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BREAKING: Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated after Brussels jihad terror attack


“Schools and universities have also been evacuated and the European Parliament will remain closed until Thursday at the earliest.” This is Europe’s new normal — the future they have invited for themselves.


“BREAKING: Belgian nuclear power plants evacuated after Brussels terror attack,” by Tom Batchelor, Express, Mar 22, 2016:

TWO nuclear power plants in Belgium have been evacuated after explosions tore through Brussels Airport and metro this morning.

The Tihange power plant, an hour’s drive from the Belgian capital in the province of Liege, and the Doel power plant in Antwerp have been cleared amid heightened fears of another attack.

Security has been stepped up at both Doel, which houses four reactors, and Tihange, which houses three.

Armed police and the Belgian military have been on site since the weekend following growing calls from the energy industry to beef up security at the potentially vulnerable plants.

Energy company Engie said all non-essential staff had been evacuated at the request of Belgian authorities.

The plants continues to operate and key staff remain on the site.

No reason was given by local police for the emergency evacuation, although Belgian authorities are braced for a follow-up attack.

It follows after blasts at Brussels’ airport and at a city centre metro station left at least 34 dead.

ISIS has reportedly claimed responsibility for the atrocity.

Schools and universities have also been evacuated and the European Parliament will remain closed until Thursday at the earliest.

More to follow…

  • You asked for this Europe, enjoy the Muslims.

    And we’re next thanks to Muslim Obwana and his unvetted Muslim pals.

    • Just Straight Shooting

      Don’t forget, it’s the demonic, communist democrats who put this P.O.S. in power… Every democrat and idiot who voted for this devil are just as guilty as he is!

  • Rob

    The only thing islam has to offer the world is violence, death and destruction.

    • Rebecca Bauer

      No, Rob,

      That is just not true. How could you forgot dhimmitude- after all, it’s a vital part of the concept of peace in the Moslem mind. And if these uppity Europeans had only been good dhimmis, this likely would not have happened (of course, plenty else happens when you can subject a minority to the status of second class citizens).

      Naturally, not all people are sufficiently privileged to become dhimmis. Decisions regarding this “privileged” group is presumably left to the reigning caliph, whose power is unchecked. Those lowlifes ineligible for dhimmitude- such as animists and atheists- are given a choice: convert or die.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        By the tenets of dhimmitude, Buddhists and Hindus wouldn’t get the choice of dhimmitude either: conversion or death would be their only options.

      • Rob

        Dhimmitude falls under the blanket of violence, death and destruction, maybe add in subjugation.

        • joe1429

          Go Trump!!!!!

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    And let us not forget the homily of Pope Francis on Palm Sunday – one of the most sacred and spiritual days of the Catholic year chastising his flock for not being even more ‘welcoming’ to Muslim invasion. What am I to think???

    • Mahou Shoujo

      That even the Pope can be suckered in.

      • Just Straight Shooting

        He’s not “suckered in”, he is working hand in hand with his master, satan. The pope is NOT a man of God!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          He has his good points, but international politics and an understanding of islam are not among them.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            If he can’t recognize evil for what it is, he shouldn’t be Pope at all.
            If the Pope has the keys to heaven, it’s long overdue for G-d to change the locks.

          • joker

            I am surprised the Lord did not lock him out already. The today’s Pope is an utter plonker and we need another Ali Mehmet Agça.

        • Cliffhild

          Anyone read the Left Behind books?

          • Just Straight Shooting

            I’ve read them all. Great books and although listed as Christian fiction, they are spot on, highly accurate.

    • berserker

      Liberation Theology = Communism. It has worked out so well that Mr. Pope wants the most capitalist society on earth to open its doors to those fleeing poverty from Latin America, the hotbed of Liberation Theology.

  • Today of all days I got a newsletter from TheaterMania advertising “Mosque Alert” which describes the “so-called” Ground Zero Mosque controversy: “This was just a single, high-profile instance of post-9/11 Islamophobia negatively impacting civil rights in America.” I unsubscribed on sight.

  • Omate7

    How many Muslims are working in this Nuclear Plant? Ummm??

    • Crystal Waters

      I hope they were the ones sent home.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Doesn’t that thought just fill you w/confidence and fuzzy feelings of security. Just imagine how comforted the people who have to live near such a nuclear power plant must feel. Can you imagine a Fukushima or Chernobyl in Fwance? It would affect all of Western Eurabia.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    In the annals of history, the incredibly stupid fiasco of the european union inviting an invading army across its borders, paying for it to be there, war being declared by islam, still the indigenous fools sit with their thumbs up their derrières’, their only response is to retreat and cower under their own beds. If it wasn’t so tragic it would be funny.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Could they have evacuated the plants because f’ing muslums work at both of them?

  • Tatonka

    All the Western leaders responsible for this unfettered Islamic infiltration in their Country need to be tried for treason and aiding the Enemy and publicly shot hung and pissed on.

  • joker

    Well who cares it is Belgium. We Europeans used to call Belgium the Banana Republic of Europe. Mickey Mouse country so to speak. They do nice fries however with mayonaise and that is all. Happy bombing you sucker Belgiums you have asked for it enjoy it, too. The muzzrats have to be sorted out soon. Don’t count on the Belgiums.

    • Uselesscrap

      Good chocolate too!

      • joker

        That is true: bon bons are nice, Tin Tin is the detective and the rest are plonkers. The city of Antwerpen is nice also and the pissing statue in Brussels is just pissing. Belgium it was nice knowing you.

  • Wayne Ville

    Idiots. A nuclear power plant is one of the very LAST places you evacuate! You beef up security and arm everyone! You do not cut and run. Oh, this is Europe, sorry. Wrong continent.

  • Solipsis

    boom boom boom
    Don’t look at the light.

  • Victor Redlick

    Europe’s no longer a “nice” place to have your picture taken in front of… unless you want terrorists and their Muslim paraphernalia to haunt you in your “dream of a lifetime” (yeah, right!) photo. Don’t boycott Europe. Just don’t bother going there. With all the mass indiscriminate bombings, what’s your life worth? An arrogant sneer from a French waiter; a mocking expression from a pathetic BeNeLux denier; or another London underground explosion. It’s your call!

  • joe1429

    Why did it take over 24hrs to release the names of one of the muzrat terrorists, ibrahim abrahohwam??? this happens every attack, they dont want the muzrats names released. why??

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