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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: UK Gets Tough On Terror

Several Americans unaccounted for after Brussels terror attacks, Obama Admin Mum


As I explained here yesterday, this is a disgusting pattern of the Obama administration: ignoring and scrubbing the realities and human toll of jihad. It’s despicable.

Three Mormon missionaries were badly hurt. An American student (like Taylor Force, whom Obama ignored as well) and her brother are MIA. A couple from Kentucky as well. Justin and Stephanie Shults, both graduates of Vanderbilt University, are unaccounted for. Who knows who else. The Obama administration won’t tell us. It would be “islamophobic,” right?

When it comes to Islamic terror, the Obama administration waits until the media swarm passes and people move on before they quietly release the number of victims or the monstrous details of the latest Islamic attack. Usually in a Friday night news dump.

american victimsbrussels 2

“Several Americans unaccounted for after Brussels terror attacks”
At least four U.S. citizens remain unaccounted for in the aftermath of the Belgium blasts that killed at least 31 people and injured at least 270.

New York siblings Sascha and Alexander Pinczowski were calling home from Zaventem Airport when relatives said they heard a loud explosion and the phone line suddenly went dead, according to The New York Post.

“My bf & his sis are still missing since this morning,” a woman who said she was Alexander’s girlfriend tweeted. “They were in the departure hall at the time.”

Sascha, who lived in Manhattan, was born in Greece and raised in Holland, according to a friend interviewed by The Post.

“She liked to have a good time – and had a lot of friends…” Florecia Sadler said. “She was very determined and fun. She was a pleasure to have around.”

Relatives and friends have also been unable to locate a couple originally from Kentucky and Tennessee who had been living in Belgium, WTVQ reported.

Stephanie and Justin Schults were dropping off Stephanie’s mother, Carolyn Moore, at the airport when the attacks occurred. Stephanie, 29, was born in Kentucky. Justin, 30, hailed from Tennessee.

“She doesn’t know…if Justin and Stephanie watched her as she headed towards security or if they turned to leave the terminal. She doesn’t know,” Carolyn’s sister, Betty Newsom, told WLEX. “We don’t know for sure if [they] had been able to get out of the airport or if they were still in the airport.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.39.08 AM
Justin’s brother, Levi Sutton, told NBC News the State Department informed the family that Justin and Stephanie were not on any casualty lists.

“Her mom is fine but no one has been able to contact Justin or Stephanie,” said Sutton, who added that both the couple’s phones have been going directly to voicemail.

Late Wednesday, the brother of Justin said his family was mistakenly informed that the missing couple had been found.

Levi Sutton told WKRN-TV the State Department initially told them Justin and Stephanie Shults, both graduates of Vanderbilt University, had been found in a hospital with unknown injuries, but a social worker in Belgium has now said the family was given incorrect information.

The office of U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn. released a statement late Wednesday from the families of Justin and Stephanie Shults which said, “At this time, neither Belgium nor U.S. officials have confirmed that Justin and Stephanie Shults have been located. We are thankful for the outpouring of love and support we have received at this difficult time and ask for prayers for Justin and Stephanie.”

Three Mormon missionaries who hailed from Utah and a U.S. Air Force lieutenant colonel and his five family members are the only Americans confirmed to have been injured in the attacks. All nine were hurt in the airport bombing.

But State Department Spokesman Mark Toner said about a dozen Americans were injured during the bloody morning. Toner couldn’t confirm if any citizens were killed.

“It’s a very fluid situation on the ground there,” Toner told CNN on Wednesday. “We’re still getting information, we’re still trying to seek out the whereabouts of American citizens … Obviously, Brussels on any given day, is chock full of American citizens.”

  • xShadowWolfx

    He can’t speak about it, he’s too busy building his “Legacy”. What he doesn’t understand is this: His “Legacy” is already written. The worst president in History. The most detached. The most stupid, insane, racist. He did nothing for blacks in Chicago who are on pace to kill more of each other than @ any other time in history in the U.S. He cares nothing about America as it was. He wants to destroy that one, and build his “Ideal” one, where everyone gets everything free if they are of color, and good looking, and have some type of education. He has no morals and values that anyone can pinpoint because he will just change them to fit whatever the situation calls for. He’s a liar. He launched his career in the basement of a known Terrorist, and yet everyone wonders why he doesn’t go all out to fight terrorism, OR call DAESH what they are: Radical Islamic Extremists. This is the feckless leader that just SAT THERE doing the “Wave” and laughing @ a baseball game, next to a known murderer, and communist leader have a blast, waving @ everyone, and talking to ESPN to show his “Cool” while people such as those pictured below are missing, and may be dead. So many Dead, so many wounded. They hit the American “areas”. You’re not really hearing this yet, but you will. He’s violated the very Constitution of the United States, yet NO charges have been brought…. YET. I feel like an ex-patriot that has lost his Country/Home, and I can’t even recognize it anymore. And that INCLUDES these jackoff republicans that are really liberals that infiltrated our party to destroy it. Mitt Romney had the last election WON. What happened? He had this idiot on the ropes, every single pole said so, even the liberal ones. So… WTF happened? He checked out, stopped attacking, never said another word. Why? Because he wanted to see his socialist/liberal Health Care system put into place on a National Scale, even though it failed miserably in his home state. Yet, he didn’t want to actually BE the one that did it, so, if it failed again, he didn’t have to take the blame. Never noticed the biased, illegal media always mentioned that it really started as Romney Care? The insanity needs to end. But will it? If I was Ted Cruz, I woulda told Romney to go screw himself, don’t need, or want your damn endorsement. Him, and the rest of the “Infil-TRAITORS” need to gtfo of the Republican party. Now. They WANT Hillary elected. That is the ONLY conclusion to the BS they are trying to pull. That is the only way it can end. And if that happens, What has happened the last 8yrs is going to get so bad, that the Country could literally fall. Happened to EVERY great nation that has ever risen. Because of these exact circumstances. My heart goes out to each and every victim of the little baby DAESH a-holes. Trash that needs to be destroyed once and for all. And ALL connected to them that knew ANYTHING and did not report it. Will America wake up?? The day’s I never thought could happen, EVER, because the things that would have to fail were too numerous, too insane, that Americans would allow those to take place was just impossible. But, turned out it wasn’t impossible. They’re here. NOW. Are we going to just sit back and watch it happen? I would never have believed that we would. Or could. But now……………..

    • Mahou Shoujo

      …? obama? no, can’t say as the name means anything… wasn’t that the kid on some old cartoon, the “Flintstones” or something?

    • Pray Hard

      They’re not “radical islamic extremists”. They’re moslems. But, he won’t even call them that.

    • whynoborders

      Cruz is so intent on being president that he is willing to take ‘help’ from the enemy. He won’t be able to control them.

      • xShadowWolfx

        If I was Cruz, I’d of told Romney to Shove It. Don’t need or Want his or any of those other liberal fools help

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Napoleon said that bad news does not have to be censored, only delayed. Like the thru cheese eating surrender monkey that hussain is, he follows the french.

    • joker

      Only Napoleon Bonaparte was not a coward!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        He still was a loser.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Who, in their right mind, tries to invade Russia in the dead of winter. For all that, Bonaparte did capture Moscow.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            And what did it get him? A few propaganda pictures of his famous retreat. Do not screw around with mother Russia, or mother Nature, they can and do have their way.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        He wasn’t French either.

  • In oither words, Muslim-lover Obwana has killed four MORE Americans!

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Where do you get 858,449? Our fight against PCDROOLERS and Islamic terrorism requires facts to base our testimony on. Please elucidate.

      • The TOTAL number of Americans injured or killed since Obwana has been in office. Includes every country in which they were stationed, includes U.S. soil attacks, includes EVERY incident.

        The bulk were IEDs in Iraq which, if you’ve been “away,” increased by 16 in just the past week.

        EASILY available stats if you bother to use your finger on a keyboard and the Internet.

        I’m not even going to address your comment on “facts.” It IS a “FACT.”

        Do a little work yourself.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          You are a liar! Fk off !

          • Look folks, an Internet troll and classic imbecile who settles arguments by refusing to face truth and calling someone a liar while wallowing in his pathetic self-pity.

            You are what is destroying America.

            Here’s just ONE article on ONE type of injury, you pathetic moron, numbering as high as 400,000. ONE TYPE of injury, idiot!

            Crawl back into your liberal hole you pathetic excuse for vermin.


          • BrunoPBuhr

            You have zero integrity. Discussions aren’t won by false information. “Classic imbecilic” look at your meme! If you had read any of my posts your lies about me being liberal would be exposed. You talk real tough behind your keyboard b!tch. You are just another under medicated hillbilly calling everyone a liberal if they don’t agree with you. Bye bye fruit loops! Go back and get your ged.

          • You have now forfeited the privilege to debate a superior intellect and therefore you have been BLOCKED from my inbox.

            I do not waste my precious and valuable time debating children.

            Any further regurgitation from you will NOT reach me and will therefore go unanswered.

            Debate with your mirror now, and enjoy replies even more intelligent than yours.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Coward! There is no debate with white supremacist nazis. Your white sheets are there for all to see. So block me all you want, your cowardice and lies are open for all to see. Wishing rape and murder on Obama’s children shows what a pathetic cowardly boy you are.

  • TrustNo1

    This is typical of the Obama administration. Once one realizes he is a Muslim Brotherhood supporter (member), all of his unconcern makes sense. It was his policies along with Hillarys that created ISIS and supplies them to this day. We are also confronted by a world blinded by PC. If people would take the time to read the Quran, they would realize that what is occurring is exactly what is defined in the Quran. These bombings, these supposed radicals *ARE* Islam. Factually, it is the moderate Muslims that are out of the norm of Islam and are trying to make Islam peaceful. I’ve stated numerous times that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology that controls every moment of your life while bathing it’s followers in the blood of non-believers. Obama has defined himself and he cannot deny it. His embracing of Islam, denial to even say radical Islam, proves his allegiance to this blood thirsty ideology. Let’s not forget that Obama allowed millions of $$ worth of American arms, vehicles, etc to fall into the hands of ISIS and he did nothing, nothing to stop it. What I am surprised at is that the rest of the world hasn’t condemned the US for creating the nightmare of ISIS which the world MUST eradicate. Just remember…Nero fiddled….. Uh…. Obama danced while the world burned. Put that in the history books.

    • Budvarakbar

      No need to fill your brain with sh–t by reading the koran. just google:
      Ann Barnhardt burning bacon bookmarked koran
      It is on U-tube — has been up 5 years

  • Jane

    Another of the victims of this horrific act of the Islamic State’s terrorism is Karen Northshield, a personal trainer in Brussels who was trying to come home for Easter. Now she is in intensive care fighting for her life. What a bloodthirsty cult.

  • Pray Hard

    Death to Islam.

    • Lumpygravy

      Islam delenda est

  • Wayne Ville

    Our family was planning a vacation to Europe. Not now, Europe is officially a no-go zone as far as I am concerned.

    • RetiredNavyphotog

      Poland and Hungary are OK.

    • joe1429

      Go to hawaii, very nice

  • Doctor Who?

    If they aren’t Muslim, Obama does not care.
    He is too busy in Cuba watching baseball games and dancing the tango.

    • Winston

      Is this chite absolutely incredible or what!. Today was one of those over the top days not unlike MANY; one can only hold a temperament for so long. Im tired of having our faces held down in it!

      • Doctor Who?

        Obama acts like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns.
        We shouldn’t be too surprised.
        Obama played a round of golf on the day an American hostage was beheaded by ISIS.

        • Winston

          All these evil demons will parish in the flames, this I have guarantee.

  • Tina

    Obama’s goal is world wide moslem brotherhood supremacy. He doesn’t give a d@mn about US, European or Canadian citizens endless their moslems like him. I pray to God Americans elect a POTUS who will put a STOP to this insane moslem pandering!!!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The Huffington Hoe manages to report news stories about the Belgian massacre without mentioning the words islamic or muslim.

  • ishamine

    Why do any of us even bother going to Europe anymore. They are miserable people and they hate us. We are nothing but easy targets for the extremists that have infested these formerly tolerable countries. Before you go traipsing around Europe, think long and hard – who is going to protect you from these zombies, the police? Their current leadership? Our own sniveling government? Not likely. You are all on your own. If you must go, make sure you are heavily insured and inoculated.

    This is what these demented savages will do to Christians and anyone else who refuses to convert to their cult.

  • imwithstoopid

    Take the time to watch and listen, finally someone that has the facts and truth, not suppositions, theories, and guesses.

    This a wonderful video. She did this in Australia, hope she comes here, the words and knowledge of an insider.

    She will verify all of your thoughts on our place in this, if you like D’Souza, you’ll like her.

  • joe1429

    The censoring and withholding info is illegal. Helloo congress, do something!

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