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[ August 21, 2017 ]

Media ignores that Florida cop killer is a Muslim, emphasizes that he’s a former Marine

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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FOX News: The Women MARKED FOR DEATH by Islamic Fatwas


This is long overdue. People are painfully unaware of close the danger is and how woefully unprepared America is.

The women marked for death by Islamic fatwa face threats with fear, courage

By Hollie McKay, FOX News,

Twenty-seven years ago, Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini called for the death of a British author, giving new fame to Salman Rushdie and infamy to the term “fatwa.”

Rushdie, whose “The Satanic Verses” had been deemed offensive to Muslims, remains threatened by the Islamic decree, but six American women who lack the resources of a best-selling author also have been marked for death by Muslim leaders. Some have been driven from their homes and jobs and even forced to live the rest of their lives in hiding, with little hope that the fatwa will be lifted.

“It is not safe, of course, not even in the West, for anyone who has a fatwa of death issued against them,” Nonie Darwish told

“I just look over my shoulder in the parking lot.”

– Raheel Raza, subject of fatwa

Darwish, an Egyptian-born U.S. citizen who was born Muslim and later converted to Christianity, spoke out against radical Islam following the 9/11 attacks. She has since been the subject of multiple fatwas issued by various Islamic clerics. Like others who bear a price on their heads, Darwish stays below the radar, and constantly looks over her shoulder.

“There are constant attempts to silence us by many Islamic organizations,” she said. “We are the No. 1 target of jihadists and ISIS sympathizers who are now in all 50 states.”

Darwish is cut off from her family in Egypt, which disapproved of her decision to speak out. She has published several books, including “The Devil We Don’t Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East,” and is the founder and president of “Arabs for Israel.”

Molly Norris was a respected newspaper cartoonist in 2010, when Comedy Central censored a “South Park” episode that featured the prophet of Islam, Muhammad, amid outrage from extremists. Norris fought back with free speech, but it cost her her career.

Norris drew a cartoon of the religious figure, whom Islamist scholars believe must never be portrayed, on various items such as a teacup, a thimble and a domino. Her work was never formally published, but images went viral on the Internet and helped promote “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day.”

Suddenly, Norris was deluged with death threats. Influential U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki issued a fatwa calling for her death a year before he was killed by a U.S drone strike in Yemen.

Former FBI counter-terrorism agent David Gomez, who handled Norris’ case from the Seattle field office at the time, told that the bureau advised Norris of the “very legitimate” threats against her. The bureau stopped short of telling Gomez to go underground, but advised her to take certain precautions, including changing her appearance.

Norris opted to disappear, leaving her job and home and cutting off communication with friends and neighbors.

“Molly really took the advice to heart,” Gomez said. “She really went dark.”

A source told that Norris is alive and living a new, quiet life in an undisclosed location and that the decision to completely disappear was spurred by fear for the lives of her loved ones. However, many argue she was hardly given a choice.

“People are shocked to realize a journalist inside the U.S. could be forced into hiding by radical Islam,” said author Larry Kelley, founder of the Free Molly Norris Foundation. “This issue is a really big one as far as our freedoms are concerned.

Kelley’s foundation has raised an undisclosed sum and hopes to give it to Norris to help her get by, but hasn’t been able to get in touch with her.

And the fatwa against Norris has not faded. She was again spotlighted three years ago in Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” magazine on its “Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam” list alongside the likes of Rushdie and French cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier, known for his irreverent drawings of Muhammad.

The fatwa against Charbonnier ended Jan. 7, 2015, when two Muslim fanatics stormed the offices of his employer, the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and killed him and 11 others.  If Norris had thought about resurfacing, the attack surely gave her new pause.

“I do hope she is okay,” said Mark Baumgarten, Norris’ old editor at Seattle Weekly. “But I have no way of knowing.”

Fatwas are not empty threats, according to experts. Many subjects in addition to Charbonnier have been killed by fanatics who believe they win eternal favor by making good on the threats. Egyptian academic  Forag Foda, who wrote in defense of secularism and Western values, was assassinated in 1992 after a fatwa from Sheikh Gad al-Haq Ali Gad al-Haq, who at the time was the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, Egypt’s highest authority in Sunni Islamic thought and Islamic jurisprudence.

After the order went out against Rushdie, the British-Indian author hired armed guards, traveled under a phony name, wore disguises and rarely saw his own son. Stores that sold his books were burned and the Japanese translator of “The Satanic Verses” was murdered.

Just last month, 40 state-run Iranian media outlets added a reported $600,000 to the near $4 million bounty for Rushdie’s head and renewed calls for his death.

“Depending on the issue, a fatwa could be permanent or temporary. In the case of established principles like respecting prophet, it is permanent,” Daniel Akbari, an Islamic scholar and Shariah-certified lawyer for the Supreme Court of Iran, now an adjunct professor of law at St. Mary’s University in Texas, told “Going underground and living secretly is the first step the targets of fatwa take to avoid the life-threatening danger that could even threaten the life of their families. They have to limit the number of people they used to socialize with and in many cases leave their jobs.”

Fatwas were traditionally issued by muftis, who are very high-ranking imams. But in recent times, less respected scholars and figures with less credibility and followers have begun issuing fatwas.

Pamela Geller, co-founder of the controversial anti-Muslim extremist American Freedom Defense Initiative, is believed to have been the target of two men who tried to storm a “Draw Muhammad” cartoon competition in Garland, Texas, last year. She had already been threatened with death from various Islamist groups, including ISIS.

Geller has defiantly lived under Islamist death threats since at least 2006, when her blog, Atlas Shrugs, reprinted cartoon images of Muhammad originally published by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Geller organized a “Draw the Prophet” cartoon contest held May 3, 2015, at the same site in Texas where a Muslim group had months earlier held a “Stand With the Prophet” event.

Two Muslim extremists were killed in a shootout with a Garland Independent School District police officer outside the event.

“I was their prime target,” Gellar told “Muslims have called for my death and published on Twitter what they think is my home address. Shortly after the Garland event, ISIS issued a formal fatwa calling for my death.”

A month later, a 26-year-old Muslim man, Usaamah Rahim, was killed by Boston police after charging at them with a military knife. After his death, police revealed that Rahim was an ISIS follower who had planned to behead Geller in retaliation for her Muhammad art exhibit.

Gellar’s strong stance against radical Islam has angered more than just Muslims. She was denied entry into the UK in 2013 as “not conducive to the public good” and has been branded a bigot by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Geller, who lives in New York City under constant guard, said she will never give up her campaign to warn the world about radical Islam.

“I take nothing for granted. I’m aware of the risks,” Geller noted. “But I would rather die standing up than on my knees.”

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali-born, Dutch-American, routinely calls for a reformation of Islam, asserting that “we cannot get away from the reality that there is something within Islam that inspires, incites and mobilizes millions of people to engage in what our president euphemistically calls ‘violent extremism.’”

In 2004, Ali worked with Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh on a highly contentious short movie “Submission” regarding the subjugation of women under Islam. Death threats against the pair ran rampant and Van Gogh was soon murdered in the streets of Amsterdam, a note pinned to his body promising that Ali would be next.

Now a fellow at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, Ali, whose latest book, “Heretic,” was released last year, continues to rail against what she sees as the injustice of Islam.

Like Ali, Raheel Raza left her Islamic homeland and discovered freedom in North America. Twenty-eight years ago, she moved with her husband and two children from Pakistan to Canada, where she is an activist for the rights of Muslim women.

“I am most passionate about human rights and women’s rights in the Muslim world,” the Karachi University graduate and author of “Their Jihad, Not My Jihad: A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out” said.

Her efforts, which include advocating for a burka ban, mixed-gender prayers for Muslims and opposiong plans to build a Muslim community center near New York’s Ground Zero, have yielded death threats, hate mail and a fatwa.

Raza does not have personal bodyguards, and is not provided protection by the Canadian government.

“Many people get full-time security, but I just leave it in God’s hands to protect me,” she told “If I allow myself to be afraid I can’t do the work I do, so I don’t wallow in the luxury of fear.

“I just look over my shoulder in the parking lot,” she said.

  • cvg

    About generalizing muslims –

    – Now now, we should not blame all amateur extremists, because of a few skilled extremists.

    – There are 1.7 billion extremists in the world. Only a small percentage of them are professional.

    While this may seem humorous, there is irrefutable truth here. Even the so called ‘moderate muslims’ –

    1] Believe in jihad
    2] Want prosecution and even death for those who leave islam
    3] Want prosecution and even death for those who insult muhammad, allah and islam
    4] Want prosecution and even death for homosexuals.
    5] Want sharia
    6] Believe that raping wife is OK
    7] Believe that beating wives and children is perfectly fine
    8] Consider allah’s law above the constitutional laws of all countries, and would prefer allah’a law replacing them.
    And so on..

    Conclusion – Even the regular, ordinary, so called ‘moderate muslims’ qualify as ‘extremists’ by virtue of them holding extremist beliefs according to normal standards. Therefore, abiding muslims must not be termed ‘moderates’. The ‘moderate muslims’ are extremists as well. Only the degree of extremism is lower than the professional extremists (terrorists).

    • Rick Smith

      When the founder of your religion is a psychotic warmongering child rapist how can one not be an extremist and be pious at the same time?

      • Lonnie Robinson

        They can because they live in a world of irrationality.

      • It’s is NO religion and never should be called as such, though it has plenty of religiosity. It is fascist ideology of male supremacists hell bent on apartheid and totalitarianism with slavery and pedophilia added in.

        • Rick Smith

          I agree Ann, it is far more than just a religion it’s a totalitarian ideology.

          • Logic Probe

            Any ‘religion’ that says you will be put to death if you leave is clearly a cult.

      • Pray Hard

        Pious doesn’t necessarily mean good.

      • jebor


    • John Best

      When a person is told it is OK to lie and deceive others, it’s hard to trust them. That’s on them and their beliefs, not the non moslems. Does that mean all are bad and going to deceive others? No. However it creates a huge barrier that only moslems themselves can get rid of.

    • Michael Copeland

      Well stated. A small refinement, if permitted ……
      Muslims are not free to believe or disbelieve, to want or not want these things: they are INSTRUCTED:

      “The muslim community possesses no power except to acknowledge and obey”,

      says Salah al Sawy in a fatwa, quoting the Koran, part of Islamic law:

      “It is not fitting for a Believer, man or woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His Messenger to have any option about their decision” [Koran 33:36].”

      The learned Dr. is Secretary-General of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America.

    • Merchantseamen

      You say 1.7 billion muslims only a small percentage are extreme. At 5% that is 85 million that is quite a bit

  • joker

    Why not the other way round: lets put bounties on muzzrats and their tinpot imams.

    • Wayne Ville

      First we must start with the enablers. Bush, Kasich, Clinton, Rubio, Sanders, and Cruz! These are the people that want to bring in millions of them to the U.S. If you really care then vote Trump.

      • Pray Hard

        Odd, you left out Obama.

        • sodacrackers2

          Very odd!

          • Sickofliberallies

            Unbelievably odd!!

        • Wayne Ville

          I only left out Obama because he soon will be in the past.

          • .madashell

            Don’t bet on it, Wayne.
            There are many Muslims in our “government” and there is nothing they will not try to get away with.
            Obama has already declared that he plans to stay in DC, in or out of office, so his and his henchmen’s future influence cannot be discounted.

        • Psalms 51:6

          Good catch!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is time to put muslims pictures in post offices with “Not wanted alive, dead” and appropriate bounty, no questions asked, to anyone killing those who issue or attempts to follow a fatwa.

    • Fred

      Absolutely. Could not have said better myself

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Meanwhile the Pope is saying we must love Islamists. Surrendering to evil is not love.

    The Eagle and the Snake – America’s war with Islam

    Jihadi terrorism and the failure of presidential candidates and the West

    Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

    • Pray Hard

      Puck the Fope.

    • Sickofliberallies

      He ain’t no Pope. How that fag/apologist became the Pope is even more of a mystery than how Obamination won a second term.

  • freewoman

    You’re so brave Pamela. I could name some other women with fatwas but they’re of the more garden variety death threats from their fathers and brothers for rejecting islam.

  • Collin R. Hinrichs

    So they put a price on womens’ heads? From attacking innocents to abusing children to committing sodomy and beyond, classifies them as cowards, losers, bullies. Death and destruction is what you get from this political ideology wrapped in a religious lamb’s cloak. Cowardice on a scale to itself in the civilized world.

    • Pray Hard

      It’s not wrapped in a religious lamb’s cloak. It’s wrapped in a blood soaked religious cloak.

      • Collin R. Hinrichs

        That too.

  • farflung

    Death List This link is to the Southern Poverty Law center. Nine women with a bounty on their heads. Ms Pamela included. In writing this list the SPLC disparages each of these courageous women. Used too be, as Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said “women are young men’s mistresses , middle aged men’s companions, and old men’s nurses” NO MORE, they are on the forefront of this battle and we must protect them for in protecting them we also protect all including our self.

    • KimWilde

      Thanks for posting this link to this HATE SITE. These people should all be on wanted posters, not Pamela. These communist enablers are helping to destroy America.

  • It’s is NO religion and never should be called as such, though it has plenty of religiosity. It is fascist political ideology of male supremacists hell bent on apartheid and totalitarianism with slavery and pedophilia added in. Death to anyone who does not conform.

  • Pray Hard

    F*ck the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    • Logic Probe

      You gotta wonder where they get their funding now…………

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    At least two men who dared translate Rushdie’s Satanic verses have been assassinated by muslims for doing so: one in JP and another in IT. Muslums bombed a hotel that Rushdie was staying at, but Rushdie was not at the hotel at the time.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I’m surprised Wafa Sultan didn’t make the list. She has a bona-fide death fatwah from an Alawite cleric as well.

  • Dan B

    Freedoms or Fatwas … A decision for everyone, but especially amazing that these women courageously stand up for freedoms amidst the constant threats to their lives.

  • Drew the Infidel

    On the one hand one has to wonder why these people merely exercising their civil liberties of freedom of expression do not have the protections of something similar to the witness protection program. On the other one has to question the competence of heavily armed terrorists attacking a cartoon contest who are quickly brought down by a traffic cop using only his service pistol.

  • Mal M

    The Islamic countries are so behind the western society because there is no freedom of speech and freedom of thinking.
    Winston Churchill wrote in his book River War in 1898, while he was a journalist in Sudan when he was 25 years old.
    Muslims have never been able to invent anything really useful. Partly this is because the schools concentrate on learning the Koran word by word rather than true inquiries into nature, politics or anything.
    They are taught not to question but to submit, to be a slave of Allah. They simply parrot the Koran over and over and over again, rather than cultivate any spirit of inquiry. It is brainwashing.
    What young Winston Churchill found out more than 115 years ago many people don’t understand today.
    Muslims today blame everybody for their problems. US, CIA, Jews, EU. Why they don’t blame themselves?

  • John Best

    Where’s the outrage from the ” moderate muslims”? I guarantee if “average moslem person” saw one of these women they would immediately report it to their imam. That turd would then contact the local active murderers and you know the rest.

  • Jim Fox

    Each and every ‘religious authority’ figure who issues a death fatwa MUST be targeted for drone treatment; let them live under the same threats they issue.
    Same for those who say they will carry out the murder…

    • Mary Bigger

      Excellent idea!

  • Mal M
  • joe kulak

    America should be a refuge from the Islamic swine. Stop immigration and deport those already here.
    There is only one way to deal with these fanatic authoritarians — kill them.

  • Ichabod Crain

    Islam is like the vampire who must return to its coffin before the dawn breaks, unable to withstand the light of day, which would cause it to shrivel up and die, leaving naught but a pile of dust behind. These honored women are the vampire slayers who would shine the full light of reason upon this dark and evil religion. No wonder the blood sucking Islamic vampire is so very afraid of them.

  • joe1429

    Cant believe the Fartwa on rushdie is still actice… like 30yrs

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