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[ September 24, 2017 ]

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[ September 23, 2017 ]

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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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AP’s “Refugee Shot by Salt Lake City Police” is a Muslim Migrant Who Was Beating Homeless Man with Metal Bar


When you read the enemedia narrative of this news story, bear in mind that the subject of the pity-party article, Muslim refugee Abdullahi Mohamed, was beating a homeless man. And the enemedia wonders why no one wants to read its propaganda anymore.

The comments section is instructive, i.e., he fled violence in Somalia, so he could
be violent in Utah.

Check out the following AP story …. the headline alone should make your blood boil. It’s not until the end of this sob story that we find out that the Muslim refugee was beating a homeless man with a metal bar.

“Refugee shot by Salt Lake City police fled violence, squalor in search of a ‘better life’”
By Lindsay Whitehurst, The Associated Press, March 07 2016 (thanks to Lou):

Somali refugee Abdullahi Mohamed — critically wounded in a high-profile police shooting in Salt Lake City last month — fled to the U.S. from a refugee camp, where food was scarce, scorpions scurried everywhere and a toilet was a hole in the ground.

The 17-year-old’s family settled in Utah, hoping for a better life.

But things took a turn and he began to get in trouble with police, cousin Muslima Aden said, after his beloved grandfather suffered a brain injury in a car accident.

She remembered the family’s hopeful journey from a makeshift home with sand walls at a refugee camp in Kenya to Salt Lake City, where the teenager is now hospitalized. Police have said that Mohamed was shot when he would not obey commands to drop a metal stick being used to beat a man.
It was near-constant violence in Somalia that drove the family to flee to the refugee camp, Aden said. There, they lived in homes with a single bed, cracking sand walls and metal roofs that would fly off with the wind.

“You’re pretty much fighting for survival,” Aden said. “We actually came to America to have better life.”

The families arrived in Salt Lake City in 2004 when she was 5 and Mohamed was 6. Here, she saw grass and snow for the first time.

“It was better, because we had water, we had food, we had electricity,” she said. “We actually had light in the house.”

While the young cousins picked up English within a few years, learning a new, written language was more difficult for their parents and making ends meet was sometimes tough. Mohamed’s family briefly stayed at a Salt Lake City homeless shelter when money was tight, Aden said.

In a city that’s home to the headquarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, their Muslim faith stood out. Aden remembers classmates staring at her when the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks came up in school.

“They look at us like they’re disappointed,” she said. “I am Muslim, and I know what we’re practicing. It’s peace.”

Yeah, tell it to the millions dead in the cause of Islam.

The family joined a relatively large refugee population in Salt Lake City, where a healthy economy and LDS Church outreach programs can make it easier for people fleeing war-torn countries to find jobs and transition into life in the U.S.

The cousins made friends. When they were old enough to work, they helped send money to family back in Africa.

Mohamed’s life took a detour, Aden said, after the accident left his grandfather, who was a father figure, unable to remember his grandchildren.

Mohamed started getting in trouble with police at age 12, according to court records. He spent time in juvenile detention centers for theft, trespass and assault, most recently in September.

None of that prepared his family for the news that he had been shot by police.

Police say Mohamed and a second person were beating a man with metal sticks when officers intervened Feb. 27. The officers fired after Mohamed moved toward the beaten man instead of immediately obeying a command to drop the stick, police said.

But Aden said she’s heard a different version from friends who were at the scene. She said that the man said something that started an argument, and the two were preparing to fight with halves of a broomstick that Mohamed broke when police arrived.

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  • desperaddo

    More lies!! DEPORT THEM ALL!!

  • BrunoPBuhr

    Progressives just love their criminal ” victims” he put his face into the metal pipe…i didn’t do nuttin!

  • Michael Onoo

    ISIS is true Islam

  • BrianJonesG8ASO

    They are people from a different evolutionary period, and can never integrate with 21st century values.

    • BoWhetstone

      quite true- blacks in America have difficulty also. Darwin’s evolution theories are correct
      you cannot take people from a culture that has for 1000’s of years been hunter gatherers, with very basic ability to learn and expect them to leap right into academia and technology- the brain must evolve into modern society over thousands of years as white man has. the body too must adapt and evolve. the blacks taken from Africa still have health issues from eating a diet rich in carbs and chemicals whereas white man’s body has adapted
      Blacks in America have this problem as well as a bad attitude toward the country we live in and it’s white people. elenore Roosevelt’s “relief” program started a belief in blacks that they need not learn or work to exist
      now America has an influx of head choppers and guatamalans with no ability to readily adapt and learn- the taxpayer will fund their existence for 1000 years
      thanks Obama!

      • Dave Quilty

        Idiot, is all that is needed here.

        • andersm0

          No, that’s not at all what’s needed. It’s incumbent on you to construct a rebuttal, not toss a label and move on. Not only is that lazy, it comes across as just another form of bigotry. If you view things differently, then take the time to describe it. We need to improve the quality of discussions on these matters using your individual reasoning, which BoWhetstone did above. You clearly disagree with his point of view, so how about presenting your own?

          • Dave Quilty

            Ok I’ll add Ayaan Hirsi Ali as my evidence that the comment is idiotic and racist.

          • andersm0

            Again, I’ll reinforce that labeling is as much bigotry as anything the other person said. Naming Ayaan Hirsi Ali is no kind of counter-argument. If you can’t articulate a better response then perhaps it’s wise to follow Mark Twain’s advice about remaining silent.

          • Dave Quilty

            I am sorry you appreciate a minimalist argument as a form of art. Hint fill in the white space with your own thoughts: ‘

          • joker

            You are not a soppy lefty by all means?

          • andersm0

            I’ve filled in the white space with my own thoughts there partner and you don’t come out looking too good.

          • BoWhetstone

            let’s get back to muslim bashing- sorry I brought up the evolution idea
            hate murdering towel heads! no wonder they want virgins- they are all pencildicks

          • Dave Quilty

            That is off topic.

          • Gabby Ward

            Oh shut up andersm0! Dave Quilty said what he had to say! He doesn’t need to reply to satisfy YOUR way of thinking nor expression.

          • BoWhetstone

            Ayaan Hirsi Ali yes there are exceptions to the theory
            some have the ability to learn- some slaves were taken in by the plantation owners wives and taught to read and worship. that was 150 years ago or so- similarly some people from a rudimentary i’ll call it culture have mechanical aptitude skills–comes from way back when early man created tools-

          • BoWhetstone


          • Don Grantham

            That was one of the best rebuttals I’ve read in quite a while.

          • badbruce

            Well that’s certainly going to fix the problem, lets talk about it some more. Actually the Buddhists in Northern Myanmar have found a solution that seems to be working, for them anyway. After decades of sexual assualts, attacks and in 2013 setting their monks on fire the buddhists started burning down their neighborhoods/mosques and driving them out killing any who resisted. Funny thing is islam has been as quiet as church mice ever since. Go figure.

          • wearsgirl

            Ohhh, I think I’m in love with you! A voice of sense. I also look to these “discussions” to understand others views, but it is difficult with name calling being the main focus.

      • joker

        In a nutshell you are saying White race are basically alien in origin or better said E.T’s. What I think is plausible.

        • BoWhetstone

          perhaps the point was not as sharp as what is seen on top many heads.
          the white race has been north- inside- evolving, learning philosophizing, creating and appreciate art, creating religion and basically striving to achieve a higher plane. those cultures deep in the jungle or desert have not.
          it’s like this– a DOS 6.2 computer is capable of performing a variety of tasks. all actions are input via a keyboard–syntax– ya know? it’s old school. computers have “evolved” into today’s graphic user interface- as in- see icon-point click- to perform a variety of tasks.
          the human brain also “evolves” and in time can perform a variety of tasks–now get this part–tasks other than hunter gatherer tasks–get it?
          jungle people= DOS Modern society = Windows or Mac

          • joker

            I use Linux

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The only country on earth that has outlawed pi$$lam is reportedly Angola. So what were you saying about “jungle people” again?

          • BoWhetstone

            her name is Balou Mi

          • joker

            But do you know that basically only people of the white race believe in making contact with aliens. I wonder why? They are the only one who are seriously searching. The rest of humanity is still thinking about their daily mess. Africans do not think like that and let alone the muzzrats. We want to go forward they want to go back in time when all was more simple. Your view on evolution and DNA is quite interesting.

          • BoWhetstone

            interesting point about some wanting to go forward and others back. myself, I believe in evolution and the silver ship. don’t discount anything, even zombies could be real.

      • IronMaidenaregods

        It is not a matter of skin colour, it is a matter of ideas.

        The blacks you condemn for being black are, in fact, indoctrinated with Marxism. It is the Marxism that makes them thugs, not their skin.

        • BoWhetstone

          not condemning anyone- I believe in evolution and I also believe in the silver ship.
          explain– why is dna so different for people that come from different cultures– if you don’t want to call white or black or Asian or native American or a freaking Neanderthal a “race”- I don’t care- different breeds of dogs are different have different dna- frogs birds and humans
          it’s about ideas? indoctrinated with Marxism?
          good grief! I’m talking about humankind’s evolution before the magna carta- before plato- before jesus for Christ’s sake
          Marxists? OMG!
          that’s a good one

        • lolwut?

          And they closely resemble gorillas because Marxism as well?

          • BrendaMGuzman

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        • ColonelNeville

          Hey IMRG, empirically everything IS a matter of culture AND biology. One’s culture is DETERMINED by one’s intelligence, drives and empathies. Culture in turn determines which mind set dominates.

          This is why most black cultures are almost invariably the same tribal failures everywhere and why the Scandinavians, Japanese, Singaporeans, Chinese and Jews et al, are successful where ever they go.

          It’s why the predominantly white, European, Anglophile and Mediterranean West was successful and the Middle East, Africa and Muslim Asia never has been etc.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        MohamMAD, the founder of pi$$lam is described as white in several ahadith, so maybe pi$$lam is the religion for you.

      • ladywarrior

        Blacks in America have been co-opted by the Dems and the LEFT…keeping them subservient for handouts like the Native American….how would they evolve socially, intellectually, and financially?
        They have been kept on the Dems’ voting “plantation” for decades….every prominent DEM in their environment sells them the “grievance” mantra…..they tell them they can’t survive without whitey’s money ….in other words you’re too stupid to survive on your own…

        Take a look at the Native American reservations….take a look at the Black communities….two very stark examples of organized dependency on government handouts and control….a glaring picture of the devastation of socialism.

        As for the horrific, murderous terrorists…I think something went wrong in their DNA centuries ago and they have “de-volved” into a sub-human species…based on the horrors they commit…no human could do that to others…especially the innocent.

        • BoWhetstone

          very accurately put. unfortunately there is no remedy just keep staving off the big unrest riots and murderous hoards of obamaphone people because the dems would send every soldier and gun in the arsenal to put down the revolution and keep the party on top. I would prefer to go out with my boots on but will never have that opportunity. small grins like blowing an attacker’s head off at the convenient store is the best I can hope for.

    • ServosT

      I don’t think the point of the story is the fact that a moslem was shot in the commission of a violent crime…..that’s nothing new.

      The point of the story is that the leftist news organisation wrote the story in such a way as to cover up the fact that it was a moslem being violent.

      • PIGBERT

        fascist leftist media

      • IronMaidenaregods

        Yes, his violent thuggery was covered up by the article.

    • gonzales27

      If Obama had a son he would look just like this guy

      • PIGBERT

        If Obama had a son he’d be a dindu nuffin

        • gonzales27

          Like the President,doing nuttin

          • Jeff

            the thing you speak of is no president.

          • gonzales27

            Replaced Carter as the worst

      • ServosT

        The kid looks like a moslem D-bag. So, yeah, Obama’s long lost son.

      • And to quote him, “Tru dat”.

      • BoWhetstone

        no- there would be some white blood in him

        • gonzales27

          But he hates people with white blood,he didn’t have a choice of his
          When have you ever seen him offer any praise for his white Mother?

          • BoWhetstone

            nanda or for any white or near white- the obottomfeeder is racist- that is why racism in America has grown in 7 years

            the police officer acted stupidly

          • gonzales27

            He speaks before his brain is engaged,but typical for a Liberal Democrat

          • Adam

            He hates his mother, and understandably so. After all, she chose to breed with an ugly black from Africa who on top was a Muslim and an alcoholic. When his father could have been a genetically more intelligent and less prone to violence White man. “Gee, a black, Muslim, alcoholic from Africa… Thanks mom!” said little Barry when he was old enough to realize what his mother had done.

            Of course, if he were a more mature person, he would have forgiven her eventually. It wasn’t her fault. She was just another victim – collateral damage – of cultural Marxism and the disgusting negrophilia that it’s followers have been shoving down the throat of White America for the last 50+ years.

          • Gabby Ward

            Careful Adam, your idiocy is showing!

          • joker

            I believe Adam is not very wrong. It can be true Obama does not like his mother for that. Why would a American woman marry an ugly muzzrat from Africa?

          • Adam

            Are you also another poor “raceless” (bi-racial) child, Gabby, pretending to be either Black or White like Obongo?. You should know exactly what I’m talking about. And you can thank your dumbass parents for cheating you out of a genuine racial identity.

          • Gabby Ward

            Oh shut the hell up. Your ignorance is showing!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I don’t know about you, but my blood is red.

          • joker

            My blood is so-called blue. But when I am bleeding it seems to be red.

    • Dr. Doomsday


    • IronMaidenaregods

      It is not a matter of race but of ideology.

      These bozos have been indoctrinated to worship death.

      No one chooses their race, everyone chooses their ideas, good or bad.

    • viking lover

      agree, but neither can the zionist jew elite behind the wars

    • rose white

      Not really, they have been brainwashed into Satan’s thinking and just like him they see crime as natural – and just like him all Muslims are walking dead.

    • Louise from Canada

      You said it :”people from different evolutionary period can never integrate”. They look like the gorillas from the Planet of the Apes.

  • BoWhetstone

    American redneck speaks:

    Tell that to your false prophet allah

  • Rick Smith

    How sad that the cop wasn’t a better shot.

    • gonzales27


  • Fred

    Deport all of these savages. The livelihood of America is at stake.

    • gonzales27

      And take the Commander in Chief with you

  • oneworld65

    Remind me again why these people are here? What are they fleeing from? They leave their craphole countries to come to the US to continue their crime sprees. Aren’t these people vetted? Sorry but I would not allow immigrant males 15-60 come here. Only elderly and some women and children.

    • Honest_Lady

      Unfortunately, the children are taught hate from the time they are very small. Those children that you would take in, would become hate filled adults one day. It’s their religion. We have freedom of religion.

  • soliel67

    They do no deserve our help. It’s disgusting that he was hitting a homeless perosn.I don’t care what violence he came from. What SAVAGES!

  • Don Grantham

    So, was it broomsticks or metal sticks? Broomsticks tend to downplay the severity, but metal sticks can really cause damage… and they suck at sweeping floors.

  • JC Bond

    We must resist the takeover! If they don’t like our system they should just leave. Look! they’re trying to turn New Jersey into some kind of religious state, and force “infidels” out. They want to enforce their religion and halachah laws too I bet. The government seems to just sit there and let it happen. Check it out: Orthodox Jews set sights on NJ town and Angry Residents Resist!!! The upset has its roots in adjacent Lakewood, home to yeshivas including Beth Medrash Govoha, among the world’s biggest centers for Talmudic study. Scholars typically marry young and start large families that maintain strict gender roles and limit interaction with secular society.


    “dat po’ boy dindu nuffins!” lol, too bad it wasn’t a head shot to give this somali terrorist a dirt nap. somalis are like rabid dogs

    • Nighthawk

      LOL… I see a caption contest coming!

  • John Ward

    Harvest any of his useable organs, cremate anything that remains and flush it down the nearest toilet. Problem solved. Send the radical Muslims a message.

    • gonzales27

      Andon And put bacon in his casket.

  • John Russelman

    The good news is the muslime punk has been critically wounded…

    • gonzales27

      Yes that’s good

      • Ichabod Crain

        Not necessarily – if he lives. Only means he has just won a lifelong disability pension for himself. Not only that, but maybe the BLM, CAIR and the liberals will start to harass the cop that shot him and want to put the cop on trial for shooting the kid. You can’t win!

        • gonzales27

          Probably have to throw an American Citizen out of a hospital to make room for him

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Reading the spin the lame stream media put on this story, in its tear jerking lies to present the illusion of social injustice perpetrated by the police, the reporter makes the media look like the syrupy insipid weak unprincipled emotional half wits that they are. “Thug shot to prevent murder of elderly victim”, is another way to describe the issue, much more honestly and accurately. It is to rejoice that the bankruptcy of an old newspaper, they have earned it through lying incompetence.

  • berserker

    Show me one country – including their own – where the Somalis have been a net positive.

  • karl59

    Looks like another one of Obama’s sons

  • Pray Hard

    Political correctness is for losers.

  • Rocinante44

    i knew the whole story was a lie. the last thing a black man needs to fear is a white cop in SLC.

  • reyol

    “…LDS Church outreach programs can make it easier for people fleeing war-torn countries to find jobs and transition into life in the U.S.”

    Thank you, LDS Outreach. Another player in the refugee resettlement scam. Another recipient of State Department funding. Whatever the amount they are getting, it will cost the Mormon Church tens times that amount to resurrect the Danites, the Nauvoo Volunteers and the Mormon Battalion. They will need those guys to defend church property when the Mohammedans start enforcing Sharia, just like Abdullahi Mohamed was doing.

  • Ron Cole

    It, this muslim refugee ab`dulla`hi mo`hamed, could pass for a chicago hoodie.
    It must be on hussien the aliased aliens’s short list for bath house toy boys.

    Disclaimer: Just can’t make myself capitalize Enemy names.

  • The origional roger

    Metal stick ? Associated press..You mean a leathal weapon, an iron bar, the reporter that wrote the original piece should be taught a hands on lesson on what “metal sticks” can do.

  • Jeff

    shoot to kill next time…now we have to pay even more to take care of this proven to be just another POS muzzie punk ass worthless subhuman specimen.

  • Dorrie

    We can thank Obama, the illegal Kenyan, for bringing this evil into our country!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Notice the many tearful descriptions of sand, squalor, and survival but not one peep about the condition of the beating victim’s health after a vicious attack.

  • atl slayer

    These stories would be some of the funniest reading on the interweb,
    for how deadly serious the nature of their mental problems are.

  • movingwaters

    Of course a beloved grandfather suffering a brain injury in an auto accident can drive someone to want to beat a homeless man with a metal bar. I guess this is what liberal Communist Progressives call the “root cause”.

  • silly dem voter, oh sorry,muslum sorry, again are the same what

  • ladywarrior

    Until the people of Utah demand that their news reporters tell the truth…the whole truth – they will never know the full story of the danger they are in…

    The Leftist news papers and news services are not telling people the whole truth…they are neglecting their duty to INFORM….P.C. drives the leftist media and placing people in danger….

  • Det. Snide

    The Feds should start taxing remittances these vermin send back to da fanbly at the rate of 90%.

  • Bill DuRose

    I Employees these scum bag Somalia in Minnesota. I’ve experienced their Bullshit first hand. They are nothing but worthless pedophile scum animals wanting everything free ! They abandoned their jobs for their prayers time. They expect college level wages with a 5th grade Muslim education that means nothing here. They would step out the front door and drop trow, taking a dump on the sidewalk, the women would stand in a burka and crap letting it drop where they stood. Then walk away
    leaving their Feces in the middle of a walk way. On many occasions they attempted to assault American women as they believe American Women should shut their mouths and not speak unless directed to. Expected that American women dress in a burka or accept Rape. I fired every Fricken one of them. Scum, third world animal scum.

  • David

    You Muslims are not in your torn up lands where you came from. Because of your backwards theology! America,assimilate or go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aman


    • Dorrie

      If you can post that again without shouting, I’m sure someone will read it…

      • Aman


  • Lee Berry

    metal “sticks”????

  • ed357


    I don’t believe it’s a “skin color” problem…….

    sounds more like a “religion of pieces” problem.

  • J. Neville Groff

    Inbreeding, ignorance, poor impulse control, these creatures will never integrate with a society beyond the 7th century no matter how many resources and pairs of holy underwear you throw at them.

  • Up Huff

    Not a big deal, really. No one, at least no one who amounts to anything, reads anything under the AP source line. At least no one that I’M aware of.

  • Anticonservative

    Now that most of Somalia and a good portion of Syria has relocated to America the crime rate in both countries has been reduced by 70%. Coincidentally America’s crime rate has exploded- of course Hillary and Bernie would dismiss this as nonsensical and if anything blame it on White Privilege. When Hillary was asked to comment all she could say is “Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff Howl!!!”.

  • JR

    Aaannnnd……he is Black……..Black + Muslum = double whammy for violence.

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