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Police tell women not to walk alone in northern Sweden because of Muslim migrants


Why didn’t the police tell women that they would protect them from the Muslim migrants? Why are the Muslim migrants there in the first place? Apparently the entire official class of Europe has gone insane.


“Police tell women not to walk alone in northern Sweden,” The Local, March 8, 2016:

Police in Östersund in northern Sweden have warned women about being out on their own after dark, but the city’s mayor has trashed the idea.

Officers in Östersund held a press conference on Monday, explaining that there had been at least six reports of violence against women in the area since February 20th.

Now the police are going out and warning women against travelling alone in the city. We have seen a worrying trend,” regional police chief Stephen Jerand told Swedish media.

“This is serious, we care about the protection of women and that is why we are going out and talking about this.”

He explained that the recent reported crimes included an attempted rape in the centre of Östersund over the weekend. Police later added that they were also investigating the alleged molestation of a 10-year-old girl at a bus station.

However the force’s recommendation that women should avoid being alone at night swiftly prompted criticism in Sweden, a nation that prides itself on promoting gender equality.

“The solution can never be to not go out because of such a warning. We have very many women who work in home and social care at night for example. What are they supposed to do?” the city’s mayor Ann-Sofie Andersson told Swedish broadcaster SVT.

The politician, who represents the government’s Social Democrat party at a regional level, said she wished police had told her about their intentions before issuing the warning.

Meanwhile Johan Hedin, legal affairs spokesman for one of Sweden’s opposition groups, the Centre Party, argued that the move could end up scaring women.

It’s wrong if it calls on women to adapt to the criminals. It risks leading people the wrong way, if the victims must adapt to the perpetrators,” he said.

The move in Östersund comes amid debates over whether the nation’s decision to take in record numbers of refugees last year is linked to recent reports of sexual assaults in the Nordic country.

In January, police in Stockholm admitted that they had covered up mass allegations of abuse by asylum seekers at a music festival, arguing that they had sought to avoid far-right sentiment being spread in the city.

Later that month around 100 masked men went on the rampage in the capital, attacking immigrants and promising to protect Swedish citizens from violence carried out by foreigners….

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  • BrunoPBuhr

    I guess there is a bit of confusion over the rights of women to be safe from RAPE and PC politicians designs for a multicultural Islamic sharia led utopia! Oh well don’t want to hurt rapists feelings. What’s a few …. Women and children mean?

  • wilypagan

    Swedish Zorros need to research how to make crossbows.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      swedish Zorros mark rape victims with a big “0”.

  • Ron Cole

    Since everyone in Sweden is armed and trained, may I suggest that a bit of target practice on these vermin is in order?

    • Tiina

      Where did you hear that the people are armed? I believe it is just as difficult for an honest citizen to obtain guns there as it is here in Finland.
      Here they were already telling women not to dress revealingly. I guess come summer they will tell women to only walk with a make relative.


      Nice azz. ;-)

      • joker


    • You’re thinking of Switzerland.


    sweeden is just beginning to learn about “the religion of peace”.

    And Vikings were as real as Leprechauns.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Viking, fairy, same thing, only one smells better.

      • Save Europe

        This entire reality saddens me, genuinely. You’re Canadian – a fantastic country. Europe – a fantastic continent that had culture, architecture and beautiful land. How TRAGIC that women, those of the Jewish faith, gay people, children should now be so terrified of..,well….just living, per se. This whole thing – and I say the following with NO hyperbole – this makes so many people in so many countries so very very sad, and it literally plays on so many of our minds, every single minute of the day. Seriously. We cannot believe what is playing out, in front of us.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          It is long past time to be sad, sadness is a negative emotion that will lead to destruction if left to continue. If the sadness turns to righteous wrath over injustice and crime, such as define islam, then it is channeling in the right direction. Time to stop being sad, and make the world a place to be Jewish, something elseish/glad/gay/goy, whatever positive emotion that works for you. Once the misery of islam is dealt with, we can go back to debating the differences that we have, without being forced to submit to violence.

          • Mannie

            Roger. It is past time for sadness. It is time for violence.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Sitting around sorrowfully licking ones nuts, accomplishes nothing, if the british have any desire to keep them, they best do something now, not soon.

          • Gulliver111

            Thanks for the advice- did it work for you?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            As I am nutless, have to be on intimate terms with someone who has them, How does it work for you?

        • Mannie

          Europe – used to be a fantastic continent that had culture, architecture and beautiful land. You are allowing it to degenerate into a barbarian wasteland, indistinguishable from the shitholes these barbarian savages crawled out of. It is incumbent upon you to reverse the process. If you don’t regain power, with rivers of blood if necessary, then you are doomed.

          I am at the point of advocating the targeting of Europe with our nuclear weapons, to protect us against the coming of a militant Eurabia.

          • Save Europe

            Yeah thanks for that, but at least give us non Muslims a chance to leave first, before being MURDERED by the likes of you. Thanks for that.

    • ubik

      danes were the tough ones.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Swedes are at best cowards, browbeaten in front of their own children by arrogant violent criminals. The “swede” will continue known only as a type of turnip, the human tribe know as “swedes” coward’ed itself to a dismal socialist death. There was a time criminals were afraid of the police, now police cower at the shadow of a criminal.

  • albertasaurus

    Yet another gift to the West from islam that Obama and Kerry keep praising.

  • This is an other accommodation to the muslem savages.
    Instead of enforcing the law of the land.
    They are bending their laws to accommodate the muslem savages.

  • christian vidal

    It’s every day rapefugees’ feast in leftist Sweeden.

  • rambler

    So the idea is that the citizen gets to be held hostage by foreign invaders while those running the gov stick their heads in the sand. Nice!

  • “Do not walk alone.” Sweden is getting as bad as Chicago.

  • Pray Hard

    The more the leftist paradigm is protected, the more civilization rots.

  • jebor


    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Breivik never harmed one hair on a muslum’s head.

  • Its amazing how these liberals will do and say anything to protect muslims.

  • All in

    sounds like some “far right” activity is needed today in Sweden

    Citizens with muscles are going to take things in their own hands soon.

    Hey, Swedish guys if you don’t protect your women they(your women) will hold it against YOU later.Trust me..

  • ubik

    Northern Sweden, yeah, definitely Dar al-Islam. Keep your face covered, Swedish women, and walk behind your man.

  • Benton Marder

    Ladies, it’s time to beat feet the hell out of Dodge. Your men are worthless. Your government is worse than useless. Your reptiles cover up the criminality. Beat feet while you can. Maybe your departure for saner realms might send messages that your men and governments will heed. Ifnot, no great loss, Save yourselves and your children. If only your men and governments had their heads screwed on straight.

  • Mannie

    It is time, in these areas, for the Citizenry to step up and form vigilance committees, stage pogroms, and take the law into their own hands. To do otherwise, is to leave the law in the hands of the barbarian invaders. The primary, and arguably the only duty of government is to protect its Citizens. We give up some of our freedom in exchange for that protection. A government that cannot or will not perform its basic function forfeits its validity and its right to exist. Where the government has no validity, it is the Citizens’ right and duty to replace it with a government that will protect it. Gangs, vigilance committees, lynch mobs, and similar activities are crude forms of government put in place to protect the Citizens.

    Until the people do this, or overthrow the government that is neglecting them, it’s their circus. Their monkeys.

    When their country implodes, we must absolutely seal our borders against European refugees. Let them stay home and fight or die. Euronate on them. We don’t want their disease, here. We have enough of their kind already.

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