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Bill to End Anti-Semitism, Pro-Islamic Bias in New York Classrooms


This is long overdue. A textbook commission should have been created as soon as children were forced to say the shahada in the public school.

Stealth jihadists have been perverting our textbooks for some time now. No defense was undertaken by the Department of Education. Kudos to Assemblymen Brian Curran and Dov Hikind.

“Bill to end anti-Semitism in New York classrooms” Israel National News, March 4, 2016:
NY Assemblymen launch new bill creating a textbook commission in NY state, blocking pro-Islamic anti-Semitic materials.

New York Assemblymen Brian Curran (R-Lynbrook) and Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) recently held a press conference with education activists to discuss their new bill banning anti-Semitic textbooks in the state.

The bill prohibits textbooks and materials that redefine the roles of Jews as well as Christians, African Americans and other racial groups in American history. In order to do so it will create a state textbook commission to regulate instructional material for New York state elementary schools.

“There is nothing more important than our children’s elementary school education because that experience shapes each child and helps inspire their futures – it is probably the most impactful period of their learning,” said Curran.

“Everyone would agree that having textbooks depict accurate facts and data, and not misleading or confusing information, is of the utmost importance. The bias that exists in some textbooks currently in use today simply does not accurately represent Judeo-Christian history in the United States. By creating this commission, New York State will be in a better position to have input and oversight on what textbooks and instructional materials get used in our elementary schools.”

Curran worked with education activists Dr. Sandra Alfonsi and Cindy Grosz, who found that some textbooks used in New York, Texas, Florida and Tennessee distort the facts of American history with anti-Semitic language, and show a pro-Islamic bias and “politically correct” content.

Hikind said, “this proposal to establish a commission to review education textbooks isn’t only welcome, it’s essential. Unfortunately, circumstances have proven the need to address anti-Semitism and the ongoing bias toward people of different race, religion, and ethnicity within our state public-school systems.”

“Look no further than the two recent incidents within the Greater Hudson Valley area that saw highly inappropriate, anti-Semitic videos being shown to young impressionable minds.”

The bill states that its purpose is to create a commission to review textbooks, and remove those that show a slanted pro-Islamic bias, anti-Semitism, and anti-Judeo/Christian values. Aside from textbooks, materials brought into the classroom also fall into the scope of the commission’s authority.

Activist Cindy Grosz, author of the book “Rubber Room Romance – Everything You Need to Know and Ask About the Education System” and US Northeast Coordinator for the group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, welcomed the bill.

“I commend Assemblyman Curran for recognizing that this is a serious and increasing problem in our country. Creating a bill that prevents this bias within our textbooks and educational system from occurring is a great step in the right direction,” said Grosz.

“Textbooks and instructional material used in elementary classrooms should not be promoting any particular political or social agenda. It should be an accurate portrayal of how history has unfolded, as best as we can interpret it. This legislation will be an example of how New York State can lead the way into the quest for nonpartisan improvement of education, serving all students equally, without discrimination or bias.”

For her part Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, director of the America Education Textbook Reform Project and chair of Curriculum Watch and National Hadassah, warned that in the textbooks, “the materials are cleverly prepared so that the bias is not clearly identifiable.”

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  • trd

    Imagine that someone writes a book called – Code of conduct. In this book, he details how to behave, how to dress, what to eat, what is allowed to do, what is not allowed to do etc. Children are taught this book’s values from childhood. When they grow up, they may or may not follow them. They may think for themselves and adapt different values. This code of conduct then, would have minimal effect on their behaviour.

    However, if in the same book, a god is added, and then this book is taught to the children, basing these values on this god, then the children are significantly more likely to not leave these values well into adulthood. Because of god, the same code of conduct then, would seem divine, hence, indispensable.

    Thus, the conclusion here is that, the best method to inculcate specific values into the culture, is to do so with the aid of a god. Without this god, the values seem ordinary. But with this god, the same values seem sacred. Therefore, the difference between an ordinary book of moral conduct and a ‘holy book’ is an imaginary god

    This is how religion is used to spread culture. An imaginary god is used to make people behave a certain way. To what degree the followers adhere to it, varies depending upon the followers as well as the religion. IQ plays a critical role. –Countries with an average IQ below 92 are overwhelmingly religious–. The average muslim IQ is 81. The low muslim IQ is main reason why it is so easy to condition muslims with religion. So great is the power of this belief, that it can be used to make people kill and die for the religion. Which is what happens with muslims. The belief in a god is a tremendous resource, which muhammad exploited to the fullest.

    Note – The tightly knit muslim communities, as well as fear of prosecution for leaving islam, ensure that even if the belief in allah dwindles, muslims still stay within the islamic fold. This, in turn, guarantees that even with the lack of allegiance, islam gets proliferated, because even these muslims are compelled to pass on islamic values to the next generation

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Religion has many good points, but they have to be discussed, challenged, defended and demonstrated to be good for the individual and society. Religion is much like a monkey training experiment. A troupe of monkeys are placed in a room with a stepladder with a banana placed on top, Other bananas left on floor. Every time a monkey tries to get the banana from the ladder, the whole troupe are hosed down with a garden hose. The monkeys learn to discourage any of them to climb the ladder as it leads to an unpleasant soaking. Slowly they learn to leave that banana alone. Then one monkey is removed, replaced by a new untrained one. Same procedure, soon, all monkeys know to leave the banana on the ladder alone, this is repeated until all the monkeys are replaced. After a while no monkeys will attempt to climb the ladder even if none have ever been hosed down. This is how education works, one generation learns from its predecessors, They don’t know why, they just submit,

      • Richard

        Do you think that’s why I’m not fond of bananas?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Did we meet in Calgary at the bio lab? If you took the same options I did, you will have an aversion to step ladders, and garden hoses. Can only face bananas at Dairy Queen.

          • honeybee

            In South Texas we have banana trees. Grow all along the River Walk in San Antonio.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Luxury, we have choke cherries growing along the creek here. Also, are compensated by there being lots of mosquitoes when the snow melts.

      • joker

        But the question now is which monkey is hosing down the other monkeys off the ladder?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The hairless one.

      • Are you writing about evolution?
        Anyway the only hope is in this booklet. NO religious red tape.

        This Was Your Life

      • Scorpio


        • Mahou Shoujo

          Conditioning, there are other way to “uncondition” those “conditioned”. Psychological manipulation is a developing field.

          • The origional roger

            I usually leave conditioning till after the shampoo.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            So you have bought into advertising that conditioning helps?

          • The origional roger

            Only the part where they tell you it makes your hair shiny and healthy and then you can sing, you get a new car, the kitchen is tidy, that sort of thing.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Ok, I’ll take a jug… make that two.

    • Scorpio

      Great comment…I completely agree with you. The extremely low IQ of muslims and blacks are rarely (almost never) talked about. When humans (muslims and blacks) behave like savages, their low IQ should always be an issue to discuss. Imagine high IQ Jews / Asians / Whites behaving with this degree of barbarity – it never happens BECAUSE of their high IQs.

    • Mary

      If you look at a map of the world, IQ’s appear linked to nutrition more than any other factor. (Though of course inbred peoples have a disproportionate number of birth defects.)

      As for Islam, the devout practioners of it are kept constantly sleep deprived by the rigorous prayer schedule. New moms joke about baby-brain, (forgetfulness brought on by sleep deprivation) but Muslims live it year in and year out. Their religion is difficult most of the year, and nearly impossible during the month of fasting when sleep deprivation combines with daylong fasting…. Hard to advance a society when almost everyone in it is not functioning to full capacity, right?
      Getting out of Islam is like getting out of the mafia. How do you do that and live?

      God is not imaginary. He answers prayers all the time… Just so you are aware of it, even the enemies of Israel acknowledge their God is real. Just google, “their God changes the paths of our rockets”.

      “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee”. In Genesis I believe. How else does one explain the old camps in Germany being turned into invader housing?

      Plenty of proof, just repent, and pray…
      FYI, there is no reason to insult people for believing in God. You’d be insulting a stellar group of thinkers, not just simpletons.
      “God, Science, and Atheism” posted on YouTube by acts17apologetics.
      All the best.

  • wilypagan

    It is about time!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Public school is to be secular, 100%, no religion favoured or disfavoured, neutral. Any textbooks pertaining to religion are to be confined to philosophy, history or comparative religious studies, with extreme indifference in the presentation of material. Those wishing a religious education, can form a private school, which will be subject to vigorously enforced anti hate legislation.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I gotta wonder what kind of islamic indoctrination is going on in Canada’s schools?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Less than in the U.S. from what I hear, have a few relatives and friends who are teachers, they talk too much shop away from the job. Even the retired ones.

      • Mary

        There are other forms of stealth indoctrination going on. (Islam too, but primarily perversion) Even in conservative communities, perverted couples come and speak to kindergarteners about how normal they are. Kathleen Wynne of Ontario is pushing perversion on all Ontario schools through sex ed. Many immigrants are pulling their kids out of school and trying to set up cooperative home-schools, or private schools.

        That same group is trying to push for all 3 (or is it 4) year olds to attend school. (Reminds me of that mantra, ‘Get’em before they’re eight, or it’s too late’) Sounds like the leadership is on board with this, and the people must be vigilant, or they will literally be euthanized by their brainwashed children. (Euthanasia is legal now too.)

        I don’t know about the rest of my generation, but there was at least one teacher who pushed hard for all of us to go deep into debt by attending uni. There are not, nor will there ever be enough jobs for uni grads to get. He pushed it as ‘working smart, not hard’. Didn’t even encourage us to first figure out what we wanted to do….. Illogical, no?

        The person who mentioned that they are very subtle is right. If you take a look at children’s books they push so many bad messages it just boggles the mind. Try finding a dinosaur book that doesn’t push evolution. Try finding a princess book in which the girl in question isn’t lazy, entitled, and throws fits to get what she wants (or has some higher power, but not Christ, to ensure she gets her due.) There is even a Lego book that has a character who is demon possessed. Not kidding, they plainly speak of a snake looking out through the characters eyes…. what besides demonic possession matches that description?

        • Jim Fox

          ” Try finding a dinosaur book that doesn’t push evolution”
          Try reading a book or 3 other than your ridiculous bible…

          • Well, you have the destruction you and others wanted. Since you control education and government, how is it going?

            How is your god changing lives for the better? The Muslims REALLY appreciate your position about the Bible.

            1 Corinthians 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

            2 Corinthians 4:4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

          • This Short Life is NOT the End

            Try not being so disrespectful to a Lady. She said nothing against you. Too bad if you got your emotions hurt by what she said, it was not directed at you personally. But you direct your insult to her personally. Just like an atheist – butthurt over things you cannot comprehend, so you attack an innocent woman who means no harm to anyone and says nothing offensive (unless you are an easily offended jerk).

            Your comment is ridiculous. Look that word up, putz.

          • Jim Fox

            “Try finding a dinosaur book that doesn’t push evolution”
            Try reading a book or 3 other than your ridiculous bible…

            What is untrue about this statement? I merely reflect the question back at her. I have no idea how you come to the conclusion that I am “butthurt”, whatever that offensive-sounding remark means.
            She offends me with her Creationist nonsense and anti-science attitude, as do all you other religious fanatics in the Bible Belt.

            My comment is factual and reasonable- unless I’m addressing a ‘putz’ like you… who is truly the ‘offended’ one.

          • Mary

            It seems we both love to read. My guess though, is that you like books which you automatically agree with…?

            A few books you may find interesting….
            -Fifty Years in the Church of Rome (by Father Chiniquay)
            -The Priest, the Woman, and the Confessional (same author as above)
            -Foxe’s book of Martyrs ( a hard read, list of crimes committed in the pursuit of wiping out Christianity. Many are worse than ISIS today.)
            -Where there is no Doctor (an excellent reference book for those in isolated situations.)
            -Living on the Devil’s doorstep (life/death and redemption along the drug trails)
            -The Small Woman (a movie of questionable accuracy was made of this incredible story. Story by Gladys Aylward)
            -Not without my Daughter (there is also a movie of this)
            -The Century of the Detective (by Jurgen Thorwold)
            -Hidden beneath the Thorns, Growing up under Nazi Rule (by Ingeborg Tismer and her daughter,Gabriele Quinn)
            -The Hiding Place (by Corrie Ten Boom)
            -Bill Wallace of China (by Jesse C. Fletcher)
            -Death of a Guru (by Rabi R. Maharaj and Dave Hunt)
            There are many others, but I really can’t remember the titles to all of my favorites. If you don’t want to read all of those, then just read the first and last titles I listed… these books are an easy read, due to their incredible clarity.

            If videos are more your speed… Perhaps you relax by watching TV?
            Go to youtube, and you’ll find the following.
            -“God, Science, and Atheism” (posted by acts17apologetics)
            Your insistence that Christians are anti-science is absolutely bogus. I can say with a hundred percent certainty you’ve never looked into it!

            A quick personal observation here. Find some diagrams of ‘woven, and knit fabrics’. There is a significant difference in how they are made. They are often made of the same materials, but the manufacturing methods drastically change the properties of the final product. Why mention it? Simple, how were we made? We were knit, according to Psalm 139. Now compare the DNA helix to the two diagrams… there is a resemblance for sure.

            There are claims in the Bible that sound outrageous, but even they are accurate. Moses parting the sea sounds impossible, but there is so much evidence for this that some Egyptians (recently) wanted to sue the Israelis for reparations! Just google ‘Egypt sues Israel”. Then watch…
            -“Exodus of Israel from Egypt-REVEALED-Hard Evidence in the Red Sea” (posted by 180MovieCom)

            -Museum Day 2013-Dr. Gary Parker-Dinosaurs and the Bible
            (posted by TheCreationMuseum)

            Lest you give the excuse that the Bible is just fairy-tales, or just as bad, a mere history book… may I remind you it is a book of prophecy as well?
            Just one to think about…Hosea end of chapter 3, beginning of chapter 4… refers to animals/birds/fish dying in the latter days. Back to youtube… (haha)
            thetwopreachers posted a compilation of mass animal deaths. This is ongoing btw.

            I dearly hope you don’t just dismiss this reply as a rant from a believer. You are not wrong to want evidence, but if you reject strong, clear evidence, you are wrong.
            All the best.

          • Jim Fox

            No, Mary- YOU like books which you automatically agree with. Bible, some?
            My reading list is a little wider than yours, is all. And many books I disagree with- mainly religious drivel.

          • Jim Fox

            -Museum Day 2013-Dr. Gary Parker-Dinosaurs and the Bible
            (posted by TheCreationMuseum)

            REALLY? NO, REALLY?? There’s a credible source, the Creation Museum!
            No, sorry it is not worth my time wasted on someone whose critical faculties are completely missing.

          • Mary

            FYI, Dr. Gary Parker used to teach evolution. Taught it for years, relished ‘converting’ people away from religion. He understands both sides, because he has spent years on this topic.

          • Thomas Smith

            Try this

          • Jim Fox

            “Your insistence that Christians are anti-science”
            Did I say that? IF I did it should read “FUNDAMENTALIST christians are anti-science”; which is why some dumb Southern States try to get Creationism taught as a real alternative to evolution. Child abuse, I say.

          • Mary

            Society (including you) benefits today from the studies of many great scientists, see “God, Science, and Atheism”. This is posted by acts17apologetics on YouTube.

            I understand if you don’t have any desire to read about the awesome miracles, and answered prayers that many have experienced… But, I do not understand when you refuse to open your eyes and just listen for a few moments to those scientists. The video I mentioned includes quotes from many who significantly contributed to nearly every aspect of science. Their words don’t matter to you?
            As you like… but don’t go bashing the intelligence of believers.

          • Thomas Smith

            We are actually pro-science, but we object to the distortions of science by rabid evolutionists bent on pushing their pseudoscience. I call it pseudoscience because it based on a lot of hand waving and speculation, where design is not even allowed to be considered. You can approximate the probability of evolution by looking at the genome and you see that any significant functional advancement will require many specific mutations. You multiple the probability of the many specific required mutations together and you see the impossibility of evolution – the probability is too small. But evolutionists ignore all this, where they daydream and make up scenarios how evolution happened without addressing the probability problem. What we really see is the selection of programmed-designed biological systems. Nothing about it is natural nor predominantly the result of mutations!

          • 2the perpetually offended putz

            “She offends me with her Creationist nonsense”

            “who is truly the ‘offended’ one”

            You forgot the question mark on that last piece of rant, and you already answered your own childish question there in the bold text, dickweed. 8>0

        • joker

          The only one who is lurking about a kindergarten is either a muzzrat or a dirty priest. Not to forget to mention filthy Harry from next door.

          • This Short Life is NOT the End

            Give us an example of a “priest” lurking about a kindergarten. I’ve been following the news in North America for 50 years and I can’t think of a single case of what you mentioned.

            The perverts are the ones running the show. Atheists are LoFo’s. Low information, heavy on the lies, and hatred for all that is Holy. Not much different than muzzies, if you don’t factor in the violence.

          • Jim Fox


            Lists THOUSANDS OF CHILD-ABUSING PRIESTS. You learned NOTHING in 50 years of ‘following the news’, then?

          • yourlifehasnosignificance?

            Name just one priest who lurked around a kindergarten.
            Priest. Lurk. Kindergarten. Go!


          • Jim Fox

            How the truth hurts the religiously- infected mind!

          • yourlifehasnosignificance?

            The religion of atheism is the one that takes the most faith to believe in. You have to deny the existence of a greater power, and that would deny you the power you have granted yourself to be your own god. It is a life without meaning. Long hours, days, months, years, all wasted attacking those who actually know the very real peace and satisfaction of being a child of God.

            What do you have to lose, your life already sucks so bad you are lashing out at innocent strangers who don’t harbor the same beliefs (religion) as you?

            God offers you his love, and you insult Him. What do you expect to get from that?


          • Jim Fox

            What ‘god’ does an atheist worship?

          • Jim Fox

            “The religion of atheism”
            Bullshit from a retarded mind.

        • This Short Life is NOT the End

          Thank you for that information on Ontario, Mary. My people were among the early settlers up that way.
          Very good comment. It is hard to get away from those who hate Christ these days. Speak His name and they spring forth like a viper spitting their vile venom.

          Best of luck to you. Peace and guidance, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

          “If the world hateth you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.” John 15:18

          “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” Matthew 10:22

          Daniel Webster Bible (pre-progressive era)

    • drummie

      So who gets to define what is hate speech? The first amendment should protect speech without it being outlawed because someone gets their feelings hurt, or is that what hate speech is, hurting someone feelings? If it is, we are all done for. The left has been trying to change history to fit their rose colored version of it which doesn’t work. Good, bad, warts, and wrinkles, history is just that, the facts as they have always been, not changed to promote some cause of some ideologues and their agenda.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Use the “kiss” system, keep it simple stupid,if it says to physically or mentally injure, then keep quiet. Publicly advocating violence is hate, make that punishable by law. That includes, but is not limited to, sermons from pulpits in any gathering for religious or other purposes. “Where two or more are gathered” there will be no hate speech. At one time, history was the “present” today will be history tomorrow.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You do realize there are at least THREE, authentic ahadith of islam (spit) that plainly call for the worldwide extermination of Jews. How would you resolve that w/your proposed hate speech legislation? AFAIK, not one muslum, anywhere on the face of this earth, has publicly denounced these ahadith, NOT ONE.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            What they keep to themselves is their business, but the minute it is made public, it should be a crime, with very harsh, immediate deportation when possible as the minimum sentence, jail for those who cannot be deported, with no chance of parole.

    • Mr Paul Middleton

      Don’t paint all religions with the Islamic brush because Islam isn’t a religion,it’s a political ideology of theocratic fascism, sanctioned violence, intolerance, Arab cultural imperialism, totalitarian universalism, domination, bigotry and vengeance in the guise of a religion.
      No religion today apart from Islam, sanctions violence. No religion except Islam preaches terrorism against unbelievers. Muslims are the only “religious” group who demonstrate their anger and hate for unbelievers by carrying the Koran in one hand and guns, grenades or swords in the other.
      In short, Islam’s an Arab supremacist declaration of war against all mankind.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Ideally school is to be a place to learn how to think, which involves some rote memory, lots of thinking and many questions. The islamic education system consists of a bunch of prepared questions with standardized answers, no challenging questions, punishment for wrong answers. You are right about islam. Religion is a personal matter, not to be mandated by anyone, individual choice to participate or not, all religions will obey basic secular laws of tolerance and indifference.

        • Mr Paul Middleton

          I am suggesting a more radical position, not less! I want the facts about all religions to be taught because it’s a far different and much better thing than current standardised teaching you rightly say we have, or (the atheist position) of no teaching at all, because the facts, by definition, would necessarily have to include teaching that Islam and its obligatory jihad is the single greatest threat to both the West’s way of life and the lives of all non-Muslims.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Your concept would work, definitely worth consideration and application.

        • Jim Fox

          No, Mahou- religion is NOT a personal matter; that would be personal belief. Religion is the formulation of a complete control system administered by clergy and funded and supported by the State, with taxpayers money.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Religion is subject to individual interpretation, even to a limited degree in islam. The element of “freedom” is always present, wether cults like islam, which subscribe to predestination, admit it or not. The bottom line is at the individual, the individual alone, will be accountable for their actions, not as part of a collective group.

  • Get Islam out of our classrooms and OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!

  • Timmy John

    Keep on doing Pamela, the good work you are doing. An article against Muslims Bullying Pamela Read Here…

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Good luck, they’re gonna need it fighting the entrenched islamic element that has infiltrated and subverted practically every aspect of the US educational system.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Here are a few expectations for muslims in America.
    Action Items for the Muttaqun:

    Take down that picture of Martin Luther King.

    Remove all pictures of animals and people from your walls, destroy any idol statues.

    If you have a job where your boss insists that you decorate, such as is often required for teachers, decorate with ribbons, colored cotton, and other creative decorations, but do not succumb to hanging up images.

    Take down that calendar with pictures of ‘cute, cuddly’ animals on it.

    Allow your child to play with dolls if you so desire. Keep in mind that the dolls during the Prophet’s time were simple “rag” or “sock” dolls without animated human features or intricate ‘life-like’ detail.

    Do not hang up your child’s pictures of animals, people, or anything worshipable, and don’t let the schools do it with your children, either. Limit drawing to educational purposes.

    Do not mix images and religion. Allah, subhana watala, sees all intentions.


    Get after the liberal Jewish lobby

  • Drew the Infidel

    It was once said that the job of a Russian historian was to predict the past. “Political correctness” denotes factual inaccuracy.

  • Up Huff

    Not in a CUOMO run state. It’ll never get off the ground. At least not until Cuomo joins Silver, et al, behind bars. Or at least convicted.
    ON the other hand, should it by some miracle come about, the punishment for violating the law should be an immediate defunding of those Districts which choose to do otherwise. Then extend the defunding until every child that was in a classroom in those Districts is out of High School.
    Best thing to do is for the FEDS to do it. And stay the hell out of everything else.

  • Islam and the Textbooks – A Report of the American Textbook (years ago)
    Islam in America’s Public Schools (2001) and Hindu prayer, Senate

  • The problem is they no longer know what Anti Semitism is. As most Anti Semitic ideas have become the norm. It is just plain Racism.

  • joe1429

    Will Mayor fidel castro and the commie council let it pass???

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