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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Pakistan’s Council on Islamic Ideology says that law for protection of women violates Islamic law


This is because the Quran says that women from whom a man “fears disobedience” should be beaten (4:34). To protect the human rights of women violates sharia. Where are the feminists on this? Busy denouncing islamofauxbia.


“CII head declares women protection law against Shariah,” ARY News, March 2, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

LAHORE: Chairman of Council of Islamic Ideology Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani has declared women protection law against Islamic sharia, ARY News reported.

During a meeting of the CII, Maulana Sherani said there was no need to legislate a law for women’s protection when they already had all rights secured under Sharia laws according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Earlier yesterday speaking to journalists in Shikarpur, he had said that he could not comment on the women’s protection bill passed by the Punjab Assembly before reading it. However, he termed it a violation of Islamic laws and said it could not be accepted.

He said assemblies must consult the CII before enacting such legislations. “The CII is a constitutional body, therefore, every bill should be brought to parliament in the light of its recommendations.”…

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    The only right a woman has, under islam as practiced, is to do as she is told. She is an object with no legal rights or protection, she is married, murdered, divorced sold into slavery or thrown in the street at the whim of some man. Muslim men are not men, they are subhumans with no element of self control, they are fitting fodder for the demon of islam.

    • George E. Smith

      And, the Muslim men, when they get to the EU, seem to think they have gone to heaven and are going to collect on that promise of 72 virgins!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The qur’an clearly says that non muslim women only exist for the pleasure of muslims. Islam has no concept of human rights, equality, dignity or morals, it only knows of self centred greed, justifying any means to obtain anything a muslim wants, from a non muslim, pillage, rape and murder being acceptable methods of obtaining said things.

        • Ron Cole

          What does the queer`an` say about the flat tax?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            As usual the qur’an is full of contradictions and “explanations” none of which make sense or answer any legitimate practical question, so, for what its worth, this is what I found:
            The fuqaha (Jurists) differ as to the amount of the Jizya. Abu Hanifa considers that those subject to this tax are of three kinds: the rich from whom forty-eight dirhams are taken; those of average means from whom twenty four are taken, and the poor from whom twelve dirhams are taken: he thus stipulated the minimum and maximum amounts and prohibits any further judgement on behalf of those responsible for its collection. Malik, however, does not fix its minimum and maximum amount and considers that those responsible should make their own judgement as to the minimum and maximum. Ash-Shafi’i considers that the minimum is a dinar, and that it is not permitted to go below this while he does not stipulate the maximum, the latter being dependant on the ijtihad (judgement) of those responsible: the Imam, however, should try to harmonise between the different amounts, or to exact an amount in accordance with people’s means. If he has used his judgement to conclude the contract od jizyah to the satisfaction of the leaders of the people being taxed, then it becomes binding on all of them and their descendants, generation after generation, and a leader may not afterwards change this amunt, be it to decrease it or increase it. (Al-Mawardi, al-Ahkam as-Sultaniyyah, Ta-Ha Publishers Ltd. 1996, pp. 209-210)

          • Ron Cole

            Sounds like comerade bernie’s VYP.

            * VYP Five Year plot

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Yep, except the qur’an is for eternity, it is really a counterpuddle study in conflicting absurdities, cult superstition with a tribal mentality. Then there are the stupid parts. All-is fubar.

  • MattBracken

    What does it say about a culture that they have a celebratory word for a gang-rape “game?” (Taharrush).

  • lee

    So this how the Muslim Obama feels about women. I bet Obama would never beat Reggie Love.

  • RealEngineer2

    Amazing these aptly attired IRON-AGE THROWBACKS can generate enough thought from the single functioning brain cell in their cerebral cortex to generate incoherent stupidity of this magnitude.

    This is pre-historic DOGMA taken at LITERAL VALUE and applied to living 21st century humans by an ENTRENCHED ELITE, self-interpreted as “divine right”. These “cultural attributes” are paramount among migrants expanding to the Western countries, and will be sustained if not properly assimilated.

  • albertasaurus

    Since Muhammed in his final sermon characterizes women as either prisoners or cattle, how can islamic leaders have any other opinion consistent with their ideology. What leg do civilized reformers have to stand on in the islamic world?

  • itchy

    And again,,, Where are the feminists. Your silence shows how gutless you grand standing morons are. Or have you already converted to save your skins.

    • Save Europe

      Agreed. The silence is deafening and they are traitors to their own gender. Tragic, sad, evil and disgraceful.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if the legislators will cave in? Then again would the all muslum police force in Pakistain bother to enforce the women protection laws anyway?

  • Tabludama

    Where are the feminists? They are frauds who share the common bond of Anti Americanism with Muslims:

  • rockyh77

    Pakistan has over 240 nuclear warheads on missiles NOW. They have 25 maybe 28 communities that can gather over 10,000 each throughout the US from the same Cleric. All under our power grid. Please vote for Trump do not throw away your vote on a politician like Rubio or Cruz because they are bought and will had the election to Hilary. Please vote for Trump.
    I do not brag when I say the FBI compare me to Bill Tilghman. I have risked my life many times and thanks to the Son of the Living God, the creator of over 270 worlds of light I have survived to continue the fight. I have seen horrors and I have known some real Americans like Chris Kyle and Richard Wilson and Sam Palmer. I will fight again if I must because I love this country and our way of life. Please do not let me stand alone in this fight. Please demand support for Trump and keep the Clintons out. I know better than any of you the evil of the Clintons and if they get in our nation and this hemisphere will be lost.

    • ΔИθᴎЎϻɸᵿƧ

      If the banking elite have ANY reason to believe that Trump won’t fall in
      line just like Obama, Rubio, Cruz, Bill and Hillary, the Bush family, and on
      down the line, they will never allow Trump access to the Presidency.

      like Ron Paul was blackballed, Trump, too, would be blackballed and not allowed onto the
      ballot. And if Trump does happen to make the ballot and be elected, he’d better fall in
      line, and fast, or he risks being “Kennedy’d” if you know what I mean.

      it makes absolutely no difference who’s in office. Nothing will change. Commie Care isn’t going anywhere. So Trump’s a
      billionaire, so what? The elite bankers are trillionaires. They are ABOVE the Forbes list, not listed anywhere. Anyone who
      makes it into the Oval Office has already been bought.

      Because of the bankers, politics has been effed up beyond all repair (FUBAR) for a very long time, long before they got their beloved Federal Reserve. To the bankers, governments are nothing but power tools used to control the masses. Our enemy is not Muslims or anyone else.

      Our only enemy is government, and those who control it.

      It doesn’t matter who holds which office. Presidents and kings are just middlemen to the bankers. They are only the faces that the masses see; the masses rarely, if ever, see the bankers’ faces. The leaders are the people who do as they are told, or else, because it’s always assumed that they are in control of their own nations. Why would it ever be otherwise?

      But no, they are not. They are at the mercy of those who lend them money to operate their governments, educate their children, fight their wars, pay their welfare recipients, and so forth.

      For those governments that are deeply and hopelessly in debt, the system is unfixable, beyond any hope of redemption. Do not show your support of such a system by voting. You may be forced to support the system with your tax dollars, but no one can force you to vote.

      • rockyh77

        The bankers as stated by Jefferson, Jackson, Kennedy, Jesus (his real “crime”) and Spinoza is the greatest enemy. They are high on the blood of cover up. From the destruction of the poppy trade in Afghanistan to the destruction of my files in Building 7 and the Pentagon. There is little choice. I have bought some time and that is all. Our politicians are bought. I still say Trump as President is the best start we MAY be able to get and the Clintons the worse. Since Brennan is a revert to Wahhabi Islam the Kennedy ending is very, very likely. Again a better start for us than any other. Would you suggest we make like worms and just crawl dig in deep and wait?

  • petitemouse

    The Media/Democrat machine plasters how Americans treat
    Sodomists (protected by a law fully enforced) if we don’t bake
    a cake for them. But. Pakistan rulers say women can be beaten
    because it is the law is not mentioned. No wonder Trump
    is being considered. So tired of the hate American Christians
    and love the Muslims who murdered San Bernardino people,
    and treat women to violent beatings in Pakistan. Pray
    for the conversion of Americans as St. Paul was converted.
    Or soon we will face conversion by the Sword of Allah.

  • minny-me

    But islam is a peaceful religion…more like the bane of humanity.

  • Ron Cole

    There should be open season and bounties on muslim fascist terrorist.

  • Patricia

    All these sexual ‘problems’ have saturated our news and our senses. Sex as The Creator instituted it, is a most celestial act between His created.

    What we are smeared with day in and day out is male islamists who have no control over themselves. And because they have zero control, it HAS TO BE the females fault. After all, mo said so!

    Even though they have seen to it that she never has a sexual desire to cross her body, it’s STILL HER fault.

    I reeeeeeally don’t think I would admit that I was such a wimpy weakling as to be seduced by another of God’s creations, hair on the human head. Her hair??? How pitiful are these alleged men? To behave outside of morally accepted conduct based on mo’s edicts, is in itself, flaming misogyny, which has permeated this culture of animals and sealed itself into their laws today.

    Today they are only empowered and more aggressive, never able to see the flaws of mo and set about a reformation. President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi understands the urgency for reform but could literally lose his head over that position.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • rockyh77

    Either we get Trump in or leave the northern hemisphere. I for one believe we should stay and fight as best we can.

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