culture. I have to be careful at times to not let how angry i become affect me in my work being around people a lot.

          • Rob Porter

            Don’t feel guilty about getting angry over the rotten things being done by Muslims in the name of Islam, righteous anger is a legitimate response from civilized people.

          • Paul Duca

            Yes…like comic books

          • Paul Duca

            Or imagining Melinka Trump will be having sex with you while this is going on….

    • conan_drum

      I can hear his slimy defence lawyer saying he was doing it because of his faith
      and cultural differences. He will probably get off with a light sentence.

    • notislam

      We see this time and time again. Islam is hate and violence. The word trust does not exist. Islam turns on its own and kills them along with infidels. Islam deserves to be DESTROYED!

      • Steve

        They are incapable for the most part with their theocratic birth to death indoctrination. Any time they display or venture into thoughts of open-minded mutual sharing and getting along with other cultures out come the allah card.

    • Jerry Grimes

      A fanatic Muslim will kill you for not being Muslim. A moderate Muslim will let a fanatic Muslim kill you.

      I have yet to see any approach to contain the murderous nature of Islam, either from inside or outside of it.

  • gallowaygrumblefield

    Lots of laughing about this poor fellow on Facebook. Muslims, of course. Zuckerberg’s peeps.

    • Jo Bless

      Because they don’t consider him a Moslem. He’s an infidel for caring for Christians. They will rejoice in his death and call it a victory for allah

  • TrustNo1

    There is no need for any other evidence that Islam is a bloodthirsty cult.As mentioned by others, anytime a Muslim preaches peace, they are attacked by the followers of true Islam. The peaceful Muslims are the ones working for change yet they are targeted by the mainstream Muslims. Even within Islam we see over and over again that the various sects war amongst each other. Islam is not a religion of peace but a political movement bathed in blood.There is a group of Muslims that try to do peaceful works. In the 80’s I believe it was Pakistan, made them illegal and thus targeted by other Muslims. What we are witnessing worldwide is the actions of people that believe in real Islam. The Quran teaches you must make non believers submit to the will of Allah, if not….well you know the rest. There can be no peace as long as mainstream Islam remains the way it is. They do not, cannot assimilate. They cannot change as it is written in the Quran. If you want to save your country and protect your people then world leaders must wake up to this fact, Islam is not peaceful, it means submission.

  • pdxnag

    He dared to believe the dangerous lies that Islam is Peace(tm).

  • thisguy

    Deaths like his and attacks on all countries will never stop until islam is banned, why do people have to continue dying in order for people to wake up? Must their own die to give a crap? The elite don’t care about the people, they live in rich neighborhoods away from the danger. People that care about their own have banned islam, and destroyed the mosques. Keep islam in muslim countries, if they want to kill themselves they can, no need for the innocent people of other countries to die.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • Mahou Shoujo

    This should not be a surprise, as it is the qur’an’s prescribed punishment of apostates. The murderer should be commended by those espousing multiculturalism for his demonstration of islam’s contribution to the british cultural landscape.

    Quran (4:89) – “They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

    • John Giametti

      Excellent post.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

  • Dave Mc

    For this guy, I hope all he believed is true. Terrible that tolerance is not tolerated by his fellow muslims. RIP.

  • Free Bacon 4 All

    My comment is not super related to this topic but anyway just to spread the news to you my fellows:
    In Greek town Kavala refugees taking off the icons from school and burn it to warm up. They also wanted authorities to stop ringing the church bells as it is offending them and sending the message to Greek people to take the word of their filthy prophet.

    • SRN99

      Let everyone from now on address Mohammad as the filthy prophet.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        “police beat upon him”

      • Älter und weiser

        Actually, it would be better to say “filthy phony prophet” Because that pedophile was a widely followed false prophet.

      • SFTOBEY

        I call him “Mad Mo”.

  • ScienceABC123

    So much for “the religion of peace.”

  • John Giametti

    It seems likely the man was killed for his also supporting inter faith unity etc.Think article said the murder was unislamic and against Sharia law.Thats BS the murder is in line with the quran,the prophet,Sunna and hadith as wll as mulim tradition of murdering anyone they think disagrees with islam or who trys to get along with non muslims.Murder was clearly without a reasonable doubt well within islamic law and tradition since about 620AD.

    • SRN99

      May someone dig up that filthy prophet mohammad’s remains are burn them in pig oil

      • John Giametti

        I will buy the pig .We should in the US military be oiling our ammo with pig based lubricants.That will shake up the muslims.
        When the brits ruled some muslim area in revolt they couldnt beat them until they started using pig grease as the lubricant on their bullets ,the old muzzel loaders, in loading them.I uderstand the muzzies quit fighting quickly not wanting to go to hell for being contaminated with pig.

  • Pamela

    I love your site and support your work.

    That said: your sites advertising has become so aggressive, it hangs up my computer and keeps me from returning on a daily basis.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is something wrong with the site, it keeps slowing down and locking up, It needs an exorcism from all the evil it has revealed.

      • conan_drum

        I have experienced none of these problems, in fact the Independent comments are far more troublesome. The edit facility here is excellent but the IND does not have such.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Good for you, it is merely us mortals that have problems.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        I wonder if the slowdown is on purpose caused by some sort of hacking by ISIS…but I suspect it is our evil government trying to suppress free speech.

        • Rob Porter

          I thought it was just my computer.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Suspect it is the advertisers trying to force the commercial on readers. It is annoying, to the point that I will not patronize any of the forced commercials.

          • Steve

            Its really a tyranny waiting for the site to load on wireless for me during the day so i just don’t mess with until when i’m on landline that has worked without too much hassle for me.

      • Steve

        Its worse on he wireless connection i find than on land line.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Mine is about the same on both.

          • Steve

            I’ll count myself blessed.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            In the particular part of the swamp I inhabit, am lucky to have internet.

      • futenma

        That happened to me too.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Has been doing it around here for a couple of days, maybe after everyone gets back to work, it will clear up.

    • berserker

      Try the AdBlock extension for your browser. I don’t get any ads.

      • Steve

        The ad blocking is good for me but i have to adjust it to allow work related wireless connection and unfortunately that lets the crap in but landline ad blocking is not a problem. Geek stuff i guess.

    • freewoman

      I got some ad blockers and it’s so much better now.

    • Araveug

      you could probably use a blog reader. if it works, you would get only text and a few pics.

  • Rocinante44

    what really is the difference between a nazi and a muslim?

    • SRN99

      The moustache?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Nazis are more humane, they selectively hate some groups, muslims hate everyone, including themselves.

      • John Giametti

        Good point!!!

    • joker

      The spelling of the words and oddly enough nazis had a vision muzzrats have nothing.

      • freewoman

        not true, the muslims have a vision of a worldwide caliphate

      • John Giametti

        Muslims make the NAZIs look like amateurs.Islam has been at murdering and conquering the world since about 620AD.The victim count of muslims murders is est to be 270,000,000 to date with 30,000,000 + jihadist attacks large and small since 9/11.

    • Solipsis

      Six feet of dirt usually.

  • Wulf2000

    Sunnis will kill the Shites, Alawites, Druzes, Ahmadis and any other sect within Islam that is not considered as true Muslim. The Sunnis and the Shites will kill the non Muslims if they don’t convert because it is their duty The Western politicians, I don’t consider them as leaders anymore, are like parrots repeating the mantra, Islam is the religion of peace.

    • Patricia

      “Islam is the religion of peace.” That perpetual propaganda train has been around the track 24/7 since the 7th century. Sadly, still working for them as it devastates innocents.

  • joker

    I am sorry what happened to him, by all means. However he said the wrong thing and that cost him his life. He was murdered by a well integrated muzzrat. Plenty to come, the show is not over until the fat infidel lady is going to sing!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I’m sure the Christians who are going to be killed on Easter will die happy that a muslum wished them a Happy Easter.

  • Tatonka

    Obviously this guy was not a Muslim, and apostates and infidels have to die

  • Solipsis

    Maybe they should close their borders to Muslim immigration until they can figure out what the problem is.
    Just a thought?
    But , nah, that couldn’t help ,could it?
    That’s what Nazis and racists do!

    • Andy Widener

      Exactly! Altruism & the appearance of tolerance supersedes survival.

      • Solipsis

        pathological altruism which is the appearance of altruism which gives a psychological “high” but not actual altruism.

    • Patricia

      That’s also what DT said he would do. Seems that keeping American safe is a racist action.

  • Solipsis

    Well it’s his fault for upsetting the Muslim majority isn’t it?

  • Solipsis

    This article can’t be right.The Muslims in the UK are moderate – everyone says so.

  • BernadetteLepanto

    Asad Shah was a genuine martyr for peace. Jesus taught, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be be called children of God. Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5: vs.9-10

    • michaelofsydney


  • VLParker

    So, a moderate muslim is murdered by a devout muslim. How many moderate muslims are there left in the world now? Ten?

    • John Giametti

      If you look at physically what the “devout” muslim perp did it shows the muslim desire to dominate,kill and degrade the one who objects to muslim dogma.The muslim perp cruelly and sadistically and publicly murdered his victim. Muslim perp literally sat on his victims chest and laughed as he killed him for disagreeing.Good description of what islam wants to do to the entire world.

  • fghfgh

    that shopkeeper was not a muslim, muslims have to follow teaching of quran, sharia and jihad are not electable, they are cornerstone of islam. he was killed in the name of islam. if you are a muslim do not act like not muslime.

  • Allet

    Ahmadi? Kind of funny that just some days ago, one of them declared that we Quranists are the worst Muslims. I shouldn’t be generalizing.

  • Michael Copeland

    Mohammed Shafiq’s logic is as follows:
    He says this is “a despicable crime which everyone should condemn.”
    He knows that Ahmadis have been declared non-muslims, apostates.
    He knows that Islamic rules – Sharia – require apostates to be killed – by anyone.
    He is thus saying Sharia is a despicable crime which everyone should condemn.

  • John Roberts

    The jihadis killed the only moderate muslim in the world. Now they are extinct.

  • Libertybells

    This is why Islam is hopeless..Any muslim who happens to exhibit any shred of humanity is promptly silenced to death by the hands of fellow muslims. Reformation is impossible, no muslim should ever delude themselves into thinking its achievable..The only hope there will ever be for Islam is apostasy. RIP to this rare gem.

  • Lysy2

    Righteous among the nations…and now dead!

  • freewoman

    Poor fellow. I’m not sure he wasn’t Christian by the language he used:
    In his final post, he wrote: ‘Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved
    holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.’
    To call Jesus holy is pretty sacrilegious from a muslim perspective. And, the killer talked to him first. Perhaps Asad could not renounce Jesus? Have a Happy Easter in heaven my friend.
    The Ahmadis are sadly misguided, islam is diametrically opposed to any religion not islam as this killer demonstrated.

    • Evgeny Marusik

      Not quite so. Muslims claim Jesus was a prophet, they only refuse him the God status. So calling him “saint” was not sacrilegious from a muslim perspective.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • joker

      I believe they arrested the killer. You are right with the candles and teddy bears, that is indeed pathetic. Just hunt them down and shoot the muzzrat on sight. Later ask questions.

  • Solipsis

    So Glasgow is full of Jihadi Killers, is there any part of Europe that hasn’t been poisoned by Islam?

    • munchenfez

      Just the elites secure compounds and homes.

  • karpenter

    “He [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] declared Muslim religion and society were in decline and claimed to have been chosen by Allah to reform Islam.
    The claim clashes with the Islamic belief that Mohammed was the last prophet and the Koran is the final word of God”

    Kinda Heads ‘Reform’ Off At The Pass

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    If Muslims murder Muslims, what do you think they will do to infidels?

  • Dean

    How ignorant are moderate Muslims about their own religion and their Muslim neighbors? From the overall silence, most of them know but won’t admit it.

  • conan_drum

    “He declared Muslim religion and society were in decline and claimed to have been chosen by Allah to reform Islam”. In other words yet another fantasist, declaring oneself a new prophet in Islam is tantamount to saying come and kill me.
    In Christianity we usually think you are a bit peculiar.
    If Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ the clerics are doing a really lousy job.

  • michaelofsydney

    This story has given me pause to reflect on my judgement of Muslims.Reading this on Our Blessed Lord’s Day of Resurrection highlights that the enemy is not Muslim’s per se, but those who seek to kill and injure those who do not subscribe to their views. This man respected Jesus and His followers. I pray that Our Merciful Lord in His Wisdom, Compassion and Grace, shows Mr. Shah eternal life. Amen.

    • Evgeny Marusik

      Better have a sound judgement not of Muslims, but of Islam. The Muslims themsleves are the first victims of this sick totalitarian ideology, and this incident clearly demonstrates this.

  • Robert Batchelor

    And the religion of peace a strikes again! Dare to deviate from it and your punishment will be swift and decisive. They’re all such angels aren’t they?

  • Cliffhild

    Could this be called ‘Christophobia’?

  • James Stamulis

    There are a thousand reasons to ban Islam and we have just read one of them.

  • Deoacveritatimyfaithsustainsm

    May God have mercy on his soul and give him rest.

    And my deepest condolences to his family.

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    Of course none of the perpetrator’s family, friends, mosque or Imam will know he was a radical and a threat.

  • Stephen Honig

    Any religion that originates in hell is not a religion.

  • Lenn

    I hope that Westerners will soon reclaim Law and Justice and make sure that such acts are revenged 100-fold! It is high time that the ‘silent’ moslems (the condoning ones!) are made to pay for their fellow believers’ evil. They want war, give them War!

  • stephen powell

    The statement that ‘Such behavior [murder] is unIslamic.’ is a false statement.
    The Koran explicitly prohibits friendship between Muslims and nonMuslims.
    Failure to obey this direct command from God made the individual an Apostate.
    The Koran explicitly states that the penalty for Apostasy is death.
    The penalty can be carried out by anyone who recognizes the apostacy.
    Charming religion and soon to be our second largest immigrant group.

    • Älter und weiser

      Unfortunately, I believe you are right. Asad Shah displayed tolerance and good will. But since he refused to engage in violence that is part of Islam, he was killed. May God have mercy on him.

  • joe kulak

    A demonstration of what happens to “peaceful” muslims — the same thing that happens to mobsters who snitch.

    Islam: a criminal conspiracy of conquest.

  • Up Huff

    Scotland does not have the death penalty. Pity, that.
    So this murderous scum should be put in a cell, w/ NO sunlight, a slot in a solid steel door for passing in bread and water.
    Don’t forget to weld the door shut. NO reading materials, NO lights, NO human contact. NOTHING but a plate of bread and a flask of water shoved through the door slot once a day.

  • Annie

    The murdered man was a loving human being but he was a poor excuse for a Muslim.
    If he really believed in the Shahada – ‘There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his
    prophet’ – he would’ve never gone so overboard all those years celebrating the Christian
    God’s birth and resurrection. Ironically, the outpouring of flowers and grief are for
    someone who wasn’t a very good Muslim.

    But all the sobbing, bleeding hearts will run with “See! Islam is a Religion of Peace!
    It’s just certain elements that’ve perverted it!” When the truth is that Islam – including
    those non-violent Muslims who adhere to its Sharia – is the deadly scourge of Mankind.

  • bill coleman

    Most Muslims who appear to be moderate are actually engaged in non violent jihad, which can last a life time, OR they are “slacker” Muslims who will be killed sooner or later by more devout Muslims who see purifying Islam by killing lesser Muslims as fulfilling the commands of Islamic Doctrine. This shop owner was likely a non violent jihadist who was mistaken for a “slacker” by the killer. Evidently the local mosque lost control of matters. Any Muslim who is not devout should leave Islam unless they are jihadists …. very difficult to do. That is what helps make any advancement of Islam an Act Of War and makes Islam a “cancer” that must be removed from all cultures by legally and constitutionally identifying, fighting and winning the political and legal battles that must be won to stop the advancement of Islam while free people still have the freedom to do so and before a bloody war is required to regain our freedom, if that could even be won.

  • Dafydd Jones

    The late Mr. Asad Shah’s death is an example of a dastardly Muslim on Muslim Christianophobic murder. My condolences to his family.

  • joe1429

    What a shame. It shows how intolerant these animals are, even to their own. They had to move their hq to london, and were still attacked

  • WarEagle82

    Thank G*d he didn’t use a gun because that would have been EVIL or something.

    And it appears knives are “culturally appropriate” so in the UK this probably isn’t even a crime.

    Get armed, get trained and get ready because Obama is still planning to flood the nation with 100,000 of these murderous jihadis!

  • reyol

    Well, there was one Moderate Muslim. Now he’s dead. If there is any more like him, they just got the message: Join us or die! The Scottish government also sent a powerful message: We can’t protect you but we will hold a silent vigil to honour you.

  • firefox

    Asad Shaw – R.I.P.
    In this action lies the truth of Islam: evil, vile, inhumane, barbaric, love-less, respect-less, compassion-less, truly God-less, Satanic in thought and action; a belief contrived and recontrived by its false prophet to gain power and allow him to fulfil and justify his hateful, racist, and murderous acts on any who opposed him. Islam stands alone from every world belief system in its depravity, misogyny, barbarity, and complete and shameless contempt for life and anything not of Islam. Islam allows no introspection by its followers, forbids debate on its tenets, and the manner in which it is enforced by its totalitarian regimes today leaves little hope of reformation. Now what? Any hope that may have existed for reformation (or at minimum, the control and containment of its dangerous expansionist dictates) has been dashed by the Liberal-world’s memory loss, and recent general acceptance of Islam as another mostly benign & legitimate religion (and assured voting block). We were forewarned. There were the crusades! World dominance is written in the koran! Islamists have been screaming for Israel’s and the West’s demise during our every visit to them. And the greatest insanity has recently been perpetrated by Islam-sympathetic Obama, in giving Iran enough freedom and money to continue: their terrorist-supporting activities against us; and their quest to attain nuclear-arms to obliterate Israel. He may go down in history as being the most useful idiot of all time to Islam. He’s arrogant in his positioning himself between the free world he represents and his ‘the-holy-koran-says’-‘Islam-is-peace’-Muslim-upbringing. He’s far more enemy than friend of the free world, and I’m sure every Islamist would take great pride in cutting him down while screaming allah-ackbar. The USA, Canada, and Europe need to wake up and elect leaders who recognize the absolute threat that Islam poses to the world without a reformation. Muslims cannot assimilate even if they want to because the koran forbids it. The greater the numbers of Muslim migrants allowed in the more this will be enforced. If any attempt is made to assimilate or behave like a good respectful neighbor, a devout Muslim, following the Islamic dictate to be like Mohammed, will come by and slay this Muslim apostate while screamimg alla-ackbar, and then go hand out candies to Muslim children because a good thing was done. This Islam, these Islamists, are simply incompatible with the free world, and should not be allowed in our communities, and not even in our countries unless and until (as Trump in his common sense observation said), “…we figure this out first”. The safety and security of ‘the people’ is far more important than fulfilling a bleeding-heart desire. If a population of 1.6 Billion Muslims will not stand up and, for a while, house a few million Muslim migrants, until their homeland issues are sorted out, then there is something seriously wrong with the Muslim world. We should not feel obligated to take them in and endanger ourselves. How many more atrocities need to occur, how many more suicide bombings, murders, rapes, buggering of little boys, etc by Muslim migrants before we clearly see that this is an invasion of barbarians. Islam is not peace. Islamists hate us. The koran calls us all infidels & kafir (a derogatory Arabic term meaning excrement); and commands that we live in terror (and convert, submit, or die) until there is a conquest of the world so the Muslims can have their peace. This Islamic scourge is not of God; only a tiny part of Islam is about religion. Islam is mostly totalitarian control, supremacy, racism, and expansionism for world conquest. It will not end and nothing will change until it’s properly recognized; then stood up to, and its radical arms fought back and killed off until what remains takes it upon itself to see that its stance against the world needs to change. Islam is no different than Naziism and needs to be dealt with in the same manner. We all need to become educated on Islam. We so badly need the truth from the press – thank you Pam. And like Pam, we need leaders with the balls to protect us, the free-world, from this obvious Islamist Muslim invasion. A huge opportunity exists now to elect the right leaders in the USA! Do your part and communicate this dire need. I believe that when a free-world platform is made available for moderate Muslims to speak, they will stand up in unison, and speak loudly that these horrid actions by the radical Islamists, is not supported by all Muslims, and that there is need for reform. Obama’s (and others) continued false-proclamations that ‘Islam is peace’ only denies the obvious problem with Islam.

  • Ripples

    Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest – He a true man on this earth who followed God’s laws. He set aside religion and spread brotherhood to live peace on this EARTH. If such person is killed, It is shame to those who profess their righteousness through senseless acts. I pray from India for his family members that God will comfort them and I would like to comfort them that the departed Brother has shown the best example that anybody has shown till now. I am proud of you brother. I am proud of you my BROTHER. I salute you for that great honour.

  • Merchantseamen

    Unfortunately the castrated UK populace will do nothing for fear of being called a racist. We are on the same path here in the states.

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