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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Brussels’ Jews Cancel Purim


Purim is such a happy, joy-filled holiday. I am in Israel, and the country is alight. In Purim, on city streets children run about dressed in costume — all week. Every night is a different party. I brought my costume. The parades, the singing, the dancing — the celebration of life — is the polar opposite of Islam. Darkness and light. Life and death.

Of course, the Jews in Belgium have no choice but to cancel Purim, but what a message. Islam crushes everything is in its wake. After the Muslim invasion, Jews who stay in Europe do so at great peril and risk.


“Brussels’ Jews Canceled Purim,” by David Israel, Jewish Press, March 22, 2016:

The Jewish community of Brussels had prepared two major Purim events for this week, intended as the focal point of celebrations in the city — but now, according to Ma’ariv, both events have been canceled. The authorities have requested everyone in the city to stay home over the next few days, following the horrendous terror attacks Tuesday. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the Israel-born head of the European Jewish Association lobby group, whose office is right next door to the Molenbeek metro station, where one of the bombings took place, reported a very difficult day for the local Jewish community.

“The Jewish community here in Brussels and in Europe in general is not surprised,” he told Ma’ariv. “We’ve been receiving alerts for a long time now. Despite the shock the city experienced, we were not surprised. Of course, we feel the concern and the pressure, but we were really not surprised by everything that’s going on in the city. It was only a matter of time before such an attack happened.”

“We evacuated family by family from the Jewish school,” Rabbi Margolin described the day. “We feared additional attacks and contacted the families. To avoid panic, we asked that they take the children one at a time. Since then, all the families are at home. We obey the instructions from the security services.”

Rabbi Margolin has no doubt there are additional terror cells still lurking around Brussels. “The fact that the terrorist from Brussels was able to hide in the city for several months means there was someone helping him, which is why I believe these were not the last attacks we’ll be seeing here. The routine right now is difficult. There’s a feeling of insecurity. The holiday events are being canceled and we’re listening to the security forces.”

Following last November’s deadly Paris attacks, Rabbi Margolin called on European governments to relax gun-licensing legislation and to allow Jews in particular to carry firearms for self-defense. But on Tuesday he said he did not believe the motive for the new attacks had been anti-Semitic. “The attacks were not directed at Jews but against all the citizens of Europe who are getting used to a new reality,” he said, adding, “God is guarding us and we’re doing everything in our power to make sure that all the Jews in our community are safe.”

Jewish schools and institutions in both Brussels and Antwerp have been shut down. At least two local Jews were hurt in the attack, one an Israeli Haredi man who lives in Antwerp and was in Brussels for a wedding, and another Jewish person was moderately wounded, according to Samuel Markowitz, a paramedic from Hatzolah who spoke to Joods Actueel.

  • Mike Webb

    Arm yourselves. Demand a change to your gun laws. Let the islamic cowards try to attack when your citizens are armed. Criticize the United States all that you want to, but we have a right to keep arms for protection.

    • knock ‘er off

      We have that right today, but if Hildabeast is elected we won’t for long. Maybe someone will nail the little bit ch.

    • Charlie Hebdo

      Cuomo had the “SAFE Act” passed in the middle of the night which among other things, bans high capacity magazines, AR-15s and other such rifles,

      Unfortunately, the courts have upheld this legislation, leaving New Yorkers unprotected against a Moslem terrorist that gets his hands on an AK-47 with two 4-stacks of 30 rd. magazines (without of course knowing that it is illegal in NY) and decides to shoot up a soft target.

  • BrunoPBuhr

    No place is safe from these animals and their satanic beliefs. Neither Brussels nor Chattanooga will ever be safe until we remove the apologists for violent Islam. There’s no separation between the Koran and the war against civilization. There are those who respect the ideology of peace and those that seek to establish the greater part of the “theology” that is bestial and satanistic in nature. There is no peace with the latter. Hurting the feelings of those who are too ignorant and backward to see the evil is of no consequence. War has been declared against civilization it is time to move the cowards and Vichy governments to the side.

    • Mildred Graff

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        go make a one-way hajj to mecca.

  • AnneM040359

    A good and blessed Purim!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Happy Purim. May the modern day Hamans suffer the same fate.

      Happy Purim to Ms. Geller as well!

  • knight

    Off topic

    Muslims bash Australian camera crew in Sweden reporting on refugees

  • knight

    Question, what is the feeling with the Jews that might return to Israel

    Found this the other day, that the Quran says Israel belongs to the Jews

    Quran says Israel belongs to the Jews

    • SRN99

      The rest of the Quran is garbage written by a demon possessed pedophile

  • Summerwarmth

    Maybe they should have a hanging of haman Purim festival. Let the Muslims remember what g-d does to people who try to destroy the Jewish people.

    • SRN99

      Hang Mohammad this filthy fake prophet


        mooohammed was a prophet of satan.

  • spacearcadian

    there´s no time for celebrations. europeans have to pay 6 billions of Euros to Turkey and receive hundred of thousands of muslim refugees and 78 millions of muslims from Turkey which will become part of the EU. don´t waste time, back to work!

    • joker

      Indeed somebody has to pay the bill don’t wait for the muzzrats to do that.

      • ljm4

        They aren’t going to pay for anything Europe wants to give them for free…your tax money is being stolen just as are American taxes are and given to moslems and their extended broods.

  • EJO

    Happy Purim to all of you Jewish Shruggers out there in Atlasland. Have a great day.

    Also. I would love to be able to visit Israel someday.

  • Jane

    One thing that needs to be remembered is that the Jews were in Israel for 1000’s of years before Islam even began. That is their homeland.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Muslimes could screw up a one sided rock fight.

  • joker

    I used to like Purim as a child and it is a pity they cancelled the event. Why give in to this? But then again we speak about Belgium what is in fact a failed European state big scale. The laughing stock of Europe, the Banana Republic of Europe. Was nice knowing Belgium and the pissing statue in Brussels keeps on pissing.


    They’ve used gas & even truck-emission now the Muhammadist-lobby & the numerous Grandmufti-type politicians of the EU, US & elsewhere use Muhammadist immigrants for their ethically undeveloped actions & goals.
    The Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini used complicit indifference of people & Turkish & Kurdish Muhammadists when he joined the controlled mass-murder of Armenians by the Ottoman empire as General & used the indifference & complicity of the people, Nazis, SS & Islamic SS, with Hitler to mass-murder Jews, human rights activists, Africans & others. Now the numerous Grandmufti-type politicians of the EU, US & elsewhere use the indifference of the people & complicit manipulation of the media for their ethically undeveloped goals & actions. I doubt there’s a deity or angels having a security firm.
    Let’s unite for a globally, voteable global party & government for human rights & ecology to protect our global identity & culture from Muhammadism worldwide.

  • SRN99

    Cursed is Islam and all its followers. Allah is a fake god invented by a worthless filthy pedophile called Mohammad. May he burn in hell.

  • Uselesscrap

    Time for europe to expel all muslimes. Where are the neighbors who are hiding these scumrats? Send all muslimes to syria and lebanon.

  • Millionmileman

    Even if they toned down the celebration they should read the Megilla (Book of Esther) which we are commanded to do. After all it tells how Esther was brave enough to talk to her husband the King without being summoned. Approaching the King was very risky as he could order such an transgression with death! Esther sought an ordnance to warn of the impending Anti-Semitic plot, by Haman to exterminate all the Jews.

  • Wayne Ville

    Soon all Jewish holy days will be cancelled in Europe. This is what happened last century when the liberal socialists took over, it is now happening again.

  • karl59

    Emergency situations call for arming oneselves.

  • JC Bond

    So few Jews. Too many moslems.

  • joe1429

    Belgium is issuing warning of more immediate bombing plans. The sad part is, due to pc correctness, they do not have the intelligence to foil these upcoming attacks

  • Steve

    Nothing to worry about at all. That seems to be the option offered by our golf playing traitorous leader. Give up. Cancel living. Forget breathing. It sounds really good – to leftist socialist like this infamous president fan of cuban baseball – while our country wonders at the likes of low-information voters elected another one just like him. What the hell got into the mind of this brainwashed hypnotized impostor, this infiltrator puppet, this alien invader that occupies the role of leader of the greatest country in the world – a reality called hell!

    • Paul Duca

      Does your living consist of anything beyond drinking in your man cave, staring at your big screen, and dreaming of killing anyone with a scarf on their head (before tearing off whatever his female companion is wearing)?

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    When was the last time muslims had to cancel one of their ceremonies or holy days for fear of being suicide bombed or shot dead?

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