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[ October 16, 2017 ]

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Jihadis Launch Multiple Attacks Across Thailand on Islamic Anniversary


Jihad is raging — in Thailand. Muslim terrorists staged coordinated attacks on the 53rd anniversary of the formation of the Barisan Revolusi National (BRN) yesterday, a vicious Islamic group terrorizing the South for the past decade. Like all Islamic “separatist” groups in China, Russia, Israel, etc., they want an Islamic State.

They are one of the most violent and vicious Muslim terror groups in SE Asia with an estimated 400,000 members / supporters. Decades ago it was seen as a secular (but Muslim) independence organization. For the last 20 years, though, it became an intensely religious group (Sunni Islam — Salafist), taking over mosques and Islamic schools. They assassinate public school teachers as part of their strategy to have only Islamic schools in the region.

These devout Muslims recruit in the mosques and carry out indoctrination at Islamic schools. Their main recruiting arm is a (youth) student group, and its leaders are mainly Islamic religious teachers.

Islam, it’s not like other religions.

Our man in Thailand, Chai, writes me:

The news is still coming in, but there were at least four attacks last night in the south, including bombing a bridge, shooting at a railroad station, attacking a village security post and a shootout in the Cho Airong Hospital when about 10 Muslim terrorists fled into the hospital to evade pursuing soldiers.

jihad thailand3jihad thailand2

The terrorists had attacked an army outpost with grenade launchers in tambon Chaub, and invaded the hospital during their escape. The shootout lasted over an hour in the hospital with thousands of shots being fired by terrorists and security forces. At least 500 ejected shell casings were left on the second floor alone.

A miracle that no patients or staff were injured as reported so far. This is early news, and so must be viewed as a preliminary report. There are radio reports of other attacks, but this might also be reports of the same running gun battle in different locations.

There is no report of any terrorist being captured, injured or killed. Seven army and security services personnel were injured seriously enough to be taken to hospital. No word on the severity of their wounds.


jihad thailand

Militants unleash violence on BRN anniversary,” The Nation Mark 14, 2016:

Militants unleash violence on BRN anniversary

Southern insurgents marked the 53rd anniversary of the formation of the Barisan Revolusi National (BRN) yesterday, launching coordinated attacks at three locations in Narathiwat’s Joh I Rong district, police said.

Four insurgents on two motorcycles sprayed bullets from war weapons at police officials who were guarding the Joh I Rong train station. No one was injured. Security officials chased them as they rode alongside the train track. Just about 400 metres before the police reached them, the insurgents fired from an M79 but no one was hurt.

At the military ranger base next to the Joh I Rong Hospital, another group of 10 insurgents infiltrated from behind the mountain and fired from an M79, injuring seven soldiers. The injured soldiers – Siriwat Nuanthong, Theerasak Rattana-ubol, Narongchai Sangsing, Wuthikrai Dejbun, Runganothai Petwong, Sathit Chaibunta, Maperu Hayeladeng – were taken to the hospital.

Security officials countered the attack, forcing the insurgents to retreat and hide themselves in the Joh I Rong Hospital. The officials hid behind armoured vehicles while exchanging gunfire with the militants who remained in the hospital for more than an hour. More than 500 cartridge shells were found on the second floor of the hospital.

The third attack took place on a road in Joh I Rong district. An unknown number of insurgents planted a home-made bomb in a 20kg gas cyclinder on a bridge before setting it off.

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    Shoot to kill, before they kill the innocent. There is no value in taking terrorist prisoners, they are a liability.

    • John Smith

      Something sadly Israel still hasn’t learned so the terrorist attacks keep coming.

      • NYgal

        Israel has learned it just fine. The problem is the other countries and the UN issuing threatening condemnations, while the international press keeps on spinning terrorists’ narrative. Israel’s actions are not voluntary, but due to constant, unremitting blackmail. Maybe that will change if Cruz or Trump becomes President.

  • Daniel Diamond

    “Like all Islamic “separatist” groups in China, Russia, Israel, etc they want an Islamic State.””

    They got one in West and East Pakistan (from India) and Muslims even today are still not happy.

    • Dean

      Every foothold makes them even more confident of getting more.

      • Dave J Lawson

        Exactly . And that is the real reason OIC are pushing more muslim “rapugees” into western countries fully supported by Dems and Republicans .

        Including RINO’s like Nikki

        Only Trump stands in the way and he could be assassinated

        … attempt has already been made and the perp has been released on bail and gives interview on CNN calling out Trump as “racist”

        • Dean

          None of the politicians demonstrate a clear understanding of the problem but Trump is on the right track and I think he will get the right advice. Rubio especially seems to be more concerned about his nice and tolerant image and is probably unaware of the specific problem with inadequately vetted Muslims in the military and the number of service trained traitors that have taken action or were in the process of planning an attack in addition Ft. Hood. The military compounds the problem with their own political correctness.

      • BrendaMGuzman

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    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Kashmir is next — whether or not it will be an “independent” islamic cesspool state remains to be seen.
      I saw a picture of a sign being held by a muslum sh!tbag in Pakistain: First Kashmir then the Punjab.

  • Po Tato

    Just in case you guys needed to be reminded of what them moslem savages have done to the innocent Thai civilians, below pictures are proofs of their savagery×280.jpg

    • PeriShKis

      Sick people. There must be a reduction of land for mosshitians.No more Moslem states. Enough is enough. Less mosques less Moslems less Islam

      • PeriShKis


    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      Islam is the Devil’s psychopathic bastard
      runt and our governments are tolerating it growing into a giant.

      • Brenda

        They want it to take over and don’t care how many of us die, I’m 100% convinced they have all gotten that greedy and I think many have also converted behind the scenes, They aren’t going to just come out and say that though of course, But they don’t hide the fact that they 100% are going to protect it rather than us either, “So they may as well just come out and say it then.”

        • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

          Well something strange is going on when an ideology with rape and murder, paedophilia, wicked brutality, merciless beheadings and all manner of repulsive practises is given such protection from our elites, it seems our governments and young people are drunk on their own self-righteousness and can’t bend over or bow down far enough before what appears to me to be a plainly and obviously malevolent repugnance.. It simply makes no sense that if the catholic church abuse children it’s shameful and we won’t stand for it but if the muslims do it, it’s a cultural thing and who are we to judge? and it’s like that for many things they do.

          • Brenda

            Exactly, Strange times when they want to down Christians at every turn but seem turned on by rape and torture, Maybe there’s been a shift so great that a massive war will be needed, A matter of kill or be killed as there will not be any other choice, It does seem like the snake is in the room if you know what I mean.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            What about the collaborators of islam? What the sh!tbags who carry water for muslums in the enemedia and our own governments?

          • Don Grantham

            They are just going to keep on pushing until we have no other choice. Whenever I am faced with an inevitable fight, I would rather make the first move. I hope there are others who feel the same… it is time for war.

    • NYgal

      And still the media will spin stories about Buddhist terrorism against poor Muslims.

      • βιβλία

        Yep. “Progressives” and other leftists are utterly sick and perverse.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        100%…..I have to listen to it in Australia, ‘ violent Buddhists have attacked the poor Rohingya “people” ‘
        The truth is 3000 Rohingya muslim scum descended upon a Buddhist town of about 800, burnt the buddhist temples killed a bunch of Buddhists and started raping young Buddhist teens and pre teens, in other words typical muslim bullshit!’
        In the media nothing mentioned until the Buddhists protected their daughters and defended themselves by fighting back……THEN the media waded in with news of the poor little stateless Rohingyas picked on by the nasty Buddhists!! It’s so ridiculous and biased, they still don’t mention that the Rohingya Muslims go on killing sprees. It’s reported as ‘Why wont anyone take in the Rohingya?”
        Ha!, because no one wants thousands of temple burning, daughter raping, Buddhist slaughtering Muslims in their town. Remember It takes a lot to piss off a Buddhist, who really ARE followers of a peaceful religion.

  • Dean

    It is astonishing that everywhere there are Muslims that Islamophobia is so intense and oppressive that the poor members of this religion of peace are forced to strike back against even the women and children that are so ,mean even on their holiday.

  • John Smith

    It’s getting to the point where there will be no solution left except Total War against Muslims. All over the world the pattern is the same-as the muslim population grows like a cancer tumor in non-muslim countries, the radicals take over and wage war against the unsuspecting non-muslim population, until that peaceful nation has been turned into another Islamic shithole like Syria is today.

    Maybe Trump is the right man for the job-because he’s been the only one to speak boldly and honestly about Islam. Granted he was spiteful towards Pamela/Spencer in the past for the cartoon issue, but maybe he’s clued in as well. Cruz is a good option too but he still uses the radical/moderate fictional division. Bottom line here is that what’s happening in Thailand will eventually happen in our own countries and we need leaders who will be will to do anything and everything to destroy this evil death cult once and for all.

    • NYgal

      The only question is, is he really willing to implement the policy of barring Muslim immigration or is he just saying it to win election.

      • Jim Fox

        The real question is… will anyone else do it??

        • NYgal

          Perhaps Cruz. Perhaps.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Cruz has said nothing of the kind. Face it, Trump is the only one who has even come close to exposing islam (spit) and muslums for what they are.

      • Reagan40

        Saying it is the beginning. Why worry about doing it when he’s yet to be elected? If saying it is the ultimate mantra for winning election, why are others not saying it or you think others want to lose? There is nothing hard about implementing the policy. In fact it is easier to implement the policy than to repeal obamacare.

        • CWOrange666

          There needs to be a worldwide quaruntine of muslims in a desert where they must work 23 hours a day to survive. That should occupy them sufficiently to stop their depredations, and all mosques should be destroyed along with putting all imams in a shark infested pool where they must swim continually to stay ahead of the sharks. Prayer rugs should be placed outside as Canine relief stations along with muslim women.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    And the carnage continues. The US, UN and Eurabia are too busy with Israel I/O fighting a global war on Islam.

  • polly parrot

    I think its quite amusing that the most hate fueled violent and mentally diseased cult the world has ever known is being welcomed by the very people it is intent on slaughtering, and no matter how many warnings the west get, the brain dead morons are still holding up the welcome signs ha ha….Perhaps this is mother natures way of culling the terminally wet servile white race. You are all condemning your children to the slaughter…..YOU DO KNOW THAT DONT YOU…..Once Britain becomes an Islamic country God help your poor daughters. The cowardly white European race condemns its own children to an Islamic HELL rather than fight. IT IS BEYOND CONTEMPT….Sweden has now lost control completely with its police force admitting that it can no longer protect the women and the girl children….Britain is already seeing Islamic paedophile gangs raping pimping and drugging white British children all over the country, we are about 5 years away from where Sweden is now….And still you will call me racist. IDIOTS BLOODY IDIOTS.

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      I hate and detest having to agree with you but, I DO. We are bloody idiots.
      It’s not only cowardice, it’s even worse, it’s that smug self-righteousness and insistence on trying to view and predict arab and muslim actions through our eyes. The smug stupidity that is needed to ALLOW inferior inbred cultures with no more than elementary childish logic and barbaric tribalism to take their place in modernity as if they belong here…and what’s worse to enforce a societal RESPECT for their fuckwitism as an equally valid and highly valued cultural alternative!

      A “culture” built to govern a few tens of desert roaming illiterates and decide which wife has to eat goat arsehole on Wednesdays and which brother gets the biggest tent during ramadong is considered equivalent to cultures that have flown to the moon and sequenced the human genome. And as you point out : if you question it you must be racist.

      The thing is there was never even a NEED to fight!
      All that was required was for Britain and Europe to declare themselves proudly Nationalist and MONO-cultural and refuse applications to settle from islamic hell holes.

      Islam has never hidden the intention to rule the Earth, (the FLAT Earth because the idea that the planet is spherical is offensive to islam, because the koran says different, allah wrote the korun and can’t be wrong etc etc….childish logic ) they SAY what they’re going to do … make your country islamic and take over.

      and our embarrassing response is to show how tolerant and humanitarian and self righteous we all are by welcoming it!
      BLOODY IDIOTS is putting it mildly.

      • Don Grantham

        Bloody suicidal idiots is putting it accurately.

        • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

          Yes, and I don’t who I despise more, islam for being islam or us for being politically correct bloody suicidal idiots who facilitate islam’s aims. I’m probably leaning towards us.
          I doubt there has been an equally stubborn insistence on adhering to political correctness even at the expense of one’s own race and /or culture in mankind’s history.
          It seems insane, all of islams bloody failures are scattered about the middle East, an ideology with a schism built in that guarantees war and bloodshed……the West’s response?
          Let’s bring millions of them ( literally ) here.

          • Don Grantham

            I sh!t on cultural marxism. I don’t know what the solution to this problem is, other than to continue voicing my displeasure. I’m afraid the younger generation has become intellectually corrupted and indoctrinated into the New PC World Order. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and our replacements carry within themselves the seeds of their own destruction. Instead of passing the torch, the anti-everything crowd will use it to burn all of our social constructs to the ground. I will fight this in any way possible, but the prognosis is grim. At least I will die a man, not a cisgendered poodle.

  • barbadosstar

    Thai police and army will deal with them HARSHLY ! God bless Thai Buddhists people

  • Fred

    We need millions more like Ms. Geller. She is a true patriot. The only miscreants who are against her are the terrorist savages and their liberal enablers It’s real simple everyone. Anyone who is against Ms. Geller is either a terrorist or one of their sympathizers. See BLM, SPLC, CAIR, etc. She keeps on going despite threats on her life. Now, let’s hope Trump and Ms. Geller can put aside past differences and work together. Trump and Ms. Geller on the same page would be a savages worst nightmare and a victory for America.

    Now let’s hope Thai authorities find these savages, measure them for ankle bracelets, and drown them in the Dead Sea. This way no ocean wild life will be poisoned.

    • Ichabod Crain

      “Now, let’s hope Trump can put aside past differences and work together with Ms. Geller.” There – fixed it for you – since Ms. Geller has nothing to put aside. That is, if you don’t fault her for the Draw Muhammad Contest.

      • Fred

        I’ve never faulted Ms. Geller for anything nor do I ever see that happening.

        Everyone who hates Sharia, jihad, and terrorists must be on the same page if America is to survive.

  • Truth Seeker

    Now Muslim population exceeded 20%. More than double to fight the Kafirs. There will be more attacks in Future proportional to the rise of Muslim population. They do it the Duty to Establish World Caliphate. They have already Ensured, their Trojan horses have Infiltrated in the Administration of Every Country.

  • joe1429

    The “religion of piece” at it again

  • βιβλία

    Islam is a religion devised by Mara (Death-causing, Killing) and his daughters Taṇhā (Thirst), Arati (Discontent), Rāga (Passion). Supposedly, Mara has, in other stories, two more daughters, i.e. Fear and Pride.

  • Bacchus

    Mosems have waged a war against Thailand for over 40 years.

  • Bacchus
  • Reagan40

    I only hope muslims will wake up to the reality of Islam and yank off its crippling yoke.

    • Reagan40

      I guess muslims are set like concrete in their own ways. The rest of the world need to wake up and put down these islamic wolves, demolish their mosques and ban the religion everywhere in the world.

  • Mamat Mamat

    Europe, wait for your turn! The millions of your beloved “poor refugees” will soon launch jihad war against your stupid and blind compassion. And it would be racist to confront their religious duty..

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