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VIDEO: TV-Media in Finland Teaches Women How to Protect Themselves against Being Raped


It just gets more absurd.

Yeah, that’ll work. These women need guns. Video thanks to Generation Europa

TV-media in Finland teaches citizens how to protect themselves against being raped !

You just couldn’t make this stuff up anymore , it would be funny if the situation regarding the #rapefugees wasn’t so serious . A picture of a gun instead of all this nonsense would have been less work and more effective !

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  • Cuda

    The officials, producers and actors that approved this, made it and acted in it should all be forced to go live in one of the camps for a month…maybe then they will have an epiphany !

  • Miriam Brenner

    pure idiotism!

  • David

    That has got to be the most totally stupid advert for anti- rape that I have ever witnessed

    • King.


      • Rob Porter

        Agreed, this video is worse than pathetic. Being South African the least I would advise is putting lead or steel weights in her bag, but holding up her hand as if playing traffic cop is beyond comical. As to the rapist just backing away tells us the creator of this video is an imbecile.

        • Wanda Phillips

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          • Pray Hard

            Your aunt is working at a whore house in south Chicago.

          • Rob Porter

            Very naughty, but quite funny.

        • King.

          Hello fellow South African. I agree this is beyond comical.
          When I first saw how many male Arabs and North African Muslims were pouring into Europe.My first thought was OMG they do not know what they are in for. Rape and abuse of women and young children is endemic in this culture. People who have not lived in places like us totally underestimate it. They are totally unprepared, which we can all see. This bizarre, useless video just shows how ignorant they still are. The longer they stay in denial of what they have allowed into their countries the worse it will get and yes they should at least put steel weights in the bag.
          bye for now.

          • Pray Hard

            Leftists actually believe that things like this will work. If steel weights are put in the bag, the handle will break.

          • ThisObamaNation

            Even with steel weights and a very sturdy handle, you have to have the upper body strength, timing, and coordination to use a purse effectively as weapon. If there are multiple attackers involved, swinging purse is not going to keep them at bay for very long. These women need to travel in packs (never alone) and to be armed with things like hand guns, expandable batons, pepper spray, stun guns, knifes, and trained attack dogs. These things offer real protection and real security, unlike the methods depicted in this film which are a joke.

          • King.

            HA HA GOOD POINT.

          • El Gato

            the handle, or strap won’t break if there is a steel cable sewn into it, and it’s securely attached to the body of the purse. Lead is better, because it takes up less space for the same weight.

            But nicer KelTec or Ruger in 9mm would be much better.

          • Chad Houle

            Don’t you think a gun would be a better option and slightly more effective

          • Rob Porter

            Hi King, I long ago came to appreciate that we grow up with a different mindset to whites in the Western world. Even if our own lives were quite secure and civilized thoughts instilled at home, not far off there was constant violence, so after a while a kind of ‘moor hulle’ and ‘don’t take any bull’ mentality develops. I shake my head in amazement and disgust watching what is going on in Europe. I want police, army and civilians to wade in and beat the stuffing out of this Muslim trash. So too Canada and the U.S. taking in thousands. There is no accounting for stupidity.

          • King.

            I totally agree. I feel the same way. Unfortunately it looks like Europe is going to have to learn what we already know the hard way.

        • Slim_Strontem

          They think the public are imbeciles, regardless of the publisher’s grasp.

          • Rob Porter

            I enjoyed the one facetious comment, “Yes, this will do it!” I can see liberals in Canada buying into this rubbish. All you need to do is hold up your hand like a cop stopping traffic and say ‘No” – and the prospective rapist will skulk away. Some flipping hope!

    • Dano50


      Plain simple physics of the matter is ONE guy on average is all it takes.

      Proof of that is right here in the West.

      And notice how it was a WHITE guy attacking the woman?

      A better video, that would have made sense to even the most recent of Muslim refugees, would have been to have a Muslim attack the girl, a dozen Finn’s come in and kick the snot out of him while several Finn women hustled the victim away..

      And then leave the punk in red stained snow.

      • suziqueMN

        Yup, start teaching European men to start protecting the women of their country.

        • Pray Hard

          If they have to be taught to protect their women, well, they’ll have to be taught to be men first.

          • Rebel Yell

            Dead on, Pray Hard. Men have been emasculated in Europe, and they’re working on doing the same here in America. Look at the youth of today. How many know what it means to BE a man?

        • ThisObamaNation

          Or get yourself a trained attack dog and a revolver.

        • Dano50

          Afraid I have to agree with Pray Hard.

          Men have to be taught to protect women when they’re boys.

          Usually as in protect your sister from bullies.

          As adults, it’s too late.

      • idalily

        With bacon on top?

    • Rebel Yell

      It’s not just stupid, it’s outright dangerous. I LIVE in a dangerous city called Detroit. This crap they’re promoting will get you killed.

      • David

        I’ve no problem with that. Trouble is, it’s only going to get worse

        • Rebel Yell

          Yes, it is, I’m sorry to say. It’s going to get worse because NO ONE is doing anything about it. It’s only empowering the Muslims to rape, rob, and pillage more.

    • Riki Tenhunen

      As a finn i can only laugh at these weak fucks.
      When a war starts these fucks are the first ones to flee or get shot by the true finns.

      • David

        The people of Finland have never had a reputation for being either soft nor stupid, so this silly video came as something as a surprise. There is a video going the rounds at the moment showing a lovely young Finnish girl working in a shop, and taking on – on her own – a couple of idiots trying to steal from the shop. More power to that young lady! Sock it to them, girl!

        • Veijo Vetäjä

          That young lady, Anna, was recently voted as the most popular person of Helsinki 2015, despite not being shortlisted by the organizers! We the people are very proud of her.

          • David

            Good for her. Please add my vote. It really is a pity the governments of Europe are not as brave as her. Compliments from Liverpool.

      • Rob Porter

        The Finns have a brave history, not least when even though outnumbered, fighting off the Russians during WW2.
        The disproportionate number of Finns in grand prix and rally racing says much about spirit, so I hope the Finns don’t disappoint us by failing to smash this invading Muslim scum to pigs droppings.

    • berserker

      On a more positive note, I learnt my first Finnish word ‘EI’ which probably is the only easy word in that language.

    • vahti

      This is made by some smalla office of Yle in Oulu. With really small budjet to demosntrate what some cop said… so it’s Not an official statement from YLE.

  • Benji0804
    • Scorpio

      It’s beyond funny…it’s terrifying and horrifying and insane…our politicians are killing us and we don’t know why.

      • Pray Hard

        We do know why. They’ve been compromised by Islam AND they’re self loathing and want to take us all down with them. It’s the EU, UN, NWO, NMO thing. And, they’re evil.

        • Scorpio

          I just don’t get why a run-of-the-mill politician, a nobody, really, is allowed to make decisions that affect the rest of us
          so personally. I think we voters (apathetic, non-involved) are
          the problem.

  • pdxnag

    You didn’t see the cartoon bolt of lightning that would flatten a mob of 20 Muslim gang rapists? It is there. You just didn’t see it.


    What if the rapist is holding a knife or gun which is usually the case. What do you do then. Oh I know use harsh words like Mohammed was a pedophile, rapist, murderer and the perpetrator would start crying and walk away after feeling offended. No perhaps not. What about carrying a gun backed with government paid training on use of fire arms. No that’s racist because it may save the woman from being raped and send the wrong signal to the rapist that crime doesn’t pay. Oh sorry it is the rapefugee’s uman rights that crime must pay, and it is islamophobic not to think so.

    • Miksu Ves

      Finnish police advised that in those cases (if raper has a knife, etc.) you should take out your keys and “jingle” them and the rapists will run away! And this is no joke, a police officer in a public meeting truly advised like this…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Scandinavian police are every bit as dense as Canadian ones, they always tell victims not to fight back,but report the incident to authorities, who will get back to the person complaining in 5 – 8 working says.

      • Scorpio

        It’s insanity. In a fight between a barbaric culture and a civilized culture,
        the civilized culture will always lose because we don’t know or understand barbarism.

        • Pray Hard

          That’s exactly why we must ALL be highly trained in martial arts and firearms combat.

      • Police officers who say that should be shamed and the public should demand their resignation.

        When this is the best a government has to offer in terms of protecting the people, the people owe no loyalty to such traitors.

    • Joe Manhattaner

      What do you think why the rapist were invited ,exported to EU?
      To RAPE of course.
      So far they are doing what they invited for.

    • Scorpio

      Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. Without it, Americans would be as helpless and impotent and infantilized as the Europeans are.

      • Pray Hard

        I agree to an extent. Even if they take our guns, we must do what the Okinawans and Japanese peasants did during the samurai centuries. We turn our bodies and everyday tools into weapons. Start training today.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Well, you could always keep a few strips of bacon stuffed inside your bra and in your panties.

  • Aime

    This is from our government funded tv station made with our tax payers money.

  • Marko Mjölnir Parkkola

    As a Finn I found this disgusting. At the same time Yleisradio (Finland’s governmental network) hides the crimes committed by migrants and then it produces something like this. And Finnish police is involved this video!

    I’ve practiced martial arts somewhat in my youth. If someone holds hand straight, joints locked like this, (s)he is asking for a wrist lock which, in fact, helps the attacker. This video is actually doing more harm than good!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The insanity just never ends. It’s now hard to believe Finland stood up alone against the military might of Stalin’s USSR.

      • Joe Manhattaner

        That time they did not have PC educational videos

    • Riki Tenhunen

      i so fucking hope the cunts in this video get actually assaulted and try to do this…

      • Pray Hard

        That’s a bit much.

      • idalily

        Overreact much?

    • Pray Hard

      Start training again and start teaching the women in your country. “Somewhat” is meaningless. Go for it.

    • berserker

      Europeans will learn the hard way this year.

  • King.


    • ThisObamaNation

      You probably could not even shoot 8 men fast enough to keep one or two from getting a hold of you. That is why I say women should be heavily armed and that they should NEVER travel alone.

      • Pray Hard

        And, that’s why, along with firearms combat training, women AND men should be in martial arts. One has to be skilled enough to know how to move in violent crowds and how to avoid being pinned. Perps do crime for a living, we don’t. Therefore, they have the advantage unless we are trained.

      • Herman Van Keer

        That’s how bad it is right now: women SHOULD BE ABLE to travel alone. A society that respects their citizens, should be able to protect them without conditions.

        Will the next condition be that women should be veiled?

        • idalily

          I’ll wear a veil when they pry my 9mm from my cold, dead hands, and not a moment before.

        • lolly

          I agree.

      • idalily

        Yes, but one gunshot, one man down, and the rest would probably scatter. If not, at least I’d have taken one or two out to meet Allah. Let women do that a few times, and the attacks would probably diminish quite a bit. It they know you might be carrying, they’ll be less likely to come after you at all.

      • El Gato

        Well,since they are fundamentally cowards, after one or three get shot and their guts are hanging out, the others will at least back off a bit, and probably run like hell.

        But two or three women, or women and men, all armed would be even better at discouraging this sort of stuff.

  • Ridiculous

  • Daniel Rubio

    This video is the product of some brain-damaged leftist high on something who lives isolated in her bubble and who hasn’t witnessed firsthand a crowd of filthy muslims a mere few inches away from her face.

    • Pray Hard

      A leftist watching Star Wars movies while smoking dope.

  • ljm4

    How silly. I decided as a woman in my 60’s to just wear my steel toed boots when I go to town. A good kick in the crotch should slow down even these animals enough to get away from one; not a group but one, oh yeah.
    Too bad they ladies can’t carry pepper spray.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Insect repellant spray does not have much range, but if sprayed in the eyes of a rapist, it will cause him considerable creature discomfort.

      • Pray Hard

        Wasp and hornet killer has about a ten to fifteen foot range. And, it’s very poisonous.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The only problem with wasp/hornet spray is the size of the container, but, if you have a large purse, it would be ideal.

          • idalily

            I predict big purses will be all the rage in Europe for many years to come.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There ought to be a niche market for purse sized wasp eradicator.

          • idalily

            Great idea! That just might become available soon, if it isn’t already.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            It would be a very useful fashion accessory, especially if it comes with assorted patterns and colours on the bottle.

    • Pray Hard

      The moment you lift your leg for the kick, you’re going to be on the ground. Any perp worth his salt knows how to avoid a groin kick. Start martial arts lessons today. You’re not too old.

    • idalily

      If you can’t carry a gun, carry wasp spray.

  • Slahser

    this cant be real

  • Gleaner1

    THAT clip must have been drawn up idiots to impress morons.

    A high speed 38cal lead injection to the enrichers ribcage usually achieves more, after all, in Scandinavia, there will be another one along in a minute.

  • John Marks

    This MUST be a joke………?

    • Pray Hard

      It must be, but liberals actually believe this sort of sh*t.

  • ruthy k

    OMG! I feel like my IQ went down some 50 points just trying to contemplate the mindset of anyone that buys into this. This is an insult! An amoeba wouldn’t believe this! REALLY! REALLY? HOW STUPID DO THEY THINK WOMEN ARE?
    Can we please drop the producers and politicians in front of a great white shark and advise them to say “Stop!” I’d like to watch that demonstration.

    • idalily

      I used to wonder how anyone could have meekly marched into the gas chambers. I wonder no more.

  • VLParker

    I know this is a terrible situation, but I couldn’t help laughing at the abject stupidity of this moronic video. Libtards are amazing creatures.

    • Joe Manhattaner

      Well said
      If the muslim bites off her finger in the struggle that would be “Finnger food”

    • Herman Van Keer

      Wouldn’t use ‘amazing’ for utter stupidity!!!!
      The only people people who would step back are the people who wouldn’t even THINK of touching a woman (inappropriately)

    • berserker

      Unfortunately they have political power and control over the media.

  • winterdog1

    Its very easy pull out your 9 mm and lay one right between the eyes

  • InthelandofMNSocialists

    The power of God compels you.. yeah, no, that’s not gonna work….

  • hiskid1964


  • Yep

    i am shamed… this country i know it what gonna happen when i see this video first time. My country gets laugh… bravo that one tv channel BRAVO!!!.

  • joker

    I did not want to see the video nevertheless I did. I believe the girl in the video has gamma rays or the like. Very powerful and harmful. The Finish are finished, like Nokia.

    • ThisObamaNation

      Yes she must be faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        And leap tall buildings w/a single bound!

  • Duchess of Pork

    Dear Finns. Please out source all video production relating to rape prevention measures to Poland. You will receive a more accurate depiction. If you require a competitive rate please also tender to Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia.

  • Rebel Yell

    WTF is this bullsh**!!!??!!!

    These women were mobbed by upwards of 30 to 40 men!!! HOW THE FU** are you going to stop them with this bullsh**!!??!!!

    You want to stop immigrant mass rape? Deport the bastards. That’s how. And close your borders and don’t let any more in.

    Typical response here is they’re blaming the VICTIMS!!!! Where are the feminists on this? Why aren’t they screaming bloody murder over this crap??? If a mob of NRA members had sexually assaulted 500 women, the entire world’s leaders would be up in arms. But when Muslims do … the women are blamed.

    You want to give women a chance of not being raped? ARM THEM. A few dead attackers changes everything.

    • idalily


  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Must not have had very much experience with violent street criminals in Finland :)

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Rape, just say no! Insanity.
    You would think the weather would have more effect on a would-be rapist than the actions of the victim. You whip it out there it’s gonna get frostbite.

  • Per Madsen

    Brilliant. And to think of the trillions wasted on police and military all these years. Should men buy purses too? I like the purse idea if there are knives glued to the sides and you fill it with lead. Goodbye Finland. I never had the chance to visit you but our library has many books to remember you by.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    More validation of the fact that there is a severe plague of “stupid” infecting all scandinavian countries.

    • Herman Van Keer

      you can be sure this “infection of stupidity” is all over the Western world, and that includes Canada AND the US….

      • Mahou Shoujo

        What are people going to do about it where they are? There is no magic cure for islam, now that the maggots have their teeth sunk into civilization, they will suck the life right out of it, unless the civilized do something.

  • Lrak Rehgallag

    no words…imbecilic?

  • Joe Manhattaner

    This is right out of that stpd Japanese cartoons
    Girl power yeah !!!
    The woman face is priceless she believes what she does will work.
    Only, if she have pigskin gloves …I don’t know…

  • Joe Manhattaner

    The stupide is strong with the Finn ones

  • Brianna

    Do you think she has magic martial arts powers, like those phony 10th dans who claim they can put someone on the ground by touching them or staring at them?

    • Pray Hard

      Do you even know what a 10th dan is? Just wondering.

  • roger

    Ok, so this is how these girls should stop their Muslim attackers, right , got that sorted.

  • liz

    Hilarious!!! Proof that socialism is a brain disease that reduces people to the mental level of 5 year olds.

  • Phleb

    It’s the Jedi-Mittens Trick! Bwaahhaaha! Wonder if this was stolen from a Saturday Night Live skit!

  • Cpl Ken

    Clearly, she is a Jedi using the Force…

  • Michelle

    I really have to laugh at this. Don’t try to stop the arsonists. instead try to teach people how to control the fire. Just give her a gun and some training. Best cure for rape is quite a few dead rapists. That usually sinks in far better than western re-education although if we did it communist style it could be more effective.

  • Major Tom

    Why doesn’t she just hit him over the head with a bag of marshmallows?

  • Jaska Ojansuu

    I`m from Finland and can tell you that this is real. Finnish propaganda news office YLE is behind of this brainwash campaign. Main goal is to make islamic Finland.

    If you are against the propaganda, you are an enemy of the state.


    • idalily

      But WHY? This is what I don’t understand. What’s in it for your government? Truly, I am baffled and horrified by what I see. I can’t understand what profit is in it for the politicians of these European countries. Can someone explain? Demographics shrinking so more bodies are needed to prop up the welfare state? That is the only explanation I can think of.

      • Jaska Ojansuu

        Most of the people don`t understand it, i mean that why we have to “turn the other cheek” for everything and everybody, especially for the muslims. Here is minority, green party, the leftists and small language party who put the racist stamp for everybody`s forehead if you are against the “official truth”. Finland is small country where has always been one truth at a time. And therte is no other opinions. All other opinions are silenced. It is the heritage from the communist period in the 1970`s and the 80`s.

        Yesterday was the opening of Finland parliament season and our President Sauli Niinistö had the opening speech. He was strongly citicized EU`s open door policy and also Finland`s immigration policy. He told that EU`s borders must be closed and no more people in from the developing countries. And guess what. Our propaganda news office YLE censored almost two minutes of the speech. So that the critical words against the EU immigration policy from muslim countries is not available for the listeners.

        We are so peculiar people here in Finland. Always time after time we manage to choose the parlamient representatives who hates it`s own people so much. And loves all the other.

        I tell this, that here is going ro be an uprising in the near future against the traitor government.

        • idalily

          I’m afraid you and your fellow Finns will have to rise up in full-throated protest, or you will be trampled completely. I’m so sorry. It’s not got that bad here, thankfully, but then, we have our 2nd Amendment. Thank God.

  • Suomi on pilaantunut

    The most disturbing part is that in Finland, it is illegal to defend yourself against a rapist, robber or any kind of criminal. If you example, kick a robber in nuts you’ll be prosecuted and fined instead of the criminal. And owning guns is nearly impossible, since Finnish gun laws are extremely strict. The only way to get a gun is by being a Hunter or a gun-range shooter.

    • SamSammy

      You best be taking up hunting then!

    • idalily

      I would develop a serious craving for venison if I were a Finnish woman.

  • thefounderswereright

    This stupidity just shows that Europe lost.

  • mandelson

    Sorry sisters a couple of lessons of choreographed moves and shrieking will not stop a physically more powerful man who is determined to culturally enrich you. Better to carry a weapon.

  • sakovkt

    First, The Defiant Socialist!
    Then, The Purse of Death!
    But that’s not al!
    She refrained from the most devastating of moves : talk like a pirate!
    I know!
    I know!
    That could well be, going too far, even to deter a rapist.
    But it’s coming.
    It’s coming!
    And then, we’ll all have to start searching our souls!

  • Scorpio

    This is the new normal…when women (and men), boys and girls, have to prepare themselves to get to their jobs, their schools without being robbed or molested. How can this even happen? Has the whole western world gone insane?

  • juhan janusson

    Statistically in Sweden, most reported rapes are carried out by someone you already know, and in homes. Rapes made my unknown people somewhere outside are after all rather rare, according to statistics. Sexual harrasment is more common, and the actions showed in the video should to the trick rather well. But it is not foolproof. Gang rape carried out by gangs described in comments here are very rare. And, statistically, rapists are mostly found and senteced. Rape is a horrible crime, but the clearance rate for rape is much higher than in other crimes.

    • Pray Hard

      You, “sir”, and people like you, are the problem.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Well said.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What a load of carp. You might be able to sell that carp to ur fellow, brainwashed, deluded Swedes just not here.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      How you say in eeengrish, booolshiit.

    • SamSammy

      The dhimmi speaketh.

    • idalily

      I’m sure that will be a great comfort to unarmed women everywhere. You can tell them all these valuable stats while the hospital performs the rape kit. Thank you so much.

  • Strelnikov

    So, during the next taharrush will she need to say “stop” 200 times?

  • Pray Hard

    Somebody has watched a few too many Star Wars movies while smoking dope.

  • Ghost

    I guarantee that there are determined Finns that will lose their patience soon. I doubt there will be another year without some global front page insident.

  • wjgo

    It is a better procedure than the Democrat Party’s suggested rape prevention methods in the USA (pissing yourself).

  • Pray Hard

    Now, a cue ball in two sport socks can work wonders in the hands of a trained person.

    People, this video is leftism at its finest, at its most delusional. Next, a person in a Darth Vader outfit demonstrates the remote choke and lift, you know, just in case the hand thing doesn’t work.

    Ladies, your purse will not work, just run.

  • suziqueMN

    Those demented Arabs are going to stop because of a hand signal? Yeah right, especially since they have declared that western women are on the earth for their pleasure. This ad had to be created by men. Most women know a well placed kick/punch will give a gal enough time to run.

    • Pray Hard

      It was created by delusional leftists while watching Star Wars movies while smoking dope. Actually, it was probably created by women and some feminized males. If you aren’t trained in kicking or punching, such is completely ineffective. Perps fight for a living, you probably don’t. But, I’m sure you “think” you can.

    • idalily

      Most men are able to evade a kick. And it won’t help you at all if there’s more than one attacker. The only way a woman can protect herself from these animals is a gun. Sadly, that option is not available to Finnish women, except illegally.

  • ThisObamaNation

    It is almost like these treasonous Europeans Governments don’t even care how implausible their proposed solutions are.

    • Pray Hard

      They don’t. Blood and rape sacrifices to Islam don’t bother them one little bit.

  • Pray Hard

    There is only one personal solution for these women … training in martial arts AND firearms. And, I don’t give a f*ck if firearms are illegal and hard to get. They can be acquired. It has been obvious for years that nobody is going to protect you from Muslims except you. What are you waiting for?

  • gdbizns

    Now, this is just the normal disinformation that the good old Soviet Union taught finns… The Finnish Broadcasting Company, that is funded by taxpayer money, is almost 100% socialist (there is some kind of facade, though, they are not stupid…) and their agenda is not on the victims side but on the perpetrator… Why is that? Because, the perp is considered as a victim of circumstances! If he/she had it all like the best of the rest, there would not be any perps… So this logic leads to that every criminal is to be intergrated into society (by reason, they say), not by punishing and responsibilities. Socialism is all that you get what you want, not what you earn or deserve. And by this, all worlds criminals and terrorists use that loophole…

    Socialists are considered as intelligent and to some degree they are, they have fostered their children to study, educate themselves up into key positions in society, that is why in Finland so many officials have more or less leftist background. That is also one reason why you don’t see plenty of intelligent people among the extreme right – they just concentrate to take care of their business and not using everyone else for that…

    European Union is somehow reminding of Soviet-time, too. Watch at Martin Shulz (even Silvio Berlusconi said Martin could play well a concentration camp Schutzhaftlagerführer…). And Scandinavian countries are an example, too. There is only one, socialist way. Sweden has been for decades a corridor in infiltering a different kind of culture into their society, the left calls it enrichment. But it surely has some poor sides…

    I think Bernie Sanders. if I was him, I wouldn’t preach so much about the scandinavian success… It has good but it has bad too. Maybe Bernie is not the guy… Maybe he is, I don’t know. I’m all for a state-funded health care, no objection to that…

    Sure, the fact is the worst MENA newcomers are not taking any steps back, especially considering young women. They bring their attitudes with them and that is what you have to get accustomed. So, people have to be aware of violence, not by overreacting but being aware.

    I remember one case that a17-year old girl that had taken some self-defence classes ended up to struggle with her 25-year old boyfriend from Afghanistan, she was raped and burned to death. That boy, who could have been hanged in Afghanistan, but in Finland can cover his face and spend (most possibly, if not considered as insane, in case the outcome could be indefinite inprisonment) so-called lifetime sentence in a cozy, modern prison and walk out as a free man after about 13 years… And, the prison system is planned so that, as a perpetrator, you are not responsible to anyone else for the crime you have done but to the Criminal Sanctions Agency – and that is basically the state, not the victims relatives or anything like that. In socialism you are responsible to society, not to individuals…

    I preferred not to watch that video I get so easily upset by misleading propaganda……

  • conan_drum

    A swift kick to the nuts is more effective, if thick clothing makes this difficult go for the eyes

    • idalily

      Surrounded by a gang, a kick is useless. Even if you hit your target, the others will swarm you and have you on the ground in a second. A gun is your friend. Ladies of Europe, get one and learn to use it, and the law be damned.

  • Joo

    Fellow Finn here.
    This video is hilarious, YLE is considered by majority of Finns to be completely unreliable source of information when it comes to immigration and recent influx of muslim invaders.
    The thing is, that YLE is state funded organization run by Finnish hardcore communists from the 60’s and 70’s.When the goverment decided few years ago to change the funding from public to tax-based system(yes we do have a f****ng YLE-tax that everyone must pay) they also came up with YLE-law, and part of this law states that YLE must support multiculturism.Thats why YLE nevere releases anything negative about issues that we have with immigration.

    Recently they have been losing their balls because things are getting out of hands, thua this video.

    So please understand that YLE does not represent Finns at all.

  • Vanha raihna

    Our alternative media has updated the video :) :

  • E Wood

    You’re kidding me, right? The only way the handbag defense might work is if the was a hand grenade in it. This is insulting to human intelligence.

  • Peter Shearer

    This video shows how totally inane (insane?) individuals become in a socialist society. The stupidity shown in this infomercial was anticipated by the script writers of Demolition Man. For those who haven’t seen it, it stars Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes and was produced way back in 1993. The story is about a future utopian which is really a dystopia. The writers were dead on in depicting what happens when socialist brain-farts, like this Finnish video, confront the real world.

  • Herman Van Keer

    I cannot fathom ANY raped women in the new years taharrush NOT BEEN SAYING OR SHOUTING *NO*
    More proof that our media are our worst and women’s worst enemies.

    A weapon would be more effective…

    Oh and BTW: those rapefugees don’t come alone…hordes of men attacking single women…
    All these rapefugees must be crawling over laughing their ass off.

  • SamSammy

    The Finnish are finished.

  • bill james

    How about their kids and pets? Are they teaching them to protect themselves?

    -8/5/13… 95% of grooming [raising girls, from infancy, to become prostitutes] convictions in the UK involve Pakistani Muslims

    -9/1/14 A recent survey of 1,800 Pakistani men found that a third believe that not only is raping little boys not a crime, it’s not even a bad thing to do.

    -1/18/15 According to the data released by Google, Pakistan tops the list of most porn-searching countries and leads the way in porn searches for animals like pigs, donkeys, dogs, cats and snakes.

  • Paul Deckelman

    Well-intentioned – but totally ineffective if the guy refuses to accept the Finnish equivalent of “no” as an answer and I doubt that hitting him with a handbag will do much good either, unless she’s got a cinder block hidden in there. Too bad Finland and most other social democracy paradises in Scandinavia and elsewhere in Western Europe have no equivalent of the Second Amendment – I am certain the rapist would not be quite so hot-to-trot were the woman to introduce him to her good friends and constant companions, Smith and Wesson.

  • idalily

    Behold the reason America has the 2A. A 9mm is a Force to be reckoned with.

  • El Gato

    The swimng the purse thing might work, if the purse has a steel cable in the strap, and a brick or layer of lead, inside.

    Better it has a pistol inside, and she has training in how to use it.

  • Thomas

    Well, i am from the capitol of Finland. Most people here are furious of this left wing muslim propaganda. Some of the old school socialists and culturalmarxists, have get their places in the lead of national television. Of course these muslims, who has come here, have made too many rapes. So these marxist people are tryin to ease the situation, by making so stupid video. We have also made sarcastic versions about it. Now we have got our president and few famous athletes, speaking on our side. Left wing people are crying. This information war against islamisation, we have to win. These are not refugees. They are soldiers of midevil killing cult. They try to increase their amount in western civilized coutries, by making lots of chilren here. And then starting to demand different bad things, with their increasing amount. Terror comes later, with threats. Dont let tbe liberals rule your media and send these false refugees away. Keep your coutry in the lead of the free world. Here the majority of the people are resisting this destructive immigration.

  • lolly

    It is Government-controlled media that teaches women, but they still do not want to relate rapes with immigration.

  • lolly

    The video is absurd.

  • Servant of יהוה

    Isaiah 3:12, YLT:

    My people–its exactors are sucklings, and women have ruled over it. My people–thy eulogists are causing to err, and the way of thy paths swallowed up.

    I also recommend: Should I Be Concerned that Wicked People Are Prospering?

  • Toni Saarela

    Ridiculous. You are saying that you can’t make this stuff up? Well you did. This advert does not air in Finland, and never has. It’s not made by anyone in any governmental position, and it’s completely unclear who made it. It’s complete fabrication in any case.

    • Toni Saarela

      Channels which are funded by the government do not have advertisements or commercials in Finland, so therefore it is impossible for this “commercial” to air, isn’t it?

  • Alucard D. Blood

    I’m from finland and this video is so fucking hilarious haha, but seriously .-. wtf?
    And I don’t think this video is that new, pretty sure it’s really old because it looks like it was recorded with a potato

  • Linna

    This video ridicules the victims of rape and harassment.

    The harassed woman is Kati Jurkko, a YLE journalist

    TV Station YLE has made a fool of itself. All the rapes, sexual abuses, and sexual harassments should be taken seriously and obviously this YLE video has not done so.

    YLE has covered up its journalists’ political background, but something is known. YLE is ruled by the political parties and the government. A former MTV3 journalist Seppo Huhta hinted recently that most journalists support the Green party both in MTV and YLE TV Station. And the rest of the YLE journalists are leftist.

  • Geronimo Pratt

    In a real situation this wouldn’t work. What women throughout Europe need to do is arm themselves with pistols, learn how to use them, never go along, and be deadly serious. When “refugees” start getting shot you will see how the crime of rape will drop.

  • Save Europe

    Pool balls in a sock. That works.

  • Joe Huang

    please let us know how well these tactic work.

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