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[ September 26, 2017 ]

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[ September 25, 2017 ]

Has Germany Never Learned?

Belgium: Muslims Riot, Attack Police After Paris Jihad Murderer Arrested


Europe is betting its future on the proposition that the overwhelming majority of the huge numbers of Muslims it is importing are “moderates” and will become loyal citizens. If that were true, however, why do things like this happen? Why weren’t the Muslims in Molenbeek out cheering the police as they apprehended the Paris jihad murderer Salah Abdeslam? And why hadn’t they already turned him in?


“Violence Breaks Out in Molenbeek After Paris Suspect’s Arrest,” by Abigail R. Esman, Investigative Project

The most wanted terrorist in Europe, considered the mastermind in November’s multi-targeted attack in Paris that left 130 people dead, was arrested Friday by Belgian authorities.

But residents in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, where Saleh Abdeslam was captured, didn’t breathe a sigh of relief. Within hours, the district, which has a majority Muslim population, erupted into riots. Dozens of Abdeslam’s fans attacked police with bottles, stones, and other objects, local press reported, angered by the arrest of their “hero.”

The situation is developing.

Worse yet, Belgian newspaper De Morgen reported (subscription only) that “the whole neighborhood” knew where Abdeslam was ever since the Paris attacks.  Nobody tipped off authorities.

The violence and code of silence over Abeslam’s hideout is not as surprising as it might seem. As we’ve noted previously, the Paris attacks were hatched in Molenbeek, in addition to the 2015 attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo‘s offices.

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  • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

    Time for the French to wake up, put down their glasses of wine, stomp out their cigerettes and get real with what is going on.

    • chuck_2012

      yes but will they do it? the french have a very comfortable lifestyle and do not want to upset that.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Islam will upset it for them as french lifestyle is completely incompatible with islam’s.

    • Leclem

      Incidently, Molenbek where that took place – is in Belgium (but the french are in the same situation).

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Maybe they can channel the spirit of Napoleon, or William the Conqueror. William is a guy who would’ve known how to handle the muslum chimpanzees as well as their treasonous puppets in the French government.

  • Juan
    • WileEC

      A very brave leader with courage and determination looking after and protecting his people. Every other leader in Europe (and in fact the world) ought to be doing the same.

    • Really?

      Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Orban will be remembered as a hero if Western Europe prevails against the plans of the NWO. Trump is OUR Orbam. Wake Up America and Europe! Something Wickid This Way Comes!

      • jfmoris110

        Western nations need a few more immigrants – eastern europeans with some f__king common sense to be our leaders, newsmen and to teach history.

        • usakindatheart

          No we do not!

      • jfmoris110

        Riots are only a problem if the leaders would rather side with the rioters than the citizens who want law and order. A real leader would see this as an opportunity: all the worst aholes are outside in a group, ready for the round up. If they deported the rioters,plus their families (for unity) and imams there would rapidly come an end to this kind of stuff.

        • arctic_front

          I believe you nailed it perfectly. Surround any protest, round up any people there, and all of their families, and deport them within 24 hrs. No trials, no appeals. If you are found at a protest, you are loaded onto a ship or an airplane and nobody sees you again. I’d go so far as to demolish any mosque where a radical has worshipped at.. or an Imam who preaches jihad at… they should all be bugged.

          • MarleneDPulley

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          • Mr Paul Middleton

            You c##ts are back I see. Piss off and get a proper job.

          • Pray Hard

            And here I was thinking that you were working in a whorehouse outside of Las Vegas.

          • jebor

            Be gone skank !

          • BostonLiberty

            Seize all of the mosques, turn them into centers for Veteran’s Services, and deport all of the muslims back to their country of origin or allegiance. Solve all sorts of problems with this plan…

        • usakindatheart

          No, u can round up and round up, but the muslims will always push, u keep thinking that even law and order can stop Muslims, that is stupid, Muslims know only one law, and that is Mohammad, the Muslims do not follow any other law, Mohammad gave them a book of war, on how to conquer unbeliever countries, it is never army to army,cut is through lies, conversion, pretend friends, and all the while their drum beats a different kind of war tune. You must read the Koran to understand your enemy!

      • Dave Pinoy

        trump is a con-man, a scoundrel and scalawag…He is an unscrupulous businessman victimizing the gullible and the less informed.

        • runnindeer

          What a pathetic excuse for a post. On a site that is talking about a radical scum bag like the one in Paris , you are going off on Mr, Trump as if he was a bad person. Shame on you for being so pig headed and stupid.

        • Reagan40

          Proof, evidence? Are you an illegal immigrant? Are you a Muslim?

        • Keith1941

          You could be right, but if America doesn’t fix this immigration and muslim problem, we won’t have a country worth fixing. I keep reading about a heroin problem…where is this coming from? I like Cruz, but we need someone very bold..not afraid to say it like it is…not afraid to tell the media to go to hell. One more thing, we older folks have seen these “protestors” before…they were the long-haired-maggots led by Bill Ayers.

        • helga

          you ARE a con muzzi!! like all of them.

        • jj

          You’re an idiot

      • suqsid4

        Good men are being persecuted.

      • halodoc

        Right. Which is why Trump is so hard on CAIR. Which is why Trump was so willing to abandon freedom of speech and call Geller “disgusting” and “inciting” and say “Isn’t there something else she can draw?” “What is she doing?” “Why is she doing it?” “What the hell is she doing” last year after the Draw Muhammad rally in Garland, Texas. Wake up, Really, …”Something Wicked This Way Comes!” Indeed. He’s a real “Orban,” isn’t he.

        July 10, 2015, by Pamela Geller: “What’s wrong with Donald Trump”

      • dad1927

        The governor in MN said YOU should leave if you don’t like the muslims pouring in.

      • Pray Hard

        It’s not “coming”. It’s been here for decades.

        • usakindatheart

          8 years at most, there was a real big meeting of nwo, 8 years ago, and things have changed drastically since then

      • Louise from Canada

        Really–So so true. Even here in Canada people should wake up before it looks like Europe.

      • Guest

        Hope you’re right but in today’s leftist climate, he could end up vilified as Milosevic was for inciting Christian vs Muslim conflict in the Balkans during the late 1990s. His crime was protecting Christians from endless Muslim slaughter.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The qur’an is very specific of islam’s plans, the muslims colonizing europe are following the plan. Stupid multi cultural progressive politically correct stooges cannot accept that not every one sees the solution to problems is group hugs.

      • DemocracyRules

        The present is just one of many attempts by Islam to conquer the west. On September 11, 1683, we almost lost it all. It was a close-run thing.

        The Siege of Vienna

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Islam is very persistent, a trait of the brainwashed and submissive. Liberals are too full of themselves to deal with the baser details of oppression.

          • DemocracyRules

            Hi Mahou,
            Yes. Jihad is also a business. The Arabs were poor, and war was a way to make a good income. If the early Jihadists took over a town, the townspeople might just surrender, and pay the head tax. A handful of Jihadists could live very well from a small town.

            If the town fought back, some fighters would die, but if the Jihadists won, they would have a bonanza. First, they could liquidate all the military aged men, and seize their possessions, including their wives and daughters and sons. Females could be kept as wives, as concubines, or sold as slaves. Boys could also be sold as slaves, for work or sex.

            It’s not for nothing that North Africans have lighter skins than other Africans. Slave traders have been importing white women into that area for many centuries. That’s one reason the Jihadists persistently attacked Europe. The women were worth more.

          • DemocracyRules

            The movie refers to the business end of Jihad. They called Vienna the ‘golden apple’. Lots of money to made from looting and slaves. They planned to take Rome after Vienna, where much more booty could be had, especially from churches.

          • Bob Blackthorne

            They STILL have plans to “take” Rome! Another couple hundred thousand “refugees” from a few miles across the Mediterranean will ENABLE them to begin.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Islam is everything a real religion isn’t. In essence islam is a form of legislated theft where the parasites kill their own carrion. It is all very apparent in the qur’an. To think there are allegedly educated people that think it is a religion of peace, causes a sane person to loose faith in alleged intelligence.

            Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are severe against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves… (48:29)

            The Arabic word used to describe the ideal treatment of non-Muslims (shin-dal-dal) is the same word used in over 25 places in the Quran to describe how painful Allah has made Hell for them.

            Islamic law actually forbids formal Muslim charity (in the form of the zakat payment) from being used to meet the needs of non-believers.

          • Lonnie Robinson

            You are brilliant and spot on :)

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Just stating the obvious.

        • Psalms 51:6

          Excellent post! All should at least read the history of the siege if not watch this well made film. Unfortunately too many have paid little attention to history while it is very much alive in the the Muslim community. September 11, 2001 and September 11, 1683 are no coincidence!

          This is no theory, it is a true and living conspiracy. The world is in the middle of a Holy War!!! Like it or not—it is HERE!!!

        • jebor

          Martel !!!!!

      • jfmoris110

        There is no such thing as muslim refugees, there are only moslems aith self inflicted problems.

        The actual people needing refuge from moslem countries are the non-muslims: but the UN decides who gets refugee status, and the non-muslims likely wouldn’t survive the refugee camps – or even just leaving their own ghetto.

    • John Smith

      Great speech, we need more leaders like him and Geert Wilders in the West. There’s far too many traitors and cowards who have power right now, they must be removed from office. Hopefully either Trump or Cruz will be that real change people seek in the US and eventually in other nations.

      Sadly here in Canada, we elected a radical leftist moron named Trudeau and he’s bringing in thousands of Islamic rapefugees from Syria and elsewhere. The left/liberals have no moral compass and they will destroy western civilization if they aren’t stopped.

    • Don Grantham

      As he said, the rug is not being pulled out from under their feet. Rather, carpet is being installed right under their noses.
      Time for some ‘Orban renewal’.

      • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

        Oh! YES, Another superb Don mot! ORBAN RENEWAL!!!
        I am envious … I wish I’d thought of that one. Respect!

        • Don Grantham

          Thanks… but considering how bizarre the world has become, these things just write themselves.

          • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

            You’re too modest Don, that was an absolute gem. Something Mark Steyn or Oscar Wilde might have written. Especially as the tag comes after visions of carpet and renovation are called to mind… Still chuckling here.

          • Don Grantham

            Thanks brother. Every artiste still needs an appreciative audience. It’s a synergistic thing…

    • The origional roger

      Great speech, said everything that we here have been saying for years, no wonder he is so disliked by the EU.

    • Ayna

      He’s a hardliner, with all the flaws that come with those types.

      But a hardliner (who’s not a muslim) is a better option for his people and his country than those soft-baken, treacherous leaders in the West collaborating with the islam to replace their original civilians as cheaper, less IQed workforce and voting cattle.

      These Eastern European leaders are used to decades and decades of repression and threats from the Russian side.
      They laugh at the EU and their attempts to do the same.

      The funny thing is, they know they can go against EU repressive ruling without real repercussions.
      Knowing that the EU will go to great lenghts to keep any member within the EU *look at the billions they pumped into a banktrupt Greece*, instead of letting them go as dissidents.

      What he’s saying in this clip is the unconvenient truth, and nothing else.
      There’s no going around it, and it’s a great thing there’s internet which makes such statements immediately visible for a world audience.

    • Louise from Canada

      I had tears in my eyes listening to him. I’m in Canada and I wish our stupid Prime Minister would do such a speech. But we all know that he will never do it. Long live the Braves!

    • usakindatheart

      Dear Hungary from USA, fight for your sovereignty! What is happening to you and Europe is madness, don’t let the new world order win!

    • joe1429

      This guy is fantastic!! The hungarian version of Trump!!

  • RichardMitton

    Can you please get it RIGHT, it’s the #EU not Europe.

  • But…but…Islam is the religion of PEACE!!!

    Isn’t it?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      When will it be a thought crime to think any differently?

  • pdxnag

    MMmmm, the smell of vibrancy in the morning.

    Slightly stale notes about the town here:
    “Report from Brussels: idealism meets reality”

  • Fred

    Execute the savage.

    Also find out who knew where this POS was and said nothing and charge them as well

    • jfmoris110

      It’s important to deport/ punish the leaders and support networks – moslems are loyal to their families and religion – not to any law & order of our societies. They don’t belong in civilized societies at all – it’s not a matter of getting rid of them for cause, instead get rid of them for any pretext – I’d include: collecting welfare and any violation of law

  • Inspector Clouseau

    All muslims are moderate until they are not. …. time bombs all …. Don’t let them fool you … they are all evil because they all read the same instruction manual.

    • jebor

      No words needed !

  • steelraptor from Saturn

    Gee what do you know, supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and the PA jihadists doesn’t protect the native Belgians and French of course from the wrath of their precious Muslims.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    There will be a reckoning!~

  • karl59

    A Moslem’s sense of right and wrong is filtered through the Holy Quran.

    • runnindeer

      They might call it the Holy Quaran. I call it Un Holy. Yes, I have read it, and compared it with the Christian Bible. Islam follows a lie.

    • Ayna

      Everything for a muslim is filtered trough the quran.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Every muslim is a potential terrorist, they are to be trusted, only when they have proven they are trustworthy, which in the case of most muslims is impossible. Those rioting should be herded like the cattle they are into trucks then deported to libya immediately.


    By the way: I couldn’t see a couple of new news-posts which I realized after I requested desktop-version on mobile to try to stop the permanent mutation of the website into a complete different advertising website.

    All these people together with their politicians should be arrested, educated & put under control where they can’t harm anyone meaning not deported to Isis. It’s illegal that these EU-politicians put the whole of Europe in danger by importing Muhammadists into this fragile media-manipulated, naive, developing political system.

    The problem is that people are being misled by people in the anti-Caliphate movement that don’t want a global representation party & eventually global government, that mix this movement with their anti-ecology-activism, capitalism & nationalism & of course even sadist, racist Muhammad’s propaganda deception. We need to stay focused for human rights & also ecology to succeed & reign effectively, to achieve effectiveness.

  • John Smith

    Same thing with Kosovo-by the time people figure out that muslims are at war with us–all muslims–it’s nearly too late and the only solution remaining to save your country is warfare.

    But of course that doesn’t necessarily work either when Leftists and outside nations with their goody-goody intentions stop you from saving yourself…like they’ve done to Serbia and Israel and anywhere else Islam has been highly successful. But the war does not stop even if the world stops looking-muslims will continue their rapes, their jihads, terrorism, riots, etc…because they don’t stop until they are forced to.

    As it’s been said before, “for evil to triumph, all it takes is for good men to do nothing.” The time to fight against Islam is now-not when they reach 40-50% of your population. At that point it becomes nearly impossible without total war. People need to organize, elect anti-Islamic politicians, ban Islam then deport muslims.


    moslem’s biggest weakness is that they are predictable. same reason you don’t put a rabid dog in your bed

    • John Smith

      Agreed and that’s what will be there downfall. Our weakness was tolerance for the intolerant, which is why muslims have been able to take over as much as they have.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This does not speak well of the Belgium or the european union’s security forces if, it was that well known. Perhaps they should get out and see what is going on, instead of reading facebook propaganda.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Europe’s present, our North American future (and yes, that includes you Oh, Canada).

    • Don Grantham

      New flag design is in the works…

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, gr8. The US flag will the crescent, stars and bars.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Shouldn’t it be in green? I wonder if there is a color called islamic green?

  • Ghost Writer

    “Europe is betting its future on the proposition that the overwhelming majority of the huge numbers of Muslims it is importing are “moderates” and will become loyal citizens.”
    That is a losing bet!
    The baffling question, however, is: why is Europe importing Moslems in the first place?

  • Michael Onoo

    Reminds me of Ferguson and Baltimore…. Lets import thousands of these animals. Obama will use section 8 and HUD to move them to your neighborhood

    • jfmoris110

      Does anybody else notice a surprising lot of apartments being built in your community, despite a dead economy (except for govt and cronies)? I swear, around here it’s enough to make you think someone struck gold.

      I wonder if it’s possible to become a section 8 slumlord without being a (D)irtbag supporter? I bet it’s way easier to pass inspection if you are. Section 8 housing is good (mobile homes need not apply), but it’s not the homes which make a crappy neighborhood – it’s the people.


    Loyal citizens with the EU-regime to their grandmufti Amin-El Husseini & Muhammad.
    History-flashback: The mass-murder of Armenians was perpetrated by the Muhammadan Ottoman empire (Turks, Kurds) & wasn’t fought against by for example Germany. Amin El-Husseini who was a Grandmufti of Jerusalem appointed Jihadi  after the 2. world war emigrated from Germany where he was financed by Hitler to France & lived there, was stationed as General in Smyrna in the 1. world-war joining the Armenian genocide by the Turks & Kurds, ‘the Ottoman empire’ joined by Germany, later formed the Muslim Nazi SS-division while organizing the slaughter of non-Muslims with the Nazis. He was administrating mass-murder & the death-camps of the Nazis & visited Auschwitz.
    He was the uncle of Arafat who strangely got awarded with a Nobel peace-prize.
    The EU establishes Isis in Syria & Europe by recruitment.
    The only way to stop Muhammadan lobbyism taking over is to create a global party dedicated to human rights & ecology addressing that problem.

  • atl slayer

    Angry Moslems??? Say it ain’t so?? Fans of murder and mayhem also Moslems?? I’m shocked. shocked I say,,,,hahahahaha :/

  • Robert Bayer

    Actually .. the leftists don’t care what happens to the people of Europe, and don’t think for a second any good will result for Europe through this Jihadist invastion, though they lie and propagandize otherwise 24/7.

    No .. What they want is a tidal wave of anarchy, poverty, hatred and violence that will increase exponentially because this is the means by which they will justify absolute tyranny.

  • porfavoramerica

    prezydent trump will pay a $1000 a head for muslimes terrorista, all illegal mexican become rich

  • It seems to me that the Belgium police need to start shooting these MONGRELS!! The public might just show up and help their police officers by shooting these Muslim slime along side of them!!
    That is the only way anyone will ever get these Muslim scum bags!! Here in the USA we will have to start on our Muslim problem in the same way!!
    Damn, I need to go get some more ammo!!

  • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

    You’d expect riots if there are no moderate muslims, if the stinking invasion of alien unassimilable angry young men were all in favour of shooting and slaughtering kuffar.

    Me?, I expect riots!

    I don’t like muslims I don’t wish to tolerate or understand islam, I know enough right now…it’s VILE… I don’t want them or it in my world and I don’t need to explain why, by now everyone with a radio or tv or internet and basic comprehension skills has enough information to know why islam is as unwelcome as a turd in a punchbowl.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    The Europeans have no idea what they got themselves into when allowing Muslims to settle in Europe. Eurabia is a fact on the ground.

    • Honkingeese Watchgoose lll

      A few of Cologne’s women are starting to get a FEEL for it.

  • Judi

    So the residents of Molenbeek knew where this POS was holed up all along. This is a similar scenario to the one in Pakistan where Osama bin Laden was living freely right under the noses of the so-called security forces for years and nobody said a thing.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I believe the US government (spit) still funds the terrorist islamic pigs of pigistain with our tax dollars, as in with hundreds of millions or a cool billion dollars a year.

      • Judi

        Yes, you are correct. They do.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Europe “betting it’s future” on the motives of monsters is better known as wishful thinking. You can wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one gets full the fastest too, can’t you?

  • Can we be confident that all this time since the human cockroach was free and living in wherever he was stealing oxygen from those more worthy, that those who knew who he is and what he did decided that they would not “drop dime” on the turd? Yes, just might be the answer. Therefore, if this town is a no-go zone, then it should be converted into an an all-go-at-all-times zone–for good measure. If the authorities don’t do this, then they will get more of the same.

  • Det. Snide

    Shut down the UN : it is wholly an extortion racket whose main function is to suck money from the White European countries.
    Stop all Foreign Aid , this is wasting money that could be better spent at home, in the US, Europe , Canada, Australia and NZ.
    Stop all immigration . Deport all illegals.

    • Ayna

      Even more, it’s has been transformed into an organ that follows the muslim agenda.

      Which is anti-Israël on the top of their priority list.

      Look at their list of official citations against violations of human rights, and it becomes obvious this is not just my opinion, but a fact.

  • drummie

    The only way to end this is for everyone to stand up to Islam. Not Jihad, ISLAM. As a political and life control systems, Islam IS JIHAD. We must make life so miserable for the Muslims we have that they want to leave. Our government must do its job, defend the people of the United States against our enemies which include Islam. Obama the wannabe Imam and dictator will never do it so we MUST elect a POTUS that will. Islam has been at war with the rest of the world since Islam was formed by a perverted failed General who wanted to remain in the political forefront of the day. He was and is a prophet of Satan just as Barack Obama is. Islam gets their knickers in a knot because someone draws a cartoon of the pervert Muhammed? TOUGH, GET OVER IT. Islam is the personification of evil. Any organization that will take your head over a cartoon is EVIL. We have been warned for centuries about evil taking over the world. That is exactly what is happening with the politically correct cowards we have in office. Very simple, ISLAM IS EVIL and evil must be destroyed. Islam commits genocide every day and has for centuries. Don’t you think it is time that we fought back? Hasn’t the “other cheek” been turned enough? Job programs and welfare are not the answer, Islam must be destroyed or mankind will fall into a pit of perverted evil.

    • taskmaster

      I totally agree with your post. The way things are going though if anyone dares to say anything except praise for the muslims you are automatically branded as a racist, bigot, idiot, (or fill in the blank) person guilty of Islamophobia. I don’t care; they can call me that, I will tell the truth about this cult from hell. More people are beginning to see the light and are waking up to this threat and are beginning to speak out thank God. If you want the problem gone, remove the problem maker/makers.

  • iprazhm

    If there were a larger number of muslims here in the states, islamic riots would have resulted here. Obama, federal/state agencies, fake religious leaders, DCF/CPS and others are working around the clock to transplant the necessary numbers for chaos, then takeover.

  • Robert Batchelor

    And the 64 thousand dollar question is—-will Europe finally wake up and do the right thing?

  • Keith1941

    It seems from talking to our friends and relatives in Germany, they still don’t get it. Merkel’s doing a wonderful job..Americans don’t know what’s going on…hate Trump and love Hillary. Of course Europe and the Soviet Union always preferred Democrat presidents. Makes me wonder why America spent so much money defending and rebuilding that part of the world that part of the world.

  • dad1927

    its politically correct to let him go, and they will burn down the city for the hero being arrested,. Its going to look looke a war zone

    • dad1927

      send this to a liberal

  • Pray Hard

    Europe could disappear this Summer. The US could disappear before Mobama is gone.

  • Jack

    I learned a very long time ago don’t count on what you wish it to be, hope for, want judge only on the reality of its current state. If someone or group of people tell you they believe something that boggles your mind and their behavior is consistent believe them 100 % and if they’re already in 20 years old + they are not going to change. Given your circumstances do not them a pathway to citizenship or permanent residency nor their off-spring. Give them a time- certain 5or 10 years and the they must be repatriated. If ISIS or Assad is removed sooner then sooner.

  • LightMirror

    This alleged ‘article’ is more hypocritical, duplicitous cr*p, from Geller, as usual.

    • TimmyH

      Can’t even back up your assertions can you. Haven’t met ONE who could. It’s all true, radical Muslims will hold Europe hostage and kill more if their jihadi heroes are apprehended. This is a violent invasion, a WAR, instigated by the left using the cover of “peaceful” migration. And spare us The Muslim Observer’s political cartoons, using self pity to marginalize the Charlie Hebdo slaughter. You know why nobody remembers Naji Al-Ali? Because nobody knows who Naji Al-Ali is, so sorry.

      • LightMirror

        Did Israel’s Mossad secret police and death squad agency know who the Palestinian political cartoonist Naji Al- Ali was? Tell me, is that an assertion, in the form of a question, that is backed by fact?

        Fact: The general public in the West doesn’t know who Naji Al-Ali was because of Zionist Jewish influence, intimidation and censorship in the Western press, including, BTW, at Charlie Hebdo.

        Fact: In 2001, Charlie Hebdo writer Olivier Cyran resigned and wrote a letter with documentation condemning C. H. for “descending in the post-9/11 era into full-scale, obsessive anti-Muslim bigotry.”

        Fact: In 2008, C. H. fired writer/cartoonist Maurice Sinet for a single supposedly anti-Semitic sentence in the midst of an orgy of anti-Muslim content in the magazine. Sinet sued and won euro 90,000 in damages.

        Fact: The celebration of C. H. at Paris rallies on Jan. 10-11, 2015 — and the sanctimonious gaggle of tyrannical leaders who joined them, including Netanyahu of Israel who elbowed an African leader out of the way to get into the front row — had little to do with free speech and much to do with suppressing ideas they dislike, while venerating ideas they prefer.

        Fact: The French public intellectual/philosopher Bernard Henri Levy demands criminal prosecution for anything smacking of anti-Jewish views, while shamelessly parading around as the Churchillian champion of free expression when it comes to anti-Muslim cartoons.

        Enough facts for you? And do these facts about Charlie Hebdo have anything to do with “self-pity?”

    • Dravaa

      Do you care “who was here first” when Muslims demand full rights to migrate to other countries? Do you care “who was here first” when it is a historical fact that Israel is the only country that has ever existed in Palestine? Do you care “who was here first” when you read the Bible and it tells you that Jews were there first? You pretend that Jews weren’t in the Middle East and have no right to their country there. You are full of hypocritical, duplicitous crap, as usual..

      • LightMirror

        Really? What sort of “historical fact?” You are parroting Zionist false ‘history.’

        There are 5000 years of recorded history of Palestine (first named after the Philistines). Modern archeologists agree that Jews were not there first, nor did they rule there longer than several other peoples did.

        From the earliest recorded days of around 3000 BC until around 1700 BC, the first inhabitants of Palestine were Egyptians and Canaanites. [Bright, ‘A History of Israel,’ p. 17-18; Nakhleh, ‘Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem,’ p. 953-70] Then followed several occupiers — Hittites, Hyksos and Philistines.

        The period of rule by Hebrew tribes started only in 1020 BC until 587 BC. The Israelites were then overrun by Assyrians, Babylonians. Greeks, more Egyptians, and Syrians until the Hebrew Maccabeans regained partial rule in 164 BC. However, in 63 BC the Roman Empire conquered Jerusalem and in 70 AD destroyed the 2nd Temple and scattered the Jews into other lands.

        In sum, ancient Jews controlled Palestine or some major parts of it for less than 600 years — less than Canaanites, Egyptians, Muslims or Romans. [Epp, ‘Whose Land Is Palestine,’ p. 39-40; Beatty, ‘Arab and Jew in the land of Canaan,’ p. 85]

        Also see:

        Further, were the Hebrew tribes more of a “country” than the Babylonian Empire of Hammurabi, 2100 BC? Were they more of a “country” than the Assyrian Empire, 7th century BC? Were they more of a “country” than the Iroquois Confederation, 1570 AD? The Hebrew Maccabeans controlled only part of Palestine. Were they a “country?”

        You also cite the Bible. Name a court of law anywhere on earth that would recognize as valid a property claim based on the word of God.

        Jews have been in the Middle East for millennia, yet they have zero overriding historic or religious claim to the land of Palestine. You’ll have to get in line behind others.

        • Dravaa

          It’s not a “claim”, it’s a FACT. Facts on the ground – the JEWS are there now and they have a country there now, one that they never left. More Jews came to help them rebuild it in the 1800’s and here it is, a FACT.
          All the other middle easterners, the Arabs, have their countries. Why shouldn’t the Jews have theirs?

          • LightMirror

            Really? What sort of a “FACT?” Show me the history.

          • Dravaa

            HISTORICAL FACT: Israel has been a country since 1948. Where have you been?

          • LightMirror

            HISTORICAL FACT: The U.S. King-Crane Commission of President Woodrow Wilson concluded in 1919 that a [Zionist] claim “based on an occupation of 2,000 years ago can hardly be seriously considered.” [Grose, ‘Israel in the Mind of America,’ p. 88-89; Laqueur and Rubin, ‘The Israel-Arab Reader,’ p. 34-42]

            HISTORICAL FACT: On May 14, 1948, a total of 37 men attended a meeting at the Tel Aviv Museum at which Israel’s independence was declared as a “natural and historic right.” But critics charge that their action had no binding legal force in international law because they did not represent the majority population at the time. In fact, only one of them had been born in Palestine, 35 were from European countries and one was from Yemen.

            Moreover, Jews were only 1/3rd of the population of Palestine and owned only 6.59 percent of the land. The Palestinians — as was their right — rejected both the UN Partition Plan and Israel’s unilateral ‘declaration of independence,’ maintaining that the United Nations had no legal right to recommend partition when the majority inhabitants of Palestine opposed it.

            Nonetheless, by rejecting partition the Palestinians did not reject their own claim to an independent nation. Their opposition was to a Jewish state on Palestinian land, not to the Jews’ rights as a people.

            The Palestinian scholar Issa Nakhleh points out: “The Jewish minority had no right to declare an independent state on territory belonging to the Palestinian Arab nation.” [Nakhleh, ‘Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem,’ p. 4]

            Now tell me that Israel’s claim to be “a country since 1948” is legitimate. Indeed, where have you been?

          • Dravaa

            Okay that explains it – you’ve been denying reality since 1948 based on flimsy quotes and “critic’s charges”. This conversation is over.

          • LightMirror

            That explains what?
            Where are your sources, references and attributed quotes? I haven’t seen any.

            Do Zionist “critics charge” that Jews were in Palestine first, and therefore have some exclusive “right of return?”

            And tell me… do you deny that South Africa in reality was a “country” under apartheid? That Spain in reality was a “country” under fascism (and also a steadfast ally of the United States)? That Germany was a “country” under Nazism? That the USSR was a “country” under communism?

            Israel’s apartheid wall —–

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Dear allahtard, I’m willing to bet that while your palewsine muslum butt buddy might have been a cartoonist (maybe the kind of cartoonist who specializes in antisemitic propaganda like the nazis) he was also involved in islamic terrorism against Israel — unlike ANY of the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo.
      Stick your holey quranus where the sun don’t shine.

      • LightMirror

        Dear Jeutard, I’m willing to bet that while some of your zionswine jeu pig buddies may even be cartoonists (maybe like the kind that specialize in anti-Semitic (anti-Arab) propaganda in the manner of ‘rabbi’ Eli Ben-Dahan, Ayelet Shaked, Net’yu and other zionist fascists, they are also involved in state terror in Lebanon, Gaza, E. Jerusalem and the West Bank with U.S.-supplied heavy weapons.

        Stick your holey torah-anus where it feels good while you kill more Palestinian kids.

  • TimmyH

    Wipe away the BS left narrative, it’s time to go to war, these people need to leave Europe by Hell or high water. Expel the invaders and arrest the treasoners

  • Dravaa

    Anyone coming out in support of a religious mass murderer should be deported for treason or locked up and throw away the key. This should not be overlooked.
    How brazen that they don’t even feel afraid to hide their support.
    They are pieces of crap who TRULY BELIEVE that they are so much better than everyone else that they have inviolable rights to KILL them.
    That belief must be extinguished.

  • brian crawford

    who let the dogs out?

  • Save Europe

    The whole neighbourhood knew where he was?! How VERY unsurprising, because I guarantee they all sympathised with his murderous actions in Paris. Get rid of all of them. How? Simply tell the non Muslims living on benefits in all the countries in Europe – ‘sorry, we are stopping all benefits now permanently, because the future of Europe is more important than you people living off the welfare state – and it’s aimed at parasitic Muslims who are deliberately trying to bankrupt countries.’ The non Muslims would moan initially and then, finally realise they have to get jobs. The Muslims will leave after a while.

  • usakindatheart

    No one at this point should be surprised at this, and if you say your shocked , you need to be biot ched slapped across the head for being stupid.
    France, Germany, Sweden, r gone, there is no hope, white flight is imminent….

  • joe1429

    Thanks pam. The lamestreem media, conveniently left out this part of the story

  • baki

    Pamela, the Investigative Project link is failed, points to Israeli-Jordan article

  • whynoborders

    Have only seen one report indicating that the bombs were set off near the American Airlines counter. No other reports indicating location other than check in counters. If AA then U.S. citizens may have been a specific target amongst the airport in general.

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