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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Neighbors Say New York Mosque’s Blaring 5 TIMES DAILY CALL TO PRAYER INTOLERABLE, “Too Noisy,” Govt Does Nothing


Islamic supremacism in action. Here we see the complete and utter disregard Muslims have for their non-Muslim neighbors. A mosque in Brooklyn is torturing neighborhood residents every day, five times a day, with the piercing, loud Muslim call to prayer. It starts at 6 am — can you imagine? Muslims in the community insist it is a beautiful sound and that everyone should enjoy it. Enjoy it? For many, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. For many, “allahu akbar” elicits brutal memories.

Hundreds of residents have complained to NYC government authorities, to no avail.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes….

The DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) did not fine the mosque, despite ongoing violations (five times a day), because of the “short duration” of the Muslim prayer.” The mosque is violating existing laws. But the DEP didn’t fine them because Muslims are a special class and everyone is afraid to offend or insult them. Accommodation always gives way to more demands, more accommodations.

The irony, of course, is how we are constantly being schooled, admonished by Muslims and Islamic apologists about mutual respect and mutual understanding, when what they really mean is submit, shut up, stand down.
Clearly they want to force non-Muslims to move out of the neighborhood. Islamic imperialism in modern-day America.

These residents need to file a class action suit against the mosque and the DEP for failing to enforce existing laws.

Read my book: Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

“Video: Neighbors Say East New York Mosque Is ‘Too, Too Noisy'”
by Tadia Toussaint, Gothamist,  on Mar 25, 2016:

Masjid-Al-Aman is a mosque that sits near the border of Queens and Brooklyn in East New York, and offers prayers five times a day. But some residents say the mosque’s azan, or call to prayer, is a nuisance—neighbors have filed 156 noise complaints against Masjid-Al-Aman.

“They have to have some consideration for us—it’s noisy. Too, too noisy,” one neighbor gripes, adding that she can’t get used to the azan “because you have no idea when it’s going to happen.”

Not true, says one of the mosque’s congregants: “Calling to prayer for a Muslim, five times a day, is a no-brainer. It’s an absolute necessity.”

Video by Tadia Toussaint

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.01.07 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.01.52 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.02.04 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.16.29 AM

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  • Paula

    Calling Muslims to prayer is an ‘absolute necessity? Why, won’t they go unless they are bullied into it? And … why the calls to prayer these days? Can’t they get texts instead? Duh.

    • Kieron Russell

      Because they want to intimidate and push the boundaries.

      • Ordinary Joe

        that is EXACTLY why they do it. Its vile and irritating and it needs to be stopped.

      • Patricia


    • faraway

      The call to prayer dates from a time when there were no clocks or watches,not to mention mobile phones.Now it’s used to promote moslem supremacy.They want us to submit and it seems to be working.

      • maryol

        Most of them can’t read or tell time, so they have to be reminded to hustle on in for some butts-up action, or risk having their heads cut off for apostasy.

      • Bernadet Rodakowski

        True. Many muslims use an app these days.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It always was, why do you think the azan was commonly screeched from the tops of minarets?

    • Solipsis

      The purpose is to intimidate the Kafir and wage war on the Kafir,
      That is the only purpose.

    • ToxicThistle

      If Moslems, who want to leave Islam, were not threatened with death if they do, then Islam would cease to exist. The Islamic mucky-mucks know this and that’s why they force people to adhere under pain of death. Islam is an evil, hateful, false “religion”. Here in the States, Islam must have it’s religious status revoked and be declared a terrorist group. Then they will no longer be protected under our Constitution and we can deal with them like the brain-dead Zombies they are.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Of course, the only way islam can exit is through violent application of its satanic cult laws.

  • berserker

    The Tango Dancer in the WH loves the call to prayer.


      The droning call to Islamist prayer – 5 times a day.

      Counter with playing something else – 5 times a day.

      G-d Bless America.
      Born in the USA.
      Battle Hymn of the Republic.
      Dreidel song.

      Stonecutters song from the Simpsons
      Looney Tunes “That’s All Folks”

      • Tobias Keith

        “Born in the USA” is an anti-war song, not patriotic.

      • ToxicThistle

        …..or some Heavy Metal would be nice or something like “Jesus loves me”. The latter would make the Moslems gnash their teeth.

        • bargogx1

          Or you could really up the ante and play some Christian Metal.

        • Peter Antonocci

          star spangled banner at equal volume. hordes of angry muslims…priceless.

          • Dave the Infidel

            God Bless America SIX times a day! At TWICE the volume!

          • TabBCat

            No, aim it at just the mosque and keep it just below the legal decibels so that all the arriving muslims can hear it. I wouldn’t want to commit the same offense as they are because WE would be found guilty forthwith.

        • Patricia


      • Alex Peshansky

        I bet if neighbors try it, they will be fined by DEP.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        excellent idea :)

      • GreenMachine87

        good idea!

  • overboosted

    It’s the “sweetest sound” to Imam Ubama……….



      The “sweetest sound” will be the sound of Obama leaving the White House for good.

      • faraway

        “…leaving the White House for good.” I’m not so sure about that:he can still make much mischief elsewhere.

        • ToxicThistle

          Odumber should be jailed before he can leave the country. He’s too dangerous to be allowed to run free. Rumor is, he bought a mansion in some Arab country. That traitor will sell us out in a heartbeat.

          • Judi

            Yes, Dubai.

          • Dave the Infidel

            The Dubai rumor was a hoax. But I HAVE heard that he wants to be the UN President if Killary gets elected. That way he could feel like he was President of the World! Then he could cow those UN idiots into making him President for Life! I’m still looking for him to instigate a race war in the next few months and declare Martial Law so that he can suspend the election and remain President. After all, he actually thinks we would elect him again if he could run. He doesn’t want to leave the White House. He’s too frigging narcissistic.

          • Judi

            Yes, I’m inclined to agree with you. He really thinks he’s King of the World.

          • joe1429

            He is a a socialist, antagonist. He will be popping off his mouth, when he is out of office, especially if a repub prez. The only one who will be able to handle him is Trump!

      • Judi

        Speaking of Obummer, here in the UK they are running a 4 part series called “Inside Obama’s White House”. It has been whitewashed and sanitized to make him look like a leader. No mention of the speech he gave in Cairo in 2009 when he put Murbarak on the back burner and ushered in the MB and Morsi. No mention either of Morsi’s downfall or apologies for the chaos in the Middle East which he’s caused. Plenty of interviews including amongst others Susan Rice, Kerry, and Martin Indyk, an anti-Semite of the first order, who, when speaking of the Iran “deal”, mentioned that when Bibi found out about it in 2013, he was (understandably) annoyed and Kerry, after a meeting with him in Israel, said in the cab back to the airport, “that wasn’t very pleasant”.

        • conan_drum

          When millions of people gather everyday to call for the deposing of a long lasting dictator, there is not much even the USA can do about it apart from a massive invasion by force. Obama also supported the Muslim Bro. because he was in bed with them and has been all through his pres.y, he still continues to ‘play footsie’ with them.
          Morsi was voted in by election. Is the great promoter of democracy now saying (via you) that democracy should not be used. Granted that when the Egyptians realised what Morsi was doing, ie. trying to impose a sharia based Islamic dictatorship, under which his laws were absolute, they demonstrated against Morsi in millions again. I do not like Ow’bama either but keep to facts not you private delusions

          • Judi

            I don’t quite catch your drift. I’m only relaying what I watched. No mention was made in the programme of the peoples’ demonstration against Morsi or the subsequent election of Al Sisi. The programme was just skimming over the surface of events which actually took place. Perhaps if it is shown in the US you will see for yourself and realise that I’m not “delusional”.

        • Dave the Infidel

          I hope you folks on that side of the pond understand that most of this country are completely embarrassed by Owebama and want him gone. I’ve felt the need to apologize to the Brits ever since our Idiot-in-Chief gave the Queen the iPod with all of his speeches on it. The narcissistic boob thinks that people ENJOY listening to his mindless drivel. That was an entire embarrassment for this country. Then Killary with her damned stupid Reset Button with the Russians, and now Kerry and HIS bumbling. We just want to shout a big WE’RE SORRY to the entire world for inflicting our most obtuse idiots on all of you!

          • Judi

            Dave – you don’t have to apologise. Us Brits know just what the muslim-in-chief is all about. We are just sorry to see your once great country, to which we owe so much, being taken down by him and his cohorts. Hopefully, things will change for the better come November.

          • ted

            No need to apologize to Eurotrash. Their leaders are just as bad, especially pandering to mooselamb. The brits, who have banned Michael Savage, Pam and Bob????

          • vcpitts2

            You’re showing your best U.S. trash to everyone.

          • vcpitts2

            Let’s not forget when Michelle hugged the Queen like she was at a ho-down

          • fuzzi

            And many of us didn’t vote for him, so it’s not our fault.

      • Dave from San Antonio

        A sweeter sound would be the “dull thud” that is followed by a “crack” in the distance.

        • ted

          I was hoping for sounds like that from Air force 1 when it passed over Guantameno.

          • vcpitts2

            Does AF1 ever pass over the Bermuda Triangle?

      • joe1429

        Yes that helicopter carrying him away… I hope Trumps people play “hit the road jack” like obamas people did so disrespectful to bush

      • Rob Porter

        Leaving the White House strapped to a fighter jet’s after burner!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Maybe he should move to this Brooklyn neighborhood then…

  • Kieron Russell

    If there’s one sound that is truly offensive it’s this. Tell them ‘NO’ it’s that simple – because it won’t stop here – it will encourage every mosque in the country to do the same. NO.

    • Dave the Infidel

      They need to change that line in “Dumb & Dumber” about the “Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world” to the Muslim call to prayer. If you’ve ever heard it, you’ll never forget it. Because it truly is “The Most Annoying Sound IN THE WORLD”!!!!!! It’s even WORSE that fingers on a blackboard. It’s worse than locked up train wheels screeching down the track. It’s even worse than an Owebama speech!

  • “We’re going to go as far as we legally can to make life intolerable for you non-Muslims. Eventually you’ll move away and we win. Then we’ll repeat in the next neighborhood.”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Good call.

  • Fred

    I know the area. This mosque isn’t the only one. They are all over that part of Brooklyn and one can hear them in Staten Island. East NY overall is a good place to avoid; it’s a high crime area. The cops don’t do anything because they’re afraid of causing riots. Do you think the current mayor will have their back? If you do I have a bridge to sell you and the Cubs just won the World Series.

  • Richard Ashworth

    They have not been a blessing to any social society have they.

    You think their contribution is a blessing?…
    No it is not…Why?
    It seems that way at first.
    Look at Malaysia. The most liberal muslim society. They benefited by Muslim immigration with contribution in trade and buisness. Look how Malaysia is today. An Islamic state…

    When people see protests against Islam they think they are being unkind. Because not all Muslims do harm …
    They only think of the present situation.

    They don’t think ahead and what this will mean in the future .They don’t understand it’s the future that the anti Islam is fighting for…

  • Barb Kazor Sherry

    It’s called stealth jihad. It is a collective strategy and unless it is stopped at this point, it portends the next stage of terrorism by these groups throughout our nation. There needs to be a Constitutional Lawyer in the White House with the skill of applying constitutional law and the “balls” to do so. Unless we push back at this point, the next step is intimidation as they seek to apply their religious laws upon the rest of these populations where they are seeking to take over. It’s a matter of record and when you have liberal leftists like NY Cities government, and liberal leftist citizens, this WILL be the outcome.

    • fuzzi

      Trump could make Christie his AG.

  • ToxicThistle

    Islam is an abomination. The Mosques should be torn down.

    • Tobias Keith

      Why did you capitalize mosk? All mohammedan words are never capitalized.

      • ToxicThistle

        Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

  • Richard Ashworth

    They may show outwardly a carm face.
    Pretend to give the impression of what’s the big deal…
    But they know in their heart, that they see a rise of Islam. And are glad. They feel confident.
    Some cannot believe what’s happening to the faith.
    And see it as Allah’s blessing .And their pagan god is giving them victory in your land.
    It seems everything is working in thier favour despite the terror…
    They have learned the language of liberty and democracy. And know how to use it to spread Islam.
    Some believe there is nothing you can do about it…
    Islam will only bring civil strife and war.
    And many athorties will continue to sacrifice it’s own citizens on the alter of contributions and progress to fulfill it own ambition for a society.

    The blood offering to the beast .
    Some must die for the blessing and bennifit of multicultural socialist society…

  • Dave Quilty

    Its supremacists, its domination over the non-believers, all must submit to the demands of the Islamic Center… why is it amplified?
    Was it amplified in the time of big Mo?
    What about modern alternatives like IMs, emails, robo-calls? Its Sharia in action , boycott Sharia.


    For the foreseeable future, I will NOT trust any Muslim.

    Sorry. Too many terrorist atrocities and too few (next to none) condemnations.

    • Aposoum

      I think anyone with a brain feels this way, when it coms to muslims. They don’t give anyone a reason to trust them.

    • Fred

      Why the heck did you apologize.

      These savages brought it on themselves

  • Alucard_the_last

    I would blare AC/DC’s Highway to Hell louder than theirs 5 times a day. Maybe the Satanic Temple can open up a church right across the street. They love publicity.

    • Voytek Gagalka

      Another example would be blasting “Ride of Walkirias” by Wagner on full volume. It is loud by itself high enough and by the way more enjoyable to listen to than that accursed “call to prayer.” So each time, when they start, start Ride and at no time they will stop.

      • notislam

        Drown out the offensive -disgusting filthy moslem call. Then short out their hook-up — they are soooo offensive and need to pay for their disgusting behavior.

        • thwpc

          The thing to do is to shoot out the damn speakers. to hell with PC.

    • Rob Porter

      A few neighbours needs to – in a secretive manner – use their rifle to knock out the loudspeakers – and then keep doing this every time these bastards replace or repair the speakers. This is totally deliberate to impose on infidels. Who the heck wants such deliberately offensive vermin in their country? Oh, I forgot, Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama do. The latter thinks it about the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard, while I consider a 500 lb bomb blowing up the mosque with Trudeau and Obama inside is the most beautiful sound I ever heard.

      • ted

        Make the bomb at least a ton, and add some more guests – Killary, Boiney, Deeassyhole, Bratton. Feel free to add more panderers.

        • El Cid

          This is exactly the type of plan the Jihadists would have. And, the same targets. Do you think they would not target Justin and Barak?
          Not appropriate.

      • reyol

        And that’s when you’ll see the government do something: When a few neighbors take matters into their own hands.

        • Rob Porter

          Yes, we can bet. It’s as of a mental illness has descended upon government. Only concerted, unified action will bring about a change in mindset and from what I see only the Muslims seem capable of organizing, one exception Pamela Geller organizing and stopping the 9/11 mosque. It starts at the top with a rotten, garbage president who is in the enemy camp – but the establishment Republicans – corrupt to the core, wealthy, comfortable, unprincipled and rotten – don’t care.

    • ted

      Walk the dogs and let some pigs loose when you hear it.

  • Sifter

    Twenty Cerwin-Vegas arrayed playing Foghat, Def Leopard and classic Aerosmith might change their mind.

    • I was thinking pig calling, “SUEY! SUUUUUEY!!” And then Lots of snorting, etc.!

      • Dave from San Antonio

        Maybe all the neighbors could get pot-bellied pigs as pets. I’ve read where they make good pets.

  • Rocinante44

    these nyc democrats deserve this. elections have consequences

  • spacearcadian

    it´s their right, Islam belongs to America

    • ToxicThistle

      NO, IT DOES NOT. The day will come when people have had enough of the Moslem filth and the push back will be swift and bloody.

    • joker

      Fine you reckon the muzzrats have the right to do that in a non muzzrat country then the non muzzrats have the right to make counter noise during the call of the muzzrat prayer.


    What”s next? Islamic slavery of Africans like in Mauritania, new North-Sudan or Saudi Arabia? Ban Muhammadism & Church-bells.
    Put church-bells on headphones.


      Edutainment: New mixtape:
      GlobalfirmRap1.8GB-list free batch-download:
      Play in shuffle-mode.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      As far as muslim slavery goes, you left out the Islamic State.

  • Ban the Qur’an

    Please, New Yorkers, fight this with all you have…

    This is excessive and disturbing noise pollution of not just New York, it’s an abomination within our North American and Western culture and must be stopped. Allowed to carry on, it will increasingly grow along with all the evils of the violent Islamic ideology.

    Enough is enough.

  • Solipsis

    The mosque needs to be demolished, the Imam charged with treason and executed and all the people that go there need to be deported.

  • joe

    I think 5 gallons of gasoline can fix almost anything.

    • Solipsis

      I don’t understand why those New Yorkers don’t have a match. Doesn’t anyone smoke?

      • fuzzi

        Smoking in NYC is probably a felony by now.

  • Solipsis

    I don’t understand the pacifist New Yorkers They could have 100,000 people or more there in thirty minutes if they wanted to and demolish that mosque stone by stone. brick by brick.
    If they wanted to.
    The police could even help them,they certainly couldn’t stop them.
    Why don’t they want to? Haven’t they got the picture yet?
    I’m afraid we must lose a couple of cities to nukes before the people take action.

  • Steve Edward

    Try this suffering people:

    Where ever i went with similar disregard to neighbors, we set up opposite the noise makers some loud speakers that were hooked up to ear piercing high pitched Music. When the noise makers started, we cranked up our speakers with such high pitch the disregarding neighbors immediately turned off their noise makers. So, we in turn turned off our loud speakers.

    After a few more half-hearted attempts by the noise makers to make noise, we put our speakers on maximum high pitch. Finally, the noise makers ended their disregard to the neighborhood. After a few years, I moved from the neighborhood.

    As far as I know through the grape-vine, that neighborhood is still enjoying their happy peaceful neighborhood.

    Try it suffering people. If the Government steps to try and stop you. Your answer is simple. You have a right to enjoy your music, as much as the noise makers have a right to enjoy their noise.

    The Government will back down. It works like magic.

    • bargogx1

      That is exactly how you deal with a problem like this.

    • Peter Antonocci

      of course. so very obvious. why are these people whining instead of fighting back? what happened to real New Yorkers anyway? the ones that smiled at confrontation and would fight back with doubled tenacity? where is “The Don” when you need him?

      • ted

        Gone, there are other places to live. Lower housing costs, less taxes, less stupid city rules, better weather, better roads.

  • maryol

    If I declare myself a mooselem, can I make noise unabatedly, abuse and kill others in the name of my fake religion and make boms in my house without repercussion?
    Most of them can’t read or tell time, so they have to be reminded to hustle on in for some butts-up action, or risk having their heads cut off for apostasy.

  • Master Bruce

    this is how the devil assembles his minions…its the most forboding sound I can think of

  • Bev Moore Lukasevics

    Its too bad they weren’t more informed BEFORE the mosque was built and had spent as much time and effort into PREVENTING it from being built. :( They will get no help or satisfaction EVER from local, state or even federal offices now. :( I know EXACTLY how loud and annoying it is. We lived in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia for 9 years. After a while, it sort of blends in with all the other noise. But if this is in a suburb area, it is probably much more noticeable than in a city of approx. 1.6 million. :(

  • honestynow

    BS “necessity”! They all have a watch, a smart phone and know when if they want.
    It is a takeover of the west.

  • honestynow

    Towns and cities across the US need to go ahead and install ordinances banning further noise pollution like this- go ahead and make all church bells historic and under protection.

  • Peter Antonocci

    small air compressor connected to truck or (better yet) train air horn, set to go off at the same time for the same duration.

    • JC Bond

      agree – noize for a noize

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There is an “ap” for invoking demon worshipers to there five time a day call, they do not need to bother decent people with their demon worshiping chants. The municipality is inhabited by cowardly dhimmis with no common sense of one law, including noise bylaws for all.

  • JC Bond

    we don’t need another Wailing Wall here in America!
    we need 1.6 billion cages or one that fits 1.6 billion to deal with this global demon problem

  • soliel67

    Better than a class action. Each neighbor can take the government and mosque to small claims for the maximum amount for each person.

  • Bernadet Rodakowski

    I saw no Muslimas entering the mosque through the (presumable) front doors, or assembled for prayer. Not even behind a screen or curtain. Investigate this Mosque.

  • 3M TA3

    What about the islamic minaret atop the so-called Freedom Tower at Ground Zero? How about the inverted kaaba stone on site?
    Little attention is paid to this overt creeping sharia.

    • Andrew

      That brings to mind what Islam did after they slaughtered all the people in the Church, the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey. Turkey was originally a Christian country until Islam came in and slaughtered the men women and children. Then they turned the Church, the Hagia Sophia into a mosque, and put a minaret on the top, after the conquest of Constatinople. Much like they have done after they flew a plane into the twin towers, killing some 3000+ innocent people in cold blood. Put a building, call it a “Freedom Tower” with a minaret at the top of it. I can’t believe the people of America allowed them to put that there.

    • Andrew

      It was a respected Egyptian journalist, Ata Abd Al-Aal who not long ago said, “The U.S will be transformed into an Islamic republic; the most important place for the future of Islam, after Mecca and Medina, is the U.S. The plan is to make the United States another holy land, probably on the hallowed earth of Ground Zero.”

  • Melanie Schielder

    WOW they are that brain washed, they need to be told what time to pray, LMAO

  • pennant8

    One neighbor said “They have to have some consideration for us.” That’s the whole point, they don’t have any consideration for you. And they are letting you know in an in your face, or should I say in your ear manner.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Where will property values be going in this neighborhood? Will ANYONE not a mucking fuslim be willing to buy your property once they hear the damnable screech of the azan? Will anyone not a mucking fuslim be willing to rent your apartment or home?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I dread the day I hear this screech in my neighborhood.

  • karl59

    I would love these Moslems to build a mosque right next door to where Mayor deBlasio lives!

  • Judi

    It is obvious what the muzzrats are up to. They want to make it so intolerable for non muslims that they will inevitably sell up and move out of the neighbourhood. They will have to sell their properties at rock bottom prices and hey presto, another Dearbornistan is created!

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Here you go…..have some ULLAH shoved down your throat….five times a day!!
    and you thought Mormons knocking on your door twice a year was annoying!!

  • The Last English Prince

    There is no need for a call to prayer. We have time pieces and phones now.

  • wowlikewow

    ya know, they have a thing called a “WATCH”!!!!!! you 7th century throwbacks!!!!!

  • wowlikewow

    there will be a holy war, actually, its already under way.

  • bargogx1
    • Dave the Infidel

      BEAUTIFUL!!! It just needs a recording of Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner to make it perfect! Of course it would have to be at full volume. I bet the acoustics would vibrate that mosque into dust!

  • Spock is Here

    ABUSE ! plain and simple !

  • Frank Buono

    A couple of locomotive train air horns put in cars near the mosque can be blown at the same time the call to prayers are blaring. The horns would definitely mess up the call to prayers. You can buy a 130 db horn for about $ 600.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaa

    new yorkers became f@## wining sniveling transgender tree huggers, if the sound is too loud get your ass up in the morning go to the mosque and tell them to shut it. do not forget your iphone6 to film the confrontation.

  • lilyred

    But church bells on Sunday morning are intolerable.

  • Johnno

    Would you want this filthy animal praying for you?……

  • hank

    Brooklyn is done. I moved out of that Islamic “Melting Pot” 5 years ago and haven’t looked back.

  • Muslems do not like church bells. There shouldn’t be a problem, if non-muslems of east New York, amplify the sounds of very loud church bells and play them when the muslems are praying. Just a thought..

  • ruthy k

    Use an app. This is 5x a day, every day! Not OK!

  • KimWilde

    Open a bar-b-que pit on the block and play pig sounds 5 times a day. See how long it takes for the cops to shut you down while noise from hell continues.

  • Dave from San Antonio

    The neighbors…need to start blasting some good Gospel music, glorifying Jesus, around the same time as the savage’s call to prayer…or maybe in between the “regularly scheduled program”…along with a few good sermons.

  • Andinz

    When they built the mosque was amplified noise part of the building consent? For a start the amplifier should be thrown away. Let the imam do the calling as it has always been – and perfect Islam does not need changes .. really?
    And for the next battle, bring on the carillon which is often a reminder to Christians. They too can be amplified especially if the Islamic call can be. Ring out the bells at opportune times as Christians too enjoy praying together.
    I wonder how many mosques have been built without people paying attention to the noise that comes with them.

  • conan_drum

    This call to prayer is a complete anachronism. It was not doubt necessary in Arabia in the middle ages as there were no watches or clocks. Nowadays everybody has time keepers and alarms on the clocks and smart phones. They can fix it so a bomb goes off with a smart phone so they can use a smart phone to tell time when is prayer time!

  • joe1429

    Why cant these morons follow the prayer service sched like every other religion?? Are they this stupid, that they need someone to blast their ears with a schedule??

  • Janet

    That would drive me right up a wall! How rude of them! They should not be able to do that period! How about the people get a loud band to play right near them! Maybe some heavy metal! I heard that an Islamic center opened up about 6 months ago around the corner and down the street from me! Now mind you I live in a little town on the Canadian border! We have no Muslims that I know of here! It always looks closed to me. If they start to have that obnoxious call to prayer 5 times a day I’ll flip out!!!

  • Reagan40

    This is so annoying. Muslims, why don’t you all just die? Islam is the greatest evil in the world. Islam is a nest of snakes that seeks to undermine national sovereignty.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Why doesn’t a local church counter with “What A Friend We Have In Jesus” at every given opportunity?

  • Benton Marder

    The big problem is the bulhorns and loudspeakers. Tell the muezzins that they have to go up to the top of the minaret and do the call to prayer with the unamplified voice. No bullhorns, no loudspeakers. That way, the call to prayer is not too bothersome.

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    I hate to hear it here in Israel, in Jaffa you hear it on friggin’ loudspeakers. And we just accept it of course, wouldn’t want to offend them might have an Intifada on our hands. Oh wait… It’s the sounds at the entry to the gates of Hell I reckon.

  • Richard Parisse

    Get a competition going. Pay someone to blare hip hop music at exactly the same times. I bet the government will act within a week

  • notme123

    what do these people do,how can they go to a mosque 5 times day.

  • Linda Almonte

    Play the song they most hate the Marine Corp Hymn. Remember the Marine Corp was created specifically to fight Muslim Jihadist in Europe and North Africa during that attempt to invade Europe and Africa and they were the pirates that hijacked all of the merchant ships from Europe to the US. The second line of the song “the shores of Tripoli” refers to the beach in Tripoli they used like to behead people and put on posts. The term “leatherneck” for Marines was from the leather belts worn around Marines necks when fighting them. Whenever my father wears a Marine shirt or hat they glare at him with hate. So of course he bought more as are a lot of veterans.

    • Janet

      Great idea! That will really piss them off!!!

  • SK

    Muzzrats have no consideration for anyone other than themselves. Most of the ones I have had the displeasure to run into are arrogant.

  • Larry Conner

    Have the Christian Church’s start ringing their bells at the very same time!

  • marble

    How is the ringing of church bells received? And the blowing of the shofar? Perhaps the number of Christians and Jews is lower than two thousand.

  • Marc Goldstone

    In this age of social media which the Muslim terrorists are so adept at using, they should tweet their army of Islam followers instead of disturbing the neighborhood. Each is entitled to a free Obama phone. NYC grow a pair and solve this problem!
    If the government fails to act, everyone should honk their car horns to drown out the call to prayer whenever they hear it.

  • ted

    In the old days, this mosque would burn.

  • ted

    So why arent the cops in duh seven five doing anything? Give them summonses for making noise instead of making the quota on motorists.

  • Metatrona

    Muslims have no idea on how to behave like human beings. They DO know how to behave like rabid pit-bulls!

  • Useyourhead

    Is there a petition going on this?

  • Mindy Robinson

    The call to pray to hell.

  • They are the exception to everything, so they can C O N Q U E R.

  • iprazhm

    Islam has taken America without firing a shot. We’ve rolled over and
    gave these goat rapers our country. Easy Peasie Lemon Squeezie.

  • Lee Berry

    with loudspeakers in place (preferably ones that have a decent sound) Blast Kate Smith’s “God Bless America” to override the obnoxious call to assemble.

  • CC

    With modern technology, the Islamic call to prayer can be transmitted quietly via cell phone transmission, texting, etc. There is absolutely no need for intrusive 7th-century “calling” methods any more.

  • mmazzi

    Prayers in school? NOT! Whose prayers? Think really hard. They would be “offended?” Wake up, fools who are pushing for this. It’s Freedom of Speech! Not praying in schools bothers them. God doesn’t run our country. Keep it like it is. No prayers in school. OMG! Don”t any of you religious freaks see the end game??

  • Jack

    Robert and Pamela as the two of you and I know this only the first building block. If Saudi Arabia succeeds in granting their gift of X number of Mosques in the US and each one has Minarets or even directly from a large window of the Mosque; this whole country will hum 5X a day for the Umma and increase attendance and Wahhabism extremism of Islam to grow the faith and intolerance in this country. However what do I know my PhD nephew from a California school calls me a neocon. No I think I think I kept values of my parents and enough common sense +world experience to stay alive literally, culturally and religiously.

  • Eli

    If a muslim needs a loudspeaker to remind them how to pray, they suck at being a muslim. The religion existed hundreds, thousands of years before the loudspeaker. If you need a reminder, set a phone alarm, it’s not hard. Unless you want my alarm to wake up for work broadcasting over a loudspeaker, the mosques can shut the hell up. It’s completely inconsiderate of non-muslims. If muslims want to be accepted into the rest of the world, they need to respect the rest of the world – and I say this as someone who has long fought for the rights of muslims within western society.

  • volksnut

    I wonder the shi-storm it would cause if ” The Lords Prayer ” a Christian Prayer, was broadcast publicly – just once a day –

  • BRose

    I find the call to prayer where I live to be beautiful. I’m a Quaker, we worship in silence but respect and care for all people.

    • SteelBriar

      You are as dumb as a box of rocks. Moslems respect NO ONE. They are here to take over. Their “call to prayer” is nothing more than caterwauling. If they got their hands on you, do you think they would not rape or murder you??? They would. They hate all non-Moslems and want them dead. You better start doing your homework on Moslems/Islam. It is a hate group.

  • Malcolm

    Y’all christians keep hating on us, cos islam ain’t your religion, you ain’t got what we got as muslims and y’all just some tribalistic idiots. I’m a Muslim, and that’s exactly how it will remain till I die. I promise y’all the same level of hate you got for us just as the same level of love you share with us. I’m sure you get comfort from the drums and church chants and hate the Muslim Adhan, why are you all like that.

  • Malcolm

    Christians are So unfair and tribalistic.

  • brian roeh

    Record America the Beautiful by Annie Karto off you tube , and play it loudly each time that wail goes.
    Encourage others to do the same , sync it and drive the S.O.B’s crazy.

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