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[ August 23, 2017 ]

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Isis in Libya: How Muammar Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles are falling into the jihadists’ hands


More of the poison fruit of Obama’s feckless, traitorous foreign policy. There is no doubt that Gaddafi was a scoundrel and a tyrant. But when he was in power, Libya was not the hotbed of jihad that it is now. For that, you can thank Obama and Hillary Clinton. Is it really possible that the American people will elect her President after Benghazi?


“Isis in Libya: How Muhammar Gaddafi’s anti-aircraft missiles are falling into the jihadists’ hands,” by Jonathan Broder, Independent, March 11, 2016:

Deep in the Sahara, in the sun-baked Libyan town of Sabha, a ragtag group of gunmen agreed to show Timothy Michetti their most prized weapons.

Mr Michetti, an experienced investigator for a London-based company that tracks the sources of small arms in conflict zones, travelled there on a hunch. Local fighters, he reckoned, may have some of the shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles that disappeared when rebels ousted the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

In the sweltering heat, the gunmen unveiled a small arsenal: four Russian-made SA-7 missiles and two later models of the SA-16 variety. The heat-seeking missiles are capable of shooting down a civilian airliner.

The fighters said they acquired the weapons from nomadic smugglers on their way to illicit weapons bazaars in neighbouring Chad. But after comparing the missiles’ serial numbers to those in his company’s database, Mr Michetti confirmed his hunch: these had been Gaddafi’s arms.

The missiles had no grip stocks or launchers, which rendered them unusable, but that wasn’t much of a relief. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of working Libyan shoulder-held missiles remain unaccounted for, American and UN officials say; some have probably fallen into the hands of Isis jihadists, US intelligence sources say. They add that as Isis continues to exploit Libya’s four-year civil war between two main rival factions, the group is likely to use these weapons as it fights to widen its strategic foothold in Libya to include the country’s oil fields. There’s some evidence the group has already succeeded.

No one has downed a passenger plane using stolen Libyan missiles, known in military parlance as “manpads” or man-portable air defence systems, yet the likelihood that Isis now has these weapons in Libya means the group or its affiliates could be well-equipped to strike at civilian aircraft in Africa or Europe, US officials say. “These missiles are very portable and easily smuggled,” says a senior State Department official who leads a special team given the job of securing the Libyan missiles. “All it takes is for one to get through.”

Despite the dangers these Libyan missiles pose, the Obama administration has effectively stopped trying to locate and destroy them, State Department officials say. The main reason is that it’s too dangerous to go looking for them in Libya.

It’s unclear how many missiles remain at large. According to both US and UN officials, Gaddafi accumulated an estimated 20,000 shoulder-held manpads during his four decades in power. Yet these officials stress that attrition, poor maintenance and the Nato bombing campaign during the 2011 revolution reduced that number by the time the dictator was overthrown….

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another sparkling wet turd on the dung heap of democrat foreign policy. How anyone with a functioning brain cell could support he democratic party after its franchised series of international diplomatic failures is truly proof that evolution does occasionally regress.

    • Rod Dodger

      This gives further proof that we have lost this nation. Half of this nation’s voting electorate will still vote for Bernie – whose supporters chant “F*** the police!” and/or Hillary who assisted Hussein in creating and arming ISIS.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        There are a lot of undecided voters, it is necessary to motivate them to decide to fix the problems democrats made and want to maintain.

        • Rod Dodger

          This nation has twice voted for the man named in honor of Muhammad. There is no fixing a nation that has so vehemently sided against the God of heaven.
          We don’t live long enough to elect someone to fix this – it’s not Scripted that way.
          America chose Hussein. Half of this nation endorses his adoration of Islam. Bernie adores them. Hillary adores them.
          Thirty five years ago, Iran released our hostages on the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Today, Iran is nuclear armed – thanks SOLELY to the efforts of the man who adores Islam.
          There will be no new Ronald Reagan.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It is time for a new leader to emerge, there is no value at looking at the past, it is time to make a desirable future, not one submissive to demonic worship.

          • Rod Dodger

            The Script plays out in only one manner. Muslims and those who adore Islam press the nuclear button (Rev 13:13). With America choosing Hussein, the Script can now play out.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            We shall see what may transpire, when it does.

          • Rod Dodger

            As we wait to see what may transpire, count the number of nuclear kings now gathered in ancient northern Israel (Syria). Today, in the Valley of Armageddon, are gathered:
            1) U.S.
            2) U.K.
            3) France
            4) Iran
            5) Russia
            6) China
            7) Germany
            8) Saudi Arabia
            9) Israel
            10) Turkey (armed with U.N. nukes)
            11) Syria (likely armed with Iranian nukes)
            12) Hezbollah (likely armed with Iranian nukes)
            13) ISIS (chemical weapons already used)

            There is Islamic war in Libya.
            There is Islamic war in nearly all of North Africa.
            There is a rumor of war in the Koreas.
            There is a rumor of war between the U.S. and China.
            There is a rumor of war between the U.S. And Russia.
            There is a rumor of war between Russia and Turkey.
            There is a rumor of war between Russia and Ukraine.

            While Americans are laying their bets on the next savior of these once united states of America, the nuclear beast draws in his breath around Israel. Few know or even care about the ICBM missile test that Iran is about to launch (maybe already did).
            The nuclear kings gathered in Armageddon (listed above), were gathered there by the strategic moves of Barack Hussein. He accomplished this in just seven years.
            Our enemies know what I know and then some… The time to attack the U.S. and Israel is BEFORE America can seat another Ronald Reagan.

            My best to you.

  • Rod Dodger

    Now the reader uderstands what Hillary meant when she said:
    “What difference does it make?”
    And Barack warned:
    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam [Muhammad aka Lucifer].”
    The reason they lied about Benghazi is this… The creation and armament of ISIS – the Frankenstein created by America’s choice in these two evil Islamo-Progressives.


    hillary is a monster. she may be the next hitler

  • Drew the Infidel

    Wait until the primaries and debates, a.k.a. the “silly season” is over and the serious attacks on Clinton begin. Look at two indicators, her past and the massive shift in voters from commiecrat to Republican.

  • Mike Kevins

    The State department says it is too dangerous to go looking for the missiles in Libya. Now why would that be? Maybe due to the total failure of the State department to stop ANY terrorist group from forming and expanding to gigantic proportions under their not so watchful eyes? Besides, when have they ever cared about something being too dangerous for their pansy asses? They send somebody else to be the cannon fodder. See previous article on missiles on a passenger plane bound for Portland, OR.

  • marble

    Disarm, impose gun control on the law abiding, arm the killers. In the United States and abroad. Who is running this place?

  • Hillary is a Raving Lunatic

    Hillary is a madman. A raving lunatic.

    Hillary and Obama are the anti-Christ.

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