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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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MADNESS: Sweden HIRES LUXURY CRUISE with Theatre, Gym, Swimming Pool to House Thousands of Muslim Migrants for $100,000 Per day


Sweden is already borrowing 10,000,000 kroner per hour to finance Muslim immigration. Muslim migrants will cost Sweden 14 Times their National Defense Budget. Who is going to defend the Swedes from the invaders?

Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organisation was ‘thinking outside the box’.

‘… having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.’

Does anyone think that putting Muslim migrants on a luxury liner to live will give them unrealistic idea of what to expect from their host country?

Desperate Sweden is forced to hire luxury cruise liner with theatre, gym and swimming pool to house 2,000 refugees at a cost of £65,000 A DAY

The Swedish Migration Board rented the Ocean Gala for £65,000 a day
Cruise liner boasts a swimming pool, theatre and numerous restaurants
Officials admitted they needed to ‘think outside the box’ to deal with crisis
But locals living in town of Härnösand object to it mooring in their harbour

By Ulf Andersson and Flora Drury For Mailonline, February 17, 2016:
Thousands of migrants are being given rooms aboard a luxury ocean liner which comes complete with a theatre and swimming pool because Sweden can no longer cope with the numbers arriving at its borders every week, it has been revealed.

Sweden’s Migration Board is renting the Ocean Gala – once the world’s largest cruise liner where holidaymakers pay £2,500 for a two-week break – for at least the next year at the eye-watering cost of of £65,000 a day.

When the giant cruise ship is full it will provide bed and board for 1,790 migrants – about the number arriving in the country every single day at the height of the crisis.

A spokesman said: ‘Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.’

luxury migrant liner

Luxury: The Swedish Migration Board has hired out the Ocean Gala, a 623-foot cruise liner which was once the largest in the entire world, to help it cope with the influx of migrants to the northern European state

luxury migrant cruise

Added extras: The ship, which previously sailed under the name Island Escape, pictured and below, boasts a swimming pool, as well as a theatre and even a casino – although the latter has been removed by the new owners US Shipmakers
migrant bedroo,

Spacious: The best rooms onboard have their own private balconies, for guests to enjoy the views
Spacious: The best rooms onboard have their own private balconies, for guests to enjoy the views

migrant accomodations

However, at that cost they will not enjoy the same luxuries afforded those who paid as much as £2,500 for a two-week cruise during the ships previous incarnation as the Island Escape, then owned by Thomson Cruises.

The 768 cabins on the 623-foot ship, which range from smartly turned out but snug doubles, to expansive suites with private dining areas and balconies, was then a haven for those in search of entertainment, sunbathing and sightseeing.

But those who make it their home in the next year will not be treated to all the extras holidaymakers who floated around the Med were used to enjoying, including a casino, outdoor pool and even a beauty salon.

In fact, if the Swedish Migration Board is successful in finding a spot in the northern port of Härnösand, where temperatures are currently firmly below freezing.
Having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.

Swedish migration board

Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organisation was ‘thinking outside the box’.

‘Those who are going to stay in the boat will of course be a bit cramped in the cabins, so it is really important that we arrange for them to have large common areas outside,’ he told MailOnline.

‘But having a theatre sounds really nice. Those who are going to stay at the ship will probably have to do that for quite a bit of time while their applications are being processed. So they need every encouragement they can get.’

Mr Åberg revealed the Migration Board, which has been open about its struggles to house the refugees arriving in Sweden, even setting up tents in the middle of winter, came up with the idea of the floating asylum centre a number of years ago – but had never had cause to use it, before now.

‘We came up with it ourselves,’ he told MailOnline.

‘We are trying to think outside the box to solve this situation. We had this idea already in the 1990s when we had a huge influx of immigrants coming from the war in the Balkans, but it was never implemented then.

‘But we took up the idea again last year when we saw that the situation was going to be hard with immigrants coming by the thousand every day.

migrant cruise 1

Staying: Not everything will be there for the new residents to use however – but the restaurants (pictured) are likely to remain, as the 1,790 asylum seekers will be fed three times a day by the Migration Board
migrant cruise 2
New start: Communal areas are being turned into education and social spaces – but it seems unlikely the games room will stay once the refugees are housed here

migrant cruise 3

Keeping fit: The gym was an added bonus for guests when it was the Island Escape, and will likely be enjoyed by the people who could be living on the boat for months

migrant cruise6

Encouragement: Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, hopes that the theatre (not pictured) will remain so it can provide ‘encouragement’ for the people living on board

migrnat cruise 7
Entertainment: ‘Having a theatre sounds really nice,’ he told MailOnline

Kjell Tandberg, managing partner of Florida-based US Shipmanagers, which now own the Ocean Gala, told MailOnline: ‘The swimming pool will be closed off, we will have decking on the top of it.

‘The casino has already been removed, but there will now be some offices on board for organising, and the lounges will be education and common areas.

‘The restaurants are still there. The people on board will have three meals a day, but whether there is going to be one or all three, I don’t know.’

It is also not the first time US Shipmanagers has rented one of their vessels to a large group for a lengthy period of time – and Mr Tandberg was confident the Ocean Gala, while not a ‘luxury’ liner, would have another incarnation as a cruise ship.

But for now, it is the ‘perfect vessel’ for the Migration Boards needs, he added.

‘It is well suited for the purpose of long term stays,’ he said. ‘It was originally built as a car ferry, and has large rooms.

‘I think it will be a step up for many families that have been living in cramped quarters.’

  • Christopher Hudson

    The Swedish authorities have lost their minds. Exactly what will they show in the theater? Disney? Nope, too much skin. *SIGH*

    • John W.

      Seventh century savages might not have much concept of high tech like moving pictures, depending on how rural their upbringing was. Also, they might consider ANY film to be un-Islamic, much like their opinion of Valentine’s Day, women without burkas, and toilet paper.

      • Lonnie Robinson

        Even savages use toilet paper … right?

        • John W.

          Apparently their left hand is their toilet paper.

          • mjazzguitar

            Allah says they have to use an odd number of rocks.
            You can’t use bones because they are food for the jinn.

          • Don Grantham

            The Qur’an is now 2-ply. I think they got it covered.

          • Benton Marder

            Don’t bet on it. Lots of them don’t know what flush toilets are, much less how to use them. Teach them? Given the inbreeding, they might not understand the idea of flushing.

          • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

            Did you mean to write flossing?

            To them flushing would mean a town to colonize and destroy.

          • NoMoreIslam

            Spot on

          • MiddleSister

            It’s what their right hand is doing that worries me!

        • Lillie Langtry


        • NoMoreIslam


    • Lonnie Robinson

      Ditto :)

    • Porky pig would work.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Charlotte’s web maybe?

        • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

          1001 Dalmatians?
          or musical Porky and Bess?
          Lassie come home?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Monkey movies would also be good. Planet of the apes, or would that remind them too much of home.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            101 delusions, the qur’an.
            Porky and haram.
            Jihadi come home.
            Black bootie, the boko haram story.

    • trill

      They can’t show any movies or they’ll burn the ship

  • pdxnag

    It is a trick. They will use it to ship them back.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      They’re not that clever by half.

      Another question, who, in their right mind, is going to want to crew a ship of f’ing muslums?

    • Lillie Langtry

      Could the Swedes get that lucky.

  • jack straw

    They’ll start complaining from day 1. We want an indoor pool/toilet!

  • JSebastian

    I’m sure they’ll set it on fire quite rapidly. See, a problem that literally solves itself.

    • Benton Marder

      Or, Captain ‘Chicken-of-the-Sea’ will run it aground.

  • Voytek Gagalka

    Who pays for that luxury extravaganza? Rhetorical question. Bureaucratic rationale is that this will definitely boost economy: economy of cruise industry, requiring to build even more luxurious and expensive cruises as long there will be demand for it. Only those who will build such ships will prosper. Don’t count that you can go for cruise vacations next summer: owners do not need you; they will make much more and easy money by fulfilling orders from government.

    • Benton Marder

      The insurance companies are going to get stuck on this deal. These crap barges can never be used for their original purpose again. Now, I want to warn everyone to be very careful about which cruise liners you sail on—your ship just might have been re-christened from—SS Camp of the Saints. Taking cruises might turn out to be a real bummer.

  • Gary Smith

    When the migrants are done with this ship it will have to be towed out in the middle of the ocean and sunk.

    • John W.

      I’m actually in favor of having the ship sunk while it is fully occupied; forget about waiting until the invaders are done with it. Your sentiment, of course, is absolutely correct – the ship will likely become permanently uninhabitable before long.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL. If it were to accidentally sink that might not be a bad thing.

      • West, Andy

        there’s only one issue.. think about the poor fish who has to stand their presence.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Bottom feeders are’t fussy.

          • West, Andy

            the conversation would probably go like this (if fish could talk that is..)
            fred fish “hey bob, do this taste funny to you?”
            bob fish “now when you mention it.. yeah it does, wait is this from that ferry that sank?”
            fred fish “um yeah”
            bob fish “god damnit fred, i told you we should have avoided that ferry we have been eating junk-humans again”

          • Mahou Shoujo

            You are right, they will have to eat a politician to get the bad taste to go away.

          • West, Andy

            possibly donald trump :P

    • Lonnie Robinson

      What I want to know is who will be manning the ship while these apes run amok?!

      • D.c. Mcr

        The inmates will be running the asylum.

      • Benton Marder

        Ships have rats, don’t they? Problem is that the rats would immediately abandon ship.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Won’t matter who is manning the ship, it will be trashed in days.

      • Keith

        The Swedes will have no problem finding left wing progressive teenage girls to “man” the floating asylum. After all they all love the refugees even after all the murders done by those refugees.

    • Oswald

      Indeed. It will quickly resemble the train carriage shown at

      • NoMoreIslam

        Things that are not moslemanian must be destroyed

    • ToxicThistle

      Exactly. Moslems trash every place they infest. Sink it. It’ll be no big loss.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Precisely, the first loss is the lowest, dragging the filth out longer makes it more expensive.

    • Richard

      I wouldn’t wait until the migrants are done…

      • CrazyHorseRIP

        Good one, Richard!!!

    • pM4X

      I was thinking the same thing. Lol. Either that or sterilize the whole ship.

  • Ofay cat

    Do they not know what that scum will do to that boat? They will rape all female staff.

    • Benton Marder

      The female rats that remain? The crew will not be human, y’know. Rats, big black rats

    • cecilia dahlström

      Oh..We know alright! Do you think it matters???????

    • MaxMax

      They’ll rape the men who aren’t Muslim also.

  • uioui

    it is time for socialist sweden do go down, do not feel sorry fo them

  • ljm4

    Good thing they have some before pics. The ship is going to look quite a bit different when those moslems eventually leave that ship. How are these uncivilized creatures going to ever respect what they will have been given. In other situations their housing includes housekeeping too! When will people get tired of supporting this hijrah? Good thing Americans are armed for a large part.

    • jollygreengiant

      you got that right – there’s probably good money in islam-proofing cruise ships at the moment. Draining the combination septic tank/ swimming pool and fitting all brown carpets for starters

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Swedenistan, it’s time to turn out the lights, the party’s over…

    • joker

      And Abba is not singing “Waterloo” anymore and Pippi Longstocking is probably also defunct. O yes, the tennis player Borg or like that is probably gay and in the meantime Saab is selling their planes and missiles while Sweden is always neutral. The founder of IKEA was a Nazi. Will the last normal thinking Swede who is leaving the country switch off the lights. Thank you!

  • Lonnie Robinson

    Commandeering private property to help with this multicultural monkey business just shows that them that are running the gov’t are completely mad! I’ll give it six months before that whole house of cards goes tumbling down.

    • Benton Marder

      I can just imagine Pamela reading the comments to this story. She would be laughing herself silly. Pam, you do read some of these things, don’t you?

    • Richard

      The ship was not commandeered, it is being leased. I’ll wager Sweden isn’t getting her security deposit back!

  • itchy

    Pack her to the rafters then sail it back to north afreaka and park it and leave it.

  • Ohio man 007

    within six months, this ship will be worthless. it will be trashed beyond salvage. and the Swedes will be left holding the bill. Why is the Swedish government so foolish? why don’t the swedes stop this madness?

    • Beagle

      Sweden is in the final death throes of far-Left progressive thinking. Though claiming to be multicultural, they really are wholly ignorant of Islam and suffer under the cultural universalism (all basically the same, but western is bad) delusion.

      Sadly, Sweden is finished sooner than later. It’s a real-world experiment in progressive utopianism taken to dystopian ends.

      • MaxMax

        The safety of the leadership is they don’t have
        to live among the scum they allow to invade.
        And the citizens have nowhere to run to for
        help. But hey, most agreed to this by vote
        so I feel nothing for their impending doom.

    • sodacrackers2

      The same reason we don’t. The world’s elites are doing this on purpose. They see the rest of us as a “pulsating mass of maggots.” Their words.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      “Swede” is a type of turnip, swedish people are very similar to turnips, but not quite as smart.

    • cecilia dahlström

      ..and you don´t think we try?.. EYERYONE who oppose the dictatorship of Sweden is called Racists, Facists and Xenophobics. Not that it matter, them of us that see the problem are fighting it anyway. Not that it will help. The Government will continue to execute the NWO agenda anyway.

      • Ohio man 007

        but what is this NWO agenda? the collapse of the west? what will Sweden? the invaders are poorly educated muslims with diseases, crime, lack of respect for women. I can not fathom what the leaders are getting for this? money? power? its cultural suicide

  • mjazzguitar

    Put them on something you are going to scuttle anyway, and take them to the coast of Africa as far from civilization as possible.

  • John Roberts

    Excellent. Let the downfall of Sweden be a lesson to the world.

  • Ichabod Crain

    They are going to destroy this boat. I hear they aren’t even toilet trained. Imagine the stench. Especially after they all get seasick from the gentle swells of the port where it will be docked.

    • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

      Even after a gentle swell they will probably still use the pool and feel right at home.

      Although they appear to use pool to rape and fondle young girls I am sure that any port when the old stomach churns is allowed.

  • John McMickle

    Get them on board then set sail for the middle east, take them back home.

  • Anneke9

    Why do I keep thinking about Jean Respail’s Camp of Saints?

    • Benton Marder

      Because you read the book, Anneke, Too many people have never read it.

  • wilypagan

    Perfect. A few more boats like his and deportations via sea may commence.

  • HolylandIsraelTours

    Hahahaha the Swedes are such ignorant fools.

  • conan_drum

    At least they will be off the streets. I expect they will be raping the women and girls
    and probably killing each other as well. Sounds like hell in fact.

  • Benton Marder

    This cruise liner will never sail the seas again. It will become a floating crap barge’ its only use thereafter will be transporting more invaders from the East or North Africa back to Sweden. The owners will never be able to ever get it clean enough for its intended use. The Swdish government will have the ship re-christened—‘SS Camp of the Saints.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Mv “Submission to islam”.

  • Ben Hur

    Just imagine when they are told they have to get off this boat. It will be carnage. Once they have tasted this opulence nothing else will do, after all the Swedes are their infidel slaves. This boat will get trashed. It will be a nightmare. I can’t wait!

  • Tim Corbett


    • Lillie Langtry

      You can’t generalise. I’m English and fighting tooth and nail for the Brexit campaign. I have never considered myself European as I’ve never been given a democratic vote …I was one of those who fought and lobbied for the referendum.

      Stupid people are everywhere including the US.LOOK who you have for a president.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Best of luck, hope there are many, many more like you who can make a difference.

      • Tim Corbett

        you are right that’s why i no longer live in America in England it doesn’t matter what the people want it’s what the Queen and the Royals want you have no choice because you can’t vote out the Queen you are stuck with her until she dies

        • Dayna Hamilton

          What, did you discover Galt’s Gulch?!

    • thefounderswereright

      sadly we have our share.

    • joker

      Basically you are right, I am European (Western) and I do agree!

  • sakovkt

    “Let them eat cake” just got a whole, new take!
    Thinking outside the box just went into orbit, thanks to unlimited credit amortized by the taxpayers’ collateral and the perpetual state , which will be up for auction any day.
    Meet your new overlords, Sweden.
    They may not have any money, but they aren’t hopelessly I debt, either.

    • Roba

      Sakov, you have to give them credit, those Swedish multicultural pundits are finally thinking outside the box, what an innovative breakthrough to put those musloid troglodytes on a luxury cruise liner, who could have thought about this remarkable enterprise. Those exceptional humanitarian multiculturalist geniuses do deserve the Nobel Prize for their outstanding practical work on suicidal psychotic disturbance.
      Sweden, once one of the safest countries on our planet, now has become the dominion of self-abomination!

  • Reagan40

    This is the true definition of madness. The west is bewitched. If this kindness is shown to non muslims, they will be eternally grateful. But to Mohammedans? It’s like being robbed and dispossessed of your priced possession in broad daylight. This is a time for mourning for us all. Even Muslim countries are laughing at us and by our actions we are convincing mohammedans that they own us and the whole world in their hands. Next mohammedans will kill our leaders and take over the government as kuffars are not allowed to rule over muslims.

  • Jack

    While aboard this ship they find out that their application has been rejected they will tear that ship apart before authorities will be able to respond and take control

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The ship will be turned into a garbage scow within a few weeks. It will have to be rebuilt or scrapped after this. But, its all at swedish taxpayers expense, they voted for a government to destroy the country.

  • “Willis Åberg, head of housing issues at the Swedish Migration Board, boasted that the organisation was ‘thinking outside the box’.”
    Aberg’s next stop will probably be in a box (coffin).

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Wills Aberg will be groping around inside the “poor box” at the entrance to the few Christian churches that still exist.

  • Lillie Langtry

    Sick to death of these parasites. Saudi and Qatar should be homing them.

  • thefounderswereright

    the smell on this ship must be horrendous, with then crapping on the floors and in the pools.

  • noreligon

    Just fill it up and ship it out.

  • WTF……Such a VIP treatment…..i cannot believe my eyes while reading this….What if Sweden fails to afford for long term….On the other hand….eastern EU countries seem justified to avoid such king of expense by refusing to take migrants……Anyhow a smal gift for Muslim World from me….

  • fulham2014

    IT is a form of jizia, it is making western societies weaker by the day, all this money expend on Muslims, who are never grateful or happy, and will always demand more.

  • Fred

    Sink the boat after its in the deepest ocean you can find.

  • ToxicThistle

    Blow it up or sail it to Saudi Arabia or Antarctica.

  • yvehc_telorvehc

    this ship could somehow break free of it’s moorings during the night… float out to the ocean… become hijacked by somalian pirates… or tragically, just sink somehow.

    good thinking, swedes!

  • joker

    Let the muzzrats go on board and seal over the Atlantic Ocean and staff (including an Italian captain) leave ship and let it sink. O yes, the muzzrats are watching a movie called “Titanic”.

  • Mamat Mamat

    PC madness in new dimension. The European morons are very creative in breaking their own world record of suicidal insanity. Today we think this luxury cruise ship accommodation is the most insane thing the clueless dhimmis can offer, tomorrow they will surprise us with another new madness people with common sense can’t even think of, breaking today’s record.

  • CrazyHorseRIP

    Here’s what they will wrought:

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The more stupid colonist subsidization sweden does, the sooner it will go bankrupt, then colonists will destroy the country for giving them expectations that it can’t meet. A good cold winter will take care of the problem, in a few decades the forest will grow over where the settlements were.

  • Tony Montana

    Boycott everything Swedish , from Ikea to Volvo’s.
    Stupid actions should not be rewarded.

  • Obama IS-A-POS

    Great idea! The Swedes are finally thinking! Get about 10 more of them filled, put them on auto-pilot and send them out to North sea at full speed in search of icebergs.

  • jon wright

    People visiting swedstan came away with opinion that the country is one big insane asylum.Putting Muslim refugees on cruise ship confirms this

  • NoMoreIslam

    Let me guess. Captain and staff will be hostages for a 100 million dollars ransom. Or they will be beheaded. Mark my word. Can’t be golible with savage

  • Mindy Robinson

    They will pay dearly for this foolish idea, that is a given. The least of their problems is the fact these “refugees” will tear this ship apart.

  • joe1429

    Yes, this ship will be trashed… its done

  • MaxMax

    What happens when they start raping the staff? Do Sweeds actually
    think 2,000 muslims will be happy not doing anything, no job, no whores?

    This will not turn out like they planned. The madness of their Gov
    is off the charts.

  • Street Detective

    Who cares? it’s Sweden, and the die is already cast. I’m certain the muzzies will love performances of “Hello Dolly,” or “Hello Bjorn,” or other all singing and dancing shows, and will relish men and women swimming together in the luxury pools.

    Also the complete trashing and destruction of this ship, with sh|t in the hallways, etc., fires, etc., will be well-deserved by the Swedes and their liability carriers.

  • Once upon a time there was a Sweden wellknown and a role model for politicians in social welfare. Today is Sweden one of the worst countries in the world because the Swedish leaders do not reign the country but just reacting when the problems invade…

    The own people that built the nation they are now forgotten without support from the Parliament. We living in Sweden are desperate.

  • Ohio man 007

    in the long run, this might actually be a good idea. the migrants are contained within a definitive area. They are afloat, so they can’t simply slip away and get lost. living on the boat may make them rethink going back home. the cost of this ship may be cheaper (in the long run) than have them invade Sweden. Maybe Sweden needs a whole fleet of ships. put the muslims on them. when the time is ready to debark, put them off in Egypt or the Gulf Arab states, Iran, Turkey, or any muslim country that will take them.

  • 762x51FMJ

    Well only if you keep the shia and sunni on separate sides of the ship.Only 1 AK-47 is allowed per passenger. After several days the ship returns on auto pilot to be cleaned up.

  • Dayna Hamilton

    I can’t WAIT to see the pics of that ship once the “migrants” are done with it! And the housekeeping staff…? Will they have all been raped and beaten? Perhaps the Swedes should just sail the ship back to a middle-eastern country and drop them off, if they’re smart that’s what they would do.

  • knight

    Do not forget to ban the shipping line

  • IslamophobicCanadianAthiest

    Now if we can just talk JusTin Trudone into towing 1 of our sub’s over we can get some hands on torpedo practice for Canadian Navel gazers.
    That would make a glorious reef for the fishes too.

  • Nick Gianakis

    Imagine the smell and hygiene issues these migrants have do they bathe or is that against their beliefs I know cab drivers here in the states don’t bathe and they are African/or middle eastern I feel bad for the crew and who has to clean the ship when these monkeys leave lol

  • Teresa Martin Johnson

    Once they get them all on board, then they should cast off and sail out into the ocean, and then the captain and crew should bail out in one of the life boats and just leave that ship adrift forever more. The ingrates should love their permanent cruise.

  • MiddleSister

    I hope it is named The Vasa, so it’ll sink in Stockholm harbor on its’ maiden voyage!

  • Pam Neufeld

    Oh this is very interesting! I would love to be the lead scientist in this experiment!!! Can I volunteer?

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