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Faked Hate in Dearborn: Muslima Drops Lawsuit Against Police After Video Proves She Was Lying When Claiming They Forced Her to Remove Hijab


Another islamofauxbic hate crime turns out to have been committed by a Muslim. Most hate crimes against Muslims, in fact, turn out to have been faked — mostly so that Muslims can claim they’re being persecuted and that counter-terror efforts have to end. And the authorities fall for this virtually every time.

hijab lawsuit Dearborn

“Dearborn Hijab Lawsuit Dropped in Light of Video Evidence,” by Beth Dalbey, Dearborn Patch, March 16, 2016 (thanks to Gisele):

DEARBORN, MI – A local Muslim woman has dropped her 2015 federal lawsuit against members of the Dearborn Police Department, whose officers she claimed violated her civil rights by requiring her to remove her hijab when she was taken into custody on a traffic warrant.

The city of Dearborn, which was also named as a defendant, said in a statement Wednesday that video taken in the police department’s booking room during the arrest “revealed that her claims were false.”

]Maha [sic] Aldhalimi had claimed in the lawsuit that she had pleaded sever times with officers to allow her to leave her religious head covering on because of her deeply held religious belief. She claimed that if she didn’t remove it, it would be removed against her will.

When presented with the video evidence from the internal investigation, led by Police Captain Issa Shahin, Aldhalimi’s attorney withdrew the lawsuit on March 10, the city said.

“Dearborn police remain committed to respecting the rights of all people within our custody and we follow a stringent policy regarding religious head coverings,” Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said in the statement. “We knew this lawsuit had no merit and are glad that the people we serve can have confidence that our officers acted properly in this case.”

City officials said the lawsuit “attracted a great deal of unfavorable media coverage to Dearborn and to the Dearborn Police Department that lasted for weeks.”…

  • Rick Smith

    Dearborn has one of the largest Islamic 5th column communities in the west.

    • it’s know in these parts as “Dearbornistan”.

      • Audrey Marie

        they just showed a piece of HAMTRAMCK, MI on CNN regarding Ted Cruz comment increasing security/patrol in this neighborhood. In the footage there were woman in the street all covered up with a NIQAB submissively walking next to her man. I said, how can America now allow burqua/niqab. This is sharia law and submissive slavery behavior against constitution. Having women breathe in her own CO2 is harmful and cities and states are turning a blind eye to this. BTW: I live just 20 miles from this once POLISH town….everyone is just shaking their head. The police chief of hamtramak said “we won’t do that” I was laughing because they can’t Hamtramck is broke, full of scandal” and they won’t because they can’t afford to pay anyone they are so bankrupt.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Dearbornistan PD has systematically violated the fundamental civil rights of Christians. David Wood was told by a Dearbornistan PD officer (while incarcerated for trying to exercise his fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed rights in Dearbornistan) that the department was covering up honor killings.

      • Rick Smith

        Traitors have infiltrated everywhere

          • Jack Macvane

            What a sick,sick,”little man” this fraud is,an effeminate to the bone and an absolute moron with no conscience–Brussels brutal bombings and this bi-sexual is doing the wave–Gawd,do I hate this black bastard’s guts!

          • Ronni Taylor


          • Vlad

            The biggest traitor of the all.

        • Dave Brandow

          Most people are not aware of the facts stated below, therefore I am sharing

          this with all of you.

          *Here is something to think about**, and why so many Americans support

          Donald Trump !!*

          (This information has all been checked, then double checked… it is 100%


          That’s why there is such an alarm within US government, since Trump’s

          statement about temporary suspension of migration of Muslims to US till US

          authorities make sure there is a proper concept of safe penetration of US


          People are stunned to learn that the head of the U.S. CIA is a Muslim!

          Do hope this wakes up some!

          You mean until it hits you like a ton of bricks read it again, until you


          We now have a Muslim government.

          John Brennan, current head of the CIA converted to Islam while stationed in

          Saudi Arabia.

          Obama’s top adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is a Muslim who was born in Iran

          where her parents still live.

          Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, Huma Abedin is a Muslim, whose mother and

          brother are involved in the now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

          Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for Homeland Security, Arif

          Aikhan, is a Muslim.

          Homeland Security Adviser, Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.

          Obama adviser and founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Salam

          al-Marayati, is a Muslim.

          Obama’s Sharia Czar, Imam Mohamed Magid, of the Islamic Society of North

          America is a Muslim..

          Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships, Eboo Patel, is a


          1/13/15:?? Nancy Pelosi announced she will appoint Rep Andre Carson, D-Ind,

          as the first Muslim lawmaker on the House of Representatives Permanent

          Select Committee on Intelligence. It would make Carson the first Muslim to

          serve on the committee that receives intelligence on the threat of Islamic

          militants in the Middle East! He has suggested

          that U.S. schools should be modeled after Islamic madrassas, where

          education is based on the Quran!!!

          And last but not least, our closet Muslim himself, Barack Hussein Obama.

          It’s questionable if Obama ever officially took the oath of office when he

          was sworn in. He didn’t repeat the oath properly to defend ournation and

          our Constitution. Later the Democrats claimed he was given the oath again

          in private.

          CIA director John Brennan took his oath on a copy of the Constitution, not

          a Bible..??

          Valarie Jarret wrote her college thesis on how she wanted to change America

          into a Muslim friendly nation and she is a Obama top advisor.

          Congressman, Keith Ellison took his oath on a copy of the Qur’an.

          Congresswoman Michele Bachman was vilified and verbally tarred and

          feathered by Democrats when she voiced her concern about Muslims taking

          over our government.

          Considering all these appointments, it would explain why Obama and his

          minions are systematically destroying our nation, supporting radical Muslim

          groups worldwide, opening our southern border, and turning a blind eye to

          the genocide being perpetrated on Christians all over Africa and the Middle


          The more damage Obama does, the more arrogant he’s become!

          Our nation and our government has been infiltrated by people who want to

          destroy us. It can only get worse!

          If you fail to pass this one on, there’s something wrong.. Somewhere!

          In his book he said, “if it comes down to it, I would side with the

          Muslims”. (And still, some insist he isn’t Muslim!)

          Common sense doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.

          Now Vote for Trump 2016 ??????????

          • Lynne Marton
          • imwithstoopid

            Take the time to watch and listen, finally someone that has the facts and truth, not suppositions, theories, and guesses.

            This a wonderful video. She did this in Australia, hope she comes here, the words and knowledge of an insider.

            She will verify all of your thoughts on our place in this, if you like D’Souza, you’ll like her.


          • Patricia

            “Homeland Security Adviser, Mohammed Elibiary, is a Muslim.”

            My only objection to this entry is, he’s no longer serving Bams in this capacity. :)

            W O W ! As I went to get the link for the Readers here that supports my point, they are ALL a 404!!!!!!!

            They have all been scrubbed!!!!!!! Just plug in his name and you get all kinds of links, BUT when you click on, there’s NOTHING there!

            This administration is SCRUBBING the Internet of information that they think makes islam look bad!

            January 20, 2017 cannot come soon enough!

      • Audrey Marie

        Shariah law….

  • ThisIsSparta
  • OldandNavy

    Well, it certainly appears this woman might have been engaging in malicious prosecution against the police department. She will have a suit brought against her…when?

    • Timothy Lamb

      Not in a city with half the signs in Arabic.

  • Audrey Marie

    time for police and city to sue HER for defamation. I remember the biased media coverage.

    • Filing a false police report is a serious crime.. This witch needs to go to jail.

      • John Marks

        Rest assured she won’t. We don’t ant to incite people to violence now do we.

        • Islamic nutjobs are incited to violence just waking up in the morning.

          • Fergus O’Byrne

            Their heads are crammed with hatred and violence from the moment they are born.

        • EQ4ALL

          In cases like this? Hell yes!


        There should be an opening in Guantanamo for the Sharmuta sow.

        • Mildred Graff

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      • jayeS

        She needs to be deported today. I don’t want to pay to jail her, feed her, clothe her, medical care, etc. No, turn her over to ISIS.

      • Fergus O’Byrne

        Google ‘Carnita Matthew’ here in Aus. That case will infuriate you, especially how she got out of charges for filing a false complaint.

        • Gonna read a little more of about this as it’s clear it is a worldwide problem. It looks like her husband was arrested for sending jihads for training in Syria??? Lovely. We need to start fumigating our countries of these parasitic and bloodthirsty haters.
          Political correctness needs to be killed yesterday because we are committing suicide when we open our borders and pocketbooks to followers of a death cult that will never assimilate into decent society. We need to stop tolerating the intolerant.

        • Joyce A. King

          That was truly disgusting. I can’t believe she didn’t get in trouble at all? Man.

    • mdy616

      EXACTLY!! But the police will not do it. Why? Because they probably fear Obama sending his henchwoman to Dearborn and she will “discover” the police dept needs to be taken over by the feds for their lack of diversity and civil rights violations.

      Until this savage administration is gone there will be no justice for American citizens.

      • movingwaters

        The powers-that-be have promised Hildebeest that she can have turn at POTUS. Christians will be greatly persecuted if this happens. She will delight in the further destruction of the middle class. If anyone does not yet understand the full nature of the powerful and very wicked Jezebel spirit of the Bible, this is a good time to look into this interesting subject. And the Jezebel spirit is never operating alone, but bringing in Leviathan, and other wicked spirits. It is very possible that we will be handed over to one who has long been handed over to what the Bible calls a “reprobate mind”; loving your sin so much God gives you over to it. I hope we don’t get Hillary; but the elites are not even shy anymore about saying they do what they want. God help us!

    • BonniePrinceCharlie

      Hear, hear.

  • Good grief! Someone put a bag on that thing! I’d ban her from NOT wearing a ninja mask!

    • Richard

      Well, you can always look away, however the damage to you cerebral cortex is probably permanent.

      • Trevor Fortune

        Even eye bleach won’t be enough. A total lobotomy is the only thing that may give you some relief.

    • jimbo

      Lol. Good one. A Burka should be enforced on her.

  • Timothy Lamb

    That would be the logical option, but unfortunately Dearbornistan is 40 or 50 percent muslim.

  • Zuzanice

    Anything muzzies can do to make the police chief Haddad look good in the eyes of the unsuspecting and gullible American public – they will do! Even if it means throwing one muslima’s fake accusation to the media. Now folks, what are you more pissed about: a little lie of one muslima OR the fact that a Muslim Haddad penetrated the police force and sides with the INSERTED muslim population on a sharia law side every time kafirs try to live like kafirs in their own town (originally void of muslim invaders and penetrators) which they have a right to under our Constitution?,d.cWw

    • wilypagan

      Hate to break it to you, genius, but Ronald Haddad is a Christian Arab. Christian Arabs are our best allies in fighting islamofascism as they have lost the most from its spread.

      • Richard

        I have read numerous sources that describe Haddad as a Muslim:

        “Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad, a Muslim, said that the city’s Muslim parents should be extra careful making sure their children don’t congregate after those hours.”


        The truth of the question may be somewhat obscure, but as Pamela often says of Obama, it doesn’t matter because he would act no differently if was certain to be Muslim.

        It’s also well understood that Christians with a background that is from a Muslim country will often side with Muslims in favor of Christians and Jews. Why? I don’t know, Stockholm Syndrome, nationalism, but this is often how Arab Christians act.

        • wilypagan

          That is not my experience. Arab Christians are our biggest allies in war on terror. They are the ones with the most to lose.

      • angryplbr

        So….. who’s the genius again?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Yeah, that’s why his department systematically violates the civil rights of Christians.
        Why is it that the only people anywhere who have challenged islamic-nazism in Dearbornistan, Michigan are Christians? Where the f$#k is the LGBT community?

        • wilypagan

          I think they just paid the Christian protesters for their mishandling of situation when they were attacked. Are you aware of another incident?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yeah David Wood was paid to be incarcerated by the muslum apes who run Dearbornistan, Michigan. I’m sure he was paid to have his wife get death threats while he was so incarcerated as well.
            And the Quran burning pastor? Do you think he was paid to be incarcerated by muslums in Dearbornistan?
            I’d like to see proof of your allegation that any of the various Christians who have been locked up by muslums in Dearbornistan were paid to do so.

          • wilypagan

            You misunderstood my comment. I meant that they (the Christians who were attacked) had been paid a settlement after the fact:


            Don’t get your panties in a twist.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            David Wood and his wife had to move after the muslum police force in Dearbornistan, Michigan shared his full name, driver’s license number and address w/an imam there (when he was arrested).
            I wonder what kind of settlement they received? I’ve never heard of the quran-burning pastor ever getting a settlement for false imprisonment or the violation of his civil rights.
            Wood and the quran burning pastor were not the ONLY Christians so persecuted.

          • wilypagan

            Maybe they need to get lawyers and fight for compensation. You don’t get it if you don’t file a lawsuit.

            If the Dearborn police department released private information and it resulted in damages, Mr. Wood should bring a suit to bring it out into the open.

      • Zuzanice

        sure Dearborn police chief is is our best ally because he is an Arab Christian. Ha ha ha….! He’s got a great police department.

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Islamism and socialism – the in-your-face ideologies

    Do those stupid people who vote for Candidate X really hack you off?

  • Is there such a thing as a “female” Mooslima that weighs less than 300 pounds?

    • Richard

      Yes there is. I’m not sticking up for Islam for a nanosecond, but I do know how to recognize an attractive woman. Are you familiar with the roll call of Muslimas who have been honor killed that Pamela used to have permanently posted? Some of those women were truly striking and in all likelihood were honor killed for not covering their beauty. Sarah and Amina were pretty girls, though it is true that their mother was a fat Texan American cow and not Muslim herself. Katherine Bell from the show JAG is of Iranian decent, though I don’t believe she is herself a Muslim. I don’t find Huma Abedeen attractive, but she is well under 300 pounds or she would have crushed Hillary under her weight by now. Have you checked out Sarah Shahih? Again, I don’t believe Shahih is Muslim, but she is Persian, and she is WOWSERS.
      Perhaps the exception proves the rule, but not all Muslimas are barkers.

      • Sorry, I should have used “sarc” with the comment, which it certainly was.

    • Erickshian

      Yes when they are child brides at the age of 6

      • You mean like this?

        Any “religion” that can sanction and allow this monstrous deviant activity belongs in the bowels of Hell along with those who practice and follow it.

  • Fred

    Deport the lying bitch

    • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

      Can’t. Democrat voter.

      • Richard Gearon

        She can vote after she dies, what’s to prevent her from voting after she’s been deported?

  • Fred

    I don’t know what would be a better description of hell on earth- Dearborn or Detroit.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    This story will not be reported by any national news organizations and her claim will remain in the statistics and islaofauxphobia attacks on our culture. She is not in jail because the city has been taken over by a population that is traitorous to the constitution. Time for a change. END PC INSANITY!

  • Rob

    Typical lying scumbag muslim pig.

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    These fake hate crime allegations by Muslims are becoming a huge disruption and should be punished. The dozens of prominent antiwhite fake hate crime allegations have had devastating consequences for the white victims.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You don’t think there are white muslums? Albania, Chechnya and Russia are full of them. The Tsarnev brothers who bombed the Boston marathon, they were f’ing white muslums. The muslums who killed over 200 school children and teachers at an elementary school in Beslan were also white. Ditto for the muslums who took over the Moscow movie theater. Pi$$lam is not an anti-white issue. It’s an anti-humanity issue.

  • madeuce42

    Filing False Report is a CRIME ARREST THE BITCH

  • ThisIsSparta

    Throw that witch in prison for 2-4 years for perjury.

  • Right Uppercut

    It’s too bad that they DIDN’T make her. She broke the law. She should be subject to the same treatment anyone else would get, not given special privileges because she happens to be a member of a death cult (oops, I mean religion). And if she is uncomfortable with that, well, she can either NOT BREAK THE LAW (I know, crazy concept, right?) or go live somewhere that is run in accordance with her beliefs. Personally, I prefer if she takes the second option.

    • angryplbr

      me too, need help packing mussie?

    • Dave Brandow

      It isn’t a religion… when you add law to religion it is a theocracy and should not be protected under our freedom of religion laws!

  • Maria Fonseca

    If I were the Police for every false report or charge brought against the Police is found to be False then I would be suing the person who brought the false report ,, It is tit for tat you want to be an ass well then you should be treated like one , SUE her and all her family

  • roccolore

    Another hate crime hoax that Hamas-CAIR defended and now refuses to apologize for.

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      Which makes them participatory after the fact of a felony.

  • Richard Gearon

    Besides being really fat and really ugly, she is really STUPID. Chief HADDAD, of the Dearborn Police Department, is a flaming muzzie, his own self. Had she been aware of that fact, she would know that there was NO WAY (HO-ZAY) that her “rights” would be abridged in that town. The whole city is a muzzie NO-GO zone. Muzzwench sues muzzie city for violating her muzzie rights. Got that? “Anna won, anna too.”

    • Richard

      Spot on correct. It is Ronald Haddad’s force that has violated the civil rights of David Woods time and time again.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Not only David Woods, other Christians have gotten the same treatment, the quran burning pastor for one.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Who in their right mind would believe anything a Dearbornistan police officer would tell them? I’d rather go down shooting than be arrested by the Dearbornistan PD.

  • Barbara Spectre-Kalergi

    Diversity is our strength.

    • GFRF

      What does that mean?

      • Alex Peshansky

        Nothing. It is one of these “feel good” sayings leftists like to repeat, as per Dr. Goebbels: “Repeat the lie often enough, and people will believe it.”

        • GFRF


      • Richard

        I hope it was meant as sarcasm. One of the comments that really would benefit from a sarcasm label, as sarcasm is so frequently invisible in a comment.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          Usually seen as /s/ or /sarc/.

    • angryplbr

      And you Barb are a part of the problem ya clue;less sow

  • fulham2014

    Put this bitch in jail, that is where she belongs.

  • Michael Jones

    The police should have ripped it off her head to check for weapons.

  • Jimbo

    Well there’s a surprise!! NOT!! The things some people will do for money–remember Tawana Brawley and Sharpton and Jackson’s adamant defense of what turned out to be a lie? And their stupid demands for a “special prosecutor” (translation: he or she HAS to be black) , and demands that the police “involved” be fired, yada, yada…

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam has made lying and deceit tenets of the cult.
    • Taqiyya (Shia) or Muda’rat (Sunni): tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam. [4] [5]
    • Kitman: deceit by omission.[6]
    • Tawriya: deceit by ambiguity.[7]
    • Taysir: deceit through facilitation (not having to observe all the tenets of Sharia).[8]
    • Darura: deceit through necessity (to engage in something “Haram” or forbidden).[9]
    • Muruna: the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate.
    Every police force or person dealing with muslims should be aware that they are strongly encouraged to lie to non muslims, forewarned about lairs is forearmed.

    • Don Grantham

      That’s a whole lotta words for ‘lies’… it’s almost as if they put some thought into it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Muslims are constantly lying, it takes a lot to describe them.

      • Lynne Marton

        The one thing that is not a lie – and that you can truly believe – is when they say they intend to kill all non-moslems all over the world and rule with sharia law.

        • Don Grantham

          Yes, of that there is no doubt.

    • G P

      Or, if a muslim’s lips are moving, they’re lying.

    • It is ok to lie, steal, drink alcohol, eat pork and even murder, rape and behead those who don’t follow the ‘god’ that jusitifies all of these things as long as it furthers islam’s agenda which is to subjugate everyone on the planet.. This is a strange concept for religious people of other faiths and even atheists to grasp since these things are held to be against the morality and decency in all humans. It is why a muslim mother has no problem strapping bombs to her child and sending them into a crowded market place to kill people and why they can throw someone off a building for the ‘crime’ of being gay and it’s also the reason, they can justify gang raping women and even children if they ‘ask’ for it by not dressing in sleeping bags.
      I don’t know where the ‘moderate’ muslims are but it seems to me none of them can or will even try to assimilate to western culture . They keep nudging our laws and customs to fit theirs, dragging us back into the stone age until we resemble the craphole they came from.. It’s what they do to every country they touch…It’s time to stop tolerating the intolerant. If they don’t like America…they no where the nonexistent (thanks to rinos and the Democrats under this pathetic president) they can leave and should actually be told to leave if they won’t assimilate.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The simple facts are fully elaborated on in the qur’an, in essence, although there are some relatively nonviolent muslims, there are too many who take the qur’an as they are told to, literally, with the insane criminal violence it demands its followers do to others. Islam has got to become extinct, the sooner the better.

  • Moejj

    disgusting lying cockroach

    • angryplbr

      Quit insulting her betters

  • joker

    I am not surprised she loves her hijab. The ugly overweighted muzzrat will never find a man other then a muzzrat child molester.

    • jebor

      That is why they prefer GOATs

  • Gatman

    Why is she and her lawyers not being charged???…Why are the Cops not getting commendations?….

  • Richard

    This is not the first time a surveillance camera has disproved a Muslima’s claim that the police disrespected the hijab. IIRC the first to make the news was in OZ and because the officer’s dashboard cam proved she was filing a false claim the court did bring the Muslim women in on charges, but she got off because she was wearing a hijab so they couldn’t prove it was actually her who had been pulled over.

  • Cate

    Of course she lied. That’s what muzzies do. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest extent the law will allow. And the police need to put that fat, muzzie f’er in JAIL.

  • bkblue

    That is not any different than a wig! Wigs have to be removed to make sure they are not hiding anything. The police department had better keep an eye on this woman. Who knows what else she is doing?

  • Toby1

    Is that a LYING FACE or what?

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    Prosecute the byotch

  • bargogx1

    That “great deal of unfavorable media coverage” that was attracted to Dearborn should continue only now the target should be that lying snake and her twisted ideology.

  • Judi

    So was she jailed for wasting police time. Silly question!!

  • TheShadowmaster

    Lying Muslima slime. Is there any other kind?

  • Chris Lee

    The City must file a counter defamation lawsuit. These Hateful claims from these moslims must be stopped!

  • Eddie Ebarb

    practicing kitman.

    • ljm4

      Yes, and another word Americans should learn…

      aloha snackbar.

  • Don Grantham

    Isn’t this perjury? Don’t people go to jail for perjury? Oh, how foolish of me… expecting anything resembling real justice.

    • jimbo

      Yes of course they. Its the LAW. Oh, that is unless you are Muslim. Special rules apply for them. They might reward her. Seems about right.

  • Fortunato Balighot

    Muslims are liars, traitors, thieves, killers. Muslims must be wiped off the face of this planet.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    What are the odds this fugly bag hag is on welfare?

  • whytoldbear

    Bitch needs to be arrested for filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT!! Also should be sued for defeamatipn and fraudulent lawsuit!!!

  • David

    She will I hope get charged with a false report!

  • Erickshian

    Sympathies to the Dearborn Police Department for enduring any hatred against them.
    Honestly who would want to see more of this ugly woman

  • David

    Muslims are whines and liers! Muslims What is the percentage of fake claims by Muslims? Does anyone know?

  • Janet

    Always looking for free money! Trying to make it look like they are the victims of prejudice and hate!! Where’s CAIR? You mean to tell me they missed putting their two cents in about this case? Can’t see be charged with false reporting? Maybe not but I don’t think this lying POS should get off with no repercussions at all! Good thing they had that video!

  • Reagan40

    Islam and its followers are full of deceit upon deceit upon deceit upon deceit upon deceit upon deceit upon deceit ad infinitum. God deliver us from deaf and dumb allah that is not akbar.

  • Drew the Infidel

    One of the many jug butted sweathog muslime women whose looks could actually be improved with a burka.

    • ljm4

      maybe they have one in KiIIary’s size…

      • Drew the Infidel

        Sold by the acre, no doubt. Her a** is as wide as my pickup.

  • Mildred Graff

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  • michaelofsydney

    Jail her

  • Leonard Halstead

    So was she charged with defamation and false representation of police officers ?

  • Tony Montana

    Hey Muslima , Please leave it on , for an improvement get the hijab that covers your entire face , because you are so F^#king ugly. If you dont like my comment sue me

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      She should trade in her head bag for an airtight one.

  • Apothis

    So why isn’t she being charged with filing a false police report?

  • ChannelSixtyNine69

    It’s about time Muslims found out what persecution is like in the West.

  • Pat Warden

    She claims the hijab is part of her “deeply held religious belief”. She was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant. What happened to the deeply held Islamic belief that WOMEN CAN’T DRIVE???????????

  • Nancy

    When will people understand……Muslims lie….It is approved in their “holy” book, the Koran…..Lie to the infidel’s, the non believers in Islam.

  • Michelle Mexico

    Finally, a use for FEMA camps. Muslims.

  • scott clark

    Community service : work on pig farm shoveling you know what

  • Seerightthere!

    Is it not a crime to make a false report? She needs to be arrested and charged and a nation wide public affairs presentation should be utilized to end these types of PC criminal activities.

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Just another Muslim pig. “BLUE LIVES MATTER”

  • winterdog1

    deport deport deport

  • drummie

    There should be some criminal charges against her for her false claims and frivlous suit. She cost the City a ton of money and the problems for the officers. it is high time in America that we start fighting back against this garbage. If you want to immigrate here, first learn OUR language and assimilate into American Society. If you don’t like freedom and prefer the persecution that is Islam, DON’T COME HERE. Simple as that. This has been a free country since day one, and Islam should NOT be allowed to undermine and eventually destroy this country with their 9th century satanic beliefs. Our God died FOR us, the Muslim one demands that people kill for him and then martyr themselves if necessary. One God died for us and one demands we kill for them? Something wrong with that demand to kill satanic prophet and false god. And don’t hand me the “turn the other cheek argument”. That has been being done for centuries and it does not work with Muslims. Holy war can be waged if the want it bad enough. They come and attack us and want us to turn the other cheek, don’t come to my house. I have large and small surprises in store.

  • Jaem

    How about charging her with a nuisance offence against Police? Isn’t that for when people use the courts and system for claims that are not real?

  • joe1429

    The dearborn pd, should arrested her, for false reporting

  • ballotcode

    She is a good argument for the full head bag. Cover that up!

  • ColonelNeville

    A Muslim lying about being a persecuted victim?! Well I nevah!

  • REM1875

    Damn there that little thing called truth standing in the way of another great SJW again.
    “But it’s how she feel that matters” Truth doesn’t matter. /sarc

  • joe kulak

    Muslims are liars. Islam is a lie.

  • joe kulak

    Fat pig.

  • Fergus O’Byrne

    We’ve had an even worse case than this here in Australia, much worse. Google ‘Carnita Matthew’. She even filed false charges against the policeman, and when she was charged for doing that, said ‘The person filing those charges was wearing a Niqab, so no-one can identify that it was me’. She got away with it. Full-on moslem evil.

  • Ronni Taylor

    More misinformation from a Racist Website. What a surprise! NOT!

  • Michael Gerardi

    This Koranimal witch needs an invitation to a party. Hosted by Judge Lynch.

  • Fred234

    Sue the Islamic trash.

  • Sean Thomas Taeschner

    Now, the police union and city of Dearborn should sue her for false claims and abuse of court process.

  • Merchantseamen

    If she goes to jail, shave her head she won’t need scarf.

  • OutlawJoseyWales

    As usual these type claims turn out to be false/black flag events where someone seeks to frame/harm others by falsifying circumstances. The truth is they are the worst actors as they know the others are innocent but proceed anyway.

    We see the same type scenario employing nooses supposedly left on campuses, hateful graffiti, broken windows, fires, etc. all aimed at harming those the party feels deserves to be punished.

    How sick one must be to do something like this, especially knowing it could ruin peoples careers and lives as a result – or encourage others to justify revenge for the faux event.

  • Scorpio

    Man, I hate these cockroaches.

  • Dan

    This is the same things Black lies matter people do. And nobody ever goes back after them once they are found out to be fake. When are we ever going to learn.
    If Trump loses and we get Hillary, this is going to be one screwed up country.

  • GRComments

    Let’s see, she should be liable for damages for the time and expense needed to investigate this false allegation. And her attorney if it is seen that he knew she was lying. AND, she filed a false police report. AND probably also lied at depositions. These offenses should be prosecuted vigorously so that people learn to cut this out.

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