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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Obama’s State Dept: Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad


The mountain of skulls is not enough.
The wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is not enough.

But invite Clockmed to the White House because he’s feeling persecuted over his homemade bomb hoax.

Obama is as culpable as ISIS. He armed them. He covered for them, and he is still covering for them.

Christianity has been wiped out of Muslim countries in the Middle East. The only country they are safe in is Israel, so why won’t Obama designate it genocide? Because this evil clown thinks it will tarnish his “stellar” legacy. That and it might reflect poorly on Islam, Gd forbid. What a lowlife.

I can assure you that in ten years, twenty years time, when people say Obama’s name, they’ll spit.

“State: Kerry Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad,” By Aaron Kliegman, Free Beacon, March 16, 2016:

The body of a man crucified by Islamic State killers hangs beside a road in Syria
The body of a man crucified by Islamic State killers hangs beside a road in Syria

State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner said Wednesday that his boss, Secretary of State John Kerry, needs more evidence to determine if the Islamic State has committed genocide with its slaughter of thousands of innocents throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Congress had set Kerry a deadline of March 17 to officially determine whether atrocities committed by ISIS constitute genocide, but Toner told reporters during the State Department’s daily press briefing that the department will not have a decision by that date.

“Determining these kinds of legal definitions, such as genocide and crimes against humanity, require a very detailed, rigorous legal analysis,” Toner said. “[Kerry] is a lawyer, and, of course, that’s going to weigh into [how he makes his decision].”

“There are a lot of lawyers on [Captiol] Hill, too,” Associated Press reporter Matt Lee said in response, referring to the House of Representatives unanimously voting 393-0 on Monday to pass a resolution labeling the barbarity ISIS has perpetrated against Christians and other religious minority groups in the Middle East as “genocide.”

Toner clarified that his “only point is that he [Kerry] wants to base his decision on the best evidence available, and he has requested additional evidence, information, in order to [do so].”

“It just seems like there is a lot of evidence already out there,” Lee said in response.

The international community has decried ISIS’ slaughter and enslavement of anyone who does not submit to its uncompromising brand of Sunni Islam, killing Muslims as well as other religious and ethnic groups.

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum determined last year in a report that ISIS is guilty of carrying out genocide against the Yazidi religious minority in northern Iraq, a term the museum rarely uses.

“We believe Islamic State has been and is perpetrating genocide against the Yazidi people,” the report says. “Islamic State’s stated intent and patterns of violence against Shia Shabak and Shia Turkmen also raise concerns about the commission and risk of genocide against these groups.”

The jihadist group has also carried out brutal violence against Christians and other groups, with Muslims making up the highest number of its victims.

The European Parliament voted last month to describe ISIS’ atrocities in Iraq and Syria as genocide.

There has been some debate as to whether using the term “genocide” with ISIS in an official capacity would legally obligate the U.S. to take further action against the jihadist group, which some people have argued is why the Obama administration is reluctant to do so.

Toner made clear at Monday’s press briefing that no legal requirement comes with using the term, but he stressed the international community has an obligation under the United Nations to stop crimes against humanity and other such atrocities like the ones being committed by ISIS.

In addition to the resolution on genocide passed Monday, the House also voted 392-3 to pass a measure calling for the creation of an international tribunal to try the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad for war crimes.

Assad triggered the Syrian civil war in 2011 by slaughtering his own people for peacefully protesting his authoritarian rule. He has since waged a war against the Syrian people who formed an opposition in response, resulting thus far in about 400,000 deaths and the displacement of millions of others.

Assad has received help from Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah, and Russia to stay in power.

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    Obama needs more evidence-, that’s just proforma to certify Isis as official state & legitimate government like they did Pakistan.
    Same with Muhammad founder of Muhammadism & his army who doesn’t get condemned in Obama’s, the EU’s, Saudi Arabia’s, Iran’s mind & Al Bashir who wasn’t punished but was granted a new North-Sudan country where like in Mauritania (25%) & Saudi Arabia Africans are enslaved inspired by behind Muhammad’s propaganda-lies, Muhammad’s invention of enslavement of Africans who announced that his deity turned Africans slaves so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks, while African & slave are one word in Arabic (Abeed), who announced that out of mythological first being Adam’s left shoulder emerged blacks to perdition & whites to paradise of his right.
    We need to establish a global government to destroy Isis with armed drones.

    • Benton Marder

      The ‘one world’ government would welcome ISIS with open arms and Sharia compliance. That’s how treacherous the politicians are..


        Government is simply a word.
        Beware of the local governments which are cowardice & not responsibility. We need a global government to combat Muhammadism.

        • Benton Marder

          You would enslave us all with global government, which would be too powerful to be controlled. Muslims are like rabid dogs and rattlesnakes when they ‘get religion’. One does not control rabid dogs and rattlesnakes. One destroys them before they bite. The great powers now have the means to put down the rabid dogs and rattlesnakes, but they are mostly to squeamish to do what has to be done. Too squeamish or too delusional or outright malicious, using the Muslim Hordes for their own purposes—slavery and impoverishment.

        • The origional roger

          The world with all its problems, worked best when the US was powerful and had at least a little moral code and acted as world policeman up until the end of the Reagan era.
          The last thing we need is more amalgamation of countries to a world body, can’t you see the morass that the UN is sucking the world into, every single resolution made and every deployment has made a bad situation worse and now the UN is trying to investigate its own troops for mass rape allegations.

    • Patricia

      As I sit and ponder possible upcoming events, my imagination gets pretty riled up. Consider this: For the majority of his time in office, Bams has ignored the ISIS problem, refused to even say the words, covered for their atrocities, even dropped supplies to them according to some eye-witnesses.

      We ALL know his penchant for all things islamic. The public has been yammering about his refusal to identify the enemy, okay, well, . . . I say the definite possibility exists that he WILL identify the enemy, riiiiiiight before the General Election.

      If he does what most Americans insist that he does and names the enemy, he COULD also make a Declaration of War against isis and in so doing, he eliminates the presidential election.

      Not only would that declaration secure his presidency for only God knows how long, he’ll deny Cankles Clinton her shot at the Oval Office. We know how much venom is in their relationship, and Bam’s shot at ‘colonial whitey’ will have been a timely coup.

      I put NOTHING past him and Jarrett.

  • andersm0

    Paralysis through analysis. The perfect foil to carry out a policy of doing nothing while appearing to be busily engaged in doing something. Our current crop of politicians in NA and Western Europe are NOT going to lead us out of this mess. A different set of politicians with a stronger will to protect their culture must be elected. Merkel’s poor showing in this week’s elections show the screw is being turned.


    Through irresponsible & criminally & sadistically complicit manipulation-institutions as the Pope, Obama, Merkel, Erdogan, Wikipedia, Facebook, media & academia people think that Muhammadism is like their Christianity, just that in reality one is the Jesus getting crucified as such if one like Muhammad permanently commanded criticizes his Muhammadism.


    There are reports about Isis crucifying by the thousands. Just that it isn’t in the criminal mainstream-media run by Obama caliphate. & what’s in his media he reflects in his policies. Why should he show in his policies what he’s hiding in his media what he’s hiding to create his policies.


    ISIS is obama’s creation. Assad was telling the truth all along. the “moderate rebels” were some of the worst terrorists as well as the turks and saudis. It’s a shame russia didn’t bomb them all back to hell. maybe next time…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Those politicians that deny the genocide of Christians or any group, including some muslims, will rot in hell after lives of disgrace as their stupidity follows them. hussain is beyond evil, he is stupid.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Kerry is beyond evil. His statements about apartheid in Israel, the fiasco with Iran’s treaty and capture and denigration of our troops. He is the worst negotiator we have had in memory. I give no chance that they will declare genocide by the 17th….or every! Obama and Kerry hate Christianity! ” It is not what goes unto a mans mouth that corrupts him, but what comes out” Jesus!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The entire democrat administration are candidates for contempt while alive and severe repercussions afterwards.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          They totally disgust me. The traitors against civilized humanity should be perp walked out of the White House! Their submission and cowardice deserves God going”Biblical” on them!

      • Dr. Doomsday

        He is no negotiator, he is an appeaser. One who seeks profit from his adventures. He is also a treasonous liar.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          Not a punk azz b!tch as well?

  • Owen_Morgan

    Kerry is a lawyer? How easy is it to get a law degree, in the US?

    • Dean

      There are bad carpenters, dentists and plumbers as well. There are really bad doctors that require even more education for that license. Is that your newest form of categorical attack on all lawyers?

      • Owen_Morgan

        No, it isn’t. Next?

        • jebor

          Shakespeare was correct. especially this sucky one

          • dad1927


      • The origional roger

        Lawyers that are appointed to the position of Secretary of State by the current President of the United States are supposed to be of exceptional character, acutely insightful and skilled diplomats, cognisant with current events, which one of these does John Kerry possess.

    • itchy

      There one in every cereal box. But right at the bottom with the rest of the cr*p

      • Benton Marder

        Kerry opened the box from the bottom so to get the law degree first. It was very like the little toy that comes in a box of CrackerJack.

        • MaryGKarl

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          • jebor


        • The origional roger

          Darn, that’s what I did wrong.

    • jebor

      $ talks, same as anywhere else, Hanoi john is still a traitor .imho

    • The origional roger

      I live in the same house as a Lawyer and after watching many of the lectures and seeing many of the course papers, I have come to the conclusion that a person only has to have a good memory, there is no requirement for any reasoning that is outside of the groupthink in leftist doctrine, and this person has just completed their degree and is steeped in the minority rights and critical race theory stuff, to the exclusion of any real discernment of right and wrong.

  • Dean

    The Russian communist oppression and slaughter of millions of innocents to advance their life crushing ideology is the best historical evidence that the adherence of Marxism, communism and progressive totalitarianism will allow or perpetrate every kind of atrocity to advance their cause. Refusing to admit the genocide of foreign Christians is easy in comparison. They will attempt to delay and avoid this admission as long as possible since they have insisted that what they have called non-Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims that any other religion. And if they are finally cornered, which is unlikely with a complicit media, they will act as if this is a pointless technicality. I wish I was so positive as Pamela about who will be reporting history in the future.

    • Tiina

      Did they admit to the Armenian genocide yet, or will it take another 100 years?


        The mass-murder of Armenians was perpetrated by the Muhammadan Ottoman empire (Turks, Kurds) & wasn’t fought by for example Germany.
        Anyone can use the word socialism, government.

      • Dean

        The leftist “historians” will deny there were ever Armenians.

  • Benton Marder

    How quickly the Union forgets its babarities committed during the Was Between the States—-including what Billy Sherman himself admitted were war crimes.
    The Union also quickly forgot the reason why The War was fought—to preserve the Union—but fought a Nalkan War to ensure the break-up of Yugoslavia and to transfer Kosovo, the heartland of Serbia, to the Muslims. O Hypocrisy !

  • Drew the Infidel

    It does not matter how many lawyers overpopulate Capitol Hill, not one of them is skilled enough to be able to convince anyone there is a shred of difference between these hooligans and the obscene criminality of the Nazis in WW2.

  • Robert Batchelor

    If the Republican Presidential candidate wins in November then the Obama Administration won’t have an answer on this till February. If Hillary wins they’ll just leave it up to her to decide. Either way you’re not getting an answer.

    • The origional roger

      Ahh, the manipulations and obfuscations.

  • K.

    More evidence? They just wait it out until there is no one left to give evidence, only so they can then say see, nothing happened. They let others do the dirty work for them and then pretend that nothing ever was. That’s the only thing the Left has ever learned from the past… don’t get caught with your hands dirty. But they learned it very well.

  • Gerry Broadbent

    500,000 dead due to Obama’s incompetence……. just goes to show we
    can’t expect certain people to acknowledge the problem when they are the

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Change you can believe in…

      • dad1927


  • Rob Porter

    Pamela is right, Obama is a “lowlife”, a disgusting pathological liar – and this creature, this Islam jihad facilitator – is President of the United States. Yet millions still support him. Pathetic!

  • karl59

    I need more evidence that Obama is really a US President

  • Warren

    Ten years? I’m ready to start spitting now.

  • Dave L

    Where’s that self-styled “anti-genocide” super hero Samantha Power? Oh yeah, she’s just a self-promoter and an Israel-hater. She blows hard about Israel’s nonexistent genocide of Palestinians and she’s quiet as a mouse when it comes to Islamic genocide of Christians. This is a genocide perpetrated by many more Islamic groups than just the Islamic State. What about it, Samantha?


    The reason why Obama will not state that Islam or Muslims are responsible for the murderous bombings, is known to all of the world. We have to accept this fact, and go on from there,to protect ourselves against him and his friends.

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