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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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[ August 21, 2017 ]

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Devastating Poll Predicts Heavy Losses for Chancellor Merkel



“Devastating Poll Predicts Heavy Losses for Chancellor Merkel,” AFP, March 13, 2016:

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party braced for a backlash at key state polls Sunday over the German leader’s liberal refugee policy, while the right-wing populist AfD prepared to scoop up the protest vote from angry voters.

More than 12 million voters are electing three new regional parliaments for the southwestern states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as eastern Saxony-Anhalt in the so-called Super Sunday polls.

The elections are the biggest since a record influx of refugees to Germany, and are largely billed as a referendum on Merkel’s decision to open the country’s doors to people fleeing war.

“These elections are very important… as they will serve as a litmus test for the government’s disputed policy” on refugees, Duesseldorf University political scientist Jens Walther told AFP ahead of the polls.

Surveys in the run-up to the vote show that support for the CDU and its junior coalition partner Social Democratic Party (SPD) dropping while the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) was steadily gaining momentum and expected to record a surge in backing in all three states.

Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) was bracing for one of its poorest showings in years, particularly in its traditional stronghold of Baden-Wuerttemberg, with a poll published late Thursday by ZDF public television showing support plummeting by 10 percentage points to 29 percent — putting it for the first time behind the Greens — while the AfD snatched 11 percent.

Guido Wolf, the CDU’s leading candidate in the southwest, has described Sunday’s as the “most difficult election campaign” the party has had to run.

In Rhineland-Palatinate, where the fortunes of the CDU had been rising with the latest poll giving it 35 percent, the party is seen struggling to knock the Social Democratic Party, scoring 36 percent, off from the top of the list. The AfD meanwhile was hoping to crack the 10 percent mark.

In Saxony-Anhalt, where the CDU still commands a large lead in the poll with 32 percent, AfD has a stunning 18 percent, at the heels of the second-placed Left Party, on 21 percent.

BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 12:  Right-wing activists march in the city center and protest against German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 12, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. Germany will hold state elections in three states tomorrow and the right-leaning populist Alternative fuer Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) political party will very likely gain seats in all three state parliaments. AfD leaders however distanced themselves from today's right-wing march and urged AfD supporters not to participate. Right-wing groups are seeking to profit from the unease of many Germans with Merkel's liberal immigration policy that resulted in 1.1 million migrants and refugees arriving in Germany in 2015.  (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Right-wing activists march protest against German Chancellor Angela Merkel on March 12, 2016 in Berlin, Germany (Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

– ‘A lot to lose’ –

Merkel has been under intense pressure to change course and shut Germany’s doors after 1.1 million refugees — many of them Syrians — arrived in Europe’s biggest economy last year alone.

But she has resolutely refused to impose a cap on arrivals, insisting instead on common European action that includes distributing refugees among the EU’s 28 member states.

As dissent grew over her stance, AfD has capitalised on the darkening mood.

Founded in 2013 as an anti-euro party, AfD has since morphed into one that sparked a storm in January after suggesting police may have to shoot at migrants at the borders.

Although the upstart party has seats in five regional parliaments and is represented in the European Parliament, it has so far made its biggest gains in former communist eastern states that still lag western Germany in jobs and prosperity.

But its inroads into western states have sparked alarm in a Germany mindful of its Nazi past.

With an eye on the upcoming polls, Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned voters that “we have a lot to lose if we deal carelessly with social stability and democracy”.

Merkel herself described AfD as a “party that does not bring society together and offers no appropriate solutions to problems, but only stokes prejudices and divisions”.

She has also shrugged them off as a temporary diversion.

“As we progress step by step on the question of refugees, our policies will show results. And I’m convinced that from there, the support that AfD is enjoying right now will drop off,” she told Mitteldeutsche Zeitung in an interview.

  • jebor


    • Nathan

      Can’t come soon enough!

  • TexasStomp

    This surprises who?

  • Tatonka

    It don’t matter anymore who gets elected,. Germany and all of Europe for that matter is beyond the point of no return, finished, done for, history. Everyone who fought and died in WW ll to save Europe from Hitler has died in vain.

    • βιβλία

      Saving Europe from Hitler was in vain back in the 1940s, too. Bear in mind that the USA rushed off to Europe not to fight Hitlerism, per se, but to save the internationalist left from outright extermination by nationalistic leftists a.k.a. Nazis.

      Before you hoot in protest, bear in mind that most of the Jews in Europe were wiped out, anyway, so it wouldn’t have mattered much on that count if the USA had stayed home where it belonged. Furthermore, defeating Hitler is why still, to this day, Russia has many, many nukes pointed the USA. Defeating Hitler is why the USSR survived until the 1990s. Defeating Hitler is why there is a leftwing despotism in N. Korea, why France returned to Vietnam, why the communists came to power in Vietnam, and why America went to war in Vietnam. Saving the internationalist left from Hilter is why European leftists were able to help bring the Khmer Rouge to power and why the Khmer Rouge wiped out millions in ANOTHER ghastly display of “Progressivism” and “social[ist] justice”.

      In fact, saving the internationalist left from Hitler is why Muslims are pouring into Europe at this very moment.

      • Karee Bearance

        It had to be this way!!! Hitler was killing off all the Jews so YES we went in to help the Jews! I take it you are an enemy of the Jews!

        • RonW

          They did no such thing. No one cared about ‘the Jews’ at that time, as I understand it. Certainly not the British or French, not even many American Jews!

          • Janet

            Didn’t we turn away ships that had Jewish refugees on them?

        • joe1429

          I am not jewish, but it is a well known fact roosevelt had knowledge of the train tracks goin to the camps, and refused to bomb them, killing millions. That was the real enemy of jews

          • βιβλία

            You are correct about the trains and the trackage leading to the camps.

            American intervention in WWII was a cynical political ploy to stop a civil war among radical collectivists on terms favorable to the internationalist left. Worse, FDR used lots of slave labor (military conscripts); most of his slaves were too young and too ignorant to understand the situation.

        • βιβλία

          The USA did not go to Europe to save the Jews—except for Jews of the totalitarian left. Recall how strong commies were in America back in the 1930s and early 40s. They organized huge marches in places like NYC, and they pressured FDR to reneg on his campaign pledge not to bring America into the war.

          Now let’s unpack your divisive remark about being an “enemy of the Jews”. Well, I’m an atheist, albeit a nonsecular one, and Judaism prescribes enmity toward me. So, in a sense, I’m “an enemy of the Jews”, but do be adultlike enough to recall ALWAYS that the enmity begins with Judaism, just as it begins with Islam.

          • GroverMax

            “Non-Secular” so you’re a religious atheist? That could explain your belief in revisionist history… In other words you have no idea what your talking about and need to stop smoking FaceBook memes and study real history vs watching YouTube videos for your knowledge about history. smdh. :-/

          • βιβλία

            “Non-Secular”: I didn’t write “Non-Secular” but “nonsecular”. Stop fabricating quotes and start rereading what you only pretend to have understood.

            “so you’re a religious atheist”: So was S. Gotama, and his religion is VASTLY superior to Abrahamism. That stated, I think it would be wise to suspect that Gotama’s religion was altered somewhat during the past 2500 years, perhaps by the influence of Asoka (political racketeer) and the telephone game.

            “your belief in revisionist history.”: Mere innuendo. Think of something substantial to write.

            “you have no idea what your talking about “: Why do you believe that? The burden of proof is yours alone, and so far you’ve put no effort into bearing it. Instead, you’ve comforted yourself with angry barking at someone who dares to contradict your own unreasoned beliefs—which you may have picked up by watching too much History Channel schlock.

            “need to stop smoking FaceBook memes”: I don’t use

            “study real history”: Such as Robert Service’s biographies about Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky? If not, I encourage you to read them. Don’t burn much time on William Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”, however. He made clear in other works that he was basically an arrogant “Progressive” journalist, and as such biased and unqualified.

            “watching YouTube videos for your knowledge about history”: I don’t watch “YouTube videos” for my “knowledge about history”. Nor do I make such videos.

      • conan_drum

        Do not be silly your comment has no basis in fact

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        It’s an interesting take on things, where would a resurgent islam and bana’s muslim brotherhood be today in your fork in history had Hitler been undefeated?

      • Beachguy53

        You do know Hitler declared war on the US.

        • BrendaMGuzman

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    • βιβλία

      Oops, I forgot to mention that saving Europe from Hitler is why the USSR was able to drag the USA and other contries into a brutal civil war on the Koran peninsula. Saving Europe from Hitler is why the USA is still at risk of a nasty war over that little patch of land. Given Soviet assistance to Maoists, it stands to reason that American leftists and money-grubbing military contractors deserve credit for the Maoist victory in China, too.

      Americans need to give up the childish, delusional notion that heroic American soldiers went to Europe under the leadership of FDR. Instead, those soldiers were tools of criminals, esp. the Democrats. And if there were a hell, a place of special roasting would be reserved there for Ike and the other officers of his time.

      • conan_drum

        So your preferred solution would have been to leave the North Korean invasion of the South in place. Today we would have a much stronger Korea ruled by the same dynasty which would be an even greater threat to world peace. Not to mention millions more people suffering under the northern dynasty. Good plan. BTW N.K got its main support from Mao, USSR was not involved except maybe supplying arms.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          The USSR supplied not only fighter aircraft but Russian pilots to fly them (i.e. MIG Alley).

        • βιβλία

          Your paranoia about the Kim dynasty threatening “world peace” is ridiculous, and Stalin was involved in approving the Kim invasion of the south.
          Turn off Fox News for a month or two, then try again.

      • sodacrackers2

        So you think Hitler would have stopped on his own? Sounds a little crazy to blame Israel for all the evil hate preachers.

        • βιβλία

          “blame Israel”?

          That was a lazy straw man attack. Both of us know that there was no Israel until the late 1940s.

          And yes, Hitler would have stopped on his own. His hand was always limited by factors like his hypochondria, his finite lifespan, his horrendous blunders, Nazi inefficiency, and the fact that the Nazi’s had a finite supply of manpower and war materials with which to occupy and to control a HUGE territory. Furthermore, even without a western front (assuming the UK’s surrender in the absence of American help), the Nazis would have struggled for years to eliminate Russian resistance to their invasion. The USSR might have failed, but that would not have been the end of the Russian people—who proved to be ferociously patriotic in spite of Stalin, not because of him.

          • GroverMax

            Israel was created by the Balfour Document back during, or around, the end of the 1st World War.
            Nazi inefficiency? Hard to say anything good about the Nazi’s but the one thing you safely say is that they were efficient.
            You mean the incredibly stupid Russian people? The ones that embraced Communism and stood by as Stalin killed millions of more Russian people that the Germans ever did?

          • βιβλία

            “Israel was created by the Balfour Document”??: NOT TRUE. The “Balfour Document”, better known as the Belfour Declaration, asserts that “His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object…”.

            “Israel was created” mostly through the efforts of Jews who participated in activities such as…

            the first aliyah (1881);
            the second aliyah (1904-14);
            the purchase of land from Arabs;
            Jewish Legion assistance to the British in the conquest of Palestine;
            the 3rd, 4th, and 5th aliyahs;
            terrorizing the British to make them leave;
            and so on.

            And of course, Herr Hitler was involved in motivating many remaining Jews to proclaim a new state a few years after his death.

            “Nazi inefficiency?” Yes, Nazi inefficiency. The Nazis were notorious for cut throat infighting which was an outgrowth of Hitler’s style of ruling.

            “the incredibly stupid Russian people? The ones that embraced Communism”: Ridiculous generalization. They were not so stupid as to refuse to cooperate with Stalin in antinazi resistance, and it wasn’t true that all of them embraced Marxism-Leninism.

      • Janet

        Wow harsh!!!

    • conan_drum

      Do not be silly

  • SukeyMac

    They act like shooting them at the border is a bad thing

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Thats what gun control will do for society, they loose so many cultural and heritage conventions.

    • joe1429

      Guaranteed… the refugee problem would disappear, lol

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The germans do not have the desire to deal with issues on the street, they prefer to have their elected ubbermeisters tell them what to do. Maybe germans will do at the ballot box what they won’t do on the street.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Germans have far more to loose if they continue to support merkel and the islamic colonist shari’a party, they stand to loose the very nation of germany.

    • joe1429

      Germany…. Going… Going

      • Mahou Shoujo

        its gone too far already.

  • Trevor Fortune

    The whore of Babylon has her day of reckoning coming much sooner than she ever expected. Shoot them at the border sounds like fair play to me because if they don’t it will only be a matter of a short time before the muslim scum are shooting you in your bed.

    • Reagan40

      They even go on the high seas to rescue the scumbags. What a shame!!!

  • Ethan Dietz

    Guess that she should have changed voting laws and allowed Syrian votes. Too bad. Not!

  • Drew the Infidel

    This is Merkel’s fault for listening to an imbecile like Obhammud. The soundest idea of all is the creation of safe zones so that the refugee problem does not spread. Like Bush said, “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.”

    • Reagan40

      I agree with you. Europe listens to the American government too much. We have all witnesses the toxic influence of Obama-led America these past seven and half years.

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    Stupid ignorant traitorous bint… hope she flatlines on the polls and has to resign ( or go to prison for treason and pressuring the media to play down the fiasco)

  • sodacrackers2

    Wonder if she will still be talking selfies with the invaders?

  • Janet

    Good!!! Serves her right! This dumb bitch doesn’t give a crap about Germany or it’s people! It’s all about her!!! She’s saying look at me! See how liberal and tolerant I am! She makes me sick!!!

  • Rhodri Mawr

    “Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel warned voters that “we have a lot to lose if we deal carelessly with social stability and democracy””
    Yes, you DO like the instability of bringing a million people who don’t believe in democracy!

    Merkel: “As we progress step by step on the question of refugees, our policies will show results.”
    What results is she hoping to show? A drop in migrant sex crimes would be a good start…

  • scocope

    Merkel’s impending loss will be spun as Nazism rising again instead of a democratic reaction to her failed policies. Remember it’s never a Liberals fault; it’s always the voter’s fault in some manner or form.

    • Tina

      Just read several articles in the German media. You’re absolutely right! The media is attacking the voters. Here’s an excerpt from DW, German state media:
      “It is worth having a look at the part of the electorate that votes for
      this new party and what is on its mind. In Rhineland-Palatinate, around
      half of AfD voters consisted of workers and the unemployed and in
      Saxony-Anhalt; this group made up 70 percent of AfD voters. Overall,
      more men than women voted for the AfD. They are mostly white men with
      low levels of education – on the other side of the Atlantic; the
      equivalent would be Trump followers. They feel the same as AfD voters
      do: They fear complexity, anything foreign, the loss of their own
      significance and the loss of anything that is familiar and makes an
      impact on everyday life.”

      Yes, like your daughter being raped on the way to school or at the swimming pool. I guess being a worker & being a white male are bad things now a days.

      • scocope

        I guess the establishment’s fear of losing power is the same everywhere and their view of the voters that help to do it is the same as well.

    • Reagan40

      That’s what the msm is doing to Trump now. It’s not the liberal’s rally violent protesters fault, it’s trump’s fault.

      • scocope

        Controlling Trump’s speech is the first step towards controlling his actions and policies.

  • Wulf2000

    After the next major elections, Merkel will not be the Chancellor of Germany anymore because she does not want to change her policies. Who are the people behing her who wants millions of refugees into the country? She does not operate independently.

    • Reagan40

      Obama is the only one behind Merkel.

  • Richard

    Foreign politics are quite different than American politics, and at the present that is for the good. On the face of it we basically have Democrats and Republicans. Oh, sure there are Libertarians, Independents, Greens, but we consider ours a two-party system. In reality we have been approaching the reality of a single-party system for some time.

    One difference in European politics is the opportunity for the creation of new political parties with missions that are responsive to the current situation. We see it happening in Netherlands (PVV), UK (UKIP) , and now Germany (with AfD).

    In Europe their problems are right on top of their heads this very moment, they need their politics to be responsive literally to save their civilization. We have a bit more time and a better shot at turning things around within our current framework (unless Clinton wins).

  • Summerwarmth

    Devastating? I would call it absolutely fantastic and a reason to hope the old hag will be golfing with Obama in retirement soon.

  • itchy


  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Whether or not this will make any difference really depends on whether or not Germanistan is really still a democracy or just looks like one. I’d hope Schmerkel would have her head ventilated.

  • joe1429

    Germany may have a chance, if the right wakes up. Let us see the election results, although it will be a difficult road ahead, as merkel ruined the country

  • putupjob

    merkel will double down and triple down in supporting the invaders by intimidating and investigation anyone opposing the muslim invasion. count on it.

  • fritz

    But there are still to many idiots!Next votes will be in September.In think the AFD will get 25 % then.Im sure there will be a lot of rapes in the summer!You can read every week from a child harrasment by asylum seekers…

    Before the elections the leftwing scum has attacked AFD websites(it was the same at ALL elections!)now is offline…

    And here you can see asylum seekers in germany HANNOVER at a military drill with saluting…

  • Save Europe

    Angela Merkel – truly the most dangerous politician Europe has had, post-Hitler. I hope she gets a shameful, vile, insidious creature.

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