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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Germany: Muslim migrant douses his wife with scalding hot oil


We have seen these kind of attacks, usually with acid, in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world for years. Now they are coming to the West, thanks to Angela Merkel and the rest of the European political elites. Soon we will be seeing this in the U.S. as well, thanks to Barack Obama.


“Look!” – Man douses woman with hot oil,” by Martin Jenssen, Die Welt, February 29, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace) — the Google Translate is a bit rough, but you can get the idea:

A man is said to have showered his wife with three liters of hot oil, as this was in the shower. “I suspected that she wanted another man like,” he says.

She was in the shower at her home in the Phoenix neighborhood in Hamburg-Harburg. Originally from Afghanistan Homa B. (48), mother of four children, knew nothing bad. It was on 8 September 9am since joined her husband Mohamad (49) in the bathroom. “Have a look!” he called to her. She opened the shower curtain. The moment he poured her a rice cooker for about three liters of approximately 60 degrees hot oil on the face and upper body.

Homa B. survived this attack, but floated several days in acute danger to life and had three weeks treated in the ICU of the Unfallkrankenhaus Boberg.
Because of attempted murder and aggravated assault to Mohamad B. must answer before the Assizes since Monday. The explanation that he gave as a motive for this act before the Hamburg District Court makes, stunned.

“You suddenly wore different clothes and wanted to lose weight”

“It was about the core of our marriage,” it is said in the entering an accused, who performed his lawyer for him. “I suspected that she wanted another man fell. Suddenly she was wearing different clothes and wanted to lose weight. So I wanted to make them unattractive for another man. I was afraid of the shame. I wanted to show her that I of myself do not let the humble! ”

Here, the unemployed in Germany former security guard had left Afghanistan his wife barely a chance to look for other men. He accompanied his wife at noon mostly to the gas station restaurant where she worked as a kitchen assistant. At night he took them from their jobs again.

“The attack on my wife I’m sorry”, it said in the statement from Mohamad example. “I lost control of myself. But I did not want to kill.”

The prosecution considers the fact nevertheless for a treacherous assassination. Shortly after the fact Mohamad B. had gone to the nearest police station, had placed there, and a police officer explained: “made woman dead”

44 percent of the body surface are scalded

Because she still is afraid of her husband and did not want to face him in the courtroom, Homa B. was questioned in the afternoon as a witness in another court room. The interrogation was transferred via video in the courtroom. The stop 44 percent of their body surface area were scalded. When her husband poured hot oil on her, she could witted hold the right hand in front of the face and prevent the worst damage. but you slithered out into the bath and scalded himself so the entire right half of the body. Homa B .: “My right hand, I can today not open or close.”

Only after her husband had dressed and left the house, Homa B. phoned her eldest son, who informed the ambulance service for them. So it took about half an hour until the first paramedics could seek it. When asked why she had not called ahead the rescue, she explained: “I was afraid that my husband would have stabbed me with a knife.”
The process continues. The decision shall probably on 21 April.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Immediately deport him, there has been too much money wasted on human garbage such as he is. No point in putting him in a culturally sensitive german jail, which is infinitely more pleasant than daily life in an islamic country.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Deport him? That’s all? That doesn’t seem like much punishment for what this filthy f’ing muslum ape did to his wife.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Why waste any money on trash like him? Life in an islamic country is hell on earth, western jails are luxury hotels for vermin like that.

      • PeriShKis

        You are correct. These savages should be under different law.

    • Deporting them is pointless. If they can walk all the way to Europe in the first place, they’ll do it again and again and again.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Shoot them on sight if they return.

        • Killing them on the fucking spot is the only ‘cure’…

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It will make a point. Islam is a cult of death, so it’s ok.

  • Fred

    Execute the savages. Next case

    • Frank Castle

      Except drop him into a scalding hot tank of oil to do the job.

      • Fred

        Sounds like an awesome idea!

  • itchy

    Let her repay the crime.

    • Pray Hard

      Just deport or execute all of them.

      • patriotpatone

        First execute and then deport their corpse!

    • PeriShKis

      Yeah that would be fare

  • karl59

    This Moslem is only sorry he got caught!!!!!!!!!!

  • berserker

    Why are the Germans upset? All cultures are equal, all cultural practices are legitimate. In his culture, his actions would have been celebrated. Why are Germans standing in the way? Is it not judgmental to decry certain cultural practices but celebrate others? How does one decide? Such are the pitfalls of moral relativism. If progressives were truly consistent, they would free the man and shower him with rose petals.

    • Pray Hard

      The day is young …

  • Pray Hard

    It’s not my fault, it’s her fault, I lost control, waaaaaaaaaaaa …

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The day will never dawn that a muslim takes responsibility for their stupidity or violence.

  • Free Bacon 4 All

    Hey, look at the “moderates” that’s what they do !!! Court should probably be careful not to hurt his religious feelings as he has the right to save his honor !!!! Deviant, deviant, deviants!!!!

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      before he could save his honor he has to get some.
      This is only an example of the future.
      He will most likely be granted the right to sue her for mental anguish and besmirching his pea brained honor cult.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Germanistan’s present, the future for the US and Canada? Or the covered-up present?

        • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

          Not much difference is there. Our future in Canada is pretty much guaranteed thanks to Justwerp and his libtards.

  • The only Good Muslim is a Dead Muslim !

    • Commieobamie

      It’s on a plaque.

  • ColonelNeville

    Hang him high. Throw out the rest of the invader rapist vermin. OR submit to Islam, slavery, death and dishonor.

  • Commieobamie

    Douse the islamos dong in 450 degree bacon grease. he’ll never forget the sexual feeling.

    • Vlad

      That suggestion has GREAT potential :-)

  • Gatman

    “Genick-schuss” him….

  • Janet

    OMG! They are so vicious! What did he not have any acid available? What a POS! These are the kind of people Obama’s bringing into the country! It’s always about their honor! They need to put him in jail and after that deport him! He does not deserve to live in a civilized country!

  • harbidoll

    Pride the number 1 sin, got satan kicked out of heaven,& keep people from eating from the tree of life.

  • harbidoll

    notice he only “suspected” her of an “attraction” to another but that was enough for him. Unless he knew something.

    • The origional roger

      Then he calmly got dressed and went out leaving her there.

  • Reagan40

    The wonders of Islam and its devoted followers will not end. They are so creative about ways of inflicting punishment on their perceived enemies.

    • George E. Smith

      I think the time will come when they will find out that they are their own worst enemies.
      I don’t think the ‘law of karma’ is null and void for them, or anyone else.

      • Reagan40

        Nope, karma will soon catch up with them. They will get a taste of their own medicine very very soon.

        • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

          1 can only hope.

        • George E. Smith

          My point exactly. Their karma will catch up with them sooner or later.
          Kinda hard to outrun your karma. So, try to be kind and thoughtful and earn good karma.

  • George E. Smith

    I have often wondered why Muslim women must wear the clothing that covers so much of their body.
    Maybe it is so others can’t see the damage done by beatings and other abuse given by their husbands?
    I wonder what his 72 virgins will say when he gets wherever it is he is going to go…..
    (I don’t think it will be heaven!)
    Probably, something like: “Oh, NO! Not him!”

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      If I were a muslum women I’d make sure my burka was made of bullet proof asbestos and had firing ports built in and a nice harness for a sawed-off, full-auto shotgun. A/C would be nice too, maybe even a wet bar.

  • Ektor

    Oh my, such a peaceful and loving religion for the whole world to become a slave to. But hey, maybe he had other problems…like he is maybe insane or something.

  • Steve

    You can’t make this shid up. The f****** are totally crazy. There is so much of this stuff going on that one suspects a certain numbing to take in and god only knows how bad it will get before it starts turning around. No wonder the spanish inquisition came into being not excusing it outright but people were forced to fight fire with fire.

  • YES SIREY, the religion of Peace and Tolerance!!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Who here wants to bet that stories like this are commonplace across the muslum world? After all, freedom of the press, if the press exists at all, doesn’t exist in the muslum world. A THOUSAND women are honor killed every year in Pigistan, yet we rarely read/see/hear about these honor killings or the fact that they mostly go unpunished. Who knows how many honor killings go on in Iran, the Islamic State, Soddy Barbaria, Somalia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey etc. every year?

  • Shelley Begley

    Deport him? Hang him, by his balls till dead!

  • Karee Bearance

    Islam has been preparing for a long time. While we were not looking islam has been getting into our schools. The media. And our government. When the time comes will you denounce Jesus to save yourself? Would you convert to sharia so they don’t cut your child’s throat in front of you? Would they do it anyway? Accept Jesus into your heart so you will be with me in the rapture!

  • ac287149

    Same happened near New Haven CT about 3 years ago, with a Pakistani family.

  • chrismcphail

    When will the people hold accountable their own politicians which have intentionally created this situation and destroyed their countries? The penalty for treason is death!

  • That picture of the women in burkhas is just too fucking haunting to believe. It really is.

    Yet, in spite of this hell women go through in Islamic countries, leftism – especially feminism – is silent.

    Their fear is palpable indeed…

  • In an Islamic country, the woman would be punished for her husband’s actions.

    Says it all, really…

  • I still can’t stop staring at that picture of the women in burkhas…

    It’s fucking horrifying. Yet, leftism continues to defend it.

  • Tawhid al-Almany

    I hope the same fate follows Pamela Geller.

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