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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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‘Imminent’ terror attack on Paris foiled; police arrest four devout Muslims in dawn raid


Fresh on the heels of the gun battle with devout jihadis in Brussels comes this. Paris is especially in the sights of the jihadis because of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad. In response, the West is surrendering the freedom of speech, instead of fighting for it.

Belgium police

“BREAKING NEWS: ‘Imminent’ terrorist attack on Paris is foiled as police arrest three men and a woman in dawn raid,” by Julian Robinson, MailOnline, March 16, 2016:

An ‘imminent’ attack on central Paris has been foiled today after French anti-terror police arrested four Islamist radicals in a dawn raid.

Three men and one women were arrested in the 18th arrondissement of the French capital and the nearby northern suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Security forces had files on the suspects for their Islamist ties, TF1 said on its website.

Police also seized an unused cartridge for an automatic rifle and computer equipment.

Prosecutors were not immediately available for comment. Police had no immediate comment.

TF1 reported that two French brothers of Turkish origin – identified as Aytac and Ercan B – were among the suspects. Another Frenchman Youssef E., 28 has been identified as a suspect.

TF1 said he was a known Islamist and had already been sentenced to five years in prison in March 2014 after being arrested with two others as they tried to leave France to fight in Syria.

He was was released from prison in October and had been under house arrest since February 29. There are reports that his companion was also arrested in the dawn raid.

It comes a day after a man suspected of having links to the Paris massacre in November was gunned down in a Brussels after a shoot-out with police….

  • Forrest Gump

    Islam is, as Islam does..

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Where there is four there are forty.


      or 40,000

      • Mahou Shoujo

        And not a functioning brain cell in the lot.

        • lato_sensu

          brain cell!!! What! they have brain?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            In the fashion and complexity of a paramecium.

        • Ron Cole

          Mam are you referring to congress?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            In this instance, muslims in general, but, the same holds true forcongress.

    • lato_sensu

      like bedbugs?? cockroaches even?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Verily, an infestation.

    • Lonnie Robinson

      Human roaches

  • JSebastian

    TF1 reported that two French brothers of Turkish origin – identified as Aytac and Ercan B – were among the suspects. Another Frenchman Youssef E., 28 has been identified as a suspect –

    Wish they would cease and desist from calling foreigners “French”. They are not French. They are Turks, or wherever they were born, that is their origin. Their present status of residency or nationalization is only a piece of paper. That does not make them French any more than a red hat makes me Santa.

    • NYgal

      For all you know, they might have been born in France. The problem with many Muslims is that regardless where they were born, they are Muslims first and last. Many of the second generation Muslims are more radical and problematic that their immigrant parents.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        muslims put islam above nation, family or anyone or thing. Where they were born is irrelevant, muslim means criminal violence.


          islam has become a death worshiping cult with “perks”

          – 72 virgins in “paradise”
          – street naming honors
          – media focus
          – money for family

          • Mahou Shoujo

            If people would not support the advertisers in lame stream media propaganda, there would be better news, as is, the lame steam media pander to the advertiser and brain dead news bite consumer.

    • I agree with you J !…but just in case: if I’m a good boy this year, will you please bring me a DJI Phantom drone with gimbal and camera?


    The question is why should the west fight for freedom of speech when all interests seem to be contrary to such an endeavor. We need a global party to educate about reality to permanently protect human rights & ecology globally. What do movements as the EDL or Pegida, Geert Wilders leave behind? Still we don’t even have a global representation party that stands with Africans against racism, educates about Muhammad’s crimes, sadist permanent commands & exposes his propaganda lies, a party with integrity & a credible global government plan for global human rights & ecology. The time to act is now.

    • The origional roger

      Africans already have enormous expenditure and representation for the prevention of racism, as do all other minority groups in the west, to the point where Muslims are aligning with anti racist groups and causing even more problems, look at what the Anti Fascist and anti racist groups are doing, they are almost as violent and destructive as the Islamists.

      • Robert

        Combating the Muhammadist lobby & tyranny should not be left to a divided sub-culture of nationalist patriots but be a credible, politically representing global public matter of global identity representing human rights & ecology. This is also about Africans, Africans enslaved by Muslims, this is about Latinos, Chinese, the Asians, Romanians, Russians, north & south Americans, Europeans, Australians, Israelis, Armenians, Japanese, this is about the whole global community & it’s balance. Throwing people void off nationalist identity, people with global identity, people globally that combat or could combat Muhammadist lobbying & tyranny with the right education under the bus to court retrograde nationalism sabotages this global human rights movement, misses the point & is suspicious & criminal & strenghtens the Muhammadist lobby using our global identity as trojan horse to take over.
        While it’s true that we have protect borders to protect human rights & it’s development from the Muhammadist lobby, tyranny & terror we have to as well protect the borders of the global world & identity & not leave it to the Muhammadist lobby & tyranny. We have to assert the law of human rights & ecology on everyone.

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    Off with Their heads ! The French have the perfect Machine for that , it’s called the GUILLOTINE !

    • Fred

      I was about to post the same thing.

      You beat me to it.

      Darn right

    • lato_sensu
      Madame Guillotine if you please –

    • SRN99

      Burning them in pig oil is more effective


    french gov’t allows in people they know are terrorists. they allow french people to be massacred by these terrorist. they then come in and pretend to have solutions for the terrorists they brought in on purpose. the tyrants in gov’t will get theirs. we should hand them over to the muslim barbarians

  • karl59

    Where Moslems are in force, no place in the world is safe.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      It is becoming increasingly necessary to deal with terrorists on their own ground, by bringing terror to them.

  • The origional roger

    There goes France.

  • NYgal

    I though Turks were the moderate and secular Muslims. I guess I was wrong. When it comes to Muslims yesterday’s moderate is today’s radical, which makes trusting and coexisting with Muslims somewhat difficult.

  • lato_sensu

    Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad. — — believe it or else — mo ham it up — speaks

  • To bad the muslem savages were not turned into good muslems.
    Maybe some other time?

  • Owen_Morgan

    Sentenced to “five years” in March, 2014, but set loose in October, 2015? Somebody’s arithmetic is seriously deficient.

    I don’t think it’s mine.

  • Nail ’em early & nail ’em Hard, frog-boys!

  • Wulf2000

    The French or the European way in handling dangerous terrorists.
    The misunderstood jihadist was sentenced to prison for 5 years in March of 2014 but he was released in October but it is not clear in which year, 2014 or 2015, then he was under house arrest in February and I assume it was this year. No matter, it does not add up to 5 years unless the French educational system is teaching Common Core math.

  • Zulu

    I hope the French have black sites

  • ballotcode

    Mohamedans are loons that require little or no provocation to kill.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    As muslums increasingly infiltrate and co-opt French law enforcement operations such as this will become impossible.

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