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[ September 26, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

Germany: Muslim teen girl who stabbed police officer did it because she couldn’t go wage jihad in Syria


German officials are probably still congratulating themselves for preventing young Muslims from going to jihad in Syria. But they haven’t considered the fact that they’ll just wage jihad at home.

And why is her terror mosque just under “observation”? Why hasn’t it been shut down?


“Teenage female ISIS fanatic was ‘radicalised at the age of seven and stabbed a German police officer because she was unable to make it to Syria,'” by Allan Hall, MailOnline, March 4, 2016:

A teenaged female ISIS fanatic who nearly killed a policewoman in a knife attack in Germany last week was radicalised at the age of seven, it has been revealed.

The grammar school girl identified only as Safia S told detectives she wanted to strike in Germany because she could not make it to Syria.

An attempt to enter the country last month failed when her mother flew out to Turkey and brought her back from the border.

Police say hate preachers in a mosque where she regularly attended Friday prayers as a toddler ‘manipulated’ her mind and set her on the path of perverted Islam and violence.

Her mother Hasna L, 57, came from Morocco and her father is German. Both she and brother Saleh, 18, were brought up by Hasna after their father walked out on the family in childhood.

The mosque she attended has for long been under the observation of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency.

‘Sie is a loving girl and no terrorist,’ said her mother after her arrest following the near-fatal stabbing at Hanover railway station last Friday evening. The knife she used to stab the policewoman only narrowly missed a vital artery in her neck.

A well known German Salafist preacher called Pierre Vogel got to know her when she was seven and appeared on a propaganda video with him in which he said: ‘The children are proud of the headscarf, want to live as chaste women and dress themselves accordingly.

‘This is a new Muslim generation here and I am proud of her. Learn the Koran by heart, for on judgment day you will go one level higher for every verse.’

A police spokesman said: ‘We are looking at radical Islam as the cause behind the attack on our colleague last week.’ Her brother Saleh is languishing in a jail in Turkey after he was stopped at the border with Syria where he was trying to cross over to join ISIS.

The girl attacked the police officer when she was stopped for a routine search in Hanover main station last Friday.

‘As she was politely pulled to one side to confirm her identity a knife appeared lightningly quick in her hand and our colleagues had little chance to defend themselves,’ said a police spokesman. ‘This was an Islamic attack against our officers.

‘The attacker was ice cold. Her only worry was that her headscarf was rumpled and she wanted to put it straight. It was nothing to her if the police officer lived or died.’

The girl is being held without bail charged with attempted murder and supporting a proscribed terrorist organization.

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  • kalr59

    Germans need to let them go to Syria for jihad and then never let them return!!!!

    • JT

      ya… stupid Germans!!
      + they didn’t like the Jews, now the muzis will teach them a lesson… and many more… as long as they stay in Germany.
      Bravo muzis!!!

      • Save Europe

        But of an oxymoron, going on, psychologically, methinks!

      • LaurenGlenn

        Keeping Germans on a guilt trip by constantly mentioning a war which ended three plus generations ago is one reason for this current mess.

    • Save Europe

      Indeed. It is analogically akin to one being sat in the lounge, on a hot summer day. A plethora of large hornets fly in and one wants to get them out. Suddenly the weather turns, and you think ‘oh, I won’t get them out they’ll suffer in this weather.’ The insanity is keeping them inside as they’ll sting the fornicating hell out of you. Here in the UK we were initially turning a blind eye to these scum bags leaving. Then there was an incident with three pathetic 15 year old London school girls leaving England for Syria to become, effectively, walking wombs for ISIS fighters to impregnate. Their father had audacity to blame, and then try to sue the police for not stopping them. Ummm…. Methinks, shouldn’t parents be keeping their eye on their own kids ?!?!

  • Pray Hard

    Cold Steel makes some very good, reasonably priced sword canes.

  • Pray Hard

    “Perverted Islam” … that’s cute.
    And, she’s not a terrorist, it wasn’t a knife, there was no stabbing, the blood wasn’t red and rainbows fly out of unicorn @$$es.

    Maybe some day the police will realize that daily training in martial arts will give them the advantage. Then we can read articles about dead and broken moslems instead of dead and broken police.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Talk is cheap, germany runs on at the mouth on occasion to give the impression that it is concerned with terrorism. All it is actually doing is presenting a few “sacrificial” jihadists so the casual observer gets the illusion they are concerned. If there was concern, there would be real action, not showcase hearings, not even really trials. Why are there no charges against those radicalizing children? Can it be they are under the protection of the german government to assist with the islamification of western europe?

    • Collin R. Hinrichs

      Nice handle. Europe is in their death throes. The euros have given their people over.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The people have, lemming like, leapt off the cliff of multiculturalism, splatting on the politically correct rocks below.

    • ruthy k
      • Mahou Shoujo

        That should be standard practice, as well, using pig blood along with tear gas is dispersing muslims riots.

    • Juanita

      Very good points. This girl would not have done this if she thought she would be subject to real punishment.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Muslims go crazy, death is not a deterrent to their violent criminal insanity, they need the full brain wash, rinse and fluff cycle to restore them to humanity.

        • PeriShKis

          I doubt if they are humans. Can you prove they are?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            They might have been, at on e time, at an early age, but, baed on their behaviour it cannot be verified they are human.

        • Get rid of them all. They are past the point of no return.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are increasingly fewer options.

    • PeriShKis

      You are making a lot of sense

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The obvious is apparent.

  • Trident

    Islam is what it is ….
    Mohamed used violence and bloodshed to give birth to Islam …Pagan Ritual disguised as a religion …
    “Islam = Born in Blood …Will Die in Blood”
    Blood is all these people know…The peaceful side is designed to con you into letting them get their way through politics and yelling at each little offense …Sharia is their law …it can never merge with other nations way of governance..Look at the European Union areas …total chaos …Great Britain may as well fly the star and crescent from Buckingham Palace …
    Western Europe is being taken over by the Muslim Horde ..
    Here in America we are marching to the same Muslim drumbeat…just not as far along …The Nazi Party is alive and well here …

    • Collin R. Hinrichs

      “It” is the doctrine of demons. Death, destruction and bloodshed are the marks of Satan.

    • Oh help us Donald Trump. You’re Our Only Hope.

  • Fred

    Execute the bitch.

    • Erickshian

      No she just end up being a martyr, better to have her dance to Hava Nagila in the nuddy and paste it on facebook.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It would probably take a cattle prod to get this muslimah apette to dance to anything.

      • PeriShKis

        So what. Execute the bitch.

  • David

    For heaven’s sake, let her go wage jihadists in Syria. At least then she won’t be killing civilised people.

  • ColonelNeville

    Hang the girl as an enemy combatant, bulldoze the mosque and arrest the imams. OR surrender in dishonor and accept slavery and death under Islam.

    • Millionmileman

      Then the Germans would be accused of behaving like Israelis! I am being facetious.

      • ColonelNeville

        Hey M, I saw what you did there! If only the Israelis behaved more like the Israelis they are accused of being – or like Curtis Le May’s Strategic Air Command. If there was a jihadist swamp like Gaza and the West Bank in Victoria Australia, it would be emptied and leveled within days.

        Somebody once asked asked a semi-conservative Foreign Minister in Oz what he would do if New Guinea was launching rockets at Australia. He answered that the RAF would bomb Port Morseby into rubble. Imagine Gaza near Bel Air and rocketing Rodeo Drive. Every left liberal would without fail DEMAND the annihilation of said Hamas nest..

        • Millionmileman

          I agree with and I stated that I was being facetious. Israel is criticized no matter what she does. Just last week they finally allowed soldiers going home on leave to take their weapons with them!

          • ColonelNeville

            Hey M, I agree with you completely. And especially the insanity of not having every soldier and Israeli Jew permanently armed. PS. being Australian I got the facetiousness. Usually, the point of said facetiousness is not having to state one is doing it. Semper Fi.

          • Millionmileman

            Being an Ex-Pat Limey who served in the IDF, in the 70’s with a PhD in Kalashnikov I have seen the PC Crowd take over world wide.

            Just this week a 2-Star US General stated there were too many white pilots in the crack Thunderbirds! I don’t care about their backgrounds as long as they are the most qualified as possible. Multicultural funerals are no good for anyone. Many Americans don’t get being facetious and be careful when being sarcastic!

    • PeriShKis


  • Frank from Dock 7

    Yes, please. Encourage as many to leave as possible. Maybe Adolf Merkel would like to join them?

    • Juanita

      She did it because she thinks that she will get away with it and gain fame among jihadists. Arrest means nothing. Let’s see if she is convicted and if so what the sentence is.

      • joe1429

        probably not even jail,,,a mental hospital

        • LaurenGlenn

          Minors don’t go to jail in Germany. They have special facilities for 14 to 18 years old criminals.

      • Save Europe

        No. She actually did it because she is eyeing a key role in the UN after she departs from German politics. Seriously.

      • LaurenGlenn

        If she is under 14 years old nothing will happen. If she is 14 she might have to spend a year or two in a facility for criminal youth.

  • itchy

    She’s a loving girl…. Yeh!!! Loving to kill non muslimes

    • Dravaa

      In reality she’s a cold bloodless killer, detached from the destruction she brings to others, her only concern being with HER headscarf, HER place in heaven, HER freedom of movement. Like her brother. Like all “good” Muslims. She’s 100% sure that she’s better than every non-Muslim, and ready to kill them as “infidels”.

      • Her mother and brother should be arrested too. They knew of her radicalization.

  • Karma’s Janitor

    Well, the Germans seem to have their own self imposed destruction well documented

  • Dravaa

    ‘Sie is a loving girl and no terrorist,’ said her mother, after stabbing a police officer to near death. The same mother who let her 7 year old appear in a video with a well known Salafist preacher pushing headscarves for little girls! And let her kids attend a mosque regularly preaching terror. No wonder the brother is in a Turkish jail also stopped on his way to join ISIS.

    Yet despite all this, this mother thinks of her family as warm and loving, “no terrorist”. Not radicals. Just Muslim. Have to agree with her there. This is just Islam doing Islam.

    Yet the German police claim they are looking at “radical” Islam as the cause. If this mosque really is not Islam but “radical Islam” as they claim, it would have been easy enough to shut it down long ago.

    The real reason this mosque has not been shut down is that it is exactly the same as all the other mosques. They’d have to shut them all down to erase “radical” Islam.

  • Reagan40

    This is catch them young. This is all they do in all Muslim countries and mosques in America and Europe and Africa. Wherever you find muslims, the indoctrination into islamic filth starts from kindergarten. Why does the west stop anyone from going to Daesh/syria/iraq to fight jihad is beyond me. You will notice that those that go are mostly the young manipulated ones. The older ones have seen the futility of the jihad enterprise. Let them go and die for jihad. Muslims are too many.

  • conan_drum

    As the Germans know from their history, Hitler had lots of teenagers willing to go and die for him in the defense of Berlin, because they had been indoctrinated in the Nazi
    cult from an early age, Hamas is doing just the same in Gaza

  • joker

    Nice family, daughter stabs policewoman, brother in jail in Turkey what is the mother going to do next? No wonder the father walked out of the family because he would have been dead by now.

  • MiddleSister

    Why IS it that only the loving remarks about what a kind girl she is are basically the only things written? She’s hell-bent on waging jihad! Her mother was able to get her point across that this girl is just too adorable to do anything like this. Poor dear. Her headdress was getting rumpled. Tsk tsk

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    The only difference between “radical” and “moderate” pi$$lam is the tactics being employed towards the same islamic end game.

  • marble granite

    Raising your child in the nurture and admonition of Allah.

  • This Girl Should Be Shot in the Head.
    ‘There are No Such Things as “Moderate” Muslims or “Radical” Islam.’ ——Luigi Valentino

  • JT

    Well… my friends, looking at Merkel, Merkel as a women… I am
    convinced that she will keep doing this until she got a good f*cking
    from a large muzzi rape gang… Then she will be satisfied!
    maybe then, just maybe… she will stop importing more of these
    subhumans… provided that that rape gang will return to her for “action”,
    time to time, as she needed.
    however I afraid no rape gang will have the desire to satisfy her… and that would be too bead.

  • Fawaz Kizhakkethil

    I was just wondering by the comments here. Nobody seems to think about the mental condition of this child. If it were a white christian girl, will the news be the same. The news itself is misleading. The witness says she was worried about the headscarf and stabbed the police and the news says she stabbed her because she cant go to Syria…. Come on….

    • joker

      You are right in a sense that the girl is not in a good mental state, whether she is white or non white that is beside the point. But also her brother in jail in Turkey for allegedly joining ISIS is also no favourable. Personally I believe one can join anyone even the K.K.K but do not harm me.

  • Apothis

    Hey let’s keep bring moor of these people to the US. Why should Germany have all the fun.

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