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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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Muslim terror cell opened fire on hikers and campers in Calif. park shouting “Allahu Akbar!”


Earlier this morning or very late last night (in my world) I received a strange and disturbing report that a group of Muslim men opened fire on hikers and campers in a large state park in California. Unable to confirm the source, I waited to post. More info is coming in …..

Of course there has been no reporting from the enemedia on this.

A heavily armed group of men with Middle Eastern appearance was arrested two hours ago outside Los Angeles after opening fire upon hikers and campers in a large State Park in the area.

terror cell

Super Station 95: Photos taken by one of the victims of the attack have been supplied to SuperStation95 as have screen shots of MMS messages sent/received during the incident. They appear below.

No word yet from authorities about the identities or affiliation of the men arrested. The Adelanto, CA Police Department effectuated the arrests.

According to the victim/witness, there were two groups of men, about 15 per group, armed with heavy weapons, who began shouting “Allah u Akbar” and started firing. The firing allegedly lasted upwards of TWO HOURS before police were able to find callers in the vast California parkland.

When police were responding, one group of 15 or so men took-off into the hills, while the other group was captured by police.

According to one of the victim/witnesses, his cellphone GPS map indicates below where the incident took place:

terror cell

Subject: BREAKING: Victor Valley News – 15 Possible Muslim Men With Guns detained east of Hisperia, CA

At a camping area near Deep Creek Hot Springs, north of Lake Arrowhead and east of Hisperia.

Photo and police scanner audio at link below.
APPLE VALLEY-( At 9:20 a.m. on Sunday morning multiple agencies including the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies from the Victor Valley Station responded the report of suspicious circumstances at Deep Creek hot springs area.

Per scanner traffic, the reporting party told dispatchers that there were fifteen or more possibly armed men of middle eastern descent that camped out at the location chanting loudly through the night in what was believed to be their native language. Some of the men, believed to be in their 20’s went to a secluded area to shoot at around 3:00 a.m. Witnesses said that the shots fired sounded louder than that of handguns.
The Sheriff’s helicopter was the first on scene and they reported that when the men saw them they grabbed their things and began hiking toward the Bowen Ranch parking lot. The helicopter followed as deputies were en route to the location. The deputies arrived at the Bowen Ranch parking lot and waited for the men to approach.
The men continued to hike for around 20 minutes with backpacks and other bulky items. During the hike, the men reportedly huddled up in possible discussion and at one point split up into two groups.
When deputies approached the men all complied and were patted down. After all were patted down and cuffed, deputies requested an area search since they believed they could have ditched weapons while hiking the trails. Deputies searched for over an hour and did not locate any weapons left behind.

It is unclear if any weapons were located in the possession of the suspects. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Spokeswoman, Olivia Bozek said, “The deputies detained the subjects and from what I was told they are going to be transported to the High Desert Detention Center. I do not know what charges they are going to be booked for.”
This story is continuing to develop and more information will be updated as it becomes available.

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  • Cate

    CBS Los Angeles is now running the story. All of the men were detained and then released. I hope someone in law enforcement had the presence of mind to put every one of them on a watch list. And they need to be watched by their neighbors, too, because these guys are up to no good.

    • Raquel Baranow
    • rw93003

      They were just camping and target shooting—have you ever done that?

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        …not at 3 a.m….and not in a Federal or Provincial Park.

        • Jim Stoughton

          Who said they were shooting at 3am?? Oh, that’s right, it was Pamela. Well, It was actally 8am and people shoot in parks all the time. that’s why they were all released. Because no crime was committed

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “People shoot in parks all the time”, maybe in whatever sh!ttystan you crawled out of they do, but not in civilised countries.

          • Jim Stoughton

            That would be Canada you clown. And you are saying that people in America don’t go out to parks for shooting?? You don’t watch your own news much do you?? Oh that’s right, you get your news from this page.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            What exactly do you mean by parks? Do you mean like a city park in the middle of say Ontario? Or Central Park in NYC?

          • Jim Stoughton

            If you read the article you would know we aren’t talking about a city park. It was Federal land, which is why the FBI were called in and determined that no crime was committed.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            OK. Sorry.

      • Jack Macleod

        Who would hide their guns and disperse in separate groups?

        • Christy Sahlstrom

          Other news sources have a little different story. There wasn’t 2 groups, men all complied with law enforcement, they were all released and the FBI is involved.

          • Christy Sahlstrom

            Oh and there were NO victims

      • wilypagan

        Not while shouting Allahu Akbar.

      • David Wvu

        rw93003, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR BUTT !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pray Hard

        Have you already forgotten San Bernardino?

        • Crusader1096

          Unfortunately most Americans already have.

        • disqus_KH0F5xMG8U

          …and Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, Merced, Oklahoma, New York, Garland, TX, etc, etc, etc……(we are in their crosshairs!) Don’t turn your back to a Muslim! Best to all, Zingara

      • Jim Stoughton

        Forget it. this crowd will never apply any logic to this story

      • geirsmith

        Target practise is OK. But not if you’re Muslim. Islam’s evil and Muhammed’s a pedofile, remember.

    • dan3333333333

      Hopefully they were branded with a “T” on their back and on there forhead

    • Crusader1096

      We should have a Jihadi watch database. People can report Muslims with questionable ties to radicalism and have them in a searchable database. I’d be interested to see if there are any living near me!

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Move back nothing to see, just some practice for work place violence!

  • pcy



    • Dr. Doomsday

      Followup story says they could find no evidence that these Tangos broke the law, so they let them go.


      • wilypagan

        Funny, I thought your guns had to be locked in their case in California when they are not at home or at your workplace, absent a permit to carry. Is this another double standard being applied to exonerate the followers of the pedophile or have the Sheriffs actually issued them permits. Either way, it is creepy and makes me not want to go camping. It is time to cleanse our country of these savages. Go Trump!

        • wilypagan

          Apparently you can have your gun at your campsite. Perhaps the authorities should have checked their ammo to see if they were using lead:

          • Dr. Doomsday

            They should have at least gotten the serial numbers to see if any of the guns were stolen…

          • CMGill

            They checked serial numbers. All were properly registered except one that lacked a s.n. due to being built from parts.

          • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

            That is a federal issue…

        • Eric

          Not true. Handguns must be locked during transport with ammunition in a different part of the vehicle. Bolt action rifles do not need to be locked while in transit, but it is always a good idea to remove the bolt and put a lock through them anyway. When you are on BLM land firearms do not need to be locked, and sidearms can be carried in a holster. There are other areas and times when you can walk around the wilderness with loaded firearms as well, think about hunters. It would be nearly impossible to hunt if you had to haul around your rifle locked in a rifle case while stalking your target…

          • wilypagan

            Thanks for the info. I will look into it. I would feel a lot safer camping with my handgun on me, especially with wierdos out there shooting into the air.

          • Eric

            I highly recommend doing your own research. Law enforcement usually gives little to no leeway when it comes to guns. I’m going camping on BLM land in April and I know I can legally have my firearm loaded at all times, just not concealed. The same laws don’t always apply in different areas, ie national parks or forestry land. Good luck and be safe.

          • Crusader1096

            Hunting is one thing, turning federal land into your own shooting range is another. I can’t see how this was legal.

        • Brigitte Roberts


        • Anass Eljondy

          Don’t let this cockroaches disturb you american brothers and sisters. this is not what is that religion at it core. the same BS that happened with other religions nothing new, sick people take it and explain it as it serves their madness. Go for parking, go to parties, celebrate the life at best you can. don’t let them win!

  • nanza

    Sure, practice run, and of course they were released. Apparently they are the “untouchables” !!

  • Omate7

    CA. NY. NJ. MN, WI,PA,VA,DC,IL,FL,KS,AZ are a NEST of Islamic Terrorists!

    • usaok59

      Hmmm, you named a LOT of states there bud. That can’t be good.

      • Dr. Doomsday

        Google the terrorist training camps around the country.. that will make your blood run cold..

    • peto

      ya in Virginia they live in a town called redhouse,

    • DracoinAZ

      At least in AZ, the Muslim terrorists will most likely be out gunned with many residents that do own and carry. If it’s a local militia group, then the law enforcement will be out gunned.

    • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn

      Add OR – Training Camp Near Portland

  • Raghu Ram

    A very simple solution, bring in more of these scumbags as “refugees”.
    The leftists, human right activists and radical islamists have formed an unholy nexus and will destroy human civilization.
    Think about it.

  • TheGangbuster12 .

    Headline says “opened Fire on hikers and campers” but story mentioned nothing of that. I’m concerned but you lose credibility with this type of journalism.

    • Armaros

      Read the tweets by the campers…. The Arabs mounted the ridge and proceeded to fire down to the valley where the campers were… Not aiming at individuals … but one’s not supposed to fire toward people …. if one knows people to be present at a location…

      • TheGangbuster12 .

        Good find. You are officially a better journalist than Breitbart.

    • Infedel48

      This sounds like some gun fun in the desert and campers get nervous and call cops, I also like shooting my guns out in wilderness areas it’s called freedom.

      • Pray Hard

        Apparently, you’ve forgotten San Bernardino also.

      • Alicia Summers

        Muslims firing guns at 3am and shouting Allau Ackbar???

    • Pray Hard

      Be concerned about moslems.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So? Caliph-ornia, the state mutaween are on maneuvers, get used to it, submit peaceful to the religion of peace or die after torture.

  • lostlegends

    Target shooting, questioned and released. No attack. All lawful guns in possession.

    • Pray Hard

      That’s fine. Remember San Bernardino?

  • Victoria Martinez

    I wonder if they were the same men I reported to park Rangers at Joshua tree national park, with sniper rifles,, hand guns and a butt load of ammo on a Sunday spying on the family campsites? Called the sheriff too. I was IGNORED! I called the FBI shortly after as the San Bernardino attack occurred. Hisperia is jus a short ride off of 247! DAMN! This little desert is turning into jihad central! I’m gonna have to call the Fumble and Blundering Investigation on this one too and connect to dots FOR them. SMDH

    • jackie cooper

      Hope you will call again. Maybe you will not be ignored this time. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact
      Deputy S. Scranton or Sergeant D. Rodriguez at 760-552-6800. Callers
      wishing to remain anonymous may call the We-Tip Hotline at
      1-800-782-7463 or go online at

      • Don

        why were the call’s ignored the first time?

        • jackie cooper

          The commenter Victoria Martinez (above) reported men with sniper rifles at Joshua Tree and said she was ignored. I was replying to her comment. There was another commenter that said he also saw men firing guns in the past few weeks at the park or campground that this incident happened He said he did not call because it was too much at 3am and the police would not take him seriously.

          • dan3333333333

            Those police / dispatch should be fired!

          • mtmla

            There are 35 islamic training grounds throughout the US , but the gov is doing nothing about them. In CA there are at least 2 TGs.

          • Crusader1096

            O-Blame-o isnt doing nothing about them, he is encouraging them.

        • guant

          Because the feds know about these guys and probably have them infiltrated with confidential informants. Just like how Tim McVeigh was well known to the intelligence community.

      • mtmla

        If you see something or hear something , call….unless it’s a greasy islamophobe… (sarcasm)…

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Be safe! Law enforcement FBI can’t be counted on…in a positive way

      • wilypagan

        That is true. They seem to have jumped ship and are protecting those who wish to kill us.

        • Support your local police.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            What about the Dearbornistan, Michigan police? Do you support them?

          • Cops are hired thugs for the elitists. Cops will gladly shoot you, burn your family alive and shoot your dog.

            Cops happily carry out unconstitutional “laws” and kill American citizens and say they were “following orders.”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Good idea, now mention to the local police that they are not mutaween, they are to treat everyone equally.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I remember reading a story about local police who had been hired and WELL PAID as off-duty security for a Saudi petrocrat. When one of the servants was beaten right in front of them they did nothing (this according to the servant who was beaten).

        • BrunoPBuhr

          Ya Obama

        • mtmla

          CAIR will sue them and they’ll lose their jobs. Now the terrorists via CAIR call the shots.

      • Po Tato

        The American government is no longer for America

        The American government under Hussein Obama is catered for the moslem savages

    • rod

      When was this? i live in 29 palms and this is not good news to hear!

      • Crusader1096

        A better question to ask is why isn’t this being reported by your local news station.

    • zcactus2

      Victoria, next time you see them armed, and the police don’t respond, wait 2 minutes call back and say never mind you shot them. I bet the police would be there in minutes.

      • atl slayer

        Love it hahaha:D

      • shamu9

        No-No No!! Call and Say “There’s a Bunch of ‘Neo Nazis’ armed with heavy Weapons, shooting up the Desert !” The Army will be there before you hang up!

    • loesje

      Looks a lot like their own country,they are feeling right at home!

    • zeph1

      Are there any news articles online about that event?

    • talkingtostrangers

      Why don’t you go become a cop, and show them how it’s done?

    • DrKennethNoisewaterMD

      Park rangers are do-nothing, see-nothing clock watchers at the bottom of the dole pit. To get a union, State-paid employee to react, their job would have to be in jeopardy which means the islamedia would have to be involved.

  • rw93003

    Looks to me like it was just a bunch of guys of mideastern descent camping and target shooting– That is very common (for everyone) in those places. They had the misfortune to cross paths with some PC alarmist types who probably support sanctuary cities.

    • Jantavious

      Does tone deaf mean anything to you?

    • rod

      I live in the area. It is common to hear people shooting. But its not common to have middle eastern men yelling Allah Akbar.

  • Judy Derrickson

    If they were white ranchers, they would have been shot.

    • berserker

      And we would have the media shrieking from the rooftops. I cannot believe this story is not getting more coverage.

      • Scott Reiboldt
      • felix72

        Can you believe your buddy Obama is allowing another 100,000 of these assholes in the country, and the ones already here have infiltrated areas of national security during the 8 year assimilation period. And you worry about Trump?

        • Timothy Ray

          Already have 700 thousand from Somalia Sudan iraq Afghanistan who knows were else since 1990s.
          Dar Al Uloom Al-Islaamiyah of America
          2012 Mallory Street,
          San Bernardino, CA 92407, USA

          Close it down.

          • joe1429

            No coincedence that that area has a lot of mosques in a short distance

          • Joe1938

            Mosque are military out post for islam. Islam is not a religion! islam Is a political system wrapped around a pedophile’s plagiarized materials from several sources and from imagination during drunken stupor. Goals of the islamofascist movement, which encompasses all mullahs, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, and many others, is to promote a political ideology that seeks to subjugate all the world’s peoples, by physical force, under the supreme governing authority of islamofascist law, in every area of life and thought. The islamofascist goal is to enforce submission in body and mind—on pain of death. When considering taqiyya and kitman, one realizes that there is only one outcome between islam and infidels and that is a fight to death.

          • joe1429

            Notice now, in an election year, obama upped the special forces in iraq, after this pos let it metastisize for years. Watch the iraqi army retake mosul… right before nov,, and obama and the dems, who ruined the middle east… take credit

          • MattBracken

            Don’t worry! They were fully vetted!

          • ted

            So what have they found on the cell phone they cracked?

          • Dr. Doomsday

            Nothing to see here…

        • Marilyn

          Exactly! TRUMP2016!

          • joe1429

            And 2020!!!!

          • aaron morand

            yes, trump for 2016…also….I could not care if it were bull
            moose, rocky or twinkle star, just REMEMBER the promises
            you make Mr. Pres….better keep them….your ass is not
            “kick you out the door” proof…..WTP have had it up to
            here with all the bs politicians spread around like purfume
            in a whore house to cover up the smell of unwashed bodies..
            it still STINKS…….

          • joe1429

            Need to reform the 1965 immig reform laws that restricted european immig, and started with the latins instead.. right onto welfare rolls.

          • Aleteia

            Better Cruz!

          • aaron morand

            yea maybe..and maybe Kasich..or maybe Mr,/Ms USA….
            as a team…just DO NOT MESS WITH THE BEST..the
            Constitution and BofRs…..and whoever it is better remember
            to keep their PROMISES….!

        • joe1429

          And the one who got a free pass from the media… Is now lecturing the media to get tough on Trump. What a pair

        • Bruce_in_San_Jose

          From 2009 through 2013 nearly 800,000 immigrants from Muslim countries have been issued “green cards” (permanent resident).

          • joe1429

            Wonder how many were the Actual christians who are being slaughtered????

          • Iamnumber6

            At least 5 or 6 Christians were allowed in the US. Of course it was on accident.

          • Danni Smith

            they had to show they were muzzies

        • Gregory Allard

          be thank full Canada is taking in 300K

          • shamu9

            Yeah, they’ll just walk across the northern border, doing the Hadji Shuffle!

          • joe1429

            hahaha… Is that instead of the Harlem shuffle?

        • Aleteia

          Trump is a showman. Don’t trust him, he changes his views pretty easily and is not prepared. He says things that are appealing but trustworthiness maters.

          • felix72

            And this of course is your opinion, & has no validity behind it. How many times did O’boo boo change his views, wasn’t prepared,and wasn’t trust worthy?

      • Simon Sherr

        because it’s not true and never happend?

      • tatoo

        It isn’t true, that is why. Check Snopes.

    • Sandy Pfaff

      If they were white separatists they would have been set on fire…ie Waco!!!!

    • Dr. Doomsday

      Guns confiscated..

      • Simon Sherr

        guns banned at the republican national convention in an open carry state by republicans… that ok with you?

    • Edward Lewis

      …and would have been the lead story on the 6:00 News by our news enemedia.

      • Amboyduke

        For days and days on end…

    • conan_drum

      That your comment got 60 votes makes me wonder about the mental health of those voters, considering you comment is absolute nonsense. There is no evidence whatever that these people actually shot at anybody. Who were the alleged victims,and how many of them were injured? were they treated in hospital. “It is unclear if any weapons were located in the possession of the suspects”
      Under your precious 2nd amendment any resident of USA has the right to own a weapon and go go in the desert and shoot all day long. No matter what his religious affiliation. This is the worst reporting I have ever seen on PG’s page

      • Sally

        We have to be informed on hearsay in these times and Geller gives full disclosure. Do you really think the police are going to allowed to tell the truth? That pic is clearly so cal and it’s clearly a bunch of muslims. When what is taught in their mosques is determined to be treason, then their guns rights will be removed and their teachings banned.

        • MPAcosta

          CNN finally covered the story, and it has glaring differences. None of the men’s faces were shown in the enemedia pics, they each have a gun in front of them, claimed all legally registered to them, except one rifle w/serial numbers scratched off. No mention of the wait, or the group that split off and hid…total fail. Now, I am beginning to become afraid of my own country.

          • Ed Cox

            From what I have read the rifle was a built from parts gun , thus no serial numbers .

          • Christy Sahlstrom

            Serial number not scratched off it didn’t have one as it was purchased in pieces.

          • Sally

            Obviously they know they are going to be caught if they’re playing this game. so they only use clean stuff. the goal is to frighten people. they must watch TV and howl with laughter

          • Susan24

            Or testing to see how long it takes for the cops to respond..

        • Christy Sahlstrom

          Hearsay? Theven writer of this article had added things to the story to make it sound better I’m not saying these guys are not up to no good because I’m sure they are but to report false info to set in panic is wrong!

          • Sally

            Nobody here is panicking except perhaps you

          • Christy Sahlstrom

            And how do you figure that Sally? I’m no where near a panic just pointing out the facts

          • Sally

            Well Im glad you’re not panicking. We are not panicking either. Geller makes us less panicky. You are the one who says she makes us more panicky. In fact, she carefully calibrates her tone to help the masses out there who do feel a little panicky so they feel protected as they (we) “come out”, while at the same time ensuring the bullies know we can and will bring them down.

          • Christy Sahlstrom

            No in fact she would be trying to add panic by adding to the story there were 2 groups when there was only 1 and adding that these men were shooting at people and that there were victims. No reason to lie about a story unless your wanting to scare people.

          • Sally


          • Christy Sahlstrom

            I’m a troll? Have you looked in the mirror? At least I don’t Condon a lier!

          • Aleteia

            Why do you jump into conclusion that Pamela Geller is a liar? The news
            she publishes are backed by facts, in this case she even mentioned that,
            “Unable to confirm the source, I waited to post. “We will hear about
            this story in the next days. I am appreciative that she keeps up with the
            news, otherwise so many events would be simply hidden from our sight.

      • Crusader1096

        “Under your precious 2nd amendment”

        In a couple years, after the 2nd has been repealed you’ll be making posts about “Under your precious 1st amendment…” until that too has been taken away from us.

        Why don’t you move to “Your precious Cuba” where you will be happy, Communist Scumbag.

      • WarEagle82

        No, I suspect shooting firearms in a state park violates state law in most places unless you have a hunting license in-season.

        And the VC knew how to cache their weapons to avoid problems with allied forces so that these jihad is wereally found without arms is no great surprise.

        But “heavy weapons” usually means something different than the way it was used in this article.

      • shamu9

        Bugger-Off! Bamabott!

      • BrunoPBuhr

        It was reported that had weapons, some of which were registered. They found one of two groups. They weren’t just shooting, they were yelling Allah Akbar! So go back to your Vichy submissive friends.

      • shamu9

        “YOUR Precious 2nd Amendment !!??You must be A Brit , A Frog, or a Hippie! I tried shooting in the West Texas desert in ’82, miles from San Angelo, Tx. A .22 short Beretta pistol. Cops were there before I shot a 6 rd. mag. ’82, And they’re much less anti-gun there.

      • Aleteia

        The hikers just made up the story because they were bored, the police just found the Middle Eastern guys there accidentally, there is no evidence of shootings because to be a witness to gunshots is not a good evidence, Muslim terrorists do not shout Allahu Akbar, and in general Muslims are very quiet, peaceful guys, etc.

    • honeybee

      Oh so true.

    • shamu9

      Yup! Like Lavoy! Look at the U.S. under Obama’s RULE! Hadjis in the Desert, Shooting up everything. He’s imported Syria to the States!!

    • tatoo

      I hope so.

    • Danni Smith

      And if they are illegals they will be released.

  • Armaros

    Drudge posted a local CBS report ….which is contradictory…. It says Sherrifs heard AllauAkbars but hikers didnt hear gun shots…. So why the calling of the cops ?

    • rob

      See something say something.

  • William

    Yep! A practice Run! The purpose would be to time the Authorities and see how long it would take, before authorities would arrive on the scene. All planned!

    • BrunoPBuhr

      That area probably is not the final destination. It’s hard to do dry runs in heavily populated areas where you plan to throw your party, not much of a surprise.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      This is not devious just tactical prepping.

  • Infedel48

    C’mon Pam shooting at hikers and campers while hollering Allahu Akbar ,then released by cops,I seriously doubt the credibility of this story.

  • freebird

    How is the law ?
    If someone shout “Allah Akbar” and I stab him in panic, is this self-defence or just an overreaction like if someone shouts “Heil Hitler” ?

    • Alicia Summers

      Did you know Hitler loved Islam and hated Christianity?

  • Ben Hur

    Hoe dare those campers disturb those fine Muslims conducting military training in the sticks. It’s also very dangerous as some of the campers could have been accidentally fired upon.

    • Jeff Wyatt

      lmao there was no campers just hikers

      • Dr. Doomsday

        At 3 AM? What if they had been innocently firing in their direction? Not much fun to get a herd of AK fire in your direction!

        • jim

          I prefer to have them all put inside a Container and put on a Cargo ship and drop off in the middle of the Ocean. That is here the Muslim or Islam belongs

          • dan3333333333

            It’s illegal to pollute the ocean without treating the Refuge, so first burn the trash!

      • Alicia Summers

        The fact these Muslims were firing off at 3am is very very dodgy…

  • Dusty Koellhoffer
  • Raymond Hietapakka

    ..just doing some late night raccoon hunting, that’s all…

  • Farah Naeem AKA AJ Islamist

    Farah is now a Loon Watch editor. She is Pakistani conspiracy
    theorist Islamist, living in Riyadh with an American passport. We need to strip
    these Islamists of their American citizenship.

    Farah Naeem who uses the ID ‘AJ’ on Disqus. She is now a Loon Watch editor.

    She is a Pakistani so called Phd (probably bought or cheated

    her phd) who has an American passport, and spreads 9/11 CIA and Jewish

    conspiracies. Terroist apologist Farah Naeem is married to Naeem Akhtar who is Saudi based.

    They have a daughter in the USA. They all need to be kicked out.

    Loon Watch’s Ilisha Recommends American Saudi Blogger Who Claims
    Netanyahu and Obama Orchestrated Terror Attacks to Blame Islam

    Naeem Akhtar is CEO of Capital Logistics.

    This is his LinkedIn profile and website

    Their American citizenship should be revoked.

    Naeem Akhtar


    Saudi ArabiaIndustryLogistics and Supply Chain

    Capital Logistics & Transport

  • Jeff Wyatt
  • Jeff Wyatt
  • Peter Carey
  • Phillip Bible

    Most people in America view California as having their own country actually not wanting to go by conventional ideas and laws. California wants hidden places for criminals who enter illegally called safe harbors or something to that affect! California wants to take in refugees with hidden terror cells so its what the people vote for and want with the election results! Anything and everything goes there!

    • rod

      Not this Californian! No one I know wants them either! GO TRUMP

      • Reality again

        Ditto this Californian.

        But the feel good libtards and followers of the philosophy of sacrifice will scold you for not inviting in savages.

        After all:

        We are all the same.

        I’m not.

  • And of course California is one of those “gun free zone” states. Let ’em try that crap in Nevada, Texas, Utah, etc, and see how long it takes ’em to get dropped by concealed carriers.

  • InDisbelief

    I read they released them all? So be prepared for more violence & shootings in CA.

  • Dick Ellis


  • wilypagan

    Sounds like the bikers need to get up there and clean out our state parklands, since the authorities are so helpless. Enough of these savages.

  • Zundfolge

    Not sure I’d trust news from “SuperStation95” … they may be on the level but looking through the rest of their site makes me think they’re either a kook site or a satire site or just a click-bait tabloid site and not a legitimate journalistic endeavor.

    The photos look to me more like someone caught a bunch of illegal Mexicans coming across the southern desert.

  • peto

    lock and load, protect your selfs, beacuse the gov wont help you, lets send those savages to hell with there false god allah

  • Attaboy

    They better be executed… this is basically and act of war. They are playing war games in our desert parks now. People are dumb if they dont vote to get Trump in, he is the only one talking about how he can stop this terrorism.

  • Adam

    Time for Waterboarding + to be implemented!

    TRUMP 2016!!!

  • debra jamieson

    where are the hikers,deport these jerks

  • gallowaygrumblefield

    Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and Loretta Lynch are uninterested because there’s no “Whitey did it” angle.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    LOL…these terrorists are not used to being arrested when they attack people…its a little different the the good Ole USA boyz!!!!!!!!!!


    Please verify

    • Pray Hard

      Verify it yourself.


        Wasn’t talking specifically to you, wanted a credible source to verify it, but love the way you seized on the opportunity to run off your mouth.

  • Paul Revered

    If you see something shoot something, leave them for bear food

  • Dr. Doomsday

    The police took 2 hours to find them. Why didn’t they ask them to turn on the GPS on the phone and at least give a readback of their location? DOH! Standard SAR procedures…

  • Pray Hard

    If it was nothing, fine. If it wasn’t nothing, we’ll hear from them again. Reporting on this sort of thing, dangerous or not, is the only way we stay informed.

  • Scott Reiboldt
    • Dr. Doomsday

      Manure.. “No terrorists found” -uh huh.. lets see when they pop up again, shooting up some mall or school yard. The fact is, they were not breaking the law, other than stupid shooting towards the people reporting it, which should have gotten some citation, but did not.

      • Scott Reiboldt

        get back to me when you stop hiding behind a fake name,

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Who is “Scott Reiboldt”? Please post your drivers license numbers and picture plus one other verifiable piece of i.d.

  • Punk Rock Patriot

    I live in Southern California just a couple hours drive from this spot. Not one news story about this incident at all. The local and national news are hiding this story from us!

  • NJK

    Dear God, what have the politicians done.

  • Pray Hard

    Just some good ole moslem boys out havin’ a little fun one moment, terror cell slaughtering Americans the next. I don’t even call the cops any longer when I hear gunfire in my city, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t hear it.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    If they were wearing turbans they might be Hindu or Sikh…groups who suffer like all of us at the hands of muslim scum.

    If they are muslim….it will all be hushed up, just some guys doin’ a little campin’ is all….

  • Rocinante44

    if the hikers and campers were california democrats, then they are getting exactly what they voted for with their muslim president. elections have consequences.

  • Pray Hard

    Addressed to the whiners for Islam: Remember San Bernardino when nobody said anything? Where have all of you fake anti-Islamists come from who comment here now and who are so very concerned about Pamela’s journalistic standards?

    Some of you actually believe that because the cops said they weren’t terrorists that they weren’t? How childish. What do cops ALWAYS say? And, because the cops said that no illegal activity had taken place that these guys aren’t terrorists in training? I don’t know whether they are or not and YOU don’t either. If you’re going to make excuses for moslems, well, I hate to tell you, but this isn’t the site for you. Leftist and jihadi sites sound more like your cup of tea.

  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’

    The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has released an official news release reference this incident. Please read it in it’s entirety.

    Deputies respond to the report of shots fired in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area of Apple Valley—

    DATE/TIME: March 27, 2016 / 8:25am

    INCIDENT: Incident

    LOCATION: Deep Creek Hot Springs, Apple Valley

    SUMMARY: On Sunday, March 27, 2016, at about 8:25 am, deputies from the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station responded to reports of shots fired in the Deep Creek Hot Springs area of Apple Valley. The reporting party told the 911 operator more than 100 shots were heard and 5 to 7 subjects wearing turbans were seen in the area shooting assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

    Due to this being a very rural location, Sheriff’s Aviation assisted to conduct an area check for the alleged shooters while patrol units from the Victor Valley Station responded. The sheriff’s helicopter arrived and located a group of males, 17 total, walking away from the creek carrying back packs and other items. Deputies from Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Victorville Police Stations also responded to assist.

    Shortly after deputies arrived to the area the subjects were detained and searched. Several handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun were found during a search of the backpacks and bedding the subjects had been carrying. The subjects were very cooperative and were interviewed. A local FBI agent responded to assist with interviews. A records check of the subjects, their weapons, and their vehicles was completed. The records check revealed none of the subjects had a criminal history or outstanding warrants, the weapons were registered with the Department of Justice except for the rifle, and the vehicles were also registered.

    Several hikers were contacted, but none of them witnessed the guns being fired. There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released.

    Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact Deputy S. Scranton or Sergeant D. Rodriguez at (760)552-6800. Callers wishing to remain anonymous are urged to call the We-Tip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463) or online at

    Station: Victor Valley Station

    Phone No. (760)552-6800

    Case No. 071601094

  • Judi

    This is unbelievable. This battle has descended into something reminiscent of the Wild West when Cowboys were fighting Indians, only far more deadly.

  • Lee Norris
    • Mary

      I choose to believe eye-witness accounts over the (likely edited to suit the pc crowd) news.

  • Steve Remarkable

    They are preparing. This is their commanders last year in office (Obama). They will unleash their plans on the cities that have most restrictive gun laws first. Then, after they attack, their Islamics in waiting will come out of the woodwork. Then they will try to advance to other gun-toting states…. but, it will take some time.

  • Chuck

    Who makes this crap up??? LOL

  • Revcon

    I actually was more attracted to the other articles at the bottom of the this web page – I see naked butts, low cut tops – more interesting, don’t you agree? Somehow this “Alluh Akbar” stuff seems contrived. Keep the pot boiling.

  • Mara Lowe

    Maybe they stumbled on to a jihadi training camp?

  • HamishBond

    islam-the devils own religion and OweBaMao Hussein Bin Lying-is a horrible one.

  • badkarma989

    So, does it bother you Pam, that you’re lying? It took about five minutes total to blow your lying out of the water.

    The thing is, you had to sit there and craft this. You saw the story and you had to re-write it to suit your ideas, with no basis of fact except that people were somewhere and weapons were fired.

    You. Are. A. Liar.

    And I’m sure you won’t have the ovaries to defend yourself against that.

    Integrity, Pam. It’s something Marines (and our Service-Brethern {for the most part}) have and you do not. You are a liar.

    Where did you come up with “terrorists” and “…Muslim men opened fire on hikers and tourists…” Where did that lie come from? Hmmm?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      So? come up with what really happened, get some real clothes, quit dressing up like a muhadajeen. Let the world know what really happened, inquiring minds want to know.

      • badkarma989

        Those are real clothes.
        That’s actually Camp Pendleton.
        And I am a muhadajeen. Retired. The Marine Corps kind.
        We’re the ones you hit your knees for every night, and thank for doing and being what you don’t have the guts to do. You can’t even sign an actual name, so show some respect. The facebook profile should be easy to find, along with all the photos.
        I recognize that’s hard for a civilian freeloader to understand.

        Click the link, or call the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, which is what I did after I read the LA Times story. The SBCSD has a Public Affairs Office and media releases. That second link is theirs. I’ll make it even easier. 1-909-387-3700.

        If you couldn’t figure that out, then you’re not very inquiring, are you? If you’re too lazy to click the links, too bad. If you’re too tired to go looking at the facebook before you talk, too bad.

        And don’t thank me for my service. It wasn’t for you.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You have done nothing for anyone other than inflate your over stuffed ego. Try finding out what happened rather than spew like a fool. The Americans did a lot of good in the past, now get off your laurels and do some good in the present.

          • badkarma989

            Still didn’t read, did you. Or schedule a phone call. I’m not doing your work for you. You’ve gotten enough leads, now exercise your reading ability.

            My ego is pretty humble, actually. If you’re an American, then show some respect. Though…Japanese-named magical girl that you are…didn’t we nuke you people a few years ago? Pretty sure my Marine folks used your “samurai” for target practice. And emasculated your tiny island nation.

            Let’s keep going on this, Magical Girl. Usually I avoid this sort of sniping. It’s counterproductive. But you can’t stand not having the last word so we can go back and forth insulting each other all year long. Let’s see how long it is before Pamela the Liar actually burns me.

            Interesting, isn’t it? She’s not going to respond to an attack on her credibility where there’s actually reputable sourcing provided, but some Japanese Manga fan will.

            Your turn. It’s late, I’ll probably have to get back to you with my next set of insults tomorrow. Thanks for the entertainment honey bee.

            P.S. I like you Manga chicks. Send us some bikini shots, hmmm?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Typical American, think with your pecker and talk through it too. You aren’t man enough to handle me, I am old enough to be your grandmother, still better looking than anything you will ever scrape off the floor. Post a picture of yourself in a burnoose, it will drive the democrat girls wild.

          • badkarma989

            Still awake.
            Still waiting on the bikini shots grandmother. I don’t have a burnoose. Maybe you could send me one. I’m enjoying this very much. Please do keep going.

            Also…it’s interesting to me. Why is it, since you can’t adequately defend the woman, that you went for the insults so quickly? Did one of my Brothers mount an ancestor’s head on a stake on Guadalcanal or Tarawa? Terribly sorry about that. Next time you bomb someone you should probably pick a nation that won’t turn yours into a nuclear test site and brothel.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Ignorance and violence against women will put you where you belong, behind bars. Fubar twisted criminals like you wave the flag and ask for mercy when your time in civilian life is up. Your orders were to kill the monsters not become one.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            There are muslums in the USMC now, he’s probably one of them.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Or he’s pretending..gang trashing and smashing sounds appropriate to me…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ohhhh yooo tofff amelican guy, Yooo brag abooot actions of ancstor, while likking ass from bootfooking you get in afghaistamn, irag, syria, turkey and bad iranian guy make you cry when sent to “time out corner” . Why you errect eunuch president, youu all no have nuts? Nex time you pick figght, pik on someone you can beat and have parade, say “mission acomprished” No lookee in south america they kick your asss too, maybe infade south pole. Pengins not put up much fight. Yoe freeze nutsoff but have nice palade, and get “participation”medal from lame duck.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Ooooow b!tch slapped the inbred!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            This flatulence filled frog is pissing me off. Dumb as a democrat and twice as ugly.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            I still have one response to him on hold in the bad boy corner..

          • Mahou Shoujo

            He might be back, or not, hot air tends to dissipate.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Well ill take him on with extreme prejudice if you want

          • Mahou Shoujo

            My replies tend to be specific to the original comment. Or at least I try to keep them that way.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Don’t reply let everyone know ill cut the animal to pieces…extreme predjudice

          • Mahou Shoujo

            One must amuse one’s self when there is nothing on tv.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Will you let me know so we can tag team him?

          • Mahou Shoujo


          • badkarma989

            Well, I’m still waiting on those photos Grandmother Magical Girl. I mean…I need something to compare against all the ugly cows I’ve infected over the years.

            Nice accent by the way. I’m really entertained here. Keep going. This is the best free entertainment a bored person can have.

            I notice Pam hasn’t defended herself against the claim. LA times article, press release from the responding Law Enforcement Agency, not that any of you dimwits read those, phone number to the SBCSD PAO, none of you dimwits called (well, you Grandma Magical Girl, I imagine that accent would probably throw them off). The media is lying but Pamela has absolute credibility.

            Guess what. She’s getting her information that she feeds to you…from the media. That media that some of you claim is covering up information, is in on some big conspiracy…that’s where Pamela gets her material from.

            Or did you idiots think she’s a one-woman CNN with stringers and reporters and photographers all around the world feeding her information.

            So while you’re all ripping the enemedia as you call it, she’s laughing her ass off at how gullible you are while she combs through Fox, CNN, Reuters, AP, and MSNBC for her next post.

            Yet you keep defending her lie. It’s gonna be a rough day for you folks when the threats to the nation don’t emerge and you’re all left sitting there going, “huh?”.

            Okay, next barb, who’s got one? We can keep this going for literally weeks.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Animal! Leave the DECENT people alone. Go back into your corner take your meds your deep violent sickness is not acceptable here. Your violence against women says what kind of man you are. You are a coward a sick coward.

          • badkarma989

            What violence Bruno? I don’t think, and please do pull specific quotes to support yourself, that anywhere in my postings did I threaten anyone.

            Gosh. You sound awfully liberal there. Do you need a safe zone from harsh words? Did your mommy coddle you and tell you that everyone’s a winner?

            I don’t think you get to determine what’s acceptable or not. Could be wrong but I don’t think that’s left up to you.

            I love that, by the way. “Animal”. Is that the best you can do?

          • Mahou Shoujo
          • badkarma989

            You are absolutely beautiful Magical Girl. Beautiful. But…I thought you were Japanese, not Central African. Oh well, I’m not prejudiced. You African girls are hot too. Would you like me to translate your name into Swahili for you?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Twisted coward trying to bully a woman again? Everyone here can see that you are a punk!

          • badkarma989

            Where’s the bullying Bruno? Really. Honestly. She’s the one that posts her photo depicting herself as a Great Ape, I didn’t do that.

            I’m just surprised she’s an African woman, cause with her name, I could have sworn it was Japanese. Also, I thought it was a nice gesture, offering to translate her name for her into Swahili. Wasn’t that nice?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            You are unfit to serve as anything other than a jihadi

          • badkarma989

            You are just falling off the rails here Bruno. Can’t support any of your accusations, can’t barely get any thing of substance anymore.

            I don’t think it’s on you to determine anyone’s “fitness” for anything, especially since you don’t know how to use some basic English words properly.

            But you keep going. Like I said, I got tons of time.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Are you pretending to be active duty?

          • badkarma989

            Noooo Bruno, hardly.
            That was a LOOONG time ago.

            Keep it up, I’m on the midnight shift now. I got a few minutes to burn, slagging you while you slag me.

            By the way, same with Iz up there, if you wanted to know that, all you had to do was a little homework. Bout two minutes worth would have done it.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Name and rank

          • badkarma989

            Do your homework Bruno, besides, I’m not in captivity here. Free man. Take you any more than about…five minutes to get that information and you’re not as smart as you purport to be.

            Now. Back to the issue at hand. I made a declaration. And then provided links to demonstrate my declaration. In a response to the Japanese-African Gorilla Grandmother Magical Girl I even gave a phone number that could be called for further information.

            So why is it all of you folk are so ready to buy Pamela’s line without her providing any supporting information, in the face of information from one of the responding agencies that refutes her claims? Hmmm? Does it fit your conspiracy theory? If so, then you better get out there, organize your militia, and make your march on Washington and open the Second American Revolution.

            Either Pamela IS lying, through her virtual teeth, or the law enforcement agencies are lying through theirs, and the LA Times, among others, is fully complicit in a conspiracy that goes from San Berdoo up to the Department of Justice and by extension, Congress and the Executive. To what end? Who can say.

            But considering the fact that governments can’t really keep much quiet, do you really believe that this many government agencies could act in concert, along with the Executive branch and the Legislative branch, to conspire to…what…do what, exactly?…and no one spills the beans? A conspiracy that literally thousands of people are in on to do what?

            I cannot wait for this answer.
            Mostly because you won’t HAVE an answer, your response post here is going to be more insults and no substance.

            1) Did Pamela lie?
            2) If so, why?
            3) Where did her information come from?
            4) If she didn’t lie, then why did the SBCSD state that no one was arrested and no laws were broken.
            5) If men shot at hikers and campers, how does it not become national news? Because every other shooting does.
            6) If this was a terrorist cell, why did they not fight back against law enforcement?

            These are all very good questions, none of which you have an answer for. Because Pamela is a liar and you’re supporting a liar.

            So neither one of you, or the Japanese-African Gorilla Grandmother Magical Girl, has a shred of integrity. I feel sorry for anyone who’s ever had to rely on you for anything at all.

            Next? See you on April Fool’s Day Bruno.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Awwww him go nah nah na na man nana

          • badkarma989

            English Bruno, your English is slipping.

            No answer, hmmm? What I expected. Thanks for making my case. Instead of being able to actually engage in any manner of intelligent discussion, you started out with accusations that weren’t truthful, and the typical name calling, and since by now you have to be aware that she’s lying, you redirect with…that?

            With people like you running around in uniforms, it’s a miracle the insurgents didn’t just kick us out of the Middle East entirely.

            Let’s see if I can get you back on track.

            She’s a liar, you’re supporting her, which makes you a liar too. Does integrity mean anything to you? Just curious, is all. The rest of the sycophantic morons here will be right there with you.

            Gonna suck when you have to call Hillary “President” for four years, huh? Bet you’ll be able to refute HER lying on these boards, you and Pamela. At least then maybe the two of you (and Japanese-African-Canadian Ape Grandma Magical Girl up there) will have a shred of honesty and intelligence.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            I communicate with lower life forms only on occasion. Your disgusting disgraceful nature runs to your core. We are long past any attempt at rational discussion.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There you go, making assumptions on race based on colour, you are a colour blind bigot. Your name translates to “Dumfuk” in chingrish.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            “Dumfuk” ran away after I asked if he was pretending to be active duty and asked for name and rank

          • Mahou Shoujo

            His name is “dumfuk” and is about as rank a possible while still being on it’s hind legs.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            I did my best to give you some time without his harassment

          • Mahou Shoujo

            He/it is about as much harassment as a misaligned feminine hygiene product.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            If you decide to respond to him again just ask for name rank and rate…he’s pretending or he is active duty …nothing else..he’s not as brave or open as he pretends. If he’s military he’s fubar..if not he’s a Muslim

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If it is on “active duty” that would explain a lot of Americas problems, having people like that around is an obstacle to progress.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Do you understand why I’m asking those questions….yes or no…don’t say more

          • Mahou Shoujo


          • badkarma989

            Well you’re the one that represents herself as a gorilla wearing clothing, not me. What do you want me to think when you do that? “She sends up a photo of a gorilla, intimates that she’s a gorilla, gorillas are found in Africa, ergo she must be an African Gorilla, perhaps a Mountain Gorilla.”

            I mean, you’re demonstrating some intelligence at a gorilla’s level, you gave the photo of a gorilla…I think I’m being perfectly logical here. Perhaps you’re a gorilla from Africa that lives in the Tokyo Zoo?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are so full of yourself that you are incapable of grasping even simple concepts. Perhaps you’re and idiot who lives under a bridge. Jumping to conclusions is what frogs do, ergo you are a frog. Did it ever occur to you that people move around? Not likely, as if you are not a frog, then very likely vegetation. Who waters and turns you toward the light? Or are you a fungus? Yes, quite possibly a fungus.

          • badkarma989

            Frog? Fungus? Are these really the best you can do Magical Japanese-African Gorilla Girl? Frogs and fungi can’t use computers yet here I am, using one. Silly Grandmother.

            By the by. It would be “…you’re AN idiot…” and there probably isn’t any electric service or internet service under a bridge. Also, I think frogs jump to lillypads, not conclusions. You should probably get a bit of rest Grandmother Magical Ape Girl. At your age, you probably wear out easily.

            I made a statement that Pamela was a liar and provided substantiation. I notice that you haven’t addressed that, you’ve spent literally all your time with me making insults…but really not getting anywhere close to the subject matter of her lying. Or does that concept not translate into Japanese-African Gorilla language?

          • Mahou Shoujo

   Here is the classic Japanese reply to something as stupid as your statements. Shall I translate it into english for you? The word “a” was used to emphasize your being stunned, subtlety is not something you would comprehend. So far, the only thing you have “proven” is that you are stupid and have to look at pictures of old women to get stimulated.

          • Ron Cole

            Nice smile.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ry rank roo velly murch.

          • badkarma989

            But…but there’s nothing wrong with liking photos of old women…or are you an ageist? What, you discriminate against other Grandmother Apes?

            That’s a really hot photo of you, by the way. Bit hairy for me, but we can get you some Nair or an Epilady, help you out with that.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Always the tough guy with women. Awww does the lil btch not have an address…or a job..

          • Mahou Shoujo

            … what will you do to put some hair on your chest? Hormone injections or transplants?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Does him make poopy noises Awwww him lil nose get allll wrinkled…isn’t that cute!!!? he’s tearing the heads off his dollies!!!

          • badkarma989

            Are you a Great Ape too Bruno?

            And could you perhaps engage in complete sentences? I know it’s difficult, considering you don’t have enough intelligence to actually answer back to the questions asked of you.

            Wonder why you refuse to address those. Probably because if you did, you’d have to own up to the fact that Pamela lies up here in this “report” and you’re perfectly okay with supporting misinformation that SHE KNEW was a lie. She lied, knowingly, and you’re supporting it, because you’re too damn stupid to actually think for yourself.

            Actually…I think a Great Ape (any of them) is likely smarter than what you’re demonstrating. Oh well, we need burger flippers too. Go wash the grease out of your hair Bruno.

          • BrunoPBuhr
          • badkarma989

            You’ve got some mad photo posting skills, I’ll give you that Bruno.

            But not the courage or integrity to actually answer the questions posed or defend YOUR support of a liar.

            They’re simple questions.

            I can’t wait to see your next photo response.

            By the way, did you do the homework and answer YOUR questions as to whether or not I was in the Corps? Like I said, just a couple of minutes. I bet you didn’t bother. It would mean you’d have to eat it on that.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Stop being a punk azz bitch and type it out coward.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Don’t forget to post your job on the “base” as well

          • badkarma989

            Oh. Magical Girl?

            We beat you. Soundly. Your people came to us and gave up. And then handed your nation over to us, let us emasculate you, you can’t even fully defend your island chain without American military strength. We even put a base on the slope of your sacred mountain.

            Not bad, huh?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            You are pathetic!

          • badkarma989

            No, just bored.
            You’re boring the hell out of me.
            But I’ve got plenty of time in life for this.
            Work on it a bit, would you?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Awww does the big bad man taunt women? You are Muslim aren’t you…got your burka on! Got that mentally ill thing down well! So is your whole family into abusing women, or is it just pathetic lil you?

          • badkarma989

            Is there something special about women that makes them safe from witty reparte? Because Grandma is female, she’s somehow immune?

            Silly you. She’s a human being and I believe in equality among races and the sexes. So she’s just as open to being taunted as you are. :)

            Next? (Bruno…you really have to do better. You’re not even trying)

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Aww you believe in equality of taunting, you are Muslim. Abusing grandmothers is acceptable only to curs like you.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It took you that long to come up with that feeble a reply. Pathetic, you Americans are nothing but an assembly plant for oriental production, as it is cheaper to hirer you than ship the complete products. Every piece of electronics, vehicle and most industrial materials are from the orient. America does not have the resources or brain power to construct even a lead pencil from domestically sourced material. Now quit living in the past, its over, you are a has been. And get some security, a bunch of bums that look more like dirty laundry, took out the middle of New York, and a few other things. you might wanna do something about that?

          • badkarma989

            Ahh there you are Grandmother. How bout those photos? I need something to fantasize about.

            You are right about the consumer goods market. A great majority of it is made in China and Taiwan though…they have a bit more value to us than you. But we keep you around, basically as a nice buffer for the Koreans. Those folks have been waiting for a chance to settle some old scores with you people, we’ll clean up after they’ve had you.

            I find it funny. We are the reason your nation is anything in the modern world but ours is nothing but an assembly plant? Yes, well we disassembled you and put you back together in our image. But we let you keep your spineless Emperor and we didn’t fully subjugate you.

            How does it feel to be from a neutered society?

            The New York comment…I assume you’re talking about 9/11, yes? Well, send some messages to the folks in Afghanistan and Iraq, ask them what we did about that. Talk to our good friends Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Your mommy spent alot of time in the emergency room…like father like son.

          • badkarma989

            Now now Bruno, this is Magical Girl’s part of the thread, don’t be a hijacker. I really have no idea how much time she spent in or out of Emergency Rooms.

            I guess that was a stab at my father, yes? I’m thinking you were trying to intimate that he was a wife-beater? And the “like father like son” line, this is to suggest that he beat women so I do also? You’d have to ask him on that. I will say that a woman is fully equal to a man. Moreover, I’d say you’d be hard pressed to find any criminal background information anywhere that connected either me or him to any manner of domestic violence that the Law could ever see. Or anyone else.

            You must be some manner of clairvoyant, to be able to discern things like that. You should check the wires there, though. They’ve done gotten crossed. :)

            What else you got?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Are you pretending to be active duty?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Are you pretending to be active duty?

          • badkarma989

            Asked and answered.

            But no, it wasn’t pretend.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Get down off the table, quit pounding your sunken chest and put on your shirt, in addition to sounding stupid with your false bravado, you look and act like a democrat. You may have wanted to do something in the various countries you got kicked out of, you accomplished diddly squat. Try again, once you have a military. Send a few “observers” to Russia, they will show you how it’s done.

          • badkarma989

            I’ve never been kicked out of any countries. Course, you don’t know that one way or another, but it’s entertaining to see your responses.

            And how would being a Democrat be an insult? Not that it should matter to a Vassal Japanese-African Gorilla Grandmother like yourself, what party we Americans are members or affiliates of, it’s beyond your gorilla understanding.

            Oh. Study your history. Your Emperor didn’t order the capitulation of your nation because of some bombs, he did that so that the Russians wouldn’t treat you Japanese folk like you treated your Chinese and Korean friends. If we Americans can find some military that aren’t busy keeping your nation sovereign and non-Chinese, we may do that someday.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You Americans cannot find your collective asses with both hands and a flashlight. Like a muslim, you are prattling about an illusionary and hallucinatory past. Get real, you are losers, until you decide to grow testicles and a spine, Study current events, you have armed isis by giving weapons to their pretend opposition, who on a large scale were suddenly over run by a pile of dirty wash with your provided military hardware. In case it escaped your clumsy knuckle dragging grasp, I am a Canadian citizen and subject to the Queen of England to the degree any Canadian is subject to a monarch. All you got is a cabbage eared red bottom monkey in the white mosque. Now, do regale us with tales of how America saved England and the world, after waiting three years to join the war.

          • badkarma989

            Ahhh…so you’re a French Japanese African Gorilla Grandmother Gorilla Girl.

            We don’t need to get into the discussion about your Queen’s little protectorate getting it’s ass handed to it twice in the past 241 years in the last two wars it waged on us, or how we bailed it out twice in the early part of the 20th century, and not by simply sending a bunch of GIs over to die…we bolstered the Commonwealth long before any GIs hit dirt on the European continent…which you well know.

            And need we really discuss how much Canada is assisting ISIS? Considering your government’s policy of extending aid in a purely neutral fashion, “Here, organization, here’s a chunk of money from the Canadian governement, now give the aid material that it buys out to anyone who comes up with their hand out.” It’s been openly stated by members of the Canadian government that yes, quite likely, Canadian aid money is supporting ISIS. That hasn’t been dodged by your government.

            If these fellows in Apple Valley were, indeed, ISIS plants…it therefore suggests that the Canadian government might have very indirectly assisted in their getting into the United States…since the Canadian government, again, has admitted that Canadian aid may be supporting ISIS in a logistical sense. It’s a matter of Canadian policy that aid is dispensed to organizations WITHOUT any secure oversight as to whom that aid will support. It’s given blindly and neutrally in the spirit of the Geneva Conventions, and if ISIS support organizations happen to arrive to receive food, water, and medical aid bought with Canadian dollars then so be it, no one’s holding interviews to make sure the bad guys don’t get a crate of sulfa drugs.

            Now…do you really want to be regaled with the details of the Lend-Lease program?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Get off your knees btch…name address job information. Put up or shut up coward.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are financed to the nuts by China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and every european beggar that would lend you money. Your desperate clinging to bygone mediocrities is pathetic, get out and do something, or will your imam in the white mosque not let ewe? Like every muslim, you refuse to take responsibility for your actions today, always diverting to the past, no wonder you like grannies. Don’t forget it was the French who bailed your sorry azs’s out of the 1776 incident, and kept the union side going during the civil war.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Wow aren’t you the tough slap the girl around lil man. Real Marines don’t do that. I imagine you settle for the pictures when there aren’t any women to harass. So much for honor and integrity, putting on a uniform if you did wasn’t enough for you to retain it. Act like you ever deserved respect if you can.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          I’m a vet as well. I take offense at you using your uniform to insult a female and a civilian. Freeloader? Millions of people support the military who didn’t serve, are you going to insult them as well? Your screaming liar liar instead of laying out any information you had doesn’t exactly elicit respect. Your screaming about her ovaries stopped any rational discussion with you. She received information from several sources of this event and published it, the story is not over.

          • badkarma989

            Really? Did she? I don’t personally give a damn about your offense. Want to demonstrate it, then come along over. I’ve got beer.

            She lied, all it took was three minutes to pull it apart.

            For one, no one was shot at.
            Two, the Sheriff’s department arrested no one.
            Three, no illegal weapons were discovered or identified.

            The whole piece is a bald lie. You’re too damned stupid to click a link or dial a telephone number and ask a question in a three minute conversation, that’s not my problem. So eat it.

            Not only did I scream liar liar, I put paid to the lie.

            Or are you as blind as the Magical Girl, can’t click the link and read?

            And yes. I am. If the American was capable, medically capable, of serving the country and chose not to, then they’ve been hiding behind our skirts, many of them screaming for us to go and die for their bloodlust…and yet strangely, many of them are all up in arms and ready to defend America from the Huns. Funny, if they were so ready, then how could they not find their recruiters offices?

            Three kinds of people. Those who stand, and those who hide, and the third, those who can’t through no fault of their own. But the second category are second class when they “scream” out their patriotism and how great ‘Murica is and they’re ready to defend her to the death…but the idea of actually doing the job in the name of the country, swearing the oath, that was too much? Yes, they’re freeloaders. Bite me with your indignation.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Take your violence against women to the VA if they will still let you in. It’s not wanted here.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Yada yada yada only the brave are required and honored to go. I could care less about those who are cowards, I sure as h$ell don’t want them on my six. They weren’t honored to go. Stop your violence against the people on this site.

          • badkarma989

            Still waiting for some manner of violence to be brought up.

            Here, I’ll help you out a bit Bruno.

            vi·o·lence [ˈvī(ə)ləns] noun: violence
            1. Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.
            ~ ex: “the violence of the blow”
            ~ synonyms: brutality, brute force, ferocity, savagery, cruelty, sadism, barbarity, brutishness, forcefulness, force, power, strength, might,

            2. Strength of emotion or an unpleasant or destructive natural force.
            ~ ex: “the violence of her own feelings”
            ~ ex: “the violence of his passion”
            ~ synonyms: intensity, severity, strength, force, vehemence, power, potency, fervency, ferocity, fury, fire

            In Law:
            ~ The unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.

            I don’t think “violence” is probably an appropriate term here. “Troll” might be much better. I am, however, still waiting for Pamela the Liar to refute me and support her lies. And where did Magical Girl go? Or are you fighting the Japanese Grandmother’s battles for her?

          • BrunoPBuhr

            You really are a pathetic little b!tch. You think bullying a grandmother makes you manly? I stand up for my friends maggot! Take your meds freak.

          • badkarma989

            I highly doubt you actually know Magical Girl (or can even state definitively that “she’s” a “she” for that matter) so how you might call “her” a friend is past me. But it takes all kinds.

            I’m not bullying her any more than she’s bullying me. Ah, you apply a double standard, yes? :) I thought so. You might take notice that I wouldn’t be engaging her if she’d kept it on topic. She didn’t, you’re very far from it, I’m having the time of my life with the two of you and our friend Iz.

            I’ll be here for quite some time to come Bruno, you are now one of my favorite people, and someone I really look forward to hearing from. Thanks much, keep it coming.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Are you pretending to be active duty?

        • Dorrie

          No, it is NOT Camp Pendleton! I grew up in S. Calif. and know it like the bank of my hand!

          • badkarma989

            Did you grow up on Camp Pendleton?
            Want the grid coordinates?
            You let me know.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Hey you coward! You belong in jail. Violence against women shows how pathetic you are. Your grid coordinate??? You are an insane animal! LEAVE MONSTER!

          • badkarma989

            “Did you grow up on Camp Pendleton?
            Want the grid coordinates?
            You let me know.”

            I don’t see anything violent there. If you do, maybe you could, perhaps, demonstrate in writing what the violence is. Use quotes I’ve written to support your thesis.

            By the way. A “coward” by definition, is someone who hides. Since I’m very defenitely not hiding (real name, good location information, etc…) I don’t think “coward” is a good term. You keep using that word . I do not think it means what you think it means.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            Threats veiled or not are violence. I’m not going to play games with punks that bully and threaten women. I don’t care where you go to thump your chest or what corner your pathetic ego plays jolly Johnson. Bully boys like you aren’t honorable they stink of cowardice. So put your burka back on go fight for the peace of Islam just go now.

          • badkarma989

            Okay, now we’re getting a bit advanced.

            Now that you know what “violence” means, do I need to define “threat” too?

            Since you can’t substantiate any “violence”, perhaps you can substantiate this claim of “veiled threat”. Go for it Bruno, I have faith in you. Remember, exact quotes or everyone in the class will know you’re just making things up as you go along.

            Gosh. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. This is a great way to unwind from a day. :) You’re much more entertaining than Magical Girl the African Gorilla from Japan.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        He’s part of the new muslum friendly Marine Corps, or he’s lying.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Just some kid playing soldier, who got on his mother’s computer.

          • BrunoPBuhr

            I will take his fire…respond to one of my posts (like it 50 times) I will destroy him…you are my friend I don’t want you to have to be his focus…let me please…you can send reinforcements triple or quadruple could be fun..I’ll do it by myself either way…with your permission

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Actually I don’t mind sharing, that specimen is stupid enough for ten people to sharpen their claws on.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      You don’t have integrity, you’re a punk that gets off in bludgeoning women. I’m guessing it’s multi generational.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I noticed you excused ur fellow mucking fuslims for slaughtering unarmed unbelievers in pi$$lam in the Kenyan mall terrorist attack. I don’t want you to die for me, I just want you to die.

      • badkarma989

        I…uh…didn’t say anything about being a Muslim…
        (for the record, a Muslim=a Hebrew=a Christian, they all support evil regimes)…nor did I mention anything about Kenya.

        If you would like me to die, well, do a bit of research, it’ll take you about…oh…I think probably no more than five minutes, and you can come and kill me yourself.

        I’m very easy to find. Not hidden at all. It should take you all of three mouse clicks and the time it takes your ISP and your computer to load the pages. Let me know when you’re coming, I’ll have some beer waiting. You can have one before you get to your killing.

        Three clicks, hell, you can CALL me and tell me that personally if you want. Three clicks. Be my guest.

        • BrunoPBuhr


        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Why not post your name and address then?

          • badkarma989

            Ah…ooops…you got me. I thought if you clicked the link there it would take you to my FB page since I link in here through facebook. That’s my bad. Still, you do a bit of homework, shouldn’t be difficult for you, just find me there, don’t even need to friend me. It’ll take about…oh, I’d say no more than 45 seconds. Send me a FB message when you get there, let me know you were around. And do me a square, click “follow”. :)

          • badkarma989

            Hmmm…seems Iz no longer exists here. Oh well, hey Iz, if you can read this, then you can find me. Come on down my friend. :) :P

      • A guy takes issue with the content here–which I did, if you noticed–and he is…what? That post in nearly incomprehensible. Were you drooling when you typed that?

  • badkarma989

    By the way, no arrests were made….

  • Alicia Summers

    Of course the mainstream media will hide the fact they are Islamic terrorists

  • Buck Garton

    I wonder where they got their guns!

  • MM no longer stuck in L.A.

    They best not try this anywhere in AZ, we are allowed to carry firearms here, The cops will need body bags.

  • tomy farkas


  • Jeff Simon

    The people of this country need to start holding the Liberal Lying Media of this country accountable; from the Editors up to the millionaires and billionaires who own these corporations.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    so they “opened fire on group of hikers and”????? judging from the picture they are bunch of idiots and wannabees, so the hikers with all their iphones6 managed to make only one low resolution picture? more to the story for sure

  • Spencer Harris
  • Joe Silverwind

    Go to the vvng story and read for yourself.I happen to live out in this area and i know for a fact this report is wrong. There were 15 all were detained and all weapons were checked all were cleared nobody witnessed and no mention of alla akbar or whatever was reported…oh…and ALL were released. Sorry about this misinformation you were given…and by the way…this is a desert community so finding people firing guns and hot doggin in rec vehics is fairly common

    • zeph1

      Did you listen to the audio clip?

  • Rev_Rock

    When will people stop listening to this Zionist liar? SMH!

  • Dzacco

    No crime committed, no arrest no matter what your race or religious belief. We have freedom of speech and so do they. It comes with the territory but nothing says the NSA can’t put them on the watch list.

  • Free range Ernie

    Seems like the tin foil hats have been cinched up a little too tight here today. The sheriffs department investigated and no violations of the law were found. I guess xenophobia never lets facts get in it’s way.

  • Ben Thomas

    Dammit. The second amendment only applies to white people. I thought everybody knew that.

  • Sirenbliss

    I dont understand why this story isnt getting coverage … something smells fishy.

    • Yep. This story is fishy all right. Pam Gellar’s version, that is

      • Dorrie

        Get a life and go to another site if you don’t like this one. Pam Geller ROCKS!!

  • Timothy Ray

    East of hesperia. Off the 15 hwy.

  • Timothy Ray

    Dar Al Uloom Al-Islaamiyah of America
    2012 Mallory Street,
    San Bernardino, CA 92407, USA

  • GFRF

    Why isn’t this on Fox or CNN!!!!?

  • lfhpueblo

    Doesn’t mean they didn’t dig holes and cover the weapons over. Did the ones searching use metal detectors? I doubt it. I agree with Judy if they’d been white USA citizen Ranchers, they’d likely have been shot. Who knows if they were really Muslim or not, but for whatever reason they were shooting and doing the Islamic chant, was not for a friendly welcome party.

  • bowie1

    Looks like attacks don’t just happen in big cities by those who have an axe to grind! Let’s see if some mention is made on tonight’s nightly news.

  • CMGill

    No shots were deliberately aimed at campers or hikers.

  • Mggie

    The war has been brought to America & will be fought on American soil.


    Was anyone injured?

  • Billy S DuBose

    Coming to a State Park near you! More of those friendly California Muslims showing their gratitude for living in America! Have not heard this on the News! I say we ship these folks and their families back to where ever they came from!

  • Gary M. Marino

    HAHAHAHA!!! Bullshit Zionist Propaganda. Were they Muslims, or Zionistas dressed up as Muslims? Anybody can dress like a Muslim, and anybody can scream “Allahu Akhbar” – It doesn’t make them Muslims… Menachem Begin dressed up as an Arab and bombed the King David Hotel, too… He wasn’t a Muslim. ISIS is about as Islamic as he was.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      For muslums and nazis it’s always the Jews. Who cares what Begin (RIP) did or didn’t do 68 years ago allahtard?

  • Christopher Terrones


  • jackpiner


  • Industrial Noise
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You’re quoting snopes as a reliable source on anything? You might as well quote Al Jizyaeera, or Iran’s Press TV, or the Huffington Hoe or Loonwatch.

      • Industrial Noise


  • jackpiner


  • jackpiner


  • mtmla
  • Jim Stoughton

    As usual Pamela Geller s full of s%$#. The weapons were there and were inspected by police.. They were all legally owned and registered. No crime was committed and they were all released. I just popped in to see if anyone who follows this woman could even be bothered to seek out the truth of the story


      Truth is, no firearms are allowed in the area those jihadis were shooting in.
      You owe Pamela an apology.

      Oh, and Snopes, (LOL), are you really so dense that you think you can find any morsel of truth at Snopes??? haaa Haa Haa. Who is full of it here?

  • joe1429

    Its nuts that tass … i mean our soviet news is censoring this!! I think the russians get more news than we do,lol

  • Drew Andrews

    My sarcastic answer! “whitehouse sources deny that the men Shouting Allah U Akbar were Muslims”

  • Solipsis

    Americans, keep your guns, you are going to need them The most likely scenario will be an upcoming multiple nuke attack on America followed by a civil war.
    It can happen anytime.
    Obama will probably order the National Guard and the Army to protect his Muslims, while Americans will try to wipe them out.It remains to be seen if the Guard and the army will stand with the Obama’s Islamic Coup d’etat or if they will stand with the American People.
    But either way , win or lose, you will need your guns and lots of them.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The problem lies in the fact that, being California, no one shot back. San Bernardino explained.

  • Len Mullen

    In Texas, the campers would have returned fire.

  • Did anyone read the entirety of the content at the ‘Super Station 95’ link? What does “open fire on campers/hikers mean?” Are we really supposed to believe that all the 17 men are that incompetent as to not hit anyone? I spent a full year boycotting this site. There was a reason.

    • hokah hey

      Not so good at boycotting are ya? you should practice boycotting some of the leftist indoctrination sites, and I’ll bet you already have a bunch of them bookmarked, right?


      • Don’t be idiotic. I can end any boycott whenever I want. My longest–so far, I think–is the Gew-gull search engine, which began 2007 and is going strong as I type. I’m going to check my bookmark list for lefty-ish websites and get back to you with that list.

        Perhaps, I’ll research my posting history–I save 99 out of 100 posts in text files–to determine exactly what it was that made me stop visiting Atlas Shrugged, which was the name of Pamela Geller’s site at the time. Thanks for the motivation. You may have been in diapers and watching Barnie back then.

        What the bleep does “@>8-0” mean?

        • hokah hey

          [ What the bleep does “@>8-0” mean? ]

          it’s @8>0. You would know what that means if you hadn’t been off on some leftist progtard sites during your unsuccessful “boycott” years.

          Here’s another one to ponder: @¦{•>
          Hope that keeps you busy enough to set aside your trolling and maybe keep you out of the nuthouse for a while.

          Have fun, boy.

          • Do you know the reason I ended with the question about the nonsense? To make you ignore the substance of my post. I said “jump” and you jumped, not unlike a trained pooch.

            Do you know the reason I didn’t type the nonsense precisely? Because it is nonsense and to make you jump and you jumped at that too.

            You would have made a great dog for Pavlov.

          • Let’s see, ‘@8>0’? It would depend on the language, but let’s grant, if the language requires the statement to end with a ‘;’, with Pascal, for example–a compiled language–that we’ll allow it missing.

            The boolean expression ‘8>0’ would result in ‘1’ (or TRUE, I can’t remember which) and, either way if ‘@’ is an address operator, again Pascal, then @1 (or @TRUE) would not be defined–would not compile in Pascal.

            As I thought, nonsense!

            Moral of the story, never attempt to convey meaning with dopey character strings. That should be the first lesson on any forum, message board or comments-section.

      • Well, you made me do it, and I did it!! My posts end abruptly on January 26, 2011!!!! and began again December 2015. That is 4 years, not 1 year. My mistake.

      • Hey! That was fun. Out of the several hundred bookmarks, I found these!!!! (*GASP!!!*) There might be more! Who could say? The last three I know were “operation research”.

  • Just more Muslims vetting themselves.

    Drug gangs taking over U.S. public lands 2010

  • James Stamulis

    They should all be used as filler material for the melted down reactors at Fukushima. Obama and the left will do all they can to bury this story or make them look like cub scouts.

  • Caprock

    How can this possibly have happened? Such weapons as being described here have been declared illegal in Californicatia.

  • Bill Brewer

    This story is not all of the way correct (partial/incomplete information). I live about two hours away from Hesperia (misspelled in the article). The news said that these guys didn’t fire on anyone. They were practice shooting. All of their guns were bought legally except the AR15 that they made from a kit, which is legal for personal use. None of them had wants, warrants or prior history. Technically, they were all within the confines of CA laws so names were taken and they were let go. I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing them all again on the news soon… It’s amazing what America is falling for.

  • LibertyToad

    Technically, they were not “heavily armed”. Still, they terrorist wanna-bes need to be locked up.

    • studi30

      They were all unarmed as the other 15 who got away had all the weapons. The 15 sacrificed themselves for the good of Allah.

  • Calvin Hughes

    Smells like a test. Bad-guys often test the waters to see response times and response actions.

  • Stephen Honig

    Could we change Allahu Akbar to Allahu Satin?

  • studi30

    The 15 captured were a diversion so the other 15 could get away with the weapons.

  • Dave Mills

    Repeating false stories like this reduces one’s credibility.

  • confed2001

    This is a bogus story the official report reads in part:

    “Shortly after deputies arrived to the area the subjects
    were detained and searched. Several handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun were found
    during a search of the backpacks and bedding the subjects had been carrying.
    The subjects were very cooperative and were interviewed. A local FBI agent
    responded to assist with interviews. A records check of the subjects, their
    weapons, and their vehicles was completed. The records check revealed none of
    the subjects had a criminal history or outstanding warrants, the weapons were
    registered with the Department of Justice except for the rifle, and the
    vehicles were also registered.

    Several hikers were contacted, but none of them witnessed
    the guns being fired. There was no evidence found that a crime had been
    committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released.”

  • Up Huff

    Idiots. The group that split off has all the weapons! Since the entire group was under, supposedly, helicopter observation, and they were seen to gather together, at that time the weapons were carried away from the one group. Find that other group, find the weapons.
    Might want to get some of those from the first group to ‘confess’ by giving them a few waterboarding sessions. Let those military personnel who were injured in Iraq, Afghanistan, or similar, conduct the interrogations.
    They’ll get the information, I’d bet.
    Last thing: just why are these people being brought in alive?

  • marble

    Hebron Massacre revisited; disarm the law abiding, arm the terrorists, stand back and enjoy the sight of the ensuing destruction.

  • Larry Major

    I was watching this here old western show in black and white and the
    woman and her man was a living out there in the prairie and she was sick
    and tired so man finds an old Indian squaw to take care of her then he
    had went to town and met him this purty woman and well he told the old
    woman he had that he had some business in town and he would leave her
    sick and go off and dancing. He comes home to find the deputy sheriff
    had found his wife had died and was burying her.

    How he ran off with that purty town lady and it set me to thinking how
    that reminded me of old Obama he said he would take care of us and keep
    us safe but he be always going off with Muslims and saying he sure loved
    that purty way they would say their praying !

    He be messing around and saying even that he liked them a lot I think he be cheating on me a lot !

  • gin

    I just read that the weapons were registered to the department of justice

  • Mike Kevins

    Too bad it is in Kommifornia, or they would have the option of defending themselves. WE are the first responders in any given situation. The authorities usually get there in time to clean up the mess.

  • Simon Sherr

    THIS DID NOT HAPPEN.. .this is false.. it’s bullshit to distract morons from the fact that Republicans just BANNED GUNS from the national convention in an open carry state…

  • Simon Sherr

    anyone mad that the republicans just banned guns at the republican national convention in an open carry state? I hate “Gun Free Zones”, I can’t believe these hypocrites in the government just made the RNC a gun free zone.

  • Simon Sherr

    The comments on this thread are hysterical… I can’t believe how all of you live your lives with this much fear. Terrorists (muslim at least) haven’t killed anyone on american soil in 15 years. Non-Muslim… Mass shooters… a lot… You are more likely to have your TV fall on you today than be shot by a muslim terrorist in the US… but please STAY IN YOUR HOMES!!!!!!!!! STAY IN YOUR BUNKERS!!!! (because the world is so much better without you in public)

  • Simon Sherr
  • Simon Sherr

    why is there a police officer in the image? if the sheriff department says nothing happended. ROFL

  • Simon Sherr

    the only terrorist in this stroy is Pamela Geller

    • Dorrie

      YOUR “stroy”[sic] has been flagged!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The only idiot in this story is Simon Sherr.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Ms Geller is a Patriot who risks her life on a daily basis to run this site. Your “Brave” characterization of her as a terrorist whilst you play with yourself at the keyboard filled with imagined greatness a twinkie postulating about filling her high heels ? is ludicrous! You are another pathetic troglodyte troll impugning the dignity and courage of a woman that you aren’t man enough to be on the same room with. You didn’t receive an invitation to join in any discussion. You are on Ms Geller’s site, treat her with respect or leave.

  • Sammie Jo

    If Californians were allowed to carry guns, there should have been a big pile of dead muslims waiting for the cops to appear.

    • Dorrie

      They ARE allowed to. But that doesn’t mean enough of them DO!

  • High Altitudes

    If it’s true, shoot them all with their own guns and bury the carcasses.

  • Joe1938

    The bad guys had guns. The good guys did not have guns.

  • OneLife

    Interesting how the story changes. Watch out folks….if it smells fishy, it’s probably a fish! I’m sure orders from above were involved in securing their quick release.

  • ted

    I see Mexifornia gun control works real well keeping guns from illegals and/or mooselambs.

  • Hey OSLIMA, we don’t have a problem with your MUSLIME do we? OH that is right , your people are the “MODERATE MUSLIME”!!! I am sorry for ever doubting such a “TRUTH TELLING LIAR LIKE YOU”!!!
    They should have left them in the mountains so the vulture’s can have a little
    “HALAL” meat!!!
    Maybe that is what happened to the other group–hopefully!!!

  • Mark Langlois

    I live in Apple Valley, CA, and I know for a fact that there are signs all over that park prohibiting firearms, California is not an “open carry” state anymore (though it used to be). If I was caught in that area ***in possession** (!) of a firearm, I’d be in the jail in Adelanto right now waiting for my family to bail me out.

    • shooters headbump

      You make a very good point; I have camped 5 miles from where this all happened. These jihadis get a free pass while those who still adhere to the Constitution of the United States, and seek to keep from happening what is currently going on in the UK, are listed by the 0bama administration as “domestic terrorists.”

      This is the fast-tracking of the islamic caliphate. Law-abiding citizens are not allowed to do what these jihadis were caught doing — even if that is just the weapons possession. But there is a lot more to it than just that.

  • cylde

    If there were no weapons found they were using firecrackers which is illegal but only a misdemeanor and the evidence is gone. They got the exact response they wanted.

  • brozojl

    Is this for real – a lot of people, including snopes, are disavowing this happened or muslims were involved…..

    • shooters headbump

      You risk lowering your I.Q. if you rely on Snopes to tell you what is true and what is not.

  • Bob English

    Surprised people are so stupid that they believe the article is true….

    • shooters headbump

      You will lower your I.Q. if you rely on Snopes to tell you what is true and what is not.

      • Bob English

        Other fact check sites also noted the story was nonsense…maybe time for a retraction rather than taking advantage of low information gullible peple who believe every crazy thing they read as long as it reinforces what they wish were true

        • Mahou Shoujo

          According to the Belgian lame stream media nothing happened, do you believe that?

        • Dagnabbit Luke

          The police report has been posted online. Do some research and you might not look so foolish, instead of bashing the commentators and host of this site.
          Yuk, yuk.

  • Malphius – Vury Scurry Bear

    What the fawk…

  • Shiite from Shinola

    Maybe they will detain them a little longer and look into their backgrounds more thoroughly after they kill all the shoppers at a busy mall in the name of their allahh.
    It sickens me how the “authorities” are ordered to overlook the main goals of islam — so as to not offend those who would kill every one of us if they had the chance.

    The serial numbers on these weapons will likely later be listed in a
    mass-murder report, thanks to “tolerance” and “multiculturalism”, not to mention the deathly feared “islamophobia.”

    No moslem should be allowed access to any type of weapon or bomb-making materials on American soil. Why are they even allowed here when they refuse to assimilate and they openly claim to hate everything un-islamic?

  • slipkid13

    I read last night they were detained but later released when none of them were found to have a criminal past.

  • David

    Islam equates mental illness!!! Will this story go main media?

    • Dorrie

      Sure doesn’t look like it! I haven’t heard a THING today about the incident!

  • Gene Hull

    DO NOT arrest those bastards. SHOOT & KILL THEM.
    They have declared war on us multiple times.
    It is the height of stupidity to “arrest” militant combatants.

  • M

    Hi Pamela, I’m in so cal and I can confirm that the local media is obfuscating and outright LYING about this story. Only you are telling the truth!!!!! I am unhappy and disappointed that not even local media are not exempt from being a lying enemy. I thought only dc beltway hacks, large media conglomerates, and liberal kooks out of nyc or la could be the Enemedia. I was wrong. They totally misreported it!!!! They made it sound like right-wingers going target shooting were terrifying the locals. Complete and utter fabrications. I speak for many Californians due to our shitty laws and ways just get the HELL OUT of CA! Between terrorists like these and the illegals and the thugs there is no respite. Of course it is the gun control that disarms citizens that is the largest cause of our ills.

    I’m glad Super Station 95 got the scoop.

  • The origional roger

    If this doesn’t appear in the news, then it is all starting to get very concerning.

  • kitty

    Since I live in Ca. I would have seen it on local news. But nooo, it’s on FOX, naturally, and a bunch of non credible, right wing websites. Your readers must be retarded.

    • Chris King

      cbs carried it out of la, but whatever you’re the expert.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Caliph-ornia, muslim paradise.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      So why are you here? Looking for kindred company?

    • Self-Loading Dhimmi Cannon

      Since you live in CA, you are severely lacking in credibility. lol. Fruits and nuts won’t get you very far around here. They should really build a large wall around that state and allow Mexico to continue to take it over, as they have almost successfully done already with the blessings of your progtarded governor and other mentally ill state politicians who don’t see that as a big negative.

      Then there’s always prefrontal lobotomy if that kind of situation starts to actually bother you.

    • BrunoPBuhr Road signs messed up again NPR and MSN are way off to your left…your taxi should be here any time now…
      There it is! All your friends are there! Bye bye

  • snydersnapshots

    I guess water boarding these goat-humpers to try and get more information about their buddies is out of the question…

  • Mike Mitchell

    The media is covering this story, and many parts of this narrative are false. Here is the real story

    • Chris King

      that’s one version

      • Mike Mitchell

        That’s the version that is verified by multiple eye witnesses and police officials. The version in the article is almost completely supposition, based on what the author thinks the 911 caller was saying. The people were searched, all the weapons except for one was legally purchased, owned and registered. The people had no police records, they had committed no crimes, including the accusation that they were shooting at other campers and hikers. So they were released. They weren’t wearing turbans, which is a Sikh thing, not something muslims do. You can choose to believe whatever you want, but you don’t get to choose your own facts.

  • Bebe Janeane Simon

    I was happy they were arrested, I was just 15ft away from where they were camping and shooting off their guns, while I tried to sleep. They were chanting and speaking in Islamic but nothing threatening towards anyone. More afraid of a stray bullet honestly. But anyway I had to take a selfie, pretty epic for my first time at the deep creek hot springs!

    • Chris King

      so fake

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Prove it.

    • Simon Said

      There are laws against shooting at night out there, if shooting is even allowed at all that close to the hot springs.
      It used to be a pretty nice place back in the 1970s.

      P.S. I married a girl with the same last name not very far from there. :-)
      And, you have a nice smile!

    • 15 feet away? Does anyone know the reason that people wear ear coverings/plugs while near a single gun being shot? Does anyone know the deafening sound of more than a dozen guns, or 17 guns? Nobody would stay that close willingly and nobody could dream of sleeping. Pun intended.

  • ahermit

    Snopes is your friend…

    the official incident report stated, no one in the area questioned by
    police said they had witnessed guns being fired nor reported having been
    fired upon. Police found and interviewed the group of men in question
    and discovered that their possession of firearms was in compliance with
    the law and that none of them had any outstanding warrants or criminal
    histories. While the caller who reported the men to police claimed five
    to seven of the men wore turbans and fired assault rifles, police didn’t
    mention turbans or other headwear, and they noted that the men were in
    possession of “handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun” (but no “assault
    rifles”). No credible news reports made any mention of the “Allahu
    Akbar” claim, and no witnesses stated they had been “shot at” by the men
    while hiking or camping. Also, the police report described the men only
    as “males,” not “Middle Eastern males” or “Muslim males.”

  • Rick Brandt
  • Gabriel A. King

    Obama is a treasonous piece of terrorist crap. All of these pricks need to be immediately executed.

  • freedda

    I guess most all the people who posted here are too stupid or lazy or hateful to look into what really happened: this group of men was questioned by the police and the FBI. They were cooperative, none had criminal records and the few guns they were carrying (in a rural area) were registered. The story was covered by local media, not covered up. The police interviewed nearby hikers, none of whom were fired on, heard shots or Muslim calls to prayer.Is there religious hatred and violence in America? Yes, but I guess you can’t blame this non-incident on Muslims, though I’m sure that won’t stop many of you from doing so.

  • Robert Mull

    Did they get background checks???? Might be time to send gabby and her astronut husband there to check it out….

  • horrorqueen420

    so thirty men, heavily armed shot at these people for two hours and nobody got shot? Sounds like Police got them. The fear of Terrorists isn’t only in California. A woman was beheaded in Oklahoma because of a lone ISIS Terrorists, self proclaimed. But I see this as something that needs a realistic and successful approach. This is not the sort of thing, for lack of a better word, that will ever end. Terrorism is here to stay. And you can build a wall to the moon, but it won’t stop terrorism. You can ban Muslims, but that won’t keep terrorist out. Terrorists come to the United States by legal means. The people committing acts of terrorism in the U.S. are non affiliated terrorists who have no past of being terrorists. The same as a Christian terrorist. They are self radicalized and self proclaimed. There’s no doubt we need to increase border security. As with everything it costs money to employ people and operate. But I want something that works. Not a damn wall that people can dig under, fly over or take the ocean around. And by the time a wall gets finished the population will have tripled in the U.S. We need to beef up Homeland Security with more officers. There will never be enough officers no matter how many we have. The best we can do is keep terrorists at bay by finding them, arresting them and prosecuting them before they have a chance to commit acts of terrorism.

  • Deadman Walkin

    Your Governor wants them into your state maybe you fellow American’s need to “IMPEACH YOUR GOVERNOR”.

  • Deadman Walkin

    Your Governor wants them into your state maybe you fellow American’s need to “IMPEACH YOUR JERRY BROWN”.

  • Susan
  • Susan

    This is false as reported BY the media AND the police reports AND those interviewed, etc., (no Muslims, no “Allah Akbar” heard by anyone, etc.) and the original faux news person who posted which PG is merely sharing , is someone with a criminal background and has posted false news before, like claiming the woman who plowed into the Florida people shouted “Allah Akbar” when they did not, also.

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