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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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VIDEO: Germans Try to Block Bus of Muslim Migrants, “Politicians Shamed”


German politicians should be ashamed, not of the their countrymen, mind you, but of themselves. They should be ashamed of their own treasonous, treacherous actions in bringing down their own country — allowing a hostile invading force to overtake their state and their security.

Unlike the hostile invaders, these protesters were not raping, robbing or attacking, they were making their concerns known. Merkel continues to bring in tens of thousands — does she really believe that the people will give up their hearth, home, security and way of life without so much as a protest?

Of course the chants are going louder. I have posted previous videos of quiet demos of concerned citizens attempting a blockade of buses with migrants coming into their towns. Nothing was done.

Here is coverage from the Muslim migrants’ paper of record, The Guardian:

“Mob chanting at bus of refugees in Germany shames politicians,” Guardian, February 19, 2016

German politicians say they are ashamed after a video emerged of an angry mob harassing a bus carrying refugees as it arrived in the eastern state of Saxony.

The clip, which has been circulating on social media, shows a group of protesters blocking the path of a coach carrying visibly distressed asylum seekers, while chanting “We are the people” and “Go home”. The coach carries a sign saying Reisegenuss, meaning “travel in comfort”.

Saxony’s interior minister Markus Ulbig, a member of Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic party, said: “As much need for a discussion there may be over the refugee question: I find it deeply shameful to see how people are being treated here.”
Germany braces for rise in anti-immigrant attacks
Read more

The mayor of Rechenberg-Bienenmühle, the municipality where the video was recorded, said he too felt ashamed by the incident, while claiming that the protests were not directed at the refugees themselves. “This was about politics, not the people themselves,” said Michael Funke.

According to police reports, 100 anti-refugee protesters gathered on Thursday evening at about 7.20pm outside the asylum seekers’ accommodation in the village of Clausnitz, 19 miles south of Dresden. Vehicles were used to block access to the building.

One of the protesters threatened the group inside the bus with a cut-throat gesture, a witness told Freie Presse newspaper. “It’s a disgrace, this hatred people feel towards people they know nothing about,” an anonymous witness said. Saxony police spokesman Rafael Scholz said police are investigating verbal threats of violence but that there were no arrests.

The coach passengers visible in the video, which include women, a boy and an elderly man, were eventually able to move into their accommodation at about 10pm. Another video of the scene shows police manhandling one of the children inside the bus to drag him from the coach into the building.

The group are the first asylum seekers to be allocated to Clausnitz, a town of about 800 residents.

Germany has seen an increase in attacks on refugee camps last year. A total of 924 criminal acts directed at asylum seekers’ centres were recorded by the federal crime office in 2015, up from 199 in 2014.

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  • King.


    • pdxnag

      Your outrage might be new, but it is the new normal for most of us. Using ALL CAPS is taboo. Just make a point, other than a scream.

      • J Ian

        I AGREE. (lol)

        • Richard

          Stop screaming. Hah!


        Maybe he is deaf?

      • King.


        • pdxnag

          I use Command Key together with the Mouse Scroller to zoom the web page and text.

    • NoMoreIslam

      Send them to France. French are nuts about moslemanians

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “It’s a disgrace, this hatred people feel towards people they know nothing about,” Well then herr german mouthpiece, how about addressing the same comment to muslim invaders who commit violent crimes against those who at one time welcomed them? When there are bands of “decent” as if there is such a thing these days, muslims making other muslims treat germans and other non muslims with dignity and respect, it will be returned. As it is , those muslims who are not actively participating in criminal activity, are condoning and supporting those who commit crimes.

  • roccolore

    Many politicians don’t have to worry about rapefugees trying to attack them or their families.

    • Mamat Mamat

      When the treacherous politicians’ daughters were gang raped by the Muslims, they’d feel ashamed that only a handful of Muslims enjoy the sexual jihad, and cannot accommodate all the 1.5 millions jihadis who in desperate need to gang rape white little girls, boys, women and old grandmas.

  • spacearcadian

    sorry germans, but are you that stupid? What do you get trying to block or harass a few muslimnazis, if your traitor politicians keep bringing them by the millions? You must target your traitor politicians, make them feel unconfortable, make them fear you, do them just like the italians did to mussolini, so your traitor politicians start seriously thinking about deporting every muslimnazi from your country and also banning islam as a gift. Hitler and the disgraces of WW2 could have been prevented with a single bullet to the right target. But you germans didn´t shoot that bullet, and millions of innocents had to die. And now it´s happening the same, everything is heading to a yugoslavia-like development in Germany and europe. I am not european, I am not american, I am not even white, but I think it´s clear the danger approaching. If Europe and USA fall to islam the rest of the world will fall too

    • GermanGuyFromBerlinNeukoelln

      We Germans went through a special brainwash cycle. It took about 50 years and now we are ready for self destruction.
      In the near future, thousands of Isis “fighters” are going to kill hundred thousands of innocent people in just a few days.
      Maybe that awakens the survival instinct.
      Merkel really fits into German history. German politic may be insane, but in the long term not boring.

      • June Bennett

        You Germans need to get your Nazi uniforms out of the closet, dust them off, them march down the street and put the fear of allah in these muslims. I’d laugh my butt off if you all did.

        • George E. Smith

          I’m surprised that chastity belts haven’t made a comeback.
          Some enterprising capitalist might just make a fortune supplying the women with such a safeguard against the so-called “refugees.”

          • Maybe, but there Was an article a few weeks ago saying there’s a company selling kits in Europe to artificially make one able to pass the muslim virginity test, biggest customers are muslim wives, of Course! LOL!

          • joe1429

            no Rapeugees

        • NoMoreIslam

          Yeah about time

        • ed28

          The mudslimes love the Nazis. You need to bone up on the history between Hitler and the Grand Mufti. The Grand Mufti had his own Muslim SS divisions. The Nazis and the Muslims both tried to exterminate the Jew.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        German politics are not “insane,” although Merkel’s migrant policy comes awfully close.

        As a foreign observer, I find Merkel’s motivation to be quite puzzling.
        Still, there must be plenty of support for her choosing this path.

        Is the German public as mystified by all this as we are in the U.S.?

        • Vesuvius

          Apparently she still has about 50% support…staggering stupidity

          • TexasTeddy

            Oh my goodness, all these descriptive words about “Merkel being so stupid as to bring this ruination upon her nation –yet covered & protected by bleeding heart liberals and media– AND still having about 50% support” sounds exactly like Barack Hussein Obama of the USA!! (And his plan is to bring these so-called refugees=(mostly-muslim-male-murderers-and-rapists-on-HIJRA) to the USA as well.) God have mercy on us all, we must ask for prayers of protection for our Nations and for our children! >

        • guest666

          Yes, a lot of discussion has been going on outside Germany about what motivated Merkel. Let me tell you the truth from an inside perspective: She is just a highly opportunistic, highly overrated, self-indulgent bad politician who hides away from doing decisions, always keen on reacting to shifts in public opinion and any voter’s polls to stay in power and popular. All the reason of her success was leeching off the benifits of some difficult economic reforms her predecessor implemented. And mainstream media supported her like slaves, blaming all problems on minor minions of her, keeping her safe from all criticism. Her opportunist nature is why she could claim multiculturalism to have failed in 2010 and now going so destructively into kumbaya mode. She doesn’t really have a fixed point of view or set of values. Shortly before she opened the borders, there was a TV interview, in which a migrant girl asked her why she couldn’t stay in Germany and Merkel had to say something like: Well, you can’t. After that, bleeding hearts liberals started to shitstorm her and she had to go in a migrant-friendly direction to remain popular. But the way she did it wasn’t thought through at all, there was no plan, no long-term perspective, nothing. The only positive thing I can see in this mess is that her incompetence is finally revealed publically all over the world in her demise…

          • Michael Garfinkel

            If I may summarize, you are saying that Merkel is not only incompetent, but that she is entirely feckless; a person with no core values, who is following the lead of the “liberal” elites.

            How is it then, that Merkel can exercise such influence in Germany?

            Although I’m sure that much of what you say is valid, surely there is more to this than you suggest.

            After all, the migrant policy is inflicting irreparable harm on Germany, and Europe.

          • phone2000

            Study new world order…plot to flood all western nations with third world immigrants

          • Michael Garfinkel

            Here’s a brief summary of what you are alluding to, and to which you apparently subscribe:

            Unrestrained migration from the Third World will destroy the concept of national identity in the West.

            If the national identities of the influential Western nations are
            destroyed, these nations can fall under a single government, and the rest of the world will fall under its influence also.

            Is that about it?

          • guest666

            That’s a consequence of what they’re doing, but not part of anyone’s agenda right now IMO. Even they should know they cannot control muslims’ desire for theocracy and that their economics will decline by majority third worlders. My guess (as explained above): Incompetence / pc white guilt by media elites

          • Michael Garfinkel

            So European elites are destroying their countries and their homes because of PC white guilt?

            I find this unfathomable.

          • guest666

            What she is really following is influence of economic elites, not necessarily liberal pc-minded cultural elites. If public tide goes to liberal pc, as last year after the picture of the dead arab boy (whose death really his father is responsible for) created outrage, Merkel will quickly follow to be part of that trend. That’s just Merkel about Merkel, popularity reasons. There may be slight hints of some gullible “goodie two shoes” morality in her decision, but of course that’s not dominant, morality is not her driving force. I actually think she was thinking about her public legacy, of noble prize, showing she is not only about torturing the greek people. She obviously believed in her own media hype.

            Economical reason is the new german minimum wage the elites really hated to implement. They think they can circumvent german workers by just flooding Germany by low rate workforce form the middle east. And as expected, they disabled “minimum wage” for “refugees” just some days ago.

            As I said, the force of true political correctness thinking in Germany really stems from the media and press, which is completely dominated by regressive liberals with all the despicable nonsense they usually like to engage in: Islam appeasement, fascist suppression of all opposition by playing racism card, hypocritical and outright distorted presentation of facts, and so on.

            I don’t really think economic, political and media elites are realizing how harmful and dangerous this policy is. That makes it even more of a nightmare to me. The islamisation topic gets avoided even by conservatives, I think they are thinking like “Well, it may all turn out all right in the end, I know two or three turkish people who seem well-integrated, let’s keep peaceful and not talk about all this”. Crap! The threat of political islam, of civil unrest, muslim conquest plans seem just too exotic, too far-fetched for them to grasp.

          • Michael Garfinkel

            What a shame.

            A new catastrophe is overtaking Europe, and this was even more avoidable than were the German wars.

          • ed28

            Merkel is Germany’s Obama or visa versa. They are like liberal’s mouths and ars_holes. Completely interchangeable.


        Get gun’s and start killing these 7th century animal’s while you still have a nation .

      • Vesuvius

        You and all you know need to get off your arses and join PEGIDA….there next march should have half a million not a few thousand. Stop leaving it up to someone else to do something GET OUT THERE

        • GermanGuyFromBerlinNeukoelln


    • michaelofsydney

      Give em a break mate. They shouted their opposition and this may embolden more protests and more. This is the type of reaction I personally have been hoping for as the government will not listen. That being said, I did feel some sadness for the women and that child. It actually surprised me to see women and children as I expected men of fighting age. Even the shouting protesters seemed to go quiet. Oh it is so sad, yet this type of action is I am afraid, just the start of hostilities in public aimed directly at the refugees..

    • Heather Waring

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    • Vesuvius

      Rubbish…you must let the vermin invaders know they are not wanted. Fight fire with fire for christ sake not flowers and sweets

    • rh2

      Absolutely! Germans and other Europeans need to target their own traitorous politicians for importing hordes of Allah Aliens. It might be the most effective way for the nation-killing invasion to end. Make your politicians pay dearly for their treachery!

      • Eclod

        Hell! The head of the CIA here in the US is a Muslim. Totally insane.

    • Rob Porter

      If in the U.S. or Canada right now you know that in the U.S. and Canada “traitor politicians” are not being made to “feel uncomfortable”, not made to fear ordinary citizens and citizens are not doing to them what the Italians did to Mussolini? More the pity! So North Americans are not doing any better than the Germans. Americans are not stopping Obama (and in the case of Canada, Trudeau) bringing in Muslims from the Middle East and elsewhere, or forcing the government to deport them. Trump has spoken about the latter and been vilified from some quarters, but in this case he is right. And he does not want Muslims and anyone else sneaking over the southern border – and been castigated by the silly Pope over that. Thankfully he is not given to backing down.

      As Pamela has pointed out, and you appreciate, what is happening in Europe is a forerunner to what will happen in North America if the governments of these countries continue with their idiotic policies. The people of the U.S. have got to take really seriously what is taking place, forfeit some comforts, make sacrifices for their children, wives and husbands, organize NOW, create vigilantes and return fire with fire. While Obama is in office the treachery will continue.

      Re bumping off Hitler, before WWII some Germans went to Britain and sought help from the pre-Churchill British government to assassinate Hitler. They saw the approaching catastrophe, but got no help and at Nuremberg the Brits tried to have these men executed so that their own shocking role would be concealed. The Americans found out and had those men released.

      That aside I agree with your comment that the danger is approaching.

    • joe1429

      Yes! Down with merkel!!!!!!!

  • Dan

    Germans should be ashamed of Merkel and her ilk. When your government has the best interest of foreign nationals in mind and do not have any consideration for their citizens, it is the duty of the citizens to rise up and stop such criminal activity from occurring.

    • joe1429

      Go Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fred8512

    Their Politicians like ours are just a bunch of communist slags that need to be removed. mudslimes, mooselumps, or whatever else you call yourselves, get out of our Country; USA…

  • David Ziegler

    Based on what has been seen in Germany and all of Europe. Why would any nation want to have more of these disgusting barbarians brought in. These ” migrants ” have no understanding of basic decency. So, I must ask, what do they bring to any country that is worth anything? All I see is lawlessness.

    • George E. Smith

      Before they are let into any EU country or the USA they should be schooled on manners, living in a polite society and why barbarism is not the way to impress the people that are nice enough to take them into their country.

      From the stories I have heard, that shouldn’t take more than maybe five to ten years.

      • notislam

        They need to get in line —-be documented tracked and not given FREE STUFF!

        • George E. Smith

          Good point! And, let them pay for their education on becoming civilized. Enough to pay for food and lodging and the teacher’s pay.
          And, if they flunk, have them sent back to where they came from — probably where their wives and children still are. You know, the “war zone” they are trying to “escape” from? (Being “refugees” from a “war zone,” as we all suspect, is just plain old TAKIYYA no matter how you slice it and dice it!)

      • Eclod

        And who will pay for this “How to be a Human” classes? Bernie Sanders?

        • George E. Smith

          See my reply to NOTISLAM below.

  • conan_drum

    Typical politicians who only care about the voters when elections are nigh. Once elected they become little dictators who know what is best for everybody else. They forget they are servants not masters. Obama is a classic example of this. He was elected on a change platform, he was going to change so much in DC. He has changed things but not for the benefit of American people

  • Ellie Deez

    This similar view shows more clearly that the headbagged woman in brown (taupe?) spits (or some say ‘shouts’) at the crowd in the first 10 seconds of the video:
    She remains in the background, ready come to the front again if “needed”… Perhaps SHE is the reason the protester started filming…!

  • SK

    “It’s a disgrace, this hatred people feel towards people they know nothing about,” an anonymous witness said.
    The politicians know nothing about them either but they continue to force them onto their citizens. That’s the disgrace.

  • notislam

    The German people DO know what the Islam 0 NaziS bring. It is that simple. Not only do they need to coup out the German government officials but build walls as well. Same goes for the corrupt moslem BHO and his Arab appointees –then go on to the disgusting PC leftists in state governments as well. Take CA for example —continually decaying and spending wastefully the high taxes they impose.

    • George E. Smith

      Send Trump over there. He’ll have the Muslims put up the wall from the outside…. — and pay for it!


  • aaron morand

    read through these posts and see how really troubled the days are for the
    DeutschVolk….their government is deaf to their concerns..the world in general
    condemns their actions to Stop the immigration and all the while the muslim
    is breaking every law and every level of decency of a very law abiding people..
    What are they to do? Sit back and watch as their country is torn down around
    them? Allow the muslim free reign to do as they please? I think NOT…it is
    very much past time for the German people to rise up remove Merkle and
    her companions from office and then, remove from Europe every muslim and
    every vestige of their identity……the longer that the German people wait, the
    more difficult the removal will become…..the only reason, in my opinion,
    that WTP of the USA have not impeached Obama as yet is that WTP have hope
    that this election will Change the course that we are currently on…IF it does
    not, then who knows how the WTP will respond?

  • guest666

    The guardian got it wrong. The Cut-Throat gesture and spitting came from the migrants. Has been covered by Huffington Post. Protesters just shouted and threw a snowball to the bus. I think they should be protesting the politicians and fight back violent migrant criminals, not this way. Still, this gets covered like hell by german mainstream media, whereas migrant crime and sexual attacks, that are happening very frequently, just get covered in local media and police reports. They are trying to pimp this event up to some kind of “Anti-Cologne”, so pc politics get back in charge, out of defense mode again. Ridiculous, though, as nobody has been hurt in any way by this protest.

  • Silverback

    No guns no liberty

    Those who would control us, have to control the way we think. Political correctness was begun by the communists years ago, and now people are intimidated into thinking their way, and not of their own mind.

  • Marc Goldstone

    Germany, quit whining.
    Elections have consequences, and this is what happens when liberals (code word for socialist/communists) take control of democracies.
    It’s no better here in the USA but our leftist media doesn’t cover such things. Thanks to Pamela we are informed!

  • Trevor Fortune

    The dhimmi media in Australia, one of which is SBS which carries Al Jazeera, PBS Newshour and every other leftist piece of rubbish going, are all pro islam so consider yourselves lucky that at least you have some channels that haven’t caved yet. SBS led their news with this footage under the claim “Neo Nazis attack bus full of refugees.” Bet the locals never knew they were the new Nazis did they.
    Oh and primaries coverage, only Hillary edging out Sanders got a run, not a word of Trump or Rubio beating out Cruz.

  • billwhit

    The political clowns of, not only Germany, but all of Europe, are ashamed because they want the refugees welcomed and the people are not having it! I pray this happens all over Europe, these people are NOT wanted in Europe or the USA. Stay and fight for your own country instead of turning civil countries into 3rd world trash like the ones that came from! The worst thing is, they come to Europe then want the Europeans to change their ways to please them, piss on these Islamic animals of Satan/Allah! Send them all back! Islam is incompatible with any other culture or religions!

  • Ihatehumans

    silly german idiots. the problem begins with merkel. if you end his devil existence then those buses will stop showing up. get the root of the problem first

  • joe1429

    Are the really starting to wake up from their sleep???

  • ed28

    “It’s a disgrace, this hatred people feel towards people they know nothing about,” an anonymous witness said.” HAH! I call B.S. on this. PC BS that is.

    All of Europe learned all they need to know about these people on New Year’s Eve! They are shameless barbarians, or shameless barbarians are in their mix enough to worry about.

    I applaud the rise up of Europeans with backbone to stand and fight for the protection of their women and children and their basic way of life and culture. Look at the demonstrations of protest in Poland. There, they have no intention of falling into the trap of the Muslim invasion.

    Videos of the actions have been posted to youtube and youtube continues to take them down. youtube has taken to sympathizing with the terrorists.

  • chrismcphail

    Ashamed? No. The politicians should be afraid! You should be assassinating the politicians responsible for this treason!

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