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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Spear of Jihad

[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim says he tried to murder woman because “I started listening to the Koran”

[ October 19, 2017 ]

French officials gave preferential treatment for public housing to mother of jihad murderer at Toulouse...

[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 19, 2017 ]

Europe’s New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Brussels Jihad Slaughter: ‘WE ARE AT WAR,’ says French Prime Minister (with unnamed enemy)


Described as a “war scene,” the body count climbs in today’s massive Islamic attack in Brussels. Explosions at the airport and metro killed at least 31 people and wounded more than 100 people. “We are at war,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after a crisis meeting called by the French president. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.” War against whom, exactly?

Here we go again. After every jihad attack, leaders stump on the mangled, dead bodies of the victims of Islamic attacks. They bluster, they bloviate — and do….little. The knee-jerk reaction to this unimaginable carnage is hollow words and deep concern for growing “islamofaxubia.” Muslim leaders use the carnage to proselytize for Islam and attack those of use who have long warned of this inevitable bloodshed.

The most notorious of the dissemblers, President Obama, insists the problem is with violent extremism, not Islam. Extremism is merely a measure. Extreme what, Mr. President? Piety. Islam. Still in Cuba posing with murderers, Obama looks absurd whitewashing the motive and preaching his contemptible brand of dawah we have all grown so weary of in the wake of jihad bloodshed.

Merkel, resign. Cameron, too. Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, resign. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, resign. President of the Council of the European Union (since 1 January 2016, The Netherlands) Martin Schulz, resign. Resign now, while you still have your heads.


“‘We are at war,’ French leader says after Brussels attack,” Associated Press, March 22, 2016 (thanks to Robert Spencer):
BRUSSELS — Explosions, at least one likely caused by a suicide bomber, rocked the Brussels airport and subway system Tuesday, prompting a lockdown of the Belgian capital and heightened security across Europe. At least 28 people were reported dead.


Brussels airportbrussels 9brussels 6
A spokesman for the Brussels Metro said 15 people were killed and 55 injured in an explosion on a train, and Belgian media reported at least 13 dead in two explosions at the airport, with many others injured.

Belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level, diverting planes and trains and ordering people to stay where they were. Airports across Europe immediately tightened security.

“We are at war,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after a crisis meeting called by the French president. “We have been subjected for the last few months in Europe to acts of war.”

European security officials have been bracing for a major attack for weeks, and warned that the Islamic State group was actively preparing to strike. The arrest Friday of a key suspect in the November attacks in Paris heightened those fears, as investigators said many more people were involved than originally thought, and that some are still on the loose.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s attacks, and Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said there was no immediate evidence linking key Paris suspect Salah Abdeslam to them. After his arrest Friday, Abdeslam told authorities he had created a new network and was planning new attacks.

Authorities told people in Brussels to stay where they were. Airport security was also tightened in Paris, London and other European cities….

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  • whoselineisitanyway


  • Bradley Lexvold

    People are starting to understand that you don’t speak,” truth to power,” you replace inept leaders. 1st is choose their replacements. Choose wisely!!!

    • L. A. McDonough

      Europeans citizens are mentally challenged (stuck in stupid) they seem to re elect neo Marxist leaders controlled by the globalists. Mass mayhem may wake a few up but things will only get worse until Europe is completely conquered under an Islamic state. Apathy and self indulgence is the mindset of the masses who care nothing about their heritage or future. Mass executions won’t even matter to them.

  • Then ACT LIKE IT!


    • michaelofsydney

      Maybe we could just perform lobotomies on them. Take out their brain. Thanks to micro surgery and incredibly powerful microscopes, it is now possible to locate a Muslim brain and extract it.

      One small operation…one giant leap for mankind.


    Eurabia, Let in more military age male muslim “refugees”.


    • Tiina

      They only blow people up because they have no jobs… we really need to stop being so darn racist against moslems.

      • michaelofsydney

        Um…I didn’t know Muslims were a race. That’s like saying pedophiles are a race or murderers are a race or rapists are a race….or welfare recipients are a race…or inbreds are a race….or morons are a race…If the Muslims are a race, why are there 57 Muslim nations in the UN voting as a block? I am sure that if you asked an Indonesian Muslim if they were of the same race as an Iraqi Muslim,they would say no mate. But I do get it Tina…you were being sarcastic :)

    • George E. Smith

      They think what thy are doing is PROGRESSIVE. But being progressive implies they are making things better, improving the situation.
      They are really REGRESSIVE.
      They bring in barbaric savages and turn them loose on their own civilized people and expect all to go well.
      Woe unto those that call “good” “evil” and “evil” “good!”

      • sakovkt

        Multi-culturalism is basically American Progressive De-Segregation expanded over a Western, American Progressive Empire.
        It doesn’t look like a traditional empire, but in form, it actually is.
        ANd now, it’s falling apart.
        The World Order Progressives have tried to establish since Alexander Hamilton, cum League of Nations and then the U.N., a World Republic, is collapsing on its own lack of merit, pretty much for the very reasons Graf von Moltke posited after the War of 1870.
        ‘Progressive” during the Wilson-FDR Ear, was understood as somewhat Bolshevik.
        ‘Pluralistic Government”, during the Versailles Era, was a term used in the 2nd Communist International and adopted by Progressives as a good thing when, in fact, it was aggressively anti-Nationalist and Imperial in nature.
        The Progressive Empire was built upon an American, French and British Imperial alliance with Russian cooperation, but was doomed when the European empires collapsed and the USSR turned on it.
        The NATO-Warsaw Pact contention masked the continuing collapse which is, now, obvious.
        New empires are emerging from the old which are geopolitical in nature, as always.
        Russia, Europe and the ME would make a formidable block against America and China, but it is just as culturally unsustainable as the Ottoman Empire, Czechoslovakia in 1939 or Iraq, today.
        And, these blocs are concocted by the same sorts who cherish political power above all things, oblivious to peoples or nations.
        It’s always just a game of power and conquering the world, which has been the nemesis of them all.

    • joe1429

      To think… the doors are still wide open in germany

  • Dusty Koellhoffer

    Islam has been at war with the world for 14 centuries and ginned in up over the last FORTY YEARS! NOW you’re catching on?

    There is no place in the civilized world for Islam

    America is raising a nation of wimps in a world at war

    Mad dog Democrats are the ultimate hypocrites

    Clueless media still don’t know why we’re mad

    Do those stupid people who vote for Candidate X really hack you off?

  • Ben Hur

    Islams Da Bomb man!

  • Honcho

    “Unnamed enemy”

    Ohh the enemy has a name, you just refuse to speak it, you refuse to deal with it, it hasn’t effected you yet of course, these people are never settled in your elite communities, you take private limosines so of course you never get raped at the train stations.

    It’s time for the people to stand up and hold these elitist political class seditious pricks to account for their UN friendly, nation destroying policies.

    • L. A. McDonough

      It will never happen because apathy and self indulgence is the mindset of the stupid masses. Islamic control just ahead if not already. The leaders are going along with globalist agenda: trashing the EU.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Monsieur. presidente of france, Stupide, hallow me to hassist hyou. The word you are looking for is islam, more specifically muslims. Should you have the intelligence to understand the qur’an, the terrorists handbook, their plans and intentions are clearly mentioned. Western european leaders are possessed by the complete inability to see the obvious, you are of the same species as merkel, who is equally clueless.

    • Tatonka

      You would have more success talking to and convincing a fence post than to talk to a western leader

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, a post is more intelligent and far more useful. In this case a row of tall ones lined up along the borders with barb wire, electrified and behind mine fields would be of infinitely more value than every fecal brained politician.

    • Rob Porter

      Well said, but now go listen to or locate Hillary Clinton’s self-serving driveling speech today on CNN concerning ‘counter-terrorism’. This fool just does not get it – or in an act of willful ignorance deliberately and calculatedly chooses not to get it – and for their comments on Islam after yesterday’s Brussels Islamic attack, Clinton vilifies Cruz and Trump, not the Muslims who committed this atrocity. Muslims kill, maim and disfigure, but those who condemn their savagery are vilified as ‘bigots’. Anyone who falls for such crap in a mental retard.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Democrat dhimmis in denial, now to convince voters to not vote for them.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Obama and Merkel are collaborators with Islamic supremacy and terrorism. They should be arrested. Imams who are apologists for violence must be arrested and their mosques closed. Laws must be written by congress to arrest and demand long term sentences or death. Suspects and the convicted can be held in Guantanamo.

    • Janet

      I don’t get why they give these terrorists here in the US such light sentences! It should be automatic life or the death penalty! It’s treason for God’s sake!!! They need to send a message to these dispicable ISIS collaborators!!!

  • Arizona Gunowner

    The Western European powers say they are at “war” now.
    I don’t think they know what the word means. Because they certainly are not at war.
    Now, Islam is at war with them. That’s obvious.
    I doubt that Europe will ever actually go to war to save their civilization.

    • Tiina

      The European civilization that would fight for itself died a long time ago.

  • Michael Gilley

    As long as there exists one pathological islmc ideologue on earth there will be no peace on earth.

    • michaelofsydney

      Quite true.And I might add, if the referees continue to cheat against Australia in Football World Cups (note well Italians!), there will never be peace. Same applies if my sister keeps taking the last piece of ham…..

  • Solipsis

    What do you mean “we” exactly misster Pzzat President? I think you live in a nice safe house with high walls and a security team. When do you start giving your people WEAPONS you merde piece of crud.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    When will the West finally understand that this is a war between Islam and the rest of the world for global dominance. Wake up people before it is too late. In Europe it is already too late. Europe has become Eurabia. After so many years of Islamic terror, only morons can still remain PC. The enemy is Islam.

    • farflung

      We do not have a leader like BI BI. Our leader is Muslim, pro Iranian, a traitor, and lacks the balls to deal with it. Soon , hope is there with TRUMP.

  • Tadpole

    Those who would rather die than be called an Iswamphobic waaaacist are well on the way to getting their wish.

  • Reagan40

    Sooner or later the non Muslim world will have to wake up to the reality of the war started by Islam. We have to fight to death with the Muslim world. We have to go on the offensive and hole them up in their countries and prove to them that allah is not akbar.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Obhammud said all that? In the 51 seconds he consumed to comment aimlessly on the carnage in Brussels. Far be it from him to let anything at all get in the way of his legacy shopping. Talk about a goof off president.

  • What terms will be used when the terrorists accomplish a multi-city single-day attack? “Armageddon”?

  • sakovkt

    Yes, this is just “Charlie Hebdo”, all over again.
    Lots of hand wringing, “solidarity” cameos for world “leaders”, and then more of the same old, same old.
    Nothing will change until new leaders replace the old.

  • Marc Goldstone

    Silly Europeans… You are at war with ISLAM and it will defeat you unless you end the policy of welcoming those that worship a cancerous doctrine that incites violence against all nonbelievers. The only cure for humanity is to outlaw Islam until it is purged of all the hateful stuff.
    Contrary to the political talking heads the world is not a war with ISIS or any other subsidiary of ISLAM. We are at war with ISLAM and until that fact is acknowledged we will continue losing the battle. Until all Islamic refugees are sent back to the hell holes they are most comfortable in, the cancer of ISLAM will metastasize until western civilization is destroyed.

  • Dave Mc

    Well, at least he’s aware his country is at war. After a few more dozens die, perhaps he’ll puzzle out who with. And a few dozen more after and he may gather the guts to speak the words.

  • joe1429

    Never thought the french pres would have more balls than the us potus…. who went to a commie beisball game with raul castro.. after he got news of brussells

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